The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1950
Page 2
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*AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THl NATION TODAY— Many Pay income Tax Promptly To Speed Prospect of an Early Refund from Federal Treasury B.r Charles Molonj (For James Marlow) WASHINGTON, Jan. 31. (/TV—Farmers and employers come up to nome tax deadlines today. Farmers who didn't (ile declarations (cstlma(es) or 1949 Income (ax by January 15 must file final returns and pay uji In full by nild- nighi tonight. There's a penalty If they don't. But farmers who sent declnrn-*— tlons in up to January 15. can. If they choosej wait as late as March IS to pt;y up—just like all other individual taxpayers. Of course any taxpayer who expects a refund will find It advan- tageotis to file his final 1949 income tax return early. The only vray la establish tliat yo\i've got a refund coming ts to /ile a Iinxl return, thereby allowing ho»- much you've overpaid the total tnx due. Tile'quicker you do so. the 0.11 Icle- er you are likely lo receive yntir refund. A half-million taxpayers already have gciten their refunds on averaging about $47 1949 taxes, each. Usually some 30.000,000 or about three out of five taxpayers get a refund, most of them wage and salary earners from whom more has been withheld than they actually owe. Many employes have been delaying their final 1949 income tax returns awaiting receipt from their employers of forms W-2, which show how much pay the workers got and how much tax was withheld last year. Today Is the deadline for employers to give their workers the W-2 forms. Two Dradllnrs Tonlfhl Employers have a couple of other tax duties that must be discharged before midnight tonight: 1. To file their annual returns (Perm 940) to the federal government on unemployment Insurance tax. and to pay the federal share of that tax. It usually comes to 3J10 of one per cent of their payrolls. 2. To file returns, and turn over the money, on income tax (Form W-l) and old age insurance tax (Form SS-1A) withheld from worker* for October, November and December, 1949. This will mark the lust time employers will have to make separate returns on Income tax withholding and old age Insurance taxes. It also will be their last payments • t the ]9« old age insurance ratti ct one per cent each for employers and employes, on wages up ! to $3,000 • year. Next time they make the quarterly withholding returns, which will be April ,30, employers will use a single form (Ml). combining both »epbrti.;. k . .;;•.;,.;,;•'.. ' f, 'v^V" ' And on old age Insurance payment*, they'll be turning over 1H per cert each for themselves and workers—or SO per cent more than they've had to turn over so far. Wage earners who have had a pay check since 1950 began already have been nicked at the higher old age insurance rate, giving employers a start on the collections they'll have - to turn In three months hence. Private Detective Loses Interest in His Hobby • LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31—{/TV- Raymond Schindler. private detective whose hobby has been investigating cases of unjustly accused prisoners, might be pardoned today for a loss of enthusiasm. Schindler and his wife returned home from a movie last night to find a youth sitting In the easy Fire Breaks Out In Landing Gear Of Constellation BOSTON. Jail. 30. (at— More than 30 passengers were hastily evacuated from an Eastern Airlines Constellation today when lire broke out In the landing gear as the plane was about to take off. The majority sfiri down a rope to the ground and a few reported friction btirns. Co-Pilot R. N. Lucas wns slightly Injured in dropping to the ground with a fire extinguisher. The fire, confined to the right landing wheels and hydraulic fluid, was extinguished by the Airport Fire Department. Veterans' Job Claims Are Settled Amicably KANSAS CITY, Jan. 31. (API — Ninety-two per cent of veterans' claims for restoration of their pre- rervice Jobs have been settled amicably in the It-stale area handled by the Bureau of Veterans Re-Employment Rights here. The Labor Department agency reported today there were 1.3B3 claims filed and 1,188 settled In the period from July, 1948. to June, 1949. The report covers Missouri, Kansns. Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, .New Mexico and Wyoming for the full period and Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana for eight and a half montlis. In only 25 cases have veterans collected salary damages from em- ploye.? who refused to rehlrc them, the agency said. The claims totaled $19.108. The U. S. Department of Agriculture has found benzene hexach- lorlde may be used to control chicken lice without making meat or eggs taste "musty." chnlr In the detective's den. He was holding a .38 revolver. "The man 1 was .extremely polite," reported Schlndleiv;!'He said: 'put up your hjnds.Vsir,Vtrid Sand me -, your wallet.' He'look"$80 from''the wallet and handed it back to me." Schindler has been collaborating with Writer Erie Stanley Gardner in Investigations of severnl convictions they believe sent innocent men to prison. -HOT RASHES? Are you golnfc thru the nmcllonnl middle-age' r<T[oc! peculiar la women (38-52 yrs.11 Does this make you GUiler from hot flashes, reel so ner- roitt, titBh-sUmiB. tlrcil? Tin™ DO Iry Ly.11.1 K. Htakham's Vegetable Cam- liimiid to relieve such symptoms! I'lnkhnins Compound also lias what Doctors call a stomachic totilc cilectt v LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S 3SSSS& YOUNG MAN-.. OUNG MAM— f l»fl Walnut, with Tr^j anil Receding Hing«. Onc«- A-Vtar VilcnMn. SKcl.l. LOVELY ttISS AMERICA IS Hl*« JACQUI IKRCPt rtOVERTISEO IN LIFE AND 5CVEKTEEN Thril! HER on February H with Hie ideal Valentino present—A LANE! Moth-Protection Guarantee. Setter hurry for these Oncc-A-Ycor Valentine Specials—They Won't Last Long! I LANE Chas. S. Lemons. TUESDAY, JANUARY 81, 1959 SMALL HKKO—Pnul Frank Bacon, 10,"rests in hed after a dynamite cap explosion at school inflicted £0 cuts on his chest, abdomen, arms and legs at Burtrank, Calif. Paul sighted the burning cap In a locker, picked it lip, ran to the door, and was about to throw It out when the cap exploded. Police' said his action saved several pupils from being Inilt. (AP Wirephoto). Boys Smash School's Windows and Get a Pat On Back for an "Assist" MCALESTEH, Okla., Jan. 31—«') —Ertmoiid Boyle School was short most of its window glass today— esult of a good old-fashioned rock- ng. And the boys who did the Job got pat on the back from their elders for commendable accuracy. Firemen were driven back from he two-story brick building Sun- lay by henvy smuke from a stub- »rn, smouldering b!a?.e In the >aseinerit. They called on the young- spectators to help "open" the windows '.o let the smoke escape. They obliged with undisguised pleasure. Damage was estimated at $3.000 Supt. D. D. Kirklaud said classes irobnbly would not resume until Thursday. Rot Hunt in Farm Home Has a Tragic Ending FARMINGTON, Del., Jan. 31. (/I —Mrs. Jeanettc Fisher Heard a ra: running around on the second floor of her farm home last night. She ann Tier neighbor. Mrs. Elizabeth Jcnciid, 17. grabbed the Fisher baby and ran downstairs. They called Mrs. Jen-cad's husband. William, 23. to try to catch the rut. He borrowed the Fisher automatic pistol and ran upstairs. A moment later, State Policp reported, he fired at the rat. "Billy, I'm shot," screamed his wife. He hurried downstairs, found his wife dying from a bullet wound In the abdomen. The bullet had torn through the ceiling of the living room. State Police clcsed their books'on the case, calling it an accidental shooting. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Comedy Writers Must Produce Jokes By the Hundreds and Keep 'Em Fresh By llnl Hoyle NEW YOKK — (IPi~ Would you ike to be a lop comedy writer and make M.OOO or more a week? It Is very simple, All you have o do is think up Jokes—funny okes, by the hundreds. However, Jokes arc much like people. They are very perishable. "Strangers are always mailing me a Joke and asking me to pay them f. I use It said Edgar ;he radio ventriloquist. "Usually the loke Is old. But even if it were new —who wants to buy jokes one at time?" His famous wooden-head dummies—Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Sncrd—burn up Jokes like they were giveaway matches. And Bergen gave this insight Into the tense problem of getting ha-ha material for a half-hour program: "I work with three writers. First we agree on a comedy situation. Then we write as many jokes around it as we can. Usually we get between 700 and SOO. "We trim these down to 300. then we go pruning until we end up with 80 or 90 Jokes we actually will use on the program." For 12 years Bergen has dealt with tills proble.n of creating three laughs for every minute he Is on the air. Oddly enough, he retains a sense of humor about it. Originally, he wrote all his own material. Hut In time—like Jack Benny, Hnb nope, Milton nerle and other popular comedians—had holler for help. Itcal Fulure For Writers to editing the material."Bergen himself looked a little hollow-eyed as he sipped his 11:15 a-m. breakfast coffee. "1 worked from midnight until 3:30 this morning' editing the jokes lie wrote yesterday," he sighed. AIJ this time McCarthy and Snerd dozed soundly in a trunk. The joke Industry is equally wearing on comedian and writer. "It's important to change writers," said Bergen. "You get tired of each other—and you find you are going down the same channel too often," He estimates he has been assisted by some 20 writers in his career. "There is no question of the need for more comedy writers," he said. "It can never be an overcrowded profession. Talent .Musi Be Developed "Writers can't be manufactured, but they can be developed like any other talent. I have always thought that colleges could teach two things that they don't teach now—how to have a successful marriage and how to be comical on purpose. And they Should have a post-graduate course in how to be very comical." Bi-j'»cn hirn.self Is always scouting for fiesh talent, where does he find it? "Well, once I went to an employment agency in L/)s Angeles. I asked for two-page sample scripts. 1 got 90. Only three of them were any good. I hired two of the people. 'One was a young girl named Dorothy Kingsley. she started at , $40 a week. In a year she was get- Unlike some laugh merchants ! ting S150, In three years she was Beigcn has u vast for his wliters. vocal respect "A guy who can write comedy has a real future today," he said. "And there Is no unemployment problem. There are no $?,000 a week comedy writers silting around wait- Ing for a call. They are all working." He means those who can keep steadily shucking fresh jokes week after week and mouth after month and year after "It's the writer who makes a program classy or trashy." he said. " "He sparks It begins with ' him. The comedian's art 'lies making $500 And she left me to go to work for the M-G-M studio at $1,200. "A good comedy writer doesn't have to wait until the senior partner dies to get promoted." Now if you want to go to work for Bergen cion't mail him a new joke. ,\faii him a thousand—if you're really serious about wanting to write comedy. White gold Is produced by the addition of 25 per cent of platinum or 12 per cent of paladium to a I quantity of pure gold. OFFERS RKWARD—John D. Allen. Sr., (above), president of the Drink's Express Company, makes phone call in Chicago office, following the firm's offer of a $100,000 reward for capture of gunmen who stole $1,500,000 from the Boston office Jan. 17. Allen said the reward will be paid for the bandits "dead or imprisoned—and we'd rather have them dead." (AP Photo). Streamlined Salary Bill Urged for Legislators LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 31—OP)— One salary act appropriation for all .state detriments is proposed in a plan now being studied by the Arkansas Legislative Council. Suggested by Mrs. Marie Bush Hogan. of the council's research staff, it would simplify the present lengthy approprlatio)4 which list the number of salaries of each em- ploye for each department for each year. The state constitution requires separate appropriation bills for each department. Mrs. Hopui said her plant wouio. meet that requirement. She suggested a single act fixing the number of employes for each department and annual maximum salaries for each classification. Then, with that act as a guide, the legislature would pass appropriation bills for each department, Matthews Says Denfeld Expected To Be Relieved WASHINGTON, Jan. 31—</p)-_ Secretary of Hie Navy Matthews was quoted today as saying that Adm. Louis Denfeld told him Mat- " thews had no choice but to fir« Denfeld as chief of naval operations. Chairman Tydlngs (D-Md) reported the cabinet member mad» the statement in a closed meeting . of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Denfeld's ouster. Tydings quoted Matthews as saying the dismissal stemmed from a difference of opinion over unification policies- Denfeld was removed after J t* had protested to a House commt'i* tee last fall (hat Navy was not' getting a fair break in high level military decisions. "Secretary Matthews tcstifed that after the action was taken, Admiral Denfeld came to htm and told him he did not see how the secretary could have done otherwise," Tydings told reporters. ' •. Tydings said he had not told the committee whether he was surprised at the testimony which Denfeld gave before the House group. Norway's legislature is called the Storthirg. but merely appropriate one amount for salary, sufficient to cover em- ployes authorized- Personal To Women With Nagging Backache As wtt %fi older, strwis and itrajn, over. ex«rtiun, exMciive smoking or exposure to co!.I Aometiine.t ilowi down kidney function. Thia may lead runny folks to coin- plain of nudging backache, loss of pep and cnerny. headache* and dizziness. Cettinjc up niKhLi or fr*-nuent passages may remit from minor bladder irritations due to cold, datrir>tie*s or ditlary indiscretions. If your discomforts &re due to the5« causes, don't wait, try Doan'« J'Hls. « miM oiuretic. Usc.l (.uccrssfuHy by millions for over 60 years. While thesp symptoms may often otherwise occur, it's amaiinn ha,w in any times Doan's sive tiajipj leliflft help the IS mik^ of kidney tubes *nd filial Sush out H'ULc. 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