The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN Fluffy Pickle Sauce Puts Zest into Halibut Steaks lick-Flavored •lam Loaf Gives New Lift to Pork 'DISH THATS DELICJOUSLY NEW, biked halibut with Rufly pickle since. Now here's a fish dish almost anyone will like. U;e steaks about K-lnch thick of halibut, cod or haddock and spread the special sauce over the fish before you bake It., Baked Halibut With Fluffy IMcklc Sauce (Makes 1-G servings) ' Two pounds halibut, cod or haddock steaks (Vi-inch thick), V : teaspoon salt, l-j cup sweet pickle relish, Vi cup mayonnaise, 2 table- sp^ttfc minced onion, 1 tablespoons chopped parsley. 2 drops tabasco sauce, U teaspoon salt, 2 egg whites. Cut fish info serving pieces, if desired; sprinkle with M teaspoon salt. Place In greased shallow baking dish. In a bowl combine relish, mayonnaise, onion, parsley and seasonings; stir thoroughly. Beat egg whites until stiff; fold into pickle . mixture. Spread sauce over top of fish. Bake in hot oven (4IM decrees F.) 15 minutes. Serve immediately. Salmon Stuffed Peppers . (4 servings) , ." Four medium: peppers, 1 small onion. chopped;^- cup finely chopped celery leaves, 2 tablespoons butter or fortified margarine, I 1 ,* tablespoons flour,' % cup tomnto juice, Hi cups canned'salmoil (about).'! cup : cooked "riceVU teaspoon suit, J ,i teaspoon lemon, juice, da?h Worcestershire sauce, !« cup 'buttered bread crumbs. Cut large peppers In half length-, wise or cut, a slice from stem ends. Remove seds. Boll in salted water unttt R\most tender and drain. Saute onion and celery leaves In faj^mtif tender. Blend in flour, add tJrffsto juice and cook until thickened. Add 1 salmon and rice. .Season to taste. Pile salmon mixture in peppers and sprinkle with buttered crumbs. Arrange stuffed peppers in n shallow baking dish, add wvter barely to cover the bottom of the dish and bake in a moderate oven (315 degrees P.) 20 minutes, or un til crumbs are brown. Herb and Spice Recipes Help Pep Up Otherwise Flat Meals A delicious sandwich m a y made of minced ham mixed cream cheese and spread between slices of whole-wheat bread with a layer of thin crisp cucumber slices and mayonnaise. Now that pork products »rt so lentiful, you'll welcome this rich- 1 avored ham loaf: — Baked Ham l.uif with Mushroom One pound chopped raw ham, I wund chopped raw pork, 2 eggs, lightly beaten, % cup milk, ',-i clip, ine dry brend crumps, 1 teaspoon ialt, Vi .teaspoon- pepper, Vi 'tca- >poou glnsev, H - cup finely diced green , pepper, 1 teaspoon kitchen jouquet, 2 tablespoons fat. Place ham, pork, eggs and milk bowl. Add crumbs, seasonings and green pepper. Mix well with hands or kitchen fork. Pack .into well-oiled round cake pan, 8 inches in diameter. Level off the top »nc Invert on shallow greased baking pan. Blend,together the kitchen bouquet and fat and crush over the top and sides of the loaf. Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees P.) un til done, about 1 hour. Remove to serving platter. Garnish with pars ley or watercress and seve cut ii wedges. If you want to dress up the loa for company, place the loaf on z heat-proof serving platter. Cut slices of canned pineapple in halve and arrange on lop of loaf Ilk spokes of a wheel, Drain a 3-ounc can of broiled mushrooms and plac a mnshrcom in curve of each pine apple slice as well as the center c the loaf. Sprinkle lightly with brown ssiga and place in p,re-heated brollei Broil until pineapple is lightl browned and thoroughly hot, abou 5 minutes. Serve Immediately. Note: If you are using left-over By GAYNOR MADDOX NKA SUf« Writer There's a little new «l-page' book n herb cookery just off the press, dill! Barber, one ot the best food •riicrs In the country. Is tne au- hor. it's called "The Spice Samp- and will help you add inter- st to your food without fear.i xtra money. These two recipes from Its pungent pages use eggs, now so abundant: Herb Oniekt lY'leld: 6 »cn'lnjs) Eight fgjs, IVi teaspoons silt, 1 caspoon paprika, K cup wale'!', 2 ablespooiu mixed fresh herbs or 1 teaspoon mixed dried herbs and tablespoon mixed parsley or chives, 2 tablesixxms butter 01 fortified margarine. Beat eggs with salt and papiita until well blended. Add water and iierbs. Melt buter or margarine in 10-inch skillet. When bubbling, but before browning, i»ur egs mixture into pan. Cook over medium hent, loosening edges and letting liquid portion (low underneath. While still creamy on top, shake pan- to loosen and fold over. Hokl hcalcil plater over skillet and invert cm clet. Note: The same mixture may be used for scrambled eggs. French Cheese Souffle (Yield: 4 lo 5 servings) One-quarter ciip flour, 1 tcasppor salt, 1 teaspoon mustard, i teiispoon paprika, 1 cup milk, 3 cups Bi'at cheese, 4 egg yolks, unbeaten, egg whites, stiffly beaten. Mix (lour with seasonings saucepan and stir In half the milk When smOQth, atld remaining rnilk Stir over low h&at until stuice thick ens. stir in cheese and when melted remove from heat. Stir egt; yolks one at a lime, briskly into hot mix ture. Fold into stiffly beaven eg! whiles. Bake In greftsert IVt-c casserole In moderately hot oven (425 degrees P.) 25 minutes. Note: If service must be delayed, lower heat to 325 degrees F. after 10 minutes. (j't« Produces Charm MAtiAKAti. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan —Vet— A native of thij upper Nile province obtained a prized rocodile tooth charm the hard way. A crocodile bit him, leaving 0110 .ooth behind In the process. The :ooth was discovered at the ho»- >ItaI. The bile itself turned out not .0 be serious. When roasting a turkey be sure to put enough stuffing in the neck USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT BECAUSE— It hns greater PENETKATIKd Power With 00% undiluted alcohol biuo. It cnrrles tho nctlve medication DEEPLY lo KIU the perm on contact act rmmis relief IN ONE HOUR or your 40c back at any drug atore T< " Brothers Drug Stores o fill it out nicely, then fasten h« neck skin to the back with a small ekewer. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Ai we fet older, itress and itralrc, overexertion, excessive aiuoklnjr or exposure to cold lonietttnti itowi duivn kidney function, TKIi may lead ninny folks to com- pliln of n»c«l:ig backache, loss of ftp and etv«rgy. ii«iJ«c!iM and dltetnca>. Getting up n!fiht« or frequent PBMBIKA may remit from minor bladder Irritations due to colJ, d»mimei» or dietary SniHsc-ret ions. If your diacomforls are due to tlieie eaiiMc, don't wail, try Doan'* fills, a mlt'I diuretic. Used iuccessfulty by millions for over 60 yceri. While theic «y/nptcmi may often olherwtM occur, It'* • matin* how many limes Doan'* give hapry relief — help the IE mlfM of kidney tuWi and Allen (tush out waste. C«l Ooan's PJLU todayl SLICED BACON Cri»p, Tender, T«ty. Serv« it for brealrfatf, lunch or luppsr, PACKIN* CO. ham, just put enough of it through your food chopper to make 3 cups and use it In place of the raw ham called for in the recipe. SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT Mr. Virgil Spiegel, 3032 Colerlan Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, a driver for Alber's Svipermavfcets, is coiilidenl that today he is doing the best Job he 'IK* e v er done in his life. That is because he says he has never felt better. To be first rate on the Job, a man has to be in top notch condition. He attributes hts feeling of well being to HADACOL. because lii.s system lacked these necessary Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, and Niacin. Here is Mr. Spiegel's own statement: "Before I started taking HADACOL I was told I had a nervous stomach. I took many pills and many other 'remedies'—nothing gave me effective relief. It affected my sleep, too—I would doze off and then wake up at the least little thing. 1 had a lot of gas on my stomach «nd it burned clear up in my chest. I was Just beside myself In knowing ..ust what to do. I heard how other folks haying the same trouble I did were being helped by HADACOL. I started taking HADACOL and aft^the 2nd bottle of HADACOL, I rffxjced an Improvement. Now I am In first rate shape. I sleep well, have • no more gas pains and the best thing is that my nervous stomnch has completely cleared up. I can't thank HADACOL enough." It Isn't Too I/ale to try HADACOL as thousands of other folks suffering from such deficiencies have done and benefited tremendously from HADACOL, Why, there are even hundreds of doctors who are new recommending HADA- COL lo their patients whose systems lack Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron and Niacin. If you sutler from stomach distress, nervousness, Insomnia, constipation, heartburns, or 9 general run-down condition, caused by such deficiencies, give HADACOL. a ' chance to help you. Remember, you have nothing to lose. HADACOL will «iake you feel great after the first, few battles you take, or your money will be refunded. Only $1.25 for Tri»l Size; Large- Family or Hospital Size, »3 50. IMC, »!!•' L*M«M Corpora- MACARONI-SPAGHETTI PURE EGO NOODLES WOMEN! Are The** Signs Warning You OI CHANGE OF LSiFi£? KervDuincia, « deii resell, Irritable, on- tilee, run-down fee! ing may tie warning you uf "t!ie rhjitiee." If 10, worryinir won't m-lp rt-licve such dlicornforU. During I hi* terur. jiltery time, thousand* linve found Cardtit to be amuiiin/ly aoolhini; anil coin- foxHnir. Curilu'l «l«> helps relax that hor- ril»le' rc-nt-up feeling, tnetmnuims letter •feep fur mlife.1 strength and vitality, Kccnuse Cardut has A stomachic tonle Action, it tu-rs erand *M in building re-- 11st line* so often necd«J durinK <rhani;e of life. Make "thu change" as easy on you AS jK-nib!e. Ask today for a bottle of CarduL En these days of HIGH Coffee 4 • r^PM I •••• - .'?•: ^ "'^fft •MM mm**** MMI EVERYONE A BIG VALUE! IGA SUPER SPECIALS Hunt's -Halves or Sliced in Heavy Syrup Can No. 2Yi PEACHES«» 27c • • . . , •• here s a way you can Save and still enjoy a mild, mellow, sweetdrinking Cup of Coffee BUY Pur« COM MUCHMORE Pork & Beans or SUGAR 10 Lbs. Pink Beauty—economical Meal SALMON « 53c Dry Lima Beans 5fT No. J Can IN THE VACUUM CAN AND THE STILL MORE ECONOMICAL PACKAGE IGA Evaporated—Homogenized 3 Tall Cans IGA Evaporated MILK 35c Drip or Regular IGA Deluxe COFFEE In Tin Lb. Guaranteed Fresh EGGS - - - ** 35c Fresh Dressed and Drawn HENS - - - * 36c Reelfoot Tenderized Cured 12-14 Whole Lb. 10 Rolls TOILET TISSUE Fresh Pork BUSH'S HOMINY . 2'/2 c lie No. 2'/2 can Copyright l&Mi Durtcin Colte-; Company * upon wrm everg pou Yello — in Sticks m m a Axorttd Flavor* KOOLAID U.S. No. 1 Red POTATOES 100 Lbi. Assorted Flavors IM «.£ l v i 2 94 3 - !Ge Plenty of Parking Space At Your IGA Store NAYS' IGA SUPER MARKET 421 S. 21st. "Remember, It Pays to Shop wrffi Mays' "

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