Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 31, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1895
Page 7
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p>psil»^iff^^ Other ^ jere U no eoap iu the world,that •tend* ,«o high in the opinion of thoughtful -women as oSANTA, CLAUS SOAP washing clothes or doing housework, it can't be equalled. Try it. Sold everywhere. Made only by The N. K. Falrbank Company, - Chicago. IMt WAl_l_tK LJA53L.. You will ride a Bicycle Of course you will ride. AlHnc world vill— fashion, pleasure, business — men, women, children, It takes a while sometimcsforthe world to rccog- nizc its privileges; but when it does it adapts itself promptly. Therefore, you who arc in the world will ride, a bicycle — a bicycle if you desire the best tho world produces; a Hartford, tho next best, if anything short of a Columbia will content you. Colurnbias, $100; Plartfords, $80 $60 ; for boys and girls, $50. POPE MJG. CO., Hartford, Conn, Boiton. Hew Tort, Chlcnjo, San f(»aclKO, Providence, liuffnlo. A Cutnlogno—comiirnhonslTo, brnullfnl—»t «nj »«.noy fr«e, or by m»Il fortwol-oont it«nip». Th» bcnfe tolliinf «ll thn n«w Oolmnlilnn i>nd ll«rtfori1« I.. W. PILLING, fur COLUMBIA Kni\ HAKTFOKI) Bkjdi). IXUIANA. IJnurluiiH Ciitlnrlli-ii. Are you nwara thai ihe u«t> of purg- Intf teas arc Irjurloua — they dilute the stomach fluid*, impair digestion, 'do not move tho secreilons or bile — physicians ntiver ii!>e them. The bent cathartic is a pooci pill— but you rouM. pet relinble onee Rinehurt'ri are the b Q9 t — ooly ODD for adosit', pleasant, In action. Sold by U. F. Keeslint: and Keyaione drug store. Children Cry fo» Pitcher's ir you feel dull and have no appa- title take Rlnehfirt's Liver fills, one a do§e. Sold by B. F. KeaBhng nod Keystone drug etore. Children Cry fo» Puoher'8 Castoria. N>tur»'« Pale lips, flusbed iheeks — nature's signal for worms In chilurec — that the mother may see the danger and ..provide the remedy. The only known and thorough cure Is Rlnehart'B Worm Lozcnffes — they lemove all kinds of worms and the worm nest. Pleasant IO lake, need no cathartic and 'are a late and certain cure. " Sold by B. F. and Keystone drujf blore. nxa Habr •«• «lck. w« (t»r. her CUtortfc. l>en «w «M « Oilld. sue citod for Costrrla. flMD HBO became Mlaa. 1*0 Clung to Castdfl*. JTken «no o»a Cuuoreo, me f»re vuaa- Ouiort*. If your child is weak and sickly, give Rlnehsrt's Worm Lozeoges. Sold by-B. F. Keeping and Keytnoce drug etore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca»to r ' RARE CHANCE FOR SPECULATION! Activity npvln prcralls In THK MARKET FOB STOCKS. BO.NB!*, UKAIV. 1*K»»V A.\I> OTHKK OnrtMimpblet anil Dalit MMket Letter de»erlbe how n^wlr.Hi (priulaMv? ihTrslmtnt results In lupW nu<l hunil-onie profits. AWaim Y«ar We ro»ll free to nnj address ftll Information as to bow jour opera Ion can. be nad» 10 net good proflts. Our romiclMlon for bujlnr and ielllng for c*§n or on nmrgln of S loo »er crnt 1SONLTU6 IRCBM. ' Wrtl* for tut} particulars. Blghwt referMjc^ (tstabllsbed 1888 ) (incorpo nud 1S92.) Consolliated Stock.* nd Proauce Co. Cublnct Conxltlcm llio Qucxtioii or Asklnjt Fruiicfl to Kxplutn. ^VASiiiNGTON 1 , March 30. — The tele- pram from Uo\\ Mori-ill urging 1 the president to extend protection to ox- Consul \Viiller, ;i citizen of Kanxu.s, reported imprisoned in Madagascar by order oi a French court-martial, has not yet been received at the white house. The president, however, after a consultation with his cabinet, has decided to act in the matter and to call for a report of all the circumstances. If the facts are as originally reported in the cablegram from Mauritius—and in this point United States Consul Campbell at St. Louis will bo looked to for a report.— then it is expected that Mr. Eustis, American ambassador to France, will be instructed to lay the matter before ihe French foreign olllce-and .ask for an explanation of the course pursued by the onV cials in Madagascar. ' Gruln, 1'rovmlony, l£tc. CHICAGO. March 30. FLOUR— Qulot and unchanged. Quotations ranged tis follows; Winter— Patents, t-50'4 li.tS; sl-ralnlus, $£33:52.50; clours, W.15jj5L'.3i); low , .. ,. . Sprlnft— I'ulunts. *:lOOij;3.50; straights, $v.iOQ iii.75; buliors', $l.S5:tii;.!.'5; low Knules, ? 1.755} 1.80; Ueil Dog. tl.W&l.K; Bye, *;.:!OijlS.5U. WiniAT— Mocltrutoly acclvo und unscttliid. Cash, 543A®5"c: May, 3li?i@57Wc; July, 5,1 ?j a 66^0. ' CoiiN— Quiet but (Inn. Xo. 2 and No. - Yol- low, -Ki7M'\tic: No. 3, WIc und Xo. 3 Yellow, JGite Muy, M^Jt-lOKo; July, M<>iWt?iv: Se]>- Q A TS— Hl(;her, with lurge trading. M^'o; Muy, a)Ji©30?io; July, -Xi^V^o. Suinplcs hlfhor No. S. ai'^aMKo: Xo. U Whiio. 83Qia3o; No. ^, 30330We; Ko. ^ Wlnte. 33asa«c. jlrE— Cur lots fulr s:ile and lirin, but rust of tho market neslooted. Xo. i in store, D-4c; •ample lots, S6®i5-iic: outsldo eholci;: No. 3, libouc -ISSClc: Muy dullvory, 5-Jo. liAitr.i;Y — Very dull und slow. Xo, 4, 50.t£5Co; Xe. :!, 51 -,kMc for fair to choice, nnd Xo. i, M£i S-llic. Screeulufs ut S17.00jit7.50 per toa. llBSsPou.;— Trudlnn was lairly active and prices steady. Quotations i-.m^od nt Sli^S.-J Ii37y; for cash retfiilar, JU/JO tl:.'.30 Tor Marcli, $!•-'. •\7y,l&\S.!u for May. and SliOMtl^.70 iorJuly. J^Aitii— Kuthof Quiotiuid stoady. Quotations rniiKUil at $7.00iJ7.0i^.; for cash: SC.Dj|£.7.0J for Miu-cli: $7,1)71,^7.10 Cor May, and 5T.L'-'(Bi7.SJ for seller July. L.IVK l-'oi.'i.TitY—Pei- pound: Turl;ey.s. !)."/. He; CliU'Uuns. 7(^St;; Jjuckri, 'J((£1lc; Ceesu. ]>or OOZI.MI. WJOS3.00. Uuu'i-Eii -Creamery. iu®a)c; dairy. 73180; PucklnK Stuck. Dw:7c, LIQUORS— Whisky quoted steady at 81.20 por KallOQ for hih'hwlaes. NEW YOHK, March 30. Stato and wostorn dull. sluiuly. \\'n EAi'—No. 2 red vury dull. hi&Uc lower: Muy, CO Il-HUlGl l-10c: July, iil)iii{.i.il; 1 ,c; Sup- loiulicr, tt'SotKMo. CoitX — Xo. 2 dull, oas'.cr. Muy. ol^c; July, SlWOolJio: No. i!, SOQ.'iyWc., OATS— Xo. 2 dull, steady. May, 33>;c; suite, S7(2-(0«c; western, S-^i-IOHio. ilEKif— Quiet, firm. E.\ira moss, f8.00u!S,50i family, ?m 00312.00. PORK— Quiet. Urin. Moss. J13.50S.1-I 00. ijAKD— Quleii ensy. Simim rendered, $7.25. BUTTER— Choice falrrly active, tlrm. \Vost- eru dairy. &ai3ir4o; do. creamery new. lli^-'lo; do. old, O^JMo;'do. factory, 7<&12o; Elglns. Ulc; 'Imitation creamery, ii-ilSo;' roll*, 7@IOc. ' Cn.RESE— Fancy llrm; stato largo ll!4c; do. fancy' colored. 11 tfc; do. white, 105i<SI'c: da small, 8®12c. EGGS— Finn, fairly active. Western. 13c, Lire Stock. CHICAGO. March 20. HOGS— Market opened rather active with prices 6®10o blcher. After all good lots wore sold tho murket weakened and ttie early aU- vuuce was lost. Sales .ranged ;it£J 75'<J-f70 for piss: S-l.lwa-l.90 for Unlit: $4,70 .ji-l.'JO for rou^h packing;. *-t.7*2!HO for mixed, and $4 95:25.30 Tor heavy packing anil shipping lots. CATTLTS— Market rather active, recline llrm. Quotations ranged at $5.95<a6.-i5 (or choice to extra shipping Steers; J5.35ric5.S5 for eood to choice do.: H.0ft35.30forlalr lotood: «.l'0a4.» for common to medium do.: ;4.00£4.50 for Butchers' Steers: Si75!f3.80 for Stdckors: t»30 a-l,SO for Feeders: Ji.TKijSfO for Cows: SauS'iB b.OO for lieifers! S2.0ua-i.75 for Bulls: 53.0J® kiOfor Texas Steers, aud iS.5035.oU for Voal. Calves. .l>ocaU!(l ut l.r»sr-. Mr. Durnbelton, who is too economical to keep any extra collar buttons on hand, and -who devotes a good share of his matin moments to hunting for these wayward essentials of male attire. startled his wife the other morning by a more than usual overtlowor emphatic What's the matter now?" she exclaimed. " ••Matter enough!" he returned, with a series of paralytic gasps; "I've swallowed ray collar button!" "Thank goodness:" snapped out Mrs, D., "for once in your life you know where it is."— Pfc:ladelphia:Pre*s. - CUBREN T T EVENTS. An underground conduit electric road has secured right of way from Elgin. 111., to Geneva., 111. There is great excitement in Wayne county, W. Va., over the .supposed dis eovery of rich deposits of silver. - Three masked men robbed the inmates of Connor's saloon at tile n wood Springs, Col., of S600 and escaped. The.schooner Samuel. V. Colby,which left Fortune .Bay, X. F., February ^.', has. been given up as lost. It carried six men. . Henry Tegmeyer," a farmer, was instantly killed while crossing the Northwestern tracks at Mount Prospect, 111. A rain is badly needed throughout southern Arizona. The ranges are dry and in some places the cattle are suffering greatly. Jerome Hilbert, a prominent business man of Creve Coeur,Mo., has been missing since Tuesday, when he drew $4,000 from a bank. Seymour Jackson, cashier of Godbes' bank at St. Easenada, CaL, has been arrested on suspicion of having robbed the bank of §12,500 March 20. . John Bonn, who died this week at Dundee. 111., aged 92, leaves .five children, twenty-live grandchildren aud thirty-live great-grandchildren. The British court of appeals has awarded Lord Dunraven £5,000 damages for the sinking of the yacht tint- anita by the Valkyrie I!, in the Clyde on Jill}' 0, 1S94. Nearly §100,000,000 is invested in Canadian wood manufacturing industries, which have au annual wage list of .530,000,000 and au annual output valued at 8110,000,000. • William Kastnor, of Marshland,Wis., has been arrested on a charge of splitting government treasury notes and passing both halves. He will have a, hearing at Hudson, Wis. A. II. Stone & Co., wholesale glove dealers at Cleveland, 0., have assigned for the benefit of their creditors. Tho assets are said to be about §40,000; liabilities more than that. Hawley E. Webster, late ppstraastcr at Brockport, N. Y., pleaded guilty to the embezzlement of §1,372. ll« was sentenced to pa}' the amount and to spend eighteen months in jail, All the plate gUss factories iu the country,' with a few exceptions, will close down to-night nud will not resume until May 1. In the meantime arrangements will be made to operate the'factories under the management of the recently formed combination. Senator Pjilm'cr I-usi'S by I'lrc. DKTHOIT, Mich.,-March 30.—Hon T. W. Tulmcr's fine residence on Woodward avenue caught fire from a bad chimney at S o'clock Friday night and the south wing was destroyed. The honso contained much valuable curios and bric-a-brac, gathered from all parts oi' tho world by Mr. Palmer, and works of uvt. Much of that stored in this part of the residence was saved, and tho loss is only 310,000. YARD' AND HUUINTJ o 1'ArMUArvuo. Thf Jin£liwli Orifflinila Walled Up In thii City of London. The original of our yard measure and pound weig-ht~-otherwi.se, the British standards of weights and measures— are scaled or walled up in the sides of the house of parliament of London. The cavity in the wall in which these precious standards arc preserved somewhat resembles a tomb, and can bo opened only by tearing away the wall. The two articies which are therein so safely eased are both of metal. The yard measure is of bronze, in the shape of a bar, thirty-eight inches in length, thirty-six sections, or one yard, having been marked oS upon it with some finely scaled instrument. The weight stuudard is a cube of platinum, weighing exactly sixteen ounces. Weighty as it is, it is scarcely more than an inch in extent on either fcidc, and, if sold for the metal there is in it, would bring nearly two hundred dollars. Once every twenty years the walls inclosing these standards are torn nway for the purpose of removing tho two pieces pf metal and comparing their length and weight with the official standards in use by the bureau of weights and measures. These comparisons are made under the supervision of the president of the London board of trade, and several other officials appointed by the different branches of the queen's government. Extremely delicate and elaborate apparatus for making these comparisons are used, and if the units in use by the bureau referred to have been changed, or deviate in tho least from the , standards with which they were compared twenty years before, they are immediately changed, so as to conform with the original bronze and platinum types. The ceremony of "comparing the standards" was last made iu April, 1892. After the comparisocs had been made and no variations detected they were again walled up with the understanding that they would not again be disturbed until April, 1012.—St. Louis Republic. Tho American who visited Venice, but who thought his visit was :v failure because he ''got there just when there was a big freshet," is matched by a Boston man who, looking at a- picture of Venice, exclaimed: ."My! Look at that! Goin' round in boats! And here Ksu:u .,„„. _., ..,.. in Boston we think we're terribly I pi ace d inl'a position where you would abused if the water's up to our ankles!" I have to co mmit suicide."— Demorest s. —Youth's CompaaioD^.__ J _^^_^^—•• Bg ». i. Con- ' RATES OF POSTAGE. Great Rcclnctlnni E.Tected During Recent Year*. The reduction in the rate of postage to - cents has been gradual in the Dnited States. The rates made May 1, 1310, were as. follows: Less than 30 miles, 0 cents; over 30 and not over S(J miles, 10 cents; over SO and not over ' 150 miles, 12X cents; over If.Oand not>. over 400 miles, 18%. cents;, over 400, miles, 25 cents. These'rat-es continued'. until July 1, 1S45—a period of more than twenty-nine years — when a sweeping 1 reduction was made to li. atid 10 cents, as follows: Under 300 miles, 5 cents; over 300 miles, 10 cents. Drop local letters, 2 cents. It is remarkable that, this great reduction in postage only'caused a small falling off in revenue, and this for one year mainly. Here came the first provision noted for "drop letters,' 1 and the "single letter" was defined to be one ^veighing .half an ounce. Previously one sheet of not over one ounce avoirdupois-was single, but two pieces of paper, however small, made double rate, three triple; and soon. This great reduction of rates in 1S45 was believed to bu largely; due to the persistent efforts of Lysander Spoooer, of lioston, to carry the mail iu opposition to the government, and at thr low rate of iivo cents, between Huston, Sew York. Philadelphia and Baltimore. Mr. Spooner took the ground that the government h:ul no "constitutional right" to forbid the carrying of mails by private parties. Although this quH's'tiou is believed never to htivebeen legally decided; Mr. Spooner was driven out-of business, but forced theentering wedge for cheap postage. It was not because cheap postage would benefit the people that it came, but because the government \vas afraid of private competition. By the act of March 3, 1S51, the three- cent rato was established, not exceeding 3,000 miles if prepaid; but unpaid, five cents; any greater distance, double rates. l.iy the act of March, 1SG3, the rate for "domestic letters' 1 was fixed at three cents, anj r distance if prepaid by btamps, and double rate if otherwise. March 3, 1SG3, "drop letters" were reduced to one cent per half ounce (made one ounce in 1SS5), prepaid, except that at free-delivery offices two cents was to be charged. The free-delivery system was established by act of March 3, 1S73. Postage was reduced October 1, 1SS3, to two cents per half ounce, chiefly through the efforts of Congressman Bingham, of Philadelphia. This was increased to one ounce July 1, 1SS3. Postage stamps were first authorized March 3, 1S47, and stamped envelopes August 30, 18, r i2. Postal cards were first issued May J. 1S73, with sales the first year of 01,000,000. Postal notes were issued October 3, 1SS3.— Golden Days. DISCOLORED LOBSTERS. The Itonult of PunlclnR Thnm Out of tho Prop^r-Sniison. The cause of the discoloration of canned lobsters is being inquired into both in Canada and the United States, It is noted, that the increase in discolored tins has come about since u nder- sizcd lobster packing has teen resorted to, and illegal packing in Jnl,7 and August, as such discoloration was almost unknown a few years ago, when •onl} 7 mature lobsters were canned and put up in the proper season. Suggestions of possible onuses of the discoloration arc: (1) Packing; in close season when the weather is warm. (-) Bad and imperfect scaling by fishermen. (3) Use of some, new chemical in sealing up, ;ind inferior tin bought by small packers. The investigations, however, do not warrant the acceptance of either or all of these as the explanation, but there is every evidence that the cause of mischief is in the meat itself, the contents of the tin. The true cause, doubtless, is chemical, and due to the condition of the lobster when living. Chemical tests have shown the presence of ammonia and sulphur in the blackened tins, and these chemical matters are precisely those richly present in undersized lobsters, soft-shelled lobsters and lobsters actually in breeding or pairing condition. Taking this view, to overcome the evil complained of it is necessary: (1) to prevent the capture of pairing lobsters in the fall. (2) To prohibit soft- shelled lobsters, which are especially plentiful iu the fall, the females shedding immediately after their eggs are hatched, in order to be freed from the empty capsules and the masses of fibrous" thre'ails. (3) To prevent the capture of very small lobsters, five to eight or nine inches lonp ' .;ith flesh unusually rich inamraonir.-' ' ..apounds. .While soft-shelled lobstorK^'cur in all months of the year, JuljjS&iugust and September are the chief months for moltiog. Further, while berried lobsters require protection, the report says that lobsters in that condition are not likely to blacken the cans; their•flesh is probably in prime condition. The annual loss owing to blackened cans is said to be half a million dollars. —Fishiujj Gazette. — SomeDOQj- naa aone somecnmg to provoke j the scorn and contumely .ol Mr. S., rind he "was ranting about it in the silliest manner. "Uy George!" he exclaimed. "I'd like to be the fool-killer for a year or so." "0, no, Hiram," pro- Mrs. S., "you don't want to be Perfect;health is maintained by expelling- from the .body the. decayed product of stipation, with the terrible results following- .th-5 absorption of e-Tcrefa., is quickly LEMON TONIC LAXATIVE. The refreshing properties derived from Lemons with the Tonic and Laxative principles of select vegetable products form an'elegant tasting: ^md Laxative^ Ladies will find it of priceless value. Many;cases of supposed Utenne Enlargement prove to I be bowel accumulations. Gentlemen will find it productive of Appetite, Energy and a Clear Brain, acertain cure for Indigestion, Headache and Biliousness. LARGE BOTTLES. SO CTS. AT ALL DRUGGISTS. LEMON. TffNJO ."LAXATIVE forjnfants and ^Children. •HIRTY 7»«r»' ot»««rT»tioB with of p»r«6m»; p«rmit m to »p«uh of H without It !» unquaitjonably th« bmt th« world h«i «v«r known. It i» r Infant* «»d Chlldrg* Chi]dr<« Bk« it. I* ti.«m It will »» HTM. In it Moth«r« whioh 1. ab.olut«>ly «»f« and ohild'» modiclne. • Cartorift de»trt>y» Worm*. Caitorin iUlay» Feveri«lin«««. Cartoria proyontii vomttine Sour Card. Ca«torlft cnrea Plftrrhm* and Wind Colic. Ca*toria relieve* Tcothine Troublcn. Cintoria cnjo« Constipation and Flutnlcncy. Caitoria inmtrftli»e» the cffcctn of oarbonie acid g*» or pol»onou» Ca»torla doe» not oontnin morphine, opium, or other narcotic propcrty- Ca«torla a».hnilftt«m the food. rcgnlate» the ttomoch and towelm. giving h>aJthy and natural Jeejg. 1. put up In on»-<". fcnttle. only. It 1. not .old in •jVin't allow any one to .nil yon anything ol»«» on the pie* or f irgg»l»g thut It 1» "jmtt >«.|tood" and "will an»wcr Bee that you gat C-A-S-T-O-R-I-Aj The fac-mlmilo dgntttnrc of In o Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. WOFgLP t For keeplnu the Systom In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headach*. CURES Constipation, Acts on the Liver and Kidneys, Purifies th» Blood Dispels Colds and Favors. Beautifies the Complexion and * Pleasing and Refreshing? to tho Taste. SOLO BY ALL DWCC/STS. *B-A nicoly illustrated cifbty-p.-icc- Lincoln Stor,' C™k riven lo cy c ry purcb^cr o< • of Lincoln Tea. Price 25c- J.£k your drosrcisl,or LINCOLN THA Co.. Fort Wayne. In*. For Sale by W. H. Dorter. ICYCLES ARE THE HTGHEST OF ATJ HIGH GRADES. . Warrnntod Superior to aiiT Slcrclo Built !!™.~l'i tnc World Mou.irdlcKii ol Pnee ....... Built and pjamnteed by ihe Iinitarm Bicycle Co , » Million )* llnr corporation, wSnsu lio»a li as uood a>BOld. Do cot buy 8 wheel until jou have seen the WAVEHLEY. . Scorcber21)bs.,$85 I Indiana Bicycle Co., Indianapolis, Ind., U. S. A SELL hogs when .the market is and-they are ready. There is no wisdom in keeping hog's until they weigh just so many pounds. PUSH the pig as rapidly as possible. Getting- it into market as soon as we can is the way to make pork production the most profitable. Tira sense of smell is strongly defined in a horse, and it 'depends moro on this sense tnan on that of sight. A horse will leave musty hay in the bin untouched, no matter how hungry. AN m-naturcd, fiery man is worse among animals than a mad Texas steer. We can kill the steer, but we can't kill the man. But : thero is no »nimal on the farm that feels rough, treatment more than a sheep docs,— Farmers' Voice. THE BAIT WAS GOOD. A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without an ideal PDZZONI'S Combines every element'of | I beauty and purity. It is beauti- I I fyinjr, soothing, healintr, healtk- I fnl, ar"l Harmless, and when ' I lightly used is invisible. A. most!. delicate and desirable protection 11* the face in this climate.. Intist upon hiviag the gentda*. IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. And tlie FKh Couldn't Re«l»t the Temptation. "Domingb'rt nose took a Grecian turn; he scratched hi* hiiad, and uttered a few expressions in negro dialect. Then he made a bait with codfish; but, alas, the little fishes didn't like'salt cod. "This time Domingo was at his wittf end. Corned beef, sardines and codfish/ were everything there was eatable CHE board. Uc sat silent and dejected, » " 'These little fishes would no doubt like fresh meat,' I said to Domingo. " 'I haven't any,' ho sold, sadly. " 'Make some fresh meat,'I said. And you may believe me or not. as yon like, but he'Sid. With a sharp knife, from the thick part of his heel, a little atone' side where the hard flesh.joins the tender, he proceeded to cut a little morsel. with which he baited his hook. It was apparently exactly what the little fishes wanted, for theyraprecipitated themselves upon it voraciously. Tho results were most satisfactory. And an hour later, in serving me a delicious dish of fried fish, Domingo said, proudly: "•Didn't I tell you they wore good to cat?' '•'Excellent,' 1 answered."—Harper'* £ People- ' BEFORE trytmg/rarioui remedic Blip I conld get relief fro«» unontborriWe blood ditjtaw. J .-»d spW drcds o! doilmn OT 8.8-8- «>« effoc * conmcnoed » TKX»JC*lter tie,and by tbe tlm«I b«du wai entirely cared— decided <• wonderful. I the lint bot-

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