The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1950 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IF THAT AIN'T SALV1N' 7K BOSS.' TM' BOSS SAID, "H6V VOU AIN'T GOT TH' C6MTER IM THAT JOB'--AND TH GUV IS REAU.V BORIM A HOLE WITH A 6OEIN' BAR.. 1 SPCIMGING THOSE MILDEWED GAGS ISA rA»S- "DEMEftMOR? HOW CAKS ' EXPLAlW IT TO -rue PAKOLe OFFICERS LOOK /HAIN'T SAID WAS GCXhy 01 BUT IF X DO IT TO VDd BARBERS? STILL RUKWl'.^ TU SWITCH TOV06R VOD BOWS HOP BACK OW YOUR. FLAT STANDIN' IN PROMT OF IT, you COOLP EASY MAKE A MISTAKE LIKE THAT/ STUPID/ HA-H/V- THAT'S A A LIST OF POBL1C EMCMIES YOU SPELL ^toOR WITH OMS HICCUP OR. TWO?.™, ANY OUeST- oM&FOR-tue PROFESSOR? JBLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PAGE ELEVEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLO8SE1 Dumb, Like Einstein Insurance For FARM BUREAU INSURANCE service, call or contact H. B. ShetilNird. phone 2157, early morning, noon or night. 1-20 pk 2-20 Call 3545 For Complete . Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash St. GLENCOE HOTEL BUILDING • <18-ck-tl Wanted to Rent 4 or 5-room unfurnished house, close In, Permanent residents. Coll 4035, 1-21 pk 28 Help Wanted, Mo/e~ Young mnn stenographer who cnn do bookwark. Permanent job lor the right man. Not a heavy Job but one gilt requires abllft? to do accurate ^•-fc and a record of stability and i^istworthliiess. Prefer married ex- aerrlce man. If you bBYe tbese quol- IfLcmtons and want a steady Job at fair pay address Box DEF, c|o of this paper. 1|24 ck tr. Salesman Wanted DISTRIBUTOR-SALESMAN Btytbcvllle Territory open on exclusive basis. National! advertised aimp In Monel seat and' Kwlvel wasjicr eliminates faucet repairs. Wins Instant enthusiastic acceptance from Industries, Institutions, government agencies, home-owners. Made by established manufacturer with over 50,000 big- volume, repeat customers. Man Kelected must earn minimum of S400 month to hold territory. Write or telephone J A Fisher, 1154 Monroe Ave.. Memphis. Tenn. Phon. 3-8448. . • 1|2 7 ck H2» Business Opportunities UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY Assured Income from territorial franchise IID wopeii. A where an average Investment of $1050 Is returned In less than ninety dnys. Records will show that a 100% return Is possible In thirty daja. Initial Investment may be small to the right man Interested In expanding Into full-time operation J^ls Is a tested and proven business-' JIB selling, no experience needed ace fri Important. Must be reliable and with cash to get started. Investment Is secured by equipment and merchandise. Will stand strict Investlga- I?,M A ,l'I > '';«" ls wl» he Interviewed within ten days. Write giving telephone number to Box FOH. c|o Courier Nc»"s • 1)27 pk 2ji ASSURED INCOME Territory now open for the operation Of the new "SOUTHERN BELLE" amusement nubble gum vendor: bleuest gold mine In the coin machine history, a whirlwind sharpshooter that no one cnn resist ploying. Want local person to Invest In and opernte exclusive territory. Tests show , return from J«5 to SD75 per month on ""«™ investment. Investment Is secured by Tour Investigation Is Invited. Appll- mcrchnndlse..iFull time not necossarr cants will b» Interviewed at an early' date. Write giving telephone number to Box OKI. cjo Courier News. l| ait The Kosi River Dam, to be erected in eastern Nepal, will be between V50 and 800 feet high—taller than the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River. Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up to 36 in. . Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes ap to S4 in. Aulorrulir Flood Galen Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Seplic Tanks Sewer Tile Best p r | CC3 We DeliTCT A.H.WEBB flishwaj 61 al Slatt Un« Theme 714 RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Vou Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 IT PAYS YOU To Keep Votir Sliocs in GOOD REPAIR I Love My Doctor By Evelyn.Banuns •J±±,'' M £ - S£rtW » Mulred a skeptical attitude to- *'.irrj ail mcriiratlon; and treat- menu exrepi tbow jperincallj ;nown to be guaranteed, elective aids In curing Illnesses. xxvn I HAD expected to wake up aftw ttaat very unusual sulfi-raontil celebration feeling like Columbus on the daj at docked Instead at whictt 1 f-ol oul <x bed like • dlshrloth emerging trom « washing machine 'You look •wfuL" mj mother said when «J>e Mopped b? 'Do yoo nave • fever? Let me reel yoiir head." *Dom rtart borrowing trouble I'm feeling line," I said tryinp to sound like a seasoned commando ignoring a fleab wound. 'Well,. I- doot mow." she persisted. "1 dont like bow you look. Why dont you tell Jonn? After all he is a doctor.- Which was exactly why ooL Jusl as tn ordinary matters the average physician's medical care for nis family makes the deliquent cobbler with his shoeless children seem like a patemai philanthropist- so in case of actual illness his concern and tear are magnified beyond normal proportions. I remember one time when we were married about three months, when 1 (ell and twisted my ankle. "Now took. John." 1 protested, when he insisted on an X-ray as tf 1 oad lust been pried out of a head-on collision, "it'a obviously only a simple strain. t've bar! them before. WhT do you worry about every little thing from a cut finger to a'Shaving ntclr.7" "1 suppose it's because I knc all the bizarre and incurable things In medicine," he tatd "and 1 see so much ot sickness everywhere, that I dread its happening here. Do you seeT" After ao X-ray was taken (he usually was as victorious in things of this kind as Hitler in his heyday) and he was reassured that there was no break in my bone, John simply forgot the whole matter. "Aren't you going to tape it upT" 1 asked, after a long day's limp "That's what you did to Mrs. Wilson's ankle, and" that's what the camp doctor did to me Ihe last iroe It happened." JOHN was relaxing as usual, with a medical journal, and while I questioned thir type ot literature as means ot recreation, dared oo: say so alouo 'n »new f tfae ferry Mason corpses and [ory itUetux that furnished mine. "Lei it alone.' ne grunted, without even looking up. -it'U heal up Nothing serious- Just lei K alone * The next day my ankle still bothered me a little and my wounded feelings a greal deal so I determined on a new course. Just as the last evening patient was leaving. I sal down in the waiting room, and said when John opened the door: "I'm acxt-" He looked surprised, out gallantly seized the cue. "Come right In. madame." he said professionally, and then, dropping the art. stretched and said, "Gosh I'm tired." "Not loo Bred H 1 were Mrs. Gwendolyn Xanthippyl" I hurled this oul as il it were a grand jury indictment He slopped stretching. "What's the matter?" he asked. 'My ankle hurts. 1 want .. taped, or at least 1 want a short- wave treatment like you gave Mn Wilson. It 1 were a patient I'd get onel" I said heatedly. -Well 111 be one. I'll pay you—or 'you can send the bilj to my husband!' John started to laugh. "Look, darling," he said, coming over to me. "I'd never neglect you ever 1 promise. But a short-wav< treatment al best can only givi temporary relief, say. (or a few hours or so, but that's all. Any other benefit Mrs. Wilson got wa pure psychological eflecl. Am. you cant get that since I've told you better. Now, do you understand?" Gradually, I came to accept thf doctor's ^philosophy ol persona medicine^ although 1 never liket it or wholly understood it. 1 too E greatest mystery of modern medicine, at least to me. if now people can swallow ceo or blue or green llQuldr that underneath their, fancy labels, actually coo- ain nothing but 'vitamin' B. or aspirin mixed with sugar water. and Ihen report the most aslounrt- rcartions from a totalH unconnected attack of rheumatism, :o noison Ivy But such thinking, hi our house, was lower than Benedict Amold'a. With true professional Spartanlsm. our medicine rablnel was (and still is!) bare it nny voodoo bottles except for aspirin for head- arhea hair tonic for John cos- mclin for me. and a little Iodine, or metnnhin. or any other anti- sentir thai W n« most reccntlj received In the mall 'No cough medicine? No pills?" my mother demanded as If we were nonbalhing cannibals. "I've never seen civilized people live like this!" I-Ike many lay people I have met. my mother was under lh« erroneous Impression that a doctor's home probably came equipped with sterilizer! In the kitchen, diathermy machines In the bedroom and autoclaves In the bathroom; Innt he and his family were daily germproofcd. vitamin laden, hormone Injected, and vaccinated; that only food approved by the Council on Food and Drug* of th« American Medical Association wat consumed: and that prophylactic fumigations ol the whole house' took place periodically Her immediate reaction to the routine John and I followed wai like that of a child who suddenly discovers that there Is no Santa Claus. For her sake only. 1 sometimes wished that we might have been one ol that literal-minded minority among physicians who do come close . to her Ideal. These men (a minority, 1 repeat) read every controversial medical article published without even sensing the controversy (To B> Continued) Michigan is salvaging 10,000,000 to 15,000,000 board feet of timber knocked down by heavy slorms. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete rolrerti, 12 Inch to 4S Inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocka cheaper than lumber for harm, chicken houses, prjmp houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. \V« deliver. Call u for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691. OPENING THIS SUNDAY Offering Complete Florislic Service H OVER MART South Highwa; 61 Phone 6002 Expert Service COY GOODSON can do Ihe job well. . .coulraqt work, wiring, appliance repair BLAN HEATH CO. PHONE 828 UJ ' iiiaa Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet- U-Ton Cab & Chassis Saturday's Price CO You can buy it for ?G55 on Saturday, §6'!5 on Monday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.50 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a 49-50 Arkansas license. '•19 STUDEUAKER Champion Convertible, 13,800 actual miles, radio, healer, while sldewall (iren, overdrive, 195« Arkansas license $1695 655 '•19 XASH "600", 10.000 aclual miles, K»t covers, white sidewall tires, -Weather Kyt" healer and defroster, 1950 Arkansas license $H95 '•in DODGH: l-rlonr Custom, radio, hcal- cr, new while sldewall lircs, clean as a pin, 195» Arkansas license $1295 CHAM_BUN JM.ES CO. RArLROAD t'A^H PHONE 888 WORE, OOUT VbO BOYS DARE SNOOP WHILE WE'RE FIXING OUR BOXES FOR THE SOCIAL/ l-ARO FRY IMP 6EOUS6 WE WONT SA TWINS ABOUT RACCOOM CCATS/ xwow now A. VSOMAN peas SUE* WEU»K3 A HEW HAT/ &f$&T/ D6«5o TflE/A TO THINK S'NOOP,SO V 1 TOLD THEY'LL B0 SURE 'K3 BID , ON OUR Ulr4CHES AT THE AUC110N 1 IMO IV HCA MUVKf. WC. r, H. WO. u. « .AT. <»T. "Yes, his grapefruit-and-egg diet ended last night ifi perfectly safe to apeak to him again!" RISCILLA'S POP HY AL VERMEER STILL, PRISC1LLA,] SO I CAN WASH ,YOLJR I HAIR ! YOUNG LADY DO YOU WANT •YOUR HAIR WASHED OR NOT-! STAND STILL, PRISCILLA, SO I CAN WASH YOUR HAIR! ' MOW THAT YOU A<5K ME, MOM... NO, I DON'T ii Wrong Number I!Y MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANS 1 KNOW THIS COURrHOUSE PRETTY WSLL. I'VE BEATEN THEEIEVATOC UPSTAIRS M4NY A TIME AND r CKO IT AGAIN. TAKE ANOTHER LOOK T TREAT AlADY WAY ABOUND HEBE CAPTAIN EAS\ Just H Minute, blister BY LESLIE TURNER JUST WBJT'LL I SET UNHOBBLED, SOU DftD-BLAMED UTTIE PUWK 5 ; WE HAVEWT COT TIWS, UlSTIRl MOW, 10MMV.. MCU TWIST «OTM ENOSOFTH' WIRE TOMTMtK M BUGS HUNNY Well, Well! It Worksl , BUGS.' THAT CHEMISTRY SET WHAT'S WRONS WTH IT, KID ? WHAT CHEMICALS 1 I MIX TOGETHER... \ NOTH1N' V BY V. T. HAMLIN I CAN'T WAIT TO GET KID OF J DANSED IP ^EgN.^A^'^^^TlJ-'g^ ^p?>—xr-^\ A as^gf 13 LAST. ;ilv>if^b?>;-S.<'iU; HOOTS AND HKU BUDDIKS KY EDGAR MARTIN

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