The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1950
Page 7
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1950 (ARK.)' COURIKR NEWS PAGE IH1J11EI,M >UTOURWAY By J.R. Williams Our Boordina House with Mai. HoopU FAMOUS WESTEKKI SHEBIFF AMP POSSS IM PUESUIT OF NOTORIOUS OUTLAW (SAKIO tooo BETTER HERe WITH A>J . JOB TONlS'HT, AND MO FOOL- E6AD, MWTCHM I'vje SEtKi CALLED TO COSSlDER A. LITERARY POSITION C*= AWp TRUST IF THIS PAWS OOT.T. VMOfi'T HAN6TO STOOP TO THAT POST OP MlSWT WATCHMAN) AT lHe TAMWERV • Golnz So Soon? M£ To ALTER. VOOR PROFILE SO TWt BOYS CAN CALL NbO ^oWlfc^^b) 60LJMDS 5L1GHTW FIMM1 fOK. 1«M W NCA MDVICC. IMC. T. M. IM REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION a majority of cases invesll- • gated in several hospitals and , tllnici, iiibnormai Kidney function ; wai impr-r^ecJ, Bladder pain and ; discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Wafer. K your doctor hat diagnosed yeur condition as functional Kidney impairment ibis natural, untreated mineral water may he very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. ! h i* delicious, pure-taslmg, and ; may ba consumed freely. Crotstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J Water -— J Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 By Edwin Rutt TIIK .'TORY, FiUlh Fliu>4. Ibr flirnn.r K.lp Pri>v. ujidrr teriHH at hrr t:it*rr'» will, hrnit* Frrr A Cnuiiinnj-, nn advrrlKlii* •^••noj-. Thf> H rni plnrntr* lln Khakjr Morn- titn HOnp ArrniiNI ti» prm«Mltn|C « nrw rnmpnljrn fn I.rwFw Xnrlhrnft. * nri vrrtlslnr mnnn*rr. Cri nl»n e! Cll Su r rUHrf !»•" colic- Griff*. K4«-*- 1 [I-old »Utrr .rrnn** mill Alf~t\c:fit trtc**!. h.r trtlln* Mm Ihjtt i >Tmi*l rrrrlvr hrr truat tnmt Cr till «Xf*l< M. XXIII T7DE looked at Gil Summer-field in amazement. "So you told Ham Grieve thai Jenn wouldn't tjet her income till she was 30. She could have set him straight about that in a minute. She gets her money when she T s 21." "I considered that possibility." said Gil. "but I gambled on Ham's smoothness nnd Jenn's good breeding. I felt sure they never discussed money matters. Naturally Ham wouldn't say to Jenn,, 'Sec here, young lady! Before we get too far involved, how about your financial status?' Nor would Jenn sny to him, 'Better snap me up. Mr. Grieve. I'll be lousy rich when I'm 21.' " .Ede laughed. "Poor Hamilton." "Just what I thought," said Gil. "Poor Hamilton. And I thought I ought to do something about him because he looked a little seedy to me. So, one way or another, we Hot on the subject of my house in Bermuda. There it was, I. said, not rented and probably going to rack arid ruin. 1 was willing to rent it at a bargain and you know Ham Grieve is a sucker for a bargain." • "You let him have your house for nothing, didn't you, Gil?" He Iraocd designs in the tablecloth with his thumbnail. "So what? The point is that Mr. Grieve will be out ot town, indefinitely." Ed t e's eyes were soft green. "Salute, Machiavelli," she sajd. "This lunch ought to b« on me'.' "It will be," Gil (rrinned at her. "Waiter! The check!" _ And that nighl, over (lie extension telephone in her bedroom, Ede called Tommy Melbourne. "It wouldn't do you any harm," she told him, "to drop around here some evening. Just casually, you know." "Whoops." said Tommy Melbourne. ^S the days passed, smoothly now, without anything of much importance happening, Edo began to grow restless. She did not quite understand the feeling. But it seemed lo her that she was drifting, rather aimlessly, without any fixed purpose. Prey & Company was operating like a well-oiled machine and she could sec little reason for her presence there. Reagan was obviously capable of running the agency. And with Mr. Northcott—ol whom Reagan apparently stood in some awe—quiel for the moment, there did not seem to be much that Ede could contribute. " So during this time she saw a great deal of Gil Summerfield. Gil was an easy and charming companion. He was gay, without being » mental lightweight. He was a good listener; an intelligent and discreet confidant. With him Ede could relax and speak her mind. And there was no drive, no exigency, about Gil. He made no demands on her and, better even than that, he never bored her. Then one day the letter from Peler flood came. It was postmarked Reno and Kde smiled ironically and without bitterness as she read the businesslike lines. Ho had flown to Reno from Mexico. He did not elaborate upon his reasons lor being in Mexico in the first place. He covered that phase in a few vague words, obviously willing to allow her to infer »ny- thin? she chose. The m»hi point tie made was that he had established residence in Reno. Evidently. Ede thought. Peter ilidn't trust a Mexican divorce. She wondered, almost disinterestedly, ir Irene Van Sant were with him. then decided that it was im- rnnlerial. That evening,, the entire Frey family happening to be together, Ede seized the moment to break the news. OR s moment they were shocked beyond speech. They sal quite still in their chairs. Visibly dumbfounded. "When did this happen? I thought he was in Bermuda, writing," Jeff exclaimed at last. "It's been happening nil along," Ede informed him. "But I saw no point in telling you until now." "And you're not fighting it?" Jeff said, in perplexity. "Why on earth would I flght It' Jeff!" "Don't you see what H implies if you let him get the divorce? What will people . . ." "I don't give i hoot about what people say or think." Ede interrupted. ... . . , "Well, if you don't. I •do." He WRS working himself up. He seemed to feel that she had brought personal disgrace upon him. "We've got some sort of-—of position to maintain." "Jeff, you're wonderful," Jenn said. "The perfect paterfamilias." And Myron said, unexpectedly. "Oh, simmer down, will you? Ede knows what she's doing." Jenn crossed the room and put her arm around her sister's shoulders. "Listen, darling," she said, "we're not helping you much. I didn't know Peler very well because he was never here. But the important thing is, you .wanted a divorce, didn't you?" "I never wanted anything more in my life." Ede said seriously. Jenn turned to Jen". "H Ede's satisfied, you ought to be." "I still don't like it," Jed said. And right there Tommy Melbourne arrived for * date with Jenn, puling an end to th« eon- clave. Try Velvet's ff TASTE TREAT 1 OF THE MONTH Coconut-Pineapple" BARNEY'S DRUG STORE West Main ^ "1 Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office and Bulk Plant — Promised Land CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring it lo T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics ar« specifically trained lo care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phon. 2122 "I want to increase my allotment for bonds—if Uncla Sam i* going d««p«r into debt, I'd juit as soon he'd owe me!" PRISCIU,.VS FOl E'erils of Parenthood BY AL VKKMEEH W AND YOU Y BETTER BE [ CAREFUL, TOO! MY MOM'S TALKING ABOUT PUNCHING THAT'S A TERRIBLE WAY FOR A LADY TO TALK! •SUPPOSE 1 WENT OVER AND TOLD JENNY LU'S MOTHER I WAS GOING TO PUNCH HfR IN THE HABI. (VMM l.KV nnrf RAT PH NO, MY NTEKE5T ] IN A Zm-W* FOP, f' <6 H HITHER VOUBSELF- MtttfH) KCHON AT THE CLU5, THANK. VXJ. NPAT THAT ^KHiSAT 2 WAS /V THE PANTHER CLUf, TKY/fJS TO6ET A CALL THEKE HE 15, CHeSTV. THAT5 TX£ &UV WHO »AKSEP AN<7 TOLP /AE HE VW4S TH£ QUICK, 6(V6 ME SBOWL IM CAPTAIN EASY Side Roads BY LESLIE TURNER f WHERE'LL YsTtLETTO TOlP OKHSQti THEY'D HWUt TH6 Stfl 1 VOO STWtr (W TKKTV MIWurES. 9O m MUSI'lfE HIDDEN VOtK SMKCHVTWHtRS HIS CAR CKASHED, TEN »ll(5 FKOMJ fOK THfMr ^ —T. TOWPO ! •THERE'S HIS TlFISU«Wmi*OI(? HMM..60 MILES! DCVT THIWC J»VfD\ ) SMASHED CARA HIGHWAYS, SO WE'LL EASY...AIODA \FOaOWTHISLITTLE BIG HOtE lU THE ROAD THAT ANGLES SAMP NBftE. IT. ( Off TO THE WEST 1 . BUT MO SIGH, OF THEM' M FUgTHEg THWJ THIS Wr.PMICHlT* 6WWSTO UffT. CA*« KAIO* IT MCK TO WHEM rT BUGS BUNNY Marked Route SPOT PAINTS— GLASS— WALLPAPER MIRRORS— GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings — Venetian Blindi — Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 — 112 S. First — Blylheville NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A ItTTER UUNDRY We're Proud of Our Work i* work • Woodwork Jduring • Welding BARKSDALE MFG CO Machine work Manulacluring Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, better check on it. We give one- day service on speedometer repairs for any make or modelcar or truck. Drive in today T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 STOP! Get oar Hjnrt on joar pNmbln; iob, H can IM conveniently nn- inced (hronih FHA. We contract complete Job or will sell JOB the fixtures * n d ronh- in milerial and jo« choose J««r 9wn ploinbtr. Rep»Ir work Is jlren onr prompt attenttan. See or Call Orsburn Supply 1916 W. Main Blytheville Phone 3208 •r Orsburn Plumbing Co. 131» W»rd Are. Canilhtnrlll* Phone 1179 SERVICES Kemp Whisenhunl & Co. • S*nd' & Finish Hardwood • Lay Hardwood Flooring • Asphalt Tile Cill , rive ;«• prompt, eoorteooi Conw In Kemp Whisenhunt&Co r.. DID TH WHEEL OFF MY CAR COME ZOCVrttN BY HERE YiJU SEE? THEV DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO TAKE AWAY MY sweep; I'D JUST LIKt TSEE 'EM TSY T'KEEP \& IN HERE FOK TK' RFST CF OUK. LIVES.' CH. t ASSURE TK.5 15 HO VEKY SERIOUS FiATTEE... YB-1. BY 6SS. O1CX. ME3SS / OUITE BOOTS AND HER BUDD1KS RY BPOAR MARTIN -\tV\VORftUV PtACt

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