The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1950 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1950
Page 16
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t rAGE nXTBKN BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.) OOUSIEB HEW1 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER M, 1J CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rat* pM Ha* KM fewnion Minimum eb*rf* . ... 1 ttm* i . pet II D* • •. ..... . t lime* p*r Jln» p«r day I i!m« per tine ptr iSfcy * II raw p*r iln« per d*y II U mm p«r tini per d»y . . l*o . lie , ...... Count (lie fcvtr&gi word* w ih« (la* Ad ordered for ilwee or */> (loin and •topped before expiration will be charged lor- the number oi time* the ad *pp«*i«4l nnd ad]uetEnent of bdll mad* AH CJftM.flM AdTerLlElnn copy «uh- mitwd by per*mn reading ouuid* of *b« clly must b« accompanied by c»sii **M« mXj easily b* computed from lh* •bow Ub/e Adrertl&icg order foi reguiat m»*r- ttotiB lakes the one time table No responsibility will o« iRJten tor ox>r* than one •ncnrrtct i&Mxiion of asny c,*w,ui«4 ad All ad* are rcslrlctwl to Uieir propei eUMlflcatlon fl ) j I e and type The Courier New* reserve* the right to edit or rtjecl : any ad Apartment for Rent ' z-room rurnlfihed . "apartment, bath, hoi - water. Reasonable. 1601 W. Ash.. pb. 2919, D2I pX 24 Boon*. — m« lit ,ot' Mulshed Ph Oora'a Laundry, Hlwft> 18 QOAUTT WORKMANSHIP PROM PI nor BOITSB or CHARM Interior snd exterior 'painting anrt W6l/p«perfn(f. Thomas' Lowe, ph. 3544. -OjZl pk 10,5 «t tn paUUtng fttirt paper haiuing D. C. Freeman, 128 E, Ash. Ph, 4291. 8,21 pk 92.' Al ITERATIONS Your dollies carefully, expertly altered. Keasonabie prices. Mrs. C, U. Collins, 511 Chickasawba. ph. 4303. 9-19 pk 10-8 Furnished duplex Rparlmrnts, 3 rooms wlrh bhlh. 'Adults only, call Mrs. Welch Foster. 2289 or 2=63. . 0,21 pk 24 Apl. 226 T. Ky. Ph. 2234 »120 pk 9,21 I room turn. apt. -with bath. Ph. **n- s;2i pic 21 4-room duplex, private bath, electric hot water Heater. 132 E. Vine, ph. 6261 or 2223. _ 9-19 ck it 3-room-:prlvaie batn. Uiifur. Deslr- able neighborhood. Ph. 32S8 9il5 )t »,2J a-unlur. ! rooms with bath. W per Yeefc. 309 3. 17th. 9,16 pfc 9;24 X rm. furn. apt,, upstairs. Propane he«t. elpctrlo refrigerator Ph. 4132. - . , , »U3 cic tr Moatm :awplei 'apt., -upstairs: W«o bedroom In prlrat* home Ph 2-tDO , 8,21 pfc J0;21 Furnisbed apv s room* and bath Om* • equipment. «l«ctrto rerrtKerntoi Oood furniture- Ph 3373 fl;22 ck « •J-room lur. apt.. Otoe In. Refrigerator. Hot water. Ph. 2082. 9121 pit 9,24 J-reo» .unfurnished apt. with hot W»t«v404 V. D*7l». Ph. 84S3. «1» 9k 8J13 Power* Hand 1,1 mi nviwerK sharpened & repaired. Motors tuned up 01 completely' overhauled Parts for Clinton & Brig^s & <Ui atton motors, car ried in stock. We repair all makes of washing machines Parts available for all types in one week HiytheviJIp Machine Shop 211 S Second Phone 2828 6-24 ck tf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS lll.W Kalnul • 'Mum* 3313 Plenty of Parking; Space . Plastering BOB MALONE Call 2028 1111 CK 10,21 l-reom houc* unfur. pt. . CIE tr decormted 3-room »nt. 3110 . 0«U 3WO or 3338. 9]12 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services ATJTO AND PUHHITDRE LOANS Prompt Personal Service •»ner«r Contract Purchase Corp ' , 2M 'SouOl Ath Phon* 6903 ]' '"• ' 4|S ck If Don't endanger your famllr with »»ultT llre»—BUT LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SERVIC* STATION Mate * DlrUlon Phon« JM3 12I13 ck tf *"*•: cl*»netf In your home. New iilpmetw. No me»t, fiatufactlon Oun(«ed Gall r>ala «190 The HOUM of Ch«rm s. «t Acroaa from .{xzorbftclc ^^^^ S110 ck K Seryicef _B.r folk. .Told ifle rush Hnre .•dial oil heiter or floor furnncc cleaned readr tor winter r.ipert Plumbing. Ph Harry Urera 8349 825 pk tfi Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Oaj (errlcc on Jewf.'rr—3-dar< on »»tcB« and clockj Guaranteed work aon« t>7 eipen "repalrnun Invent price* PAT O'BKYANT Main ft Second c!r __ ______ .,, c "" lom Picture rr.mlnB W. of fir .1 , H .T •"«•">"»<>'• Priced - Hand li? me"" 10ra " '""""' " S P= C - Tht House ot Otarm S Hlita, »l Ph 6190 _ _ s.'io ck tr Floors reftnlshcd QuMlly worKrnnii- Jlp Courteous prompt eervlce Reasonable prices Authorized dcnltra of Kentlle floors Bonnie Maid Versatile Free estimate* ' Dear. House ol Chnr/n S Hlw»l 91 Phone 8190 . • S|10 ck u PLAIN. AND FANCY SEWIHO DRESSMAKIKO- — VTOMEN'S AND MEN'S ALTERATIONS. LOIS' SCWIHG SHOP, 313 Af. 8TH. ST.. PH. 6780. o;i2 pk For Sale, Misc. ••OIL BARREL RACKS. TOM'S SERVfCE STA PH. 3919 .S. 61 HIWAY ; , • • :•-•• fl-M pk 10-14 CLAY GRAVEL. Phone 6363. ;. : "••" .-'_ • «!1 pk lOjl USED COMBINES All Makes—Priced to Sell. If it's a Used Combine You Want- See Us First. 61 Implement Co N. Hiway 61 Phone 2142 .City Grill . Lcnchvllle. can be Dousht on ea.v terms. Sre-Jiitlr Oreen nt Cafe. I , B!12, pic 26 „, GOLDEN HAMSTERS IdenNpcts. cle^n atid odorlp.w. A real live teddy bears; Usod by labo'ralorlra verywhere. S2 fi u n plslr.'c, A. Hunton. Hlwny 61 Sd ['h. 3857. 9]U pk 10,15 < 12 ft ment dtflplny cases Two vj flvuy with swrase 3 pnlrs 5an. tary »c»|e». One Hobnrt men! Bllccr On* meat grinder Boies lined less than 3 year Call 3300 or wrtre box 4B3 Elliot Johns ia c k tf KtKSCH DRAPEUY n n d r.urlaln hardware Aim Kl«ch Venetian Ollnds istom made and standard Mze*i fravers* rods For Imincdlalo delivery Call Deals , Th» HOU3« of Charm 3 al Ph dtM 8110 c» tl Guaranteed used Plano,i, Knsy terms Mano tuning Ph 2071 DAy or 203r» ilghtJ. pj9 c \j ifj 9 194fl 26' ban trailer. Good 10 00X20 Ires. Will sell or trade for grain trrtll- er. Ph. Ill Manila. B ]ia pk 9.24 Hot Point Electric Hunje. KiiTttcfgii'iv Jcdroom suite cOJnptetc with rnnltrcis ^springs. AIBO 2 larje rims, illvnn. : living room cltitlrs nml coffcp t,-\\il[. All In excellent 'condition, cftn be JOii^ht at bargain prices, Telcjltioile 33S4. ' 911-1 rV oti BEST BUYS Chevrolet Deluxe Coach ... in excellenl condition mid. offeicd to you al a good price. liMS Ford super deluxe Tudor. . .radio & heater _ a mighly iiice car. 10 II) Ford Tudor. . .runs and drives tint. 1D<H Ford Tudor. , .good cheap transportation. 193<» Ford Tudor. . .has ils original Mack finish, runt 0. K. 11)19 Dodge Panel. . .a good one. . .if you need « panel, heller check this one. Two !9i? Ford Pickups. . .both in nlc« condition. Two 19.16 Ford !/ 2 -Ton Pickups. . .bargains. 19.16 Ford I /,-Ton Stake.Truck. 5th. & Walnut ompany Phone 4153 Model 12 wiuclMBtpr Pump 12 •TO.UI). Phone 3230. Sjl9 »22 Motorc'ycler .US S. 2nd. p.. . 0 ; ] S pit 25 l/BCd Piano. 128 9,28 .Two washing HO.. , -108 S. 2nd. 'ph. 1220.' ftchlnes. like new .W.. $35. Ql;«rnniecd. . 0,18 pit 25 Spneious 5 - room ranch Lgine on large lot. Ev.. ;; . T4 ;!g necessary for com- forfa'Blc'living. Completely insulated both walls and cei'ling. See or call MAX LOGAN Lynch Bldg. < Ph. 20IW 9-21 ck 9-28 8 piece dining room suite. R. c. Allen drllug nmchlne Auiomatlc Ironer. ph. ^'- 0.20 pk 9 : 23 Plnno iicco'rdMn. (30. ChromT hTeTi- l»st suite. Ph. 4105. g.30 ck 27 Motorcycle Fans! 1950 CHEVROLET Convertible driven onlv 2,800 v!..t'!'_ 3 - , at ,'(. ul "!! e( t".'PPed with radio, J^AQC ., car equppe w heater and white sidowall tires 1917 CHEVROLET Aeroscdan, beautiful 2- tone color, radio & heater. PerfecUn every way 19.17 DODGE .i-door Sedan, low mileage, has radio, healer and white sidewall tires .. 1 Vl " Ton Pick llp ' good Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. USED CAR LOT Across the Slr*«l fro m C j ly Hn ,| For Sole, Rcol Estote to our new omcc nt, I HA West Main, one door west of Wittle Fur- mnire Co. phone W3<1. u yon want to buy or sell fnrm land or cl'.y CITY PKOPERTY FARM LAND LOANS ot any kino—quick service. Hubbarc] Land Co. 5-room Jujme wTtl. bath, good loc* tlon. with 2-room house In rear rent IE lor 116 per monlh. 6-room bungalow, bath, with raraz id servant hoiise. Almost ne»-. A bar 5-room«. b»th. large closets. roiia»-»s lalj-way. floor furnace, nctlo fan An provnl for J6.600 loan. 1.150 cash •«•!! "rice"' "' h ' Ch '" cl " <! " ! "° c! P.urcnas, 5-roanu «nd bath In good condition or «.300 with 11.100 cashl balance like rent. This is . bar B aln. .',..' Far PHA or Of loans ,ee W. M. BURNS, Realtor fh. 3361 t|M ck 1.1 New 2-bedroom home. Price 56,500. Will G.l.?325. will handle. Move in. See H. C. CAMPBELL, 007 Rollisori Ave. 9-5 ck tf 160 acr« good farm land all In cultl- atlon 4-good houses with electricity. KOOtl burns 2)i miles N E Braisg My. Mo. Good srarel road with ichool a.ners"' * MBrT *" e H °" and ' . J-rt«. 110.000. Tirma J. C. CHAWN ' Manila, Ark., Ph. 24 GROCERY STORE FOR SALE BV OWNER ' UK«te<l t mllM MUtb at BI«UX« vlllt on aigOnnf n. Buy •»«» «n rent bukldltig with fixtures. lt««4o I or aclllnif, fBnnlnr Interwu. RALPH KOURI Ph. 4M4 or 737 Blftherlll*, 4rk. 1 fuel oil driiini Je aland with •) necessarr lltllnKft and connfictloaa Cal 2361 Or 205). »,» p k 8> jj Modern coblns, up. rate. >'ur. ejit. Oafe serrlce. Lost Boy Court, rn. 851. »|1J HOA1KS KOR SALE Hearn Street — 3 blocks from school: 5 - rooms &nr. balh. Priced lo sell. Holly Street — Close to school. This house in on a beautiful lot in choice loca tion; 6-room.s and bath. 1m mediate possession. Adams Street — Practically new 5-room house in Country Club Drive Addition;'a rea buy with only a very smal amount of money required to handle. Second Street—4-room'a am bath ; close to town. This home is practically new and in perfect condition. I have several other homes and choice building lots for sale. See us before you buy & home. J. F. STEVENSON, JR NOBLE GILL AGENCY Glencoe Bldg., Ph. 6868 9-21 ck 24 BLVTIIEVILLE REALTY ON KAST XT: 2-BEDH t-., r. Aj-pnAisKD TOR i 8EBVICK JP CAN QUALir ON WfI,I.OW A 8-ROO TYPE HOME. COHNT5R OK REARN-HOLLT AND . TO BUY OR SELL PHONE FIELD 33M 2320 BIRCH STREET rf you are a C. I. y ou ^ n . mmedlate possession of this lovely lirt'nir^'or.""™ 01 ' 1 '- ^""^ ""^23 Best buy (n town «-room TIOUM ,a.ssed In back porch. Hardwood floois aa heat. 100* frontage on: Hearn st 10' deep. 45000.00 '•.•111 handle thl, lace has Kot to sell quick oh M. mill of ilcknew. Call HOBBARD LAND CO Phone 4434 _" 0.20 pit «23 Notice belt LIVESTOCK: -Brown Loam" WR produce those good Teal caW« nr mans- Jenrs experltnce la >i7allable ion In purchasing and shipping- ookcr c.ttle and feeder pigs to farm"( eyerywriere.. Call or write Downer ratberj. I*»ln e ton. Ml,,.. phone •95W3. , 21 )[ Th?*# room Jpartravnt. brlra tranc* and b«ih. Hoi waUr rurn «H «. IHYla St. fh. 14M. l° to f«y LlttU r«t BOItOH il»d, PP. Ml. . .... Highest Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS Blytheville Produce Co. Rear of Leadway Store Main &. Division - Phons 6875 8-10 ck tf CHICKENS BLAY LOCK'S HATCHERY Norlb •) Kwy. . Son« 9171 ill* ck- tf Hlgbret prlcea paid for CHICKXNS KSUS Ash Stre«t C,r(v:*n j, Market tn w A,h . , Private Rooms Comfortable hpdroom nnjolnlni; bath Suitable for jlrl or teacher. Ph. 2675. 9i31 pic lOiZl Bedroom. !2g I, Ash. 9.S1 pk 9 58 Bedroom adjoining bath. 611 Cljlcfc- sawoa. Phone 3163. a;i<> p k , 2 6 only. Wry. r. r 9jI4 pk 33 2 bedrooms. Men Hlomeyer. ph. 2556. 2 front bedrooms 'h. 28IS. •djollllnz bath ' . »|16 pk 30 Bedroom id Join I i u bath Ph 2338 Bedroom conrenltnt to bath 611 W I !«ln. ph 3J23 . B ,j p fc , 0 .j | Nicety (ur 1 front bedroom AdlolnlnR ! alh Men only Ph 4432 »!1 ck if I ~omlorlabl« bedroom, attic fan. clnat I i Men only 310 w Walnut .'— Comfortable bedroom Ph. 2S7S. Room * board foe i ,i r |,. p n 3551 . S|1J at 11 Modren two bedroom home Excellent condition Ben location. F- e BI 15 West Hearn St. BJH ck tf 8-room house aah. Call 2«74. ; 4-room nouse. i Dill ck tf Roomi for rent. 901 N. 6th. > pk large rooms. Cheap. Phone 4818 .. 9!I9 pk » ; 2 Bedroom "t. Attic '"*• adjoining bath~~ aTe l«n. 901 West Aah. phone S/19 pk 10;a Goa, Portuguese India, »-as once le main eastern outpost of Catrt- lioism. or Sale, Cars and Trucks Modern PHA approved home. One of our best neighborhoods. PHA or GI financ- . ing available. See or call MAX LOGAN Lynch PMg. Ph. 2034 0-21 ck 28 ,nd on acres ext FOR SALE r.ooa . cypress s ' rSm ? I"' °"">»»'»n|!« «nd I- room tenant house. 1200.00 per acre, 2—10 rcrra. nice residence, , several pecan , r , M ,„ ,„„ , r<x)m ten « « not far from BlythcTllle ThK h" Inn* time Instance E*lra nlc< and well lor.<.rt Good (i-voom house and I road, m bath, 58,000 R. -p. u. oil cir-u"o"ib' culalor, Venetian blinds, fcuc- " ' cd hiickyanl. Nicely located al 506 K. Cherry. Price ?fi,- 200. lias a good K. II. A. loan. Monthly payments $89.63. Commercial hiiildnijc, '10 x 100 ft., on a deep lot in I lie :IOO block on South and Das side alley. Coml localion. Price! S<1,250. Si.iJO cash will handle. See or nili— » n he „,„, h » nd | ed . woooo „" ""'•' .'-room noiHf. «sb f , M , !»,„. lot, O f sha.le. fchool b m JOHNNY MARR 'I11J Phone G371 ^ 8-16 ck tf Reel Estate Farms—City Properly LOANS >-»rre aliort distance north or MA, nlla. Bvilfnlo Creek l»nd. There I. no bctif-r land to he hnd. c.n he e,.l"? i^Jed, ?235.CO per acre. KIALKS LAND CO. Phone — 3322 Russell, K. Riales 4139 \V. T. Barnett. 2202 *.*Q tit a 31 « lntrr«tcd In 01 «-.lln R -• -..Illlg KCB Noble Gill Agency Glcncoe REALTORS Cecil Earls — P h. 68G8 •.» <* TJ .'"" acre. M.OOOoo | on j time lns\itnnre loan on place now. onslnrss. if ytll , ftre interested in buying or wlllnit come In to .« ,," Itatl™ """" "" '""' fr ° m C1 " SPECIAL Tor trade bj owner, propertr In L, yiheYllle. Arle.. for Parm land? Con:act Mid-way itore Hiway 40 Osceo!a We buy to »ell inert ! Ph. 2880. 310 S. Main. ' \V«nt«d younp couple to share rtouj* •Kith Or. wlte A son — . 4262 »,16.plt 8(13 Tour chliu can study PIAWO OR VOICE . Under teachera or NATIO^fAL GUILD OF PIANO TEACHERS * KAT1ONAL ASSOCIATION OT TEACHERS Or SINGING TOWLSTON SCHOOI. Of MUEIO Hi Chlckawwbft, ph. 204B ' B.I ck lo;i BIGGEST USED CAR BARGAI BURNETT AUTO SAl.KS Ui * M.ln • rhant J037 Used Cars—Al] makes and models. From $50 to $1595. 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy. 61 North—Ph. 2142 2-4 ck Vf Cle«n n studebaker Champion convertible. Radio, heater, overdrive hlll- Uolder, whltt w.n ti res . chroe , . rings. »utomatlc choke high Idle . control, ag. lighter, dock, jjlore trunk compartment lights. Good -rubber. Only 12.000 miles. Will t a |<e tt , ae . ; c*""** 1 »•"»• • P.m. Afcer 6pm. csll «M , REAL ESTATE' If interested in * home or farm, see us.. We have anything from a vacant Jot to'» plantation; Also city and farm loans. CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 11.5 S. 3rd St. Blytlieville, Ark Ph. 2751 . 9-11 ck tf Due to the tremendous de mand for otir new sensational '51' Kaisers and Fra?.ei»_we exceptionally buys. used Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Pl*nned Protection m w A.h s> Ol.CNCOB BOTRl. BUILD1NO ft ck For Farm Bureau Ii>»uniae» c«n • B amppARD «1 JIJ7 B»rJf mornlnc. noo« or nl(ht »|J P* 1949 Jeepater t . . It's * beauty. 1949 Plymouth Sedan . . . very clean. 1947 Pontiac Tudor ... A good buy. 1948 Frazer Manhattan .. . all the extras. 1949 Kaiser Deluxe ... Very nice. Also. ieTeral olhera lo choo«. from If IU • uaed car rou w»m - e n»T» in • SEE THEM'TOD^Y 61 MOTOR COMPANY N. Hiway 61 — Ph 2143 RENEWED MONEY MAKERS i , . . - ,, At Sullivan-Nelson 1948 Chevrolet I'.Tpn Pickup truck... only $995. 1917 Chevrolet 1-T 0n Slake Truck with dual ' ...a bargain for only $649. • . 1SJ8 Chevrolet >/,- Ton Pickup Truck. ,.$99S. 1911 CMC 3/'i-Ton Pickup Truck... ?395. 1911 Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup Truck. . .$395. 19.19 Chevrolet .V-l-Ton Pickup Truck. . .$195. 18-10 Chevrolet 1^-Ton Stake Body... $295. 1916 Chevrolet Long Wheelbase 2-T<ij, Truck. . .$695. 19-17 Chevrolet l Mng Wheeibase Truck. . .$945. 1949 Ford !/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck... $945. 1919 Chevrolet Vl -Ton Pickup Truck. .. $1095. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Re*e«fcer, Y«, C», Alw.y, Get A D«.| ,t SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY S«l W«st Walnut For Reni 478 loih. No weelc uay _ 8 ^- 9JI9 pk. 9,26 unfurnished house! 523~K bath. Call 3597 alter 6:00 1 . 9,10 pk 9j22 house'ketplns room. Ph 2920 ' •" '•••'.-'•• • .''-.9JIS pk |(J]JJ Building 25' x 40'. Ph. 5!>6. !)-4 ck tf bath, locat- * . a, located 205 Holland. Call 4619 or Apply 1212 franklin. , jjo p|c 2 -, Countless birds, bears nnrt caribou were killed by the Ml. Katmai. Alaska, eruption In 1912, but no iiimans lived close' enough to be hurt. Cotton office with sample room, equipped with regulation skylight for rent, located second floor Hale Building across street from City Hall. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. Ph. 2328 9-21 ck 28 l room furnished cottage, electric stove. Ph. 8905. S VS'hlte te Lost e Sp ' U - dls >PP«re<l from Lost ld • c.n ^ni ia. call still .""' Erey "° d « Toun» Co. Reward .;. 9J24 Wanted, Ma/« SMesrann .•wanted Your Soiil to hns unusually good position lor tnose who can qualify. Must ha»« dependable c«r. prefer married, - between pes 25-40. EXPERIENCE NOT NECES- Vour slicca^ Is assured TYrlta or c>ll Ray Southern r>,. 3421 Auto. Wanted to Rent K i,,™, 0 ™ ! ""™.' «•'"• kitchen fur. hon. 3013 during a» r . C. W. Handle. 0;18 pk 9;24 » or 6-toom Douse - 3 adulw:' Re». ionarjle Heferences for occupancy by Oct. 1st J K Hen3lcr Ph 52D3 <1ay Noble Hotel nlijhta ' Wanted Cilrf to Rhare room, twin beds. References exchanged. . Ph. 2318. 9[16 pic 23 In 1949. the population, qf Mis- iralia was estimated at 7,912,000. One ot the most Important tungsten deposits In the world Is at, An tttractlon xt Morristown (N. J.) National Historical park is the Ford House, where George Washington lived the winter of m9-'80. ^""ipieie Z-beclroom modern horn*, bile, Truck. Payments ?35.81 per mo. in-5 Liability, chicHng taxes and insurance. Small down payment-will han- rtle. Near school tnd bus line, see err call i\IAX LOGAN Lynch Bldgf. Phone 2034 Walker Insurance Agency 202B Isaacs Bldk Phont 3490 Complete Coverage Automo- ComprehensiT*. ..... .-, fir* Insurance, Bonds, 9-20 ektf Opportwhrtwi Wonderful 38 * » rra.1. J t«rn« pronw M(h xotll mint In > new busln™, or jour JUST LIKE NEW! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! The Cleanest — Best Looking Used Cars in the Town . CHEVROLKT—19I8 .Aerosedans (2 of them), low mileage, cily driven cars, new tires, loaded with extras...your choke for 51395. MERCURY—13.19 Club Coupe, 14,000 miles, ci(y driven, while Firestone (ires, has all th« trimminirs ,. only $1635. , CHEVROLET—1918 Kleefline 4-door,'has been pelted along for only 10,000 miles, (ires like new.. .radio, heater and seat covers. . .original 2-(one paint i looks' new. ..$1395. CHEVROLET.. ,1913 deluxe 2-door, black painl, low mileage, ali (he accessories. . .$1595. 30 OTHERS AS LOW AS SI50 W» fay Cash for Late Model Used Cart HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO.

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