The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1950
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1950 —Taft Hurls At Administration Forces BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By MARVIfJ L. ARROWSMITH * WASHINGTON, Sept, 20. (fl»j _ Senator Taft (R-Ohlo) today accused the Truman administration JKappeasing the Communists" and Whelping to build Russia's military might. The Ohio lawmaker, chairman of the Senate Republican policy com-, mittee, also suggested that appeasement o; the Reds Is the surest way to bring about World War III. And he asserted that the Chinese Con'munfstf have been assisted "even more by the friendly cooperation of the far eastern division of our Stale Department", than they have been by Russia. Taft's statements came after W. Averell Harriman, President Truman's special adviser on foreign af- ialrs, had said that Taft's voting In Congress sometimes has been in line with "Communist objectives.'Harriman called Indirectly for the defeat of Tafi. In his bid for re- eiecijon and declared the most charitable thing that can be said about the ohioan "is that he knows not what he does." Taft had no comment on Harriman's speech to the American Federation of Laboi in Houston. Tex., yesterday—a speech which Senator Ferguson (H-Mich) said obviously mu.=t have had advance approval by Mr. Trumim. Taft's charges against the administration were contained in his weekly newspajjer column prepared for Ohio voters. Released today, the column was distributed to news- pen the day before Harriman's flftcch and there was no .indication Traft had any advance information lenxrdtng Harrlmnri's.remarks. "Communism has always been a. threat to the American people." Taft declared, "but the present military strength of Russia is largely the .result .of the foreign " policy of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations." , . HiU Yalta Meet He added that the two Democratic administrations followed a policy at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences "which placed Russia In a dominating position in central Europe from H'hich they can successfully threaten I he liberty of Western Europe and of the United states." Both administrations, Taft declared ha\'e displayed a "sympathy for Communism." He sftid Secretary of State Acheson's policy .of "contemplating surrender of Formosa" ( and '^recognition of the Chinese \Communists . . .was only reversed iwhen the Korean war occurred." Then Taft said: j "Now, however. President Tru•man's rebuke of General (Douglas) MacArthur makes Jt uncertain what -our policy is regarding the further fjBread of Communism in Formosa >*nd elsewhere in the Far' East. •"What Is our policy In the Far East? Are we still appeasing the Communists? Is not appeasement the most certain method of bringing on a third world war?" Taft said the appointment of Gen. George C. Marshall as Secretary of Defense "raises still more doubts" about the administration's attitude regarding Communism. He said the administration . sent Marshall io China In 1947 with orders to make Chiang Kai-shek take Communists into his cabinet, "with the obvious f Ihe administration wants repealed, has shown "no understanding of the importance of organized labor In our affairs »t home and In the n'orlu." On the labor front, John L. Lewis, chief of the United Mine Workers, also took a pot shot at Taft. Lewis wroU R. Livingston Ireland of Cleveland, president of the Ohio Oal Operatois Association,- that Taft's political handlers "propose have him enter coal mines to cozen the men underground." Lewis added: "You should refuse him entry to the mines where Americans toil. The underground workings are necessarily confined and the air therein Is easily contaminated." Iii.Vnd said he hadn't received the letter and that he would have nu comment at least until he did. SOLE SUPPORT-A South Korean refugee woman carries her aged and ailing father on her back as they flee from the battle zone. Those heavy bundles of family goods are not on .the old man's back, as appears but are being carried by another member of the family behind him. (Photo by NEA-Acme Photographer Noi-man Williams) Jangcr of their taking .over the government." Cites Fink Influence The administration, Taft declared, has been influenced-"by Communists in the government" and by men like Henry A. Wallace, former vice president, and the late Marry'Hop- kins, adviser to President Roosevelt. The senator said that under such influence the administration adopted "the strange theory that Russia was a 'peace-loving democracy,'" ant: also "blindly accepted the promises of Stalin, who never kept a promise.'*.- In his speech to the AFL; Harriman said the nation no longer can afford to leave in positions of.high responsibility men who (ail to realize. that/American leadership is essential to the peace, of the world. • Then Hatrlman singled out, Taft and said the Ohioan had 'voted in the Senate to cripple the Marshall Plan, against the North Atlantic Treaty and against ihe military aid program. "When you look at his .record," Harriman said, "you cannot escape the conclusicn that if Congress had ado; ted his positions, Communist objectives would thereby have been fuithered.'- .-,'•. Harriman also declared that Taft, co-author of the Taft-Hartley lam- Ozark Barrel Puzzles Fol'5 With Its Antics SIMMONS, Mo., 20. (Of) — The mystery barrel of the Ozarks again is reported to be doing Its stuff. Last Mny the barrel was put into use on the John H. Orr farm near here as a reservoir for a chicken watering trough. Orr reported' the chickens-all 200 of them-drank but the barrel stayed full without being refilled. • Publicity came to the barrel. Hundreds of curious spectators flocked to the farm. The water was dipped and tasted. The level In the barrel was measured. And all the time, observers said, the barrel refilled itself. But last week a prankster tipped the barrel over, and It looked as if that ended the mystery on an unsolved note. Yesterday, however, lane E. Davis, editor of the Houston, Mo., Herald visited the farm and made this report: "When It was tipped over the family almost decided to ; leave it that way, but Monday, it was placed back on its stand and refilled. has remained filled since in the past.' It just as Davis said the barrel's new lease on life was kept secret because the Orr farm was swamped with thousands of visitors and the family also was angered by implications that It was a hoax of some kind." Now, Lane added, the Orrs have barred the farm'to anyone except immediate friends of the. family. Rains, Winds Take Their Tolls in India NEW DELHI, India, Sept. 20. (/Pi —Unusually heavy rains and gales in list Punjab.' on India's northwest border, have caused 10 deaths and the collapse of 25,000 homes. • Officials estimate 200,000 persons are homeless and damage to food crops exceeds $50,000.000. Railways were dislocated at several points. J^S' ?' ^* ,' OUMs destr °y ed **- u^up,™ Q y Hindu refugees f: longed to Moslems who had been the neighboring Moslem nation. 'nchon invasion forces two-front wai o;; Reds at time when bulk ol their forces are involved in south, ependent on supplies from the north. All Red supplies channel through Inchon-Seoul area. ,. -"V S JftiCHUNCH KO^EA UK drive ocro» peninsula could trap Red fare* now attacking our Pusan I head ptrimeter, tealino, off routes for escape ta the north. Might eliminate need for tedious, costly driire up ta the 38th Parallel tOSt COOit Supply 'oulescanbe blocked by air-sea bombardment and at to*m. Inchon-Seoul attack seals main supply network in west. CHONJUk KOCHANG NUTCRACKER IN KOREA-Map above shows apparent overall strategy and possibilities opened bv Tnl \Tai~ArfVinW "n.iri m«" imi.,,.1 _r n. - , > . ,-. . _ ... _ - . •* -muni General MacArlhuVs "end run" invasion of the Inchon-Seoul area far behind around the Pusan beachhead perimeter. Bus Driver Pulls Into Station Dead ST. JOSEPH. Mo., Sapt. 20. (AP) —Lloyd Prank Barger, 37-year-old bus driver wheeled his bus ink) Union Terminal here yesterday after a trip irom Kansas City. Seconds later he was dead of a gunshot wound In the heart. Police said Barger was shot accidentally when E. L. Puckett,-67, SI. ojseph, a ppssenger on'the bus, picked up a 22-caIiber rifle and the weapon discharged. Puckett was riding In the right front 1 seat of the vehicle. Officers quoted Pucketl as sayins; he had been hunting near Gower. Mo,, and thought the rifle was empty. The weapon was dismantled, police said, and wrapped in newspaper. There were 10 other passengers on the bus. The Kansas City-St. Joseph run was .not Bargcr's regular assignment. He was substituting for another driver who was off yesterday. Barger lived at Bethel, Kas. evacuated to Pakistan and were by Hindu refugees from •'-i Save \ , ••»»•* VMtfwpcn for Uti, «t We»dt, AI war*! ON FINE WALLPAPER! SAVE 4« YARD ON ALL THE BORDER TOO NttD! Singlt Rot! All Border 3c Per Yd. Ujuolly would b* SOc. But specially pur- eho»«d, .pecially priced by Words for thi» event. All *« border you will need, too^ i« included .± in low special price. 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Church Points Split ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia —<#)— A new Russia Orthodox church, recently opened here, now has a mem- icrship of about 40 families, or almost all ol the local White.Russian colony. . . * .: A church official said the- church would establish 'connections with Russian Orthodox churches in Eur- HANGIT YOURSELF! ASK fOR NEW PAPER-HANGING FQLMR-ITS fREE! Mrs. Marilyn Baker, 402 East Sycamjre St., t^ansvllle, Indiana, says HADACOL, isn't good—it is absolutely wonderful. She says If she praised HADACOL every minute of the day. it would not be enough. Mrs. Baker's system was deficient in Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, and Niacin, all of which HADA- COL contains. Here Is Mrs. Baker's statement: "I had been sickly for some time. I even at one time had to quit school because I was so weak and skinny. My nerves were so bad and shaky I had headaches all the time. I tried many things to help build up my system but nothing helped. 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You risk nothing because HADACOL Is sold only on a strict money-back guar ante*. You'll feel better with the first few : bottles you take or your money back. Trial Size only »1.25. Large Family or Hospital Size, »3.SO. CowrifM list, Tl>« LrBJi» Morrlstown (N.J.I National Historical park was the first established by the federal government. ADVERTISEMENT FO* BID* DIVISION \: The Housing Authority of the City of Blylhevllle, Arkansas, will receive sealed bids for the Electric Refrigerators for the low rent housing project, "Chlckasaw Courts" Project Ark 5-1, Blylhevllle, Arkansas. .Bids will he received dp to 2 p.m. C.S.T. on the nth day of October 1950 at the olllce of the Housing Authority ol Ihe City of Blylhevllle, First National Bank Building. Blytheville, Arkansas .and Immediale'ly thereafter all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud, The successful bidder will be required to furnish satisfactory performance and payment bond executed by a bonding company licensed to operate in the State of Arkansas, conditioned to well and truly perform all undertakings and obligations contained In said contract and to pay for all obligations Inclined by reason ol said contract, In lawful money of the United Slates. Proposed forms of contract documents Including specifications are on file in Llie office of the Housing Authority ot tlie City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Copies of documents may be obtained by depositing (15.00) Five Dollars with the Housing Authority of the City ol Blylheville, Arkansas or with the Architect, Uz'.ell S. Branson, First, National Bank Building,' Blytheville. Arkansas. for each set of refrigerator documents will be refunded to each bidder who returns the documents in good Audition within ten days after the opening of bids. The actual cost of reproducing these documents Is estimated to be $1.00. Bidders obtaining more than one .set of the documents shall have the cost of reproduction', handling and mailing or each such additional set deducted from their deposit and also flgree to return all seLs within ten days after the opening of bids. Deposits for contract documents shall be in the form of cashiers checks made payable to the Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville. Arkansas. The Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas ope but not with the Moscow pa- triarchate. Addis Ababa also has a Hcd Rus- on.y o, tjiymcvmc, Arkansas • rc- |lan cok-ny, chieflj. employes of the serves the right to rejccfany or all Russian embassy hprn Mfn**™** ~r hids and Ir III bidding. Certified or Cashiers check pay•able to the Housing Authority of the City ol Blytheville, Arkansas, U.S. Government bonds, or a satisfactory bidders bond executed by the bidder 'and a surety company licensed In the State of Arkansas In an amount equal to live percent ,,., .. '••• ' ""i""i^ ui iiin serves me rignt lo rclccl any or a Russian embassy here. Members of bids and lo waive any informalities the two groups treat 'one another •-••••• coldly. The Red Russians have not y'ef attended the new church. No COUM for Alarm VANCOUVER -(«, looklnr, at a lame outdoor thermometer here were startled to *ee the Indicator sweep from 1M decnen down to zero and back a»aio tot a ew seconds. Officials said It waai't the we.lher. just a j.mrhed '.witch. 15%) of bid shall be ^omitted with eacli bid. • • . No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of thirty diy« »ub*equent to the opening of the bldi without th« consent of the Housing Authority of the City of Blythevilk, Arkanaaji. The Housing Authority of the 1 Cit.v of Blythtvllle, Arkajuuu By Pred S. sallbm, Chalrma» J. Mell Brook?, sec>.'-Tr'ea». NOTICE . . •••/'•;'' Notice \t hereby given that the undersigned ha* filed with tiw Conimlsloner of Revenues of the Slate ol Arkansas lor permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as Hiway 18, SE Manila, Ark,, MlMUuppI County. v The undersigned , slat« that : h« is » cltlien of ArkarMM,-'»f'"jo6d moral character, that he tuu never been convjuted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license, to. sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; »nd that the undersigned hajr nettr ~..~.. o^» u. iciiigcinLor «ucunjeni-*> nnn- HIR uiiaersig/iea naji never so obtained. The amount of deposit been convicted of violating the law» of this stale, or any other sUt«. relative to the sale o f alcoholic liquors. 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