The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1950 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1950
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER _^_^___ . THE DOMINANT NF.WSPAPFH or MOB-TOT i OT< >„„„,_._ . / VOL. XLVI—NO. 156 NEWSPAPER OT MORTHEA3T ARKANSA. AMP •QPTHWT MISSOURI .B, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY. SEPTKMBRR 20, 1950 —"• *"-"* v*-ir-lae *IYK i. Marines Hammer at Gates of Seoul Against Stiffening Enemy Resistance hit aTh"? hit another truck and "' lhe «Wl ears darned last night when a ver was the 1947 Plymouth sedan at left above Tt Is owned by Jack C wne Owen of B.yiheville. To the right of this car but completely concealed by lumber „ h e9 M owned by Rene George.of B,,theville. Only about two days eld. the Dodge »,,, dlohJed 8 Cars, 2 Trucks Damaged in Freak Wreck Near Here and resulted in a possible $1.4,000 worth of damage' Leaving the highway In the pro-^ cess of' colliding, both trucks crasii- ed Into.eight unoccupied cars paik- ed in front of the Moose Club on the west side of the road. Neither truck driver was Injured. One of the trucks, a 1949 Chevrolet tractor-trailer combination, was loaded with 9.000 board feet of lumber. After leaving the highway, it turned on its side and demolished one of the p'arked cars. (Opinions differed here as to Just how much 9,000 board feet of lumber would weigh. A representative of the trucking firm said, howettr that the load was passed by the Mfuiuippl . l^eisht Station which uiutlly rutncts a truck of this size to tbout'a 10-ton load.) r U"»b«r It Spillerl Tti. tractor portion was heavily damaged «nd the lumber, mostly (long.! x 6-inch planks, spilled off ,fi^« waller. "~ v rgrfr«g«'-to th- aoht >»rt«4 CMJ rouged from a dedtM^x^ax.bump- er to the demolished •(*»• which »-M » 19SO Dodge coupe o^ned" bv Rene George of Blytheville. Mr. .George was reported to have pur jcriased the car only about two any • go. ^ All the damaged cars were ovmed by members of the Moose L/^dge here. They were attending the Lodge's semi - monthly business meeting at the time of the accident and none was present when the truck* collided. The accident occurred about 8:15 p.m. The tractor-trailer was ov.ned by C. W. Davis of Kennett and driven by Ed Harmon. 40, also of Kennett. Driver of the other truck, a 1948 Chevrolet panel truck owned by Hudson- Cleaners of Blytheville, was W. U Moore, W, also of Blytheville. Both drivers told officers the accident occurred when the panel truck attempted to turn left off the Vhjghway while the other truck was va the process of passing it. Both were northbound. Mr. Mcore said he was tryina to turn onto the dirt road that runs west off the highway and immediately south of the Moose Club. He said he was delivering clothe^ for the cleaning firm at the time. j Mr. Starmon said he had started j to pass the panel truck before he saw Mr. Moore's signal for a turn. He said he cut his track to the left in an attempt to avoid a , —CauritT Ncw« Phnln COI LISI01S OlMtGE-Thl I how the front of the 1943 Studebaker driven bj John Earle Wimberlj of Memphi looked last night after crashing into the rear of » truck trailer «i South Division Street. Memphian E scopes Uninjured When Car Rams Truck Here PN'T-XVPr IV1-* «-n rt'tr A/* c > —Courier News l*hnttl Weatherman Sees Clearer Skies As Fair Enters Its Second Day T) .11 M v> 11 1 _ j .' '"_ • ' i - . "• . •* sometime today or tonight. Draft to Gall 40 More; 34MenLeavefprExarris ' ' Miss Rosa , . • —-.— -,-.. -., Missifiuppi County Waft'Board said lh« morning that she has received, Supplemental call of 40 Mississippi County men to report for pre-mi,i»ary service Induction examinations Joe Earle -Wimberly of Memphis escaped serious injury last night when the car he was driving crashed into the rear of a truck trailer on South Division Street. Officers said the crash occurred when a truck ahead of Mr. Wimberly's car stopped to allow a stalled car ahead of it to be pushed off the highway. The accident occurred about 6:30. Mr. Wimberly told officers that he did not see any lights on the truck. Skid marks IS feet in length were left on the pavement by Mr. Wimberiy's car. The fronl of the IMS Studebaker convertible he was driving was heavily damaged. Only apparent damage to the truck was a bent tail light fixture. The truck, owned by Ben Pierson Co. of Pine Bluff, was driven by Mack Walsh, also of Pine Bluff. 1S48 Studebaker convertible he was unhurt except for a blow received when his head struck the windshield. No arresU were made, otticers investigating the accident included State Troopers George Irwin and Bert RO.SS and Herman Seating of Red China in UN Is Temporarily Sidetracked ne icn "j- A. I. GOLDBERG * ... ^.. ~ti^<». F v w «.«m 0 ^olli-;on.l iVEW YORK. Sept. 20 f-P/ Unitec The larger truck hit the panel tru:k • Nations delegates buckled down to- on the left front side damaging it! j. .. ,„ .. , heavilv - rk °' ° r ?amzlng Iheir In cutting to the left the lum-' " catas ' r °P ne assembly," with a Pontiac sedan owned by Frank j r , Westall of Blytheville. The true* j v,-m,,,h I™, ys T' P residenl moved ahead several yards ami I [„. awmH? h"? ,° f , Ira "' .° a " ed overturned on the parked cars. l.., 0 .„,'*, £ to sc f' on at Other cars^maged in the acci- °^?.X^,"*^™; next month. The supplemental call was for* !0 men to report to Little Rock for exams OcU. 2, bringing the county's October rjubt.i to a tola! of !30 men. The county previously had been assigned quotas of 45 men to report for exams Oct. 4 and 45 on Oct. 11. The Draft Board is now calling men In the 22-year age bracket at' present, Miss Saliba said. 34 Leavr Today thirty-four men left by special bus. this morning for the state Induction Center in Little Rock to take examinations. These men represented the county's Sept. 20 call for 40, Miss Saliba said. Six men were listed as delinquents on today's call Included In the group that left this morning were 27 men who were called In today's quota, two men who failed to report for previous calls, four that were transferred to • __~. =l , i, „.,, allu ^>.,.^, luul xt i a[- were iransierred to Clyde Barker and: City Policemen the Mississippi County Board from dent included. 1950 Ford coach, owned by R. E. Brooks of Blytheville, rear naif nearly demolished. 1946 MercXiry coupe, owned by James McMulIIn of Blythevil!*. heavy damage to rear portion. i^ t1 94'J Plymouth sedan, owned by TGick C. Owen of Blytheville. seri- ' ous damage to left part of tap and left side. 1949 Chrysler .,.„„.., .„ .,, Fred S. Saliba of Blythevllle. damage to both sides. 1949 Plymouth- station wagon, owned by M. C. stiles and Ronald Wehlen of BIyth«vllle Flower Mar', choose seven vice-presidents. Entezam was elected late in the opening session yesterday after India and Russia waged an unsuccessful fight I' ?et the Communist Chinese government seated in the U.N. Instead of the Chinese Nationalists. India said it would keep trying throughout the assembly. , . Taking over the presidency from sedan owned by Carl03 p - P-°mu!o. Philippines foreign mimstpr, En^am said: "The United Nations now has to save the world from the catastrophe hanging over it. It Is my hope that at tne end of the assembly we can him»u'nce to the world the eood damage to rear portion. 1949 Ford Coach, owned by John "' F. Fields of Blytheville, dented rear! bumper. j Ti:e president, the heads of the o news It is waiting for. tn this hope. •. l<> work ...., , , A SUte Police report on the acci-1 sux mafn committees and the seven dent said the wreck resulted In a I a5 ' el ' 10I ! r vice-presidents make up 'he steering committee. It decides in what order items should go on the agenda. Five vice-presidents come from the big five—the United States. Britain, France, Russia and China. The steering committee's' first meeting may some this afternoon or tonight. After the tssembly approves the i«encU, that the committee recommends. *ener»l debaU begins. Brazil and the United States »re Uited «s ih« flm possible »14,«X> in damage. No ir- rtiM were made last night. The trailer-truck was en route from Grenada, Mlw., to Kennett. Mo. The lumber was scheduled fc> be used In constnictlon 'of a new Pentecostal Church fn KenneU. The accident was Investigated by »t4t« Troopers Clyde Barker and Qtorm .Inrtn MM w. c Barbou., - i »h*r!ff wm iner at the J>«nl» Jtil ben. other local boards and one man who was called back for re-examination. Included in today's call were Urell Phillips. Raymond Morgan and Glen Medlin. of Manila: Joseph A. Saliba Jr., Thaddcus A. Jones and Billie C Hollifield. of Blytheville; Elmer M. Grass and Norman W. Sutton of Dell; Ira G. Crawford of Wilson, Phillip B. Walker. Caruthersviltc ' Mo.-. James H. Woods and Herschei Coley of Osceola: Jack R. Me'" ~ and Hubert included Weother j theny of Huffman with a few scattered thundershowers| M !t Dg i oe i who lert l —-•' ••••••""eu . .Max K.. Spears and Frank Johnson I Jr., Luxora; James Windman. Driver: Calvin Smith, Jessie L. Hunter and John L. Hunter. Osceola: James U Johnson, East St. Louis, III - Cnarles H. stringer. Armorel; and j Arthur Tony of Blytheville. Seven Transferred CLOUDY ; Sev 'en men included in todays i_ _, , ' were transferred toother board- in west and nor , n portion thls a f.,Miss Saliba said and w'l! be sent mucrfrh ^^ "^ Thurad »y- *<*• | to L1UIe *°* by ihe boaTds to which h -" ge '" lem P erat " r e th «y ^'nJ 0 ^"';, MMtIy ? loudy Wiliiam Tursday Wlth ««-! transferred transferred. They were ' jy. Low tonight In 60s; high Thursday, 50 wuthcast. Minimum this morning—69. Maximum yesterday—93. Sunset loday-6:00. Sunrise tomorrow—5:47, Precipitation 24 hours to T a m tcday—trace. Total since Jan. 1—52.05 Breakfast Flight Planned by CAP , The Blythevilte Squadron of the ! Civil Air Patrol will fly to Martin No U.S. Troops For Indochina Armi Aid to French There Will B« Speeded, Though By C. VATES McDANIEL WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. liT,— The United States f s speeding arms to Indochina but will not send troops to help block a threatened new Communist assault In that embattled corner of southeast Asia. High officials reaffirmed this policy today on the heels of official French' reports (hat Communist-led troops have captured one French strong point in tndochtna and are grouping to attack another fortress area near the border of Communist China. Even before I h e Korean war these officials explained to a re- ,, • porter, France understood that her 1 ', !\, a " rac ' 10 " long and draining fight against lhe!,,' ""stock communist Viet-Nam rebels would nave to be waged by French troops and loyal native units. However, Indochina was >riven a top priority for arms aid immedi- + The fair officially opened yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock although several hundred curious . persons made the'rounds of the fairgrounds long before that lime, i Robert E. Blaylock, Mississippi County Pair Association .secretary announced that./more -than 2,800 persons paid fhelf\ way. Info the grounds betwden 4 p.m."and closing time last night, '•••''.•• 'nils figure was not .a clear picture of the, over-all crowd since many had gone in long before the gates were thrown open officially. About 1.5CO persons attended the 'rec fireworks display given In front of the fairgrounds grandstand a 8 o'clock last night. A similar display Is on lap for the same time tonight. Mr. Blaylock said gate receipts were J28 less than lasl year's open- Ing dale receipts, but in his estimation the over-all crowd was as large as any opening day crowd In the fair's history, Parklnr PUnn changed Because of the rains, cars were being admitted to the grounds this morning, parking space was provided on a lot Just west of the grounds, yesterday but the condition of this parking lot after the rain fell caused officials to change their plans for today at least. Judges began a close examination of a record amount of entries this morning and by tomorrow many of the winners will have been determined. Exhibits in the women's building was receiving the once-over from tne judges this morning as well is KM all live stock entries, A small group braved the Inclement weather this morning to view --" of the exhibits and booths. :tlon was the judging which was con- isl east of the live fore a small au- GIs Hurdle Han River To Hit Former Capital With 2 Armored Units By KKICKSON Seoul ut the post-midnight communique said columns were converging on Seoul sgaiU slit. nice, hnemy ciisnaltic., were reported heavy - Jn (heir first lungc.s+ ! • . from lhe river hank drove nhenrl < Unexpected Snag Threatens Defey In Tax Hike Bill Conferees Stalemate On Provision for Family Partnerships »y FTtANCT.S M. ItMAT WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. (AP>— A Senate-House conference committee hit an unexpected .nag today Ihnl threatened delay of final acllon on the $.5,000,000,000 tax- boosting bill. Chairman George (D-Oa) of tha Senate Finance Committee «ald m tn« conferees ended their morning session without completing work on the bill: "ft doesn't really look now - though we'll ever get an agree- fo'u miles, half way to the Korean capital, (leld dispatches said. The c'-mmunlmie did nol ray how close the Marines are to Seoul now. Five hours niter the first waves hit the far bank, powerful U S tanks -vere ferried across. They churned ii|> jand hanks, plowed over rice paddles »nd moved Into the van of the march on Seoul. (The Army In Washington said South Korean Mnrlncs htwe landed at Samchok, on lhe east coast opposite Seoul. This h either to trap enemy forces on the easl coast rt Is the neglnnlng of a thrust along a lateral rail line toward Seoul us nir miles to the west.) The first Marine Infantry assault wave hit the river at dawn In amphibious tractors loaded with Lenlhcrncck*. The Marines' flrsl river-crossing try in darkness was repulsed by Red gunfire. The second, afler day break and a long-range naval shell- Ing of the Reds from Inchon, made good. The tanks rumbled southeast, bringing powerful fire support to Leathernecks attacking hill posf lions outside Seoul. • Red Koreans were fleeing before this armored vanguard of « 40000 man tilled liberation force. Rash I*' Seoul Americans and Ihelr Communist enemy still were racing for possession, of lhe capital. , Communist tropp» rushed frorn the old southeast' Korea from were reported streaming Into Seoul along ii winding secondary road from lhe southeast. The Leathernecks were striking at Seoul,from the northwest, A slugging match In,the street* of the 500-year-old capital—a clly normally of 1.000.000 people—seemed Imminent. First Division Marinei. pulled out o' -southeast Korea frontline* for the surprise second front operation that began last Friday at Inchon assaulted the Han's northeast bank eight miles northwest of Seoul as a three-o.uarler moon paled out In dsyllghl. The lead-off batlalion for this had been first ashore Friday at Inchon port, n miles west of Seoul. It stormed across the river in amtracka after Navy guns had shelled and shattered R«ri .itrnngpolnts fmrn waters off Inchon. The Navy big guns—now Joined at Inchon by the 18-lnchers of the battleship Missouri—were called on to lob shells 20-odd miles Inland after the Reds hurled back the earlier night-covered assault. (The Army unnounced In Washington that South Korean Marines had landed at Samchok on Korea's east coast directly opposite Seoul. Samchok Is the terminus of 3 railway that crosses the peninsula to Seoul. (A spokesman said the landing occurred several days ago. This cvl- dlcnce. •JiK^'ing of the n expected to he livestock tllities in Korea. President Truman • personally directed the 'accclera-! tlon" of this assistance. : Within she past two weeks 12' battalions of Indochincse troops j were organized and equipped, pri- ' marlly with American arms. •A French aircraft carrier arrived on the pacific coast this week to Pick up a load of U. S. Navy planes for direct shipment to Indochina. Ked Withdrawal SAIGON, Indcchini, Sept. 20. (,P, —French military sources TO[<J tonight aeiial observers reported i general withdrawal o f Communt«- led VIet-N'inh troops out of the Dongkhe regisn and toward bases tcron "'' tier. The ice-nary. All -nine °* a 1 " 1 J See Mill on be ™ Crjr|a 5'' tomor- was no Information on the -,tif. of the 'andln? force.) Ground artillery and vrarpfone also pounded the Reds before th dawn attack. R«di Were Waiting AP Correspondent Oon White many County's Fourth 1950 Meningitis Victim Succumbs ' acro«s in an amtrack with ih Set KOFIF.A on I'aje II INew York Stocks Chinese frnn- i»id the rehcls MUsi.siippI County'j fourth death of ia.v> from meningitis occurred yesterday when a five-month old N':?ro boy died from the dl'eav a> a Blytheville clinic. The chiid was aigene Owen.i. .Jr. . j A T Ac T ... i Arrer ^Anaconria Copper | P.eth Steel .. 142 1-t 1- .menl," But another .icxsloii waa called (or laler In the day/and name mem- b«r* sllll were hopeful thai »11 rough spot, | n lhe - tax bll| wl|| ^ Ironed out at that time. The conferees already have >gre«d on the major Items In the - m *"H r '-T. | ncrea.i«s of abotil. $3,000.- MO/W > year in Individual Income taits.and » boost of »!JSOO,000,000 n corporation normal levies—but Ihey became /ilalemaled, at lenst tempornrily, on the tax treatment of family biutntss partnerships. Bel»y PosiJble • The Senate put In a provision In the bill requiring federal tnx collectors to. recognize "true partnerships." Some lawmakers objected Ihls acllon would permit the owner of i business in take In his minor children as partners an a means of dividing the Income and reducing thc taxes on the business. Whether the situation might delay the adjournment of Congress planned for this week end, waj not clear. Meanwhile, the estimated *izc of the tax bill was revised upward from M,506.000,000 lo Aho the conferc&s yesterday approved a 10 per cent withholding Ux on corporation dividends. The revised estimate of lhe additional revenue the bill will produce came a* a result of late changes anrt a new and higher appraisal of the amount that will be brought in at » result of the proposed boost in individual Income taxes. The withholding levy, aimed at person.-, who dodge or forget to pay taxes on corporation dividend!, calls for no new Uxe.5. But it !* --• — —- — ~J.' "B". "II 1.1 CWI- dently was shortly after the Mfc- """° "> l "^ new nxe.s. But it It sourl blasted Samchok. which is e;< P« :ted to .'top a gap through about 105 miles north of the re- *' hr<:h s!| f« h y treasury e.ulmatcs captured port of Pohang. There '" m ° ttnnnnnr *~ some *190.000.fx;0 a year. Other minor changes made In thc hill yesterday arc deslifned to pick up additional millions. Cf.ngrci may quit with a firm understanding tint it will return to xork—po-3ibly n?ht after the Noiernber elections—to act or. a second Installment" hill including . •> •-•-•• <>>si.riii ••-»-••-. ••i-iitmimeii v oni incillfiin 7 in the second v/orW War. *n excess profits tax !o inkc ihj a | . ' " '"I c CUUI vt m 1J} LQ iVldriin T- ....««...*...,-• .ii.ij MIC 1 C4j«l.t j — o - •'• fcil i, Ort ai since Jan. 1—52.05. Tcnn. Oct. 1 for a breakfast at. the* f ull ' d <ml of EMn^Xhe. which was! "^^ IT " <»»«•' make ln . .temperature imidiay be- Martin Airport. Lt. U c. Posey, Jr, rcported captured yesterday. I in the « r ' u nW 'his year. Cora Cola 'fii..i Rleclrlc \ Gen M'.tors - - - •—- ——af*'*. v^^/cci.^. .jr., f jn.< mery Ward son of Eugene Owen of Hercondak i s " Y Central u - "[Int ffarvester ... f -f C Penney j R, public .steel r.p.n i,-. lm tween high and low)—81 Normal mean Sept.—73.2. .-.-...., ^, |KML . LA . i^ IJ- fosey. jr | public Information officer said to tcmperatur* for day. U. Posey said this was the sec- New York Cotton -- - ~™~j -jaiu luu n«a viic aec- ond flight to be made to the Tennessee field. Last Sunday, about 30 CAP personnel flew to Martin Air- Port In a flight of about 15 light Oct ... Dec ... Men ... May .. Open High Low cio^e 40S-5 4008 4058- 4093 4061 4080 4050 1079 4060 4070 4046 4074 4029 4042 4018 4038 K38 3959 3930 3951 '"' airi ° rt m3n4 "". . in conjunc- "on with the Oct. 1 visit. As only two CAP cadeU took the first flight, U. Po»y aid, mort of ine junior members h»ve been Mk«4 10 SO »long. . French columns are drlvln? in the direction of the frontier outpost. French military spokesmen charge lh« Vlet-Nlnh attack on Don?khe hid been launched from Chinese base*. A . French communique said French artillery surprised a yiet- mlnh battalion and Inflicted heavy towes. The communique reported c»lm In other section* of the fron- tl«r, despite mller report* that th« rtbeU were ituckln? Tahtkhe, It rhifes from Donjihe, »nd Pakha. 13 .mile* to (he vest. bm recently of Dell. , The child's sister .lean died only' two v'.v'fx ago of the same disease i Tr,c iff) cases make n reported; . Anna- , . y vacuum ! S'.udebaker ' S'anrlard of M J - Corp I Scars (J S Steel , . •:••- •-,.--: "" stncuuied Tra-i Southern Pacific , , j ^»-«». [viia. nnra- j b-^l Fill, county nurse, stated. There! have b^en four dcalhs. Mrs. f-.ll also announced that r.«- BJythe- chcm.i clinic, Iruwad, Dr. Forrest Henry an assistant of Dr. Cosgrove. will be In charge. Mrs. Fill urged til county doctors |o attend lhe clinic ..7 1 ; 6 , '?," nt . y j iu r« »'•* «!d Uiat N. O. Cotton Open Hish Low Oct 4<W! 4C.S8 <if& 40BO tXC , 4OH 40« 40.TO 4060 Mch. . ..;;. «aM MM 4027 4^49 M»y 4013 40W 3BM «U JuW *S 3»44 391! 3«9 profits our of war. To fill Taxpayer MfinwFille The two bills together might, increase 1351 taxes by 4l2.fXM.OC>3 000 r.->t'ri measures would apply also ui part of 1950 Income of Ir.rtivMuali ~rf corporations. Tht- first bill woi;W: '• Brx)?t Income taxes of over ?.l 1-t, .M.fflOr'OO Individuals h" nearlv t?. . 42 1000.000.000. Withholding rate on 71 l-ilwaro and Mlaries, after personal 12.5 1-11 exrmotions. would Increase by about. 4fl 1-aj one-fifth effective Oct. I. 9^ l-(j 2.*. v . corpr.'atlOT, [axes b? 59 7-8111.SOO.000,000 a year, with the hlzh»r IS 3-3 rate* eifcr.t.ive retroactively on one- hslf of 15.V1 corporate income Hp^r up corporation income t 7-8 tax puymenm to brint; Into thn 11 5-3i Treasury an extra Sl.OOOOOOOOO a 23 1-41 year over the next five years Thi, 30 5-? i would he done hy gradually jhorf- 33 7-Sienln? the time for paying: the pre- 73 3-3 v'oiw year's taxes. I 3-4 4. Er.clude from taxation nil pa? I 3-1 earned by OI'.i in combat zones, and 81 1-3 give red ictlons to their officers. S. Plug various Ux law loopholes. Soybeans .Vov . Jan High tow cio«> 2.18'i J.JJ-% 2.38-3* . . . 1.40'i 2.38',i Z.40'4 3.4J?; 2.4l\! 2.4.1'i S 4354 2«',l

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