The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLB, 9, '133! Society Calendar. Thursduj Mrs. H. A. Smith Is entertaining the Mid-Week Budge club. Miss Minnie I<se Jones will present her piana pupils in a re- diM af'the Tiigli schbbl'auditorium. Wednesday Mrs. Rlvcs Allen Is having the Matinee Bridge club at $ o'clock. Friday The Sas Nak Ra Rook club will meet with Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer. The Dorcas Sunday school class of tr.e First Baptist church ts'meet- ing with Mrs. J. G. Ashley at Armorel at 8 o'clock. Saturday There will be a free story hour at the library at 10:30 o'clock tor clilldren Iroiu 5 to 8 years of age. Terry Carroll Will Follow Sister Nancy to Stardom Woman's Missionary Society Has Filial Meeting ,of Year. The Woman's Missionary society .of the First Christian church met yesterday afternoon at the home ol Mrs. John C. McHaney jr., president. The "Mother Rots" group, ol which Mrs. A. M. Washburn is leader, led in nil points during the past month, with ten present and one new member. As this was the final meeting of the missionary year, final reports were given which showed excellent attendance and the quota reached. Mrs. J. W. Berry and Mrs. M. T. Moon were introduced PS new members of the executive board. Plans were formulated for the play "Happy Valley" to be given at the city auditorium Wednesday evening. A cake sale was also plan 1 ned for Saturday.. The devotional was used by Mrs. A. G. Hall who used as her Iheme, "The Cost of New Life." Mrs. J \V. Berry lert a round table, discussion on "Religious Work In Rural Fields." For refreshments Mrs. A. M. Washburn assisted the hostess and. Misses Frances McHaney and Martha Washburn presided at the punch bowl. * * • Lee Mnsjravc Given A Farewell Tatiy • Lee Musgrave, an employe of the Southwestern-Bell Telephone company of Blythcvllle tor H years and for a number of years a mem- 1 .bcr oJ-the local flre department, was the guest ol honor at a fish fry glvon las^ cvMiini; by his fellow workers', lie Slid members' of. Ws iamily will leaVe tomorrow forj El Paso, Texas, where they will: make their home because of Mr. i Musgrave's ill health. The 55 present Included the em- ployes ol the local telephone office, members of the fire, department and their families, Mr. and Mrs. George Rechtln of Paragouid, Everett Lee of Walnut Ridge, H. J. Kimbro, manager of thcr district, G. T. Meyers, Bill Mickox and Harry Archer, also of Joncsboro who are connected with the firm. The affair was given on the lawn of the company's office, which had colored lights strung across the lawn. All kinds of sandwiches and . cold drinks were served with the fish which was fried over an open Bits of News Mostly Personal They'll be dolnj; a sbttr act again, will Terry, ktl, and Nanc.y Car roll Bit this time, fen jean after their first amateur performuicc thrr'11 appear in the spotli|ht of movie stardom, BIT «ENE (JOHN NEW YORK, June 8—On a certain amateur night, something like 10 years ago, two youngsters appeared in a "sister act" and. attracted SOIUQ slight attention • Thty: Wefu| as a matter of fact, :lstcrs. The name of one was Nan:y Carroll; the other wns 'ferry Carroll. Nancy has since become known .0 the millions. And alter all these years, Terry .s about, to get a good 'break.' Ire fuel, sister Nancy and sister Terry arc now working in the same picture at Paramoitnt-'s Long Island plant, And fhey appear in the roles of sisters. While Nancy lias been holding blaze. Mr. Kimbro and Mr. Meyers .'cars, sister Terry has been carj fully grooming herself for the "bl 1 chance." For years she has plny^ obscure parts on the stage an creen. She played a couple o minor roles In films, and the v danced, ft bit In n music she's 'America's Sweetheart." Did si blazon la the world that" she wa Nancy Carroll's sister? She di not! She went to the "legitimate" stage to get "talkie" experience, ana got para in an ill-starred comedy. "The Wiser They Are." By the way, there's still a thi-J Carroll gal—Eltla by name. Anu she's goinj to head for the movies one of these days herself. Nanc.v, as the world knows, is a ti'.ia v . • haired siren; Terry Is a blonde and Posed as Boy Mrs. W. H. Ewart, of Yazoo City, Mlts., arrived last night for a week's visit with her parents, the Rev, and Mrs. A. M. u. Branson, and her brother, U. 8. Branson, and fam- )*• ' Mrs. A. I.. Oarlock, Mr. and Mrs. oe Neal Hill, Felix Hill and son, Ivln, and Mrs. Harry Taylor ere In Pleasant Ridge, Tenn,, Sun- ay for a family reunion. Miss Da, Oarlock, of Dongol*, 111,, the guest of her sister, Miss thel Carlock, a student nurse at ic Blythcville hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wanen and aughter, Marjoric, have returned •om a vacation at Halls, Gates and ther points In Tennessee. Mrs. C. D. Wills, of Paragould, attending to business here for everal daye. She Is In charge ol ie home service department of the rkansas- Missouri Power company. Mr. and Mrs. Max Meyers will o to St. Louis tomorrow for a brief tslt. They expect to return Mon»y. Jlmmle Smith is now coniwctt'd Ith the Texaco Main Service tta- ion at Main and Fifth streets. , Mrs. Josle Srlte and daughter, Miss Jessie", and Miss Mabel Hoan spent Sunday in Jonwboro. Mr. and Mrs. Riley B. Jones lave as their gutst, Miss Mildred Frazler, of Wilson. E. B. Lyman Is attending to bus- ness in Memphis today. Mr. and Mrs. I,. I,. Ward ex- >ect to leave this week for Hardy, Ark,, where they will spend the iiimmer at their cottage on Spring rivvcr. ' . | B. A. Lynch is attending to business In Little Rock. .;•, ' T. H. Haynes, who has been 111 for a week, Is better 'today. Walter Kosenthal Is In St. Louu; on a buying trip for the New York- store. Miss Novelle Humphrey, student nurse at the Blythevllle hospital for the past 18 months, and Miss Mac Foster of this city, who has been in training nine months, are now on vacation lor a month. Miss Humphrey has gone to her home In. Paducah, Ky. Heretofore the .stu'4 dent nurses have been given but two weeks vacation each summer but this year all riuises'will be''glv-v • 'I'm through with being a boy- know anybody who's got a Job for a girl?" says Frances Jenkins 22, above, who shipped as a messboy aboard the S. S. Mun- d;lta at New York and continued the reception during a voyage New Orleans, via Havana. An approaching physical examination 01 the crew by the ship's doctor In preparation for a trip to South America caused Frances to dls> close her sex. Mr. Matthews' sister, Mrs. Myrtle Botirland, for the week-end. Mrs. J. J. Rheinschmtdth wil return to her home in St. Loul tomorrow after a brief visit will Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ozier. BRIDGE Series Explaining the Contract | while if he actually had the spade Bridie Systems I suit stopped, ho should btil ARTICLE NO. 230 Proselytizing Found In Penn High School UtrniLEHEM, Pennsylvania, tu Pi— Prosciyllrccl athletes are creeii- 1113 into liigli school circles, ac- ccrdinj to an mvisiljiulon auction bridge, to overcall nn I J ull ; k t ' lck f• :,enfs suit bid «tth a bid ^st bids two BY WM. E. McKENNEV Secretary American UrMge League 111 ipponei . . . . ... it one no trump simply showed he opponent's suit stopped, but n contract bridge, the most im- poitam information to convey to nrtner Is the numbtr of high ;ard tricks that, your hand con- ains. Thereiore the writer, in us system of contract. Dialling, •mploys what, might, tic termed an oruiirary convention to show the lOluing of two antl one-halt U.UICK ricxs alter an opponent has oia. In our previous article we explained that, three and one-hale iiuiek tricks were make an informatory aoublc. When you hold two niul oiK-nail 10 three quick tricks anil the opponent puts In a sun uia, >ou inoind overcall with one no trump to show partner tins homing, xcnieinbcr however, that you do 101 guarantee to havt- uio sun Old by opponents stopped. Von are simply sho'.ung the numlx'r ol card (ricks in your hand; e. g. the right hand opponent, bins one spade, you holding tnrcc QUICK tricks but not necessarily having me spade suit stopped immeaiale- iy bid one no trump, faying to partner, "1 hold two nnd one-hall quick tricks." In other words, suit stopped, ho should btil two, 0 , Bethlehem Hlsh Schcol athletic no trump; c. g. South one heart con < mlo ,, s by llle Pennsylvania In- West overcalling with one no i cr£ch olasllc Athletic Association.' trump to show two and one-hali North passes and fso trump which would, show the heart suit, stopjicfl. Supposing, however, that tlw blddniB wtnt like tins—South one huarl, WcsU one no trump, North passed, East two diamonds, South passed and West Did two no liump. West would now inform partner that, in auaitior; to holding two and one-hall quick trices, he also had the limit suit stopped. ft the partner ol the player who has overcallecl a no trump snould hold an absolute bust he may pass. It is quite true tnai i! 'necessary to he should pass the opponents syonsible. The survey showed that several nsldeui of Bciht?hem arrange:! lor the tiansfer of a promising athlete Irom Catasaugua High School to Ucthlehem High on the promise that they would pay all the expense Incidental to . his coning to the BUhlehem School mm would place him in it good college upon graduation. The investigator, Edmund Wicht, secretary of the state organization, named Joseph Superka as the at:i- letc in question. Wicht, however, held that th? school authorities were not responsible. might run oil" a. long suit, but Mnumbcr that if your hand contains only two and noe-hnu' tricks j when you overcall witn a no, trump and the opponents pass, j leaving you in, thut they nn- • dotibtedly have a game aid am!' ii you were to late only thieo ulcKs you would be far better off then by allowing the opponents to go game. The important thing to remcm-.i her is that >oit must not overcall • with a no trump unless you • do hold two and one-halt quick tricxs and the important thing lor piirt- icr to reintmber is that i! he holds a good biddable suit and it is a light informaiory douoie. some side strength, he must make, If the left hiintl opponent a jump bid, as just a laneout bi'i: should pass, partner should show woum show simply a biddanle suit | nis best suit. If he were/ to bid and no particular strengtn. rare- two of any suit, lie would simply ner has given the information as oe showing a take-out bid witn to the number of quick tricks in no particular strc-ngth- land contained a socd biddable If his his hand and you must use it- to U ml! ,lry i,, twenty minutes! A SuTrppr Sppncer, mado j'Jif for y;u u$ sfr59f, opon-woave fabtfc: will reduce yo^r hips INCHES; flatten dia- cKrtgm jnd dbdoT^.i, and strafqMan " SIRS. .1. .1. DAMS r Corsoliei'-' the Mwlllgrtt, lor hnlt a dozei Elsie lias black, hair. made short talks in behalf of the telephone company and presented Mr. Mussrave with a lounging robe and automobile refrigerator from the guests. 4 • • Chiiu Studied By Methodist Women. For the program of the Woman's Missionary society of the. First Methodist church Monday afternoon Mrs. J. D. Barksdale was leader. Mis. Fred Warren was accompanist for the appropriate songs sung, Mrs. W. I. Denton read from the ninth chapter of Luke for the devotional, followed with silent prayer. The program was on "New Work in China" and the papsr, "Changes of Educational Work in China" was given by Mrs. Harry W. Haines;and Mrs. W. M. Burns discussed the life of Mrs. Kwcyuln- kaing. a noted Chinese"woman. The Rev. P. Q. Roric told of the conversion of the.president of China • A solo by Mrs. Rorie, accompanied by Mrs. C. E. 'Atkinson, a piano selection by Miss Maiirinc Branson and a prayer by the pastor completed the program. The 19 members and three visitors present voted to change tlis time of meeting from 2:30 until 3 o'clock. I • • • Presbyterian Circles Meet. Circles of the Woman's Auxiliary In the First Presbyterian church )Kld monthly meetings yesterday •»1th three of the groups meeting at the church for a luncheon while the fourth circle met at night, as usual. . Mrs- .W. A. pobyns was leader of a program on "The Jews" In which Mrs. D. C. McLean made the principal talk. For the devotional Mrs. Edgar Chrihneld was In charge. In the luncheon hour the Rev. Marsh M. Callaway outlined the plans lor summer Activities In the church. The business sessions were held Iho devotional anil Mrs. Womack conducted the Bible lesson. It was announced that for next month's meeting there will bo a picnic supper on the lawn of Mrs. B. A. Sugg's home. The hostesses served brick Ice cream with cako and a green Ice. • • • Musicians Invited To Take Part lit Festival. Musicians of this city arc invited o participate in a fall musical estival, to be presented here, under the direction of Henry W. B. Barnes, composer, conductor and eacncr. Plans for the affair will bo map 1 pod out at the first meeting to be at the First Baptist church this evening, 8 o'clock. Members of all church choirs and others of the city who sing, among the older and younger people, arc into take part in the muslcn festival If it is decided to have the affair. Mr. Barnes, who is widely kmrai In musical circles, has prcparec anrt produced approximately 35 complete choral works from tho great masters of both Oratorio and Opera, in which principal symphony orchestras of the country and members of Metropolitan Optra and many other eminent artists have appealed in solo and cn- mnoimce the birlh of a.son at the Memphis Methodist hospital May ,8. The baby, who was named L. E. ir., and his mother, returned home yesterday. en a month. John B. Lane, formerly educn-. tlonal director of tho First Baptist church here and now doing simitar work at the First church In Pine Bluff, spent last night here as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rushing. Ho accompanied the Rev. Perry F. Webb to Paragould where ie will conduct an evangelistic meeting for the next two weeks. Tha lev. Mr. Webb will broadcast dauy at 7 a. m. for devotional services* Miss Maxine Beeman, formerly of lerc and now of Conway, Ark,, b the guest of Miss Lucile Bourland Preston Matthews and Harold Smith, of St. Louis, were guests of The French perfume industry was estimated to exceed $38,000,000 in value In annual production. Henry Davis has as his guest or several days, Joe Klnney, of rownsville, Tenn. George Matthews has gone to Causa.-; City, Mo., for several veeks visit nlth relatives. J. A. Burns returned to St. jsuis yesterday alter attending to msiness here. He was accompanied by ills son. Joe, Jr., who vlll spcn dlhe summer with him. Miss Lucile Boyd has returned o her home iu Memphis after a veek's visit -j»-ith Georgo Matthews and his parents, Mr. and Mrs Oeorge U. Matthews, Sr. Hyman Welnberg, of Chicago, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hosenthal and Mrs. Anna Welnberg last week-end. Quincy Oliver Alexander has returned home from FayctLevilh. where he was n student at the university of Arkansas this year Ewell Wcinberg, of Eudora, Aik., spent last week-end with relativct here. Ha \\as accompanied homt today by his mother, Mrs. Anna WcIriberB. and her grandson, Harold Nathan Rosenthal who wll spend a month with Mr. and Mrs Carol Meyer and Mr. and Mrs Ewcll Wcinberg and their families Wilson Henry ',vns rushed to a uit and some outsiele strength, he should bid three of the suit, Memphis hospital this afternoon tter having been taken suddenly worse today. He had been ill sev- ral weeks a:;d was preparing to undergo an operation for removal of- his tonsils at the BIytheville icspital today when his condition became serious. Mrs. Henry accompanied him to Memphis. In the following article we will explain the overcalling of opponent's suit bid \ui;i anolner suit under the McKenr.ey system of contract bidding. (Copyright, lOlii, NBA Service, inc.) '• Tlie government of Argentine' has prohibited the exploration oil scrap metals, in an elfort to establish an iron and steel manufacturing industry. 110 Fulton Street. Blylhcvillc, Ark. I'lione 421 Walpole Electric . Shop Fans Cleaned and Repaired I'honc 314 HERE'S A REAL VACATION That Some Lucky Girl Is Going to Get Free Riding hell-for-lcathei- over country so big they had lu stand most of it tip on end to squeeze it in — looking from ;i lofty ledge out over pine- hlanketeil inountiiin ranges that diminish, one after another, in the blue 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Relieves a Ifc-afoche or Neuralgia in 30 minutes, ctiNks a Cold th< first day, and checks Malaria ir, three days. G66 Salve for Baby's Cold semblc. He resided in New .York city, tcparalely. Circle 4. met with Mrs. AU:e Womack and Mrs^ W. C. Leggctt at the former's home with 13 members and one visitor, Mrs. Raymond Fpwler, present. Miss Grace Low. Dry: arid Mrs. Lucy ^eMams wer oh the program given, on 'Th' Work of Our Mlsslcfn Schools". Mr'i L, King wu leader o following his return for over-sea uly with the A E. F. during he World. War. He went to Chl- ago at the instance of Secretary f Labor, James J. Davis, to prc- larc a children's pageant nnd ics- ival anticipating the visit of Pres- dent Havdllig and otliw notables. • * * Missionary Society Elects. There were 17 mcmbcis ot the Woman's Missionary society o! the Lakko Street Methodist church who attended the meeting at tire church jcstftday aitcrnoon. Mrs. Ivcrson Morris and Mrs. A K. Church discussed "China," ihe tliemc for the program, a .story wa; told by Amy Ruth Morris nnd Peg By Long gave a reading. The Rev W. J. Lenoy conducted the devo tlonal. In the business session p:ans wer msde for a fried chicken dlnnc to be served do*n town a \v from Saturday, Mesdamcs C.'L. Orrcll, John H Long and C. A. EUrank served de llcious refreshments. * • t Son Born. Mr, and Mrs, L. E. Vandcrfor THERE'S A SMART PAIR FOR YOU! Bob Smart pair of new Sprli tfords. A ten dollar look that oullatli many ten dollar pair. As good as they ook, too, because— Smart Shoes are made to make load. They To« the Mark tor Style, Comfort and Value. Zoreful, conscientious slio« making, oled for satisfaction. All sizes, all ¥idth»~~forall occasions and all for nn SHOES "Ttty tititltr Cnnp Ytur Rcll Ncr Cramp \'»r Slj/l" JOE ISAACS 20 EVENTFUL years Twenty years ago small and medium-sized towns obtained electric power from isolated and generally inadequate local plants. Many towns had no service at all. Today nearly all such communities arc served by a widespread transmission system, which delivers the power generated in large, efficient power plants. As a result, industries arc growing up iu towns in which they could not have located with the limited power facilities of twenty years ago. • AHKAXS \S-iMlSSO1 IK! COMPANY Viiur Service" in the clew-drenched grass, watching your guide Ivy your breakfast, trout, snatched only half an hour before from a brawling mountain brook—perching on a high corral 1'ence, shouting yourself hoarse while cowboys ride, rope and throw broncs and steers wilder than any bobcat— Then, tired but happy, and hungry as a ten-year-old, coming in through the cool dusk to a ranch-house as luxurious as your town club- sitting down to a six-course dinner prepared by a French chef and served on linen as sncrvy, china as dainty and silver as sumptuous as that in your own home—dancing, reading or playing cards, or just idling, afterward, in a big, easy chair in front of a crackling log lire in a great stone fireplace—and, finally, in complete contentment, slo\v- ing yourself away between downy wool blankets and drifting oil" to dreamless sleep amid absolute mountain silence— Doggone, ain't that a Vacation?--the kind thai brings you back to your business bronzed as an Indian, hard as nails, alive all over and rarin' to go? Let others, if they want to. trail elsewhere and mix with the crowds—but once you've loafed, with a select, congenial little company, at hospitable Kancho Rea, far olf all the traveled traits, nine thousand feet up in clear, cool, tangy New Mexico, in the heart of a quarter-million acres of forest preserve, you'll loaf there once or twice a year the rest of your life! VOTE FOR ONE OF THESE Martha Robinson, tilytheville Maiirinc Branson, BlythcvUle Evelyn Harwell, BIytheville Alberta Elliott, Blythcville Marion Burns, Blythcville Ruth Whitworth, Blythcville Virginia Keck, BIytheville Vivian Dillahunty, BIytheville Ruth Butt, Blythcville Margaret Cross, BIytheville Carolyn Pride, Blythcville Althea Kdwards, BlytheviUe Margaret Uliincr, BIytheville Elizabeth Martin, Dell Rosa Lou Cook, Luxora Dorothy Gideon, Wilson Orinc Hiitchcns, Manila Mary DeWeese, Hayti Virginia Burton, CaruthcrsviU'e Frances Barham, Osccoia AT ONE OF THESE STORES GUlcn Furniture Co. Korum's Drug Store The Hooter}/ Central Shoe Store Hubbard Hardware Co. H aboard Tire & Battery Co. New York Store- Guard Jewelry Store Karncs Nn-Wa Cleaners New Mead Clothing Co. i\cw Dixie Store Co. Ark-Mo Power Co. I'hiUipK Motor Co. 777 Service Station McMullin's Cash Grocery Elois Beauty Shop }

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