Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 16, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1897
Page 19
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Main Office of "THE HUB" Cloth Co., 309 and 311 Market St. Philadelphia, Pa STATfl LABOR DAY. Those 500 suits we sent you ten days ago to sell at $12.00 and $1500 respectfully— and are well worth $15 00 to $18.00, you will now mark them to sell at $10 00 and $12 00 until the entire lots are closed out. Very respectfully, THE HUB. Here is a Chance for You Christnas Shoppers. WE'RE ALWAYS AFTER BUSINESS^"^ And \ve generally gut it. iSew customers come to us, old ones. c«me back. Why is this. In the first place what we advertise is so merer exacwerate. When we do have a good thing, however, we don't eoatTt in a half harted ^.Transactions here are based on tacts, they doh't depend on its and maybes. Now it happens that for the next two weeks, the above oargains will sparkle as long as those suits •will hold out. „ , . . Up to date —We have given away over 200 of those handsome ••at and Hat Backs, and every purchaser of §20 00 cash will be pre- aemted with one, this offer holds good until Jan. 1st. With Every Boy's Suit—Short Knee Pants Suits a Sank rfee. handsome Saying THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old Stand. Logansport, Ind. FTJRNITURR New and Second Hand at Reduced Prices... W.F, Campbell's Old Htaud Kroeger & Strain. FJNDRRTAKHR8 Private Monej to Loan No Delay- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. 2O8 Fourth Street. Calli promptly attended to Day or 818 Broad-way. THLKPHONK - Offloe. «8. Kroe^er, 18 t«rftln.M. SETH M-VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent- Makes Abstracts and Writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. flANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods. eive »« » sail. 2* 1 6tb street DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth «nd Bro»dw»T Central Telephone No Office 883, residence 343 W. J. Barnett, SucceB90r to C - L - W ° U Undertaker, Etnbalmer aad Funeral Director. «7 Market street. Call, attended day or ntent. Tbe finest outfit in the U. S. Col. C. L. won. ir* remain with me. .3. ____ office 18. Residence-Mutual, r nones 65:o. 0. i». --~-" When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO- F H. Wipperman, •Cromrtfc Street Opp. Court House Entrance, GEORGE W. RODEFER. Real Estate, Loans. 07 Bought, Sold or KxohamKxJ. Money to Loan •o mortgage or personal security. Call on me ZSiriwtome at No. SI Sel Hirer a»«uue,east »nd of Market »treot oridjre. D. E. DELZELL,, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Opstairs over Bruggetnan's Millinery Store. OITY NB.WS. Tbe Elks meet tonight. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Pearl handled knives at Taylor's. Toys! toysll at Logansport Wall Paper Co. The Hazen B. Goodrich slippers at the New Otto. We will close at 5 o'clock this evening and open at 7:30—Bee Hive. Property owners have remonstrated against tbe Hankee road ia Washington and Clinton township. Minnie McOonahay ha?, by herat- torbey, John B. Smith, filed a suit for divorce from A.lphoaso McConahay. Trinity Guild will serve a first- class supper for 15 cents at the residence of Mrs. A. J. Herrmann, on Fourth street, this evening, fr.im 5 to 8 o'clock, Muncle working girls have appealed to the labor organizations of that city to protect them from being used by a paper In that city as an advertisement for a show D. M. Surface, the ex-policeman, was yesterday appotated by the board ot county commissioners to the position of constable of Eel township, to succeed Mr. Binney, resigned. Thos. Howes and granddaughter, the daughter of Robert Johnston, formerly of this city,now or Colorado, were passengers on tbe train wrecked at Boone Tuesdav afternoon. John Briscoe, the Adams express messenger, was on Panhandle passenger train No, 45 which collided with freight train 76 near Boone, Tuesday arternoon. Mr. Briscoe has been in all of the important wrecks that have occurred on the Panhandle since '93, and has always escaped injury. Two cases ot glanders were founa last week on a farm north of Elwood. Monday a case was discovared on a farm west of that town. The state veterinary surgeon, Dr. BaUer, and the state sanitary commission, DM. Hall and Claypool, were summoned. The three horses were killed and a ninety days' quarantine established on the farms. Meeting Called to Arrange for the Celebration . Dem-mstration Will be the Largest in the History «f Indiana Organized Labur. Already plans are belne lafd for the grand state Lib >r Day celebration to be held at Indiauapolis in 1S9S Tbia celebration.lt is expscted.wil far surpass anv previous ones ever held in tbe stiie. Following: is the call issued: To thp Officers and Members of all Trades C'Mons and Labor Organizations of Indiana Sir and Bi others:— Tbere will be a meeting of tbe delegates selected to take charge ot the next Indiana state Labor Day celebration at Muncie,Indiana, on the second Sundav in January (January 9ch) in Uoion Labor hall,corner Main aud Walnut streets. Tbis meeting is citled for the purpose of receiving reports of officers and standing committees Of tbe recent celebration, and electing officers to take charge ot Indiana State Labor day celebration of 1898, and to perfect all necessary preliminary arrangements. J B. McCLAiN, Secretary. CUlftS ALLOWED By the Common Council at Its Session Last Sight. The following is a list of claims allowed at tbe meeting ot the common council last flight: STREET DEA.RTMENT. Pay Roll * w H. Maxwell, brooms W L Fernald, lumber — w L Fernald. lumber — M Navin. repairing p-utters W H Krelder, sundries JohnL Locg, sir dries JM Douglass, carts Chris Eckert, repairs ELOsfcorn, shoeing CLDilley&Co sewer nine. - CLDllley &Co, cement C ^ Dlll«v & Co. cement John S «ladman. labor A W Stev-ns, sewer pipe Brtdire City Construction company, castings PARK DII'ARTMEJIT. Payroll -* M Cooover, tile - P1RE DKPARTMENT. J M "lliott. horseshoeing- Parker & Johnston, lumber A. W St vem. vaive W Sellers, serviced e.vrra nremac Tatherine white, washing Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas com- puar. g-ae •* ••• City Treasurer, straw nty Treasurer, pasturing horses King Drill company, sundries ELECTRIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT. Payroll $ Bridge City Construction company, repairs Elipiical Carbon Co. carbons Amer can Carbon Co. caroons Erie Oil Works, oil Electric Applimce Co. amps Standard Oil Co, pundrles Genera Eiectric Co. sundries A w Stevens, sundries ParkrCoai Po, coai • Logansport fc Wabash Valley Gas company, pas • Cite Treasurer, freight _ King Drill Co, sundries WATER WORKS DEPRAXMEXT. Payroll ••* Miscellaneous claims POLICE OEPATMKNT. Payroll - * MISCELI-ASE.OUS. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. « iw 21 M » jg *» i» 50 » SO i+ » 2950 11 hs a SO *» ™ lij £•> * <5 112 50 1 00 inc W 14 SO 45 44 IK SO 137 CO -, oo 8S 60 9- 1 07 «! 3J -61 •« 3 s3 5° DDDykeman. gravel Chria Jeannerettft. ice W H Renter, sundries Melnotte Bebee, assistant engineer Cred rtay. rodman H DcWo'lf, mops, etc Logan-port & Wabash Valley Gas company. Bras Wilson, Humphreys & Co. stationer}.. ORDERS ISSUED 5785 i« «i 9 -0 38 uO •> > 12 S3 101 07 By the City Clerk for the Month of November, 1S97. Following is the report of the city clerk for the month of November, 1897: Street dent «VS6 97 Fire department — — '£' u -> Police department iBl w Water works department 3.29* ** Electric light department 1,540 '< Cemetery department -jS « Park department - J« w Sewer department —• "if S Health department 1'J- 2° Engineering- department HO £ City officers «» 6^ Citty Attorney *»> 5? Hoard of health • J^ •* Janitor - 0 20 W i-pec flc Refunding - — Gas - S! 12 i 17 ( 94 ' Interest on orders Total «»9,77; M Lost, a Poeketbook, On December 6,1S97. between my farm, four miles north of Idaville, and Logansport, containing W» and many valuable papers, includ, ing accounts. I will give a reward of f"5 for return of pocketbook with contents These papers are invaluable to me. The owner's name appears on the papers as Carey A. Williams, but I am better known ps Lon William* This difference has probably confused the finder. Keward will be promptly paid. Send any information to C A. Williams, Idaville Indiana, '•Meet me under the sky light." Councilman Boyer is on the sick j list. | J. A. Needham is laid up by a I sprained ankle. 1 Will Ayerg has returned from a visit at Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Kreider have returned from a visit at Kokomo. Clinton Baker, of El wood, was to the city yesterday visiting friends' Carpet swetp-irp, skates and children's knife and fork sets. Crisaiond. Mrs James Mact T of Miami street, has recovered from a severe illness. The Yonng Mens' Dancing club will give a hop shortly after ISew Years. Dr. Asa Coleman has been confined bo his bed for seveaal days by nines?. Edward Vurplllat, of 409 Linden avenue, is at Fort Wayne visiting friends. For Xmis presents buy shoes, aod the bankrupt store is the place.— Walden. "Meet your friends under the skylight," Grand opening tonight.— Bee Hive. For rent, house on the corner of Sycamore and Ottowa streets—T. A. McGovern. Buy a roll of late music of Ed Powell to send to some dear friend for Christmas. 15c will buy a drink of Golden Wedding rye, eleven years old, 116 per cent proof, at McHale's. Boy's snd children's overcoats, ulsters and reefers, one-fourth off for cash —Ferguson & Jenks. Lire-size crayon portraits, made up for Christmas, at Anderson's ground floor studio, 606 Broadway. The Eastend Pleasure club will dance at Dolan A McHale'a hall, Friday evening; Dec. nth. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mlarkley. will go to Indianapolis tomorrow to attend tbe state poultry show. Llllie Decker, of Frankfort, who Has been visiting relatives here for a few days, returned borne today. Clifford Bussey, of Peru, is organizing a lodge of the Knights and Ladies of Columbia In this city. Prof. W. T. Giffie want to Knox this morning to deliver a series ot lectures on music before the teachers' institute. The furniture of the New Murdock hotel hss arrived, and the proprietors expect to be ready for business by the 25tn. Dr. Hatch was called Tuesday to extract a grain of coro which Jittle Josephine Mclntoah had inserted into her nose. All the retail stores are now keeping open after supper, and they will continue to do so until after the holiday season. Come and see our line of onyx, tables. The nicest finished goods ever shown, at the lowest prices.— Taylor., the jeweler. New Boston garters and silk suspenders, swell underwear, hosiery, knit jackets, gloves and handkerchiefs at the New Otto. Market street, from Second to Third, has been neglected for some time by the street cleaners. It Is badly in need of attention. A large number of tickets are being sold for the ball of the Free Kindergarten association at Masonic temple, a. few days after Christmas. Helvie & Sellers, the Broadway clothiers, farry a nice line of umbrellas, suspenders, neckwear -and gloves which make a very appropriate Xmas present, 426 Broadway. The public and parochial schools of the city will dismiss their pupils on Friday evening ot next week for the holiday season, and the pupils will not again resume their studies until Monday morning, Jaauary 3, 1898. Tbe Penny club of the Westside Christian Temperance Union, met this afternoon at the home ot Mrs. John Brown, 201 Bates street. A brief literary programme was rendered, in which papers of direct bearing upon the temperance question were discussed. Smoke the Columbia cigar Hood's Best to take after dinner; prevent distress, aid digestion, cure constipation. PurelrveK»tal)le: do not gripe or rause pain. Sold by all drucci.tit. 3 c?nts. Prepared only by C. L Hood i Co., Low«U, Miw. Pills SCRIPS OF NEWS AMUSEMENTS. OLASTS OPER* HOtTSB. Relating to the Rullroads and Their Employes. The Wabash is to have Sfteen new freight locomotives, A.11 of the roads in this territory will follow the usual custom of holiday rates. Chief Clerk Jones, of the Panhandle offices, has returned from a business trip to Chicago. J. S. May, superintendent of the Richmond division of the Panhandle, was in tbe city Monday. During November ttiere were i35 accessions to tbe Pennsylvania relief fund on the lines west ot Plttsourg. Winter work on tbe Wabash is all up, and the order has gone out to dis-' miss all the section hands except enough to keep the right-of-way in order, Tbe Pullman company- has agreed to furnish three new latest design sleeping cars for the Panhandle to run on the three news trains It is building. The Wabash had a freight wreck near St. Louis Monday morning and- the passenger due here at, 10:15 did not arrive 'till after l o'clock-in consequence. The Pennsylvania Is- building five hundred new freight cars at its shops in Altoona, Pa., and fifteen new large freight engines at the Junlata shops in the same city. The Columbus shops of the Pennsylvania are said to b<* at work on two new vestibule trains, to be used on tbe Vandalia in the through service between Plttsburgand-St. Louis. Pat Berry, a switchman In tbe Panhandle yards, had- the little finger of his right hand-so badly injured Saturday that it was found necessary to amputate a portion of It. An agreement has been reached by the principal roads of Michigan whereby the interchangeable 1,000- mile tickets will be honored on trails in Michigan without requiring the holder to exchange tickets, as at present Tne Pennsylvania has started a tight with the Cincinnati street railway company for suburban business, and tbe first of the year will reduce its commutation rates so as to meet the street railroad company's five cent fare. A man from New Mexico has sued a Kansas man for snoring in a sleeping car and disturbing tbe repose of the other passengers. He thi&ks be can establish his right to sleep undisturbed and compel the railroads to wake up the snorers. The four Pennsylvania lines, especially the Panhandle proper, are doing the heaviest business at Indianapolis In the history, of tbe company. Last week a total of 4,558- cars were bandied at this city, 3;558 being loaded, which is 1,004 more than were handled therein the correspond- ng week of 1896, For many years it has been a question as to who owns the land at Elwood used for a street, that runs along the Panhandle railroad from Main to Anderson street. The Pan handle company claims that It Is en titled to twenty-five feet from the center of the track, while many clt izens say only nine feet from the rail The company claims it has paid the taxea on toe land and been held re sponslble tor accidents that occurred there, and that it proposes now to as sert its rights and stop the use of tbe land for street or alley purposes.Some time ago the Elwood city councl took steps to have the street paved and make it presentable and con venient to use. The city placed the matter temporarily In the hands o the city commissioners for inv,e8ti gallon and there it rests. Testerdaj the company bad a force of men a work putting a fence across each em of tbe street and will stop all trave over it. What future action will be taken ic the matter remains to be seen. D Thursday, December 16th. The Distinguished Actor, UMLIIME Supported by hfs own company of High Class Artists, in tte new Ko- mantlc Costume Comedy Drama by F D. Keinsu and W. T. Price, entitled "The Royal Secret." Complete Equipment of Scenery. Qorgeoul Coft-mes, Sumptuous Production. P icf B- Plush seats. $1.M; ail or circle, fLOO: Parquet, T5o: nalcony, 50 and 23o. Seats on x&le at JonnstOn'* drug- store. IS DOING A GREAT BUSINESS We hardlv know ourselves how o account for the rash of trade we jave been having since we opened a month ago; Trne, we have sold roods fearfully cheap, but it seems ately as if our people had by com- mon'consent made up their minds hat the new store, the Reliable furniture store, is the only place o purchase Furniture. Now for the Christmas Trade, Don't forget that whether for a wedding or a Christmas present, no thing; is-so acceptable as some .rticle of-'Furniture.. lorner Market, 5th and Erie Street*, TttE GREAT COVWERCIAL SCHOOL OF INDIANA. Genuine Office and Bualnens Practice from . the day or' entrance. The Logansport Commercial High School. We use tbe well known Sadler's Budget »TI- cero of oookkeeping and oflioe pruciice. The Educational ait oC tho 19th Ceoturyl Genuine bookkeeper's experience from tk« rtan. No copyiDK- Tbo student learns by dolog. HP is not taupht Impractical and «to»- • letc methods and forma. The most thorough a-id up-to-date commercial school in thlssectlonof the ooontir- Select the best Cheap tuition Jjde»r»tuw cort. Select a school that 18 recognized am* . endorsed by the business, oonununitjr. w« urg« Investigation. oome and see us, or write. Logungport Commercial High fklhwl. FOCTRTS STBBBT. DELICATESSEN FINE 407 Market street In room formerly »»om»H4 by Lepangport Wail Piper Co. Ounther's Confectionery. Charlotte Buses. Bavarian OOMIL. wine Jellies, Chocolate EcijUn. Patty Shells, Eirg- Ktsse*. Hickorynut Macaroon*. Almond Macaroons. Walnut Macaroons. Cncoanut Macaroons, Vanlila Wafers. Jellr Tartt, Cream Puffs, Fruit Cake, Gold and Silver Hod. Lemon Harangue Pl««. Frank K. LJoyd, Pastry Cook at tbe Barnet* an*. hotels lor the past five ye*ra. &TWe have contracted to rumtah alitfe* Pantry and Brett i or the above hetal*. Telephona-28 Mutual. Thousands are «nflerln# excruciating mlMry from that plague of th» night, Itching Piles, and •»/ no*'log about it through a sense of dell. oacy. A.11 saeh will fled an Initsnt I relief in the use of Doau's Ointment, lit never fails. BANKRUPTjK SALE. We have got to sell this Stock of goods and we will save you Nearly One Half on your Shoe Bills What is better than a nice pair of Shoes for Ladies' shoes 890 Misses shoes 690 Ladies' shoes 990 Misses shoes 890 Ladies' shoes $1.23 Misses shoes 990 Ladies' shoes $1.48 Misses shoes $1.19. Child's shoes 35c Child's shoes 49C Child's shoes 590 Child's shoes 890. $4 Ladies' Fine Shoes $2=48. Splendid Shoes for Boys Wei S3.OO Ladies's Shoes &L89- This is your Chance to buy GOOD SHORES for the price of Cheap Ones, Christmas—Nothing.

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