The Kane Republican from Kane, Pennsylvania on November 12, 1954 · Page 8
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The Kane Republican from Kane, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Kane, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1954
Page 8
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s'W' '".' fr.'n - fe' 'L - 'Wi - T THE KANE REPUBLICAN. KANE and MT. JEWETT. PA. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 12. 1954 PAGE EIGHT ) Lov - ere Hand Creme Contains Cocoa Butter. Lemon Juice. Lanolin LIMITED TIME ' FREE 35c jar With Each 69c Jar. Both For . . 4 femp!e Pharmacy Mrs. Marie O'Donncll, Mrs. Mary Bizzak and Mrs. Louise Carlson were dinner guests at the Mt. Jewett anniversary Rosary Society dinner Tuesday evening. E. L. HILL. O.D. OPTOMETRIST 111 DAW SOX ST. Phone 12U7 for Appointment I Beity Dixon CANDIES Exclusive in Kane at ARCHERS Fresh New Shipment 1 lb. regular . $1.30 1 lb. deluxe S1.45 1 lb. All Milk $1.30 1 lb. Pastel Assortment . $1.25 1 lb. Pecan Frogs . $1.45 Banquet Peppermints '. . box 45c Almond Buttercrunch . box 60c nDnmnrLYTriE I NOVEMBER 8 - 20 r: YOU CAN USE OUR CLUB PLAN 26 p. Service for 6 in Clint, reg. $80.80 $6 - 1.64 Stiff', Crr amrr, esrh res, 117.50 $14 AH Purpose Tray, rcg. 112.50 $10 Cake or He Server, rrs. $6.73 $S.40 Individual billi and Peppers, YOUR JEWELER ,as"i Hank nidg. Teary Farewell Ti","r",TTnT' t , A. A BOWING OUT of show business, Betty Hutton breaks Into tears as she receives gifts following her farewell performance In Las Vefc - as, Nev. Said she, "This Is the end. I'm giving up show business." , (International GRANGE BOOSTER NIGHT SCHEDULED NOV. 15 Mt. Grange will have , Booster Night next Monday, Nov. 15, at 8 p, m. Booster Nisht is one of the nights when Grangers hold open house and invite the public to attend an interesting program. A play, "The Dummy," will be gfven along with some special musical numbers. Refreshments will be served following the evening's program. ' . ' Mrs. Maxine Gate wood, the Grange Lecturer, is in charge of the entertainment. Mrs. Martha Lindquist is chairman of the Home Economics committee. WORD WARFARE. PITTSBURGH UP The Soviets are engaged in "word warfare" which "can kill as lastingly as .38 or .45 bullets," according to Julius N. Cahn, chief counsel for the Sen ate Foreign Relations Committee. Speaking at a Veterans' Day meeting of the Federation of - War Veterans Societies of Allegheny county, Cahn labeled Russia's emphasis on peaceful co - existence a "new brand of Hokum Unlimited." I ' )( V lI. 7 t - rM Ct.your luxurious goljlcn - liued' m... - . xvmtm etf it all items listed below! Brilliant, beautiful Dirilyte is the color of I gold all through every piece is solid, not plated every piece will last a lifetime. It's equally perfect with modern or tradi - 3. - 1 tional accessories equally thrill - ing for parties and everyday use. 34 pr. Service for Eight in Chert, res. $102.80.... Oval Centerpiece Bowl, reg. $5S Cold Meat Fork, Berry Spoon, each re. $6 $82.24 ...$44 ,..$4.80 $5 Gravy Ladle, re (t. $6.2j. Tall salts, Peppers, each re g. 16.75 . $5.40 each rrg, 3.......$2.40 U.S. AND ALLIES PLAN MOVES TO TEST REDS VIEW ON THE COLD WAR WASHINGTON (UPJ The United States and Its allies planned early moves today to test Soviet Premier Georgi Malenkov's professed view that the East - West cold war has gone too far. The tests will range all the way from watching the . treatment of Western diplomats and their families In Moscow to probing Soviet policy on plane incidents in tne Far East and Red strategy on Germany and Austria. American officials from President Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles on down are interested in Malenkov's expressed desire to prevent war and work toward normal relations through diplomatic channels. But officials said trie Russian leader's warm words will have to be matched by Russian deeds. Ike Shows Fenre. Wish In both actions and words, Mr. Eisenhower has shown his intense desire to do everything possible to avoid any steps toward a possible H - bomb war with the East. If sincere, Malenkov's views, as expressed to Ambassador Charles E. Bohlen in Moscow Sunday, are assured of a thorough but guarded consideration at the White House. The first American test will be a new note to Moscow on the destruction six days ago of a U. S. B - 29 plane by the Russians. The 'note will make the usuul claims for compensation and reject Moscow charges the Uniled Slates was at fault and, in addition, take a new step by acknowledging n seeding Russian offer to take measures to prevent further incidents. In about two weeks, the United States, Britain and France will give Malenkov's words a bigger test. An Allied note under preparation in London will leave the door open for four - power talks on Germany and remind the Russians that their approval of an Austrian treaty would be a major boost for peace. Anatomy Drawings Create Mild Stir CUSIIING, Okla. (L'.RI Police sent to a cafe after complaints that the place had "nasty pictures" found two large charcoal and chalk creations hung on the walls. Missing the storm created by his work was the artist himself, R. B. Harris, Jr., son of the cafe owner. Young Harris is a third - year student at the Art Institute of Chicago, where he is studying to become a medical illustrator. Harris' father said the two draw - ings won his son a second scholarship at the school. Police Capt. Joe , Rowden, who lays no claim to being an art critic, said he found nothing in the drawings to shock anyone. "They looked like a study in anatomy to me," Rowden said, "and if that's wrong, then we'd better shut down the swimming pool. You've got only two unclad figures on the walls, and you've got dozens of them at beaches and pools." Gets A Break In Traffic Case LOS ANGELES U.R Col. Robert L. Steinle received n traffic ticket several months ago neur Salome, Ariz., but lost it after returning here. He asked the Arizona highway patrol by letter what to do, as he did not "wish to jeopardize my welcome In your hospitable state." The colonel received in reply a letter from Ernest R. Hall, justice of the peace at Salome, who told Steinle he thought he had mailed him a notice that a $10 fine was due. The justice added that he could check his records, but he would not.. "The sole object of the fine is not Just to collect the money, but it is to impress the traffic offender so that he will be deterred from committing the offense again," Hall wrote. "You have shown it did make an impression on you, so your case is dismissed without prejudice," Although chow mein Is a true Cantonese dish, chop suey origi nated in the United States. It is made on the same principle as na live Chinese dishes. Weather Statistics NOVEMBER Temperature Precipitation Mas. Mln. Snow , Inches 1. SB 23 2.00 .17 2. 31 24 8.50 .27 S. SB SO 8.30 .22 4. St - S3 3.00 .20 5. It SI It. It IS 7 47 18 S. 53 22 . It 22 . 4 1 22 10. tfl IK 11. 37 18 'Denotes unmoMuraole precipitin Aon. ZZ2 TCI5 tmv) :rvrifiiii Gausman's Garage ' On Route 6 Telephone 21 Why not be a "Smart Santa" this year! Use 'our convenient lay - away plan. Here's how it works ... Do your shopping now while the store is not crowded and .while you have the best choice of fresh, new merchandise. Choose the gifts you want for. all the family and the home. Pay a small deposit to reserve your selections and we will hold them for you until you are ready to pick them up. Tit REVERE WARE.' 1 qt. Covered Saucepan . only$3.95 8" Covered MU nor Chiiitmt Skillet . . . only $5.95 daydreams come (rue . . . jive Revtie Ware! Spark)in3 Copper - clad sldinlcsj jlecl Revere Ware the showpiece of any kitchen is Iho gift every woman wants MOST. WE CARRY A COMPLETE STOCK OF REVERE WARE Broadbent - Stiteler Company IVHO LEFT t ti 7 4 'a .V f . "V: 4 , All IS PERPLEXITY In the Leo Vollowitx family In Los Angeles ss members look st t 6',i - toot, 200 - pound porpoise on their front lawn. Leo awoke, looked out the window and for a moment thought he wns on a boat or dreamlnjf. He doesn't have any Idea how or why It got there. Shown with lx - o art (from left) Bobby, 7; Evelyn, 14; Mrs. Esther Vollowitz; Eileen, 4. , (International Soundphotol f . iCroTsiMCTEST SANTAS SHOPV ' lorn - wants - THIS PORPOISE ON V - i . f - i 16 - Piece PYREX Dinnerware Set in a Choice of 4 Decorator Colors TURQUOISE, LIME, FLAMINGO, and DOVE GRAYI JT PYKEX Dinnerware is so lovely, you'll buy an extra set for yourself. And (Oj so durable its wonderful for everyday use. Fruit or sauce dishes, soup or Bl cereal bowls, and bread and butter plates also available as open stock. ntuu javiCE FOI I With bordort bandod In 22 - carat gold - gift pcliagd - $9.9! It's FUN TO GIVE Even PYREX Flameware Covert locJc On Handlet Stay CooU Thoto modern utemili lot yov leo what cooking, ftrfecl gim tor Bridot ond Bridei - ro - Bo. Smgio piocet or match d son) from. Give PYREX Ovenware From "So lU - ovnc cvtlord eupi of 10c I'i - qf. Knob - eovored Couerole of 8?c Ovonwor it ptrfect for gift. Entire with 128 pago Priio Recipe Book included only 94.93. OUR LAWN! V I V f , J I 1 SfJ) ia v y Gifts for Mothers! For Weddings, for showers and Anniversaries! WARE Choo from a to - plat giftil your shopping thrifty! more FUN la gat : $2" to o PYREX ihown Stock Market NEW YORK tt'.RI Stotks ree - Istered an Irrccular advance at a moderately active opening; todiiy. Most net chances hold to small fractions. Exceptions included a one - point loss in Houston Oil, recent strong spot, and a 3 - 4 point dip In Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line. Snmller losses appeared in Gcn - ial Electric on 2,0()0 shares, J. I. Cuse, Boeing Airplane, American Radiator on 1.700 shares, and So - cony Vacuum. There were two opening blocks of 4.5X shares each Radio Coip. at 36 1 - 2 up 1 - 8 and Colorado Fuel & Iron ut 19 1 - 2 up 1 - 4. Smi.ll enin were noted In such sroups as the steels, non - ferroui metals, tobaccos, rails, airlines, amusements and utilities. Chrysler count inucd weak for the third session. It lost 7 - 8 point to 63 on the first sale, a block of 4.5(J shares. A 1,000 - share block followed ut the same price. Olin Mathieson ant a new hlRh at 58 1 - 2 up 1 1 - 4 on 2.000 shares. Wheeling Steel rose a point to 47 3 - 8 on 1.200 shares and Bethlehem also was up one at in j - 4, a new hih. on 1.5D0 shares. The human body manufactures a substance from vitamin A which permits a person to see In near darkness, but this substance disappears from the eyes' when they are used to bright lijjht. CRJ pork ling array of lur. All arrangsd to makt oy and surprisingly The cups were used to hammer heavy 3 - inch rails jn laboratory tests. PYREX BAKINGWARE In choic of Flamingo or limo lo match or harmonii with PYREX Dinntrworo. Individual diihai from 60c to $1.50. In packaged tort ot $2.45 and $5.65. Set of 4 Nesting PYREX COLOR BOWLS Set includes: 4 - qt. Yellow, - 2'i qf. Creenj l'i - qt. Ked and l'i - Pt. Blue Bowls. Set neit for compact storage. $350 NEILLY'S ICE CREAM 89c V2 Gallon JOHNSON'S GROCERY JA.MKS CITY Faulkner's Red & White MT. JKWKTT WINDOW GLASS t CUT ANY SIZE or FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK SIZES. BRING IN YOUR SASH AND WE WILL GLAZE IT FOR YOU. EXPERT SERVICE SNYDER Specialty Store "TIIK 1K1KNDLY STOWS 0 Opposite Tost Office 0 ! 1) 1

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