The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1952
Page 3
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.OOTOBKE M, South Arkansas Forest Fires Continue to Burn 'i Fiahtert Watch Skies r>r Help from Weather Situation It Critical > ,' LITTLE ROCK If) — Forest fire , HghUrs kept an eye on 12 firet thati continued to burn today in South Arkansas and cocked another toward Mother Nature J. T.,Bradberry, radio engineer for the state Forestry Division said lh» situation Is still critical" In the smoke shrouded section but Wer* Just beginning to hold our ewn," He added that "we'll fall behind •gain If the winds rise." A further not* of optimism in the day-and-night fight be forett rangera and some 500 volunteers to keep the damaging fires under control c«me from Asst. state forester "Ranger Jim" Martin. .- 'The situation should be pretty well in hand by this week-end," he said. Twenty-three fires were extinguished yesterday. It brought October's forest fire toll to 44,800 acres burned over "In more than 1,100 fires. Martin said more than $2 million damage has occurred > this year from,forest biases in Arkansas timberland. He said the month of October, it the'worst on record for forest hres. - \ { * , Looko"ut towers In th» Camden, El Dorado and Stamps areas have been .deemed useless, Bradberry said, and airplane patrols are being used to - spot the , fires and direct firefightuitf crews on the Yesterday's damage occurred in Columbia, Lafayette, Union and south Ouachita counties Jurists Panel To Study UN Testimonies ' i UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. — Trygve Lie began recruiting an International Jurists' panel'yesterday to study what. U. N. employes have to tell U, 8 congressional investigator*. . * - • , Lie already had fired one American U. N. employe who balked at a McCarran.committee question,'suspended another'and pul 10 on'spe- cial leav«. . _- '\ ' The jurists, a .statement from the rj.~ v lf. secretary-general Vsafd would-sfwJy the'-sppuca.'tion-'of^ut S la^s to U, N. employes, especially those .who arp American citizens and the right! of . investigating bodies to ask them, quest ions about their private UvM.' Lie announced" last night he had dismissed Stanley Graze, 46,060-a- ytar railway statistics expert of the U. N. Technical Assistance Administration, and suspended Joel Gordon, pending a full Investigation, from his $10,000 post of trade analysis expert of the Economic Affairs Department. ' *• , Chile to Choose President Today SANTIAGO, Chile W — The national Congress meets today to choose Carlos Ibanez del Campo president of Chile for a six-year term beginning Nov. S. Ibanez, who will be 75 years old on inauguration day,, ran for pr'es- Ident as an Independent and polled 44«,43» votes of the'987,102 ballots cast AMuro Matte Hrram, the rightUt candidate, received 265,357 votes. f i Under Chile's Constitution, the Congress chooses the president from the two candidates who polled the most yotes If neither obtained a majority. The size of Ibanez' popular victory made his selection a certainty. Ibanez Is a national senator and former president of Chile. He served as chief executive between 1927: and 1931. . Fidler's Alimony Is Cut by Court LOS ANGELES (*J-^rlmmy Fld- ler's child support payments have been cut from W50 monthly to »3SO But the Hollywood columnist must pay an extra »100 for each of the next, three months to hlj ex-nlfe Mrs. Bobbe Sutton, to catch up on his arrearage, Superior Court held yesterday. - ^ IVcws of Men In the Service .Aviation Cad«t Letter o. Hate, Jr. son, of Mrs Berate* HaiTof Wilaoc,; it to flight training at Laredo Air Pore* B«M. i Texts: Cadet H»l* t. eorwnUy neaivinc Instruction in the T-J» stngte-en- gta*d._aircraft Ur » preliminary phatc of Jet fighter training. Before entering th* U«AF C*de4 Hal« attended Wilaon High 'school. and-later entered Vanderbilt rjnt.' versity, Nashville, Tenn., when ai majored In civil engineering. Donald E McOuire, CSK, son of Mr. and Mrs Jesse Lowerina tit Luiora, has been promoted U> En- glneman Third class as-.a result o/ recent Nary-ride competitive cumulation!. McGutre is petty officer In charge of the engine room on hU ship which is stationed at the Naval Air Station, San Diego. , He and his wife, the former Miss Jo Ann Stephenson of Reiser, live at 2443 JVucht St., Sin, Diego! • Pfc. Lester.R. Young, son Of Mr. and Mrs w. L, Young of Caruthersville, Mo, stationed with the 28th Infantry Division a't Oablln- gen, Germany, recently participated in a large-scale NATO field maneuver In Southern Germany. Young is message center driver In 110th Regiment's Message Cen-' ter. ' AT LACKLAND—Edd H Wileox, 17, son of Mr. -and Mrs. James H. Wilcox/of Luiora, la stationed at Lackland'Ab- Force Base, undergoing an Air Porca basic Indoctrination course. BASIC TRAINEE — Harold C W. Minnlck, son of'Mrs C D -Klnriey of -Blytheville, Route 4, Is In basic, training »t Lackland Air Force Base,, Texas. =i 2l!" „?' Adam ». seaman, DSN, Blytheville, Route 4, is serving aboard the destroyer USS Cwbourn In the Par East. • • , The Osbourn, whfch participated' in the Inchon Invasion and the shore bombardment of Wonssn/> is now on her second tour of duty off Korea. Airman Houard Batey, USN, »on ot Mr, ; and Mrs. Boyd 'C 'Batey of Route 2, Osct61«, is servin* with Fighter Squadron 721 aboard the alcfatt Carrier U88 Kearsace In Korean waters. , , t >p-»s, Senfa* With CHDBCR Harrc? T, KIM. Put** lunda? School. ,»••». "Protestantism and Cath- »:l» u.m. Supper for thd Young PROMOTM) _ Qsne shanks, son of Geoige Shanks ot Blytheville, has recently been promoted from airman third class to airman 'second class He has been stationed in Bremerhaven, Ger•many since May. , ENTERS AIR FO*CE — OeOrge Bennett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H Bennett of Tfurhann, has left Blylheville tor Lackland Air Force Base where he 'nill take'basic training In th« US. Air Force. Upon completion Of basic training, Mr. Bennett will 'enter Air Force Officer Candidate School. 1 BJyrtieriHe FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Lily and Vine J, A, Dgdmah, Pastor f • :46 Sunday School Fay Austin, tuperintendeat Classes for all ages. r lljOO Morning Worship , ,«j<* P.Y.P A meets'- Witi enV Leon Walden." "** r , ~ , 7-45 Evangelistic Service iilh sermon by pastor * Tuesday »nd l Ffld'ay nlghu «eW- ices at 1:45 Tuesday oinht U P Y.P A Night, , ' - , . ' ' ,. OF'OOD '/ Rev. j. 0 Dlcnfixaa, Pallor Sunday school 1.49 » m Morning Worship lf:oo am 1 ' Women's Missionary Council :30 p rn.- '. i - < j, _ >te*B'» Cooperative CouncU 6:30 P.m. Christ's Ambassadors t 80 p m " Junior Chrlat Ambassadors «'SO p m ' - • ' Evangelistic service 7 'SO p m Tuesday 7'30. p m ' Bible 'study Thursday 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting. CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Rev. Amos Enderlin. Patt*r RCT. /. F. Wenger' Assistant Pwtor ' ._ Sunday Masses, 7:30-10 a m Weekday Masses, t:4S-g i'm. 1 Friday v rfovans devotions 7:30 p.m. Confessions Saturday 7:00-S'00 p.m. FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH Q. Miewler, PuUr Momenta with God" KLCN each Sunday,9:30 a,m, 'Sunday School and Bible Class 10 a.m. , Divine Worship 11 a m. Adult Membership Class, Wednesday 7:1* p.m.' CALVARY BABT18T lith a» Casuaftics Identified WASHINGTON W-The Defense Department today identified 269 Korean. War casualties In a new list • that reported 71 killed 181 wounded, nine missing in action and eight Injured., * ' F n. Jernitan. Putdr Radio Program 9 a m to 9.30 Sunday School »;45 a.rrt MiWHiiig Worship lliOO » m 'BTU 8:30 p n», EVenlnB Worship 7:So pm. ^ Mohday WMU '2pm YW» 7iSO intermediate GA 7 30 ', Choir Rehearsal 7 - pm' Wednesday Prayer Meeting 4,00 FIRST CHKISTUrt CHURCtl Rev. James W. ftalnwiter Main and 6th Street B:30 a,m pho if - Practice 3:30 am, Sunday School 10:50 a.m. Morning Worship • Chi n Rho Junior Senior supper «:00 p.m. Program 6-30. Wednesday enolr'"Reiwarsal,7;}d p.m. 'CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETT ' Ull W. Main St. Wednesday Service 8pm Sunday Service'll:oo am The Lesion-Sermon "Probation After Death" Is to be read In all Christian ^Science Churches. LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Bob McMaster. Pastor Bob McHaffey. Church school Superintendent, Mrs Ctctl Lust president of WSCS Sunday School 10-00 ajn. Morning Worship" lf:00 am 'Evening Worship 7:JO p m. FIRST fcAFTIST Eighth an« Wataot Street* E. O. Brown, Fiji or Sunday School 9.40 a.m. Morning Wo'rshlp Service 10:»S a.m. ^ , Training trnion «:JO,pm. • Evening . Worship • Services 7:SO The morning worship services are broadcast over KLCN on the first and second Sunday of each month Wednesday . Sunday School Cabinet «:45 p m Sunday School Teachers and Officers meeting 7 pm mva louwR » THUS "TSuoiB OF noni St. Joseph Prayer Service 7:45 pm Choir Rehearsal 8'3o prn. ' Sunday School Council Supper *:16 pm Wednesday evening fol- loHlngjlast Sunday of each month FIRST CHURCH OF THE .' . NAfeARGNK ' Harold Thompson, Supply PatiAr Sunday School 9 45 a m Message by Rev. Harold Thompson U a rn , Meteale' by the Rev. Harold Thompson TiJO prtl Niiarent Tralnlnl tinlon f. p m. " - J Wednesday wlgnt W»y«r Meet in* 7;ad;p.m. W.F M.Sj 'Wednesdat alternaoo p.m. ' ' { --' Sunday School Visitation Prldai 1:00 p.m . .TRINITJ BAPTIST Kev. Da>id McPeak* Sunday School »:40. ' • Morning Worship lo:45 p m framing Onion 7-p.m , EVenlrig Worship » p m. Wed 7-4S pfayer Meeting. / FIRST METHODIST Hoy 1. Sagley, Pmitw Church School tM 'a m. MdrniSg Worship II a m. Youth Choir Rehearaal 6t45 p.m «:30 p m Junior fellowship ta ttrmerlate , M Y F Senior VoUur People M Y P Evening Servica 7:30 After church fellowship » 30 p.m. Wednesday choir ren*u*al'7:10 p m. ' WEST BLYTHEVILLE PARISH METHODIST B. W Stmllc.p. P.»U r Wesley Memorial Chkreb Church School 10:00 a.m Supt Ben i Ray. Worship Service every.tod and 4th Sunday. Sunday School 10 i.m. TEMPLF. ISRAEL Dr. Alfred Via*. rabW Friday — Services at Temple'Is- rael, Jonesboro. . Sunday—10 am. Sunday School COLDS MISERIES? WHY DON T YOU TPY 666 OKODT riunwn Coua THEM BY THE CARTON I ' • ' Ark-Mo Power Co. STOP BULB - SMATCHWG •:*• PJB. Touth Groups T:K pjn. Tha Presbyterian Doctrine ef Baptism. *":'™* s »y «:«• P.m. Covered dish dinner. T:U p.m. Prayer Meeting CHVKCB OF CHE 1ST Tcauar McChir*, tnxtelltt " Mata as* Highway «1 Sunday School »:50 a.m , Morning Service 10:80 am. Bible Classes 8-45 p.m Evening Service 7:30 pm. * Wednesday Bible' Classes 7:30 "pm. •T. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL William J. Fltihugh. vlc»r •20ih Sunday after Trinity j .7:30 a.m. Holy Communion '9:30 a.m. Church Schogl 11:00 am Morning Prayer CHURCH OF GOD tWIi and Cherry , *>T. Darr«l Frond, Pastor Saturday night Services 7 p.m Sunday School 10 a.m Morning worship 11 «, m . ' Sunday Evangelistic Service 7 p.m. , rn»ST ORACE CHURCH ( «*T.. Hob Petrovlch, Paitar Sunday School 8:45 Worship Service 11 a m. Youth Fellowship 7 p.m. GATEWAY TAnrmNACLB Carl Denny, Pastor ».4> a.m. Sunday School 7:30 pin Evangelutlo Service Tuesday 1:30 pjn Youth Meeting ' -Friday 7:Jo pjn Bible Study Rural Churches f!Al.UMB1 PEM'ACOSTAL ' CHURCH OF OOD RtTi Rol»n« Mahntng Sunday School 10 a rn Worship Service 11 a m PYPA « pm. ' Worship Service 7pm. Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7!30. . CROSS ROADS BAPTIST CHURCH Morning Worship' S:4S a.m. Sunday school loioo'a.m, Pre»<.hlng U:oo a m KVenmg Worship 7:JO p m v B.T.t) 7t46 pm Preaching l.oo p.m. ,' Wednesday fc'enlfij Worship I'M pm HUFFMAN BAPTIST , ^ Bj ' f0 ' 1 ^P 1 ' Pastor 10:00 a.m Sunday Roriool ll'M a m Msrn(n» Service. «i»a pltl STu Meeting. Evening. 8er>lee.-. Wednesday 7 p rrt' choir practice' and prayer meeting.. BDRDETTP CHURCH OF-GO1> «er. J. D. Hodges Sunday School 6:<j a m Morning Warship U a.m. Young People 7'Od pm Evening Worship 8.00 p m . HALF MOON ASSfclWBL* Of GOO R*T. O E. Rarinen, Pist6r Suiidiy school lO'OO am' Worship Service li:6o a.m fdUrig People CA Service «:30 p.m. ' Evening Church Worship TSO P.m. \ Mid- Week Service ' Wednesday B P m. - . HUFFMAN CHURCH OF BOD Austin Williams, Putor Sunday School 9;« », m Morning Worship 11:00 am. Evening Service 7:JO p.m. Y.P E. Saturday 7:30 p.m «IVE* LANDMARK MIS8IONART BAPTIST CHURCH ReT. F. M. Weaver. Pa»l«r Ftoycr •aririe« an4 •aturday night 1 p.m. ', •undar febaol Ham, '•• Pre»«hmg'Serrtc« 11 ««. Training Service 7 .p.m. Preaching follow!**. 1 .ROUND LA« CHURCH OF CHRIST Sunday School 10 a.m. . Communion 11 a m Bible Study 7 : jo p.'m . v Wednesday Night Bible Study 7:30 p.m, / . ' ' ROSA BAPTIST Rer. jack Mick Sunday School—9:« am. Morning Worship—n t .m. Training Union—7 p m. Evening Worship— 1 ;so' p m . < Prayer Meeting Saturday night 7 p.m. VARBRO MISSIONARY BAPTUT Rev. T, 1. Plchardso. Sunday/School 10 a.m. Preaching Service li a.m, B.T.O.i 6:30 p.m. Preaching 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting Wed. night 7 p.m. CLEAR LAKE BAPTIST ' J. E. Co». Pastor Sunday-school, »:« » m . Worship Service. )i:0o am Training tr n lon 7:00 pm Worship Service 8:00 pm Midweek Service, 7:30 pm Wednesday PROMISED LAND MfeTHOftlSl 1 Frthk M. Stage. Jr., Minister Church School every Sunday 10 a rii Church Worship - Services, flrtt and thud Sundays. n : oo a.m Second nnd fourth Sundays, 6:30 p m M.Y r, meetings, second and fourth Sundays, C:30 p.m WSC3 second arid fourth Thursdays. YARBKO METHODIST CHtJR*,H Carl BnrioA, Minuter Church School every Sunday 10 a m ' Church Worship Service! and ami fourth Sundays, U ».m.; Hrsl and third Sundays 7'fX) pm PSCS first and .third Sundays NUJIB*Eh NINE BAPTIST Gm« Shulti, Putor Sunday School, 9:45 a m Morning Worship, Uiofl am. Training' Union, 7:00 p.'m - Sunday School a n,d church at Yarbro School' auditorium Evening Worship, 8 p.m. HALF MOON METBODlSf - • CHURCH • ' > W. W. Peterson, Pailor ' Church School, 10:00 a m. Supt Earl Baiter Sunday School, 10-45 Worship Service, 9:45 Youth Pellowshlr/T 7iOO p.m. , > WOOJJL4ND COP.NER BAPTIST S. Allen Van Horn, Pastor Silnciay school, 10 »,m. - ' Worship Service* 11 00 a m. Ot. Service, 7-QO pm ' ' BTU 7'60 p.m ,,' ARMOREL BAPIWT • W. E. Edmonsnn, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m Preaching 11:00 a m Training Onion. 7:00 p.m Evening Worship, 8100 p rh. j Wednesday Prayer Meeting, 7; to COLE RIDfiE BAPTIST 0«c»r Paltcrsoa, PaSUr 10 ».m. Sunday School. 11 a.m Morning Worship BTU, 7 , ' Evening Worship, g p m Mid-Week' Wednesday service 7:30 p.m. DELL METHODIST • ,Rev. E, H. Hxll. Pattor Sunday School 10 a.m Morning Worship li i.m. * Youth Meeting 6:30 pm Evening Worship 7:30 pm. GOSNELL METHODIST , ' W. W. Peterson, Pastor Wood ro» Cook. Church School Supt. Church School. '10 a m SEVEK PIECE FIRE-KIMG STARTER SET Qt. C<m*roU & Cover Ow«—8" Pit Plat* four —6 OE. D«wcrts CompUt* S«t — IIH \, IFI s Milt Dnrifw ... Wnr Djainnn3» I. \\IM \l\l\ VI AM •TiMMMg LIBntTT BAPTIST . Flw atllM Swth Hghwaj « OniU. MeG^nTr^ Sunday School 10:00 am. Evening Worship 8:00 pm. * - Wednesday Prayer Service 1:00 TOMATO! BAPTIST «. V. Gean, yuUr Sunday School 10 am. Worahip Service 11 a.h.. Training Onion 7 p.m, .Worship Service t ,>«, Mid-Week-Prayer &rvtce I p.m. • IMMANUEL BAPTIST A. M. Houston, psslor Sunday School 10 am , Morning, Worship 11 a.m. Training Onion 7pm. Evening Service 7:30 pjn. Wednesday night priyer service 7 p.m. GOSNELL BAPTIST M.rrai Wllkers»n, put*r ' Sunday School 10 am. Morn In i Worship 11:00 am ' Training/Jnion 7:30 pm • Evening Worship 8:00 ptn. Wednesday 7:30 p m Prayer Service LONE OAK LAKH MARK MISSIONARY BAPTIST. F.ld«r S. L. Lont, paster Sunday School 10 a m Preachlnr U a.m. Evening Service 7pm* PRIMITIVE BAPTIST HD Club at Dorvood Rldte 1' am Sunday morning Luxora Churches CHURCH OF CHRIST Bob VPnodard, Evantfllsl Bible Study 10 u.m Morning Worship, li a m communion, 11:45 s Eventng Worship 7:00 pm. Wednesday 7-30 pm Bible 'class , ARSEMRLT OF GOD Earl Mazwell, PuUr 10100 «.m Sunday School ' 11:00 a.m, Worship Service 6'00 pm o A Service' 7'.30 p.m Saturday Service , 7.30 pm JiVednesday Prayer Serv- FIRST' BAPTIST fle». Hirol.'' Whlie 10:00 t rn Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Worship Services ' «: ' prn,.-BT.u. 7.00 pm Worship Service 7:00 p.m Wednesday Prayer Service - - , , LUXORA MT.TMl>plST H L Rablion. Pastor Church School,' 10 am ' Morning Worship, 11 a m. ' 5pm Vespers . ' Osceola Churches FIRST CHRISTIAN , O.' B. Moore,' Minister V Children's Singsplratlon 9;30 , , Bible School, 9130 •Mornlne Worship. U a to. i ' Youth Sturtji 6 p.m 5 ' Evening Service 7;00'pm -^""'yj" *<«««»'» ChrtstUf,' »6rkcrs 1st lihd 3rd aeeks— 2 p m. Wedneidaj _ . children's - Bible Hour ,9:40 , »- ., Hour of Bible Power, 7:00 pm' Ch6ir Rehearsal g pm Thursday >_ Training for 8*rVlo« Class 7 p.m EPISCOPAL WHIl.hl j. Fltihu.h. Vicar , 20th Sunday after Trinity 8:4fi am. Church School. ..» pm. Etenlng Prayer .,. ,.; , FIRST BAPTIST Percy F. He.-rin*. Futor Sunday .School, B-45 drft- Mornlng Worship. n'.OO'am. BTO Onlor,, <:3Q pm, ,' Evening Service, 7.30 pm ( . CHURCH OF CHRIST ' Morning Worship,' 10:4* a a. Evening Service, 7:30 nm. Sunday SchocV»:4S ajn. , Bible study Tuesday and Friday ST. MATTHEWS ' Rev. Aaue & Iota** Every Sunday Mass, I am.<- Holy Day 6:00 and < am. First Friday or month 1M • — FIRST PENTICO8TU -N«raaa» Kent, Pm^r evening Service, 7:90 pa. FHIST PRESBYTTRL« R*T..Chal«ers Henderaea Sunday-school. 9:45 am' ' Morning Worship, n am Young People, 5:00 p.m Wednesday evening aeryloa T:M FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOU M2 S, BrudwiT R«T. Joe WUm>tk. vul«r Sunday School, 6:45 am.' Morning Worship, 11 ajn. Young People C A,'s, 8:45 p'm. Evangellitlc Service, 7:30 p.m. Thuisday Evening, 7:30 pja. WMO Friday, a p m. FIRST METHODIST^. Garland C. Ta;l*r, a«s ' Sunday School, »:4s a m. Worship Service, Ham Methodist Youth Fellowship, «ll» Worship Service, 7 p.m. Wednesday Youth choir praetic*/ 4:30 pm Senior Choir, 7:30 pm. Wilson Churches ' FIRST METHODIST 'CHURCH ' 8aai G. WaUev, vutw ' Sunday School, 10 ajn Elstner' Beall, superintendent Worship, 11 am ' ' ~ Methodist Youth Fellowship «:U p m - _ " Even in t Worship and Sermon: 7:30 . ' j. 1 - > . j ,. FIRST BAPTIST'lauscH D. B. Bltdsoc, p**Ur ' , Sunday School. 9'45 am. ' Worship Service.-11 > m. Training'Dnloh, 4:30- p m, " Worjhlp Service. 7; Jo pjn. ' Manila Churches FIRST BAPTIST.c'Ir&RCH Ouj D Magee, pastor Sunday 8chool,'(:4» ' »' ' Worship, 10:55 1 Training Union 8:30 Worship, 7:45 i ' , Wednesday Prayer Meeting, T:3B WALNtIT GROVE -ASSEMBLY.OF GOD , South «f Manila -> Sunrise Prayer meeting 5:Jfl ijB."' Sundn.T School,''.!«• am.* Morn Inn Worship by Rev. Jewi» KIttel. v. , - ,\- * • <*• C, A Servfte B'30 pjn. '. , Preaching 8 p m , , - ; .• i" TUW| VOUfl STEPS" <* rawro CHURCH Of T«! 1 So. 1st Blythevtll* HOSPITAL AfiEHTS WANTED BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ' $20000 to $30000 P« NotA For Youi^Spir* Time Experience *o< Necesury We want FULL or PART-TIME . Pajs up for ,«„„ i AM, Ktam S.K »« »f ft* t* J9K y t , try Ct*k Htwie fecuritr Ufe Insurince Compin ' ' H ^ lt °«*<«-5«, FhNK WM~ *,**>, ., "* «««•.**«« n^tz-zm

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