The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1950
Page 9
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\ WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 19fi6 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IS^S^l )f * SSM AT .WORK i >7CS-,7ii>.- fc i' if * »et:r* AI VWGKK. 'I £9?£K!S»2L A +»>w WK^SAT HHZE (MB GO, AMOS, FOR OUR IrJTeRTXJCTtOlJ Ol TELEVISION.' ->~-VM«rCH FEK THft SWAPPV ' OPfifiltJG LIME: '.SOe AMD 3ILU Aee VCKV AW6«V—you see HOT WORDS PASSED B6TWI tHEM.-^yes.JiLL Tosseo A BOWL OF ALPV4ABCT THEM Z IN: WOULD <S2iPKT ^ \ «£*s*«**i* >\V HCAR. ALUTHe HAP TO B»£X JNTD 1 P—*- TV-- cv*«_^, jfM it/ \ \f7 VOIJK LcrrAurn.e-\ « ?N'«S i. i i-iAY-i II •*•"-"•- i-*-'* « LJ I Ji_i ®»XALLc*v? M HOWLL i ser IT IP THEY'D BOUGHT AUfiT PEGGV'S WHERE THERE . (SMO , tfeLE'JISlOM,' •START, ArWTHlWG Our Boording House with Moj. Hooplc BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEVj Wrong Answer I Love My Doctorjl By Evelyn BaHdns ^ ^SfjXsSSS*. ^J^ XXXI •QUTSIDE of my sulfa tablets, I | refused to swallow any other [Pin, even if it were guaranteed in jmake hair grow OD my chest and enable me u> sung like Lily Pens. "There should be no choice," my mother protested. "If a doctor prescribes something, you take it." "That's the usual tyranny of the sickroom," I .greed. "But you know what a struggle it Is for me to swallow even a single aspirin, BO 1 decided to take just what was necessary, and leave the trimmings [or the patients." Then she discovered that I was eating whatever I pleased. Alter the tea and toast and heated milk ritual that my mother hud always 5-DAY SERVICE DHEIFl S MM! llniiim , .. WearDiaamd Job Wanted r*rm manager, IS years experience with mule and tractor equipment Good references. No drinking. Write BOK CDE. c[o Courier News. 1|30 p)c 2'5 Private Rooms Bedroom. Lady only. Phone 3557. l\l pk 2[8 Bedroom with kitchen pilvelegs. Ph. 2 * 23 - ][25 pk 2;25 Comfortable bedroom. Phone 2338. 1J24 pk 2;'n Bedroom, c3os« In. Men 'only. 310 W WHnut. ]|24 pk v u Ntcely furnisher! large bedroom prt- T»re home. Ph 2483 1-18 pic 2-18 Bedroom, convenient tn hath stcnm teat. PU. 3323. 611 W Main. 1|I1 pk 2|ll Jurnlshed front bedroom «*t. Gentlemen. Ph. 3264 Steam-heated bedroom arljolnlng Si" 1 - r 'enty privacy Ml W Ash. Phone **""• 1-IS pk 2-1 »lc« »teiim healed bedroom .djolnlne »«tb. Men only. 603 West Main. ph. HP' 1-21 ck tf NEW GLENCOE HOTEL era T,^" ! - Vls ' ™ tes i. Ph. 41M 0[ tee manager. 1-20 ck 2-20 Personal . n ™'y minute photoslatlc nrrvlcc ObrEtN'S STUDIO. • J|8-rt-tr M»n going west. Wnnls two rtdtrs •» «n»re expenses. Pb. 3511. _ JN THE CHANCER>~COURT~FOR THK CIIICKASAWRA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Mart Williams; V. Q. Holland Trustee, Pltf. V5 Sam s. Simmons. Dft. WARNING ORDER The deiendnnl Sam S Simmons is warnca to appear tn this Courl aithin thirty (30) days to answer wfiv com P |aIn t 0' Plaintifl Mack uar T- This the 10th daj ' of Ja "~ Harvey Morris, Clerk Holland and Taylor, atty, for pllf for anything from hay[fever to whooping cough, this •sounded as outrageous as storing garbage pails in an operating room. "But John said nothing is wrong with my stomach," I tried to re-' assure her. "He knows most people think a soft diet is necessary ior any condition, but that actually [I could eat anything that was tol- jerable to me. And this is!" I 6n- ished, pointing to an ear of canned (Cora, a bottle of pop, and a p - le<x of strawberry shortcake, j "How do you feel?" John asked •anxiously on the sixth day as soon ,as his eyes were open. This que*- jtion had been propounded for days (with the unfailing regularity of a radio station delivering the news. I "Better," I said cheerfully fThen, methodically, as if he were [a charge nurse on floor duty he jtook my temperature. ) "Normal,- be breathed, IB he jshook it down. j "You mean, I'm all better?" I (asked, realizing that my usual fogglness was somewhat lighter. I "Not yet," John said. -The jpneumonia's' beginning to resolve, ;though, and it won't be long now, {but you'll have to rest and lie still jfor another week." He smiled at pie with proud appreciation, as it ,'ust been chosen Miss very sick?" 1 asked I had America. eagerly, ready to enjoy my [ea- tured role in "Returned from the Dead.* "Very," was tj, e solemn' reply. I or a moment of awed stillness, I paid my silent respects to this vanquished enemy. Then I continued with my curiosity. "Were you very worried?" I asked next. H9" 1 of my wits,- said John. , Ij00d '" ' answered checrtully Was anybody else worried too?" .™ , sadist -" laufihed John. We all were, haven't you heard i2t- P |lo " e ringing and ringing? Which reminds me," he said with the anticipatory flourish of a waiter producing the French pastries at the end of a meal, "this week you can have visitors, in fact, beginning todny." • * * IT was obvious that John expected tin's news to be as vfet- eome as a mail order catalog in a lonely farmhouse, and at first 1 thought so too. My part in the social proceedings was merely to smile wanly at each new face to demonstrate my recent illness, and to talk amusingly the rest of the lime to prove my recovery. Eventually I could have qualified as a diplomatic hostess, with gag-writing for radio on the side. Almost everyone who came entered with some token of appreciation, and at first, I looked eagerly to see what each new arrival had brought, like a spoiled brat who demands: "Whatcha got for me today?" My enthusiasm laded with the repetitiousness of the presents. My collection eventually included masses of flowers, which, although 1 ordinarily love lo have, depressed me with their funereal abundance; four boxes of mixed chocolates which the guests immediately proceeded to finish; and six books, two Lhe same, but all, of course, directly from the >es!-scl)rr lists. Most of the visitors wore a very proper, sober look, like a hearse driver making a professional call. The coy ones said very brightly: 1 Imagine a doctor's wife getting sick!" u> which my regular reply was: "You ought to sec the obituaries in the A.M.A." The point was plainly wasted, since to the average lay mind all deaths and illnesses are usually attributed to some doctor's delinquency. '"Tire more serious arrivals would have gruesome histories to list for comparison, and would each ofler a pet version of some "Fourteen Day Cure" which they had trild when similarly a/Hided, and which would surely have cured me in 24 hours. Some even stopped to emulate their owu particular doctors, as i[ 1 were under Lhe care of a veterinarian or a grocery clerk. One and all, they wanted to hear the gory details from start to finish, until I felt like apologizing for not having a fancy scar to show. "Were you in much pain?" I was hopefully asked. , ' "Where exactly did it hurt?" Most' o( course agreed that 1 must have had the most devoted medical care in the world, and the most scientific — two state- ncnLs I dared not dispute. I had ong ago learned that most people ihink that when a doctor holds lis wife's hand tenderly, he says, "Darling, you have a tachycardia," and that when he looks soulfully Into her eyes, he comments on the nequality of her pupils. Few stop to realize that obviously such romanticism would lead to the divorce court, or a lunatic asylum, and that the facts of life are inflexible. By the end of this last week In Jed, Saturday to be exact, al- uough I could recall DO feeling of equal importance since 1 was six years old and had orally removed my tonsils over and over ngain for the benefit.Jit the neighborhood juveniie cnrSregation, 1 was tired of the wjgjlc business. "They wear me olit," I totd Freda during an uafcpected lull. 'Me too," said ^^ Michigan Is salvaging 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 board feet of timber knocked down by heavy storms. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to «8 inch, plain or reenforcpd. Also Contrite Bnildinj Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chick» boiiMs, pump honMi, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • NOW OPEN • Offering Complete Floristic Service rLCWCC MART Weddmj; & Corsage Flowers Our Specially RONAM) WEHLER M C. STII,ES South Highway «1 Phone 6002 Expert- Service COY GOODSON can do (he jof> well. . .contract work, wiring, appliance repair BLAH HEATH CO. PHONE 828 ^^*fc IT PAYS YOU To Keep l'o«r Shou i n GOOD REPAIR LU CO LU O Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis Thursday's Price Vou can buy it for §615 on Thursday, ?GOo on Friday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clea» as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. 615 '•19 STUUEBAKER >.J9 NASH Charnptor, Convertible, 13,- %00" Sedan, 10,06* «twl '« DODGK »W actual m || M , rail,, mi ] e s, SMt covcrs whi(e «-nonr Clislnm, radio, htal- hMier, while sidewall ilre«, 5 lde* a ll tires, "Weather f, new while sir]"!,aII overdrive, 19ofl Arkansas Kje" hra | cr an(J defroster, tires, as » pin, 19;,« uc "" e 1930 Arkansas license Arkansas license . .. 11695 $1495 $ , 295 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. RA.LROAD * £5 PHONE 888 AWDSEGOJOty, \ No- YOU OONT WVE COW DATES WtTH US / HAS tn T1IE WRST / DATES WITH AUVBOW UNTIL PC •UNO* IRST PtACE.TKtfOLD RfctJGE CBATE: WILL NEVER MAKE- THE VALLEY CHURCH; •-nwiNpc WKAItj tVEN ISURP DOESN'T DO AH* 03000 / I JUST- COPR. 14M B* AitA SERVICE. INC. I. M, *rC. I/, t. PAT He certainly is curing my insomnia—I never have to lie awake any more thinking about business or taxes!" BY AL VERMEER W RANDY'S WRECKING MY SNOWMAN CAN I GIVE vm PUNCH li i SHOULD THINK YOUR CONSCIENCE WOULD ANSWER Wx)7 QUESTION, PSJGCILLA' BY MICHAEL THIS IS MRS. 5AY8ROOK, MR. MANGLE. COULD WU COME RIGHT OVER ? 1 WANT TO „ SO OVER SOME OF/ F) THE DETAILS OF / 1 MYIATE /^If, HUSBAND'S Y\ < I' ESTATE WITH VERY WELL.MRS.SAYBROOK VOU f ORCE AW TRUMP CARD, OPERATION PAKAOISf 1 'BORROWED* A HUNDRf D THOUSAND BUCKS FCOM THE- SAYBBOOK ESTATE TO WAY ?*tl'9 1HE MARKET-AND NOW .(•Sf-jfc*! "S60HE. THE WIDOW ft f\ LV*q« \ " A S BEEN ACTING M6Hry y?K\ ^ W ?0/V WJ5PICIWS WTELY, flxV \ • 1*3,^. TOO-- What is OPERATION The 15«ys Know BY LKSLIE TURNER Z^v! A ^ S! T "H««/« r «,rA7«A,-»««- *«-_*'- — -"•- WEUt GOT THE TWIUS NOW! COME OUT WITH •JOUR MAUDS UP, OR. E COWIMO AFTER vou sovs ARE SAFE AMD SOUWD' BUT HDWD YOU GET AWAY FE01A THOSE GAUSSTEE.S 3 ... WAY, LADS! A DESPERATE <5AMG IS STILL IkJSIDE, AMD THERE'S APT TO KGUWPlAf! TH6V DOM'T ANSWER Y OFFICER, WE THIS .TIME, SIE. BUT WE / B6EU 1RWTO HWEWEMATEACHEHT / TELL VOU TO NOrJ.,.SHAll-WE60 11 WEIL SHOW VOU THOSE OLE BUGS BUNNY Source of the Trouble IVHATSA 1PEA O' TRYJN' T'SABOTAGE r-—— THAT TRUCK ' IM A WHAT'S PUNCTURIN A TIR£ GOTT'DO WITH 6ATIN'?/' FOLLOW A1E...YOU'LL SEES' PESPERATE PUSSYCAT, GUV'NOR .' r FACE STARVATION/ A Job for Ooola BY V. T. IfAMLIN OF BUILDING STONE DOWN is. YET " oK ! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN cwvo.ttvvvs^vv . ANALVSCS PWltHCTIONS

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