The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1950
Page 9
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TODAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1950 PAGE NTNB Defoliation Will Aid — V CountyCottonCrop Because heavy rainfall has caused cotlou lo grow rank anjy|tall, many North Mississippi County growers will get a good return froni defoliation this year. County Agent Keith Bilbrey earlier, pointed out today that unless farmers , defoliate, some colton will The dust must be correctly applied at the right lime— about- 30 hold Its leave* until froitl This will! days after blooms appear in . the deluy boll opening and-wilt cause] tops ol most plaiife or from 25 to many of the bottom bolls to rot. Boll rotting Is rather heavy this year, he said. , • A dust containing calcium cyn- amld Is recommended for Arkansas' conditions. . This chemical, when properly applied, will cause shedding ot leaves within ssven to 15 days. Mr. Bilbrey said. It will let »lr and sunlight down'.to the lower 45 days after cotton quits making. • '• Very Ullle "Top Crop" Mr. Bilteey said there is very little "top crop" to be protected this year and many fields are flow ready bolls so they will dry rapidly., open quickly and be ready for picking for defoliation. Bolls less than 30 day* old at dusting may produce immature'cot- tonl but it may be desirable to sacrifice some of them in opening up rank cotton to save the bottom bolls and get out some good, white cot- [f'$ time for a "showdown DEMONSTRATION of Tractor Values To get more for your money in a tractor, got a "SHOWDOWN" Demo nut rail on of Ferguson's ability lo do n belter job under 1 , the working conditions of j-our farm. A»k Uf fof a FREt "Showdown" D«monttralion on Your Farm ' Ycv.i s* WHY FERGUSON'S the BUY! JACK ROBINSON IMPLEMENT CO. Wonder Drugs No Substitute For Sanitation LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 22— "Wonder drugs In livestock feeds are no substitute for sanitation on the farm," animal health authorities today reminded iwln* »nd poultry raisers. . . _.',. "Preliminary studlea Indicate that new antibiotic drugs may have definite value' 1 In swine and'poultry rations. But to drop standard sanitation practices and depend on the drugs Is to' invite costly disease outbreaks on the farm," the American Foundation for Anlmi Health warned. Explaining that research veterinarians and other scientists have barely scratched the surface In their studies of drugged feed, the Foundation advised that owners should hold fast to proven diseas< | prevention measures. The new drugs seem to be effee live against only certain types o germs. They provide no protection at all against many other germ and viruses, the Foundation sale "Still among th'e best practice to safeguard farm animals again! disease, according to the lates findings of veterinarians, are sue practices as removal of refuse piles keeping barns and stables clean destruction of Insects, and main tenance of clean food and wate supplies.", : These precautions, along w i t prompt diagnosis of the troub! when an animal becomes sick, sti pay off the 'biggest dividends o the farm, the Foundation added. East Main BlythevilU On Missco Farms ton. Mr. Blibrey said. Normally 25 paumU of dust p« acre Is enough but 30 to 35 pounc may be neded for unusually ran foliage or where boll load is ligh The presence of moisture or dew la essential for good results. Defoliation ta • must If mechanical pickers are used, Mr. Bilbrey emphasized. The machines work with reduced efficiency in leafy, rank cotton. Leave* present contact between the sptadles and many open bolls. Defoliation eliminates this Interference, as well as the green staining, that occurs when le&evs are' crushed against the lint. Defoliation also makes hand picking cleaner and faster and helps to get the crop out earlier. In the boll weevil territory winter control of the weevil is helped by defoliation. These weevils go into hibernation In i weakened condition. • ' - '- • I Fair Inflttene* ' A good fair has more influence on il ol us than perhaps we are will- ig to admit. I guess we have lest ,ir oldest boy. He .has decided he ouid rather travel with a carnival han do anything else in the world. Charlie'U 8 years old, by Ihe ay. _ • • . .. • Next lo a pretty girl, those Jersey ows out at the fair are the prettiest hlngs I ever saw. With all that hair ut, polished horns,' etc.. they look ntelligent enough to talk. ' Really, It 1s a good fair out at Walker Park and If you have nol seen It, I would recommend to any- ine that they visit the J»lr at.least nee this year. Victory We got out ot ttte leafwcrm Infes- ablon without serious loss, thanks o the airplane boys. If you really vant to see what leafworm can do .o cotton, visit around ' some over .n the " Poplar Corner - Leachville :erritory. You can see some acreage over there with every leaf eaten of the entire field. Where the coltoi was young, considerable damage wa dine. Victory A^ain I was ready to give up. I had de elded (hat It was a hopeless case You remember the arguments hearings your. Farm Bureau others attended recently,, trying ,l< persuade or prevent the railroad from- raising their ' freight rale again on soybeans from this 'area After trie second hearing we wer told, "Sorry, but we will have to g ahead with th« freight rate in crease." This week we received Ihe unex pected good news that this frelgh rate Increase was being postpone for at least six months. This cou mean the savings of many,'man dollars lo Mississippi County aoy bean farmers in 1950. UM Yoor Storage Spaet I surely would hat«: to buy 'TO tonse*d next year If acreage con trol Is lined. My guess Is that will be about the highest In his tory, . You remember all the ralri w* had In September. It wa» even wo: In Mississippi where a lot of registered seed are produced. Their cot- n was open when all those rtlns me. , My Judgment may not be good it I surely would save cotton and ybean seed for 1851. Cotton Will ' Dr. V. H. Young and Dr. Neil iilton ot tl>3 Plant Pathology De-. artment, University of Arkansas, pent yesterday afternoon In North ls?lssippl County making further bservations on verticllliuin wilt In otton. , . Perry Lee Adklsson of Forty and ight, a recent graduate of the Unl- erslty of Arkansas, helped during he lour of observation hi the Ar- lOrel-Huffman and Forty and Eight ommunltles. Up to now, experiment stations ave no good proof that rotations to control or prevent vcrtlctl- lum wilt In cotton. B. A. McCann if Lost. Cane, believes that soybeans In rotation will help control he wilt. He SRld this week, "Even f they do lift cotton acreage con-" rol In 1951, I will not plant more han 50 per cent of my land In cot- oi). The rest will be In soybeans to rotate. This wilt is bad In my community." I Can't Help It Don't hlame me for all the mis- lakes you rend In this column. I ust make part of them. Anyway, when you criticize them lo me, thnt tells me you are reading the "stuff." Even B. H. Burns, one of the "four lorsemen," down on the Ohlendorf !arm. Jumped on me about my spell- Ing nnd English, etc. * A part, of the trouble is that by the. time the linotype operators get to my column,'they are tired.-Anyway, thanks for reading that which you can read. "Some Pickln"* Cobe Bowers at Dell had 500 cotton pickers Monday of this week. The most open cotton I have seen was In the Poplar Corner- Buckeye communities. Noble Gill »t Dell may b* the first man in the county to defoliate cotton. He has some mature Empire • nd would like to get It opened iuad picked before bad weather sets In. Form Bureau Convention Site Picked Th» 16lh annual convention ol the Arkansas Farm Burenu Federation will be held this year in Little Rock at the Hotel Marlon Nov. 22, Jo» C. Hardln, Graciy, state president, has announced. The convention Is the officla business meeting of the organization and it is held In the fall every year, An outstanding program is being arranged, Mr. Hardln said, and th program will be released to Farn Bureau members as soon as it 1 definitely worked out. Talks by leaning agricultural Ml thoritles. election of officers, adop tion of resolutions, and discussion on matters of. Interest to the farm ers ot the state will all be Include In the convention program, M Harclin said. The commodity conferences tha are held In connection with th teld again this year. These mect- ngs will tnke place on Nov. 21, he first day of the convention. Out| f these meetings come sugges- lons, plans, and resolutions that oj'm a vltftl part of the Farm Bureau progrom for the next year, Mr. Hardln stated. The state president snld member appointments lo the State Resolu- ions for presentation to the voting lelegates nt the convention, Mr. Hardln snld. Ther« are about purebred dogs. 23» br**4t it mw^SP*^ ^^WwW^^WW' — '•etocold»...«Mrt ,'Uhout "doslnf" VlSJUt Before You Buy Any Oil Heater—See Your GREATEST Home Heater Value Keeping yo«r truck at peak operating efficiency, is the b«t : vay to maka sure that it keeps oo bringing in the profit*. And Triple Diamond truck service is built around that very idea. Our factory-trained mechanics ars skilled In •potting truck trouble before it happens. International- •ngineered replacement parts give same -as-original value. Right now, with fall driving weather coming on, (s a (ooo* time to check up on you* truck's ability to earn its fulk ^uota of profits for you. Drive in. oc phone— i m INTERNATIONAL'HARVESTE Industry Teams Up with Farm Youth in 4-H Club Programs 312 South 2nd Phone 6863 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Low-Cost FARM LOANS Long-term \ SAVE Monty with f/ie FARM WCOME PRIVILEGE B. SAFE with th» PtEPAYIENT RESERVE PUN • fquifobf* Society loan* have th»i» modern fta- lurti. Atk ut tor further detail*. No obligation. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 312 W Walnut Phone Z3S1 BIjrUieville CHICAGO, Sept. 22—Ten yean ago only s handful of Industrial concerns were supporting 4-H Club worK .nationally. ^Today — through the'National 'committee on Boys and Girls Club WorV—nearly 50 Industries, businessmen and women are backing up trjtlr faith In two million 4-H Club members with Incentives valued at $400.000 annually. This amount Is distributed for awards arid .leader- training funds In 4-H programs which range from canning, to: tractor maintenance. The money Is considered a solid Investment' in the nattqn*s future by encouraging these niril boys »nrt girls who have pledged their head, heart, hands and health to make the best better," declared Guy L. Noble, director of the National 4-H Committee, a non-profit citizen's group. ' ' . _, "4-H youth learn by doing." he stated, "and guiding their efforts are 225,000 volunteer club leaders who work under the direction of the Extension Service of the state agricultural colleges to carry out 4- PIANO For Beginners and Advanced Pupils Enroll Now MINNIE LEE JONES STUDIO 1 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 To My Friends Wish to announce that am now located at CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SKRV ICE. Now ! am able to serve you 24 hours a day on (X)M MERCIAL .REFRIGERA TION and AIR-CONDI TTONING work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank Westall Day 2993 . . . Night 2808 WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 H program objectives." Th« teenagers do m. man-sized job In their projects, according to Noble, ant by, the ttrne they ..reach "21 many arc well ori the way to becoming Independent farmers, while other have substantial bank Recounts. Donors.of awards Include: Wes Ungnouse Educational Foundation Kerr Glass Manufacturing Co. Spool Cotton Educational Bureau Carnation Company; Lederle.Lab oratories; Simplicity Pattern Co. General Motors; Illinois Centra Railroad; International Harvester Nash-Kelvlnator; American Fores ProducLs incVustrles; AlUs-Chalmers Montgomery Wnrd; Kellogg Co. of Battle Creek; Pure Oil Co.; Mrs. Charles R. Walgreen. Also Sears-Roebuck Foundation; Edward Foss Wilson; Horace A. Moses Foundation; Thos. E. Wilson; Dearborn Motors; United States Rubber; Firestone Tire &• Rubber Co.; Sptnnerin Yarn Co.; Cudahy Packing Co.; Stanlind Oil and GfUsJ Co.; Gene Autry nnd Wm. Wrlgley, •Jr., Co.; Proctor Electric; Santa Fe Railway; Sunbeam Corporation. Among the awards for outstanding achievement are trips to the National 4-H Club Congress held In Chicago. Here 1,100 state and national champions accompanied by club leaders assemble from every part of the country. They are Joined by delegates from Alaska, Ha- watl and Puerto Rico. The 1950 Congress win convene Nov. 26, and for five days the rural youth Trill he treated to the best the Windy City has to oiler in educational tours, food, entertainment and other events. During the meet- Ing, 150 college scholarships will be presented to club members chosen (or national honors. This year a total of 815,112 In U.S. Savings Bonds, and 227 watches are offered to state winners. Beautiful gold and sliver medals representing 20 different projects will go to 4-H members lor winning county honors. annual meeting every year will be FARM LOANS Cales REALTORS Phone «M •HJylehrUla Aortirrf Moflran Lfiem Solkltor lor fully Automatic No Work • Ho Did With thermostat-control, you can enjoy FULLY AUTOMATIC HEATING, no work, no ilirt, no forgetting, no wasteful overheat- For carefree comfort'—allot cr warmth-bur PERFECTION. See ff Here Today and many other grant** D««tror» weed root* . . . pr«v'«nti r«ejrowih. In «onv«r»- 1«M powd*r form; Miy to mix for f• at • tpray. • E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. TILE FOR SALE 1Z rotk M « « rt*n(«r«4 AIM iMMt !*)•«*• O>rm» Inikn iW tan* ekkk*» OSCEOLA ft CULVERT CO. Aussie Quads Make Up for Lost Time SYYDNEY, Australia, Sept. n. <AP>— Mrs. Bttt7 Sari's quads— who took 50 hours coming Into.lht world—art making up (or lost Doctora >t the Belllgen Hospital said Ihe babies—two girls and two bo>a—have gained »t the rate of one ounce » (Jay since their slow motion birth between Aug. 17 »nd I». Their 39-jear old mother, an English «»r bride, hu left the hospital. Doctors said the quad£ probably will be sent home this veek. FORD TRACTOR HAS THE PROOF-METER PROOF B«for« Your Cy««/ Always! Proof tJ)«l your Ford Tractor givB yc« the performance you p«id for. The new Proof-Meter offers jux lhat! No other tractot naauficmnr ha> ev«r (ivca yo« anything ltk< tt. INSTRUMENTS IN 1 . Right on Tractor Dashboard I from Your Purina Dealer CHUCKUS WHAT Wty STAHOIH/ LET'S INLINE FOR? jfHAVCA LOOK DOESNT T«e BOSS KNOW 6ET MODERN PURINA HANGING FEEDERS AT ALMOST HALF PRICE mi m $2.e>O $1.3$ with «v»ry 500 Ibs. H ?ui- ina Laying Chowi you purchow be[ot« October . AiV tu! Phone 4493 LK.AshcraftCo Vi Block South of,Depot 11 Gon«! Always before you've had to guut. You're had ro gues< before yon bought, and you're had to keep o<i gueiaing from there O«L But not any more — not with th< Ford Tracto*. PROOF not Prpmiics! That'i wVi« Ac Ford Tractor offtn yoo. Oeat, undeniable proof bcfor« your own eyei. Not ;ust profnijes. Here M .the ntv way to buy a tractor and the only way that make* it poMihlc lot you to r«li« in* fullex obtairubU profit froca your invrumefit- Standard on Every ^fev^r Ford Tractor There'! a lot laore to tell you about lb« Proof-Meter — we've only kit the "high-ipoo" here! You o-we k to yourielf K> SEE rh« oomplett xory. Right ncrw wt are mdy •> fin yo« a tractor demoiuuauo* vnliW anythiBg yov cr«r MW before- Shows Engine RfM. Leu yo« pkk ipectll for be« eco 00017. Shows Tractor SpteJ, Enables 10 hit and hold rigfa travel fat mowing, saraytnju etc. Showj PTO Spsed. Now yoo CM keep PTO ipecili fight o« th« button for corn pickers, mowrr$,««. 4 Shows Belt Pulley Speed. No "ip€c<l counter" needed, Proc*Meter tells you where yc* »* throttle for tawing, grinding, «*c Showj Mown "Worked. In-f^I for record*. Now you can the Ford Trictoc "woffc* hour*—«v« more a Russell Phillips Tractor Co. ALLEN HARDIN, Mgr. South Hiw-7 *1 B[yth«y)!!« RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. J. A. DAVIS, Mgr. BUY ON PROOF 6£T YO(/R PROOF Q£MOff$ri&mON TODAY.'

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