The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1952
Page 6
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A District Champ May Be Named Saturday; Is Title Worth It? The Executive Committee of the Arkansas Athletic Association will jather In Little Rock Saturday and the No. One Hem on the agenda will be settling of the problem of what tcnm is to represent District II (that's us) Jn the 4tat« championship football playoffs. The necessity for the AAA to have to decide the. District Two CIa£5 AA championship came about because Joncsboro and BIythevilte, - the two leading Icams In Ihe district, do not play each other and neither does Blytheville play cither of the olher two Class AA teams In the distrlcl. So when none of the schools Involved could not come up with an answer lhal was Mllsfactory to all, the AAA stepped In. Even though I know'that this Is- tolng to bring cries of "sour grapes" from everywhere and make me susceptible to a lot of criticism from the home quarters, I want to to on record right, now as saying' that It does not make one linker's dam lo this department who gel.-; Ihe championship. Of course I would like to see Blytheville WIN both the district and state championships but for nil n team has to go through with and what little glory and profit that go wllh them, the titles aren't worth It. And T don't bear this attitude , alone. Some of the Blytheville •chool officials h'ave expressed the same opinion. But at the same 'time I don't, feel like a championship of any kind should be GIVEN lo anybody. Football championships, like baseball pennants, should be earned • nd, In any event, go lo the best team of a section. How C»n They Decide? Right now I can't sec any way the AAA can decide which IMS the better team, Jone'sboro or Blytheville. By all indications Joncsboro has the best has como up »Ith In many'a.ycar so It is only natural that Its fans arc enthused. The Hurricane has lost but one fame while the Chicks have losl two bul take a look nt the schedules. The only solid ball club Jonesboro has played beat the Hurricane and we doubt seriously If Stutlgart, a Class. A school, could compare favorably wllh Norlh Lil- lle- Rock, Messlck, Jackson, or Whltchavcn, the teams Blytheville has played.. And yet Ihn Chicks own a not-lo-bc-sncczcd-at 2-2 record. Joncsboro's olher games were with Pocahontas, Helena, Catholic of Memphis, Newport and Forrest City. T)ie only olher common opponent Ihe two teams have Is Norlh Little Rock. Joriesbovo plnys Ihe Norlhslncrs In two weeks and this coulrl be used as a cuagc hut not fairly because Ihe'Chicks tangled with Ihe Wildcats In Ihelr season opener and had they known then that the game was to be used lo decide the dlslrlcl championship it might have . changed the entire complexion of the gnm'c. No,' there Is no other way but' to let the AAA untie the knot. II Afn'l Worth It And as we said before (he little glory that goes with the district or stale title under the classification system isn't worth all this quibbling and worry. I haven't heard of a school yet lhal has gained financially pr physically from the playoffs since their .Inauguration In 1!M7. The Chicks have made four trips to Ihe slalc playoffs and wnn the state Douhle-A championship twice but the records will show they realized very little financial gain from any of their trips. All the playoffs and winning the state chnmploship did was ; prolong their season a couple of extra weeks and delay the starting of basketball practice by Ihe same length of time. .So this Is why I can't get overly enthused over the Division II argument. II Just Isn't worth It. And lo Ihls all of Jonesboro probably will yell "sour grapes" but it's my guess that If the Hurricane gels the norl In Little Hock Saturday and gets past the: first playoff game my Jonesboro friends will have a belter Idea of what I am talking about, . The Blaek Stallion Can't Run— 'Is Good for Maryland LeRoy Pull Legitimate' \ Bj- WARKKX ROGERS, Jr. ... • : WASHINGTON (AP) - For Ihe .first time'Vn'four '-L'tTn Vr S oT S , tiltc Diversity's football learn goes into •action this-Saturday without the Black Stallion of T h o If lhat sounds'negative, read on, because there are almost as many . "Nob" in Ihls Ule a: In the stumps of cypress that dot the myrald wa-' .tere of the Bayou slate. Firsl off, Louisiana Slnte Is not a top-ranked team. At nearby College Park. Md., Saturday It pits Its two-won-Lhree-lost record ngnlnst unbeaten -Maryland, the nation's number two college squad. The Blaeli stallion, of course, Is not a horse. He's Jet-haired. Jet- propelled fullback named Leroy Labat. He Is K and, at 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds. Is riot so big as full- ba^ks go. ' Hole In Ground He comes from thp. French-speaking country of Louisiana, St. John and St. James parishes • counties, from a town ..called La Crevasse] which freely '.translated, means: "The hole In the ground." A Cajun—Iriat is, n descendant of the Acadians who pioneered Lousi- ina-Labat probably is the only college player today .with a personal rooting section. If not the only one, then certainly It Is the most avid and vocal. \ Even when he loses yardage, they raise the roof. Ever since Leroy broke Into the varsity lineup as a freshman in 1&48. his hometown—almost down to the last citizen—has been turning up en niBKe ,fov Louisiana State games. Oh road trips, special buses, carrying between 500 and 1,00) of therri, tag along. ; The buses carry two banners. One says, "Yca-h Labat!" The olh- er,--('The pride of SI. John and St. James parishes." Can'l flay But Ihere will'be no buses this Saturday. Lcroj 1 will he' on the Louisiana State campus In Baton Houge, La. A severely pulled leg muscle, suffered In last week's game againsl, Georgia, has the Black Slnl- llon stabled, probably for Ihe rest of the season. It was those legs and the way he used therii that won Lcroy the Black Stallion monicker Imck in his high school days. Lcroy's legs look like medieval manes, broad awl chunky, and he digs them up anrt down, when he runs, like twin pile- drivers with a mechanical seven year's Itch. As one of Labal's fans—a fellow from South Loiiislnrm, where you must know French but your English can be casual—put it: •'' 1 "It's eood to, Maryland Lcroy's hurt. He can run like n cantaloupe but-he hart to go ailcl strain that legitimate in his leg." Gib Dawson, Jerry Norton Get Plaudits They Become Ail-American Candidates DALLAS (AP) — Jerry Norton, Southern Methodist's triple-threater; Gib Dawson, ^Texas' halfback' who broke out in such a rash of scoring last week against Arkansas, and Marvin VVahlin, Arizona Stale of Tempo halfback, were added today to All-America recommendations from the Southwest, Norton, who. had his greatest night againsl Rice with 140 yards carrying the ball and 84 passing, .was nominated by Bill Rlvns of the Dallas News, who Is a member b( the Associated Press Southwest Board. Lorln McMullcn of the Ft. Worth Slar-Tclegram. another member or Iho board, projected Dawson Into Ihe All-America limelight, for his Rrcal day against- Arkansas when ne ran wild to score 24 points. McMullen also added Bill Athcy. Baylor's defensive guard, to his recommendations. Abe Chanln of the Arizona Dally Star, third member of the board spoke of Wahlin In glowing terms Rives thinks the top prospects for All-America from the Southwest nre Hnrlcy Sen-ell, Texns guard who plays both ofTense'and defense and Hill Forester, the mighty Southern Methodist tackle. For a covey of contentment, treat yourself and friends tonight to a flavorful round of CABIN STILL, the Kentucky Straight Sour Mash Bourbon most prized by'American Sportsmen. ^M OLD ^M CABIN STILL iiiW In proof... yet rich in flavor by MOOS' IHSTRinilTlXG CO Ditto R«ek, Arkuwu l-WElle* DISUllERY, ESTAI. IOUISVILIE, XY, Lions Claim Waivers on Clyde Scott PHILADELPHIA (tpj — The rj^, (roil Lions yesterday claimed Haif- bnck, Clyde Scott from the Philadelphia Eagles, and ilhereby added another great Southwest Conference star, to their backficld. Scott, three times »n All-Southwest. Conference , selection while playing for Arkansas 1 Join* Doaic Walker from SMU and Texas 1 Bobby Layne on the Lion roster. An Engle spokesman said Detroit was the only National Professional Poolbnll League club to claim "•ntvers on Scott. If none of the clubs had claimed Scott, he would have been declared a free agent. Scott, a native of Smnckover. Ark., and reputed to be the fastest man In pro football,, now lives at Lake Village. »V THURSDAY, OCT. », 1081 UJXORA'S PANTHERS — Coach Charles Johnson^ Luxora Panthers have won five straight football games this year and will meet Burdelte at Luxora tomorrow. 1 They are (first row, left to right) Herman White, Joe Barch, L. c. Cunningham, Bobby Hollinger, Charles Bennett; (Second row) Lamar Rowell, manager, Buddy Stovall,- Billy Thweatt, Johii Thweatt, Alvln Griffin, Charles Smith, Caroll Jackson, Paul Woolverton, assistant manager; (back row) David Towles. Danny Cooper, Norman Earth. FUsr Tale, Joe Gentry, Bobby Tale and James ;Woolverton. (Courier News Photo) Hogs Hope for Upset Win; Texas Avoids Hard Contract By The Associated Prts« Six Southwest Conference elevens were hard at work inlerscctional glory and an important conference tussle this Baylor and Texas A&M, wllh nn annual grudge gnme set Saturday, worked hard and long yesterday and continued at lop speed today. The Baylor- offensive ' platoon polished Its passing game while the Boars defensive outfit scrimmaged against Aggie plays they hope lo slop lor a Waco Homecoming crowd Salurday. Coach George Sauer promoted Bobby Benge to the varsity and indicated Benge may stnrl as nn offensive guard against the Cndets. Line up Chances Coach Otis Douglas shook up both offensive and defensive pla- loons as'the Arkansas Razorbacks prepared for their Little Hock game wllh Mississippi University. Lamar McHan, A11-Conference quarterback last year .took part In scrlnirnages yesterday and Razorback • followers thought his presence In the line-up might hold down Ihe Ole Miss victory margin. Striving for an upset win, Douglas shifted Johnson Gunn .to defensive half In place of Dean Pryor and moved Pryor to a line- backing posl for Floyd Sagely. The Texas Chrislian Horned Frogs, faced by an open dale this week end, found that their star tailback. 'Hay McKon'n, Hart « calcium deposit on the bone of his right arm. Trainer Elmer Brown believed he would have It cleared_ur) In time for TCU's next game, with Baylor, Nov. 1 in Ft. Worth. The Aggies took it easier today after yesterday's hard workouts. Coach Ray George said he would lake a squad of 44 to Waco where a crowd of 40,000 Is expected to witness the Baylor homecoming game. Both teams expected to be In top shape for the till. LonxHorni Injured The Texas Longhorns, plagued by injuries, avoided full - scale scrimmage in an effort to put an unimpaired team on Ihe field against Rice Saturday, bul saw End Howard Moon twisl hts ankle In the aflernoon workout yesterday. ; Coach Ed Price had his offense polishing the ground atlack for Rice while the defense concentrated on Owl plays, At Houston, the Rice injury picture looked brighter but Coach Jess Neely still experimented with his line in an effort to find a replacement for Guard Dick Chapman. He used Gene Little nnci W.C. Tre'adway in the defensive slot despite Ihe". fact Chapman's bruised lilp showed signs of letting him play, against the Longhorns.' Southern Methodist spent the day again today for a new try at week end. trying to fashion a defense for a Kansas (earn; defeated only by Oklahoma, which has averaged more than 3QQ yards per game Ihis season. • , ; Reports from Ihe. Pony training site said Ihcir defenses againsl Jayhawk T formations looked effective. Tailback Jerry Norton, slar of Ihe victory over-Rice last week, took no :parl - iri -rough offensive work, still favoring a weak ankle. ... , ' . Harrison By 108-0 Score Harrison High School's Dragons probably set a record at Haley. ;Field last night when they ran over West Memphis 108-0. The Dragons scored on the first play of the ball game and Ihe slaughter was on. . .; .: Touchdowns . were scored by Brdnner 4, Sanders 3, Stric-kland 2, Long 3. Williams 2. Clark and Bell. .-,., ... . . ', - Coach- Ira-Young used all-24-of his squadmen.- : ' -• - ; Nexl week Ihe . Dragons, who have losl only to a Memphis hieh school, will return to Haley Field next \VednesdBy night where they will meet Marianna's Porcupines. Starling lime will'be 8 p.m. Ole Miss, Texas> Duke, Tech Picked By BAB OLD CLAASSEN , NEW YORK (AP) A seasonal average of .781 means that of every 24 selections, 19 are correct. It also means that ive are wrong. There's no Indication which 10 'winners" of the following college ootball games this weekend are ncorrect. Michigan Stale over Perm Stale: 'enn State Is unbeaten and has an julstanding end In Jesse Arnell. But Michigan Slate should preserve Us No. 1 ranking with abso- ute ease. Maryland over LSU: Maryland's nickname and mascot Is that of a urtle. And if you remember the able, the turtle-always got there Irst. Oklahoma over Kansas State: If Kansas couldn't stop the Sooners, the K-Slaters certainly aren't strong enough to do it. Illinois, over Purdue: your Sat- irday afternoon TV feast. The Illlni hospital list Is long but the homecoming enthusiasm should be iust enough to get them past the ambitious Boilermakers: Southern California over Call'ornla: the Trojan defense, fourth best in the country, to shackle Johnny Olszewski & Company. But It will be close. Georgia Tech over . Vanderbilt: Vandcrbllt had been good for an upset n year since Bill Edwards became coach but this doesn't appear to be the spot for It.. Duke over Virginia: two unbeat- jn teams with potent defenses and everything indicates it should be a 21-21 deadlock. Duke's superior reserves get the nod. Wisconsin over UCLA: in the belief that Alan (The Horse) Ameche will bust loose for a big day. Notre Dame over North Carolina: that two-week polio layoff hurt Carolina's timing and now that the Irish have shown a passing attack they will be tougher than ever. Penn over Navy: you must favor the team that lists Ed Bell on its roster. He is a letter-perfect end. Texas over Rice-: you can't ever be sure of anything in the South west Conference. However, the Longhorns have lost only to Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Finishing the others: FRIDAY NIGHT Fordham over Boston College, Miami over Marquelte, VMI ovei George Washington, Santa Clars over Idaho. SATURDAY. East: Columbia over Army Amherst . over. Wesleyan, -Maine over Bates.-Boston University ovei Lehlgh, Colgate over Buckncll Connecticut over Delaware, Dartmouth over Harvard, Holy Cros: over Syracuse, Temple over NYU Princeton over -Cornell, Rntger: over Brown, Pittsburgh over West Virginia, Ysle over Lafayette. Midwest: Oklahoma A i M over nelroit, Indiana over Northwest- -rn, Missouri over Iowa State, illchlgan over Minnesota, Colo- ado over Nebraska, Ohio Slate iver Iowa, Tulsa over Wichita. South: Furman over Davidson, Florida State over North Carolin* Stale. Cincinnall over Kentucky Alabama over Mississippi State The Citadel over Presbyterian William & Mary over Richmond, Auburn over Tulane, Georgia over Florida, VP1 over Washington & '<ee, Tennessee over Wofford. ' Southwest: Houston over Arizona otate, Arizona over Hardin SimV mons, Mississippi over Arkansas! Baylor over Texas A & M. \ Par West: Colorado A & M over Utah State. Brigham Young over Denver, Oregon over Montana. Washington State over Oregon State. Utah over Wyoming, Stanford over Washington. Panther-Burdetfe Game Switched To Luxora LUXORA—Because of a schedule conflict, 'the annual grid contest tomorrow between Luxora 1 undefeated Panthers and Ihe strong Burdette Pirates has teen moved up lo an afternoon affnir on-thc Lux- ' ora. High School athletic field. Originally set Up to be played on Osceola's Hale Field Friday night so that more fans of both teams might view, the Iradillonal battle, Luxora school officials were notified earlier this'week that use nf the field Friday night was prei'"l- ously contracted for. The Osceolii Seminoles have an out of town engagement Ihls week. The game, a home date-for the Panthers, was then switched lo tha Luxora site, and scheduled starting time is 2 p.m. Meanwhile, Coach Charles Johnson rounded out preparations hers today on a pessimistic note. , Held to limited drills all week because of injuries to key personnel. Coach Johnson said the Panthers will field their weakest starting lineup of the year against the Pirates. • . Three linemen and one back are sidelined for the affnir, -wllh- only one, sparkplug Bobby-.Tate, due to see even limited action. The Luxdrans carry . a six-game win streak- Into the fray, five of them this season, while the Pirates are seeking to : improve their ' 3-2 seasonal:record. . ' . Old Debt Paid WEYBURN. Sask. OF)-Chan Kai local cafe proprietor, received a letter recently Kith $5 from Cleelum ' Wash. The writer said he had received a meal ticket In 1911 and hart not paid for it. | Only 24 Days Left in Halsell White s Carload FRIGIPAIRI SALE! We Need 100 Good Used HALSELL & WHITE WILL GIVE UP TO $ 150 Trade-In Allowance! Nerer befor. hay. >hc people in the BlyfheviMe o«o had an opportunity to trade !ik« this . . . w.'r. nady to giv . you up to $150 for your old refrigerator on a new FRIGIDAIRE! How old is your refrigerator? Is your warranty out? H you hay, an old refngerator and the warranty is out 1 . . it's time for you to TRADE WITH HALSELL & WHITE! We'll giy. you a si. day FREE triql on any major FRIGIDAIRE appliance. Remember, we're open 'till 9 eyery night! 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