The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1950
Page 2
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r Big Three Decision on Germany Due Eased Occupation Control Expected to Aid Security By JOHN HIGHTOWEK NEW YORK, S«pt. . 19. Iff")—The foreign ministers of the United Stales, Britain and Prance ore due 16 announce today a scries of measures for relaxing German occupation controls and Increasing Western German security. ' ") official word is expected for moment on an American pio- 1 to Incorporate German troops into a western European defense force. But Secretary of State Dean Acheson is convinced that there Is fundamental,' agreement on t h I s Point among tlie foreign ministers who, compose the North Atlantic; Council—the Big Three and n tmaller states. Acheson, whose views became known list niglit, feels that the Western strategy talks—underway here more than a week and now ending their first phase—have been extraordinarily successful despite French objections on the German troop issue. , Atreement Is Forecast : He considers differences between the united States and France over j this Issue more apparent than real. and believes full agreement on the whole American proposal for creating a single International army to defend western Europe is inevitable and that Germans , will ije given an opportunity to participate. The North .Atlantic Council wound up Hs meetings yesterday with an inconclusive conimimique and a decision to meet again within two weeks. The official statement said mainly that the council had been discussing the proposed new European army and how to set - It up quickly. Now, it said, the foreign ministers In the. council consult; their government on ;. to put the plan into effect. , Blr 1 Meet Resumed As soon as" the, group of 12 adjourned, Acheson) French Foreign Minister Robert Schunmn and British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin resumed their big three meeting and reached a number of decisions regarding Internal German occupation problems. Their associates said - these decisions were tentative until they could be discussed today ; with the "foreign ministers of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, and communicated to West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. This report, according to preliminary forecasts, would announce an Increase in the' West German police force, a rise in the level of steel production, new assurance that the Western powers; are resr ponsible for these security of West Germany against aggression, and a relaxation of occupation restrictions on Germans foreign diplomatic relations.' Measures to end the state of war between Western -Germany and the allied power: also have been charted. With and'a .cominun- fjtiie reporting on the general world filiation, to be issued about the sarrie time, the Big Three and Atlantic Council-talks give way; temporarily . lo'.the UniUd.Nations General Assembly w^lch opens^tts 01 nual session this afternoon 1 " ^ SIGNATURE OF A CONNOISSEUR—The controversial vat-shapcct family vault built years aeo by I-eonce Chabcrncau, CO, in the sedate Rochccliouart, France, cemetery, has split the tiny .town inlo bitter factions. One group protests the vault's propriety and talks of dynamite. But Chabcr- ncau often takes friends there to show them the several cases of good old vintage within that h* wants sipped at his funeral. Clerk Drops 'Ticket' for Fighting Man With the Courts Chancery Arthur Roscoe Chapman vs. Nan^ ey J.'Chapman, suit for divorce. Circuit: (CMl) Semlnole Austin vs. Ralph Nich pis, suit to collect alleged bar:!,' sai »ry ; of $295. Izura Fleitz vs. Ralph Nichols, CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex., Sept.*9. {/Pi—The clerk of the corpora- ion court now knows why a Marine Drivate failed to attend to that icket for speeding: The reason: "Dear sir: "In regards to this traffic ticket warded me on July 18, 1950, I am very sorry 1 was unable to nake the court procedures. I was, in July IS, 1950, immediately trans- erred from Naval Air Station, Cor- jus Christi, to the front, lines torea, with no notice. "I would like very much to pay he fine ($•» but due to circiim- stances'beyond my control, Korean currency is not recognized In the United States. "Please place my ticket on file incl when I return. If and when I do. I will gladly pay. With interest, f necessary." Clerk Method Snapka said after reading Pfc. Edison F. Allen's lel- er he didn't plan to press the case. Rent Control Ended WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (AP) _ West Memphis, Ark., was .treed, from federal rent control yesterday. The decontrol action previously been voted by the city council. had Chief Volunteers Again ROME, NY, Sept'19 (AP)—One of the auxiliary policemen in Rome's civilian .defense, program is an 81- year-old, great grandfather. r Stephen Bcckwith, retired depu'y police chief, volunteer^ yesterday His application was accepted. Officers Hold Prison Escapee BALD KNOB, Ark., Sept. 19. (*»— White County officers are holding a man who walked away from an Iowa prison farm after serving 17 years of a life sentence for murder. Deputy Sheriff James L. Jones identified the prisoner. as George Mathtson, 74, who he said escaped from prison near Fort Madison, la., in January, 1948, and had been living near Bald Knob under the name of Henry J. Carvin for 18 months. FBI agents had been looking for the escapee in this aret and provided pictures which led to his identification, Jones said. C. L. McWaters Given Community Relation* Post C. L. McWaters has been appointed to serve as General Motor community relations' chairmen it Blyiheville and vicinity, the company bas announced. Li tliis post. Mr. McWaters 'will make afailable to the public various educational materials In the form of motion pictures and booklets which are distributed by the company. He will also aid 4-H club members who wish to participate in the General Motors sponsored National 4-H Club Farm Safety Contest: Red Publication Denounces West Troop Decision BERLIN, Sept. 19. (AP) — Tl Russians, through their offici newspaper, today denounced as "a act of aggre=sion" the Western A lies 'decision to increase their occ 1 pa lion forces In Germany. • This was the sharpest, reactlo yet to recent announcements fro Washington and London that mo troops were coining to counter-ba ance the threat of "Communist aggression here. Taegliche Rundschau, organ ol the Soviet control commission, urged the German people to wage a campaign of "national resistance against this Illegal foreign intervention," Although the Russians have as many troops in Germany as all the Western powers combined, and, in addition, sponsor a big East German Communist People's Army, the Rundschau accused the West of aggressive militarism. Anti-Spy Bill fear Completion Joint Congress Group Gives Okay To Tighten Defense By JOHN CHADW1CK WASHINGTON, Sept. 19. W) i Senate-House committee put the inlsliing touches yesterday on 'ill to tighten home-front defenses aralnst Communists, spies and Mb 'teurs. Tentative agreement on a com n-omise between separate Senate nd House measures was announced 'riday. However, tlie conference committee .^delayed final apprbva mlil the actual wording was work ed out by legislative draftsmen. Senator McCnrran (D-ls'ev' toil > reporter In advance ol today' meeting he thought the compro nlse draft whipped itilo shape ove he week-end was likely to be ac cepted without substantial change McCAiran, who Is chairman of Ih conference committee, would not disclose any details. Provision Relilnfd Lawmakers In close touch with [he situation, however, reported Hint tlie compromise retains, although In somewhat modified (oral, a Senate provision for the Internment of dangerous subversives In certain emergencies. Another principal feature, not in substantial dispute because it was common to both the House and Senate measures, would require the registration of Communists and Communist-front organizations. The legislation also would bar Communists from federal jobs or wiTk in defense plar'-. outlaw conspiracies to set up foretgn-*control- led dictatorships, give the government new legal weapons to deal with spits and saboteurs and lighten immigration barriers against subversive aliens. HOUK First Gets Bill The version agreed on by i the conferees will be sent to the House lor action first and then will go to the Senate. Sponsors hope to get it through both branches on Wednesday. . Legislators are uncertain about; what President Truman will do with tlie bill when It reaches him, but there Is wide belief that If he vetoes it the veto would be overridden Indians were cultivating a variety of "butter bean" in New Mexico when the Spaniards arrived in 1540. suit to collect alleged back salary of S2CO. .'.' , Gladys Billingsly vs. Ralph Nichols, suit to collect alleged back salary of {275. International Sterling's lovely new pattern Textured elegance carved in gleaming stiver. International Sterling's newest pattern—with rts shining cresl and delicately-wrought flowers n a perfect blend of odornment and sim- plicily. You'll wont to see it for ycurseK -come in ond let n show '* to yo» soon.' «-PltCt PLACE SITTING With Hollow Handle Butter Spreaders *)C66 i J (Fed. Tax Incl.) DREIFUS leet Dreifns ... Wear Diamonds li UI.M \l\l\ M M •t.YimviUI, MMPHIS ANO DTWMMW Six Americana. in every ten live i cities. Cot Returns Home After 7600 Mile Trek DENVER, Sept. 19. (a>)-^he cat Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lundmark left behind 18 months ago in New York is back In the Landmark household after a 1600 mile cross country trek. The Landmarks said the big black cat" named Clementine was left with relatives in Dunkirk, N.Y., when ^.they; moved to Denver. "Fourimqnths ago'Clementine dis- appeared In Dunkirk. When Clementine appeared at thefr Denver home, Mrs. Lundmark said "we were thunderstruck..We' just couldn't believe it." ^ ttff nMm Attnu «f MOM I HIT, FEMALE COMPUUNR Are you troubled by dlstrctt of female Irmetlon*! periodic disturb- Rncc, 1 !? Does thU make you suffer from pain, feel BO nervou*, tired— dt such times? Then DO try Lydla E, PtnV.ham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such »ymplom*. Plnkham'i has & grand soothing effect on one o/ wotnan'j moil important oryantl We Are Always Happy to Print Proof ACTUAL CASES WHERE HADACOL HAS RELIEVED NEURITIS PAINS Due to Lack of Vitamins Bi, 82, Iron and Niacin in Their Systems! Mrs. Mabel Kitchen, 1650 Amsterdam, Cincinnati, Ohio: "Before I started HADACOL, I had aches and pains of neuritis in my shoulders, back and arms. I could hardly move without having those terrible aches and' pains. Then I heard about HADA- COL from a very good friend of mine. After the second bottle the aches and pains were about gone. Now am just starting on my fourth bottle and I'm on top of the world. I eat well, and the aches and pains are completely gone. I recommend HADACOL to all my friends." (HADACOL actually relieves the REAL CAUSE of neuritis pains when due to such deficiencies.) Mr. W. L. Daniels, Spring/trio 1 , Missouri: "I can definitely recommend HADACOL. I was bothered with' neuritis pains, had little appetite and had stomach distress. I was nervous and in a general run-down condition. There is no doubt In my mind but that HADACOL has been a real and definite help In all these ailments." M Harry Springer of 560H Crrr.r Acrnue, Si. t, Misimtri: "i had neuritis pains for some time. I took expensive treatments but I continued to sufTer pain. Then I read about HADACOL in a newspaper. I bought the first bottle and within a week I felt quite a bit better. And since taking the third bottle I have no pains atall. Right now five of my co-workers are taking HADACOL on my recommendation." Mr*. Ethel CornKny, Rax 192, C.lay, Lnuitiimni "I had been suffering from neuritis pains in my neck so bad . .. I couldn't sleep and had no appetite ' I took many medicines without success and decided to try HADACOL, since the testimonials of so many people convinced me it was worth a chance. After taking only one bottle, all the pain and soreness had left'my body. I found my energy had returned and now I feel better than I have In years." ONE OF THE GREATEST BLESSINGS OF THE TIMES! ACT NOW— HADACOL is not a quick-acting pill which gives symptomatic relief— HADACOL gives such remarkable results because It actually relieves the HEAL CAUSE of neuritis aches and pains when due to lack of Vitamins Bi, B 2 , Iron and Niacin In the system. And continued use of HADACOL helps prevent such agonizing neuritis pains from coming back. HADACOL has brought relief In case after case where all hope of obtaining relief had been given up. WHAT HATMCOI- DOES This great product not only supplies weak, deficient systems with extra quantities of Vitamins Bi, 82, Iron and .Niacin but also beneficial amounts of precious Calcium, Phosphorus and Manganese — elements so vital to maintain good health and guard against such deficiency ailments. •BE FAIR TO YpORSEtr. Start taking HADACOL to- r day. Don't keep dragging yourself around when relief is so Inexpensive and near at hand —your neighborhood drugstore. Trial- size bottle, only $1.25. Large family or hospital size, 53.50. HADACOL comes in special liquid form so that It's quickly absorbed and assimilated by the blood — ready to go to work at once. A big Improvement Is often noticed within a lew days. Northeast Arkansas District Fair 19-24 SPECIAL ATTRACTION FREE Fireworks SHOW KIDS BARGAIN DAY Wednesday 1-5 - All Rides Only 9« Walker Park BLYTHEVIUE

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