The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1950
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ABK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE District Fair Winners Livestock — Aberdeen Angus: Ames plantation o! Grand Junction, Tenn., virtually walked off wlUv the show, according to results otfgbcrdccii Angus judging in the Livestock Division of the District Fair. The results, announced yesterday showed' that the Ames Plantatior was the exhibitor ' oC eight animals winning championship Other Ames entries won honors 13 tirsi urns. The reserve champion female was Eho*-n by Ray Peebles and Sons, whose entries also were warded Jour first, six second »i>d hree third place prizes. Winner:, announced yesterday, included the following: Bultt Calved Jan.,1 to Aug. 31. ISM* — Jack Flscus, Wynne, 1. Calved May I to Aug. 31. 1948 — •eebles and Sons, 1 and 3; Sloan and Sons, 2. Calved Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 194* — Sloan, 1; Peebles. S. Calved Jan. 1 to April 30. IBM — Sloan, 1; Peebles. 2. Two, any age—Sloan, 1; Peebles, 2 «nd 3. Helfe place, two second and one third place premiums. Championship entries from Ihi Ames Plantation Included the gram champion, Junior champion, anc reserve junior champion Abcrdcer Angus bulls, and the grand champ ion, reserve grand champion, sen lor champion, junior champion and reserve junior champion heifers. Another heavy winner was Quin- lac Farms of Jackson, Tenn. Winning Quinlac. entries Included the reserve senior champion bull and the reserve senior champion heifer. Other Quinlac entries won three first, eight, second, six third and one fourth place premiums. An Angus bull shown by George Parrent. of Campbell, Mo., was named the senior champion. Other winners Include the following: Bull] Two-yenr-old—Quinlac Farms, 1 Senior yearling—George Parrent 1. Junior yearling—Qumlac Farms Summer yearling—Ames. 1: Quin- 1. calf— Ames, Quinlac, v 3. Junior calf — Ames. 1 and Z 1 and 2 Calved sept. 1 to Dec. 31. IMS- Peebles. 1; Sloan, 2; Flscus. 3 and Calved Jan. 1 to Apr. 30, 194» — Sloan, 1; Fiscus. 1 Calved May 1 to Aug. 31, 1M»— Peebles, 1. Calved Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 1»4»— Peebles. 1 mid 2. Calved Jan. 1 to Apr. 30. 1950 — Sloan. 1 and 2. Other Claawi Get of sire—Sloan, I: Peeblea. and ^. Bull and female, any age—Sloan and 3; Peebles, 3. ierefords: ~ Heifers entered by C. H. wVilstl of Denton, Ark., were picKed champion and reserve champion fe males In Judging ol Hereford* 1 the Livestock Division of the Dis trict Fair here. A bull shown by Choate Hereford Bruce, Grand Junction, Tenn., 2. Farm of Hfckman, Ky., won cham- ' plon honors and an entry of the Jones Stock Farm of Toone. Tenn.. was selected the reserve champion bull. Other winners, which were an- *Jor winner In th« Judfint »t •>«y entries in th« Uvrttock Divl- on of the District K»ir here as he rrled off four championship rib- ons. eleven first, six second, one ilrd and one iourth place pre- lums. Mr. Fry's heifer entries were s«- cttd as grand champion, senior hampion and junior champion and e also showed the junior and grand lampion bull. Other winners announced yester- ay Included the following: Hrifera Sr. calf—R. R, Fry, 1; Roy U tlrttsey, Blythevllle, 2; Mrs. Iveron Morris. Blythevllle, 3. Jr. yearling—R, R. Fry, 1 and 4; Wesley Pry, Agnos, 2; KIrksey, 3 nd 5. Sr. yearling—R. R. Fry, 1 and 2; Klrksey, 3 and 4. Com Two-year-old—R. R. Fry, 1 and 2. Three-year-old—R. R. Fry, 1 Ac 2. Four-year-old—R: R. Fry, 1 and 3; Klrksey, 2. Balk Sr. calf—R. R. rry, 1 and 1; Kirksey, 3, Jr. yearling—R. R, Fry, 1. Sr. yearling—R. R. Fry, 1; Kirk- iey, 2. Other Claiaea Get of sire—R. R. Fry, 1 and 2; Kirksey. J. Produce of dam —R, K. Fry, 1 and 2, Helfen Jr. yearling—John Payne, Rt. 4, Blylhtvllle, 1. Sr. yearling—Bobbie Earl Heskett. Campbell, Mo., 1; John W. Russians Take Walk as Dewey Blasts Nation NP.W YORK. sent. 22. I/PI—Andrei Y. Vishtnsky and J"cnb Malik walked out of a United Nations dinner last night when Gov. Thomas E. Dewcy said In a speech thai the Soviet Union holds millions of slnve laborers "under conditions which amount to torture unto dealh." As the hearts of the Russian U.N. delegation ftrode off the dais, Dcw- ey remarked: "I must say I am comnllmenlcrl by tre withdrawal of those who Dlol the destruction of the world." There were cheers in the audience. Vishinsky and Malik maintained a stormy silence ns they left the Waldorf-Astoria dinner Elvrn for U.N. Assembly delegates by the city of New York. Tn the third paragraph ol hte written speech, Dewey read: "It would be folly to ignore the harsh fact that while the Sovtc Union has 10.000.000 to 15.000.000 people llvlmr in slave labor nuclei conditions which amout to tnrlun unto death, no person anywhere in the world can sleep nights wilh nnj sense of security." Thcrt was a murmur In Ihc an dtence of 1.500 as Dewcy began th sentence, and widespread _applaus wing Labels American Doctors Group as Stupid and Dangerous Quinlac. 3; T. R. Cole and Sons Pascola, Mo., 4. Three, any age—Ames, I; Quin lac. 2. . Two. any ' age—Ames, 1 and 2; Quinlac, 3. Heifers Two-year-olds—Ames, 1; Quin- lac, 2. Sr. yearling—Qulnlac, 1; Parrent, 2. Jr. yearling—Ames, 1; Col« & Sons, 2; Quinlac, 3; Parrent. 4. Summer yearling—Ames. 1; Cole dk Sons, 2; Quinlac, 3;-Parrent, 4. Sr. calves—Ames. 1; Quinlac. 2; Charles r. Friend, Joiner, 3 and 4. Jr. calves^-Ames, 1; Quinlac, 2; Friend, 3; Parrent, 4. ; Othrt Cl.iwcl Get of sire—Ames, 1; Quinlac, 2. Pair females, any age—Ames, 1; Quinlac. 2 and 3; Cole * Sons, 4; Parrent, 5. Produce of dam—Ames, Ii Quin- iac, 2 and 4; Parrent, 3; . '•:.-- • * Shorthorns: ^Lf. F. Sloan and Soni of Pocahontas and Ray Peebles and Sons of Smlthville, Ark., were the top winners of premiums awarded fo Shorthorn entries in the Uvestoc Division of the District Fair here Bulls shown by M. F. Sloan ani Sons were selected as the champion and reserve champion and & helfe entered by them was named th reserve champion female. Sloan en tries also won seven first, fou second and one third place prem nounced yesterday, follow: Bulb ' Calved Jan. 1 to Aug. 31. 194* — Chcate Hereford Farm, 1; Jones Stock Farm. 2. • calved Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 194«— Jones. 1: Choat*. 2. Calved Jan. 1 to Apr. 30. 1948 — Arkansas State College, Jonesboro, 1; Choate, 2; Jones, 3. Calved May 1 to Aug. 31, 1949 — C. H. Whistle, J; Jones. J. Calved Sept. 1 to Dee. 31, 1543— Vhlstle. 1; Ark. State, J and J; ones, 4; Choate. 5. Calved Jan. 1 to Apr. 30. 1»90 — ioc-bie Burl Heskett, Campbell, Mo., 1 and 3; Ark. State, 1. Helfen Calved May 1 to AUf. 31, 194* — Heskett, 1. Calved Sept. 1 to Dec. 31. 194« — 'ones, 1; Choate, 2; Ark. State. J. Calved Jan. 1 to Apr. 30, 1949 — Whistle, 1 and 2; Jones.'S. ' Calved May 1 to Aug. 31, 1949— Whistle. 1: Choate. 2; Jones, 3. Calved Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 1MB— Whistle. 1; Jones, J; Ark. State. J, 4 and S. Calved Jan. 1 to Apr. 30. 19M — Whistle, 1 and 2; Ark. state, t; Heskett, 4. . Other ClaMet Get of sire—Whistle, 1; Jone«, 3 nd 3; Choate. 4; Ark. State, R. Palr^ of yearlings — Whistle. V, Jones, 2 and 4; Ark. state, 3; Choate. 5. Three bulls, any age—Jones, 1; Choate, 2; Ark. State, 3. Pair of bulls, any age—Whistle, 1; Jones, 1 and 5; Ark. Btaie, V, Choate, 4; Heskett, 8. Two females, any age—Whistle, 1 and 2; Jones, 3 and «.; Choate, 4; Ark. State, t, and T. Jerseys: R. R. Try of Aaron, Ark., wu the Floral Division—The remainder of the winners In the Floral Department of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair as released yesterday are as follows: Centerpiece (mixed flowers) — Mrs. Rodney Banister, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Robert .Bailey, Osceola, 2; Mrs. H. M. pendergrass, Osceola, 3. Centerpiece (vegetable)—Mrs. W. as he finished it. The Soviet exit began as Dcwe reached the mention of slave labo Vishinsky snd Malik were off th dais by the time Dewey finished th sentence. L. Smith. RouU 1, Mrs. C .1. Livestock Jones, Maiden, Mo., 2; Mrs. Lee Stiles, Blytheville. 3. Centerpiece (fruit)—Mrs. Smith, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 3 ; . Novelty arrangement of wild flowers—Mrs. Smith, 1 and 1. Best arrangement of wild flowers—Mrs. Smith, 1 and J. Mlnlaturea (five In. or under) — Frank Henry Bailey. Osceola, 1; Mr*. Smith, 2; Mrs. Jones, 3. Miniatures (three in. or under)— Mrs. Smith. 1; Frank Bailey, 3. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. II Sept. 22. lift— (USDA)— Hogs 9,00 generally K to 35 lower than ave age Thursday; spots 50 lower o few 170 Ib down and sows bu good and choice 200-250 Ib ba rows and gilts 21.25-35; mostly 21.2 top 21,40 sparingly; heavier weigh scarce; 180-190 Ib 20.75-21.00; 150- By TIM PARKF.R < HOUSTON, Sent. 22. (AP)—Oscar wing, federal security admlnistra- r, told the American Federation Labor today opponents of the ivcrnment's public health prgram e "stupid and dangerous." The chief opponent, he said In an rldre.^s prepared Cor the 66lh an- ual AFL, convention., Is the Ameran Medical Association. Ewing de- ared the AMA Is hiring profes- onal propagandists ior large sums hope of electing "reactionary" andidatcs In the November elec- ons. Green Ii Re-Elecied Red Desert on Street BERLIN —I brought this East Germans latest anti-Russian joke to West Berlin: Papa Stalin visited the Russian lone and asked .ah old lad? on the street how things were going. "Oh. pretty good," she replied, "only we don't get milk any more.'' "Well,' said Stalin, "In the Afri- . 14.90-17.73; good and choice sows 400 Ib down 19.25-20.25; good 410500 Ib 18.25-15: heavier sows 16.1517.75; stags 12.50-15.00; boars 9.0013.00. Cattle 950. calves 500; not enough steers offered to make a market; heifers and mixed yearlings In small supply finding slow sale at weak to slightly lower prices; cows slow, about steady in opening trade; bulls and vealers unchanged; common and medium cows largely 19.0021.00: odd head good to 22.00; can- hers and cutters 15.0fli-19.00. can desert* they don't even have water." "Why In Africa?" wondered the old lady. "Have the Russians occupied that, toot" The AFIj yesterday elected Wll- am Green to his 21th year as resident. The Tl-year-old former inio coal miner carried back into flice with htm the 13 AFL vice residents and Secretary-Treasurer Jeorge Meaney. Green, smiling broadly a£ dele- ;atcs In the hot. dimly-lighted .udltorlum gave him a ztandlng svatlon, promised renewed, eflort. oward an. AFL-CIO merger. Hi ,alcl he would step down from of ice II that would help bring abou •organic labor unity." EwinR said the AMA has raise $1,100,000 through a compulror evy on Its members "in a drive to delcat every liberal-minded candidate for office this year." 119 Million Promise In addition, said Ewing, the AMA has the promise of $19,000,000 more "chipped In by buslnes firms, rnsn- ufacturers, patent medicine companies, insurance companies, railroads and power companies." Thi-s "pretty big piece of cash," said Ewing, is to be thrown Into a campaign against "the imaginary target of 'socialised medicine'— which this country want* "There is something significant about the fact that this campaign is concentrated on the week of'Oct 8. just before the crucial elections in November. The plain fact is tha the powerful men who run tha American Medical Association are using their organization to promote the political ends of reaction. ast Asia was the third world war. He said it will start In Berlin some Ime between March and September f 1951. The war will last only two •ears, nine months and ten days nid Slalln will probably commit ulclde, the astrologer added . After World War III, he said, the .•hole world will enjoy a period of >eace and prosperity. Professor Sharma Is sure that Chinese Nn- lonallsts will land on the Chinese mainland by July, 1351. He predicted heavy fighting there. One of his earlier predictions, lowever, proved la be wrong. He had prophesied that' the Missouri candidate, Harry s. Tniman, wnulrt not win his first election as President of lh« United Stales. slack. There was only one guesl in a 15-floor skyscraper. Hotel owners had to pay heavy taxation to the Communist government — a policy designed to get rid of the foreign investor so the Reds could tnkc over, she said. British Lose Hotels Watermelons are 8 per cent water. Turnips contain almost as much water as watermelons. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "\our Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees S.ii. & Sun. i'h. 58 SINOAroriE—«>>— British hotel owners in Shanghai are forfeiting their hotels owned for generations by their families, rather Ihan bring In fresh capital to keep them go- Ing, says Mrs. Jessie Ferguson, a Shanghai resident lor 27 years, who is now on her way back to England. Foreign residents found it extremely difficult to live in the Red- eld city, she said. Business was Short World War Seen SINGAPORE — <«•)— United Na tions forces will emerge vlctoriou and bring peace to Korea by Jai 1951, predicts M. S. Sharma, inter nationally known astrologer. Among olher predictions made b the astrologer on his arrival 1 Singapore on a study lour of Soutl RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. I,ast Times Today r Mule Train' with Gene Autry Saturday 'Vigilante Hideout" wllh Allen Lane Friday & Saturday 'LAW OF PANHANDLE" with Johnny Mac Rrown Also Serial & Cartoon Saturday Owl Show "The Night & the City' tlth Richard Will mark BLVTHEVILLES ONI.' ALL WHITE THEATRE. Open Week Day* 6:4i Show Starts 7:00 Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 Last Times Today DOUBLE FEATURE, D'manS bj RAOUL WALSH •ittef. bj Jah* T-il ir.J tUmu^ H. MoM> —PLUS— COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR Saturday Owl Show 'LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER" Gary Cooper ft Franchot Ton« Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, better check on It. We jive ont- day service on speedomcler repairs for any make or model cur or Iruuk. Drive in today. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. TONIGHT ONLY Double Feature Program NOT JUST A COMEDY- ITS A RIOT! JUNEAUYSON DICKPOWELL BRAWLING LUSTY... ACTION! SAT. ONLY DOUBLE FEATURE LEO GORSEY and the Bowery Boyi A'CLASSIC OF \ OtTMM tCTIOH-i THUS Also Cartoon Sunday A Monday DOUBLE FEATURE ADMISSION 50c — AM, KIDS FREE Th* Ficillnj f \ ttorj •< a T A Wonder R«ret STALLION CANYON SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature Program $1 AHCars r Trucks, Buses and Jeeps Enjoy smootMCIrV (JOWCf in 10 miles — Rislone in your oil guarantees **' " Belle of the Yukon with RANDOLPH SCOTT " -PLUS "TARZAN TRIUMPHS" with JOHNNY WEISMULLER & Cheta Also 2 Color Cartoons free Playground for the Kiddies Children 11 «nd Under Admitted Free When we say "guarantee" we mem it! You get your money back if you can't actually feel the improvement in your car in 10 miles after you put Rislone in your oil. Rislone h an oil-alloy for all you smooth power at all speeds, modern motor oils. It works a quick starting in any weather, miracle of "motor magic" in cars Gum-fighting Rislone docs this ofsnyagc! Actually it is » super- « conswm tune-up" job in all in- lubricant with no harmful in- {efn|ll com bustion engines—on grcdients. You can and should t (,e farm, in the truck fleet, in keep it in your car all the limt. mlr j nt en gi nMi and j n t he fam- How Rislon* Workf ily car. It gives old engines "fac- Rislone absorbs gum and lory-new" performance. And in sludge, prevents new deposits, new and reconditioned engines That's how it prevents sticking it permits driving at normal valves, provides full compres- speeds immediately — eliminates »ion, and givn the slow-speed break-in cntitcly, mm Money-back guarantee I lodaft Mofc* thh 1. Hoy. you/ ngulor lirv lit Italian pvl a quoit of Xiilani [n your cranV- cai« lodoyl Uwo quoilf In larg»» tngirm.l 1. Oiiv< 10 miln. Wol<S for Ih.l. d.lob!. 1m- ptavetntnli; ftnaolhtr, vp-nnd-ga"; pawcr-lurgi pill up. ). tf you don'l atlually Fttl Ihlt <fif[,,tnn in |uil 19 mild — return I ilglian far o full I Malt* fhii feil The Shaler Company WAUPUM, WISCONSIN «:i Ail< your service man about KAftftOUT a com ponton product *- ff ivlon<* *~»r a quick, low • to"-" 'i^nn-ou Look for this *«gn when <n need of tube repairv ond t«4 a man "who knows how" repair them with genuine Whaler Hot Patehei —the tafett tube repair* known. BRKWER BROS. MIDWAY NO. 3 Arbyrd, .Missouri RMTHEVIU,E MOTOR CO. Blylhevlllr, Ark. DELL SERVICE STATION Dell, Arlunus GENE'S SERVICE STATION Manila, Ari»n»s CHAMBLIN SALES CO. , Bljtbertlle, Ark, SULUVAN-NELSOX CHBV. CO.. ' Ariunu* CITY SERVICE STATION Blythevllle, Arkansas RAKER TRUCK & IMPLEMENT Co. Atbjrd, Missouri . LEROY OWENS PONTIAC CO.

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