The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on March 17, 1972 · Page 3
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The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1972
Page 3
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March 17, 1972 THE WISCONSIN JEWISH CHRONICLE 3 Fly v. S"0 Two Soviet Mias Over Sinai On Photo Mission Piloted by Russians; 3rd USSR Violation of Israeli Air Space TEL, AVIV (JTA) Two Soviet MIG-23s, presumably piloted by Russians, overflew the Sinai peninsula on a photo recon-naisance mission, it was disclosed. The overflight was the third violation of Israeli air space by Soviet MIGs since last Oct. The US has been given full details of the overflight nine miles inside Sinai. As on the previous occasions, Israeli interceptors were unable to make contact with the Russian jets which are the fastest, highest flying combat aircraft in the world. The overflight occurred at noon. Crossed on Diagonal Course The MIGs crossed the Sinai peninsula on a diagonal course from north to southeast which took them from Ismailia in the central section of the Suez Canal zone to Sharm-el-Sheikh on the south-eastern extremity of the peninsula. They then changed course and flew westward across the Red Sea to Egypt, Israeli military sources said. The MIG-23s were over the Sinai peninsula for several minutes, the longest overflight so far of Israel-held territory. They are believed to have made a sequence of photographs of roads and other strategic Israeli emplacements in what is probably the most heavily defended area in the Middle East. It is almost certain that the film will be turned over to Egyptian intelligence, Israeli sources said. The MIG-23, which NATO knows as the "Foxbat" has a ceiling of 80,000 feet, about 10,000 feet higher than that of the American F-4 Phantom jet and a supersonic speed in excess of the Phantom's. Piloted by Russians Egypt is believed to be the only country outside the borders of the USSR where the MIG-23s are deployed. They are piloted exclusively by Russians and are part of Egypt's air defense system which has been under Russian control !tnan f0r others because the Rus smce tne csix-uay war. Israelis i Will MORDECAI BEN ARI, president and chief executive of EI Al Israel Airlines, was honored at a reception held at the LaSalle Hotel on Feb. 24. The occasion was Mr. Ben Ari's first visit to Chicago. Mr. Ari related that by 1982, El Al will have tripled in size and be a complete 'round the world carrier. Pictured from left to right are Mr. Ben Ari, Michael S. Eng-Iard, district manager of El Al in Chicago, and Herb Ferguson of Harvey Travel Service. Knesset Approves $3.81 B National Budget for 1973 JERUSALEM (JTA) The Knesset passed on the first reading the national budget for the 1973 fiscal year by a vote of 48-18. The budget, submitted by Finance Minister Pinhas Sapir, totals near ly $3.81 billion. In ending a mammoth debate in the Knesset, Sapir warned both management and labor of the urgency of maintaining price stability. He said the wage policy approved by both sides had made it possible to absorb a rise in manufacturing costs without bringing about a considerable rise in prices. Sapir added that if employers "dragged the economy" into a wave of price increases, they would be "cutting off the branch on which they sit." He said Israel's workers would not tolerate any dilution of their purchasing power and would demand compensation for any price boots, leaving the road open to inflation. He added that if this did happen, the government would be forced to take "drastic steps." Israeli Immigrants With Degrees; Too Much of a Good Thing? JERUSALEM (JTA) Israel may be experiencing too much of a good thing in the relatively high proportion of immigrants with college degrees arriving in the country. Labor Minister Yosef Almogi told the Knesset that the economy was not geared to absorb so large an influx of professionals and predicted that finding them employment would be one of the major challenges of 1972. Almogi said 10,000 of the 70,000 immigrants expected this year will be holders cf academic degrees in the free professions. He noted that this category of immigrants numbered 17,000 over the three years, 1969-1971 and represented a 15 per cent increase in their sector of the labor force based on the 1968 figures. Other sectors of the labor force experienced a mere 3 per cent increase over the same period, he said. Almogi stated that the problem of absorbing Russian immigrants with university de grees would be relatively greater believe that the presence of the MIG-23s is evidence that Soviets are using the Suez Canal area to test their most sophisticated mili tary hardware under conditions ; Senate resolutions on Phantoms Foreign Debt (Continued from Pace 1) Last Oct. 10 two MIG-23s flew for several minutes parallel to the Israeli coastline and while they did not enter Israeli air space, did enter the area controlled by the Lydda Airport control tower. Last Nov. 6, another pair of Fox-bats overflew northwest Sinai. S. Africa to Establish Consulate in Israel JOHANNESBURG (JTA) South Africa will shortly open a Consulate General in Israel, it was reported here. Israel has had diplomatic representation in South Africa for more than two decades but until now South Africa dealt with Israel through their mission in Athens. This will be South Africa's first direct representation in Israel. Dr. Charles Fincham, a senior foreign affairs officer, will leave South Africa for Israel shortly to open the new Consulate General, it was reported. Levner Honored by Firm for Organization Service Sidney A. Levner of Milwaukee has been honored by the Pruden tial Insurance Co. for outstanding the Nixon period, loans authorized service to voluntary orgainzations. j totaled $1,046 million and grants Mr. Levner, who is an agent in j $105 million. It must be stressed the North View district office, was that in all the 23 years, Israel has Nevertheless, the fact remains that under President Nixon, the US has authorized $1,151 million for Israel close to half of all publicly disclosed American aid to Israel in its 23-year history. Preponderantly military, the aid has come partly as a result of the continuing tensions between Israelis and Arabs but, perhaps now, much more importantly in America's own interest in view of the Soviet penetrations into the Levant as Nixon's recent Foreign Policy Report clearly implies. Previous Aid All Economic The assistance from previous administrations, however, has been nearly all economic. That came when Israel was building its national foundations and needed food for its immigrants. Thus, between July 1, 1948, (Truman) and June 30, 1969 (last Johnson budget) US economic aid to Israel totaled $1,225 million. Military support (classified data excluded) aggre- gated below $24 million of which less than $18 million came m 1964-65 when Nasser's threats alarmed both Jerusalem and Washington. Until June 30, 1969, loans authorized for Israel totaled $880 million and grants $369 million. In presented Prudential's Community Service Award by director of agencies Robert D. Davis, CLU. For more than 30 years Levner has been a leader in B'nai B'rith, serving as president of the Shofar Lodge and the Milwaukee B'nai B'rith Council as a member of the board of governors of the District Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith. During the past two decades he has been health and welfare chairman of the Lodge and has also been active in raising funds for youth programs. He was one of the founders of the Milwaukee Jewish Convalescent Center and is an executive board member and trustee of the Bellefaire Children's Residential Treatment Center, a home for disturbed and emotionally upset children in Cleveland, Ohio. not received a penny in grants for military equipment. Seeking to credit each US Administration with its precise support can be hazardous since the data is based on "net obligations and loan authorizations" and, of course, the secret figures. When and how much of the budgeted funds actually were made available by the administrations which made the budgets could not be pinpointed. As already indicated, Johnson, for instance, pledged 50 Phantoms but many of them were delivered after Nixon's inauguration and with his approval. It is to be expected that much more will be heard about aid to Israel from both Republicans and Democrats until the first Tuesday after the first Monday next November. Makes PASSOVER more delicious! if? f inpp tipi$ Produced under strict Rabbinical supervision. Certificate on request. sians were used to a different type of economy and pattern of skills. So far, he said, jobs have been readily available for them, with few exceptions, but in 1972 their employment will be a major challenge to the success of the absorption program. Marcuse Contests Right of Israel to Exist as a Sovereign State HAIFA (JTA) Prof. Herbert Marcuse, the doyen of the American New Left, said here that he does not "define the Jews as a nation" and does not contest the right of Isreal "To exist as a sovereign state but only as what can be termed as a colonial state." Marcuse, a controversial figure in j his own country, is visiting Israel as a guest of the Van Leer Institute, a private research foundation. His audience here was restricted at his own request to 200 but many more students fought each other outside the lecture hall for admission or at least a glimpse of Confirm Curative Powers SDOM (ZINS) Denmark is sending organized groups of patients suffering from various skin diseases to take the cure in the waters of the Dead Sea. A three-year research has established that waters of the Dead Sea are an effective treatment for many types of skin diseases, and the Danish government covers travel and other costs for those patients coming to Israel for this purpose. flit? m MARCH the man who is the acknowlegded inspiration of the New Left. He told his audience, "If you define the Jewish people as a nation, then Zionism can be called a national liberation movement." He added, "I personally do not define the Jews as a nation." Asked about his personal position, he replied that as a Jew he had the right to criticize the government of the Jewish State. Questioned about immigration, 03GEB he said he supported every effort to prevent persecution whether it was for reasons of color or religion. One way to help persecuted Jews is to let them come to Israel, he said. Asked if he would settle here, Marcuse said that depended on what went on in this country. He disclaimed being the "spokesman or the father or the grandfather" of the New Left. n TOTAL ELECTRIC LIVING hdudhoBadricHMt HARRY ISRAEL TOYOTA Says GIVE US A FIGHTING CHANCE! We'll Save You More Most Complete Service Under One Roof Big Parts Stock 53 Years of Honest and Friendly Treatment EASY TO REACH w Associates: Hyman Israel Fred Israel Daniel Israel 9 rm fJHIeMMrVttfffB flMRMHIM HBMHBMBiWBtB "We'll meet in Tel Aviv." That is the violent voice of determined hatred. The voice of promised Arab attack. The voice of warning that Israel will still have to fight for peace. And this is the voice Israel hears 24 hours a day while she waits and guards against the next war. To keep this guard demands all her energy, all her resources, all her money and all her strong citizens. Which leaves little or nothing for other vital needs. Except you. Little or nothing to cope with the problems faced by 300,000 needy immigrants who have poured into the country in recent years. Little or nothing to build hospi tals for the sick, the handicapped and the aged. Little or nothing to counsel train and educate a generation of newcomers who can build their future if only they are able to find productive places in society. These human needs have historically been met by people who care. Now, as the screams for the next war drown out a call for help, you, through the United Jewish Appeal, must try to hear that call. And you must answer. ( 14 -o - i 1 x - GIVE GENEROUSLY, SA CRIFICIALL Y to the MILWAUKEE JEWISH FEDERATION Room 435 710 N. Pfankinton BIdg.

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