The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1952
Page 5
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FMDAT, OCTOBER J4, l»n W. Memphis Track ' LITTLE ROCK (*)—A new group ••eking •Bother hon* race track . for Arlupus fU*d articles 'of Lo- '«orpOr«tioB h«r«" today. , v The principal -stockholder wai Uvtcd u Robert ,!. Bolleau of WMt SMmphic, who ha< b**n repulacd to far la effort! to •orntruct and op- crate . track near that city. .The. newly-Incorporated group ta the Bt; Francis Valley Turf Association, Irt«. of Porfe.t City. It obtained a, charter from the office of 6ecr*Ury of State 0. o. Hall. The I Incorporation petition said principal Commodity And Stock Markets- . Ne* York Cotton OpeiiMlfh Low l l:H Dec 3628 3541- 3«1S 3618 • 'Mch 3662 387» 3650 3S54 May J679 3591 3361' 3557 July M5s JJ70 M*" New Orleans Cotton | Open High Low 1:15 Dec . y..... 3630 '3640.'MM''3*17 Mch MBO fett 3*46 3«0 May.. ...... 3675 3690 '3660 3660 'July . .' '3«2 3*71 3«42 «43 .Chicago Wheat . .Open High Low 1:15 Dec. . .. 2*7 2S7H 216W 237'J Meh .' ., M)U 143'/4' 1 2431', Chicago Com Open High -Low 1:16 Dec , .. 1«4}4 164H 1634' 163;i Mrh, ,,. 1«8»» 1«9?J 168% 168S .Soybean* , k. Open .High Low 1:1! *-^Nov ... 195 2954 294 294'i Jan ... 298 39» 297H 247% Mch . .. ,300*1 . 301H 300 . 300 ,May . .. 302 302>,i 301 301 ;New York Stock* A"T"»nd T V. .'."... Amer Tobacco . * Anaconda Copper ... 'Beth stee,l ,... Chrysler .Coca-Cola "Can Electric .Gen Motors . ... Montgomery Ward .. 'N Y Central Tnt. Harvester J C Penney .. .' Rfpublic Steel ..... Fadio ;. Socony Vacudm 'Studebaker standard of N J .... Tjxas Corp U S Steel'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Sou Pac -' .T..-...-. ..-..Livestock . NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 trfl — <USDA)_bogs g,SOO; traAing Blo»er lhan usual; weights 190 Ibs up 10 Jo 2£ lower than Thursday's average; lighter weights mostly as .lower; .owa. steady to 25 off; bulk cholc* 190-250 Iba unsorled for grade U 35-50; several loads early ,mostly .choice Nos. 1 and 2 210230 Ibs 18 60 and about 100 head 18.65; few 240-330 lt» 11.74-18 35,150-170 Ibs 1800-17.78; most 180,Ibs . around 18 00; 110-140 Ibt 13.0015.25; choiea sows 400 Ibs down 17.00-76; heavier «ows 15.00-1«.7S; boar.JlJO-15.00. CatU« 1.000, calves 100; generally •teady on all classes and moderately active; f«w food and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 25.SO- 30.00; utility and commercial largely I«.00r23.00, ultlity and commercial cows 13.50-17.00; "canners and cutters 10 50-13.50; utility and commercial bulta 18.00-19.75. .153 3-8 SB 1-2 39 47 ' 81 3-4 108 81 7-8 58 7-8 56 3-8 17 1-2 30 7-8 'tS-1-t 37 3-4 2« 7-8 33'7-8 34 7-8 74 '63 1-3 57 1-4 37 3^8 40 1-4 I LIVING COST it'fvj. ..'>' • ; 0 (Continued from Page » to offset' that: Increase; • • 'Neither • Ui* mUlion-plus v. workers nor the railroad workers \ j are- affected by today's Index, 4*Their contracts are up for adjast- ~ment In the next two months. x S Fire Damages House Fire last night damaged the attic and living room In a five-room residence at 321 West Malhis occupied by Preston Smith, Negro. Firemen this morning exttn- v gulshed a grass lire on Edwards Stieet in David Acres Subdivision. Millions iril not hare Add Migesfion -for r«e- o>4-fa.l relief ol ga«,, KMT MMUcb. Al•o»l tmta«tly, Tmrnt •••traliz* •ic»ii acid. Y»( • »o orcr-^kaliic Of r OHM »od nfmuid, Oo* or nro ' Tnmi, eaw» like candy, «topi »|<MUK» datm* alnoK Mforc h Mart*. Do a. mllioBi do — carp Tarn, alwaya, Rr»«»liu to ft, , bandy roll KxUy • . purpose of the association wu U» "promotion and fostering of the raising, training, racing and ea hibltlnj of other than draft horses. Arkansas Revenue Commls6ione Carl F. Parker laid he had receiv« no application for a horse racln permit from Wie association. . Parker Is ex-officlo secretary 0 the Arkansas, Racing Commission which pa Me* on proposed racln permit*. ., Other Ownen I.lsUd Parker said he> hadn't heard o Ihe new group before. • 'Bolleau was listed ss own ?r » S,MO shares of no-par value stocl N. L Graven add W. r. Peterson both ot Hughes St. Francis Coun ty,- w «e listed KS 'owners of 1 shares-each. Pwtoffice Box 164 «t Forrest Oitv the county seat of St. PiancIS Conn ty. »as Usted as the association' business address. Bplleau and a group of associate once Here Emnted permission b: the Racing Commission to operat a_track near West Mtmpht». Lat er. under prodding of Oov McMath the Commission rescinded Its action »nd denied the permit, Residents of Crittenden Counlj also voted against the proposed track in a local option election! EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1) yet could not repudiate it befori the election NoV. 4. , Elsenhower said Slevenson on Wednesday dUoked a direct qu*s lion as to whether he Would fire Achestm If elected. The genera read what he identitled as a news paper report of Stevenson's appear ache in South Bend, lnd, The clipping, Elsenhower said quoted Stevenson is replying: "; will answer questions like that af ter the election " Eisenhower told his Buffalo au dlence that "morality in our'feder »I government has sunk to ah all time low," »nd that Ihe presort; administration has a "shabby his lory." He said Tom Pendergast, former Kansas Clly political bflss who made Harry Truman a polltlca prolege, Was dead "but his politics influence, his political morals, his political offspring—they all go marching on." ' The general qtloted" Sen. Esfes Kefauver (D-Tenn), 'former chair man of the Senate Crime Commit- e«, as having said: "The big question—and I put 1 bluntly—Is this: has criminal and lolltlcar corruption in the United Slates reached the point where it may pull this country ' down *en ttrely?'! say "that we Ve^anger- ouslj' clos« to that ruination point' Kefauver was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination «nd now is supporting the Steven son ticket. Eisenhower declared "that when "courageous Investigators" undertook ^o bare the fa.cts they got replies of "no comment" In Kansa> City, "witch hunt" in Brooklyn 'and ."asinine" in Washington. The general rapped what he called "bearers of false witness," He said they were "creating distrust, disunity and bigotry by falsely accusing other—including my self—of these evil things." This obviously was a reference to Republican charges that tb« Democratic opposition has implied that Elsenhower Is anti-Catholic an anti-Semitic. Eisenhower has named Francis Cardinal Spellman, Rabbi Abba Hlllel Silver and Bernard Baruch as among those who "stepped into the breech" to uphold his ""abhor- ence of: bias." "Almost a generation ago "in another presidential cahipaign the Issue of bigotry was raised," Eisenhower said. \ Smith, a Roman Catholic and Democratic candidate for president In 1928, was subjected to smears on the religious Issues though not by Herbert Hoover, his Republican opponent who won th election. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. FRIDAY "SNOW DOG" Kirby Grant and Chinook, the ' Wonder Dof ' SATURDAY 'ROAD AGENT" Tim HoH * Richard Martin SAT. OWL SHOW v 'Abbott &Costello Join The Legion' SUN-MON-TUBS ' 'CARSON CITY" I* Wanwr Coter Randolph Scott (ARK,);COURIER CAFE DE POOCH—Hunting dot. point right fir thi. doggy IDrtch counter when they come to Yakima, Wash. The bird-hunting season has b«n delayed this, year because of th* nre hazard pr««nt in the dry woodlands, and all 'ihe »ay dog. in town congregate here. Ann Bowkeri serve. » sink to a regular cuitoroer, while Dolore* Naasi wait* to stt 'em UD'again. STEVENSON (Continued from Pag* 1) f • ', a deposition, Stevenson" asserted "I ieslified as to his reputation as of the time I knew him, It w good. If I'had said it was bad, i would have been' a liar., If I ha< refused to leMlfy, I would have icen a coward." '••-,Arid then he said later: "1 fesett —and I resent bitterly—the sly and Jgly campaign that Is being Waged n behalf Of the general, and I am deeply shocked that the genera Would -lend a so-called 'crflsade which accepts calumny and the big doubt as Us instruments.... Singled Out Niron Stevenson also singled out Ben Richard Nixon, the OOP vice prea- denllal nominee, for a thumping' round of criticism. He'called ffixon a "brash young man" who was gong around the country criticizing litn for saying In a court depoel- ion that Hiss' reputation was good. "Let -us always be clear where he responsibility lies," he said adding that Nivon himself had described Eisenhower as the "captain of the team "calling the plays." "It Is not a campaign by de- ate," Stevenson said. "It. has become a systematic program of innuendo and accusation. It is a inlet at, sowing the seeds of 'doubt and of distrust.,, aur ,,.,,, Then Stevenson launched into his explanation of th* Hias deposition nd why he. Ihtnks Eisenhower And Dulles are more vulnerable than he on. the Hiss case. He said be had known Hiss brief y in 1933 when the two wer* In the old Agricultural Adjustment Administration in Washington—and hat he did noi run into Hiss again until. 12 years later,.'in: the State Department. He asserted he never was in Hiss 1 lome and Hiss was, never In his home—and that they saw each other only Intermittently. ' In the spring of 1849, he went .on, Hiss' lawyers asked him to appear at the first Hiss trial and testify as to -his .reputation. "I < refused. to do so because' of the burden of my official duties as governor, of.Illinois,T.he 'said. He idded the lawyers then.asked him o give them a written statement-^- aken under oath—as to what ht inew of Hiss' reputation "as I bad earned it from others." Cite. Other Textlnony In response to their questioning, tevenson said, he testified Hiss* eputatlpn was good—"and it was . . on lh« basia pf what little I NEW , Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK, Matincca Sal. & Sun. •"- Phone 58 FRIDAY "BEST OF THE BADMEN" Randolph Scott SATURDAY 'JUNCTION CITY" Charles Starrelt SAT. OWL SHOW "HOE DOWN" Eddie Arnold SUNDAY 4 MONDAY "Cripple Creek" knew'of him." Sfevenson said Sen. Robert A TaJt of Ohio, Sen. Jghn W. Bricker of Ohio and Rep. Joaeph W. Mar- (m'Jr., GOP House leader, all had testified to the "good reputation" of a "congressman. later convicted of taking politics! contrlbullons unlawfully from employes. He was referring to Rep. Waller Brehm of m. , I t«l( you'," he declared, "tny testimony in the Hiss case no more shows softness' toward communism Ohm. th - lican leaders shows softness toward corruption." an the testimony of (hese Repub- . He said he had not testified to the guilf or the Innocence of Hiss and thai he never had doubted the Veidict of thfc jury which convicted HIM, Th» candidate said he did not mean to suggest either Eisenhower or DJlles were soft toward Communist* or "even guilty of the bad judgment .with which the general's running mate charges against me." "I. bring them out," he said, 'only to make the point that the mistrust, the Innuendos, the accusations which this 'crusade' is employing, threatens not merely themselves, but the integrity of our Institutions and our respect for fair Play." 'Liquid Steak' Now on Market COLUMBUS. O. (if) — That he- man meal, ; steak .smothered with onions and mushrooms, can now be poured into a glass and sipped like a drug store fountain drink. H. Ned Draudt. graduate student at Ohio State University and research chemist for Kingan and Co of Indianapolis, lnd, is 'the man who turned the trick. The liquid chewing. It can >drunk either Ilk. *a cocktail spooned like soup. It Is an ideal solution to persons having »aistline worrlei,- Draudt aaid, for it U high in protein and H. * . . « §te4k would retail for M cents a can. HarrisohHigh Band Fund Reaches $121 Nettro Bl»h 'School'. ^r Olub now has »Ul to 1U driv« la obfsin fund. to pay for Instruments and uniforms. A liat ef contributors released to dajr Included »s from Sim Owens M fnta 0«eru Drug store >nd th. following $1 donation.; Hurry Hogan Distributing Co Hugh Cherry Liquor store, Ollber Davta, Rutfln -Askew, Arthur Grave*, ohrli Webb,,Tommle Rtit- ledfe, J. T. Carter, BJrchon Walk <r, *mfn« Nesbitt, Dorothy Johnson, Jim Brookt, Robert Redmond tula Johhwn, Meredith Polk Rooaevell Ruffin, Will McKlimoy Pearl Perkins, ciurlie Robinson Dahnl* Mcrruj, Sam While, J«m(? Aldridge, 1 e roy ' Hunt, Oussle Broolw, Mow Burns, w, A. T.orion Allie Hughes, Lena Logwood, Wli- lle Simpson, Gladys Pope. B. p. Ohatmah, William Madl- sort, S*m Prear, Andrew McNeil Jim joiner, Johnetla McKlnney Leara Plnkard, Leon Sylvester Cl«v» Howord, Dun Merchlson Berry Sterling, Corlne BVRIIS, Melvin Johnson, Robert Wiltord. Mnr- tha McKnlght, Ciceio Lawrence WAR (Continued from Page 1) Division infantrymen went after the holed-up Reds with grenades, bay onets and small bundles of enplo slvea. The Chinese fought back from a network of caves and tunnels in a desperate gamble'to retain their last hold on Sniper'; northern (Ip. Artillery, mortar and rifle lire on iron Horse •Mountain was In tense. An Allied officer said It Was certain death to false your head, r In a predawn batlle' on the Western Front, Allied Infantrymen knocked Chinese Communists off an outposl near Llltle Qlbrnlter. Th* U. N. soldiers withdrew fiom the position yeslerday arid neds swarmed to the top. At 3 a.m. Ihe Allies swept back up the slope and captured the brest In a 4B-mlnute action. SO*'Red. "Chopped U nils' . American and Ethiopian Iroops of the U, s. Seventh Division chopped to bits a lorce or 500 Reds who allacked Triangle Hill lasl night and this morning. Fiont line reports said they killed 140 Reds and wounded 320. Triangle Is just west of Sniper Hidge. The Eastern Front, where North Koreans do all the fighting for the Reds, was relatively quiet.-Only a few minor patrol actions were reported. ,U. S.-Fifth Air Force siid Its warplanes supported- the ground troops all along the front.' Pilots claimed 15 Red gun poslllons destroyed and 52 bunkers fwerft'dam- aged. " *'~'.\ > %-f ^ Ten B29 Superforls rode through 140-mlle-an-hour winds last night and dropped 100 tons of bombs on a cement plant in northeast. Korea Pilots reported ihe plant destroyed. Official Eighth Army figures today reflected the savage" Intensity of recent fighting- on the Central ?ront. The Army said Its soldiers tilled 8,996 Reds and wounded 3,321 n the week ended Oct. 21. During Ihe same periol It reported only 65 prisoners taken. That Is a rallo or of nearly 100 Reds killed for every one captured. 17.096 Rfdi Killed • October,' Red casualties now stand at 17,090-kllled and wounded. for the first two weeks were 7,528 and 10,1M. WHERE HAPPINESS COSTS SO LITTLE . BOXOFFICE OPENS 6:45 P.M. WEEKDAYS OPENS: 1:30 P.M. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS SATURDAY, OCT. 25 "Riders of the Pony Express" ' in Color Ken CurtU SAT. MIDNITE SHOW "Pirate Submarine' The True, Daring Exploits Of An Undersea Killer! SUNDAY AND MONDAY, OCTOBER 26 - 27 DEVIL'S ISLAND PRISON! PAOt FTT» MOO* 1M» '4* TOP OF,THE chart above show. aVtril* hourly earning* of bitUmlnoui co»l mUien bay* «xc«*d«4 th* a v « r a g • hourly earning, of worker* la all m.nuf.cturuii IndU.trlci, from 1M« up throUfb the ftr.t half of 185J. IUmlnl» m pre-war year of 1S38 an shown for complrUon. D*|a are Irom Th* National Ind ' Couiuenc* Board. COAL (Continued from Page 1) by llaivard law Pi of.' Archibald Cox, as "veiy courageous" In making its cutback d»clsion. But Truman has not said a word, either about the W8B ruling or the strike, The WSB has never been over- uiled In Ih'e past but, at the end ol last summer's steel strike, the While House approved an luciease In the price of steel nearly twice an high ns that authorized by then Price Stabilizer Ellis Aruall. Negro Deaths Eldridge Services will be held at 11 a m Sunday at- Caston Funeral Home Chapel for Eldrldge Whlt*. n, who died at his home Saturday. Hci-. H. A. Shead Will officiate and burial will bt in Mount Zlon Oeme- White, who WM a veteran ot World war I, Is survived by hla wife, LillUMMae While; mother, Martha Pettlgrew; two sons, Herman and George WMite of Gary, lnd.; rtfe daughters, RUby Lee Cooper Susie Parker, Anna Lee Tucker, Lendla Ford and'Elennor Williams, .1! ol ,^•1 ' atl<1 on * bro ' h «. Car White of Gary, lnd. ' " Sertlce. for A. D. Erby, mother' of Alena Wiley of Blythevllle, who died at Baptist Ho»pltal In Little Rock Tuesday, will bo conducted at- 11 a.m.-Salurday at the Bapttat Church in Arkadelphla. She is survived by her husband the Rev, William Erby of Arkadel- phla, and a foster .on, Co'rneliu. Erby of Detroit. \ MOX Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always a Double Feature LAST TIMES TONITE * 2 Featuresl Cartoon & Ixmg Comedy SATURDAY Double Feature . — Plu» _ "RETURN OF THE LASH" 2 Cartoon.) A Kit Carson Serial SAT. OWL SHOW Starts 11:30 Roar of the Iron Horse Serial Obituaries Services Sunday For Steele Man * Killed in Korea Sen-lew »ll| be conducted Sunday, at >:30 p.m. io r ovl Rov L y wa. lii action In Korea Sept 8 Rer. W. H. Cook will conduct services for Griffin, son of Mr. »; charl " B - Glll " ln °i e t Rl - 3 ' "I the Steele Baptist Church. Burial will be at Mount z ™\ Cemetery with Oeimin Funeral Home in charge. it, 8te ^£ I " nI ° ri ' 1 Post No 7M * •* !. V^ *'" ** m Charge '"of graVeslde «*vlc>c. • , B 6 ™ O" 1 ' 6 ' 193 °. Opl. Griffin had lived all hli llf, j n steeta, • At lh« time of hi. death, -Opl. Pn I *=" 5 " V ' n * WiUl • >«•«"• i^J? Unl " r Hl11 ln Xorn - He M killed at 2 am,. Sent. 6 , survivor. Include his mother and falherj hit «lte, Mrs. Daisy our. S". t £'•„?; fit " I<! ' two brother., Ralph- Griffin of Oxley, Mo., and W. B.. Griffin of Blythevllle; two sister,. Mrs. QUdys L ln»ar, Aivin D. Dowland Dies of Illness; Rites Tomorrow ^ - 'i Alvin patter Dowland, «, O f 111 E Sycamore, died todav ii f flv. weeks Service. 'are W be' conducted « H^' /is 1 " 0 " 0 ? *]• Cobb ''uheral Ho*e Ohape! by the Rev. p H J*rm|an. Burial »lll be at Maple Orove Cemetery. v \ P°* llind . who, was born at on,. Teitn t/ was a retired rall- ma l lnd "'"chant, and had In Blythevlll* 35 yean 'lT* lncludc< l his Wife, Mr*. fcdna Dowland; a daughter, Mrs. T. F. Colemaft of Webster H' °"*' Arthur and Roy Dowland, both of Porre»t City, Ark,, -HolntOh Dowland of Newburn, Tenn., and hen- rr Dowland of UnlorK Oil*, Tenn. A pound of Iligar contain. 1/7M Toostmosters Add 2 Members H. B. Rlchardwn tiU if«tlh Ml. m«y became members of Blytlw- Ville's Toatsmaster. Club when th* group met lul nlfht at UM DiiU , Pig. . Speaking w e « Mr. Bllbrty, Huil Hughes nnd Listen Neely. , Drawing table topic, wer. Nlek' Powers, Bob Jamison and Unt*, MoKenzie. . ' Guests at last night's meeting In,' eluded Dick Oettle, Dick Robert* Dr, J. o. Guard, Pat Carriitn *nd Conner Taylor. Life story of FANNY BRICE ' > At 10 >h« saotf <* strati •*. nen and bar tope. By If tki . was a btirWiue hit aAd «• W %ar to Zlegfeld ManMa. M though she won fame a*4 ior- tun* In th«- theater aM at 'Baby Snook.," ahi HrM.tU •>i«artbMak ol.har UUobbinf wng, "My Maa." Far,rauy De'vw found napphiMi (or a taaft of W ow*. K*M ft^. - lo*t ratt^, by NMMO ' CORRECTION GABBAGE ib,5 c KROGER .?. •fre.tyoura.lf PECAN DELIGHTS America's favorrte Piece of Cone/// IT'S tlALLY NO WONDIR-. . . Juit imogin* soft butter-cream caramel bio: fruh P-con. OIK* mooth milk chocoiote. ' Don't fvtt drool... W« hove*.them and they're only 85' found IM WOODS DRUG Blytheyille .

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