The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1938 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 5
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New York,\Jan. 18. (AP)— Farther U«ht profit' realizing help^ itllt leadbc stocks moderately backward to today^a narket. % Krie atotdcs and bonds, as well as other carrier loans, dipped sharply on decision of the: road,to file for WOTganiaitlon under the federal temkh4 )tcy laws.: Transfers approximated 800,000 shares. , /'": ' i . Offerings in utilities dried up not- vMutanding po let-up in the ad- ooiQisttatton's anti-holding company fflmpnign. ' TSie meettn^ tomorrow of national busii>e «8 chieftains with the president revived thoughts in some quarters that plans for a cooperative assault CD the . economic recession -might be adopts. On the optimistic front were advices that Detroit JAisaa, believing the-business setrback would be of limited duration, was budgeting expenditures of some 18 mlllim dol- Ivs for new construction this year, the largest outlay since 1930. Average of 60 Stoote Monday 47 0 Tuesday Amr High 701.'.. iaska Jun Smn Can •- Amn T&T Ml ATMBSP . ...... 40 Auburn Auto • •. 6 Beth steel 64 • Case J I 92 V.! Chrysler . oi^ ConsOU 10 „ DBPont . 118^* Mot ...... ' Hudson Mot . -. 9% IritBarv 67% MK ?r 3'i Mont Ward .... 35% MY Central ••• 1ft* Packard Mot •• 5% Permey J C ... 72 , PWlUps Petr. ... 39^. Radio . • J„ Sears Roeb 63^V. Socony Vac •.•1°''^ Std Brands /Std Oil Ind 35% Std Oil NJ -• •• >j0 '8 Texas Corp — « UiUon Pac 87 U S Steel SOU Warner Bros ... J West Union •.•••26]« West El&Mfg ..106^ Woolworth ,. ... 40'^ Cities.Serv com (Curb) Low 12 78 146% 38^ 5% 62 92 59% 9%, 116H 1 9^4 = , 66Vj • 3 35% 18U 5>4> 71 ',2 38% 6% 62% 15% 8 K 3i% 49'/i 42% 85«.i S8% 6% 26 Vs 104 39% MYRA N(«TH;^flCIAL OTSffiK By THOMPSON AND COLL '^w eeoasE: rr LOOKS A& IF A BITIDO uaB„..-WB Sim TBOUBIS >!«fS SHARTEP ALBEADV/ Ei^voy Posts Up on Rough Seat .•.•.•J •.^^•.•.v.w..•.-W.^*•.^•.-..•.v «:.MA ^»M^*^»J^ , LOCAL mOVVCB No. 1 Eggs 18c Noi. Eggs 14c No. 3 Eggs ..11c Ungraded Eggs 16s Butterfat, lb. 26c Butterfat. lb .29c Sweet Butterfat. lb 32c Jio. 1 Capons, over 8 lbs 21c /No. 1 Capons, 7 to 8 lbs 20c No. 1 Capons, 6 to 7 lbs. 19c Capons Under 6 lbs., at Stag Prices. Bens, 4-5 lbs., inclusive ...14c 5.1 Hens, over 5 lbs 16c J. 1 Light Hens, under 4 lbs. 11c Old Roosters 9c All cWsses No. 2 Poultry, 5c lb. less. Heavy Bred Stags 13c lilght Bred Stags 11c All Springs Graded Light Hens and Stags. Horse Hides 75c to $1.75 Green Hides, lb. So Kansas City Produce. ' Kansas City, Jan. 18. (AP)—Eggs 19M, other produce and poultry uii- (ihanged. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Jan. 18. (AP)—Hay: 13 cars, iHlces unchanged. It's a rough seat that John Cudahy holds as he clears, a istone wall on this hunter {at Punchestown, Ireland, above, and the seat he holds as newly- appointed United States minister to Ireland is no cinch either. Ireland, incidentally, or the Gaelic "Ejre," is the new official name of-the country. A new constitution ended the 15-year- old Irish Eree State, gives Ireland,; much greater freedom from British dominance. fleshy feeding heifers 6.50; load choice stock cows 5.25. Sheep: 10,000; slow, very little done; scattered opening bids and sales slaughter lambs weak to 25 lower; shegp and yearlings steady; few loads fed lambs downward from 8.00. best held above 8.25; clipped yearlings 6.65; slaughter ewes 3.75. Kansas City Grain. Kansas, City, Jan, 18. (AP)— Wheat: 71 cars; '--IH lower. No. 2 dark hard, 1.04V.!-08; No. 3 1.06-07'^j; No. 2 hard, nom., 1 .02 -09 '4; No. 3 1.03; No. 2 red 1.01^; No. 3, 98-99. Close: May 96's; July 88%. Com: 31 cars; % higher to V.i lower. No. 2 white horn., eo-61^.i; No. 3, nom. 58M:-60 '1 ; No. 2 yellow 57%-58Vi,; No. 3 57-58; ito. 2 mixed 57; No. 3, nom, 55Vi-57H. Close: May 58; July 58iKi; September 58T.s. . Oats: 1 car; unchanged No. 2 white nom. 34-34Hs; No. 3, nom. 33li­ st Milo maize no^n., 96-1.04. Kafir nom., 89-94.' Jtyt. nom., 71*-72'/.j. _^iflarley, nom., 46-65. No. 1 hard and dark hard wheat 8 to 14 cents oyer May. No. 2 hard iand dark hard 6Vj to 13 cents over; 'No.. 1 red wheat 7 to 8 cents over; i No. 2 red 5 to 7 cents over; No. 2 white corn 2M: :to 3Vi oente over; No. 2 yellow com •-.! under to Vfc cents over; No. 2 mixed com even^ to 1 cent under. I REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS I By lola Abstract Company I Clyde Thompson, Mgr. '> 1. F. L. Orb^on, Administrator of the Estate of Sarah F. Haynes, de- ceasied to James A. Lasley, SEVl of 10-24-21, $1920.00. Kansas City Livestock Close. Hogs: Unchanged.' Cattle: Compared with Monday's close, beef steerd and yearlings uneven, steady to: easier, spots 10-15 lower; fat she stock steady tb weak; low cutter, and cutter cows fully 'steady; two loads choice 1199 lb. steers 8.25, best light weights 8.60; bu* fed steers 6.75-8.25; choice heavy heifers ;7.75; load good cows 6.00. Sheep: Lambs mostly 15-25-lower: sheep and yeanings steady; top fed lambs to shippers 8.20, others to packers 7i»0-8.10; natives downward flrom 7.75; shorn yearlings 6.65; top daughter ewes 4.00, others 3.75. EstihJated -livestock receipts Jor tomorrow: Cattle 4,500; calves 500: hogs 2500; pheep 5,000. ! Kansas City Livestock, Kansas City, Jan. 18. (AP)—U. S. D. A.—Hogs 2.500, no directs; very uneven; desirable 230 lbs. and down weak to 10 lower tliah Monday's •average; 240 lbs. and up slow, 15-35 lower; top 8.30: good to choice 140230/^ 8;i0-850; 240-270 lbs. 7.50, is0- 280-310 IbsL 7.15-7.50; sows 6.15- i,fa, few to 6.65; stock pigs 8.S0 • Cattle 5,500, calves 1.000; beef steers and yeaiplings in liberal supply, few scattered sales early steady to weak, meet bids 15-35 Ibwer^ she stoik slow, steady tb weak; /bulls, vem^ri and calves steady; stockeEs and Ught feeders steady; bulk fed steers of qiisUty to sell from 6.16- SJtSi some field up^rd to 925; fat oows largel? B .00 -5.75: .low curteis 3)(M.t&; selected vealers 10.(IO-1058[: chdcR light aitockers 8 .00; heiavjr aioNfe taiUs tip^ to &3S; two loads Ghost Story! Chicago. Jan. 17. (AP)—Mrs. Johannah Laufeiski and her two rtaughtera, Ruth and Dorlene, spent an hour and a half trying to convince someone they were locked In a graveyard. The mother and daughters had gone to the cemetery to visit the grave of a relative and Hie gaitci were locked at dusk, unknown to them. Several motorists who heard their shouts for help or saw them only put on more speed. Eventually one stopped and called the cemetery keeper. COLONY, Jan. 17.— Mr. and Mrs George TtKsler are moving into the Veriie Clark house this week, Mrs. Tressler,^ who was very ill with typhoid in the fall, was able to go out Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. West. Mrs. Maggie Yokum is staying with Ralph Smith a few days whUe iiis parents are away. Mr. and^'Mrs. Loyd Nichols spent Sunday afternoon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. DePoe. Miss Henrietta Vamau came down from Kansas City to spend Sunday with her sister, Grace, and parents near Lone Elm. She took her niece Lucille back with her to attend sciiool in Kansas City tills semester. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels spent Sunday visiting in Rantoul. 1 : Miss Ruth Kouta visited with relatives in lola Sunday. Miss Frances Farris went to lola Saturday to spend the night and Simday with Miss Betty Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Denney were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr; and Mrs. Harry Denton. Mr. E. J. Mason came home from the Santa Fe hospital in Topeka, Saturday, where he had beenifor the past few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Orland Prange and daughter Lucille, and son Orland Jr., are moving to Neosho" Falls this week, to be nearei: Mr. Prange's work in the oil fields. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Brady had as their Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson of Yates Center, who are qld friends. Mr. Owen Harrison of Rocky Roost, left early Monday, morning for Bronaugh, Mo., where his brother i£ seriously ill. Mr. J. A. Tmbey, who lives one mile west and one-half east of Colony; and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. !jonn Trubey of 606 N. Walnut, lola, fe- tumed Monday from Ionia, Kas., where they had been called by the death of Mrs. John Trubey's brother and wife, Mr. and^Mrs. C. A. Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan had been failing for several years, she being 70 and he 82 years old, and last Wednesday afternoon a neighi)or, Mrs Leo Rice took them some medicine which she liad purchased in town for them on Tuesday, but as they had not needed it immediately had waited til Wednesday to deUver same. On going to the house, she found the door open and the house empty. Searching, she found Mr. and Mrs. Morgan lying dead in the yard. The coroner and other friends were called and it is surmised that pos-- sibly Mr. Morgan Iiad fallen, as he was subject to, and in going to his assistance, Mrs. Morgan had been overcome and died by his side. The time of death was fixed as late Tue day afternoon, as the chickens were running loose and not penned as they would ordinarily have been for the night, and other chores liad not been done. Biuial was made in a single grave in the Ionia cemetery, following servles in the. United Brethren church, conducted by Rev. L. B. Tremaine, of Lebanon, Friday afternoon. These deaths leave only two children of the original family of 20. Mrs. John Trubey, and another sister, Mrs. L. A. Breed, who lives 6 miles east of Jewell City. There have been four deaths in the family since last March. Mrs. Elsie Derr was entertained with a surprise birthday party Saturday evening by her friends. Colony basketball teams ni^eet the Gamett teams on the Colony court Tuesday evening. ^| Sunday evening about 7:30 Ike Brown of lola, overturned his light Destroyed Photosf FREE LICENSE TAGS jWlth iEach R. & G. Car During the Next Few Days—14 Choice Cars At Big Savings Honest Financing—Legal Terms C. F. Morgan Motor Co. Your Local ir'ord Dealer—lola The iihpulsive Bishop Arthur a.; Bn>wo& above, bishop of Beimida. in c(estsoy> ing pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor ^h««ing to a girl employe of an island newspaper, had Its sequel ja his abject apoIOKy. truck alwut five miles north of Colony wlien he attempted to light iiis pipe wliile driving. As fae expressed it, he started to light 'his pipe, and tiie next thing he knew the truck was on top of him. Passing motorists picked hhn up and brought liim to Dr. Hatfield in Colony, who dressed the deep cut on his head. His daughter and husl»nd, Mr. and Mrs. Rali^ Achey of Paola, came for him and his truck waskowed to a local garage Monday CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Oar tmcker pays yon caA for dea^ horses, cattle and bogs if animal is in good condttloh. Ow tracks give iratant service day, night, Sunday. We want old live horses and dry bones and pay more for tiiem than anyone else. TeU Centra] to Charge Long Distance Can To Us. lOLA RENDERING WORKS Phone 687 lola, Kansas Parsons Rendering Wks, Ph. 41L Garnett Rendering Wks., Ph. 686 Neodesba Rendering Wks.. Ph. 37L^ BnrUngton Rend'g. Wks.. Ph. 320 Fort Scott Rendering Works, Ph. 397. CALL YOUR NEAREST STATION F^ANCIAL STATEMENT And Affidavit of Pnidlcatiwi' Of the lola BuUdii« and Loan Association, Jocated at 106 East Jackson, in 'the County of Allen. S^te of Kansas, at the close of business on the 31st day of December, 1937. Authorized capital, $2,000,000. Resources Loans to members on real estate (nonn^otiable notes) ....$45,343.80 Real estate owned (office building) 97,573.41 Due on real estate sold on contract, or opticms 12,368.30 Judgments 16,357.37 Fumitture and fixtures 200.00 Taxess and Insurance advanced for borrowers ... 322.97 Casli in office and banks .. 1,484.33 Total .$173,649.18 LiabiUties Installment stock (investment) ..$38,38356 Infitailmoit stock (loan) 5.241.18 $43,631.14 Pull-paid stock 87.085.00 Contingent (or reserve) fund 20151 Other liabUities Profit R. E. Contract 721.43 Undivided profits 42,009.70 •nrtal $173,649.18 The above statement is correct. W. R. SMITH. President. O. E. PEES, Secretary. ' SEAL) Subscribed and sworn to Ijeforc me ttiis 14th day of January, 1938. J. M. POWELL, Notary Public. My commission expires August 18, 1946, ANNOUNCEMENTS Coming Sales Dates FRIDAY, JAN, 21—PubUc Auctton 2 miles east, 2% south of Icria. Mrs. M. V. ataxka, owner. JANUARY 25— Mrs. Emma Robinson and R. R. Sterling Joint Siale, 5 miles east and 5% miles north of lola at 10 a. m. JANUARY 31—Fred O. WUBs Sale, 1 mile west and 3 miles south of Moran at 10 ft. m. • Strayed, Lost, Fomid LOST—Ladies' black kid gloves. Return to Register. . LOST—Schaeffer fountain pen Saturday morning on South Washington. Reward. Return to Register. AUTOMOTIVE 5 ^ Antomobiles For Sale 1937 CHEVROLET COACH with trunk, Chevrolet heater; reasonable. Phone 304 (1120R evenings). Brazil Pontiac^'^Sales Bargains in Used Cars. Pontlac Mechanic. 219 S. WASH. PHONE 819 L. H. Reynolds Motor Co. "WILLYS SALES & SERVICE. Used Cars Bought and Sold. Special On Late Model Trucks 1936 Plymouth 2-door touring (with trunk) 1936 Dodge Pickup 1936 Chevrolet Truck, 1% ton 1934 Chevrolet Truck, IMs ton 1935 Ford Truck, V.i ton No Finance or Handling Charges ELLIS MOTOR CO. ^^^Se Plymouth Ayers Motor & Supply Co. .Used Cars Bought and Sold. 202 WEST STREET PHONE 202 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Parts GOOD USED PARTS Pioneer Auto Salvage GUARANTEED Batteries. Oil, 2 qts, 25c. G. R. Hiser. 224 N. Jeff. Ph. 63 BUSINESS SERVICE Business Service Offered FARM Machinery Repairing. Welding and Machine Work. O. P. Miller, 12 N. Wahiut. Phone 119. Manley Truck Lines . (Formerly Corr Transfer) Freight Shipments. Local and Long Distance Household Goods Moving. Local Transfer, etc. We Move Anything, Anywhere,. Anytime. 222 N. JEFFERSON PHONE 140 EMPLOYMENT 13 Help Wanted—Female HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE from Clirlstian home to qualify as Governess in eastern Kansas home; $30 month and keep. Dr. Price, 445-S. Junction City. Kas. 14 Help Wanted—Male WANT MEN for land appraisers. Actual appraisal experience valuable but not required as we train you thoroughly in our own :^stem of making appraisals, and place you. Farming experience valuable. Pay $150 to $300^ monthly. See Mr. Insko, Hotel Kelley, Tuesday, Jan. 18, and Wednesday, ^an._19. FINANCIAL 18 Money to Loanr—Insmance R. L Thompson Agency Write all lines of Insurance, Have Attractive Rate on Farm Loans. Write Surety Bonds. PHONE 142.^ LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, MisceUaaeons FOR SALE—Two purebred Shorthorn bulls, 15 months old. John Coykendall, TA miles southeast LaHarpe. 2 RED SOWS and pigs, mile east, % south Carlyle. Karl Grieves. Poultry and Supplies YOU CAN GET PRODUCE RE- •CEIPTS on lola Market Day, Wednesday, at Ralph McKinney's Produce Station. First door west of Ice Plant. Phone 658. PRODUCE RECEIPTS GIVEN HERE lola Market Day (Tomorrow) STAUMACK FEEDS Cream—Poultry—Eggs DAVID COLE CREAM STA^HON 114 East Street LIVE STOCK 22 PoBltry and SappUes TOP PRICES PAID For Cream, Poultry and Eggs We Will Give Produce Receipts Wednesday Make Your Headquarters Here lola Market Day, Quality Flour and Feeds The R. C. McKinney Store OPP. POSTOEPICE PHONE 389 WE BUY Cream, Poultry; and Eggs Stop In and Get Acquainted Wliile In Town lola Market Day (Tomorrow) PRODUCE RECEIPTS GIVEN HERE YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED I HARDING CREIAM CO. 212 SOUTH ST. PHONE 264 $3,500 IN PRIZES FOR THE BEST ANSWERS TO THE FOLLOWING QXra:STION: Why do you like the New World's Standard DeLaval Cream Separator? Call For Entry Blanks and Rules For This Contest. Produce Receipts Given for lola Market Day Taylor Hatchery & Pro. 201 SOUTH JEFFERSON Produce Receipts Given Here lola Market Day Wedufij^lay H^hest Cash Prices Paid For Your jCream, Poultry and Eggs Complete Stock of Flour and Feeds Vega Cream Separators Wood and Coal FARMEE'S EXCHANGE R. X. Cdemaxi, Owner 212 S. JEmaiSON PHONE 413 PRODUCE RECEIPTS GIVEN HERE lola liiiaxkest flay (Wednesday) GrewiH-Poultr7—Eggs—Feeds GRANGE PRODUCE 118 E. JAX^CSpN' PHONE 734 BABY PHICKS Order jaiaw. Discounts aa advance ordm. Bring, to' lis yam custom bamtiDg: TavUxe BEAtcberies. 201 S. JefXersoD. XQ]».: Kansas. LIVE STOCK 22 Poultry and. Supplies 200 YEARLING Wliite Leghorn hens; two 1000-egg incubators. J. E. Blbens, Kincaid, Kas. SUNFLOWER CHICKS Hatches Weekly Jan. 10 till July 1. The egg shortage makes early order's look like good business this season. Sunflower Hatcheries GAS CITY, BRONS ^,_gr. SCOTT MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale GUARANTEED used electric and engine washers. Maytags, Oil, Repairs. K. C. Elec. & Plbg. Co. 2 VOLT RADIO—Two auditorium guitars, tenor banjo; DeLaval cream separator; Eureka sweeper. PubUc Exchange, 109 West St. PHILCO RADIO, 22 Winchester rifle, Coleman camp stove. 908 N. Chestnut. 4-WHEEL TRAILER—Phone 1003J. CONGOLEUM RUGS—Henninger's. FOR SALE—A wide th:e wagon and grain tjox, in good condition; 3 sets of harness. J. C. Butcher. ELE (7rRIC Washers—Wenninger's. 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers PRAIRIE and alfalfa hay, kaffir com, sweet, clover seed. M. J. Brower, lola R. 2. HEDGEWOOD FOR SALE—G. R. Hiser, 224.N. Jeff. Phone 63. 28 Household Goods ALL PORCELAIN Ranges, coal (tt gas, new or used. Curtis Puru. Gas Range Bargains 1 Magic Chef, and 1 Chambers range, like new, at about half their regular price. Sleeper Furniture Cb. 50 RANGES, Heaters and parlor furnaces, new and used. Curtis Purn FOR REAL RABGiBNS IN USED CARS VISIT OCR LOT— •37 CHEVROLET COACH •37 PLYMOUTH SEDAN •36 PLYMTJUTH COUPE •36 PLYMOUTH'SH5AN '36 PONTIAC COACH '36 CHEVROLET COUPE '35 CHEVROLET SEDAN •35 PLYMOUTH COACH •35 PLYMS5DTH SEDAN '35 PONTIAC COACH '34 CHEVROLET COUPE •34 CHEVROLET COACH '34 FORD COACH •33 DODGE COUPE And Others. ROSS ARBUCKLE GARAGE HOME OF CHRYSLER—PLYMOUTH Real Estate for Sale 39 Business Property For Sale 50 BBL. CAPACITY ROLLER MILL. New building. Good trade territory. On R. R. Doing nice busi- iness. Reasons, other business in! terests. Also grocery and meat • market. W. A. Brown, Weaubleau, _ Missouri. 40 Farms and Land For Sale FOR SALE—Twenty acres, small old house, adjoining pavement just east of Gas. City. Elmer E. • Scott, Topeka, Kas. STOCK FARM— 240 acres, 2% miles tram lola. About 100 acres pasture with rock removed so can be mowed. Some creek bottom land, good timber land with some walnut | and Inexhaustible water supply. Water rights contract produces $50 a year. Free gas at house. Good bam. $25 per acre. ; R, L. THOMPSON AGENCY i 40 ACRES — Improved, five miles from lola, hard surface road, possession now; $400 will handle. lola Land Co. 41 Houses For Sale HOUSE—6 rooms, modem, close in, cheap. R. L; Thompson Agency. ^ MODERN HOUSE-7-7 rooms, close hi, excellent condition. For sale at a price that will be a bargain to any home owner or investor. R. L. Thomoson Agency OURJANUARYSALE of FINE USED CARS REAL VALUES New Perfection and Florence Oil Stoves and Ranges. ABC and Faultless Gasoline Power and Electric Washers. A large stock of New and Used Furniture. Convenient Terms. Free Delivery. W. H..Wood Furniture Co. 12 N. WASH. PHONE 190 FOR SALE—Furniture, 4 rooms; nearly new; excellent condition; priced to sell quick. Address. Box 162, care 'Thejleglster. 30 Musical, Radio PIANOS, Radios, Washers. Terms Trade. Curtis'Furniture. 32 Wanted—To Buy WANTED TO BUY—Purs, hides and rifle shot rabbits, heads on and drawn. Will be at Farmers 'Exch. every Wed. and Sat. evening. K. D. _SharB^ ROOMS FOR RENT 33 Rooms BEDROOM—Phone 1003J. 34 Apartments and Flats FURNISHED, one room with kitchenette, modern, private entrance. 305 South State street. Real Estate for Kent 35 Business Places For Rent FILLING STATION with 5-room house on 54 Highway. Ira Kelley 36 Farms and l^and For Rent 80 ACKE FARM-Mrs. W. E. Starks, 422 South Cottonwood. FARM—175 acres, near lola. Mrs. W, E. Lyons, 851 North street. 80 ACRES good pasture, creek and thnber. 2 miles northwest of Geneva. Mildred Curtis, M. D. IS GOING STRONG You Can't Beat These Fine V"alue.s in Guaranteed Transportation. 1937 Chevrolet DeLuxe Town Sedan 1936 Oldsmobile 6 Coupe 1936 Fontiac 6 Sedan 1936 Ford V8 Deluxe Tudor Trg. 1936 Ford V8 Coach 1935 Plymouth Tudor 1935 Plymouth Sedan 1934 Chevrolet Sedan 1934 Chevrolet Coach 1935 Terraplane Coach 1933 Terraplane Sedan 1933 Oldsmobile Coupe 1932 Chevrolet Sedan 1931 Chevrolet Coach 1929 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Fontiac Sedan 1930 Chevrolet Coach Wallis Tractor BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. lola, Kansas 37 Houses For Rent 5-ROOM HOUSE—Indoor toilet. 616 Nbrth-First. HOUSE—5 rooms, close in. Phone 17. TWO 5-ROOM modem houses. Phone 730. 7-ROOM HOUSE—Phone 85, Security Building and Loan. 6-ROOM HOUSE—Garage, garden; also 3 -room house, garage, garden. Inquire 212 North Third. ALLEY OOP By HAMLIN Shannon & Shannon 1 > loiB'a-Ibrdwan 'ScrrieoOMlKi.

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