The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1952
Page 11
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THURSDAY, OCT. 28, 19W ;/?ice 'loaf with Cheese Sayce Is ' Eat ing Prize Marveloili flavor, delightful appearance, and ( very. few Ingredient* to auemble nuke thl. rice loaf the perfect main dlshl. The garniah of egg alke» and delicate sardines dresit it to hold the spotlight until eater, experience the enticing taste treat, of thl. especially good main diah. The cheese sauce lifts thl. inexpensive; "prize in .eating" to. an all time high for flavorful eating. ' , . • « Ingredient. 3 cupg cooked.rice ' % 'cup milk . •';• ^i cup grated American Cheese 3, 3!j ounce cans sardines, packed : In mustard sauce ,2 hard coo Iced egg., «llced (for ga'ml»h) ' '' ~" ; IngrHljenU for Cheese Sauce p4 tablespoons butter or margarine :: 4 tablespoon* flour wl teaspoon salt JV4 teaspoon pepper . '£H cup grated cheese * Preparing the fluffy white .rice: 1? To make 3 liberal cups of ' fluffy i-rice; put 1 cup uncooked rice, 2 >jcups at «o!d-water and 1 teaspoon ^ of salt in a two-quart saucepan and (I cover'with'a tight-fitting lid. Bring «|to a vigorous boll and'then turn the Jheat M low at possible—leave.over Mthis low heat for 14 minutes. Turn «off : the heat. This cooking 'time 5J results In firm grains of cooked ir.rice. Far extra tender grains,- allow Jjthe rice to steam—with heat off— ^,for an additional 5 minutes before j-.irernoving the lid. l 2 Never remove nor stir rice while' " 3f It Is cooking. After rice is cooked, itly with fork to dry ; to the de- "v remove lid. lift gen •fallow rice to steam sired con*Utency. It It then ready :—perfectly cooked — with all the grains separate and fluffy. This method allows aft the water to be absorbed and the full nutritional value of the rice to be retained. Method:. Thoroughly . grease a 8-H" x 5-.H" x 3'/4" oven-proof loaf pan with a thick coating of melted butter or margarine. Mix the rice, milk, and cheese. Place 'A of this rice mixture In the bottom of the pan and firmly press with a spoon. Lay 14 of the sardines on top of the rice layer. Add « of 'he rice mixture. Top with the se >i-d '-4 of-the sardines. Press the last of the rice over the sardines. Reserve .the last li of the sardines to garnish the loaf. ; Place the loaf pan In 350 F\ 'oven and bake 20 minutes. To unenold. run a knife around the edge of the pan to loosen the loaf. Place a platter over the pan. Invert the platter ami pan' together. Gently lift loaf pan up from the platter. Serve with the cheese sauce which may be placed in an individual serving dish or may be served over the loaf. Garnish :by arranging eg» slices and the last ',5 of the sardines over the sop of the loa£. and on the platter around the loaf. This recipe makes 7 servings. Method for Making Cheese Sauce: O'er a low heat, melt butter, stir in flour and blend thoroughly. Allow to cook 5 minutes, stirring constantly to prevent browning. Add 5.alt and pepper. Gradually add milk. Continue stirring and cook until mixture thickens. Add cheese and continue stirring until cheese has melted. iHere's Meat Pie Trick for Halloween i> Tricks or treats—you can produce s;-both for your family at dinner on ^the .night of Hallowe'en. The;treat,? JjIt's'the meat dish of your' meal. HThe trick? The clever pumpkin /faces you give your lnd,Kidual meat £ Here's what you do. Use your . ft single-serving casserole dishes. Fill -w them with a meat stew combina- j^tiori following the recipe below sug- f-igested by Reba Slaggs; home eco-' •Jnomist. Serve therri topoed with -. "pastry faces. If you prefer use a biscuit topping. Be sure to make each face different. Cut the mouth upward for happy faces, downward for the sad ones. Make cut outs for eyes and ncse, too. These individual servings are slated to be conversation pieces for your~Hal!o\ve'en ta- Shrimp D/s/7 Has Italian Touch 'By GAYNQR M ADD OX ' NE.4 Food r.n« Markets Editor Scampi Is an Italian word for a special shrimp dish. In New York restaurants the word scampi on the menu usually means shrimp brollid with garlic outter. And my gourmet friend. James A. Beard, gives me this French recipe from "Paris Cuisine." the alluring book he and Alexander W.itt IiTii>e written: Scamp! Frittl , (Serres <) ,;•'. '• One and one-nolf pounds shrimp> flour. 2 egg yolks,. olive - oil for frying. .' ..- <. •''•. .,-•-:'' Shell-and devein .the shrimp, dip them in. flour and beaten egg yolk and fry them gently in olive oil until nice*' browned. Salt 1 .and pepper to taste and serve Kith lemon quarters and a sauce remoularie.•; Sanra Remnnladc . '. One cup mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon chopped tarragon, 1 , clove garlic, finely chopped, 1 teaspoon dry mustard, 1 teaspoon French mustard, 1 teaspoon capers, 1 ' tablespoon chopped parsley. 2 gherkins, finely chopped. .' ' - , Blend all ingredients together and taste for seasoning. It Is much better K made several'hours before serving. . . > ' OPEN 'till 9PM Each Night lalsell&While Furn. ft Appl. Co. Phom 6096 Mata * DMstm hie. " : . ' Individual Hallowe'en Meat Piw IH pounds beef for stew Vt cup flour ; Salt and pepper 3 tablespoons lard or drippinzs Water 3 medium'potatoes, cubed 6 medium carrots, diced Pastry Combine flour, salt and pepper and dredge meat in seasoned flour. Brown meat slowly in lard or drippings. Add enough water! to cover. Cover closely and cook slowly for 1U hours. Add potatoes and carrots and continue cooking until meat is tender and vegetables are done. Pour "off'c'oofclnsr liquid "and'-thicken .for gravy. Place meat, vegetables and.jravy in individual casseroles and top with n pastry crust cut to resemble a'Hallowe'en face! Bike in a hot oven (450 P) 8 to 10 minutes. 6 to 8 servings. WLntanux o*K.y cmmiex KEW» Tomatoes and Rice Combine To Provide 'Meal-in-a-Dish' fresh tomato time just around the corner we cannot pass the opportunity of combining this wonderful fruit with rice! For rice is delicious served m^many tomato combinations. , Indeed, so many rice dishes call for tomatoes that it is almost impossible to choose the best! whole tomatoes bakecl in a bed of fluffy white rice seasoned with sharp cheese, onions and green peppers . . . and topped with 'sour cream makes a meal your family won't forget. A dish we can RICE MEAL IN A DISH . . . . . and it's just that. If you prepare the ingredients before you leave the house in the morning, it win take little time to bake it when you come home from the party or swim . . . and you are assured of a tasty sturdy piece de resistance. We highly recommend Rice Meal in a Dish. It will even go on a picnic with careful handling and packing! It may be baked in one large casserole or in individual baking dishes . . . each small dish containing one tomato anil lots of the delicious rice mixture INGREDIENTS 6 good sized fresh ripe tomatoes - -(peeled, stemmed and filled v.'ith cooked rice) ! medium sized onions, sliced -thin . I green pepper, minced" "~ . 1J cups'freshly cooked rlc*. slightly salted 3 tablespoons butter or mar. garine . U cups grated cheese 2 teaspoons brown sugar .Salt and pepper 1 cup sour cream - : ' : 2 eggs, vvel! beaten r Paorika (a little) PREPARING THE FLUFFY WHITE RICE: Put 1 cup of uncooked rice, 2 cups of cold water and 1 teaspoon salt in a *wo- quart sauce pan and cover with a tight-fitting lid. Bring to a vigorous boil. Then reduce the heat as low as possible and steam for ]4 minutes or until all the,water is absorbed, leav- ' U g . (h f J'Para'e rice grains with their full nutritional value. This makes very firm rice grains (If you prefer more tender rice grains, add y$ cup more water and increase the slow cooking J""e 4 or 5 minutes). Remove Uie hcl, permit the rice to steam dry to the desired consistency and the grains will be separate and fluffy. Never stir rice- lift gently with a fork. Keep left over rice in a covered bowl in the refrigerator. Makes approximately 3 cups flurry rice. METHOD: Cook onions and green pepper slowly in butter or margarine about 5 minutes or until soft. Butter a deep casserole. Place tomatoes on bottom. Add a layer of cooked rice onions, then the cheese, around the tomatoes, dash with salt and pepper, sugar and paprika. Repeat until rice mixture and seasoning are in trie dish, reserving '.Vcup of rice and tf cup clieese for top of dish. Whip the sour cream, :add egg's, pour over top Cover and bake at 350' F, 30 to 35 minutes. Remove cover and leave in oven until lop is well browned. Note: If you have no sour cream available ' you can make your own sour cream by combining sweet .cream with either 1 teaspoon vinegar or 2 teaspoons lembrj Juice. Serves 4 eenerously. Hash Casserole . Try this thrifts meat casserole. Combine a can of ,Mrned beef hash with grated";raw carrot and chopped hard-cobkert .egg. Moisten il with catchup and heat in a moderate oven lor 20-to 30 minutes. In Britain a sedan automobile Is known as a saloon. Bologna Cups Bologna cups make clever serving for hot potato salad. Without removing the casing, brown 'slices of large bologna in a frying-pan in lard or dripplngV As the meat heats, it curls up into little cups, perfect for holding potato salad. - Read Courier News Classified Ada. EGGS OLEO BACON Swift's Fresh Brookfield Doz. Little Andy Ib. Armour's ~Stor Slab 49 18 ••^•aMKaia^ 49 Fryers G r 49c U.S. Good Chuck Roast - ib.55c Golden Ri>« BANANAS Ib. 10 •A»i WITH Comstowk Apples No. 2 Can 200 ma - PIG TAILS -PIG EARS- PIG-FEET-NECK BONES LUTTRELL'S Grocery And Market 600 ChlduHwta Open ;«|| 10 $•». Nite Phone 2011 Herbs Improve !li Flavor of Favorite U.S. Sandwich G«N a New Touch •There's really nothing better than all-American hamburger on a split and toasted bun 'with a slice of tweet onion. Served with sliced tomato, chopped pickle, mustard or chili sauce and then apple pie and coffee-well, there's an all-American me»l for uny man. l " rt '*"5" 1 '" 1 . H »«'"«r*er»' ITIld: a burden) • Two pounds ground beef 2 tablespoons meltW butter or margarine, '£ cup finely choppen onion, \', cup finely chopped celery, "4 tHjpoon garlic salt, 2 teaspoons dried parsley flakes. <i teaspoon thyme, 1 teaspoon salt. '5 cup butter or margarine. 2 tablespoons lem- on'Juice or 1 cup shredded cheese. ' Combine beef, 2 tablespoons butler, chopped, vegetables." seasoning and herbs. Mix to blend. Form pat- tiee.»!-lnch thick. Broil oh'baking sheets about ' 3 Inches from - heat source, 5 minutes on each side. Spread .with, butter-blended .with lemon Juice or sprinkle shredded iBert cheese oil top. Serve at once -Stuffed flank steak' is another good budget dish. Season ' It well and cook slowlv.for a long time Stuffed Flank Steak One flank steak, salt and pepper, 2. tablespoons butter or margarine, ',4 cup finely chopped onion, 2 cups eofl bread crumbs, lf t teaspoon caraway seed, \<, teaspoon celerv salt. i cup tomato Juice. Have butcher score flanlc steak. Sprinkle with sail and pepper. Melt Sousdge Links Are Good for Other : They're mail, but aauaan can do big thin,, for your • ° f """«• they've ion, b**n . breakfast meat, but let them work for you at lunch and dinner, too say, R^ba Staggs, meat expert. Por Inatance. here'a a dinner dlah that. h»a wide appeal—Spicy Sails'**"., Here'. ,n you do, Place the Bausagei in > frying-pan with 1 or 3 Ublwpoons of water. Cover them ana «lmmer for about 15 mlnutea. Then,remove the cover and lightly brown them. (Thl. 1, the method for cooking all pork sausage.) Cut fat and ,in it lightly cook onion. Mix w|th bread crumbs, caraway teed, celery salt and salt and pepper to Spread stuffing on underscored side of steak and roll parallel to ft* length. Tie In three or four placet with Btrlns: or fasten with jhort metal -jkewers and lace with «trln«. In" a skillet or other heavy utensil, brown steak in a little hot fat. Add; tomato Juice, cover and cook over low heat, o' In a moderate oven (3.10.rliigrees F.) for 2 hours or until tender. " STOP ACID INDIGESTION! Mr CKKfriH WITH m WHICU UTWHIt all (MSI j fete 1« thlrita, then eembfne them to a cawerol* with kidney to»na, Ihlnly sliced unpeeled .ppie, a Mute brown sugar, altced onion and to««(o Juice, season \jlth salt, »«pp*r and a touch of chili powder. Cover and bike In > moderate oven for JO to 44 minutet. _ Brownad sausage*, also, ji ve » h»»rty touch to a navy be«n or a (reen lima bean casaerole. They are •oually u laity when browned, then placed over acalloped potatoes. Th* aclentific term, gehiu Jells, Include* th« hoiut cat, the tiger, the lion, the mountain lion and other*. »AGR ELEVEN ~ —— Serving Stew Vary your tie* aerving. «*rr» * over hot fluffy rice, split ae.uare* of corn bread or hot biscuits. Or Blve It a meat pie topping of pu. try, biscuit dough or maahed potatoes, i"™^ RONCO spaghetti • motor, pure egg noodle RICE1AND RICE COOKS BEST! Fo Save Money, Time And Effort Use Ouick-Aiid-Easy Riceland Rice for TwuJtf, Fluffy, Vftrt. Perfect Rkt Every Time! Your grocer now has « wonderful rice which i» quick and easy to cook! It's the famous perfect-cooking RICELAND RICE which requires no washing, no rinsing, no draining, no re-steaming! Cooki In Few Minutes! Use - RICELAND RICE and with no effort—in just a few minutes — you'll have white, fluffy, perfectly-cooked rice every ^i me! Thrifty! No Extra Cost) You pay nothing extra for the quick and easy, perfect- cooking quality of RICELAND RICE. It coats less than two cents a serving! G«t Big FREE Cook Book! A new, big 28-page recipe book, beautifully illustrated in full color, with easy, wonderfully delicious recipes for thrifty RICELAND RICE main dishes, cM»eroles, soups, salads and desserts will be mailed you FREE on request. Just write the Arkansas'Rice Growers Cooperative Assn., Stuttgart, Arkansas for free cook book. Here's The Qukk And Eosy WayToCookRkelmdltm Put 1 cup RICELAND RICE; 2 cups water and 1 teaspoon salt in a 2-quart saucepan. Bring to' e vigorous boil. Turn down heat as low as possible. Cover saucepan with a lid and leave over low heat for 14 minutes. Serve. You'll have 3 heaping cup* of white, fluffy, perfecUy-eook«4 lilCELAND RICE. TOMATO KETCHUP Jusf A (jtfe Doec A Lof HBNZ-SOUP HEINZ VINEGARS i Low Price!

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