The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 1950 OUT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams SAV/3AS01, V*VLt VfcHJ SOT ftTCASA UP, MOVE'S ABOUT sQOeer\Ki' T r FOOTBALLS OOW THE Y2 OPTHESfe PACTS? HOWt> YEW LlKt TO HAVE THIS PAIR. OF SOLID GOLD 19-K LlKlKS ?/ , (Ml DAT LACe ME PRE- SEtfrtD ME FOR »W WIF6 TOPAZ SOLO TO PEWTER IMTVJO BLYTHEVnXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE SEVEN FRECKLES AND HIS FUIENDS BY.MERRILL BLOSSEj* Avalanche "TO For FARM RIJHEAU INSURANCE eervtce, call or contact H. B Shcphard phone 2157, early morning, noon 01 night. 1-20 pfc 2-20 Call 3545 . For Complete Insurance Protection "" W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash SL OLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING "' 4!8-clt-tl Help Wanted, Male Young mnn stenographer who can rto hook work. Permanent Job for the right man. Not H heavy Job but one that requires ability to do accurate work and a record of &t ability anrf trustworthiness. Prefer married ex- service man It you have these qual- IHcnttons nnd want a steady Job f\t fair pny address Uox DKF, c'o of this I^P". ^ i|24 ck tf Bus/ness Opportunities Assured tiicjiriic from territorial frrin- chUe mi \vopcn. A business where nn avernge Investment of 51050 Is returned In less than ninety days. Records wilt show that a 100% return Is tjosslble In thirty days. Initial Investment may be small- to the right man interested In expanding into full-time o^eiaUon This Is IL tested ami proven business- no selling, no experience* needed a"t- not Important. 'Must be reliable and with cash to get started. Investment is secured by equipment and merchandise. Will stand strict Investigation. Applicants will be Interviewed ^thln ten daya. Write giving telephone number to Box FGH, o; o Courier News I ,. .--. . ' . jli27 pk 2J1 ' 'ASSURED INCOME Territory now open for the operation of the new "SOUTHERN. BELLE" usement bubble- gum vendor; blgyest gold mine In the coin machine hls- toiy. a whirlwind sharpshooter that no one can resist playing. Want local person to Invest In and operate exclusive territory. Tests show n return from S4G5 to 3975 per month on small in vestment. Investment Is secured by Your Investigation is Invited Autill- merchandlsc. Full time not necessary cnnts will be Interviewed at nn enriy dMe^ Write giving telephone number to Box GUI. C ;o Courier News, I Love By Evelyn Barlcins So/esmon Wonted Meed extra money? Sell Specialty Advertising to Business Firms J o vogt lust year murle $2B22 00 sclllns only on Saturday mornings. Our 1951 line Is lion- renay. Big selling season 15 on. Dctelop your own business with something that Interests all business men. Don't deliir. Write todny. Newton Mfg. Co. Dept. 67 Newton, Iowa. 1|28 pk 1131 Private Rooms Bedroom wltrj kitchen prlvelegs Ph *'"• 1125 pK 2]35 __ Corntortablc bedroom. Plinne 2338™ __ __ 1|2* pk 2|M Bedroom, close In Men only, afo W Wnlnu »- . 1(24 pk 2;21 Nicely furnished lar e o bedroom nrl- Tato home. Fh 2J83 1-18 pk 2-18 Bedroom, convenient to bath Steam he»t. Ph 3325 611 w Main. 1|11 pit 2(11 Nicely lurnlshcii from bedroom Meam neat Gentlemen Ph 3261 115 pk J;i Nice fcedroom Men only prKBte entrance 613 Walnut Ph 2455 _ __ 12,28 pK 1|2B privacy 901 W Asli Phone 1-18 pk 2-1 healed hcrtroom nrljotnlnf only C03 West Main, ph' 1-21 ck if Offer guests. GLENCOE HOTEL ». 4-554 or sec manager 1-20 ck 3-M Personal Sl'i?. mln «'e photostntlc service blttNs STUDIO !!B-C*-U RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Voa ric.ise Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 xxvin A FTER six month! of marriage, I Tell as supercilious about ordinary diseases as an ermine wrap next to a skunk iackel In a department store elevalor. "Just a hangover from loo much excitement." " 1 told myself after my mother left with her dire forebodings; "of course I won't tell John." But John, when he came home in a little while, didn't need telling. "Stil! angry, dear?" he asked. l^en it came to interpreting my . emotions, John could sometimes ! be as deft as a bank clerk trying j to diagnose stomach ulcers. "Of course not," I said with ' needless temper, I "Then you don't feel well," he ; said, a little more definitely. "Let '. mp examine yon," j "That's not necessary," I stotc- | ally refused. "I'm probably tired . from ill that burglar scare last j night. A good night's sleep will flx me up line, you'll see." The next morning I couldn't pet up at all. "I'm going to examine you whether you like It or nol," said John. "Let me alone," 1 yelled. "There's nothing the matter with me. I've got to go to school." "You're feverish," he retorted furiously. "And you're lust making n fuss like always. Remember last time? It was, perhaps unfair to refer to las*j time, for certainly John remembered it only too well We were out driving two week* before, after a tremendous dinner at a near-by restaurant, when suddenly John got a pam Now any pain, from a shaving scratch 10 i common belch, makes i man act as U he were undergoing a hot-iron leg imputation without anesthesia. He groans, be moans ne writhes, like a patient at toe Walling Wall, and practically ar Sues his epitaph with his III* insurance beneficiariea- But when • doctor gets a pain, le makes his wounded brethren ook comparatively like Indian 'akirs walking stoically over live :oals. With the very firs! onslaught. John pulled the car up at the :urb, cut the motor dead, and sat stuck still. "What's the matter?" 1 asked in alarm. "I've got a pain In my chest," he answered. "Here." "Oh," I said, feeling relieved. "I told you not to eat that extra potato, besides finishing my pie. It was too much. Let's gel nome. anri you can lake some bicarb." For answer, John groaned, like a death-rattling hippopotamus. • • • JTE hesitated. "I'm afraid It might be a henrt attack." he reluctantly admitted. "It usually starts with precardial pains, like this." 'Oh, John," I said eagerly, "that's silly It can't be thai; it's probably digestive. Why must you always put ,fancy names and frightening fears on every little thing? I thought you once told me that coronaries usually occur in the late forties or early fifties, and you're not even 30." He still spoke low, when he answered, but with a reassuring firmness that he felt the discussion entailed. "There are cases on record," he told me. "where coronaries were reported as early as 24 and 26. All my married life, I have cursed the literature with its dangerous rules and exceptions! "Very well," I said finally, since there was no disputing the Board of Internal Medicine, "let's go home. Can you drive?" "I'd rather nol uike a chance on driving," John said. "You'c better phone Bob at the hospita. and tell him. He'll know what to do." "All right." I got out of the car and, at his request, helped him into the rear where he solemnly ] lay hlmflf down "*i tH« hirk . likr Kins Arlh'ir on nls funera large "I'll be right back," I said, nrning to go to the nearest public elcphone. suddenly fully aware if the genuine fear on his face. "II can't be anything.!• 1 told myself. t "ll's jusl liis usual medial exaggeration of a simple situ- ilion." After a quick conversation with 3ub who promised to come right >y. I walked the few blocks bnck o the car as if they were the last mile m Sing Sing. In about five minutes, or even ess. Bob rode up in the hospital ambulance, with all the sirens ;olng full blast like a five-alarm Ire. "Just you relax," he told us both "Dr Gillespic ts here." "Wanta ride?" Shorty McGiirk. Ihe ambulance driver asked. 1 had always teased for one. "Not ntnv. Shorty." 1 said, trying to smile over my worry. "Maybo later." » • » A ND then, finally, Bob came out with John following sheepishly. "What a phony!" Bob said. "Gets a little gas pnin and thinks he's dying. I brought along Tony's portable electrocardiograph, and ran a test Jusl to be doubly sure It's ncgRtlve but all he's got is a plain uppci stomach ache." At flrst I was so relieved that I threw my arms joyfully abom the former condemned man and kissed him. 'Then I remembered everything, and turned on him hi righteous . Indignation. "Scaring the lile oul ol me! Didn't 1 tell you It was nothing?" 1 demanded. ''You—you worrier!" "I'd hove tell the same," Bob spoke up, trying to delend John. "You gloriilcd clumbers!" I raged, climbing in beside Shorty McCurk, "Let's take > ride. Shnr- ty," I said, "and ring all the belli. I've had enoughl" But It was never enough, and 1 wielded the story like an Amazonian club over John's bead, whenever necessary. But that morning, my diversionary move tailed "That's over." John laid definitely. "You stay right ncre. I'll get my bag (rom the oHIce and examine you." (Tn Rr Continued) Michigan Is salvaging 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 board feet of timber knocked down by heavy storms. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Besl Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts, U inch to 4)1 inch, plain or reenforced. A|K» Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool shrds. We deliver Call us for fret estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. fhone 631. OPENING THIS SUNDAY Offering Complete HlorisUc Service VER Corsage Soulli Highway Thone 600Z 61 Expert Service COY GOODSON can do (he job well.. .contract work, wiring, appliance repair BIAN HEATH CO. PHONE 828 •^-^^^^^^^^™ Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet 11-Ton Cab & Chassis IT PAYS YOU Tn Keep Your Shoes'ln GOOD REPAIR H-R LTCRS ruauTY SMOG SH< Jai w M aiM S1 00 You can buy it for $6-15 on Monday, ?635 on Tuesday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, per-' feet motor, and excellent paint . clean «s a pin AND a '10-50 Arkansas license. $ Monday's Price '•!!) STUDEBAKKR Champion Convertible, 13,804 actual miles, radio, healer, white sidewall lirrx, overdrive, 195« Ark»ns«s license , $1695 645 '40 NASH "600", actual miles, se.U covers, white sldcwall tires, "Weather '•" heater and defroster, 1550 Arkansas $1105 M!) DODGE l-donr Custom, rntHo. hfat- er, new while sldcwall tires, as a pin, 19.i» Arkansas license 11295 CHAMB.LIN SALES CO. f u \ N rrs A BUZZWJO. 1 MX. ' SHAKE BEN& SOME I'M S/V56MG AT THE HMGES / loo LATE/BRNO TME SHOVEL! "The doctor tells me that I've simply got to relax and rest up—I'm going to see if I can get my old job back at the office!" I'llISCILLA'S POI 'I'riic to His Word BY AL VERMEEB WHAT A PITY) I'VE SPILLED MY HOT DOG ALL OVER MY NICE NEW JACKET; OH, DON'T WORRY, HAZEL! I'LL BUY YOU ANOTHER ONE' OH, WALDO! WILL YOU REALLY? Try Thai f»r Size HY MICHAEL O'MAU.KY ami RALPH THAT ELEVATOR BROUGHT YOU RIGHT UP TO WHERE YOU BELONG, MY FRIEND— THE JAIL ! THAT6 GOOD NEWS.' IT WOOLD BE AGAINST THE LAW TO DO.., OH.YEAH. VDU HAVEN'T CAUGHT KID" SLICK YET.' Speak Ui>, Jo« BY LESLIE TURNER OKAV, TOMW..,LEOGO HIS SUSftNWRSI OUgKTA KEEP 'IM QUIET NOW WEIL BREAK FOR CUR. CARS! JOB, GET W FROHTOF US WITH THOSE KIDS JOE, GOSH,IT'S TH 1 CHIEF!! IN HERE, JEFFIE,Oil . A LITTLE ID TN RIOHTl KEEPING VDU? „.. WHO LOCKED THIS POOR?!! UOUERlM U, CHIEF. WiVBE VDU BETTER GO BUGS HUNN\ Ini[)or(iinl Cuslomci f I'D LIKE INFORMATION ON A TKIP AROUND THE WORLD... ' I THOU5HT POSSIBLY (D J SUCH BEHAVIOR/ / AND WHM ILL TAKE MY / Y/A.S TH 1 BUSINESS f TRAVEL ELS6WHEB.E/ / INFORMATION VOU V/ANTED YA, AINfT TH ONLY ONE /IT WOS/T / TAKE VA I A SECOND, Look Out, Alislcr! BY V. T. HAMLIN A,\V. IM NO SA.TYB 1 OUST USED THIS B<G TO SET BY HiFPOLYTA >0U'f?E THE ACUATIC YSEE, r^V \SANT YtfO TO \ TELL ME HOW \ TO \VOEK THI5 J MAGIC BELT.'/ YOU QUESTION THE TOWEE OF THE SIEDLE ? DEMONSTRATION HOOTS AND HER HUDOIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN

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