The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1950
Page 15
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THUKSDAT, SEPTEMBER 2lj 1988 BLYTHEVTT,LE (ARK.)' PAGE Southerners Dote on Roast Beef And Old-Fashioned Spoon Bread In England, It's rout beef »nd» Yorkshire pudding In lh« United fitatw, i«ncrilly it's with pan- roasted (potatoes. But in the south, jt's roajst beef with spoon bread. Fred Crawford, one of the most Intelligent cooks I've ever talked with, plugi lor spoon bread. "It just loves that roast beef, gravy." He's chef of the WHHamsburs Inn, In Virginia. His recipe Li for a big balrh—better cut in half for the quart Cheese, Plentiful Dairy Pood, Provides Protein and Variety balrli—better cut in half I. Three cupi corn meal, 1 boiling water, 4.»ten, 1 quart milk, 1 level tablespoon salt 3 level tablespoons baking powder 4 tablespoons melted butter. Pour the boiling water over corn meal, Beat well and permit to cool. Beat In the well-beaten eggs, butter, milk, ull. and baking powder. Pour • In hot greased baking pah Place pan In larger pan ol hot water' ind bake 40 rnlhutei 1n hot oven (400 degrees P.). • You spoon it out—then hav you »t III / What about those beef bones left from the trimmed roast of beef? My friend and colleague, Sumner Cheese, one of the plentiful dalry*- foods, is wonderful for children. Easy to digest, it supplies protein equivalent tn meat, as well as cal- p'um Rnd other essential minerals and. vitamins. • Use''cheese, not only at meal^ but between sntciu for bud-. get family nutrition. Hot French Toost Makes Tempting Sunday Breakfast Nothing will please the family more than crisp, piping-hot French toast for a Sunday breakfast. Serve it with syrup, preserves or honey and be sure to have plenty of toast Cream Cheese Spread One-lia]/ cfip (4 oz.) pimiento or chive cheese spread. 3 tablespoons sour cream, dash salt, crisp salted crackers. Cream the cheese spread with the] for extra "helpings." soi r cream and salt. Spread gen-1 croiik'ly on crackers and serve with tall shsses of milk. The mixture may be stored, tightly covered, In the rcfrittralor for future use. Cream Cheese and Jellj Pots On 3-Oi. package cream cheese, raltln ri-Ji bread, cut Into, squares, crib IMMI.'C or red currant Jelly. Chill cream cheese. Cut the 3-oz Ahlbum, news.editor of NBA, turns package Into 6 squares. Place on them into.'French onion soup. lie did It for us. "Start it before lunch and ft will be ready by dinner time." The chine bone and short ribs and scraps simmered for hours .with two bay leaves, salt and pepper. It was vlgqroiis, dark and free of carrots. Next he sliced onions fine and gave them a golden look in hot butter. He dumped them | squares of raUln nut bread and dot a little crab apple'or red current Jelly. Tousled Cheese Strip* (Makes 16 strip*) Eight slices white bread, 4 table- snorns butter, 4 slices American chrfse. K'-ittn butler and spread over Eliccn of bread.-Trim cauls. Put one th a | - -- nkler! | -""»• ' know— Ju»t to leeep things from king away." At the end, he add* little Worcestershire.'Serve onion soup, newspaper etyle, in bowls— big ones, with a toasted cnut of bread spri with 'grated Parmesan cheese. Sprinkle more che«e on top, \vho says, newspaper men live on pie and coffe* alone! Brown »tock— that's Ijouls Dial's secret i of onion soup. He's chef at the HHz. "Spread twice us many beef AS veal bones In small pieces In a large roasting pan. strew wilSi a large carrot and an onion, sliced. Bake in hot oven for about 40 minutes." , That's this famous chef's deep brown aecret. Prom there on out, make your soup with these browned bones and vegetables. It's a powerful brew. . . AH of which proves that a standing roast o( beef is the beginning of wisdom in the American home. - Callage Ch«**« Knacks One-half teaspoon grated onfon I cup cottage cheese, 2 tablespoon ipped green pepper, V< teaspoon :, dash pepper, V, teaspoon csl- ery salt, t tablespoon lemon JuSc*. crackers. - .- . Combine ,a!l ingredient* except crackers. Store In refrigerator in a tightly covered container. When ready to serve place a generous spoonful on each cracker and serve with hot cocoa or milk and honey. , Anyone who has ever exclaimed over Ihe French toast served In certain restaurants will want lo try this home recipe. The toast is beautifully browned on both sides, and on the ends, too. This crisp, all-over brcwnness Is obtained by frying In deep hot fat for Just a few minutes In all deep fat frying, the mosl important thing to remember ? ' that the temperature of Ihe. la' must be exactly right. If the fat s too hot, the oulsldrs of foods 3urn before the Interiors are thoroughly cooked. If the fat Isn't hot enough, foods absorb fat and become Eoggy. Here is the recipe for golden- brown French toast, cooked the deep fat way, French Fried To**t Fat for frying Vi cup flour . . 1 tablespoon sugar Vi teaspoon salt ^ cup milk 2 eggs 8 slice* dry bread Place fat in deep kettle. While fat heats,-make batter by mixing flour sugar, salt, milk and eggs. Beat'un-j 11 smooth. Remove crusts from' iread and cut diagonally. Dip bread nt/i batter to coat thoroughly, the fat Teachea , 365 degrees •". fry until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Drain on absorbent paper. Sprinkle with conlectionera' sugar. French fried Eggplant- French fried eggplant can be a real vegetable treat, Peel .the, eggplant. Cut crosswise into"- Ir i-incn ; Flices. -Gut each slice Into 4 pie'- shaped wedges. Dip Into; a thin living batter and fry in deep Eat ated to 365 degrees F., until golden brown. To make pan gravy when cookfrig a slice of ham, Just add a little water to the pan drippings and season with freshly-ground black pepper. PILES HURT? Then get quick palliatlYe rerwf wfth Thornton & Minor Ointment or Rectal Supposiloriei. Thu doetw'i formula fends to soften and shrink swelling' and relieve the discomfort of piles pain, itch and irritation. .Follow label directions. O* M j e at all good drag 'stores everywhere Makes 4 servings. When making Iced tea use twlse much tea to a cup of boiling water as you would in making hot ea. Since Ice used will dilute the •ea tha basic brew must be strong. MWHKAllMft. PHILCO I I I I I At last. ;. the confusion of 3 different record speeds and 3 different sizes is ended! Even « child will find the new Philco Changer "easy as A-B-C" to operate. Up to 5 hours of continuous music Come in...try this utterly simple new kmd of record changer ... or phone us now for a free home demonstration. It's easy, it's fast, it's gentle . . . specially designed for years of trouble-free operation. You must see it lo appreciate it... hear it to realize what we mean when we My . . Phlleo 1731. Has everything! 'Phiico Simplified 3-Speed Record Changer, Super-Tone Reproducer, Superb FM AM radio. Exquisite Mahogany veneer cabinet. Challenges nil compar l»n «tonly ...... Easy Terms and AM Sensation 59 Newnnper- pcrforming Philco »34 Hubbard&Son Syrup of Bl«.ck- Brtught h*> & spicy.' pleasant flavor ihat- .-oiingsten take without fuasini;. Prompt. thorough lufttlvt action \s natural -If lr« : when taken as directed. Syrup ol Black- Draught Is pure; made of finest imported 1 herbs. Alwaya rive ft tor occasional constipation. Anil/or adults. Black-Dr»urnt,' fn powder or granulated form, costs * penny or leas a dose. Popular with fc*ur g enerations. Get form you prefer at your ealera. For children, ask for ^ SYRUP OF BLACK-DRAUGHT BE SENSIBLE and You'll SAVE DOLLARS 11 A T Quality Meat* - Ib. 490 , Ib. M Mello Sliced BACON - - - - Streok-O'-Lean SALT MEAT - - Wilson's Certified CHUCK ROAST,- - - Ib. 59* Fresh Dressed . • FRYERS - - - - -Vlb.55* End Curs PORK CHOPS -•->• to.52* Fresh GROUND BEEF - - - lb.49< Boston Butt PORK ROAST - - - -Ib.SStf Tenderized MINUTE STEAK - - - lb.79< Farm-Fresh Product) Fresh WHITE CORN Crop DELICIOUS APPLES Bleached CELERY 100 2 jt 290 . Z silks Snowball CAULIFLOWER N». 1 Red POTATOES 10 ^370 New. Crop Florida GRAPEFRUIT 2^250 FOOD VALUES Cut No. 2 Cans , Furniture GREEN BEANS - - 2 cans 25? Wrigley's CHEWING GUM - - Assorted Flavors • JELLO------ Gold Dollar VINEGAR ----- Gal. Fisher'* CHEESE - - - - 2 Lb. Bx. Score buying and hoarding create artificial shortages thai lead to higher prices. Be sensible in your food buying an dyoull save many dollars. Here's what you can do to keep your food bills down. Buy only .what you need. Buy the plentiful foods —turn thumbs down on foods that are priced too high. Buy all your food needs where you'll always find the best buys of the week —every week! That's the sensible way to reduce your food hiHs—the sure way to save money. Brooks New Pack Tomato CATSUP Ultra-Refined CLOROX Libby's Rosedale, Green and Whit* LIMA BEANS Niblets Whole Kernel ' CORN 12-oz, Bottle Quart Bottle No. 303 Can ' Medium Pullets FRESH EGGS----- *n35c Tropic Isle C'u*hed • . : PINEAPPLE--5No.2cans$1oo The Pause That Refreshes COCA-COLA------case 75c Old Judge COFFEE - - -- - - - ibbaff79c PeerleM . POTTED MEAT---2cans15c Yello Brand OLEO--------4ibs1.00 Carnation or " ' PET MILK ---- 3 tail cans 37c Pure Cane SUGAR 100 Hell's First Gradt LARD 50 VICTOR FLOUR I 50 Lb. Bag Pound Stand Pound Bag 119 39 79 & MAIN ST. BLYTHEVILLE , ARK. LOW PRICES EVERYDAY AIR CONDITIONED v /.~'& v w ' >' ' •'. **' ' >x' '<S X ' .W

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