The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1950
Page 6
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER. 18, 1950 BLYTHEVTUJ: (ARK.)'.COURIER NEWS fAGI ELKTEN OUT OUR WAY BvJ.R.Willioms Our Boo rdinq House with Moi.HoooU I'M K**TeD FOR A* OPTIMISTIC A* A eouefc A. •CTn.B OH, EM BUT I HAVE TO ' BRIMS MOKE.' I CANT WOLP A WHOLE MEAL. LIK.E VCXJ--1 HAVE A WHOLE LiAPFUL. 80CX PUBLISHERS.'-"' 3OVe.' I'LL MOT C«W 6SCAP6 tW« DRAB NIGHT WATCHMWO'S 3oe,BUT THEY'LL PROBABLY YJAUT W6 tO ASSUME SOME MARO- HITTING M-V FATHER A course IK! PICCOLO PLKYIU6, BLJT T. HOPft You THREt . PLOMS: You 60JWA, "mosr A SH.LY LITTLE AGAIMSr MV MASTERFUL. . . o He quit* the home girl, said. Jenn looked mi her qu«rly. 'Aren't I!" "What's the matter? A1J th« boys watching television?" By Edwin Rutt "Thi» cowboy «uit is old *tutf. Mom—nearly all my friends have gone out for the tank corps!" REFRIGERATION • Service '• Sales • Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION h a mojority of casei investigated In teveral hospjtcli and clinic*, tubhormal Kidney function woi improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the tit* of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor hoi diagnosed your condition 01 functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water mav be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. H to Jdeliciouj, pure-tasting, and I may be consumed freely. Croistown Whiskey Shop 'Main & Division £AUTO GLASS Installed Blythevillc Gloss & Paint Co 136 E.Main Phone 6716 THK STOKit Kdlih Klontf, lh* former Kde Krfj , matter tennm at her fnihrr'A Mill, hr/id* t'rrj Jt COM [tuny, MM ltd v«Tll*fn« mttrmrf. The Urut'a MOM I valuable MCVOWBI, «vr +1 M* prcftCHlalhiM i* ortfcratl, ml v«rrl«l«ix «n:iM- f Murn-CIu, JUT. *:<!*'• !• found Ik mm nl rob a Mr »• KU r and I la K ItrHKnn, k+r *-v«-c»tix*«, MH*( prc- xxn ^4 T precisely 10 o'clock Ede Frey and Dan Reagan walked, into Lewis Northcott's huge otlice. Heagan carried a large parcel, done up in brown wrapping paper, under hu arm. Northcotl was still gray and formidable looking. He ga?.ed at them from behind his gold- rimmed glasses. hi$ eyes inscrutable. "1 understand that I'm to see something very fine this morning," he said. "Vou certainly are," replied Ede boldly, as Reagan unwrapped Lhe package. There was practically DO expression on Northcott's fa c e as he looked al every layout, read every word of every piece ol copy. When he finished he stared at Ede and Reagan so long that Ede grew apprehensive. To cover her nervousness she lit a cigaret and tried to make her eyes as inscrutable as Northcott's. At last Northcott spoke. "These," he said, pointing at the advertisements, "confirm an opinion that.I've had (or some time.' "Yes?" Ede was afraid that she babbled the word. "Which is," Northcott said dispassionately, "that Frey & Company is the best advertising agency in New York." With difficulty Ede restrained an impulse lo shout. She was conscious al Reagan'i big body relaxing in the chair beside her. "Does that mean, Mr. North—U," the liked, "that jrou like this campaign?" He looked straight at her. "I'll buy it." he said, "Just u U stands." OACK at th# agency they found a pale and haggard Jeffrey. Ede had expected him to remain at home and make good her spurious explanation to Reagan, lhat Jcfl had had a wretched attack of indigestion in the night. Now. however, here was Jeff, a fihost of himself, with dark circles under, his eyes and his fingers twitching. But if Reagan guessed the truth, he gave no sign. "It's in the bag, Jcfl," he said. "Thank goodness," Jefl sighed. "Sorry, though, that 1 couldn't pull my weight in the boat. You two must have done a swell selling job." "We didn't have lo," Reagan told him. "The stuff sold itself." Tiiats great," said Jett. "Bui i hope NorUicott doesn't change hij mind. He's funny like that, you know." U seemed almost like an abortive attempt to pour cold water over their little triumph. She looked at him irritably and decided, then, that he was more nervous and distraught than even the robust hangover he had acquired seemed to warrant. For the thousandth time she wondered what it was. that had .upset Jefl and Myron so terribly on the previous night. But she inquire again, and they settled down to a period of comparative peace both at home and at the agency. During it a phenomenon occurred. Jennifer not only joined the family al dinner one night—she remained home all eveaingv Ede Lifted her eyebrows, but said nothing. When the phenomenon persisted through successive nights, however, she remarked upon k. "You're getting "Wouldn't you like to know," Jenn said, and left the room. Ede smiled lo herself. She did <nov one thing positively. Tommy Melbourne was giving Jenn the ibscnt treatment, in a most comprehensive way. A few days later, she read in the social notes (hat Mr. Hamilton Grieve had rented Wendover House. Bermuda. Nothing could have delighted Ede more. And yet, for some reason: the news item seemed incomplete. She Uought mbout it, oB and on, tor half a day before the explanation came. Wendover "RISCILL.VS POi Lucky lirenk BY AL VERMEER House place. was Gil Summer field's GjHE called Gil immediately, saying that she needed a lunch companion. He jumped at the chance to remedy this situation. "Now then. Gilbert," she said, when she met him. "Let's go Into the workings of your flne Italian hand." "Eh?" He was elaborately careless. "Don't stall! 1 mean about Ham Grieve and your little hideaway in Bermuda, of course," "Oh, that?" Gil smiled. "Well, it s«ems Ham and 1 belong to the same club. 1 happened to meet him there the other day and 1 bought him a drink. Which isn't hard to do, incidentally. Well, we got lo talking about . . . about the Frey family. And I said lhat it was too bad, wasn't it?" "What was too bad!" His eyes were innocent. "Why, about Jenn. Thii business of her not coming into her money 'till she's 30 and having to depend on an allowance from you in the meantime." Ede stared at him. "Gil Sum- merlield! Did you lell him lhat?" "1 certainly did." "And he actually believed you?" Gil grinned with relish. "Why wouldn't he? He knows that I've always known you people pretty well." (T« B« CoBtinBrd) THAT GARAGE i! \ HAD TROUBLE GETTING CAR OUT AGAIN! PLEASE. HA2EL! DON'T 'TELL YOU SMASHED ANOTHER FENDER; DOT-VV GcT SO EXCITED,. DEAR) THE FENDER WASN'T HURT) LUCWLV, TH i DC WAV VIC FLINT A Good Time lo Hurry BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LAN! &EANWf-IIL£,t WAS SBVKHIHO VWW ME TO I AC/ WHOeVEK TMIff (Si*/ )5 THAT'S vw-urr I w»WT/ r- ENOU6M, WC MMV MtO AH ORPEK AOR Brm*- THN ZmCK PKK*. THtv we«e avtfte BV HTT^EK MCXOM.OF CAPTAIN EASY A Bi K Help BY LESLIE TURNER (i llrlii inns Ice Cream Try Velvet's TASTE TREAT OF THE MONTH "Coconut-Pineapple" BARNEY'S DRUG STORE West Main "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office and Hulk I'lanl — Promised Land. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring it to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics are specifically trained to care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 TM M=EWD IHt'fH'S TOO UTE IOCRTCH 'EH N ft SAFE IS GOWEl CAC MOWi HONEV! BUT THAT HOB« fOK GOOD 8V V. WILL GBT \it TO TH.6 WRPOET.' _> MOW i EWV1 WE POW'T EVEW WWE A CM* TO F0U0W . THEM WITH! ' HtV! *3U Tlf Ffi" "\ IHAT3 / VEP...BUT r* GOT ft PLftNE 1u rfEUT? / ML S6T TO DO (kCEOPPUSTlW rv CAN'T THAT fHK.ii incvm\tvtt.tu. wwr, P*L? WE I so. 100 ocwwrmj HAVE TO NEED IT * "• "-- BUGS BUNNY Thai's How! RED W SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 — 112 S. First — Blyfheville We're Proud of Our Work ie work • Woodwork acturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFC CO Machine work Manutacluring NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A BITTER LAUNDRY ".. . So much for Gloria Glamour'* \*gt, gcntfe- mcn. ( jliH soy GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORA Tl ON is th* pfoc* to 90 (o 9*1 us a persona/ loan." ALLEY OOP Jugged BY V. T. HAMLIN *W, TISH.' "' ' HERB .VAS , I'M L.NOT AS ENSLKNO'S KINS RICHNKP. ~ WITH BYTHf ANYHOW, IU. SET VOU OUT EVEN IF I HAFTATAXE THE PLACE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Yep! BY MARTIN

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