Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 2, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1895
Page 1
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VOL XX. TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL .2. 1S95. NO- 78. It's Peculiar AT HIS FEET. cTHIS WRAPPER FOR 59C. ] That if a Lady once comes to «--nr Store bbe keeps a-coiuiug. It's not our way but our Great Variety, Excellent Quality and Choice An-ortment ot Goods that must he the Drawing Card. E--ery De- partinuiit is fcemly for . . EASTER! and we iuviff your 'inspection. If You Com. Ouce You'll Keep a Coni'iig. Tomorrow . . . We open Special aud Reserve Assortment of Choice Dress Goods. Kle«aut Fancy ! Silks from COc up, Capes, Skirls, Wrapper!* from 50c up, l.'ress J I'rhumings in Immense Variety, Shirt Waists That Fit. Special Inducements Today. Shirtwaist tor This H,,ulson,c CUPC *4- The Fashion Leaders, Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway 306 Fourth St. All Ginnany Seeks to Pay Homage to the Iron Oliau jol Congratulatory Messages and Gift* Galore Sent to Bismarck in Honor of His Birthday. lowing cable message to JBlsmarcit: "To the m»n -who united Germany : "Thinlu »nd gr«etlnKS oo-hU birthday from the singers »nd the hoardi : oJ truateei ol the Arlon and Lelderlcrani moalBties. " Send! ST. PAUL, Minn., April 1.— The legislature Monday morning passed a resolution congratulating Prince Bismarck on his 80th birthday. It is to be cabled to the prince. _ _ WILL DO HIM HOMAGE. to th« 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud ia the success of our untiring -orte whfch en 7 aMe us to .how yo« this seaaon he JS, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclude Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. WAIT For the opening of the New Broadway Clothing Store. Entire New Spring Line. Wednesday, April 3, 426 BROADWAY. JOS. G GRACE. FIUEDBICHSUVHE. April 1. — Prince Bisinnrck arose at 9:4f. Monday morning fueling vigorous and refreshed. Dr. Schweninger was the first to congratulate him and presented him witn a bouquet of roses. The prince,proceeded to the morning room whore tne members of the family were assembled Each member presented him with a birthday gift. Dr. Schwenm- ger gave him a cask of Psohorr beer. linndrrtl" of OlftH. Over a thousand parcels, containing prints for Prince Bisnnrok, have ar- . rived iit the castle here. Twenty-three I postal clerks were engaged all _day , Sind:iy and until late Sunday night borting the messages of congratular tion, the number of which is given officially at over 200,000. Since an early hour Monday morn- Ing trains have been arriving here loaded with visitors from all parts of the empire, desirous of congratulating Prince Bismarck on bis 80th birthday. Honored by Koyalty. The dispatch of congratulation which King Oscar of Sweden and Norway sent to Prince Bismarck alluded to the latter as the creator of German unity. Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria was among those who Monday telegraphed their congratulations to the prince. ! IVurtemburK 1 " Kins: Heard From. STUTTOAKT, April l.-The king of IVurteraburg has sent an aide-de-camp with a letter of congratulation to Prince Bismarck, In receiving a deputation from the gymnasium Monday the king' praised Prince Bismarck s greatness. iicrlln Colobratea the Day. BFKI ix, April l.-AU of the public and most of the private buildings are bedecked with flags and bunting m honor of the SOth birthday of Prince 15i.smr.ruk. At all tho schools the pupils assembled Monday morning m order to hour special Bismarck _ addresses. The pupils were then g!ven a holiday. Many of the business houses ure closed and all the mam streets are crowded with s^btseers. bpecial prayers for Prince Bismarck were offered in nil the Protestant churches in Germany Sunday. «itH«u< "f lilnmarck Unvdllod. LiEi-sic, April l.-The new statue of Prince Bismarck in the Augustus Platz was unveiled at midnight. Tho square and the city in the vicinity were il- lutninated with electric lights. A procession comprising several thousand persons paraded the streets. Blilue V»lloy Celebi'utoi. •RUDKSHEIM, April 1.— At noon Sunday tho people of the Rhine valley united in honoring Bismarck at the national monumenton theNiederwald Conservatives, national liberals and centrists took part in the ceremonies. The people of Rudesheim placed on the national monument a laurel wreath on which was inscribed: "A Grateful Rhineland." The ceremonies con- Bisted of music, addresses, parades and illuminations at night. Immense-crowds took part in the festivities. Residences and - business houses were decorated. Festivities in honor of Prince Bismarck were held Saturday in Wittenberg, Essenruhr, Brunswick and Posen. Cuniraorf In Honor or Bl»m»rck. HAMBURG, April 1.—One of the features of the Bismarck celebration here was the holding of a "commers" organized by the Reichstag Electoral union. Sixteen hundred admirers of the prince were present and hundreds had to be turned away from the doors owing to lack of room. Several senators, the president of the house of burgesaea, of ficials and the elite of Hamburg society were present. Joy Tlr»i on th« Mountain F«aki. - BJCBLET, April 1.—Telegrams are •Souring in from all parts of the empire announcing that Bismarckian fetes have been commenced with great spirit Throughout Germany Sunday night Joy fires were burning on the high est mountain peaks and hills from the Baltic to the' North sea and to the Swiss »nd Austrian frontiers on the south, from the Russian frontier on the east to the frontiers of France, Belgium and the Netherlands on the -west. Never before in the history of the empire has there been such a heartfelt ex hibition of love by the German people Crntaor to B« N»m«d Btommrcfc. BiM-W, April L—The emperor will go to Kiel on "Wednesday to witness the launching of a new. ; cruiser which is to be christened "Bismarck." New Tork Qmnma* C«l«br»t«. NEW YOBK, AprU 1.—The Germans in New York celebrated the SOth anniversary of the birth of Bismarck Monday. Flags were flying throughout the distinctive German district on the east side. All the German societies and hosts of other Teutonic organizations celebrated in some form or other, most of the events occurring in the evening. The two big German societies, tha Arion and the Leiderkranz, held festivities in their headquarters. The ^wo societies united In §«ndinjr the fol- PreiwrmttoDi for » T«»tlroonl»l Author of "America." BOSTON, April 1.— Throughout the country the greatest interest is manifested in the testimonial which is to be tendered to Rev. Samuel' Francis Smith, D. D., the venerable author o'f "America." The Boston demonstration will take place at Music hall both afternoon and evening, April 3, and among those present on the occasion will be Gov, Greenhalge, • Lieut. Gov. Wolcott, ex-Gov. Long, Senator Hoar, Congressmen BLAZING TIMBER Xentnoky and Indiana Suffer from Forest Fires, REV. SAMUEL F. SMITH. HOOSIEB HAPPENINGS. News Briefly Told from V*rloo« Towns In Indiana. MEET IN CLEVELAND. Walker, Morse and O'Neil; Mayor Curtia, Rev. George C. Lorimer, and many other state and city dignitaries. There will be thirty-six Grand Army posts represented and many of the towns and cities will send large delegations of school children to the receptions. The Handel and Haydn society will sinff, also the Harvard Glees' 'club and Mrs. Jennie Patrick Wa^er. Baldwin's- cadet- band will render patriotic music. The venerable author will tell his .experience in composing- the popular ode, and addresses will'be made by Gov. Oreenhalfc, ex- GovJ Lon£, Lieut Gov. Wolcott and othejrs. TO; Annual ConTentloD of tho BcpuMican Na< tlonnl I.«acno Set for Jluje 19- CHICAGO, April 1.—President William W. Tracy and Secretary A. B: Humphrey have Issued a, call for the eighth annual convention of the Republican National league at Cleveland, 0 Wednesday,- June: 19,. The ratio of repftisentfttion will' be six ' delegates ftt l&rg-e from each state and territory, four from ' each eongres- lonal district and one from each college republican league club. The busi- nesi of the meeting will include reports from the officer* of the league, the election of officers, vice presidents and members of the executive committee for the ensuing year, the designation of time and place for the next convention, a general discussion of league club work, party policies and organization, and the formation of a plan of campaign with special reference to the presidential year. SPAIN Many Live* Reported Lo»t »nd Much Property Destroyed — Losses • Will Re*ch Thousands. CLOVTCRTOBT, Ivy., April 1.—The most destructive forest fire ever seen here has been raging a few miles back of Cloverport. One person is known to tave. perished, and the property loss will run into the hundreds of thousands. Kat Hend, a wealthy bachelor of Lewisport, was iound dead in the smoking forest Saturday morning. His horse came dashing in to Victoria rider- less at midnight Friday night, and it is supposed Mr, Hend was thrown aud so stunned that he was unablo to escape and burned to death. EUWESVJLLE, Ky., April 1.—Prof. C, M. Bruner was burned to death m forest fires near Victoria. Prof. Brunei- was a member of the county board of examiners. CrNCISKATl, April 1.—Specials from points in western Kentucky and southern Indiana report that the forest fires are still raging, but definite information from any localities is lacking. Tho loss is estimated at S200,- 000 in Kentucky and less in Indiana. The death of Henry Filer near Bowling Green, Ky., and two negroes and that of Mrs. Penny, in addition to those already reported, make three white men, two negroes and one woman lost. While the farmers have been plowing and doing everything to prevent the spreading of fires, and there is no doubt of their loss and danger, yet it is believed that greatly exaggerated reports of the fires have been circulated. JEFFERSONVII.LE, Ind., April 1.—I 1 ires which had been started in a cleaving on the Knobs, a few miles northwest of here, were fanned by a gale and soon got beyond control, destroying thousands of dollars' worth of fencing. Hanssdalc, a hamlet located on the line of the Louisville division of the Pennsylvania system, was partially destroyed. No accurate estimate can be given as to losses, but it will amount up to many thousands of dollars. EXGLISHV Ind., April 1.—News has arrived from the south and southwest part of this county of excessive loss by forest fires, which originated from fires started to" clear fields for the plow All the dwellings, burns and haystacks belonging to A. Kobmson, William Finch, George F. JSlker, Harvey Denbo and James Land were reduced to ashes and thirty-four persons are houseless. Tho estimates of the loss is 840,000. HAYS Cur, Kan., April 1.—Fire destroyed the better part of the business district, including seven stone and twenty frame buildings. Three blocks were burned, causing an aggregate loss of 575,000. CALLS Strengthen* OUT SOLDIERS. Addition ot INVITED Froildeut TO CHICAGO. Her Army by !N),OOU Wen. MADBID, April 1.—Marshal Martinea Campos lunched with the queen regent Sunday previous to his departure for Cuba. Owing to the dispatch of the reen- forcements of troops to Cuba the government has called out 20,000 men of the reserves in order to complete the effective strength of the army. ;pBOGBE80, Yucatan, April 1.—A fishing bark just in oft the Gulf of Mexico reports having encountered two ubknown' boats, heavily armed with cannon and apparently 'well equipped with all the munitions oJ war. When hailed the boats made no reply and the fishermen, being afraid to make any further advances, made their escape from the locality as fast as possible; It-is thought the ships hare some bearing on the Cuban revolution. Veuel Uurnnd at 8m- NE-W YOBK, April L-The Ward line •teamer Yumari, which arrived Monday .morning from Havana, brought as passengers Capt Green, the mate, steward and three seamen of the three-masted schooner Nina Tilson. of Eockland, which was burned at sea while on the voyage from Baltimore for Galveston, •llarch 21. ._ . ;^ ; " Will Pay »!»• Advance. COSSELLS^LLX, P*-, April L—All the coke'operators in the ConnellsviUe re- irion on Monday'morning announced that they would,pay the 16 per cent advance in wages inaugurated by the Trick company a Tx>ut two weeKS ago. This will avert a strike in the region. Xot Yet Decided. •. W^SBKeTOS, April l.-The United States supreme court has not decided 'the income t« case. The only opinion of importance read Monday was one denying an application roade in behalf of Wust Bergmann, a Aew Jersey •-murderer under sentence of death. Cleveland'! "Sound Money" View* to Be Aired. WASHINGTON, April 1.—A committee representing the sound-money sentiment of the city of Chicago called at the white house at 10:30 o'clock a m. Monday and formally invited President and Mrs. Cleveland to visit Chicago at an early day. Henry 8 Bobbins was spokesman for the committee in presenting the invitation, which was signed by'200 Chicago citizens, evenly divided politically, but all believers in the sound money views of the president ^^ Can Be Mayor for a Month. OTTAWA, 111., April 1.—The supreme court Monday morning handed down a list of fifty-seven opinions, among them being an affirmation of the finding of the Kane court in the Aurora mayoralty contest The court holds that James Battle is legally mayor of Aurora and that Mayor Murphy, who refused to give up the office to him two years ago, was defeated. Battle's is an empty victory, however, as he c»n serve only a month. Wtacontln Banfc Clo»e» It* DOOM. STETBSS POD*T, Wis., April 1.—The Commercial bank of this city, owing to an extended run, closed ite doors Monday morning. Byron B. Parks was appointed;receiver. The bank closed its doors'lkst' summer during the panic, butopeWdup again. The assets are put • a^-«ibo,000, and the liabilities at $60,000-,.. Income Tax Jieceipw in JV»MB*. WICHITA, Kan., April l.-Government revenue from income tax in this state Is surprising everybody. It will be 100 percent larger than was anticipated by the collectors. This county alone will pav to the government over 850, 000. " >-ow It Is tfce Klnetopnone, KJEW YOBK. April 1—The kinetophone is the name decided upon by Thomas A. Edison for his latest contrivance. It is a combination of the well-known kinetoscope and the phonograph, and it gives sound as well as action. Bnbber to B* Hither Priced. SPBISGFIBXD, Mass.,, April L—The United States Rubber company announces to the trade an advance in prices of 5 per cent, which is to prevail Priion Director* Cho»n. INDIASAPOLIS, Ind., April 1.—Th« state officers elected by the legislature to appoint directors of the southern prison met and chose John Nugent, of Evansville; Scott Carpenter, of Brazil, and J. R- Henry, of Indianapolis, as the board of directors. The board selected is pledged to ex-Mayor Host, of Brazil, for warden. Tho governor, who is made a member of the appointing board by law, refused to act with the state officers, and will fight the appointments in the courts. Fatal DI«pa»e J>'e»r Jc«t<T«onvllle. JRFFERSOSVILUS, Ind., April 1.— Th« Wliiteson family of this county is very much afflicted." On March 4 Henry "Whitesou died, and of his sisters who lived with him and nursed him during his illness. Mrs. John McCoy died a few days later. His son Schuylcr next sickened and died>of the same disease, which the physicians diagnosed as pneumonia. The next day Mrs. Anna Lutz, of Crawford county, another sister who had been summoned to attend the sick, also died. Many Cl»ln>i«n'* App«ir. CROWN POINT, Ind., April 1.—Sine* the news was published that Mra, Sarah Lambert, of West Creek township was the only existing heir to an estate in Cleveland, 0., valued a* $1,000,000 probably every family by th« name of Lambert in the country ha» made an effort to establish a claim for a slice of the million. The postmaster is about to declare war on inquiring people. l'rl»on«r I* Caniclit by a Dog. MUXCIE, Ind.. April 1.—A couple of prisoners escaped while being taken from jail to the 'workhouse. Sheriff Sherry gave chase after one, and gave the other up as lost. The sheriff us«d his revolver but without effect, and hi* man escaped. Bill, n trusty black shepherd dog. had followed the other prisoner and caught him in the coxirt- house yard. The old sheriff did. not even know that Bill had seen the man escape. . Bin Trolley Project Launched. VALPARAISO, Ind.. April 3.—A meeting was held at Hobart to make arrangements for the organization of th« Hobart Electric Railway company, which will connect that city with Chi- 'cago by an electric lino. A. Morrison Was elected president and A. J. Smith secretary of the company. A committee was appointed, to make preliminary Arrangements. Thc ; capital stock is 8250,000. Hlcliwuyroen Get the Ca*h. LEBAXOX, Ind., April 1.—Harrison Hayden, a farmer residing 0 miles east of here, was held up and robbed of $875 by masked highwaymen. Mr. Hayden had received the money at the bank to make a partial payment on some land he had bought. It is evident that the robbers resided in tha community and were thoroughly conversant with the deal. Cut Uer Throat on the Street. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 1.— Fanni* •Martinson, 30 years old, living at 131 Broadway, one of the fashionable, streets of the city, cut her throat with a butcher knife and the physicians say she will die. She had been suffering from the grip for 'several weeks. She 'was the daughter of Mrs. Mary A. Wade. Her husband died several months ago. ^ _ Farmer* lnre»t In Bloodhound*. ANDERSON, Ind., April 1. — The Scatterfleld farmers have purchased bloodhounds to track barn-burner*. The recent numerous acts of incendiar- ism have cost them several thousand 'dollars. It is thought that the men committing the depredations belong to the old Scatterficld white cap gang. Fbtme* at Whiting. WHITING, Ind,, April 1.— The elegant dancing pavilion owned by John. C. Lehnhardt was entirely destroyed "by fire at an early hour Sunday morning, entailing a loss of several thousand dollars. A building occupied by" Mr. Lehnhardt as a saloon and owned by Postmaster Schrage was also destroyed. for the coming y«« Eloping Couple PEBU, Ind., April J. — An eloping couple was apprehended here and th« woman was sent back home to North Manchester by the officers. She wa» Mrs. A. F. Rice, wife of a photographer of that city, and her companion wa« Harry A. Potts, an employe of a livery stable. Many Join the Church. WABASH, Ind.. April L— The Methodist, Presbyterian and BaptUt cos- gregations have been holding a serie* of meetings, which closed Sunday night Two hundred and fifty person* have united with the difTerentchurchea. It Wa* a Joke. ISDIAXAPOLK, Ind., April 1-— Attorney General Ketcham says the report that he had decided all lakes of Indiana except Lake Michigan were pond* in the intent of the law.was a joke by an attache of his office. Saloon* Cloeed. COLUMBTJS, Ind.. April 1.— Owing to a vigorous fight by ministers all the sa- looijs in Columbus were .closed Sunday ior the first time in years.

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