Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 16, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1897
Page 20
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x>AILY PHAROS i SUFFERING woara. THURSDAY. DEC 16. 1897. •«KJ. T. IOOTHAIS. JOBH W. BAKNEB. ItOvthain A BarnfH. EDITORS AND PB.OPK1ITGRB. TEEM 8 OF SUBSCRIPTION — Dally per week, 10 centf; per month 40 cents; per year Itrtctlr In itvtLDce} J4.50 The Weekly Pharos and the Saturday Pharos, the fwo forming the Semi-Weekly •rtltion. f 1 3f> a year, strictly In advance. Entered at the LogSDBport. Ind.,pottoffice SB MOODO claw mall matter, as provided by law. I How Many of Them Have Quietly Obtained Advice That Made Them WelL THE DlDgley tarlfl increasing tbe deficit, mind. still keeps on Bear that In IT would be just as well if congress, when It adjourns for the holiday recess, would adjourn until after the next election. THOSE congressmen who have posi. offices to fill are occupying very deli cate positions. Many of them wil be swept into political oblivion. THERE Is a possibility that con gress may pass a law establishing postal savings banks. There will be strong opposition, however, to the enactment of such a law from certain Influential quarters. THE American Federation of Labor passed resolutions denouncing the proposed appointment of Judge Pttxson to succeed Hon. Wm. K. Morrison as a member of the interstate commerce commission. THE trust which controls the price of typewriting machines Is about to go to pieces. It Is claimed that the cost of manufacturing a typewriter doei not exceed 115, while the trust's price of the machine Is 1100, My sister, if you find that in spite of following faithfully your family doctor's advice, you. are not getting well, why do you not try another course? Many and many a woman has quietly written to Mrs. Pinkham. of Lynn, Mass., stating her symptoms plainly and clearly, and taken her ad vice, which was promptly received. The following- letter is a pretty strong confirmation ol our claims: " 1 had been sick for six months: one doctor told me I •would have to g-o to a hospital before I would get well. I"had female troubles in their worst form, suffered untold agonies every month ; my womb tipped back to my backbone, had headache, hysteria, fainting spells, itching, leucorrhoea. " My feet and hands were cold all the time, my limbs were so weak that I could hardly walk around the house; was troubled with numb spells. I have taken four bottles of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, one bottle of her Blood Purifier, one package of her Sanative Wash, and am entirely cured. I have not had one of those numb spells since. Can you wonder that I sing the praises of a medicine that has cured me of all these ills ?"—MRS. LOUISA PLACE, 650 Bel- tnont St., Brockton, Mass. •wiod 1 vhsat. We shall probablv ate tbe same ti£ht conditions in May wheat when May comes, as we now see la December wheat. "I think that the country already i bat exported much of the wheat which it will soon need for its own consumption, and that tbe full scarcity is not by any means yet appreciated." IN relation to the civil service the Democratic platform for 1896 said: "We are opposed to life-tenure public service. We favor appointments based upon merit, fixed terms of office, and such an administration of the civil service laws as will afford equal opportunities to all citizens of ascertained fitness." Notice of Election. The annual meeting of tbe share holders of The City National Bank of Logansport, Indiana, for the election of nine directors for the ensuing year, -will be held at their office on Tuesday, A Bargain January llth., 1898, ten o'clock a. m. to o'clock p. m. F. R. Fowler from four Cashier> £AST OF 1MK IIII»A1-1<.K» CAUGHT. JoHtfsoi?, the ablest Bepublican now serving Indiana in congress, In a speech yesterday, took strong grounds against a civil service pension list. He said it would be a most unfortunate thing for the country to make provision for supporting government employes all their lives. committee will meet on January 18 at the Grand hotel at Indianapolis for reorganization. HEED quotes history to prove that the downfall of every great nation In the past has been du« largely to the expansion of territorial domain. He takes the view that the United States should not attempt co acquire more territory. On this proposition the people share the vle*s of Speaker Keed. THE American federation of Labor has protested against the annexation of Hawaii. But there Is a more powerful influence opposed to the annexation scheme than the labor organizations. Fortunately the power that controls congress and forces meek obedience is against the project. That power Is Thomas B. .Reed, czar of the house. THE most expensive luitify ever Indulged In by this country is the gold standard. In addition to costing the government an average of 121,000,000 a year for eighteen years for its maintenance, It has brought to the country panics, business depression and bankruptcy. At the present time its fingers are clutched on the throat of commerce of the country, holding It in a half- strangled condition, when the natural products of the land ought to have made a season of great activity. Tae country will never know its material and .natural prosperity until this deadly blight is removed.—Indianapolis Sentinel. CONGRESSMAN STEELE is having the most trouble in his own county. It is over the Marion postofflce. Two factions are pulling for the place and unless he can reconcile one cr the other of them, a solid delegation for him cannot be obtained from Grant county in the next congressional cou- TOntlon. He is pouring oil on the troubled waters without effect and he is likely to be submerged. ACCORDING to the plans of the Democratic state committee, the county meetings to select delegates to the district meetings will be held on or before January 8, on the call of the county chairmen, the manner of selecting the delegates to be governed by local custom. The basis of representation will be one for each 200 Totes or fraction of 100 or over cast for William Jennings Bryan. The district meetings will be called for Tuesday, January 11. The state The Wheat Situation. There is a possibility thio wheat will rise much above the dollar mark before another crop is harvested. This is due almost wholly to extraordinary demind. William T. Baker, of the Chicago Board of Trade, says with reference to the unusual conditions in wheat: "Cash wheat is at a premium over future delivery here, and in all parts of the wo r ld, because more of it has been sold than can be delivered. Wheat is scarce all over the world. Not enough was grown last year to supply the Jemand. America now has the opportunity to make Us own price for wheat. It has in the past been considered by many to be a blessing for us to supply Che world with cheap wheat, even though our own farmers could hardly make both ends meet on the cost of production. Now, perhaps, in view at the prosperity which has come to this nation from higher prices there will be less sympathy for those operating to depress grain values- below the values normally adjusted by the demand and supply. In the past, unlimited quantities of wheat have been ssold on the market and resold, with, no demand for its delivery. Now, however, the wheat is wanted^ so badly by consumers, and contracts calling for delivery can stand for no Stealing: of Yomijc CoiiM':iy at Albany, N. V.. Hi-falled. Kansas City. Dec. 16.—Albert S. "Warner, the Albany, N. Y.. arrested at Kiiey. Kan., with complicity in the the kidnaping of young Con way at Albany. X. Y.. last August, \vas brought to Kansas City and will remain at the city jail until extradition papers shall arrive from New York. "Warner was found on s farm belonging to a man named Goodrich three miles from Kiley. After a eiiase of nearly four months in Georgia, Tennessee. Minnesota and Mexico he was run to earth, and at lirst dened his I identity, but later admitted it. Later Warner told briefly how he had escaped from the east and eluded the officers so long;. He had been in hiding, in Jersey City for some time, he said, and becoming tired of his concealment decided to g-ive himself up. On the waj to the station the sight of a bicycle on a curbing opened an avenue of escape He stole the wheel and rode to Philadelphia. After a short time in that city he started west, making his way tr Kansas City on his wheel by easy stages. He claims to have been at Riley for seven weeks. DYNAMITE FoTfTTZHUGH LEE. N ° P NO Teeth extracted without pain 01 after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. .Absolutely safe and lawyer j palnles. charged i Tne F)De8t aD drjBe8t method 01 CKOWN and BRIDGE Work. The roost natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. t&*No charge for extracting with out pain when new teeth, are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, D F N T mT 1 3U *- 2 Fourth st. LJC.LV I 1O 1 JQver Fisher's Dru* Slor Infernal Maclilne Fonml in the Building Tliut Shelters tlie Cnnsulate, Havana, Dec. 16.—A small box, apparently made to contain samples of some description, was found yesterday morning at Casa Neuva, where the United States consulate is situated. An examination of the box showed it to contain a tube filled with an explosive substance. Fortunately the cover was not removed in the ordinary way, but was splintered open. Underneath the cover was a piece of sand paper, intended to light a box of matches and thus bring about an explosion. The village board of Montello, WK.. has passed an ordinance prohibiting- the use of slot machines by minors. BEHOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where •you are invited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Over-coatings that cannot be beat. W n fraiV Merchant . JJ. iraig, Tailor . Pearl St.Next to Dr. Bell's Office. An opportunity to buy a Swell Bag at 50 per cent under regular price. We, this day bought the entire Sample Line of Bags, the finest to the very cheapest, from M. H. Lingenfelser, Traveling Representatire for the Hartman Trunk and Bag Co., Racine, Wis, The line, one of a kind only, represents every grade from the German Alligator, English frame, gold plate, trimmings, full leather lined, also full solid leather Dress Suit. Cases, very swell, some as low asys cents to $10.00. A Very Acceptable Christmas Gift. A Remembrance for a Life Time. CURES QUICKLY AND SAFELY. The Pyramid Pile Care Cares the Most Aggravated Cases of Piles With Absolnte hafetj. Pyramid Pile Cure will cure the most aggravated case of hemorrhoids in an astonishingly short lime. Ic relieves the congested parts, reduces trie tumors instantly no matter how large, allays the inflammation and stops the aching or itching at once. /Thousands who had resorted to expensive surgical treatment have been cured by the Pyramid Pile Cure—in a number of instances persons who have spent months In a hospital under a pile specialist. It is a remedy that none need fear to apply even to the most aggravated, swollen and inflamed hemorrhage tumors. If you are afflicted witbjthfs stubborn disease you can master it and master it quickly. This remedy is no longer an experiment, but a medical certainty. Druggists sell at 50 cents per box. It is becoming the most popular pile cure this country has ever known and druggists everywhere are ordering it! Maine - an(i the ( ' a P (a -in and five mem- for their customers. I bers of the orew were lost For book on cause and cure of piles' / os t? Ladu<?1 Uie . i"° ne ™ ,°' x th€ • ^ ulc UL puce Klondike, was married at Plattsburf- aOdress Pyramid Co.,Mar8hall,Mlch. X. Y., last evening. The bride was Miss (formerly of Albion, Mich.) : fcjttie Mason., of Schuyler Falls. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. It Is claimed that the recent disastrous fire at London was incendiary. Senator Hann;i IIMS returned to Washington, i He u'.'is apparently in good health. The Terre Haute, Ind_. rar works, one of the largest in thui'-uiintry, will change hands Jan. 1 A howling blizzard struck Cedar Rap- Ids, la., lasi nishi. *n<l the thermometer fell MO rifsrrei'S. President AUiKjnley's train en route from Canton. O.. to Washington, killed a man near Canton. The Peruvian senate has passed the bill as to non- Roman Catholic marnases already passed by the deputies. Gottlieb Schweizer has been reinstated as a storekeeper arid gauger in the Milwaukee internal revenue district. Robert G. Allen, who played shortstop for Boston last year, has signed a contract to manage the Indianapolis club in 1S9S. The steamer Cleveland has been wrecked off Vancouver island in the Pacific, and twenty-two of her crew are missing. The house judiciary committee har agreed on a bankruptcy bill and it will be reported to the house this week as early as possible. Tramps murdered John Ehret, a freight conductor on the Big; Four railway, at Berea. fourteen miles west of Cleveland. O , last nig-ht. The schooner Susan P. Thurlow went to pieces on Cape Elizabeth, coast of MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & Rauoti 42O BROADWAY. Now Open For Inspection Our Christmas Line of Silver Plated Novelties Broadway & Pearl St ==PATENTS== American and G an a. d fan. Patents promptly obtained, Patent, Mechanical and Perspective Drawings prepared, Inventions Developed. Spry Block B B. GORDON. Before selecting Christmas Present Or Furniture to adorn Your Home we Desire to call attention to our handsome and complete line of tbe very Latest Designs and Novelties i* Furniture and Upholstered Goodfr consisting of Roman Chairs, Tabbor- etts, Divans, rockers, couches etc. at Low Prices. Cmnffliflgs & Morgan, Cor 3d & Broadway. City Building. Christmas Presents For Gentlemen. Plush Caps, Silk Umbrellas, Silk Suspenders, Silk Handkerchiefs, Suits. Neck Ties, Bad Gloves, Fancy Shirts, Mufflers, Overcoats. HELVIE & SELLERS, CLOTHIERS BROADWAY.

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