The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1950
Page 5
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MUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1950 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AEC Reports_Atomic Accomplishments JPAUK Kl U.S. is Producing Improved Bombs Commission Avoids Reference to Use Of Super Missiles B.r Frank Carey Associated I'rrss Scirare Writer , WASHINGTON, Jan. 31. fAP) — ,The Atomic Energy Commission ^said loday atomic weapons are being produced, improved and stock- iiiled at an even-growing pace. The AEC declared that "new bench-marks of accomplishment" have been set in Hie long-range Program for peacetime development of the atom's power. Jn a semi-annual report lo Con- Sie.'s, the commission made no reference to any plans to develop a super-bomb employing hydrogen. It did disclose that it was doing a lot of work on studying how three different forms of hydrogen can be used lo produce alomic energy on a lalwratory scale. President Truman has said that it's up to him to decide whether "'is nation should try to develop a hydrogen bomb—unofficially esti mated to have destructive potentialities far beyond those of uranium >r plutnomium bombs, Tile AEC's references to experiments with hydrogen would seem to f inply that if President Truman gvc.s the go-ahead signal U>- his /aomic team, Ihe scientists have ^ue of the plays worked out on tls blackboard and are ready to aply them towards seeing if they cal develop a practical weapon. Zeported progress on Improving ant increasing the supply orthodox weJxins would not have to go ns losi labor. The unofficial view is , fhtj the . only .concicvabte way of toiraing off a hydrogen bomb would >^^nhil use of the explosion of a ^(prthiuni or plulonium bomb as a "blaster" or "primer" for the H- Thus, whatever Improvements ma; have ben made in the bombs drojped on Japan, they would Just ONE OF TKio niKD-Tlnce youths lie in a heap at a BrookJyn ,e eap a a rookJyn n.c,,ect,on Jan. ,;, after their a,,to smashed hiU, a pole. One o7 he ino ino. Nichotas Nowa,,,hi. died later . Others are not identified. (AP Wirephoto). in a, of a fractured S k u l WILSON NEWS Ry Mrs. li. F. lioylcs Bridge Club Meets Miss Annie Rae Rowland was iiostcss to members of the Wilson £-s:=«rEi £~~Ss&x* his sister, Mrs. C. D. Price anr fiimily. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hayes had a; operation!—with a vie.. „. „ - ing from a "custom built." type ot operation, to one designed "with a view to faster, and . more efficient productirti." 3.-"Deign" of weapons was advanced—presumably meaning that means yere achieved for getting more wal'pp out of the same amount of explo-ve material utilized in the originnlly:explod(!d A-bombs. t. The fulput of fissionable ma- ,-'ia!s—ujir.ium and Plutonium, 'hich cai be used in bombs or in peacetime and - applications—"set new reccrds." The nport declared that the revelation of Russian achievement in . the atomic field—as evidence by Presideri Truman's announcement of an itnnic explosion in the USSR —"emphasizes the importance of the trtxt. efficient possible utilization of the resources available for the ration's atomic energy program." "Maintenance of the American position," tlie report said, "requires a vigorous, growing program of bai:c and applied research in mi- cleir science and engineering." rrmluclion mi Sound Footing "yth full awareness o! the dc- ficic\cics that, continue to exist in scoji^ and speed of operations and development of .smooth-working re- lationhips throughout the program,^ if continued, "the commission tWrtlielesK reels that at the end ol three years of its stewardship, tie nation's atomic enterprises is nu ii.sotnid footing." ThejKECfaid that scientists at its Los Aljmos, New Mexico, bomb ns- j ^Kembly, laboratories were studying .jBcncliois at distances of one-fifth *%f a mie. with the aid of television Room of the Wilson Tavern. In games played during the evening, Mrs. C. D. Price won high \vith Mrs. S. A. Reginold receiving second high. Mrs. J. V. Robertson received the bririgo prize. A congealed dessert was served by the hostess. increase the wallop of a perfected H-bUnb, with an orthodox, bomb "bnit in." I Komb Stockpiles Grow Tre AEC, in Its seventh semi-annual report to Congress declared that: : 1. Weapons development and stockpiling'"moved on at a growing pace "during the past year. 2. Prediction of weapons was — •. ^.^ me ( -tv.-^ cnu i changed lo an "industrial type of of hcr parents, Mr. and Mrs.' ;w ot switch- | Bussey. and family. Royal Small spent the week end with his family in Cardwell, Mo. . Personals Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Powell of Carnthcrsvillc. Mo., were the week end guests of their daughter, Mr= Levi Cisscll, and family, other guests In the Cisscll home were Mr. and Mis. L. H. Morris of Osccola. Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Cissel are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brasficld ol Memphis were the veek end guests ",] .1 , Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tucker Mid family of Oxford. Miss., spent Ihe past week end with his sister Mrs Maurice I,ynch. and family Mrs. W. T. Beall is recuperating at her home following an operation at the Baptist Hospital, Memphis on Jan. IT. Her daughter, Mrs «-' bert Greenwell. was with her dur- mp her stay in Hie hospital Mrs. Charles Ryals has returned to her home in Lake Providence La., after spending the past v;cck with her husband's family the J E. Ryals 1 . Mr. and Mrs. Levi Cisscll were t'le . guests of her sister, Mrs. H M projectors and receivers, and -rc- nioif-ctntrol instruments. T' e commission also said it liad Joiifd with the United Kingdom j""fn \\iin uie unitea nnrt )1, t. ,1 • n el , '"" mei m cei tain research relr hnr saic pro lial - __.,, problems --= to the extraction of ur;m- from Soutli African gold ores." here are underway." the report 'technical discussions on this Gregory, in Memphis Friday. Misses Mary and Nancy Crai-i daughters of Mr. and Mrs J E' Crain. who attend Ward-Helmont In Nashville, spent the week end with their parents. They wore iiccom- nanied home by Miss Laura Blackburn of Versailles. Ky.. and Miss Pegs'.v Bacarisso of New Orleans La., who also attend Ward-Bcl-nom' John Ellis Elstondcr. son .,[ Mr' and Mrs. Pete El.slander who attends the University of Arkansas fpcnt the week end with his parents. Miss Nola Jean Howe, dnuzhicr nf Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Ttowc, who attends Bowling Green Business College. Bowling Green. Ky., was the week end guest of her parcnfs Charles sinuriifer. son of Mr p.nd Mrs. C. S. Slannifer. who attends Arkansas Slate Collcse. Jnucsb.iro spent the week end wilh ins- vxrcnls Hs-rold Ray. son ot Mr. ard Mrs! W. B. Ray. who attends Ouachita College, Ark.idclphia. uas home for thr.wcek end. Miss Mary Rvals. dauchter of Mr and Mrs. J. F:. Ryals. and Miss Bonnie Goblc. daughter of Mr. ;. n d Mrs Alee Goble. who attend the Mcth- •>disl Hospital School of Nursing in Memphis were flic week end guests of their parents. Jerry Hayes. Jimmy Busscy. TIow- .ird Lynn Cisscll and Corkv Simmons were amonit thase who at- feudcd the Memphis Slate-Arkan.-ns Mr. and Mrs. Sid Hayes, lis nephew, Leroy Smith, of Ca-dwll M j Weeds Provide Raw Material for Artwork LOS ANGELKS Weeds are a nuisance to most folks. But to Mrs Caroline Martin they are the "raw materials of art. Mrs. Marlin strips the buds and blossoms from weeds in her back yard and vacant lots and fashions them into miniature |!oral arrangements. Most of hcr miniatures are under six inches high. The .smallest Is a bouquet tucked into" a bead which serves as a vase. She u.scs such odd objects as .22 caliber cartridges but- toas and pill box covers as b.Lse.s nnd support.?. Kead of the Los Angeles Garden club's miniature section. Mrs. Martin has won two first prizes for her work at Ihe International Plow : er Show. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS 111 Jan., 31. (AP,-(USDA)-H ogs Iv 000: steady to 25 lower than Mon- f.Tri%ao C u' S f ; bl " k gcod nml <='"** 180-240 11, barrows and gilts 172575: practical top n.75; few lots rl I T" 2S °" 270 lbs ".50-17.00; 14H ,7°n if 1 27 °- 320 )bs 1550-10.50; MO-170 lbs 1S.75-H.50; 100-130 Ib PISS 13.00-15.50: good and choice sows 400 lbs down 14.00-75- heavier sows 12.25-13.75: stags B.5ollB. 5 0 Cattle 3000; calves 1300- few medium steers 23.00-24.00; odd lots medium to good stcer.s 2425-2700- medium and good heifers and mix! cd yearlings 22.00-2800; common MO ~" I8 -°°-21.00: S oodc™v1 SOfl'il m' c °' n !"°" a " a nirdhim i».00-21.00; good cows 17.50-1800- common and medium 1600-nco : cauncrs and cutters 13 00-16 00 medium and good hulls 10 00-1!)50- cutter and common 1550-17 00 : Sixth Arrest Reported in Liquor Thefts MEMPHIS, Venn., Jan. 31 W IVp new developments in the investigation of the hijacking of 3 522,000 whisky shipment near Caiby the FiiT a "" ounccd last - '"si". In Little Hock, Ark., the FBI reported recovery of a "considerable portion" of the stolen shipment It was found at Hussellville Ark ' bv state revenue department officers agents said. And D. S. Hosteller, aijent In charge of the Memphis Uislricl said the sixth man to be arrested In connection with Ihe ease was picked up here. He was identified as ty fa a rmer""' riS ' ™' " Sl ' e '" > ' Coun . Harris was charged with posxcss- ng stolen wliisky. Hosteller said liquor 5W CaSCS °' "' Q hijacke(i Prc\'iousty tlie I.'HI h !1( | arrested five other men—four here and one m Tulsa, okla. Special Agent Kd Follz of Little nock said no arrests were made when the Russellville cache was confiscated. The whisky was being .shipped fiom Lawrcncebing, i m |., to Cairo when armed men seized the truck Jhe truck driver was released several hours later near East St. Lx>im, A squad of Arkansas Slate Police led by state Trooper I. T. Bartlctt' State Revenue Deparlmcnt agents and Pope County sheriff's deputies seized Ihe liquor at Russellville last Jan. 12. Trooper Bartlctt said two occupants or the truck escaped when I hey abandoned the vehicle in downtown Russellville and jumped into a waiting auto. Arkansas He venue Commissioner "ran Morlcy said 40! cases of liquor ™ C r,r "„ '"'*• Hc vallle<l i! "I $29,000. "Hie whisky now is i,, storage at the department's headquarters at Little Rock- Hold-up Man Slain in Liquor Store MEMPHIS. Tcnn., Jan. 31-M'i~ A policeman -planted" in a liquor store here shot and killed a Nc»ro •olrtup man last night as he entered the establishment with drawn Chief of police Claude Armour said a second masked Negro was wounded In the widespread blast or the patrolman's sawcd-off shotr-un but managed to escape. The so-called "sttlhratchc.s" n p- parciilly were started by police to fight a wave or robberies that smarted before the Christinas holi- Armoiir said Patrolman B L Bart- lelt had been nn watch for several mshts In the rear of the store armed with the shotgun. The riend bandit wa; not immediately identified. There been H liquor store holdups here since Jan. 1. Armour said last night's was the fifth to be "solved." He added: "if they want to nlav rough, we can play rough. too.' r " The Pribilof Islands arc summer used by scientists to warn of the presence of dangerous rays. Is shaped like a long-barreled pistol. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends the use of lin- datie, a new insecticide, to control flics in dairy barns and milk plants. 29,CO-3[).00; 20.00-28.00.' common and medium ":<.iimcai discussons on this j feuded the Memphis State-Arkan-ns em which may lead to Ellbstan-j Ktnte basketball game in Memphis iraiiiurd rodin from Wediinsdnv nioht Cranium production from gold e report also said AEC had dis- d production facilities of its mos laboratory—bringing a laboratory at Saudia, N.M. pet. Los brai ^ hitfj.hc pict'i're! redite = AEC snid this di.= perfnl would •n "Hit. ....!_ .... Wednesday night. Milliard Tompk:ns of Millington Tcnn.. was the week end guest of weapons production chain In the event, ol a war' 1 and added: "In addition, it permits new dc- vplopmcnls to be incorporated more '" "•••" «[-«ivtJniviiu-^ to DC incorporated mo Milneraoility of the 1 rapidly in the finished weapons. "-^—^^^™.^-«—• For Expert LAUNDRY &DRY CLEANING Call 4474 NU-WA ™ IC NTn , ti °"nl Geographic Society sajs mink farms are located In heaydy shaded spots because sun lo "rust" live mink fur. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Times Today "HOLIDAY AFFAIR" "ilh Robert Mllcbum Wendell Cory, and Janet Leigh Warnef Xcws * Short Tuesday & Wednesday "LADY EVE" »ilh Barbara Stanwyck •Vevrs * Shurt BLVTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE TMFATPF Tiies.-\Ved. • 2 Hils —Also Added— 'CITY OF CHILDREN" SI'KCMI, SHORT SWBJKCT The story of Royal Order »r .Monse l.'bildrcn's )lnrne) ,, LISTEN TO s BOYD McKAY'S Songs That Arc Different" Station KLCN S P.M.—EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY Sponsored by STOItY I>ISC01)NTI!I)—Thoinus J. Hannifen, 28. sits at police headquarters at Newark. N.J., where lie was questioned on his statement that funds seized in the $1500000 express company robbery In Boston January 17 had been cached near the holdup scene. Police discounted his story saying he had been drinking and apparently hadn't, been'In Boston in months. Hnnnifcn, who originally gave his mime ns Jackie Horrlgan, said he drove the holdup car ami asked for arrest by Boston police. (AP Wirephoto) Workman Dies In Flaming Vat At Big Winery CUCAMONGA, Calif., .Jan. 31— '''-One man, screaming In agony, lin-lshed In n vnt ns 1,500.000 gal- ons of wine was last In a $1,000.000 Maze at the Pioneer Vineyard Association winery, Thomns 11. Wyllle. 40, nn cm- p '°«' apparently climbed alo,> a «,000 gallon viiI yesterday to es- '•ape Ihe /lames, then fell In when lie healed liritiid exploded and new Hie top off the tank. Firemen K'ard his screnms but were unable to icimll him. Some 75 huge vtils exploded, one bhist slinking windows more than a rnjle au'ny. J'aul Hofer, president of the- co- JperaUve of 15 grape growers who operated the winery, said insurance covers pail .of tin- $1,000,000 lass. At times, firemen stood knee deep in red port, sherry and other wines. Experts Fail to See And Heed Sign They Expect Others to Read STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Jan 31- Mi-Scven engineers, all experts oil elevators, were on (heir wav to lecture on elevators Inst night Tlicy were trapped for hours in a stalled elevator. Mechnnics Imd .(o liberate the engineers, «-ho had ovcrlooken a sign warning Unit Hie elevator was built for a maximum of six unisons. ' Two Men Questioned In Poker Game Slaying By Ihr Associated Press Violent mishaps hi Arkansas the first three days of thl.s week have taken at least five lives. Traffic ac- cidenl.s and fire have caused four of the deaths. Lawrence Davis, 35, of Ornsco cciehiirnc County) died en route to a llcbcr Springs, Ark., hospital early Monday of knlle wounds. Sheriff Alton Bittle said he mis stubbed following an argument during n poker and dice game. Sheriff Bittle said lie was holding bonny George, about 30 anil "Hocky" nitt.le. about 31, no relation, lor (mentioning. STIiOM.S IN UO.MI-. I-'ilni Actress Inyrcd Bergman whose long awaited divorce suit asniiisl ur. Peter Llnrtstrom hns been filed In civil court in Janit-t Mexico, strolls along n s i rc et In Rome, llaly. This Is one of hoi rare appearances in imijlle for she lias been living In semi-privacy for several weeks. The, divorcee would free iigrad to marry Hobcrto Hosscllinl Ituihin director with whom she feli in love while making a picture on Stiomboli Isle, (AP Wirephoto) Accidents, All of Them LONDON. Jan. 3l-(iV,-A i r .,| n hit Dr. William Itossllcr's car at Portsmouth today and can-fed It I'M yards along the track. H fool ° Ut W " h " bn ' iS ° °" °" e A buby buggy pushed by a mother in a hurry, knocked Miss Maud Colcmiui down In London and broke her right leg. y Two sticep dogs named Magic and Mystic collided during a romp at l-'ordcombe tmd dropped dead with broken necks. of Mighty "Mo" Might Like to Skip This HAMPTON, Vt., Jan 31 (API C°!>t. W. D. Brown, skipper of thi grounded Missouri, will get another Implement" to free hLi blttj wagon from a. Chesapeake Bay mudflat near Buckroc Bench. Seven former nriny men, all work. ers on a government project near Here have forwarded him a small puddle with the note: u ,m Ve , llCar you are up the "nek without one. So we are sending thU one with kindest regard and an In- Rogers I/jdge, It was explained Is a house which the seven _ Bert I u«z, Jim Hassell, Dave Michael Jim Adams, waller Russell. Ro"son Shields and Bill Morrison— goThcr""' WhErC ' hCy " balch " t °- Tlie ex-soldiers sent the paddle by vecLstercd mull, addrc.-,,d to the captain at Buckroc Beach a spoke.; ™«n ««W. But the po st irVcSto d l-bcm il, e Buckroe post office Isn't accepting nmll for the Mighty Mo •>ud suggested the naval operating l.i, e at Norfolk as the proper ad- NEW «n\ Opens Week Dajs 1:00 p m. MMInce Saturday & Sundays .M:il.-Sun. 1 p.m. C ont. Showing Manila, Ark. Tuesday "UNDER TOW with Scott Bradj Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday "OH, YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL" with June Haver urn) ainrk Slevem Also Shord Here is the finest in scientifically-designed, nunlily- built smartly Uilorcd sleep unit* „(. no more than you d cx,xx;t to pay for an ordinary innorapring mattress or box spring. T>ic milionally advertised Sprinc- Air matching uinla— famed for superior "sleep-ability" —will give you Uie sound, relaxed 8 lcc t ) rccomrncndid by rloctora for health and vitnlit, . . . Uie refreshing Bleep you need to Wake up Fresh M S,>rin K Air, r^U fully rcncly for Uie day ahead. It's no wonder Umt Spr»H(-Air k used Jlnsp;tala over JOOO lino hotel., . . . mere the sleep^mfort of patients and guesUi is given expert, pro/MWono/ attention, Spring-Air rates "TOPS"! Get the "iraido story." Fed for yourse (r ^ ,„„, of Controlled Comfort." Seo Uie onart color, and fahncs, in floral., and stripes. Chocwe the vcrr si» and'tyiw lo suit your needs from our complete lino of top quality S Mattresses and Box-Springs. I HERE'S WHY YOU GET MORE REST WITH SPRING-ASR ''CONTROLLED COMFORT" „» S^Z-S^-- -''-IVl™^ r:° RT COMFORT fo * ** ar^SSF-"^ ™^^ici::t: S'ScSSStE WADE FURNITURE GO "Trade with Wade and Save"

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