The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1950
Page 2
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r PA«B TWO FLYTHEVTI-LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS District Fair Winners Individual Display--^; Wlnn*r» of awards for Individual agricultural exhibits set up it.the District Fair hert were announced yesterday. '' Receiving awards were the following: ' ' Best 10 ears of corn, white—J. J. Brldgeman, Oil Trough, Ark.. 1; \V. L. Stevens, Rt. 1,. Blythevllle, 2; Eley Hood, Rt. 5. Blytheville. 3. Best 10 ears of corn, yellow — • Stevens. 1; Ben W. White. Rt. 1, •Blythevllle. 2; W. Berrington, Rt. J2. Blyihevilje, 3. : J Best four stalks corn—W. H. Aus- •tln, Number Nine, 1; Charlie Krutu, •Rt. 3, Blytheville, 2; Dewey Bynum, iRt. 1, Blvlheville, 3. • Best- peck ot Irish potatoes. red- John W. West. Rt. 2, Blythevllle. 1: Robert Gray, Rt. 1, Blythevllle; 2. Best peck of sweet potatoes, red —B. H. Green. Rt. 3. Blytheville. 1; Rudolph Lambert, Rt. 3, Blythe- vllle. 2. Largest Pumpkin-White, 1; J. N. Craig, Rt. 2. Blythevllle, 2; Joe Llnt- renlch. Blylheville, 3. Best dozen tomatoes — Earl D. Mitchel;Rt. 2, Blythevllle, 1; E. E. Holmr-s, Rt. *. Blytheville, 1. Best, dozen cucumbers — John P. Holllngsworlh, Rt. 1, Blytheville, \. Best: quarter-bale - alfalfa—Craig, 1; While, a. Best stalk cotton—W. D. Bynum. .Rt. 1. Blytheville, I; Tommle Wal- J-ter, Blytheville, 2. ' . . '. ; . i Best cotton display—Alfred Coop- •ivt, Rt. 2, Blytheville. I; Bobby Jack•.«on. Blytheville FTA. 2. ' -Best vegetable display — Jackson, ,•1; Walter, 2. . Best soybeans — Jackson, 1; Pat J Smothermon. Blythevllle. 2.. j Best .doren bolts cotton—Jackson, .1: Smothermon, 2. Rabbit Show— . A of 250 entries were sub- mi tied in the annual Rabbit Show held at: the District Pair here. The 1950 show was officially sanctioned by the' American Rabbit and Cavy Breeders .Association and also was • n official "sweepstake" show for Rex-breeds. . 'Judging was completed Wednesday by-W. T. Robinson of Anna 111.', and results, were announced yesterday. Allen Rushing of Blytheville, was ahow superintendent and W, 8, Edwards,;also of Blythevllle, served as business manager. Entries in the Rabbit Show nre on display under the west half ol the Walker Part grandstand and will remain there until Sunday af ternoori, ' Rabbit Show winner* Included the following: phk. J; John Orcm, Unnphto, J; John Kutlnii, M«mphi«, 4; Mailer, ; . ... • Dul«h-M. 8. Edwards, Blythe- vllle, 1 and 2; William Hale, Blod- gelt. Mo., J. New Zealand R«ds—H. D. Torlan, Heth, Ark., 1, a and 3. Food Preserving— Twenty-seven women walked off with the 153 prl«* offered in 7* divisions of the Food Preservation Department at the Northeast Arkansas District Fnir. Biggest winner was Mrs. Lee Stiles of Blythevllle whoM SO first prizes, seven seconds "and four birds gave her a (rand total of 41 prlaes—more than a fourth of the :otal given. Mrs. C. I. Jontt. an out-of-stal* competitor from Maiden, Mo., ended up with 33 ribbons in this department with nine first places, 21 seconds and three thirds. Mrs. Essie Davis of Plat Lake had seven first place winners and four runner-ups, while Mrs. R. L. F/ee- man of Blytheville had five first place winners and one thii'd. The winners as announced yesterday are as follows: Voidable. Greens — Mrs. Paul McLerkin, Paraeould, 1; Mrs. C. I. Jones, Maiden, Mo.. 2: Mrs. Lee Stiles, 3. Kraut—Mrs. Stiles. 1; Mrs. O. R. Redford, Route 1. 2; Mrs. P. B. Jarrett, Route 2, 3. Soup mixture—Mr: 1 , \villie Henson Barfield Road, 1; Mrs. Jones, 2, Mrs. P. McLerkin. 3. Lima beans—Mrs. R. L. Freeman, 1; Mrs. E. Epperson, Route 3. 2: Mrs. Jarrett, 3. Green beans—Mrs. Jarrett, 1; Mrs. P. McLerkin, 2; Mrs. Glen Johnson. Blytheville, 3. Tomatoes — Mrs. Stiles. 1; Mrs. Gnrrctt, 2. Mrs. Epperson. 3. Field peas--Mr.s. Jpe Thompson, Route 3. 1; Mrs. Jones, 2; Mrs. Maoma White, Route 2, 3. BeeU — Mrs. J. R. Bombalaski, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 3; Mis. Redford, 3. ' Pumpkin—Mrs. Stiles, 1. Sweet potatoes—Mrs. Stiles. 1; Mrs. Georgia Holmes, Blytheville, 2. Okra—Mrs. Stiles. 1; Mrs. Pau Burks, Blythevllle, 2; Mrs. Aubrey Bruce, Flat Lake. 3. Whole grain corn—Mrs. Bombo- iaskl. 1 and 3; Mrs. Jones. 2. Cream style corn — .Mrs. B. A. Bugg. Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Jones, 2; Mrs. Holmes, 3. English peas—Mr«. Stiles. 1; Mr«. Epperson, 2; M'ni. Jarrett, 3. Carrots — Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2; Mrs. P. McLerkin, J. Squash—Mrs. Stiles, t. Frnlt Apples (Sliced) — Mrs. Bombo- laskl, 1; Mrs. Jarrett, 2; MM. Jarie Ruth Odom, Armorel, 3. Pears (Sliced) — Mrs. Stilex, 1; Mrs. Holme.s. 2; Mrs. Jones, 1. Apricots—Mrs. Jones, 1. Peache* — Mrs. StllM, 1; Mrs. JOBM, »; Vt». janttt, I. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER M, 1»W MumJ-aln. MUM, 1; Mri Jontt, J. • ' • ,. CherrlM — Mn. -Jon««, 1; Mm. Holmes, «. Apple MUM—Mr>. Davia, 1; Mri. R. L. Johiuon, Blytherllle, 1; Mri. Jarretl, 1. Blackb«ri«« — Mrs. Ira Koonce, Route 1. Burks, S. 1; Ur.. stiles, 2: Mrs. Figs—Mr<. Wllaa, 1; Mri, Jarrett, 3. • Grapw — Mn. JODM, 1; Mr«. Start,, 1; Mri. Jarrett, t. Honey—Mr«. Freeman, 1. Plum preservej—Mr». Davis, 1. Peach preaerves—Mr*. Bruce, 1; Mrs. Joneis, J; Mn. Thompson, I. Pear pre««rve« — Mm. fltile«, 1; MM. Jarrett, 2; Mri. Holmes, 3. Tomato prewrv Mrs. Jon ft, 1. •Mrs. Stile*, 1; ,,„„ J; Mrs Roast pork Fig pre«rve«— Mr«. StllM, 1; Mrs. Jarrett. 2. Watermelon pretence — Mri. Stiles, 1. Apple butter—Mn. Stiles, I; Mrs. Grape marmalade — Mrs. stiles, I; Mrs. JonM, 2; Mrs. Freeman, 3. Pear honey—Mrs. Koonce. 1. Strawberry preserves—Mrs. Glen Johnson, 1; Mrs. Davis, 3; Mrs. P. MrLerkln, J. Blackberry 5*m—Mr«. Freeman, 1; Mrs. Thompson, 3; Mrs. V. K. Little, Steele, Mo., 3. Blackberry preserves—Mrs. Jones, 1. Grape pre-erves—Mrs. Jarrett, 1; Mrs. Davis, 2; Mrs. Jones. 3. Flrkle* and Rellshea Dill pickle—Mrs. Davis, 1; Mrs. Jones, 2. Sweet cucumber pickle — Mrs. Glen oJhnson, 1; Mrs. Joy Edwards, Parngould. 2; Mrs. Holmes, 3. Sour cucumber pickle—Mrs. Di- vls, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 3; MM. Edwards, 3. : Bread and butUi pickle—Mrs. P. McLerkin, 1; Mrs. Jones, 3; Mrs. Edwards, 1. Peppers (pimento) — Mrs. stiles, 1; Mrs. Jones, 3; Mrs. Aufren Bruce, Blytheville, 3. Green tomato pickle—Mrs. Stiles, 1. Peach pickle—Mrs. Ann Mccler kin, Faragould. 1; Mrs. Bombolaski, 2; Mrs. P. McLerkin, 1. Spiced pearj—Mrs. L. D. Yates, Monette, I; Mrsi 8tlle«, 1. Beet pickle—Mrs. Jarrett, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 2; Mrs. Eppersonx, 3. Corn relish—Mrs, Stiles, I; Mrs. Jones, 2. Chili sauce—Mrs. Glen Johnson, 1; Mr*. Koonce, 2; Mrs. c. M. Abbott. 1. Chow chow—Mrs. Davis, I. Green tomato rellsh-r-Mrn. Jones, 1; Mrs. Davis. 2; Mrs. Stiles. 3, Beet relish—Mrs. Jones, 1. Pepper relish — Mrs. Yates, L; Mrs. Jones, 2; Mrs. Epperson, 3. Ripe tomato relish—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. A. Bruce, 3; Mrs. Jarrett, 3. Plcalili — Mrs. Stile*, 1; Mrs. Jones, 3. Group of three relishes — Mrs Stiles, l: Mn. Duvla, 3; Mrs. Jar- rett, i. : Julcet Grap« — Mrs. Freeman. 1; Mrs, Little,' 2; Mrs. Edwards, 3. Plum—Mrs. stiles, 1. Blackberry—Mrs. Davis, 1; Mrs. JoneA, 2; Mrs. Stiles, 3. Apple—Mrj. stiles, 1; Mrs. Jones, 3. Peach — Mrs. Edwards, 1; Mrs. Stiles, 3: Mrs, Jones, 3. Strawberry—Mrs. Redford, 1. Tomato — Mrs. Aubry Bruce, 1; Mrs. Jones, 3; Mrs. Stiles, 3. Vegetable Group—Mrs. Stiles, 1| Mrs. Jarrett, 3, .Pruit Group—Mrs. Stiles, 1. Meat* Chicken—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs, Jarrett, 3; Mrs. Epperson, 3. Beef—Mrs. Jones, 1; Mrs. Epper- irrelt, 3. •Mrc. Jones, 1. Sausage—Mrs. Davis, 1; Mrs. Jarrett, 2; Mrs. Epperson, 3. Lard—Mrs. Freeman, I; Mrs. Jones, 3; Mrs. Little, 3. Group—Mrs. stiles, t; Mrs. Jar- Francis While, Rt. 1, Blytheville, i; Mrs. Bernice Odont Armorel, 1; Mrs. Wilma Smith, Harrlsburg, 3. Divinity—Mrs. Walts, I; Mrs, Da•Is, 2; Mrs. Naomi White, Rt. 1, Blylheville, 3. Dinner minis—Mrs. Wilma Smith, 1. rett. 3, Cooking— Mrs. P. B. Jarrett of Route 2, Blythevllle. was the bis winner In the women's home cooking conine tltlon which Is on exhibit In the women's building. Mrs. Jarrett took four first places, three second places and one third. Mr.i. Arnrey Bruce of Route 1 and Mrs. W. B. Mayo of 2345 Rose won .hrce first place ribbons each. Mrs. Bruce also had one second and one hlrrt spot winner, while Mrs. Mayo iho had a second place winner. Winners In the home-cooking comuiHltlon follow: White yeast bread—Mrs. Jarrett, 1 and 2. Parker house rolls—Mrs. Jarrelt. 1: Mrs. Essie Davis. Flat Lake, 2; Mrs. Bruce, 3. Coffee (yeast) cake—Mrs. Bruce, 1. Corn meal muffins—Mrs. Mayo, 1 Blsr-uits—Mrs. Mayo, 1: Mrs. Ira Koonce, Blytheville. 2; Mrs. C. M Abbott, Plat Lake. 3. Cinnamon rolls—Mrs. Bruce, 1; Mrs. Garrett, 2. Corn sticks—Mrs. Mayo. 1; Mrs Abbott, 2. White cake (Iced)—Mrs. Bruce, 1 Mrs. Mayo. 2; Mrs. Davis. 3. Devil's food cake — Mrs. R. A Copeland. Blytheville, 1: Mrs. Pau McLerkin, Paragould, 2: Mrs. Jar rett. 3. Pound cake—Mrs. Copeland. 1. Angel food cake—Mrs. (HcLerkln 1; Mrs. Copeland, 2; Mrs. . Dan Walts. Bljthtvllle, 3. Apple sauce cake—Mrs. Jarrett, 1 Spice cake—Mrs. Charley Lutes, Route 2, 1. Jelly roll—Mrs. Mildred Pruette, 1. Cup cakes (assorted)—Mrs. Lee Moore. Blythevllle, 1. Plain sugar cookies—Mrs. Jarrett. 1; Mrs. Buice, 2; Mrs. Walts, 3. Fancy cookies—Mrs. Walts, I. Decorated cake—Mrs, McLerkin, 1. Chocolate fudge candy — Mrs. Fancy candy—Mrs. Wilmt Smith; ; Mrs. Davis. 2. Designed butter — Mrs. Georgia Holmes, 1; Mrs. Abbott, 2. Display of vegetables—Mrs. Lee Stiles, Blythevllle. 1; Mrs. Abbott, 2. Display of fruits—Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. Jarrett, 2; Mrs. Abbott, 3. Poultry Division— Winners In the Poultry Divblon of the Dlslrlct Fair here were announced yesterday. O. c. Hicks of Whllton entered birds tliat won three grand championships In the cockerel, hen and cock classes. An entry shown by B. w. White of Blytheville was named the grand champion pullet Barred Rocks entered by Mr Hicks also won eight awards In four classes for this breed — cockerel pullet, hen and cock. His entries won first and second place In each of these four classes. . Mrs. R. L. Johnson made a clean sweep of premiums with her Rhode Island Red entries. Her entries won first and second place premiums in the cock, cockerel, pullel and hen classes. Other winners, follow: Wlillc Rocks Pullet—E. E. Holmes. Blytheville 1; B. K. Ifcssie, Blytheville, 2. Hen—Holmes, 1; Mrs. M Bunch Blylhcville. 2. Cockerel—Holmes, 1; Kenneth Mitchell. Dilythcvllle. 2. While Leghorns Hen—Kcsslc, I and 2. Cock—Hessie, 1. Brown Leghorn* Hen—Mitchell. 1. New Hampshire* Cockcrel-J. W. O'Neil, Blythe- vllle, 1; White, 2. Pullet—White, 1: O'Neil, 1. Cock—Cleone Mitchell, Blythe- vllle, i. While Wyanrtottea Heu—Mrs. Bunch. 1. Pullet—H. W. Franks, Blytheville. I. Cockerel—Franks, 1. I'alrs Bantams—Markham Laird, Tip- tonvillc, Tenn.. 1. Pigeons—David Hill, Luxora, 1 and 2. Turkeys, old—Mrs. B. E. Hessie. -Blylhcville, 1. Turkeys, young—Mrs. Hessie, 1. Light Bretd Pullet—Ray Wards. 1; Mitchell, 2. Cockerel—Wards. 1: Mitchell 2. Hen—John Payne, Blytheville, 1. C'ock -Payne, I. Heavy Breed Hen—Mrs. Hessie, I and 2. Pullet—Mrs. C. M. Abbott, Blytheville, 1; Roy McKay, Blytheville, 2 Cockerel—McKay, 1; Mrs- Abliott, Handicraft- Mrs. W. Leonard Smith of Blythe aile was top winner In the handl- :r»ft exhibits, winning (our first, three second Hnd one third plac*t In the 18 divisions. Mrs. Ernest Hazel of Caruthers- vllle, Mo., also took lour first places In this competition. , Following Is a list ol the winners In the handicraft competition: Lamp shades—Mrs. Howard Boven, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Glen John- ion. Blytheville, 2; Mrs. D. c. Jones Blytheville, 3. , Lamp—Mrs. Bowen, 1. Book end—Mrs. Smith, 1; Mrs Jones, 2. . Plaque—Mrs. Smith J, 3, tn d 3 Wall hanging—Mrs. Haze], 1; Mrs L. H. Aulry, Jr., Blytheville, 1. Door stop—Mrs. Smith, 1 and 1. Novelty corsage—Mrs. Le* styles of Blytheville, 1 and 2. Rub and lamp shade ensemble- Mrs. R. L. Adltlsson, Blytheville, 1 Copper pictures—Mrs. c. A. Vln- son, Blytheville, 1 and 2; Mr«. T R. Watson, Armorel, 3. Metal trays—Mrs. Max Watson 100 PRIZES LIGHT CRUST FLOUR $15,000 CONTEST (ti rout urn SLINKS HEIL Come In Today! Enter Today MOORE BROS. STORE Highway 18 West r Armani, 1 and 1. Figurine*—Mr>. Smith, 1; Mrs. Vimon, 3; tnd Mr$. o. M. Abbott, Blytheville, J. Best AH Not Mentioned—Mrs. Hazel, 1; Uri. T. R. WaUon, 2 and 3. Flower Container—Mr*. Smith, 1 and 2. Stenciled Luncheon Cloths—Mrs, Hazel, 1. Best Art Made o! Wood—Mrs. P. B. Garrot of Blytheville, 1. Huck Woven Art—Mr«, Huel, I; Mrs. T. R. Watson, 2. Best Leather Art^-Mrs. Hue], J. Glass Ethchlng—Mrs. Jones, 1. Tiie Japanese .cherry tree* In Washington, D. O.-, were sent by the mayor ot Tokyo in IBM. 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