The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 9, 1931
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Served by the United Press YTHEVEXE COURIER MWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXV11I—NO. 72 , Blytheville Courier, BlythevUl* Dally New» jjjythcylllo Herald, Mississippi Valley leader. AHKANSAS. TUKSOAY. JUNL-: 9, 10:11 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DEFEATED 'crshing at Colonial Exposition] COT VOID VOTES Maiority of Illegal Ballots Were Cast for His Opponent Mayor Claims. Denial ot many of the allegations made by A. n. Falrfleld in his Mrit contesting the recent municipal election, and counter charges of illegal voting by supporters of FairfleJd. are inttdc by Mayor Nelll Reed in his answer to the Fairfield suit, hied in circuit couit hcic yesterday The mayor's answer, while admitting that a number of (lie persons named in the Fairfield com- plnint voted illegally, denies that 'a majority of them voted for Used, or that the throning out of tiieir ballot? would change (he result of the election. U gives a !mie list r>! persons named in tlie ("airfield complaint a:, havini; vol?U illegally whom il declares wir; duly qualified electors of the city of Bly- Iheville at the time of the election. The answer, iti full, follows: The defendant. Nciil Reed, for his answer to plaintiff's complaint denies: That, after the election returns were tn the Hoard of Election Commissioners erroneously issued n certificate of election to the dL'fendanl. when In truth, or in fact, the plaintiff at said election was elected mayor by the vote of a majority of tl-.c- qualliied electors voting thereat. Denies that [here were certain absentee votes cast, or that George Johns. Mrs. George Johns. C. n. Mobley or Mrs. C. R. Mobley voted as absentee voters for the defendant, or that said parties were rot qualified electors of Blytheville, Ark., or that they moved from Blytheville several months before sold election or that o;i (he 7th day of April, 1D31. they or any of them, icslded out of the city of Blytheville or that their votes were in any respect illegal. Denies that Mrs. Willie CM voted in the First Ward at the City Hall, or that her vote was No. 155 or thai Mrs. Willie Cox voted in ON I DEPUTIES HELD George Perry Forces a Smile "Jack-Pot" Devices, Pay| ing Off in Money, Must Go Says Shaver. Oklahoma Officers Must I Stand Trial for Killii Mexican Youths. 18 I I When the reproduction of Gccrge Washington's Ml. Vernoix home open:d in Pins as part o[ tlie S3n.000.000 International Colonial Exposition, General John J. Pcrshir.c (here to oliiciate at the c?ie- mcny. Here yoii see the iormi-r A. E. I-', commander, left, with the colonial structure in the Inckgraund. An American Indian band fur- nishtd the music. Ruth Wiiitworth Has Taken Lead in Vote Contest Sheriff W. W. Shaver has an- AUUMOUK, Okla.. Juno 0. (UP) notmced thai alot machines of the'-Deputy Sheriffs William Gw.<s "jack-pot" ty|-j! r which have been and Cecil Crosby were broimlit inln sradually placed in oiicrnlion over .disirici court here this allernoon to (he county in Ihe last month or' answer murder charges In connec- iwo must be removed by June 20lh. j l!o:i with Ihe slaying of Iwo promi- The Mississippi '-cunty sheriff; ui-nt Mexican students. an open nltlmaiuin issued thist T | ley sal j ns tll( , v entclcl | t -he mornine Fiat.«d thr.t he would give courtroom they wo'uld waive pre- Ihe oiierators .of the machines liminury liearlng and demand that time-10 remove tlie gambling de-la j,, r y dccWc whether the slioot- \-ices before his office conllscateJ the machines. At the- sheriff's office il was learned thai various types of "jacX-iwt" machines Imv.? been operated in the county recently, some behind closed doors ami others In open fashiun. Tt is understood that operators of tin alleged gambling machines have been advised | uncffirhilly to remove the devices.! .If operation of tjic machines Is I>ersistcd in after the date limit scl in the o[/sn ultimatum today, the devices will c,? desiroyed and the operators arrested it is stated. ing of Manuel Garcia Gomez and Emilio Corle.s Rublo was Justified. (Invrrnor Acts OKLAHOMA CITY. June 0. (UP) —Governor William H. Murray directed Claude Weaver, his private secretary, to so to Ardmorc tills afternoon to assist- In liic prosecution of two deputy sheriffs charged with murder in the slaying of two Mextcan students. Arrested for Agitation Among Tenant Farmers LITTLE ROCK. June 9. (UP)— T. A. Davis. 50, was to be arraigned in municipal court here today on charges growing out of labor agitation among Icnaut farmers of Pulnski county. He was arrested by Slwriff Blake Williams who said Davis had been attempting to organize negro and white farmers against the land owners. The sheriff said Davis hadJShclton, jr., Dunklin county 'lionnlre .banker who died a Of Disposition of $4,000,000 Estate Involved in Suit Filed at Kennett. K.ENNETT, Mo., June 9.— Suit has been instituted here in an attempt to break the will of the late W. F. Liquor Car Driver Slain By Officers WATEIITOWN, N. Y., June 0. lUt 1 ) —Donald Trcmont. '.W, WHS shot mid killed today near Perch Lake ntU'r an automobile chase of t-vcval miles by U. S. customs in- llis aiilomobite. Ihe ollieers said, contalui'd a load of liquor. Inspectors Harold Markham null Pearl Lewis said they were watchhiB for Hie auto to come through from' Fisher's UmdhiK and when it did they puisued T'remont four miles. Trcmont Abandoned his car. Ihcy said, and ran through » Held 500 yards before he was shol down. It was not disclosed who fired Ihc fulal shot. A forced grin on his face, George W. E. Perry is shown above arriving nt Eagle River, Wls., win-re he will stand Crlal charged with the murder of Mrs. Cora nolle ilackctl. one of the seven women lie married. Perry often visited Blytlieville, but apparently his self-proclaimed and frequently demonstrated ability to conquer feminine hearts 'didn't operate here willi 100 per cent eiricicncy, for although he Is known to have paid suit to at least two local women he left no wives behind him in Blytheville. held several meetings and distributed literature among farmers in ari efTolt to incite violence. Heavy Wilhclrawais Suspension of XT • I I . , , . . mvici.;im>. \vuil jUI"-£ (Neighborhood institutions j Milner not far behind. M:?s Ruth Wiiitworth is in the lead in (he SfiOO'lcn trip rjop- ularily contest sponsored bv local merchants, with Mi<s Mairaret a count of | b.-illcts collected yesterday roveal- CHTOAGO. June 9 (UP)—Twelve -' Chicago neighborhood banks were closed by the state auditors ollice Otiiers with more than 100.COO votes nlreadv to their credit the Second Wnrd at the Ford build- todav because of depleted reserves ing or that Mrs. Willie COM who caused by heavy withdrawals. ; (lie Mare,arcl Cross. Eve- If Evangelist to Speak On mil- year and a half ago. Suit has been storied by minor heirs in an effort to prove the banker wtis of unsound j.. Officers Guard Pair Accused of Waler Valley Ax Killings. WATER VALLEY, Miss., June H (UP)—Trial ot two negroes In dieted by « grand Jury In connec lion with the double nx murds'r o a prominent north Mlsslsslpp banker antl his wife opened her 'olilical Coalition Blocks [•Jforts to Try Tennessee Governor. NASHVILLE, Tcnn,, June 0. (UP). .. —The Tennessee house of rcprejcn- . atives today remove'l from Governor Henry II. Horlon the burden '• of Impending impeachment chaises .. •' .vhcn by a vote of 513 lio and 40 aye • he remaining .'even articles ctmrg- 'tt against the clilcf executive were Mealed. , ' The vote was on a motion to adopt the seven lomainlng articles of impeachment against the governor. Tnu house rejected the last 'of seven articles of Impeachment by 11 M to 45 vote on,motion of Representative Chnmlcc of Chattanooga. There was no debate. Defeat of all charges against the governor wns anticipated after a coalition of Hoitoti E>einocrats and Will Taylor Republicans had voted down the first unit most impnrtaiil of the imjjcachment articles, last' Friday. The vote .ail the way., through was strictly, on political lines. - • . While Governor Horton was;re-, cclying official exoneration at trie hands of the leglslaturs, Rogers. ;• Cnldivcll. with whom he was charg- i; mind al the • time Ihc will was drawn. in the CrOSs"l According to the will made dur- ling Shcllon's illness and which in- I evangelistic meeting at (to Baptist church has. street in tlon of more and than $4.000,000, the since Sunday'' b " lk of (hc l™l« r tS' kll °™ as 'T • ,L-v r™, ' Shelton estate was to remain in- .in; nm. i . u. LiJUlgi?} 1 CO31- ilucting the two dallv services He ta " untl tlie V<>«'»6<!.« child reach- Is assisted by his daughter. Miss «>. 30 l cars of "3°; The *™»%^- voted in the First Word is the same person as the Mrs. Willie COM who voted in the Second ward, or that James Jtmes voted in Ward No. 1 The tnaitulio!is were known as-," 0 "'... lyrt Harwell and Maurinc Bran- Bain banks because of the imerest : the standings available to- by John Bain. Chicago' '. i dav are encouragini,' to the leaders south parks ccmrnis'-ioner. dealer l iui " l - (1 " 1flt tllev not at the City Hall ov that his vote | In investment sccuvilies and pion- '' .•.vas No. 4-1, or that the faiil James Jcines, voted ;i second tiine in Ward ! n-.-au a r.-eat deal in the long run. witli the Rev. duct i: .lyrtte Langley, n musician. Ttiere were five additions to church last I minor al the time was a 2-ysar-old J child. Terms of the will created a ol trustees to administer the Icrmon on'"'A"ciiirTo"sieei>cre. >1 "f eslllt « mA further provided Tiiis morning he preached on no bond should be require:! of them. No. 1 at the Cily Hall or that his vote v.3F Ms. 55 cr that the persons who cast vote? No. 44 and 55 at the City liall are the same person, or that the parties Inft mer.' ! oned are en- litScd to oif.y one vte each or that they or either of them voted for the defendant. • Denies that Gcnrge Henry who voted at Chevrolet Building was without a poll !.ix r.-ceint or th:.t lie was not a f^aiiflei ^ertor or thai he voted for [V defe'.ulant. bill •admits that Mrs. J. Osborn. F. L. Spratlin. Mrs. Ross Nich:i-on t.nd S. O. Bales were not qualilirc', electors and that t'r.eir votes oiiould b? I declared illegal. ^ Denies that R. J. Alston. W. C. Bronte. R. B. Burns, Mrs. Ly!c Boyd, R. L. Bibbs. John Bages. Thclma Brackin, w. O. Cro:n-vell. Hallie Craig. ClifToru Cavitt. W. V. Christian. II. R. Duncan. Jco Glascock; Robert Grimes. E. C. Hanklns, Talmadge Hucy. C. B. cer banker. Six other banks, none Bain is the con-c~i J drrv.-.iy f-| lively few votes at '.his lime have "Gathering In" Souls" and tonight The Uuslceship w-as eve;; to Cci. . petting un-i . . and ( who have »ta-!" c i°'/™5J? e\antielisl's theme will be filiates. closed yesterday on the: plenty of opportunity to catch up heels of the merger of two large i „, li'» tiffht weeks it will run loop institutions over the wcrk-cutl. | A new entry was announced to- Later in the day still another I day. bringing the list n! contest- bank, the Elurrecocl Park Trust and ! anis to Thc public is cordially invited to the services at iO u. m. and 8 p. m. of Steele., Mo. Lee Shelton, brother ol the deceased, Hal n. McHioey, his nt- lorr.ey. and A. J. Lavjdon jr.. 01 an evrn twenty. She is Savings bank, capitalized at S150.-'. Miss Frances narham of Onceola, COO, closed. Minnesota Kanks Close * ;T. PAUL. Minn.. June 9. (UP) — Three Minnesota banks with aggregate deposits of Sl.-170.000 were closed today to conserve asit-ls. James X. Pcylon. slate bank commissioner, announced. the O'.ilv entrant frcm K?r city. Standings of the contestants up to vesterday follow: Ruth Whltworth. 298.COO Holt. Selma McKinnon. Ed McCuen. Mrs. J. E. McCall. O. S. Peak. Joe Shanks. Ed Rice. A. Itosenthal, Percy Smith. Hawkins Sanders, Ra- Marg<ir;i Milncr. 253.000 Marnarct Cress. !G2.0(IO Evelyn Harwell. 133.COO Mnurine Branson. 1I2.CW Eliiabeth Martin. Dell, 87.000 Martha Robinson. 85,000 ' Alb'ita Kllictt, 82.000 Women Taking Important . caroiyn i>rid». M.OOO D . t.r , , Afe . Vivian Dillahuntv. IM.OOn Fart in World Aliairs, M aiy Dcwecsc. Haytt. iRllth Butt. 50.COO The place that business women i Dorothy Gideon. Wilson. 5G.OOO have taken in the world was dis- lOrine Hutchens. Manila. 50,000 cussed by Congressman W. J. Driv- ! Vireinia Burton. Canithersville. 55.- er of Oscsola in an address to the 000 local Business and Professional | Marion minis. 54.0CO Women's club at IV.c First Clnistian llc-sa Lou Cm'.,-, I.iixorn, 53.000 church last evening. I Virginia Keck. 5-!.000 The efficiency of the White House I Mltcn Edwards. 52.000 Vatican Gets Italian Answer to Its Protests ROME. June 9 (UP)—The Italian reply to the Pope's protest against the recent Calliolic-Fascist incidents was delivered lo the Vatican today. The note was submitted to Cardinal Pacclli. papal secretary of siate, by Count Caesar de Vinchl, the Iialian ambassador. Pacelli communicated its contents to the pope after conferring with his brother Marquis Francisco F'icclli. i who was the pope's unofficial spokesman in the informal negotiations conducted by Cardinal Gas- pa:ri and Mgr. Francisco Borgon- gini-Duca. Clara Bo\v And Paramount Have Ended Relations leigh Sylvester. Vcrli" Snow ' Mrs i cm p !o >' cs »'l> n r>T(1 of """ "'"' ~""''"" "' Jim Saliba. P. B. Tillman. Henry Tolliver. Mrs. J,. E. Vanderford. i. G. Winchester, all of whom volea 1 at the Cily Hall, were without poll lax receipts, or Ibat they or either of them had failed lo pay their poll tax or that they or cither of them were not qualified electors or that Jack Robertson, n. E. Walker. Mrs. Earl Walker were not living within the limits of the city n: Blylhcville at April 7th, 1931. o; sex" and opinions of "fairer prominent leaders who employ them formed a part of Mr, Driver's interesting ad- | dress. i That women should take more in-; > Imposed on Indiana Youth Stands lerest in Ian-making bodies and skketch of Ihe history of tills stale ! aud the part women have taken in [ its progress were alsD included in I i th? discourse. George W. Barhtnn introduced \ i H'.c speaker nuci Miss Minnie VALPARAISO. Ind.. .lime Blackwoocl Will Speak al Formal Ceremony Open- ina $1,500,000 Structure) CLARENDON. Ark., June 0. (UP) —Approximately 15,000 persons are exiKctcd to converge on Clarendon Thursday [o participate in Ihe formal opening of the recently completed Sl.500.OCtl highway bridge across the White river here. The structure was opened to light Iraffic yesterday and finishing touches were being added latloy. No tolls will be charged Thursday, highway officials said. Dwight H. Blackwoocl. chairman of the stale highway commission, will deliver the dedication address. Senalo Joseph T. Robinson also will speak. * Mary- today. The courtroom guarded by deputy sheriffs and state officers. Troops who were sent hero Irom Jackson were removed shortly before the trjul of Sa;n Green, ID, negro hoitse boy, and Emmett. Shaw, negro -servant,' opened. Citizens had protested to Sheriff diaries Doy\i,.tiki .troops, .were riol ridrciVrir'y "th'tl "tilfied" lint*'thuy be withdrawn. Alter Governor Theodore G. Bilbo was advised officers had ample supnotl to guard the prisoners he ordered them \vlllidrawn. Tl» two are charged with the slaying of W. B. Wagner, middle aged banker and his wile. A sis- ler of Green's, Adelle, 1C, was Indicted as mi acccsory lo Ihe crime after she said she was forced to help Ihe two men dig graves In which Wagner and his wife were burled. cji with having formed a politico- ] [inaiielal conspiracy, was going to closely j (Hal In criminal court here -"for Elizabeth Batcman, Clar- Virginia Town Has No Candidates at Election ..DUNGANNON. Va.. June 9. (UP) —Citizens of Dpngiumon ballollert today to elect a mayor, recorder, reasurer, sergeant, flvj councllmen and three election commissioners, but the ballots were blank. No om ran for office. fraudulent breach of trust. The spfi: ; ". clflc charge is that Caldwell vloiatai;, n trust, agreement with Hardeman/ county after the county had sold'" $200.000 of roads bonds to Caldwell's'•': company.* .".- -.; British ;Leader.s Repay G ermans' 'Visit LONDON. June 9. tUP)—Premier Ramsay MacDonnlrt and Foreign Secretary Arthur Henderson have accepted an invitation (or a return, visit, to Berlin as sequel to the- Chequers conference of last '.vcek- end. It was officially -announced today. No di!te for the Irip hns been fixed as yd. ' . . Council Meets Tonight The regular monthly meeting of the city council will be held to^ night at the City Hall. Only routine business is anticipated. program will open at 10 a. m. with HOLLYWOOD. June 9. —(UPI—]a huge, paradi 1 consisting o! floats Tlie long association of Clara Bow. representing tlie various towns tak- red-halrcd "If girl of the films. | Ins part, in tile celebration. and th? Paramount-Publix corpor- j alion, Ins ended. A formal statement was issued j last night by B. P. Schulberg! gen- j eral mannger of west coast productions for Paramount-Publl^c in. which he said Miss Bow had been released from her contract at her own request. cndon, lias been named queen. The | Out of 1,000 population there arc ! Hold Elmer Simms for Killing Kennett 150 |>cople of voting age and only 25 qualified by paying tn.xcs. None of them want a public office. No o!d officials bid for re-election. The stale is expected to drat: officials lor the time. " I Electrical Dog Catcher Costs Man $10 Fine Will Present Play at Auditorium Wednesday A play. "Happy .Vnllcy," will be presented at the city auditorium tomorrow evening. 8:lb o'ciocK. under li-e direction ot Miss Marie KENNETT. MO., June o.-Einvjr Suit Against Tom Mix : mn»c °fl nf Ihlc ,'ihv fe l\.Tiniy I Slmnis. 20. of this city, is being held for iir>?'.lminary hejrlng to answer charges of murder in tile first In a statement L«ued through (i cgrcc growing out nf the siioot- the studio Miss Bow expressed ' gratification the contract had been terminated and said she now can J nett" face the task of regaining her health with a free mind. Studio of- MANCIIESTER, N. H., June 0. (UP)—Tom Mix. screen and circus - , „ , . • star, has been served belatedly with ing and killing laic _Si. urdny eve- ,„ co ,, ncctjon , v ith a $25.- f John Cross. ;b, also of Ken-, m ,,„,,„„ sllil fi]e(t n ,^ nsl him I nearly two years ago by a former .. Cai coroners Jury i it'irntn verdict that the deceased cam; ficials said she would leave shortly 1 1 0 1.1. ,»i>-iiii it the fnr Novnrto nhr>rc she will j lo llls ncrun al lnc - . - tor Ne\ada »here she will spend it made no attenint to fix lii-'olniiu. t>f OI ranch is sponsoring the show. In addition to the principal char- Conway Nurse Assigned j Tlic valet claimed he was f?.lsely , and scandalously accused of stealing a suitcase containing marc than 000 in cash and securities from - - j i\nx and that his arrest and prose- other was cl , ti(m prevented him from oblaln- atlacktng him with deadly weapons.; | nB rm p:oymenl. contents of a s!-.o:gnn at Cross In I self-defense while the " ' i I1IK t llll/.Ui 1HL III. H was reporied that both men had A drc ,, s cmi ,, oy( . »-,,„ n()m it|rcl , _. * v «no l K^JJi H^l VI i.IV- Ui>lll rl.'JIl IlitU to Health Unit Here: been drinking heavily nnd that the the theft is now serving a sentence that they or cither of them were 1 Matthews, p'.-esldent of the «ro-m not qualified eloctlors of said city But the defendant admits that O. V. Bushy, Paul Damon. F. L. Husband. Vcra Kclley, Mrs. Docha Mick, Mrs. Sam Roach. Sam Roach, publicly thanked Mr, Driver for his visit to the club. Cotton Selling Below Other Farm Products NEW YORK. June 9. (UP)—Cot- the maximum by llx? law. penalty permitted Cotton Plant Widow Association Will Seek Paving for Highway 65 HARRISON. Ark, June 9 iUP>-| Mrs. A. Rosenthal. Harvey Stewart. Mrs. Percy Smith. Mrs. Frsd ford. J. B. Tankerslcy. Mrs. Dell Woods. Daniel Webster, w. T.. ...,„ Jurt rt june Wheat and Hunter Wright all V0 [- ton continued today to sell below cd at the City Hall without poll past relationships with either farm tax receipts and that they and [ products as a group or wilh all each cf them were not qualino;!: commodities In the United States. electors of the city ot Dlylhevillc | as It has during all this cotton sea-'.j COTTON PLANT. Ark.. Jims l)| ii 11e | 0 Little'RociTio connect"*.... at April .Hi. 1931. : son. according lo the New York cot-•> (UP)-Poison swallowed by Mrs m- hard surfaced roid from the Denies that A. G. niankenshlp | ton exchange service. 1 Lillian Mason. 36. widow, caused ! capital to'the Louisiana state line arose whrn Cro c s tcx:ay lo :utcnce innxifcd m the state prison. Mary Grace Hill, The slale health department has I' numbers will be readings and dance rescntenc^d to a term of 5 to other nurse of the county health lumbers by Miss Martha Robbms. •as based on the judee's unit, directed bv Dr. 21 years, conclusion he had civen Kirkland A. M Washburn. Miss Hess is replacing Miss Hulh aylor of,El Dorado -.vho recently Swallows Poison, Dk|23S! E uV'^S 5 RosSenS to H ° I that highway from the Missouri . . g ervce. an ason. . wow, clMscd , 0 , »nd Ncsbe Johns, who voted at the "Taking average prices in 1026 !l-.T drath here tolay. n,e wo- \ lus b -n coinplcTcd - > Parmers Dank were without, poll . lo 1923 as 100, the Index number man swallowed Ihe mljor, l-4 S i ! i r-' r.i,vi.fL.™ Parmers Dank were without, poll . lo 1923 as 100, the Index number lax receipts, or that they had not ' for cotton is at present approxi- paid thtir poll lat or that they , mately -10. while that for (he farm wwe no!- qualifier! electors of the ' products group U 64. and thai Cor (Continued on Pane Three) I «H commodiiles is 72." Weekly Prayer Service Ross Stevens will be in charge o! the mid-»-«ek prayer service at the i First Presbyterian church Wcdnes- EDEN. N. J.. (UP) — William H^nncgal csed an original method to keep dogs off his front lawn, but it- cost him $10. • • Rcnntgal was accused before Justice of the Peace John L. Hammend of causing Che. death of two doys by stringing live wires around his lawn. Juslice Hammond fined Renne- gol $10 and ordered him to remove the wires FLASHES BKITISI: SUB SINKS ' I.OXBOX, Junt 0 IUP)—The admiralty announced today tiie Submarine Poseidon had sunk after a cnllisinu willi a merchant ship off \Ycihahvci, China. Two were kncwn itcad and IS misiiny, according lu ibe an- ncimccmcnt. Thr collfsion occurred 21 miles north of \Vci- lisiwci. until recently under tease io Great Britain for naval purposes and still used as the scene of maneuvers. FII.KS CHARGES AGAINST LOWMAX NF.W YOKK, June 9 (t'PI — Jlajor Maurice Campbfll, former prohibition aciministntlor for this district, announced today he hail filed specific chargrs with President Hoover against •Scymcur J. Lowmin, a&sistant secretary of. trcasurj-, in charge Qf prohibillon activities. SEEK NEGRO FOR ATTACK COLUMBUS, Miss., June D jsnd Wednesday; warmer in c"asti tUD— An araird posw of 100 men headed by Sheriff G. H, Davis. Plrkcns county, just cast i where they will attend the annual summer camp of the Presbyterian churches In Arkansas. They will be away eight days. WEATHER A. C. Christensen has been noni-|day evening. 8 o'clcrt:. The pastor. ago. capital of the province of thut Cuban Jobless Again Rioting at Santiago HAVANA, Cuba. June 3. (OP)— A recurrence of rioting amon? unemployed in Santiago spread un- ARKANSAS-Cloudy, local thun- eastaess through the eastern end . dcrshowcrs ,„ notll [lon ton , ht of Cuba again today ; fillt , vvcdncsdiv; ! Hundreds of unemployed rush- ,,„„ tomorr o w . ed through tr.e streets Isst night. _ _ They sought to hold a great mass According to the official weather I of here, is searching'tor a nr^ro meeting- and later to parade thru i observer. Charles Phlllipc. Jr., thci who lasfnljhl attempted lo a»- tho main thoroughfare ol Sanli- j maxhnum temperature here yesterday was 83 degrees and the minimum. 59 degrees, clear. Today a year ago the maximum temperature w?s 81 ri?gre?s and the minimum, 52.degrees, partly cloudy. lack Mrs. J. T. Hirks, living at Gordo. The nfgro is bflttved lo be one . of the nine eonvfeti who cscap-d Sunday nkhl from th« l.cmiiilfK county j-iil.

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