The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 81, 1950 , BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUt OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Exclusive ' LOOK--I. TOLD -lOO.' »A*.Ke THE FIESTPATH AN'THE WHOLE TOWN WILL TAKE FOE. AWHILE — BUT FINALLVA NOSV ONE WILL 60 AM 1 ASK tF THERe'S A HOLE IK! TH' SI PC WALK.' BRDTH6R AMOS, TVie so 01 MISIOM VWH PiRe IF we LETS ME U6LP PICK JOKES.' ~~ nows THIS 7 SOME euv ' IK) HIS EARS ALLA TIME —HIS DOCTOR OPERATES ONJ WM. i4i(iE TIMES -~TH6rJ FIMDS DOT TUB FELLA IS A g&LLHOP UM~~X DOMT 1301T6 CATC* IT,3AXB.' NATURALLY HE'D HEAR B6LLS AS A BCULBOy IKJ A MOTEL/ excuse ME OOtJT SEfirA TO Be OJBRCOM& BV OF LAUGHTER./ THINK THAT GUV IS LOOKIM FOR A SMALLPOX SIGM OWTHe K3USH NOW-- SOMEBOPV WILL <30 IN AN' ASK/ CLIMB w, COOKIES/ OCEANS OF BOOM/ UP ANYBODY ELSE ' JUST SUMP'S! TO TX> CGPR. ISV> Bf NEA SrflYICC, ISC. T. M. Etc. U. 8. PA1. OFF. Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE *erTlc*. call or contact H B Shephard. phone 2157, earl? morning, noon or night. 1-20 pk 2-20 Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection IM v; ASH St. CHENCOE HOTEL BUILOJNO Bus/ness Opportunities UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY Assured income Iiorn territorial Iran- ehls« no 9'open. A business where an average Investment of *1050 is returned In less trinn ninety days. Records will *how that & 100% return Is possible In thirty d&y». Initial Investment may be smalt to the, right man interested In expanding 1 Into full-time operation. This l& & tested Rtid proven, business; i no selling, no experience needed, age Knot. Important. Must be reliable and r wlth' cash to get started. Investment li secured by equipment and merchandise. Will stand strict Investigation. Applicants will be Interviewee within ten days. Write giving leleplione number to Box TGH, c[o Courier News 1127 pic 2|1 ASSURED INCOME Territory now open for the operation of the new "SOUTHERN BELLE" amusement bubble gum vendor; biggest gold mine in the coin machine history, & whirlwind sharpshooter tliat no on« can resist playing. Want local person to Invest In and operate exclusive territory- Tests snow a return from 5465 to S975 per month on nmHll Investment. Investment Is secured hy Your Investigation Is Invited. Appll- merchandlse. Full time not necessary. cants will be Interviewed fit an rarly date. Write giving telephone number to 13 oi QHI, c^o Courier News. Instructions I Love My Doctor, D i"; L '» O -1.* *^ CM>^>| If twlBH B«4w^ Je'*! DV CYfrftyn - DATKlftS r,,n*T—fl i. m* ictvxx INC **"" DENTAL NURSINO X CAREER PROFESSION Leftni denial assisting In spare time at home, followed by short resident training. Includes Glnmour and Per- sonallty Development.. Qualify /or a ^career in professional field. Excellent PearnlngB, many openings, tnt cresting work In laboratory, X-ray, assisting dentlsla. Get FREE Information toctny Write Wayne School. Inc. DOT TJK. c.o Courier News. ipo px MECHANICALLY INCLINED? Then make the most of your abilities In fast-moving DIESEL Industry. Keep present *ob white you train tor Installation overhaul and maintenance WOtJf. SCIENTIFIC MOTOR TUNE-UP Included. Grow with Industry Into a key Job. Get Pacts— no obligation. Write Utilities Diesel Training. Box JLM c;o Courier News. H30 pk 2jl XXX I "T KNEW something would happen/ 1 my mother wept, standing mournfully over my sickbed 90 that I begun to listen for a eulogy. "It must have been some exposure that night the burglar came." Joim always marvels at the perverse kind of satisfaction it seems to give most people, If they can find something concrete to blame an illness on. Every cold tias definite, identifiable draft for a [sponsor; every bead ache has a spe- 1 cine parent too, from sinus to i shrimps ("I knew they were ^spoiled!"). Indeed, there are no orphan complaints. John loves to ell about the old man of 70, who n the final throes of a coronary hrombosis (formerly erroneously ailed "acute indigestion") shoulec o his wife with whom he had just celebrated his golden wedding anniversary: Td never have gotten sick if 1 didn't eat the soup you made last nightT If making a scapegoat wH of a larmless drunk made Mother nappy, I would be the last to object 'Arent you going to take he to a hospital?" my father, being ; man of efficiency, asked next. "*I won't go," I shrieked,- sittin straight up in bed. Never agai: will 1 laugh at the many peopl who protest to the bitter end tha they "will die in their own beds Not that I thought of really dying The greatest safeguard agains such hysteria that anyone can bav is a good, strong ego, like mine which says In moments of crisi "This rant be happening to me! ; arid ends by coating everythin ' with a protective layer of un [reality. But my mother Ignored me, an spoke to John as if I wereo •there. "She can't stay here," sh safd. "Who'll take car* of her? Freda, who had come in as soon ,as she had heard I was sick, vi Job Wanted Farm manager, IS ycnrs experience with mule and tractor equipment. Good references. No drlnkiiiK. Write Box CUE, c.o Courier News. 1J30 ptc 2j5 Private Rooms Bedroom with kitchen prlFcleR*. Ph 1423. l[25 pic 2 ; 25 Comforlfible b«(troom. Phone 233S. Bedroom, close In Men only, 310 W Walnut. IjM pi: 2;24 Nicely furnished large bedroom, prl vate home- Ph 2-133 1-18 pk 2-18 Bedroom, convenient to bath Steam Heat. Ph 3325 611 W Main. & 1)11 pic 2|ll Nicely Turnlshed front bedroom steam neat Gentlemen Pti 3264 1|5 pk 2(3 Steam-heated bedroom adjoining *"»lh Plenty privacy 901 W Ash Phnnc 2209 t-te v* 2-1 Mce steam heated bedroom adjoining bath M cn only 603 West .\fn1 n ph 4432 - 1-21 ck t ~^W~GLENCOE HOTEL" Offers weekly rates to petmaneni Kuests. Ph, 4464 or sce manager -1-20 ck 2-2C Personal !£w mlnu tc photostattc scrvlc KEJS-S STUDIO HS-ck-l e neighborhood grapevine, said: 'II lake care of her. if you like. was once supposed to be a nurse, id I'd love to help Mrs. 11. Dedes, I'll only charge half of the lar fee since I'm not an R.N nd I'll cook, too." Sold," 1 exclaimed so suddenly. hat my mother wepl: "She's de- rious," and John ran to tee! my ulse. stand il any morel Maybe they mean well, and maybe I wouldn't mind so much if It were my toenails they kept looking :it v but as it Is. I . . ." Just then, another doctor came smiling into the doorway. ^'Get him out of here," 1 shrieked, hiding in my bed. "tie's gone," John said after brief minute, ami so he had. But with him had gone the information that poor Mrs. B. was out of her head and raving. "Isn't It too >ad? N everyone said gleefully in ic staft* room. *'She's the best dressed girl in school all right, but the only date I had with her \ felt like the janitor!" i ND from there on, we were ofl on a rather unconventional, ut satisfying illness. I would like be able to report that I remem- ercxl every detail, and be able to ecount it tike Irvin S. Cobb and iis operations. Or etse, I certainly /ould like to be able to announce hat I entered the romantic kind f Hollywood fog, strictly reserved or heroines. Unfortunately, there was neither the conventional >low-by-blow description nor the espectable blank coma for me; or although chronological sequence was gone, many basic facts remained. To begin with, John's friends he hospital heard the news about my illness and hurried over. Each man of them behaved as if he ha<i never heard a real pneumonia be- lore, and insisted upon a persona examination to confirm the diagnosis. "Right here," the visiting diagnostician would say, hoppih pounding my chest as if it wer a back door on a speakeasy. "Let m« listen," another woulc say, coming forward as to a sym phony concert. Then after a moment he, too, would pronounce triumphantly, That's the spot aJ righir Then they would discuss "th case" like museum curators ove a newly discovered mummy, "Marked pallor," one would say making me feel like Ophelia. "Shallow respirations," another would declare, until I began feeJ it was just a matter of min utes before they'd hang the Rest in-Peace wreath about my nerk Finally, I said to John: "I can 'REDA was an unorthodox delight from start to finish. The urse's training she referred to iust have been purely in the ipirattonal slage. but her intcn- ons, like Caesar's wife, were bove suspicion. She did ncr work s (f she had a handbook on nurs- ig rolled up in her stocking for mcrgcncy consultation, and she ound my common-sense lack of o-operaticm very disturbing. Each morning, for instance, she wanted to change the linen. I held t for an extra dny. "We don't have enough sheets or daily changes," I said, "and oon I'll be lying on the bare mattress.* "Hospitals change every day,* ihe replied dogmatically. The batlie raged good-humoTed- iy from morning to morning, with the final score art'even tie. On the days' that Freda won, though, the resultant bed ma king was a Ilou- dinian exhibition. She wns supposed to be the master "now you see it, now you don't* magician, while 1 was assigned to the role of star trape/e. artist, and wi»s often left clinging by a single bar into empty space, without a safety net. Tin falling!" 1 would yell, and poor Freda would haul me back aboard by my nightgown. "You've pinned me under," was another SOS, and once, when the mad scrajnble was finished, we were all hilariously dclighted to find that the clean sheet was on the ROOT in a hcnp. with the soiled one neatly and firmly tucked back on the bed. (To Be Continued)! Michigan Is salvaging 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 board feet of timber knocked down by heavy storms. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts, n Inch to 48 inch, plain nr rcenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. \Ve deliver. Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 6D1. • NOW OPEN • Offering Complete Florist ic Service rL€>VI!R MART Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specially RONALD WEHI.BR M . (;. STILUS South Highway SI Phone 6002 COY GOODSON can do the job well.. .contract work, wiring, appliance repair. BLAN HEATH CO. PHONE 828 » K ° !lU ^«t7~Wtmtr uro~i are expenses. Ph. 3511. i;30 pk 2.2 IT PAYS YOU To Keep Vonr Shoes In GOOD REPAIR H-fl LT€RS 5L ; T Y SHO€ SH U4 CD UJ O H Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet H-Tori Cob & Chassis Wednesday's Price You can buy it for $625 on Wednesday, ?615 on Thursday, etc., if Die truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. 625 M!> STUDKUAKKR Mn NASH Champion Convertible, 13,- "600", 10,000 actual 800 actual miles, radio, miles, scat covers, wliitr healer, white sidcwall tires, sldcwall (Ires, "Weather overdrive, 1350 Arkansas Kjc" hcaUr and defroster, lir «. '10 DODGE l-door Cu.stnro, radio, heat- new white sidcviall license $1695 , 19oO Arkansas license ..... Arkansas license a pin, $M95 $1295 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH . PHONE 888 j'nrsciu.A's roi' HY AL VERMEER ( AND HOW DID YOU MAKE OUT, SON? MY GOSH! DOESN'T THAT GET ONE HUNDRED A iMim Named Mangle I!Y MICIIAU1, O'MAM.EY nnd RAU'H LANE SCRATCH THE NAME OF KID SUCK OOT OF MY LITTLE BLACK BOOK. A BAD EGG, THAT CHARACUR HE ADAMITED HE WAS A CROOK THERE'S A RO11ENER KIND THAT HIM THEIR SHADY PIANS BEHIND A RESPECTABIE FRONT MEAHS THERE'S JUST OMf WAV LtFT TOR ME TO PAK/tPltf PfAKSf CAPTAIN EASY The Little Dears BY LESLIE TURNER MILE OUT PROMT, GRIM FACED POLICE ARE &•* AFRftlD TO MAKE AtJV MOUE THAT \»SWT ' fa -,c EHDAMGER THE TWINS. »BJI-»»».H«»I«UIH»«» Of).,, THEM IYHV Ikl TH' fe*-'-- "T JOE! CHIEF! POM'T THEV HUEEV His ANVTHIMG WITH TH£W KIBS?!! WE\ OOUE WRONff GOTTfc GET ODTA HEKEi HOW SWOKE I WEAK. ITSTHETWIU& 1 . THEVUE ESCF.PEO" AS THE BAMK DOOR SIOWLY DPEU^AUD... I CAMT FIGURE V(HV THAT GAUO STItL HASM'T HADE A BREAK FOK T«EIK CAES IW THE MIEV 1 HUGS BUNNY Sutiuly Department 6lf,\ME T WATER'S FREE.' HOW A GUASS \ ABOUT BUVlN' SOME' WATER (THIN'.. .LIKE A ...OLMCK./A-T HAMBURGER/ BY V. T. HAML1N YES..BUT IT DOESN'T HAPPEN VEW OFTEN.. AS SOON AS I (SET THE TIME-MACHINE / WARMEP UP, WE'LL PULL 'IM OUT.' THIS MAY NOT BE AS EASV AS HOOTS AND HICK KUDDIKS I5Y EDGAR MARTIN

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