The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on May 21, 1926 · 7
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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 7

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1926
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THE DAILY PROVINCE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, FRIDAY, MAY 21, 1926. -"i-feS irTTFiTTTTTTTTi.sririf-.ii' ;i'?!iMv r;,uhii!llli;l;i;nii! jiyfltl'ifNIiiliitllliii'liMillliil-M iiiaa Mediums Shun Houdini's NO OTHER PIANO HAS EARNED s $ js THE PRESTIGE OF Stock-Reducing Sale Defiant $10,000 Challenge "YcOldcFirme" HEINTZMAN & CO. PIANO It has been associated with the triumphs of the greatest artists. Nothing short of its tonal perfection will satisfy them. YOU CAN HAVE A HEINTZMAN & CO. PIANO IN YOUR HOME Successor! to J. W. KELLY PIANO CO, LTD. Walter F. Evans Ltd. "Everything in Music" Pianos - 657 Granville Street Victrolas Sole Agents Hejntzman & Co. Pianos a.j,i:ut!!.h.'!:.llw.l!.ailWili!lH!4i. But Madame Marcia Deserves It, She Thinks. 1 Holiday Just a few; of the Holiday " Specials. Tiiiere - are many more sports and outing shoes for the whole family. Woo d's Bargain Basement policy is not to create incorrect impressions by, sensational advertising, but to offer lowest possible pViccs on quality equal or superior to competitive lines. You can depend ypon the quality of every pair honest, 100 value, every ;hoe backed up by the reputation of our 14 years in business. Specials In the BARGAIN BASEMENT Ilhino Brand Outinn Shoes Sandal style, crepe rubber soles, brown and white. Holiday Ppc- ' u ill i Va7 U 10 . , . . HVf Girls' Patent Leather Slippers-Wlth fancy cutouts and extension soles. Holiday Special- sizes 11 to 2, 91.99 Sizes 8 to lOtt 1.79 Sizes 4 to 7H f 1.59 Rhino Brand Ontinn Oxfords Extra weight rub ber soles, black and brown. Holiday Speeial- 11 to 13 89 1 to 5 99 Boys' Brown Canvas Runninn Shoes With double wear rubber soles. Holiday Special rues li, ij ami 4, 4 ana s Brown Klk Scoffer Oxfords Genuine chrome soles. Holiday Special Sizes 214 to 51s, 92.79 Sizes 8 to lu',3, $1.79 Sizes 4 to 7V4, 91.59 Ladles' Wlillo Tennis Oxfords Crepe soles. Holiday Special-Sizes 2',! to 8. 1'cr pair 91.25 Ladies' White Canvas One-strap Slippers Flexible leather soles, covered Cuban heels. Holiday Special, all sizes, per pair 91.9t Growlno Girls' Oxfords In light tan and patent leather, low heels, all sizes. Holiday Special, per pair 92.99 WOOD'S BARGAIN BASEMENT 319 Hastings Street W. Printed bocks in China are over 1000 TPRAY ROSES NOW .Check early, various pest" tnvudlnn jrVir msi and flowerinn plants. The early Reason demands early and frequent Spraying to obtain best results. KKHO-Sl'It.VY Is the Ideal combination of lllark Leal Forty, Arsenate of Lead, Hellebore, Whale Oil Soan, Kerosene and emulsifying Ingredients. KF.RO-srr.AY Is Inexpensive and i-iiiivcnieiii tu mix; 16-ounc bottle rusts 40c, makes three gallons of jray; alio put up in half gallons, M iio. (tullons, $;,00. One Ballon makes fifty gallons of spray. Sold ex-cluslvely by Vam-ouver Drug Com-piny Limited. Vancouver, Victoria and New 'Westminster. (Advt.) Artists of Vancouver Organize Another Club Under tbe attractive name of "The I'nletto and Chisel Club." another organization has been added to the list, of artistic fraternities in Vancouver. The objects of the new club will be the encouragement and development of the modern movement In art, and the first officers are Charles Marega, prcpirttnt, and Mrs, Statelra Frame, secretary-treasurer. The new departur la In line with that recognition of new and original methods which is observablo In artistic centres on this continent and In Kuropc, and the Inaugural exhibition of paintings and statuary which will be given by the new club this fall will be looked forward to with Interest. EHOLD I ! V FLETCHER'S "SCOTTISH BOILED - BEEE HAM A Tasty Treat for the Holiday ON SALE AT 'ondmrd' Mtnllrd. Ilnhvon, Cal-Van Mararl. Brink's, 152 HaslliifH. liroun Orocery, tMl'i Davie. Heaver Market, II!) I Davip. hhaiinlinesiy Mi'al Market, 271.1 (.rainlllr. Bird's Hiilcherlrrla. 2!)i7 Grant Mr. Itiinrrs, I50J Kevetillelli Avenue West. jtiinrs llarknrss, 2't'JI Forty-first Avenue West. Moiirr't Market, 079 West Boulevard. Uatnn, 1503 Ten III West. Annliirr. i.'lll" Tenlh West, terminus Market, :tf::t Kiiurlli Mrsl. lliinlnp's Miirkrt, IHM Itroadtvay V Mcot. John liilrrn, .1150 Main, Uttcn'i Meat, 2oij Miiju. Ounlop, 51 IS Main. R. C, Meat, 45.18 Main, Allison's Grocery, Sevenlh and Col- iimhla. Aetieson, 830 Klnnsuav. li. O. ornelt, 621.) f raser, tl. K. Meat Market, 4152 Irasrr. Iturkerltin's Market, Victoria and Thirty-seventh. First Avenue Meat, 1710 Commercial. Hnrlgrot r a Grocery, WOO Powell. Hume Mores. a.lfiO Hastings Kast. Iilrklrtwn's Meat, .1721 Hastings Kast, rail(rote', WM Hastings Kst. fW WESTMINSTER Qnallly Market, 714 Columbia. Carr's Market, 10 lirghlr. VICTORIA II. 0, hlrkham Limited, t ort Street. MAY BE LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR MANITOBA Spiritualists Claim De ceased Presidents Among Their Sponsors. 7 JAMBS O'DONNILL BBNWETT WASHINGTON", May 21. Bedlam broke loose in marble halls when a judiciary subcommittee of the House of Representatives gave another hearing to mediums, to Houdini, banc of occult practitioners at $2 a practice, and to Houdini's investigators. Out of a chaos of harsh language and handypank, neutral onlookers extracted the substantial fact that so late as September 28, 1925, Robert T. Lincoln, son of the emancipator, made an emphatic written denial of statements, attributed to spiritualists, that his father ever had been a spiriualist. "Nevertheless," said Houdini In sworn testimony to the committee holding witch-ridden hearings on the bill of Representative Sol Bloom, Democrat, New York, to stop the trafllc in so-called spirit communica tions in the District of Columbia, "nevertheless mediums continue to trade cm Abraham Lincoln's name, and I know for a fact that they have pretended to bring Lincoln Into four seances held at the same time of the same night.". LINCOLN'S rRBMONITIOMS. "And yet," replied Eepresentative Rathbone, Republican, Illinois, ' "Lin coln did speak of having had vivid premonitions of his death." Houdini acknowledged that, but described those premonitions, of which Lincoln gave detailed description, "as coincidences merely." Asked by Representative- Hammar, Democrat. North Carolina, whether he made any claim to "divine powers," Houdini replied: "No, I'm just an ordinary mortal trying to get along," adding that his exposures of mediums were costing him $40,000 a year. But his money was no lure to the mediums clamoring In the marble halls today for, with an armed detective at his elbow, he flung $10,000 In chaste new hundred-dollar bills on the com mittee table and said: "I will deliver that money now to any medium who now and here will make a 'demonstration' that I can not prove a fraud." Tho brief, but solemn, silence that followed was- broken by the shrill tones of the billowy "Madam Marcia," one of the federal city's leading maenads, who cried: "That money belongs to me. I pre dicted Warren U. Harding's election and death." DIDN'T GIT THE MONEY. But she did not get tho money and amid waxing solemnity Houdini's eagle-eyed almor whisked It back Into his brief case, nobody having offered to demonstrate anything. - Harding was again dragged Into the hearing when June Coates, another medium, having avidly taken the oath, testified that Mrs. Warren O. Harding "openly visited mediums, as did many connected with her during the Itarding administration." ' Jane Coates gave her sworn testimony In pages that reached for yards, denying that at "a reading" on Mon day last, she had told Houdini's chief Investigator, Rose Mackenberg; that the family at present occupying the White House was addicted to table tipping or any other form of mcdlum-tstlc hlghjlnks. "I am convinced that Houdini has practiced black magic on this woman and hypnotized her," Jane Coatea said, referring to a certain medium. BHB WAS "WONDERrUL." After Jane Coates had been cross-examined by Representative Bloom, she withdrew to her seat in Ihe audience breathing heavily and enquiring audibly to her sister maenads, "Did he catch me on anything?" "Dear," said Madam Marcia, "you were wonderful!" Other mediums testified that many who come to them for "readings" arc members of the most conservative of the orthodox churches. Houdini countered on this with the sworn statement that he had once so bewildered the late President Roose velt that the president had asked: "Houdini, la this spiritualism?" "No, colonel," the handcuff king had replied, "it s Just my tricks." Duchess Is Impressed With Canadian Outlook LONDON. May 21. The Duchess of Atholl, under secretary of state for education, who has Just returned from a tour of Canada, Is considerably Impressed with the potential wealth of the Dominion. In an interview here she said that whllo Canada was already a great and wealthy country, the resources yet to be developed wore well worth all the toil that could he devoted to It, One conclusion which had been formed on her trip, she ssld, was the paramount need in Canada for more Immigrants of the "right sort." The Maeic of The Medicine Man In th pioneer days of this country, the Indian Medicine Man knew a remedy in tht roots and herbs of the field for the alleviation of almost every ailment of mankind. So potent am prove, mat in renet from suffering seemed like magic. More than 60 years ago Lydia K. Pinkham of Lynn, Mass., compounded her now famous Vegetable Compound from ths roots and herbs of the field, and in ail thee years, nothing has ever been found to equal it in overcoming ailments of women. (Advt.) COL. J. Y. KEID. JOL. J. Y. RBID, commander for many years of tho Cameron Highlanders In Winnipeg, and partner with his father-in-law in tho departmental store of Jerry Robinson & Co., is probably the government's choice for Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba. Sir James Alklns' term as governor expires In August. Col. Reid is a well-known Liberal. Campaign Headquarters Are Moved to Office of Drive Treasurer. Campaign headquarters of the Victorian Order of Nurses have been closed and concluding work of the drive is being conducted from tho office of the honorary treasurer, Mr. C. G. i'ennock, 202 Yorkshire Building. Contributions in answer to tbe 1926 appeal have passed the $15,000 mark, but an additional $5000 is required. The' committee of management feels assured there are still a number of generous citizens desirous of assisting and announces that donations, however small, will be. welcome. They should be mailed or handed in at Mr. 1'ennock's office within the next few days. The infant mortality rale of Greater Vancouver is one of tho lowest In the world, the services, rendered by the nurses of the Victorian Order being acknowledged as a contributing factor. Following is the list to date: Prmloilily Irknotrlcdfcd $14,570.(14 Mm. TaiintigUKfr , r,0 mim F. a. Saingbury B oa II. C . 1 (II) Mil. MrNtllly 1 no . K. 1 . 110 I. H. 8. 3 nn Mn. P. H. Mtttla i . S! mi June iiid Tliflm i hii w. a. u. ;.-,u Wnmfln I Aiillllsry. 0. W. V. A. .... r Oil Pacific Drug HtofM Llmtti ...... 10 mi B, l Milli, Ttuiljw A Tradlim Co. M4. l.-.ll llfl i-i.n, ii. . .iiiior rranaDorlatlon I.trt. llli r,r, Vanronw Herl'n, Coiinrtl Jnwllb WllDllin llll II. UnllHly ft Co. Uralteil , Ti on .ir.. ai. ij. iiuninp ............. n Aug In-CannOlan Co.' r. l opi.le , , i nil O. H. Allan LlmltPi) m nil Wnmpn'a UulM. Kalrripw prrib. Cimrch & 00 Kmi', Frawr Valley Milk 1'ro- (I'lrtra' Aaw-la(lon l.lmlt.t 1 R 00 ",iik imtsKiii, i uy nun , , , , 7 Vkli.rli I., o. U., No. iuaj r. li. lltvln oft on I'aviea i'anT Poi Co lilllil "'""" ' iirl" ' Klnl'i DaiigMtri. . r, nn l'lnal Com t 'o 1 an ). .MiTaygart Son ." " m, Trlpls Kntrult chaitler, I. n, D. B. .. 10 llll Tlip Canafia M.faM'o. I.lmitfij 2,'i!ll0 Trlnlly UMtr, A.K. A. M. .$10.00 Uril-r of lloyal Curjik, So, Vancouver .s, ( . rt n(( Tim lllrihiiay Tu 1" T". Mr: I'arktr S.HII C'lilrftlon l)ol 4 1 .', laoa'ct 4 II, .Ml nardiionil I.umlj.r Co. Limited . ill on lliittl llrnai.nor nil Allan stolfzo Lumbpr Co. I.lraltfil . Til'flll trej nalttr , 11.1. 095.011 yNArJAlMOV WELLINGTON mm NEW METHOD. SEYXv 446 CASES SCOTCH, LOST Witness at Customs Enquiry Keveals bad hate ot Hum-running Exploit. OTTAWA, May 21. The voyage or the good ship Inter, laden with 20,00u cases of Keotch whlnky, denlgned for consumption In the I'nlted ftntes, was tho subject of dlseusialon before the customs enquiry committee. I.udger Ilrlen. Who ha.M fllr.nli. hnan as to his part in the harge Tremblay nor. particularly anxloun to tell the committee about the Istnr. In passing, however, he mentioned that he had not encaged In the liquor business In' Canada eince the Quebec Ll'iuor Commlsxlon came Into being. Hon. H. if. Htnvenai. iir.tlitB. tl, ...... it fleatlon, aeked him if he had enaaatd in mat ousiness in llie I'nlted Htntes. Wilneian arlmittrd thnt h. I .' one of a syndicate which chartered a vessel to carry a iftrgo of liquor from Croat lirllaln. The cargo was shipped, hut it never reached Its destination. It Was never delivered nnrl II,. cats lost, a large, sum of money which nnu neen pain as a (I'poelt to the Hrltlsh 'manufacturers. Ho cnuld nut tell whether the Istar returned to Kngland with her cargo or Is still rov-ina the seas attemnttna. in J her 20,000 cases along the Culled Biatea coast, The .committee spent the morning examining Hrlen and concluded with him Just before the noon adjournment. Then, as Capfnln Tremblay of tho f. mous harge, who has been sent press-lug summons to appear, had not turned up, adjournment was made, Proposes Second Railway to Bay WIX.ViPFXJ, May 21. Serving an extensive area In Haakatchewan. eminently suitable for wheat raising, a new railway to the Hudson Hsv, running along the height of land between the (Saskatchewan and Churchill rivers and having its terminal at I-nrt Churchill, is foreseen by Hon. Jarres (1. Cardlnnr, Premier of Hai.katrhewnn, in the event of the Hudson Ilav line to Port Nelson proving a aiiccesi. according to statements he mada In an Interview here today,' I Hundreds of Men's SUMMER at Sacrifice Prices rr OO many suitswe're sacrificing profits and part of the costs to force them out tomorrow. These values are mighty fine investments. Chesterfield, College Brand and Hyde Park Clothes, Canada's finest. $30.00 and $35.00 Indigo Dye Blue Serge Suits Hantl-tailored garments developed from genuine indigo dyed pure wool British serges. Men's and young men's models in new, smart authentic styles. Take our word for it, the values are most unusual it will pay you to investigate. $35.00 to $45.00 Odd Suit From Our Best Lines . . . Every odd suit or two of a line from our best selling numbers is included in this extraordinary clearance tomorrow. Genuine West of England worsteds, browns, greys, blues and subdued stripes, checks, etc., and lots of smart light summery shades. S30.00 and S32.00 Values-High-grade Suits (': MW Hundreds of the new light fancy Fair Isle summer patterns and colorings are included in this group. Suits for men and young men ; also smart fancy stripes, blue and brown and grey worsteds, etc. Remarkable values tomorrow. $25.00, $30.00 Values Men's Odd Suits $14 Wonderful choosing and emphatic savings in this lot tomorrow; smart Pnglilh tweeds, herrringbones and light fancy mixtures for summer wear. Two and three-button models, cut in the new smart English models or conservative styles. Men's Odd Pants Values to $5.50 $g.95 Pure wool and union tweeds and worsteds; Kngllsh grey flniiucls, lialloon liot-torns; navy iiliin Irish serges; light stripe and mlin licacli cloths; Oxford tweeds and moleskins. Every culor and every size. Boys9 Bargains mm m MMHmnMMHMMHMiamMMnMMMBBM Clever Styles Boys' Long Pant Suits $13 to $25 Mothers will appreciate this wonderful showing of smart I.ona:-panl Sulls. for hoys of fi lo 18 yrurs. Cold, vest and Inn p.mts, new KngliMi-ctit rtiod'is-lliey ro smart in these new fancy litiit Fair Isle tweeds. Itcniurkull4 values. Boys' Two Pant $8.95 Tremendous s ,1 v I n p In these fine llnvs' Suits In-iniirrnw. Loin nf liitlil, sumiin'fy tweeds, lilue si'rai-H. rlc; IhoroiiKlilv tailori'd two j;iiils. Boys' aVVear Better" Two Pant Suits $10.85 Floys' Keller Ond" Snils In pure wool Knllhh mid Scotch f;iney liuht und nii'iliniii twci'd. We're fi-tttji'lng ijiiusimI :iiii-s Mdliii'd.iy. MIM COVi rtM.I.S, (file Hoys' Khaki Twill Covenill 1'luy Soils, tfllnunail red or lilue. Ml sizes. Hoys' Wool Tweed Knickers In the new IIrIiI summery I-nil' Isle ve;ies. Made from ends of null- (1- rm IliKH.- ViiliK-K to ?:!.". Sale price ,. ... 3)J.D lleys' Kli.-iKI lllkltiK llreeches und l.on(r I'iitils. Valm-H tu mm OXtUU Hoys' ': mid V.X Khnkl Stnillil 1'jnU nn find lllooinrrs t)C lleys' Siitimier Shlti w.iisls in smart stripe rf lllljes tu ifl.'n i Sille price OUC Hoys' 1!.m While KiikIIsIi Sport Slilrls and tl nn Slilrls wllh Hi'imraie collars ol.UU iioys loo'.e I'nre Wool Fnncy Fnlr Isle Sport weiiiers, ja.zy liesimiH Hoys I'wiil Klidlii Siort Shltis. Shlrlwiiists m-a nn und Kitlcket-s. Viilues to I .Mi lor 3)1.11 "' IHm'k and lirown Hililied (Jolton (ioir nr lliise; 0 to ill; .'iilc ,iln.'s fur JC, Hoys' Siiiimier Coniliiiiiitloiia, halhrlirT.ui, nieiioo and iciiniiiecks. lleu' .fl.'in aliies rnr uilc liovs' I'ure Wool l.nullsli (irey Klannel fm Stills, hlraiK'hl knickers 3f)."0 Finest tirade Fnnllsli IMire Word Flannel Con' In Inmilsiitii.) hriclil sl riies. lleKnlar C " l " " " '" '"' llnvs f .in I'nre Wool l.iiKlisli Jersi js. Ail colors 'S2.95 ...79c 'The Store that's alvays busy4"" 310 (JIIANVILLE STREET Holiday Furnish-ings at Great Savings Values to P?."0 In Men's Smart Tweed Caps. PIMc lined, llll tin; new fancy Fair Isle patterns in a.11 CM (f shades. Snturday JoJL.UU Arrow, Tooke and Forsyth Fine Slilrls, sepimile. eollar or nollar allaehed, for onling and Hpotis wear. I'lnln colors of white. Inn, rreatn. lilue, grey, etc.; iilso smart fancy sltipes. Values lo ?3.j(). in f " Mlurik.y ftl.yO Men's ?s to in I'ure Wool F.nglish Cream Flannel Trousers. I'laill or Hlriped. &m t " H..y JbD.yD Men's Fine Naineherk Athlelie Surnmer Com- pf Mnatlons. Sulunlay, all sizes at UtC Men's rio Fine silk Lisle Socks. Plain or fnnev rlhs: all colors. Snturday, ilireo (ki tt Plrn I'oi' Dl.UU ?12ri Men's Quality Shirls in smart fancy rf sltilies. (ienulne woven fabrics. SatunlHy . . . . 7t)C Topkls nnlionally known nml fine naineherk N'o-hnllnn Alliliiic, Siiinmer Coiiililiiiilions, porous knit and fine Hallifiggan Coniliinallons: values to Q-t ff rim. Saturday tbl.UU Men's 50c English Silk Four-ln-hand Ties in rf jinurt patterns. Tliree for f Ot)C Arrow Sort Collars; new one-ply fabrics In ' rr ill llio'Binurt shapes, Suluvday, five for ... 3)1. UU Men's Klutkl Twill Slilrls. cut full and aa roomy, ?l,50 alues for 3)J-UU "ie St. MarEaret I'nre Wool Fnglish Cashmere rr Sucks; ull colors. Plain or ribbed t)DC "an St. Margaret Fine Pure Wool English rr Worsted Socks. Two pairs for VuC Men's Funny Fnlr Isle Sport Sweaters In new (Tr) f " Jazzy ili'slgns. Values lo $i'..00 for OOa" Men's Silk llroaddnlli Shirts, Arrow nml Knrsylh makes; plain or smart stripes ; rto rm values to ri.rx.i. Sulurday 2)Z.iD SUGGESTS UNION OF MARITIME PROVINCES tl n utitun than nt tli" prrHfuf, wh-n ( or fiTVH tl vfl K'l vrrniriMit n Vci f In t In nil thr1' provliirffl. Ht r f"t rt-d i Only Way to Effect Economy Says Former Commander Of Highlanders. HALIFAX. May 21. r'ol. A. II. Herrlen. eonimsn1"r f the Nova Srot.01 lllKhlaiMlera flaring the mar, an. I un- iUere,H"flil t.ll'eral rnnrllriHle lii KinK' Cnimty in the ;r pro iiwinl g nral election, nililreHing llie Women n t,l. eral liuh h"r, ileelared thai If the provinces of Nnvn HentiH. New ftiiuis. wleU anil Prince ijiinmd tslnnrt wished to eronnmlne they flir ij I 1 1111, c under one r'ivi rnment. atirt he iikucsii iI thai theia was no better time tu effect 3U'.h Soothes Throat Irritation PERTUSSIN hat an unusual beneficial effect. Those whose throats re over ensltive will find thij harmlem cough remedy source of quick relief and lasting benefit. Safe to take as oftenasrerjuired because it is entirely free from harmful drugs. At.lldriiitti.i. h""l.Kcndl.M for Every Cough mUr.K i, hi m.ulil le iff.-cieil 111 I reduced -gialatlvA exien.e.. .11 1 y J " t'"f Hnv vvmiifi t p "iai. apttjea..w.T I 1 1 aV'rfiU'iWlivwi.,a,,, . ... I- , I f ', '" " ,1 1 U'r-'i A F R H i r k .A V 1 "',' f. 'i ' mm 1 J

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