The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1950
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, Symington Warns Reds Have World's Top Armed Forces *> WACO, Tex., Feb. 1. W_Sccrctary of the Air Force Symington sufd today that Communist ''dictators" now have "the world's largest ground army, air force and undersea fleet." And lie voiced a somber warning* . ' lhat Russia.Is capable of launching' a surprise atomic attack—"against, which we have no sure defense"— on any part of the United States. Tne Air Force secretary painted what lie called a "bleak picture" in a speech prepared for delivery at Baylor University mid-year giad- uating exercises. "Those who reiterate America must be destroyed," lie said, "now hiive: "I. A ground army greater in numbers than the combined armies of the Uniled States and its allies: "2. An air force whose strength in Dearly all categories is now the larpest in (he world and growing rclfilivr-ly larger month by month; "3. The world's largest submarine fleet; and an inlensive submarine development nnd construc- lion program." The Air Force secretary expressed the belief that if any democracy allempled to mainlain in peace- lime a comparable regular armed force, "the free economy of that democracy would be wrecked." "Here are three facls which every American should know," Symington said, "because this is (he world in which we live; "^(1) Behind the Iron curtain there Hft been an atomic explosion. (2) Behind thai curtain is the air equipment capable of delivering a 'surprise atomic attack against any part of the United States. (3) We have no sure defense aganst such an attack." At another ixjint, he warned: "Remember Russian soil Is but ( 5 minutes flying time from American -soil in Alaska; and but a few LUXORA NEWS By Mrs. G. C. DriTrr Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Denton spent Sunday visiting relatives In West Helena. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Olive visited their son Bob, and family, in Hughes Sunday. Jimmie Driver, student at Arkansas State College, visited his parents over the weekend. Miss Sarah Langslon, who at- lends the Universitv of Arkansas, visited her father last week. Miss Wade McHenry. attending Miss Hutchinson's in Memphis, visited her parents for Hie weekend. Herbert Lucas and James L. Edwards entered Arkansas State College at Jonesboro for the second semester, beginning last week. Mis. Maxine Crawford entertained at a dessert bridge Saturday afternoon at Hie home of her mother. Mrs. S. J Smith, with 12 guests present. Mrs. Russell Bowen won high score in the games. Mr. and Mrs. John Bowen were hosts to three tables of bridge at their count!y home Saturday nijlit scores were won by James BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN rofessor's Effort to Teach Gorillas Not Likely to Make Anyone Happier THE CiKANl) FINALE—A gasoline drum explodes nnd sends a clone of Ilames, smoke and debris into the air in Hie late stages of a lire that destroyed the summer home of Manuel Amaral in Portsmouth, 11. i. (AP Wircphoto). Prisoner, Who Helped Officers Track Down Fleeing Felons, to Be Pardoned LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Feb. 1.*<AP)—A little drama war, enaclcd in Federal Judge Harry J. Lemley's Court here today. A three-year federal prison rcnl- ence was set aside for'' a gangling Arkansas Siale Prison Farm trusty afler he was cited for helping in Ihc capture of four fugitives earlier this month. In a leiler to Judge Lcmlcy, State Penitentiary Supl. Le Henslee told how Pal. Roberts, Okmulgee, ,., .^_ .,.,, ^ ,,-ju it} Lriimt'd .-,, . . , , Driver and Mrs Lester Stevens aft i ok!a -' sl °shcd through mud, ram er which the hosts served a' salad *" d , £ '^ 'J""" 6 the «™-day manhunt for four fellow convicts who game in Memphis Wednesday night hours from our great cities. Waco Mr. Adams and Mr. Meadows mo- is bnt an 18 hour flight from Mas- t toreri to Jonesboro Saturday night Tyc Adams, T. D. Wilkins. Bowen ! s]mtt thci ^ m V ollt ot '^^ Pris Thompson, W. C. Meadows, and G. "" C. Driver attended the Arkansas State-Memphis Slale basketball cow for the bombers we know Russia is no\v producing in quantity." Returning again and again to the subject of Russian military might and "Communist aggression," Symington appealed for support of na- programs for the tional spending armed forces. Symington drew a parallel between America's present, position In relation io Russia with that, of England to Germany at the outbreak of World War II and added: "At this point let me ask you — in case our country in turn is caught uith it.s defense guard down. what nation has the strength to smiri behind us as we stood behind Assumes New Command SPRINGFIELD. Mo.. Feb. 1. (AP) —Maj. Harry Strissel of St. Louis will arrive here today to become commander of Springfield's salvation Army post. He will succeed Maj. George. Pa nil who will become minister of a church at Roval Oak Mich. Brakes, to be effective, should be able to slop an automobile traveling at the rale of 40 miles an hour in 71 feet. for the Stale-Slate Teachers game. Another basketball party plans to on farm Dec. 31. Hqnsle said Roberts handled bloodhounds which played an Important role in the capture of the State News Briefs LITTLE ROfJK. Feb. I. <<T| _ Arkansas special lax collections totaled S47543.9B4 the first sevcl months of the current fiscal year compared to M2.53Q.793 in the corresponding period of last fiscal year HARRISON, Ark., Fob. 1. HI'i— Freezing raiti nnd slippery roads have forced postponement of dedication ceremonies for the new Arkansas and O/.arks Railroad. T::icl had been planned today. The celebration was reset for Feb. 8. attend the Ole Mi.s~-Kcntuc.kv game ._ in Memphis Saturday night, includ- I r ' °= M| < wlll > recommended that , ing Vernon James. T. D. Wilkins, Calvin Wilkins, Tyc Adams, and W. C. Meadows. C. B. Wood. Jr., Mrs R. T Ballew. and Mrs J S. Dillahunty drove 10 Hot Springs Sunday to visit Mr. Wood, Sr., who recently underwent an operation In St. Joseph's Hospital there. Miss Pei;sle Wooivcrton of Vic- HOT SPRINGS. Ark., Feb. 1. (H'\- Vol.mlecr searchers found the body last two fugitives, Jack Rhcuark ^«^^°^, Kiver about 12 miles from here yes lerday. Search for Robert Mongnn. 38 continued. A boat from which Dilliaid, hi. wife and Mor.yan were fishing over turned Saturday. Mrs. Dilliard wa: rescued. and James Perry Williams in North Little Rock. Jan. 4. The letter was read In court by Federal District Attorney James the court set aside the federal sentence. Roberts had been convicted of driving a stolen automobile from Little Rock to Tucson, Ariz., last February. The federal sentence was to nm concurrent with a stale sentence Roberts is serving. Gooch said he had been informed that mended a pardon will be recom- for Roberts at Ihc next loria was a recent overnight suest " Icct > n g of the Arkansas Parole - Board. Roberts was in court, grinning anci looking spruce in a suit and white shirt. "You folks won't regret, this," he told the court, adding lhat once he gets "outside" again, he plans to ''raise a few bloodhounds" because the dogs partly were responsible for what appears to be a change in fortune. ol Miss Potcet. Luxorans attending the opening show of "Holiday on Ice" currently at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis included C. B. Wood. Ill, and Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Driver, Jr. 7950 Maid of Cotton To Travel 40,000 Miles MEMPHIS. Tenn., Feb. 1. (API- he 1950 maid of colon, Elizabeth McGee of Sparlanburg, S.C., will make a whirlwind 40.000 mile tour as King Cotton's goodwill ambassador this year. Her first official tour appearance will be at Miami Monday. The National Colton Council here announced her Itinerary today. The Maid was chosen from a field of 20 finalists here Jan. 3. On her tour she will deliver greetings from the cotton industry to civic leaders in three countries and appear in an all-cotton fashion show in each ; city. Her schedule includes Liltle Rock Ark., May 3-5. JACKSON. Miss.. Feb. 1. f/Tj / bill Io help pave the way for a nev Mississippi River bridge conncctin: Helena. Frinr.s Poinl pledge was J. E. still, Arkadelphia, Clark County clerk. Prosecutor James H. Pilkinton of Hope and Byron Goodson of DeQueen had filed pledges previously. The Sixth Circuit is composed of Polk, Howard, Pike, Miller. Little River, Clark, Sevier, Nevada and Hempslcad Counties. Miss,, Is pending in the Mississipp House, of Representatives. Introduced vesteniay. the bil would authorize the state of Mis sissippi to enter Into a pact wil! Arkansas for establishment of ai Arkansas-Mississippi Hikigc Com mission. The commission woul L-uild and operate the bridge. Bidault's French Budget Wins Assembly Approval PARTS, Feb. 1. (AP)—The Frenc National Assembly today approved record budp.ct for 1950 and gav Premier Georges Bidault a new vol of confidence. The final vote was reported ur officially as 30[) to 284, the wide." margin for Bidault in a series five confidence votes on his budg< policies upon which he slaked h three months old government. Three Candidates File For Chancellor Post LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 1. CAP) — Three candidates have filed for nomination as chancellor in the S'.vth Circuit (Second Division) j composed of nine Southwest. Arkansas counties. Latest to file a corrupt practices KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. PAGE THREE By Hal Hoyle NEyv YORK (AP)—The laic Ar- iuir Brisbane used to contend that f you sat a couple of apes down at typewriters they eventually . write all the books in the British Museum. So far this rcmants only a theory, is no one yet has managed to keep ape interested in a typewriter ; enough to write even a short, lory for the Saturday Evening 'ost. There is an Interesting expcrl- ncnt going on at Ihe San Diego ;oo. though, that may in time af- ord an opportunity to see if Bris- anc was right. Three young gorillas are gelling R •hance to see if they can under- time! a college professor. The goill- as—Albert, Bata and Bouba—conic rom Africa. The professor, Dr. lobci't M. Ycrke.s. comes from Yale, and he is a renowned aulhor- ly on anthropoid apes. The little gorillas arc anthropoid PCS, bul they don't know this yet. f »r. Yerkes lias hts way. however, iiey will find out—and what will uppen then ts anybody's gncs-i. The professor hopes to teach Alien. Bata and Bonba Io talk. If w is siicce.-sful. they will ue Ihe 'irst gorillas in history Io employ .hit English language. Until now gorillas have bcttn able Io get anything they wanted out of life by grunting or grabbing. But from here on any gorilla that realty wants to ahead in the «x> will have to >e able to make a public speech. Unfair for Giirillas Houba would spend their time dralt- Ing petitions demanding canal rights for gorillas or complaining about (he quality of the banams And (hey would make ill-natined remarks about the visitors ami (he ancestry of Ihe visitors. They would lake up swearing. The reason people go to a zoo now is the animals don't talk No man could help but feel he lowering himself by losing n long verbal argument with a logical jo rllla. Afler a while nobody would come to Ihe -too. Even If Albert and his buddies gel smart enough Io diclate books by the downs I think they shouldn't. Reading a gorilla's memoirs would rmly make cvcryliody sad. No, language alone won't bridge the gulf between gorilla nnd man All Ihe knowledge In the world won't make Albert happy. And if he Is us wise a gorilla as I think he is he will tell Dr. verkes, "No, thnnks professor"— nnd remain n norm il ape. Unfair Labor Practice Hearing Hearing End CIJVRKSVILLE, Ark.. Feb. I. IAP>— An NLIIB hearing on charge, thai the OMrks Hardwood Company I'HC engaged in unfair labor praclices was expected Io be concluded tnday. The AFL Teamsters Union con- lends the firm tired 20 employes '" sl May because they were partlc- Somehow Ihe whole experiment ', I|""'»S in the union's oi!;anizaUon teams a bit unfair to Ihe gorillas. I drive at the plant, who. if they were human, would! n ""- L -=' '-—-i-i— •=till be wearing diapers. All are •car or under in age, too young really for kindergarten. And what have they got to gain by earning Io talk Getting right down to the blunt truth, what have captive gorillas got to discuss? Suppose all three gorillas turn out :o lie mental wizards, i still can sec nothing bin trouble ahead for them. If Albert learns to spell "Africa" at the age of three, won't he al 12 be inking why he can'l go to Yule and become the first gorilla Io win a ;ol!egc degree? Boy, what a half- Mek he'd be—he'd make Frank Merriwctl look like a monkey. But Ihc chances are thai no matter how educated Albert and his iwo pals became, their only campus would remain a locked cage. Even , if thej' learned to shave and wear clothing it wouldn't get them freedom. People still have a prejudice n!;ainst letting a gorilla rim around loose, even i[ he can work problems in algebra. '/,uo Could Lose Visitors And what would happen Io Ihc San Diego zoo then? There would be no discipline. Albert, Baia and Ozarks' bookkeeper, Mrs. Ada Mills, testified yesterday that the men were laid off because Ihcy were not needed. The union lost a bargaining election last July, but Uie NLRIi ruled that '.he company had intervened and ordered a new election. The election has not yet been conduct- If Stuffy ft o Spoils Sleep Tonight In each nostril quickly opens up nasnl passages to relieve stuffy transient, conRcsUon. Invites restful sleep. Relieves snirriy, sntMizy distress of liciul colds. Follow directions tn the package. Try Itl VICKSVATRO WHO'S THAT HOMBRE?You'd never ^ucss lhat this tough customer in Inc cowboy Setup is Hollywood dancing star Prod Asuiire. Fred, usually seen in top hat and tails, is "done up \vcslcrn" for his role with MclLy Uutloii in "Let's Dance." Parole h Revoked LITTLE ROC^K, Feb. I, fAi>) — State parole director W. P. Bull yes c arm Produce *rices Show January Gain WASHINGTON, Jan. 31. (AP) — 1'ho Agriculture Department re- wrtcd today that farm prices rose ilmr»t one per cent between mid- Dccembcr and mid-January. The Increase resulted mainly from higher prices for truck crops nnd meat. Somewhat lower prices were received for ixmltry, eggs and dairy products. During the same period, the gen-' 'ral level of prices paid by farin- ;rs for Sterns used in Jamity living ind farm production went up slightly more than one per cent. The level of farm prices in mid- Jnnuary was rcjiortcd at 91 per cent of parity, clown one point from last mouth and ten points below a year ago. Parity is a legal standard for measuring farm prices, designed to be equally fair to farmers and those who buy their products. Store in Forrest City Has $100,000 Fire FORREST Ori'V. Ark., Feb. I. l,Ti —Fcssnitl's Department store was damaged by fire yesterday. The loss was estimated at $100,000. The fire was discovered by Harry Will I more, assistant, manager, when he « -nod the front door this morn- inp ft ic store wns opened two years nso cy Gernld Fcssard. An adjoining men's clothtng. and fonrl store were damaged by smoke. torciay revoked a parole granted to Morrors Jones, Jefferson County.' Jones was convicted Feb. 2, 1946. of burglary and grand larceny arid sentenced to five years. He was paroled Jan. 7, 10W. Hall said Jones had been accus- .ed in burglary of a Pine Bluff horns lust Dec. 11. ' . A little Va-tro-nol For Expert LAUNDRY &DRY CLEANING Call 4474 U-WA Phone 2089 BRING ON THE SNOW— Ready for any weather arc Billy von Puhl, 4, of Medina, Calif., and his St. Bernard, Normie. In Jlio best tradition of the breed, Normie has a keg strapped onto her neck. CRYING FOR RELIEF FROM NAGGING STABBING 15 - . C- ntains the AIN OF RHEUMATIC MISERY Simpl. NEURALGIA SCIATICA MUSCLE ACHES i .. A °!i , A "d il's - - t nVffiS? "P lhc s ,"'i?.y'»'c Aclion ivcv<!; i 1 t^nctratc tissues bcltci jU?<-rt '""• <«'««"»= Pain relief ' "? everywhere by folks wh, r.*n l ,?? in i! I 7 * 1 wa ?' R ""cr*. nrsl Imitle pxirchasc or ce back if -M.IIT-. -u sj Buy C-&a now nun io* KHEUMATIC Mr» OLAFSEM AYTINAL '•_ VITAMINS « .MOO .'2— ~. ^fc, *<f. SSJt ,*J 1*^^51 3! STOP COLDS with ANTf-HISTAMINES If TaUn at Fir it Sign of a Cold Remember use promptly f3rbesi results they're so easy to lake in tablci form. ANAHIST, 15 table* SS' INHISTON, 12 table 39 C NEOHETRAMINE, «=... 89 s KHIPT1N, so lobieis 98 C ANTAMINE, 12 labieis.... 39° RESISTAB, 12 labu-is 43 C udson shatters old NOXZEMA 85c Size 59c 40c Size 29c REVLON AQUA MARINE Lotion Soap Both S 1.00 Canasta Cards C S!* S A69 KIRBY DRUG STORES • Most Room • Best Ride • Safest • Biggest Dollar Value! TAafs fAe New flacemaker H KRF.'S Tin: CAFI (.hat's l.nrnod Iho tide . . . tlio cnr Hint rcfunis Ihc /•/•cr/h.'.si-tTcT value for Lliti doljiira you invest! Tho new, lower-prirc/J P;iccmnkcr is a car yon instantly KCC Ls the must IxjnuUrul of thorn nil! Kren-flowinR, low-lniill design tolo- KrapliH the: I'act thjil it hns tile lowest center of gravity in any American aulomobilc. Ami you know inslinc- tivcly thnt, as a result, the thrilling Hudson I'accmaker hu^s Iho road more tenaciously nnd is therefore America's safest, iK-st-ritling car! You quickly sec, too, thai this new mcmljCT of the Hudson family has full road clearance, and more head room than in any mass-produced car built today—thanks to "step- down" design with its recessed floor. Arid ama/inp head room is only one kind of interior spaciousness that's yours to rmjoy in Die now Pacemaker, Through "step-down" design and inccnion.s use of space lhat is wasted in other makes of cars, this compact automobile of normal exterior width brings you scat cusbions that are up to 12 inches wider than those in cars of far greater outside dimensions! There's an extra dividend for you, loo, in the brilliant, new high-com- prcxston Pacemaker engine ... a lightning-like performer with saving ways. You are invited to sec and try Ihe Pacemaker. This new, lower-priced Hudson will revise all your ideas of motor-car value! Available with Hudson's new SUPER.MATIC DRIVE Hew...3 Great Hudson Series • Only Cars with "Step-Down"Design 11 fi So. Lilly BURNETT HUDSON SALES Phone fiflfll

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