The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18. 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V'COURIER NEWS PAGE PTVE Tfw Nation Today: The 81st Congress— A Backward Glance At Democratic So/on; Chuck Foster and Orchestra To Play for Cotton Ball Oct. 73 By JAMES MARI.OW WASHINGTON, Sept. 18. (IP)— The 81st Congress is almost finished, it'may be able to fold up and go home this week. This Congress—controlled by the who won a majority of the seats in i. the 1948 election- came into existence in January, 1949. ..--.• The 82nd Congress will take over in. January, 1951. There-.will: be some new faces in that Congress. H will be up to the voters In the November elections to decide whether to keep the Democrats in control or give the Republicans the majority. The 81st Congress began on n rising tide of prosperity, got a scare in the summer of 1949 when business slumped a bit, and then relaxed as things got good again. But Just a year later, In the early summer of 1050. this same Congress hsd to face a great .emergency: Fighting in Korea broke out and this country threw in t.roops to stop the .Invasion of Republican South Korea by the North Korean Cani- munlsts. i Congress Shocked Shocked when it saw how poorb prepared this country was to fight a war, Congress began voting huge gob* of money to build up defenses here and among American Allies abroad. The 81st Congress voted this country into a long-range re-arming program and other Congresses will have to carry on from there. As an example of how Congress : the armed forces were go- to get about $ Now they get about double that figure. What did this 81st Congress do? It may b* easier to mention first the things it didn't do—or, rather, the things which President Truman aslced it to rio but which got ignore<l, swamped, or stopped: Th« 81st Congress did not repeal the Taft-Hartley act; it did not proride federal aid to education; it put through none of Mr. Truman's civil right* prograrriT Health Plan Ignored Mr. Truman wanted a national health program, but Congress bru- «hed: that'aside. 1 And although he had'.-^wajiUd '»" universal 'military training jffogram, he ; didn't get it (Later, 'under" pressure of the Korea iv crisis, _ CongreSjS "got ready to consider fUMT. Mr." Truman' said in e'ffect.-.wait until :nexl' year.) This * isi : what-the Blst Congress did.. .staring , with, it.s first session which oe^injn,, 1949, anc ended th'aC "sa'fn'e r ye"a'r:' It continued the Marshall .plan for helping Europe; approved the North Atlantic Treaty; voted mill •>tary aid to America's European * Allies; started » big slum-clearance and low-cost housing program; extended the reciprocal trade agree ments act; changed the 1947 armed forces unification law to make work better; Increased minimum wages—from 40 cents to 75 cent. an hour—for people who work for companies which do business acros. stat* lines. The second session of this gls Congress, beginning in January, 050, and winding up now, did these hings: Social Security Widened Improved and widened the Social Secuirty system to increase the jeneflts and bring more people under its protection; authorized economic controls such as price and wage controls (which Mr. 1'ruman asked for In 1949 but didn't get when things were quiet) because pf the ne\v defense program; for the same reason, gave the government power over production; removed [he limit on the size of the armed forces; continued Ihc Marshall plan; killed almost all federal rent control, effective Jan. 1, 1951; began an interstate crime investigation; widened the d.raft law, lo bring doctors and dentists under it, up Lo the age of 50; gave veterans a number of benefits and— Bolh houses approved an anti- subversive bill to make It tough for communism in this country This bill was to be sent to the White House after ironing out o: dcfferenccs between the two houses It's not definite that Ihis anti- subvcrsive measure will become law f Mr. Truman vetoes it. Congress I'll! face the question of voting i nto law over his veto. June Ship Total To Be Matched NEW YORK — W—The peace ,ime record for American merchan ihip laimchings, set in June whei .hree large vessels went down th ways, will be repeated in September The New York Shipbuilding Corp at Camden, N. J. nnd Bethlehe Steel's Fore River plant at Qulno Mass, will launch in September sis :er ships of those put in the water :n June. At Camden, The Atlantic Engineer will follow in the wake of the Atlantic Seaman, each co-sharing Lhe honor of being the largest tank- In the world. When completed, they each can carry 11,500,000 of petroleum product*. Later in the month at the same yard the 'round- the-world liner President Adams will take the same plunge as the President Jackson did In June. At Quincy. it, will he the Constitution, the companion Mediterranean luxury liner to the recently launched Independence. Chuck Foster and his orchestra will proiirte Ihe muiie for th« 1950 Cotton Ball Oct. 13, it wm» »nnoun- ced today. The Cotton Ball will conclude activities of the llth Annual National :otlcn Picking Corust here Oct. 12-13. To be held In the Main inhibit Building at Walker Part Fairgrounds, the Co'.'.on Ball will get .mder-way at J pjn. Foster's orchestra specializes In a relatively slow brand of dance music that Is muslj«;iy eateiorlzed a» 'sweet." Poster organized his band In Ihc early 1940's but his muilcal career was interrupted in 1943 by a tour of duty In the Army. Engagements filled by Foster and his orchestra include IhoM at the Rocsevelt Holtl In New Orleans. the Hotel New Yorker In Ne» Yuik. Biltmore In Los Angeles, Peabody Shaw Shows 'Improvement' I.UTON, England, 8ept. II. (AP) — eorge Bernard Shaw's condition showed a "slight Improvement" today, a medtcal bulletin announced. The 94-year-old playwright \i recovering from an operation to mend a broken left thigh. Late last week a recurrence of kidney and bladder trouble gave rise to some anxiety about hbi condition. Chuck Foster In Memphis. Chase Hotel In SI Louis, Palace Hotel In San Francisco and the Blackhawk Hcslau- rant, Ihe Martinique kesiaurant the Stevens Hotel and the Oriental Theater, all in Chicago. M..IS Milly Coury and Lc-' fihear- n ari> featured vocalists with I'os- ,er's band. Arkansas Coal Production Up After Decline LITTLE ROCK, Sept. II. <jP) — Coal ijroducllon Is on the upgrade 'n Arkansas flfter below-normal activity earlier In the year. Tonnage for the past several month? Is ahead of the comparable 1043 period, based on the one cent per ton severanre tax paid to the Slate Kcvcnue Department, Production for the first four months was less than for (he corresponding period last year. Labor- management troubles and a drop En consumer demand contributed to tne cieulir* In tonnage. Bui beginning In May, production perked up August tonnage figures haven't been compiled, but it is believed they will approximate or belter the corresponding month last year, when production toUl 71,887 tons. Navy May Be Readying Second Big Batteship for New Duty WASHINGTON, S*pt. II. (/T) Th», Navy may t* piildnj • second blj btltleshlp hick Into itj active fleet. Assignment of lh« 4S,000-t/m Mts- souri to shootinr duty In the Far East war raised (he question o! taking « slmlltr balttewagon out of mothballs to replace the "Might? Mo" as a training vessel. There ore Indications (hat the Navy, with Defense Department agreement, has decided jo pul me of the Missouri'.} nret laid-up sister shlp« back on ea A'tly, Of the three, two are on the east oast. I he New Jersey at the Brook - yn, N.V., Navy yard and the WIs- otisln «t Norfolk, Va. One t« on (lie west coast, the Iowa at San Ttan- ISCO. • . - . The New Jersey Is . expec(*d In some niwal circles to reappear In he active fleet, assigned to the Atlantic lorce chiefly for training purposes but also for combatant duty should she be needed. The New Counting morning and evening editions separately, there are nearly 100 daily newspapers published In Canada. Life insurance Firm Honors J. L. Cfurry J. Louis Cherry, Blythevtlle insurance agent, has been named a member of the New York Ufe Insurance Company's "1050 Star Club," It was 'announced today by Dudley Dowel 1, a vice president of the company. The "Star club" Is «n organlza lion of the company's leading a nts throughout the United States nd Canada. Mr. Cherry also has een Invited to attend an educa- onal conference , of the "Star lub" Sept. It - Oct. 1 In Hot prings. Karl Montgomery Enters Navy tor 4-Year Period Karl Montgomery, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Montgomery of Bjythe- ville has W-cnlistcd In the U.S. Navy for a four-year period. He is a veteran of six years service with the Navy in World War II. He was discharged in February. During World War II. Mr. Montgomery served on the USS Luilga Point and took part In the battles of Leyte, Luzon. Iwo Jlma, Okinawa and China Sea. For his service during the war he was awarded three admiral's citations and a presidential citation SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. Lost Times Tonight Double Feature Program 1 DanaANDREWS MartaTOREN SiephenMcNAUT A USIYERSSl-IMEBNAIIOSAl. PICTURE 2 Cartoons & Latest Hews Tuesday & Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE RAY COLLINS .-.MIKHAIL RASUMNr A UtWSKMOUCM PICTUK IHTLMIATIOKAl.. RLUASl Always A Cartoon for Your Enjoyment ' • Fra« Playground for the Kiddies CWWrtf* 11 and Under Admitted Free Japan shipped more than 1,009,00 luffa gourd 5pong«« a 7*ar to he U.S. before the war. The boat-billed night heron o! 'enezuela ha* ft beak like an up .de-down boat. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. ,'ersey, commissioned In May 1943, w >s put Into the moinball fleet In December 1947 at the same time the Wisconsin was laid up. The Iowa was the last of the three lo go Into reserve, leaving the Pacific active fleet in August 1948, It Is estimated that about Id per cent of the cent of an automobile 1» the pclc« of the stetl which %oa, Into it. WOMEN - . wtwfwl NERVOUS ensri by fmetitnil Do jrou wlJtr Ifom hoi (toshes, We»k, nerrom .Irritable clammy recllncc— <UI« to lh« fimclloiml 'middle-nee* Pwlodlwcullar to women <a«-Jl {>•••> JThfnootrjLytl in L'.l'liiktmrn'. vegetable Compound to relieve such •yinpionul it ,1,0 ha, w] ,, t Doctor* cull K alODiBchlc tonic enecL! 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