The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1950
Page 17
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopte BLYTHEYTLLE (ARK.)' OOU1HIR HEWS TM TAK.IN' MV J' STUFF LT /sr-nc, so PICKED UP TH' AM' TH' MILK.' HERE-HERE / POJ'T MOVE / \ •\ FONT BKCXTHC ) (FOG A. SeCOwev./ ,..«,.«,. WHY MOTHERS SET GRAY OUTOUKWAY ByJ.R. Williams REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 , City 'Electric Co. Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION hi. a. majorffy of case* Investigated in Mverat hospitali and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wai improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the us* of Mountain Valley Water. rf your doctor has diagnosed your condition a< functional Kidney impairment thii natural, untreated mineral wafer mav be very beneficial. Try il iof o lew weeks. It it .delicious, pure-tasting, and _ may be consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop . i Main & Division Mountain Valley --' — ~-~- ee>An,M.Y FRIEND.' THIS U EIJCYCLOPECXA l€> FOR ITS HISTORICAL VALUe ALONe,'— t>1D YOO KWOVsl . •(We ROYAL FAMILY OF ecJSLAUb 16 DESCENDED FROM TUB peuoeo BULLISH BOOK MARKET TODAY= .Jfu. FffXMfR MISS By Edwin Rutt Prompt S«rvlo» Blythevilie Glass & Paint Co. 136 K: Main Phone 6716 THR STORYi K41th rino4, Ihr f*>r>MFr Krfr Vrrr. under trri«> •( hvr father'- will. hrNd» Prey * CoMtpnnr, »» advertintriK • «,e»cT. Mn fJir, the Airehrir *•• • •rmounlr* tlm MMitr irnmMm, mm4 Kdr b»» her* kerplnr: her f«mUr. Jelt »•* Myrftn, hrnlhr-TM. Mn4 »l«<er Jrnn, In Hue. Rnr rnrr Plnod. Rdr'» bitnHiiMri, h*» fCAM* t*» Rean t« KM • divorce. Driving hhw* vrlth !>•• KraJCA*. one *< hrr executives. B4e fell* him fhU. r>Nn rev^nla *••! he l» In Invp with Kile Mud mmml» rr hrr. Rdr )••• M*t T*t XXV J-TAD (his -happened ftve years ngo, Kde thought suddenly, the answer woufd have b«en easy. Then Ihe bare idea at Miss Edith Frey. 'New York society girl, and Daniel Reagan, exigent hard-hit- ten ycnmg (ellow trom the wrong side ' of the tracks, would, have been ludicrous. But time changes things, alters and softens jtltig- rnents and values. She forced herself to meet Reagan's glittering challenging eyes. "Honestly, Dan, 1 don't Know. I like your friendship. And I — I've come to depend on you, more than you realize, perhaps. But anything else . . . well, I just don't know, that's all." Hfs reaction took her completely by surprise. "Why don't you say itT" he said almost savagely. "Why don't you come slr.-iighl out with it and give me (he works? Tell me that we come from two different worlds? That it's presumptuous of me even to consider such a thing?" He Initghed harshly. "Me? Imagine me getting this far out of bounds." Ede said, quietly, "Please stop, Dan. I don't like it." "You don't like . . ." He checked himself. "I'm sorry," he muttered. "You should be. You're too good to say things like that, Dan Reagan. What does It matter wnere you come from, or where I come trom, either? It's what we are 1950 b, NEA S*«, fee. now that counts. You Insult my intelligence when yon suggest that anything else would weigh with me. H 'I'm sure," Heagan said, rather stiffly, "trial 1 didn't mean to iii- J\ilt you." She put a hand on his arm. "Of course, you didn't. Let's forget it. And as for the—the other thing"—her voice dropped—"can't we just let It ride?" "Meaning?" His eyes seemed to burn into hers. "Meaning, Dan, that I told you the truth a moment ago. I just don't know. I'want time. To—to think " Reagan's left hand covered hers for a moment. The pressure of his big fingers almost hurt. "Fair enough," he said finally. "Bui, remember, you haven't said *No.' So I suppose I can .dream, can't I?" And Ede said, with « troubled little smile. "1 can't stop you from dreaming. Dan." • • • "p^DE was eternally grateful to Dan Reagan for his attitude during the next few weeks. She Had scarcely dared hope that he would make things so easy for ] her. But Reagan, she discovered somewhat to her surprise, had unsuspected sensitivity. He did not allude again to the incident that had taken place overlooking the Hudson. He seemed to regard the matter as closed, until such time as Kde herself cared to reopen St. Quite naturally, they drifted twck into their former, and slightly formal, business relationship. And only once in a while, when she was aware of Reagan's ej'es on her. their usual glitter replaced by a soft blue light,-,wai Ede reminded that Dan Reagan was in love, with her and that some day she would have to give him an answer. And then she heard from Heno. The divorce had b*en made absolute. Pcler Flood was out of her life. Tom'er. But when the newt came Rde had no lime to conjure with Ihc fascinating thought that she was once again a free woman. Old Mr. Lyons of the Lyons Bread Company had done on th« • rampage of his career, For once Heagan could make n« adway with the testy and mealy- mouthed old gentleman. Mr. Lyons, apparently, was on an unprecedented spree of campaign- killing and h« relused to be thwarted. Tn vain Reagan argued, high-pressured, bullied even. Mr. Lyons replied with threats and hints of dire step* that he mighl lake al any moment. He held the possible removal of his account over the agency like a club. Meanwhile nothing that Fr«y * Company evolved seemed to suit him. Stoneham and th» 'Copy group worked their hearts out. Pat Vernon made and remade layouts by the score, only to have them junked wllh discouraging rapidity. • • • ° R this intolerable situation Resgan assumed entire responsibility. "It's my fault," he told Ede_ ruefully. "I rammed that newspaper campaign down his throst a few weekt ago and I shouldn't have done It. He didnt like the series and he'« been laying for ITS ever since." Ede smiled. "How do things stand now?" she asked. "Not so good. Chuck and Pat— they're both dead on their feet, by the way—are getting up two more cempaigns. One we believe in and the other's an alternate,.to b.ive up our sleeve. We're going to see Lydnd again Friday." He sighed wearily. ."And I suppose it'll b* the lame old story." "You honestly tetl that we've made every effort, don't you, Dan? We've done the best we could to give Lyons what he ought to have?" Reagan nodded. "Even beyond that. When he wouldn't Uke what he might to have, we scrapped our sacred principles and tried to give him what w« thought h« wanted. That didn't work either. He doesn't »eem to know what he wants." "That," taid Ide, "is (11 1 to know." (T. Re llcliciiui.s IICIICKIII.s Iff Cream Try Velvet's TASTE TREAT OF THE MONTH "Coconut-Pineopp/e" BARNEY'S DRUG STORE West Main "1 Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office and Bulk Planl — Promised Land CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring it lo T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanic* are specifically trained lo care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phon. 2122 RED © SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 _ 112 S. First — Blythevilie We're Proud of Our Work Machine work Manufacturing • Woodwork • Welding BARKSDALE MFC CO .i T- NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A MTTER UUNDU', "You needn't beg, Homer. When you toid Cf N- IRAL CONTRACT PURCHASl CORPORATIOH would let us hare money tor furniture, I mad* up my mind then and then I'd marry you?" • FRECKLES AND HIg FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOW! Not You, Too TieT WIATur TB,WWER!TW*TS AM TOO AlUXXMG- / LIKe A "But I don't want you to be a genius and shake the world—I want you to com* into the firm with me!" WHATEVER re. OUTWARD FLAM8OYANCC , If IS TO WE A SACRED BIT OF CloW/ PRISCLLA'S P01' linked 1RS. OTWITTER OF THEJ. I WAS TELLING VOUR WIFE 1 -SURE DO! WITH _. STUFFING AND GRAVY AND MA5HED ABOLJT A MALLARD DUCK SAW TODAY! DON'T YOU 5T LOVE THE MALLARD, MR. NUTCHELU" IRD LOVER'S CLUB b HERE! NOW LEASE TRY TO E AGREEABLE, DEAR J - -^/ WA YS BY AL VERMEER HEAVEN VIC FLINT In Chesly's I'oiver BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE eisHT dtt tof CKOOKS, EA6V! BUT MOW C(»N WE WITHOUT CKVTKING UP? WEIL, PAMCMIfA... \WHV, THAT LfMBtB-HEAPfD 5CUPF£E RAT I WE MIGHT TRY A \I CI\N'T...CAH'T Set TH UTTLt CROP DUSTIMG / SEE NOTHIW' 11 jo« of OUR aww! /^ —- -V'-- t BIPOKS VM nO<H ITItyiM 1 TO PCV INTO sCH&mtffJ VDU P13 F.el's Slop Awhile! HY LESLIE TURNER WHAT IN is THAT HO!5£? *OV« SOKT p «urr/ MUSIC f SOUMPS TO M£ LIKE A ZO»6«. THAT WAS FL»JT/W£'5 POUNP ,MC **yfc»Lrr o-€5rv ReeoN CAIJSHT ww NILE HE WAS CALLIN0/ tTHATCAUf THE SVPJCTCATR WM 60NNA KL-TDO Af BUGS BUNNY A 1.0V tLV Reservation LOOK* LIKE VVE'RI OUTA. t-UCX ALL TH- BBIMCME* !• ALLEY OOP A Surprise Party liY V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES Only One Oory BY EDGAR MARTIN

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