The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1950
Page 5
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THUkeuAT, 8B1TEMBBH «, District Fair Winners Art Department— Winners* of premium awards In me Art Depanment of the Northeast Arkansas District fair were »n- ; nouneed yesterday bv Mrs. B A BUftg, 111 charge of the exhibit. The ; entries filled the north win* of She • women's Exhibit Building and will • J»t on display for the remainder of ^^» 'air, which closes Sunday. - Entries In the senior division were Judged by John C. Smedley of Maiden. Mo., and junior division entries were Judged by Mrs. Irene Hazel of Caruthentvillc, Mo. Art Department winners. Included the following: Cla« I: Srnlor Division Portrait or figure in oil — Mrs. Ernest Hazel, Carnthersvllle. Mo., I: Mrs F. E. Howell. Manila. 2; ; Mrs. Lloyd Florman. Blytheville, 3 Landscape In oil—Mrs. Howard Bowen, Blytheville, 1; Mr«. H. I, Harp, Blyihevllle, J; Mrs. B. A. Bugp. Blytheville. J. SUM lif' in oil—Mrs. Hazel. 1; Mrs. Harp. 2; Mrs. BugR. J. Floral in oil—Mrs. George Barham. .Blytheville. 1; Mrs. Barham and Mrs. Hazel. : (tie); Mrs. Gene Dickinson nf Blytheville «nd Mrs. Harp, 3 Hie). Original In oil—L. H. Aulry. Jr.. Burdetre, 1; Mrs. Barham, 2; Mrs. J. S. Edwards. Paragould. 3. Animal In oil—Mm. Bugg. 1; Mrs. Lee Stiles, Blytheville. J; Mrs. Dickinson. 3. Marine in oil — Mrs. Howell, 1; Mm. Bugg, 5 »nd 3, Landscape In water color—Mr>. Hazel, 1; Mrs. Marie Wiley. Blytheville. 3 (No second place) Floral In Mter color—Mrs. Barhum. 1 and J.. Collection; any medium — Mrs. J»rhnm. 1 and 2; Mrs. Dickinson, a. ^fPastel—Mrs. Howell. 1. 5 and 3. Pen—W. H. Scott. Blyihevllle, 1; Mrs. Edwards, 2 and 3.. Pencil—Mrs. Wiley. 1. I and 3. D* Coupage— Mrs. Wiley. 1; C. I. Jones, Maiden, Mo., 2. Class II: Junior Art (OTW 12 yean nl afe) Pastel—Donna Dedman. Blylhe- ville. 1; Ann Hlndman. Blytheville 2: SUE Harrmm. Blytheville. S. Pen—Charles Hinson. Blytheville, 1: Jlmmlf. Goforth, Blytheville, 5; .'o.v Edwards. Blytheville 3. Pencil—Melton Sylvester. Blytheville. I and .1; Charles Hinson. 2. Wntcr Color—Donna Dedman. 1. Cartoon—Jlmmle Goforth. 1 and 3, Charles Hinson. 2. ' . ' Class III: JanW Art (Under 12 years of « ( e) Pencil — Johnny Lou Johnson Yarbro. 1 and 2. Poster—Elizabeth Brister, Yarbro, 1: Mary Maud McRae, Yarbro, 2; '•J. W. Richardson. Yarbro, 3. Spatter painllng - Johnny Lou Johnson. 1. 2 and 3. Fingei painting—Alice Faye Ash, ^Yprbro. 1 and 2; Clyde Oriffen. Y"rbro, 2. iy Wr.odcrafl—Lovell Wheeler, Yar- Clay — Ervan Wimberly. Yarbro 1: Charles Mclnlosh. Yarbro. 2- Douglas McKnight. Yarbro 3 De Conpage—Leota June Moore Blytheville. I Lee Moore, Blvlhe: ville, 2 snd 3. Crochet Contest— _ entries In the National Crochet Contest event at Ihe North- easl Arkansas District. Pair here were announced yesterday.The contest was directed by Mrs. Ernest Cude and Mrs. R. E. Tettleton Entries are on display in the Women's Exhibit Bulldln? at the fairgrounds. Crochet winners follow: Scarves and Wall Panels—Mrs. George VanderHey, Rt. 2. Batei- ville. 1; Mrs. Pan! McLerkin, Para- SMV.IM 2: Mrs. Ernest Cude. Rt. 3, Lcachville. 3. Pot Holder? and Hoi Plales—Mrs O. I. Jones, Maiden, Mo:. I; Mrs. Lee Stiles. Blytheville. 3. Buffet, and Vanity sets — Mrs pnderHey, U.Mrs. McLerkin,-3' >1rs. Murray McHaffey, Rt 4 Blytheville. .1. ' Table Cloths—Mrs. V. K. Tiltlc Rt. 2. stoclc. Mo., l: Mrs. B, K. Tittle. Blytheville. 2: Mrs w H Mitchell. Rt. 3, Blythrville. 3. Bed Spreads--Olendon Alley. Bly- MARINES PUSH ON SEOUL 1 theville, 1. Luncheon Sots—Mrs. VanderHey, Doilies, under H inches — Mrs VanderHey, I; Mrs. Max Wntson Armorel, 2; Mrs. A. P. Burks, Blytheville. 3. Household Accessories M r s Sliles, 1. . Fashion Accessories—Mrs. H. B. Markham, Blytheville, 1. Edgings and Insertions — Mrs Cude, 1; Mrs. Lillie slsk, Blytheville, 2; Mrs, J. C. Williams, Blytheville. 3. Bags - Mrs. Etilss. 1. (No first place) Centerpieces, over 14 Inches—Mrs VanderHcy. 1; Mrs. Cude. 2; Mrs Paul Jobe. Blytheville, 3. • Chair Sets — Mrs. McHaffey. 1; Mrs. Burks, 2; Mrs. Mildred Webb Rt. 1. Blytheville, 3. Ladles Ovci 65—Mrs. Markham, I. Clothing— As Is the case nearly every year, the clothing competition of the Farm and Home Demonstration of the Northeast Arkansas District Pair here drew a large volume of entries In its numerous categories Winners-In Ihis division were announced yesterday. Enrles in the Farm and Home Department's clothing diyision, directed by Mrs. Elza Wheeler and Mrs. Herman Smith, are on display in the Women's Exhibit Building. Clothing competition winners follow; Household Linens Embroidered white pillow cases- Mrs. C. A. Tant. Blytheville r Mrs. Paul McLerkin. Paragould, a; Mrs. L. A. Gibson, Monetle, 3 Pillow cases with color—Mrs" \ P. Burks, Rt. 2, Blytheville,' 1 •' Mrs. 0. S. Edwards. Rt. 6 Paragould. 2; Mrs. Max Watson, Armo- Monogrammed sheet; and pillow cases—Mrs. Tanl, -1; Mrs i o Westbrook. Blytheville. 2; Mrs T R. Watson. Armorel. 3. Luncheon-set, all while -Mrs Joe. Fellhauer, Blylheville, l an A x : Mrs. Tant. 2. ' , ',' Luncheon set. lace trim—Mrs Raleigh Sylvester. Blyfheville i- Mrs. C. T. Jones. Maiden, Mo 2' Mrs. T. R. walson, 3. ' ' Luncheon cloths, assorlcd Mrs Forrest Moore, Blytheville. l- Mrs Elva Poe, Blytheville. 2; Joy Edwards, Paragoulri. 3. Table cloth, one liar-kin—Mrs Lloyd Whittnkcr, Blytheville ]"•' Mrs. Edwards, 2. Kitchen curtain—Mrs. T. R Watson, 2. (No first place.) Doilies—Mrs. Tant. l and 2- Mrs T. H. Watson, 3. ' Table runners—Mrs. Murray Mc- FJaffey, 1; Mrs. Fellhauer, 2- Mrs Poe, 3. ' ' Bedspreads, other than crocheted —Mrs. Lilly Slsk. Blylheville. 1. Bedspreads, fancv—Mrs. T R Watson, 1. Boudoir pillow—Mrs. Kemp Whisenhunt. Blyiheville. l; Mrs. T. R. Watson. 3. (No second place.) Pin cushion—Joy Edwards. I; Mrs. Tant, 2; Mrs. T. R. Watson. Pot holders—Mrs. C. I. j ( m= s I and 3; Billy Lutes Rt. 2. Blytheville, Hankies, all while--Mrs. Tant, 1: Mrs. Jones. 2. Hankies, assorted—Mrs. Tanl I- Mrs. T. R. Watson, 2; Mrs. Hurks. 3.' Kitchen or tea towels-Mrs. E'l- -tOUTH SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. THURSDAY <& FRIDAY Double Feature Program NOT JUST A COMEDY- IT'S A RIOT! f^^m JUNE ALLYSON . , DICK POWELL : ».-ffJ.«H.lPCTT^>-»» • BRAWLING. LUSTY... ACTION] Playground for th« Kiddie* Childr«n 11 qn d Under Admitted Free wards. I. Guest towel—Mrs. Elza Wheeler, Rt. 3, Blytheville 1. 2 and 3. Patchwork—Mrs. Whisenhunt, V. K. Tittle. Rt. 2. Stcele, Mo.. 2. Applique — Mrs. whiltakor. 1; Mrs. Burks, 2; Mrs. Gibson, 3. Silk—Mrs. B K Tittle, Blytheville, 1; Mrs V, K. Tittle, Slpele, Mo., 2. Wool—Mrs, v. K. Tittle, 1. Hooked—Mrs. J. w. Adams, Blytheville, 1 and 2; Mrs. C. L. Jone/3. Braided—Mrs. Byron Moore. Bly- lheville. l; Mr. T. R. walon, 2 and Hand-woven—Mr. Burks, 1. Olher kinds—Peggy oeskin, Blytheville. |; Mrs. John Williams, Rt. 3. Blytheville. 2; Mrs. C, I. Jones, 3. Infants' Apparel Baby pillow—Mrs. T. R. Watson, 3. (No first or second place.} Baby sacque. embroidered—Mrs. Forrest Moore. 1. Baby sacque. crocheted—Mrs. McHaffey. l; Mrs. Edwards, 2- Mrs. T. R. Watson, 3. Baby set. dress and slip—Mrs. T. R. Watson, 3. (No first or second place.l Baby layette, cfeht cotlon aiiicles —Mrs. T. R. Walson. 1. Baby bib—Mrs. T. R. Walson, 1; Mary McRae. 2: Mrs. Burks, 3. Children's Oarmriils Child's dress, plain—Mrs. Max Watson, l; Mrs. R. A. Copeland, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. Lee Stiles. Blytheville. 3. Child's dress, fancv—Mrs. Copeland, 1; Mrs. Max Watsan, 2- Mrs T. R. Watson, 3. Girl's sun suit-,-Mrs, T. R Watson, I; Mrs. Ma«>Watson. 2 Boy's sun slltl—Mrs. Max Watson. 1, 2 and 3. Children's 'Garments Boy's suit—Mrs. T. R. Watson, I. Boy's shirt—Mr*. T. R. Watson. 1; Mrs. Edwards, 2; Mrs. Ira Kooncc, 3. Child's pajamas— Mrs. Max Watson, t. Other articles—Mrs. Max Wateon 1; Mrs. T. R. Watson. 2. Ladies- Garments Sun bonnet—Mrs. H. B. Markham, Rt. 3, Blytheville. I. Night .gown-Mrs. Burks, l and 3; Mrs. SUles, 2. PaJamas*-Mae Beryl Revflls, Rt. 2. Blytheville, I. Education Needs Are Outlined Official Explaint School Program • For Older Persons •».«• VKKN HAlUiLAM) (for CMkltl Beach') WASHINGTON _ The Government Printing office has just mil out i new booklet.nn "Education for A Long And Useful Lire." II was prepared | )V ,, w re[ie ,. a [ Security Agency's O/fice of Education, oaten ones of Hint office says^lhi. pamphlet -incidnics some Ihat need lo be worked "oiu' 1 "™ Ihe schools and other educational agencies." ''The number ol people pas' n B c 65 Is expected nearly lo double within the next lioneratinn " says ones. "Much of Ihe groundwork for uiiimriu!. a longer and more useful life imisl -Mrs. Stiles, 1; Mrs. I be laid during (he in-school years. ; Mrs. T. n. Wat,son, S. Thrift Laiiic.s- _ I T. R, Watson, 2; Mrs, Edwards, 3. Ladies' smock—Mrs. T. R. Wai- S'm. 1; Mrs. C. A. Vinson, Armorel 2; Mrs, Burks, 3. Ladies' slip—Mrs. T. R. Watson, Kitchen apron—Mrs. Vin.son. I; Mr;. MOO,.,,. 2; Mrs. McLc'kill, 3. Ten apvoii- Mrs. Cleo Pope. Rly- : ,;Mr S .Sy,ve 5 te, 2; Mr,T. --SR Watsm. 3. Lu.'irhenn cloth—Mrs. Max Watson, 1; Mrs. C. I. Jones, 2; Mrs Burks, 3. GnTs dress—Mrs. Max Watnji.i 1; Mrs. T. n. Wnison, 2; Mrs. vin-' son, 3. Child's 'nidr-rparmcnt—Mrs. • T. R- Watson. 1 and 2. Potholders—Mrs. C. T. Jones, 1. Clothes bag—Mrs. T. R. Watson, Bonnet—Mrs. C. I. Jones, I; Mrs. T. R. Watson, 2. ' Shirt-Mrs. Max Watson, 1 and 2; Mis. T. R. Watson. 3. Hish towels ,set of three—Mrs. Stiles, i; Mrs. whtscnhunt, 2. Pillow cases---Mfs. Pope, !• Mrs Hurts. 2 and 3. Boy's suit—Mrs. Edwards, 1 Among the problems that face Ihe public school, few n rc more Important than ttiatof providing suitable learning opportunities for those in the latter half of life " To which Federal Security Administrator Oscar n. EwinR adds: "We are coming ( o recognize the' need for measuring the material and .spiritual aspects of our way of — - IIlc need for niafcinR more meaningful anil pleasant Ihe years now added to the average lifetime. "Much of the groundwork fur lw« and useful life can best "« laid during Ihe regular school , years. But our public schools must, I also assume new responsibilities They must offer educational opportunities appropriate to adllli development and preparation for the mature and less active years of later life. J Speilal Aclhiti™ The new bulletin rcpurts t h a t during 1341-48 only 2 5 public schools had special activities for people past retirement "aRC. H pro- Doses that the local school take the lead in urginu development of a wcll-ronnried community proeram for the aging and a S cd. II'says long me altitude that: wards, i; Mrs. Sylvester, "~2; M'IS. | ,| a j, M ° kill|! '. a comi ""nlty a good SWELL GOING-Pal 1'aller- • son, 21). of Houston. Tex., shows tvhy she won Ihe lille, "National Sv.-.-Rt:r Queen of IMO." She wa« tlmsen In tvew York liv a committee of experts—sweater manufacturers, newspapermen »nd photographers. Self-help aanncnt - Mrs. T R ", , hag "' g l " 1 . <1 as '' d - U ' Wat on. 2. ,Nn first place) v the mibll lh , M, I"'"' 0 " a '" Other useful gai mmt-Mrs. Ert-< P "'" C lhe aU "" dc !llnt: Max Wataon. 3. Knitted Sweaters— Mrs. C. A. Cunningham. Blytheville. 1; Mrs. McLerkin. 2: Miss Ann McLcrkin, 3. Afghan—Mrs. T. R. Walson. 1 and 2; Mrs. Cookslon. 3. Crocheted Arlirlr* l Following articles not entered in National Crochet Contest.) Child's three-piece set — Mrs. J. C. Williams, Rt. 2. Blytheville, 1; Mrs. M-x Watson, 2 and 3. Boolee.s—Mrs. Forrest Moore, R\y- thcville, 1; Mrs. Burks, 2; .Mrs. T. R. Walton, ,-i. Head scarf—Mrs. T. R. Watson, 1; .Mrs. Slsfc. 2. Novelty—Mrs. Cookston. I; Mrs. Adkinson. 2: Mrs. Frank Cannon, I. Bedspread—Mrs. V. K. Tittle, 1; Mrs. w. H. Mite-hell. Rt. 3, Blytheville, 2; Mrs. T. R. Wntson. 3. Street, dress — Mrs. Wheeler, 1; Mrs. Sylvester. 2 and 3. House—Mrs. McLerkin 1- Mrs. Koonce. 2; Mrs. stiles. 3. Smock—Mrs. Stiles, I; Mr*. Mc- ZCTkin, 2; Mrs. Burks, 3. Kitchen apron—Mrs. Copeland !• Mrs. T. R. Walson, 2; Mrs. Burks. 3. Fancy apron—Mrs. Byron Moore 1; Mrs. R. L. Arlkinson, 2; Mrs. Zoa Thompson. Rt. 3. Blytheville, 3. Ladies' blon=e—Mrs. T. R. Watson. 1; Mrs. Sylvester. 2; Mrs.,J J. Cookston, Blytheville, 3. ' Ladies' suit — Mrs. Whisenhunt, 1; Mrs. Sylvester, 2; Mrs. Cookston, 3. Ladies' ikirt—Mrs. McL-rkin 1 Any other article—Mrs. Edwards. _. F!oral Namrs of winner.? In Ihe Floral Department of the Northeasl Arkansas District Fair were announced lor old people is a responsibility o[ Ihe entire community, 2. Preparation tor a cnnlinuously creative and productive period nf Lcc I. Blytheville 1 and 3- Mrs Stiles. Blytheville, 2. Zinnias—Mrs. Smith, i : Mrs Zoa Thompson. Rt. 3. nlythevilln 2- Mr*, p. B. Jarrett. Rt. a, Blytheville. 3. Winter bouquets—Mr.i. Smith 1 and 2. ' Chrysanthemums—Mrs. Smith, 1- Mrs. Abbott. 2; Mrs. stiles, 3. Novelties—Mrs.' Charles Khininc- ham. Blythevilte. I; Mrs. stiles. 2; Miss Ann McLerkin, Parngould, .1. Unique Display—Mrs. Joe Ca?ln.. Blytheville. 1, Mrs. Smith. 2; Mrs. Vra Koonce, Blytheville, 3. Dnhlu specimen. Larcc—Mrs. R. L. Frrernan, Blytheville. 1; Mrs. Tverson Morris, Blytheville, 2; Mr,^ Rodney Banister, Blytheville. 'a. Rose Specimen—Mrs. Banister. 1 and 2. Display of Rows—Mrs. Banister. Laref Dahlia Displav—Mrs. V. K. Tittlr. Steele. Mo., 'l; Mrs. W. yesterday by Mrs. B. A. Bueg. who Plannlean. Monette 2 directed the competition for the I Miniature Dahlia Display— Mrs Hlvlhcvillp r-,^rrt»n r^i,,h TI,I. allies, 1; Mrs. L. D. Vales, Monetlr, Hlylhevillc Garden Club. This , the ,'irsl year the floral division competition hns been staged by the Garden Club. Judging thp enlrie.s were Mrs. John Thomas of Joncslmro and Mr.-. L. F.. Dickey. Mrs. G. W. Schcibler and Mrs. Allen Weaver, all of Memphis. Winners in ihis department follow: Gladioli—Mrs. D. B. Abbolt. Rt 3. Blytheville. 1 and 2. Marigolds—Mrs. W. L. Smith. Rt. SPECIAL - fi^} FAMILY PROGRAM! TMUR. &FRI. .g^ : ]*K~- = &: 1 ., . . . . 2; Mrs. B. A. Bugi;, niythcvillc. 3. later nmtnrlly should Ijesin early, a. Old age ."mould normally b* as happy a period as niiy other.' 4. Adults should continue to ad- Just diirlni; the middle and older years as their changing biological, social and vocational environments demand'. 5. All people should work at suitable employment as long as they are able. fi. Employers should become more receptive toward employment at older workers. 7. Labor - management ajjrce- menls,. laws, pension plans and retirement systems shoillrt be geared more closely to the'psychologic- al needs of the individual. 8. Plans for retirement and gradual stopping o( paid worlc us dif- inite as those for entrance, upon an occupation In youth should be made. Older persons'should accept work with less prestige, part-time work and volunteer community work without stigma. "The objective of education [or the aging l s not to prepare lor old age prematurely," the publication says. "Instead, the aim Is lo help adjust and get Ihe must oul of lite at whatever ape one is, with due regard for the years nhcari." With the Courts Chancery: Charlie B. Jackson vs. clcmle Jackson, suit for divorce. Cnmnmu Plras: R. J. Field Grocery and Market v«. B. l:. Jarrett. suit to collect debt of $316.63 and interest, St. Fronds Xavicr was known as Ihe "apostile of Ihe Indies" for his missionary work In iin Far styled by All «nURi;)e L.ld no struggle to put on thli Kiynee Royal Scot awcater. As warm »s only wool can be, in colors bright as his cheeks. Ixmp sleeves, two hunriy pockets, Red, brown »nd blue »tripe combinations. Sizes 0 to 0, Martins Men s Store ' Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Sept. SI. W-(UnSA>_Ho«.s 8,500; uneven, weight.,* up mostly 25 lower than Wednesday'* average sfler few early 10 to 15 lower; bulk cood and choice 200-270 Ib 21.50-63; lew loads early 31.75-80; op 21.85; heavier weights scarce; so-iao i!> ai.oo-5o; iso-no ih in.oo- 21.00; lev; ortd lots no-140 'BIS 00-18.00; sood and choice sows 400 Ib down 19.50-20.50. few 2075- heavier sow, .17,00-10.00; sings 12.SO-15.00; boars S.OO-UOO Catlle 2.000, calves 1.200; hardly halt a dozen loads of steers offered these mostly medium fleshed' a few With medium and low Rood steady At 30.00-50; some medium quality feeder steers 2400- heifers and mixed yMrlliiRs dr« W y ntirt under pressure; some few heavy calves around 100 (o 500 It, steady nt 30.00-30.50; cows, tails and vcil ,. cr.s steady; common nnd medium cows 10.00-21.00; a few soort cows 21. .iD-22.00; (-miners and cl ii(en 15.00-1S.00; medium and B ood bulls RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Times Toiliiy "YOUNG DANIEL BOONE" wllh l>avld Riurr * Krlstine Miller AKn Ncw.i ,v Short Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Cnnirminil y C'enler" MANILA, ARK. Sal. & Sun. I'h. 58 I-Kst Times Today "SIERRA" with AHI1IK M1IKIMIY Friday Mule Train Kllll Gene Aulry n . bulls lu.oo-Jl.Cfl; goo< j veatcrs 33.00-37.00; comm<muu medium 33.00-3J.OO. Marriage License The following couple* obtained marriage licenses yesterday «t th« office of Miss Elizabeth Birth*, county clerk: Bill Fitchpatrick of Bernle, Mo., and Miss Grace Abernathy of Maiden, Mo. S. T. Ray and MWs Evelyn Cannon, bolh of Blylheville. Open M'eck Days Show Starts 7:00 Sat ill-days & Sundays 1:00 Tliurjiriay & Friday . nouni.i; FEATURE RAOUL'WALSH < UMlte. b, Jv*n Mritl M E*mml M. —PLUS COIOB «Y H rujf TECHNICOLOR FOR SALE Oncrele c.lrrrti II Inch t* « inch plJln 1.1 recnfnrerd Abe L'cncrele tlnlldlin Kl^ki e*Mp- er th.r Ixmhei l*r k»ra> chlcktB leit»l hnnses tool shrdi W« Call n fur tr«« •MlmiU. . OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. 5} |(f"' '*"' >f "*'< it* *'< ; '1 " 't V/, -^ ? 4 iS ^ *!' • '-ifV'j''^ ' >* ; ^W$h ^^m Tr ? * iS^t. * , # \ % f ^ / •& *"4 »> F? *• *> „ Sf *•* / {\ * >* ' 5 i »-r r *<?**& •<#?r%x* '*<• *< i K-.V^^^ « t'.«>»',! , ,«• , ,' . , "'*' 1,/a "rj"v f tV"' ^'ilt'i'* f/>>f 1'fl GLAO A Glamour Girl is always "goinj; places".. pretty and popular in her lovely Glamour Shoes. klaillifully m«<>tirr<tlell /r;rr FAMILY SHOE STORE 312 W«»f Main Phone 2342

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