The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1950
Page 3
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SATURDAY, §E?TBMBBR 1«, 1MO BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK) COURIER NEWS Monday, Time Buying Will Be Muck Harder By SAM DA1VSOM / 4, NEW YORK. Sept. 16. (/P>-Start- IIIR Monday it's going to be a little tougher to buy on lime. Some folk may find their. Incomes aren't big enough to meet .the larger monthly payments required on autos, furniture, aRd household, appliances. Others, cash In their pockets, aren't going to find an accomo- [Jating, merchant 'who will let them SP' Hie goods home without a (town payment, . Some merchants think their business Isn't going to be hurt at all They say, ."there's, plenty of money around these ..djiys^more • coming ** ;, llc defense, program gels .roll- plhers look' ..for. a let-down In sales for a time. ,The new curbs by tie Federal'Reserve Board on Installment buying, effective Monday will take. the..lowest-Income group out of tlie market for ."big ticket" goods. And riianv others have rushed to buy in,",the. days before the curb goes on, .That may 'mean fewer pe-soiis in the market for gadgets In the next-feiv w.ncks... Sales poy'val Expected Rnl most ,f>f the merchants \vho think (heir sales will .drop expect thfm ID revive, ncrhaps by the end of October, as.Brewing employment and higher wages' refill "the public's pnckets. Fir one thing, the credit curbs aren't very strict. Tlie terms are much easier thnii during the Insl War. althowli n trifle .lighter llian l"« relaxed credit curbs that expired .June 30, 1!)40. Manv d-al^rs have been requiring Just about the sn'iie rjsymcnts as are now to be enforce''. ' ; • Balance in 21 Monlht For cars you. must have a down pavment of, one-third the price— 'ttjft.yoi.1 can .count your trade-in on VTB1I. You must, pay Ihe balance in 21 months. .Most new car dealers have been asking oiie-lhird down and giving 24 monies lo nay. But tney think . there will be little change in Ihe.volume o( (heir dsl- ness due to the. now rules. •' The new terms for household appliances are 15 per cent cash arid 18 months to pay. The rule applies , eev sion sets, sewing machines, vacuur cleaners and similar househol gadgets. A few dealers have been reporte asking no down payments and giv ing 24 months or more,to pay. Som of these predict their sales will "fa oft by a half after Monday. ; The new terms : on furniture, ic boxes. bed. spring's. ' mattresse. lamps, rugs and ih« like will b« 1 per cent cash.-land .18 mohthi t pay. -.'•-. . ,'.' ', Senate Okays Bill to Kill Farm Penalty WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 (fl>>The Senate has approved a proposal of Senator McClellan (D-Ark) to relieve cotton »nd sugar beet growers of about »250.000 of penalty payments due because Mexican laborers they Imported cannot be accounted for. The Senate has accepted an amendment McClellan proposed to a supplementary money bill to wipe out bond forfeitures claimed by the immigration and naturalization service. The amendment still must be accepted by 'the House. Farmers are required to post bonds for each laborer they Import from Mexico, and present law provides for (lie bonds lo be forfeited it the farmers can not prove the workers returned to Mexico. Under McClellan's amendment, the bonds would be forfeited only if the government proved the missing workers remained here after March 31, 1950. McClellan said that about 110,000 workers contracted for a year ago, some 12,000 have not been accounted for. lie said most of them returned across She border without checking with immigration officials. In Arkansas, the senator said, some 2,000 workers are unaccounted for. out of 17.500 brought iii for the cotton harvest last year. Man'i Whisky Excuse: Likes 'Cold Drink' LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 16. (/T) — Loy Eoff informed the Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday he kept his whisky in pint bottles because he liked to drink it cold and had only a small refrigerator. The explanation was Included in ' to stoves, dishwashers, ironers. re- Tl ! e "Planatlon was included in frigerators, freezers, washing 'ma- ^°^' s a PP p al from a conviction on chines, air condition units televl " char 6 e of possessing liquor for sion sets, sewing machines, vacuum . m riry Harrison. He had 16 Services Saturday i; For Hope Banker IgfiOPE. Ark, 8 «pt. It. m _R. M Laorone. who Was .president of th Citizens National Bank o f Ho men at his home yesterday. He » LaGrone helped round tti* b«nV 48 years Bgo . He also had exlenjir tend holdings. Survivor* include his wife- tw daughters. Mrs. S. E. Oilllam of El Dorado and Mrs. W. L. Clarke o Atlanta, Oa.. and a son, R. M La Orone, Jr., Mope. Funeral services will be at th home at 4 p.m. Saturday. The Re\ J M. Hamilton, pastor of the -firs Methodist Church, will be in charge I«w« In Kinie states require that ears on the road maintain apace between them, of one car length fo *ach 10 mllas per hour of ipeed. Cost o( publication lo th. t.xpayw. ri this notice In this paper ts $35 10 PROPOSED "CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. V» Propo**d by Peti ' U . If AMENDMENT •ALLOT TITH A PROPOSED CONSTITUTTONA! AMENDMENT TO FIX THE TIRMS or OFFICE or THE GOVERNOH LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ATTOI1 KEY GEKERAf... SECRETARYor STATE. AUDITOR OF STATE TREASURER . Or STATK COM MISS10NF.R OF . STATE LANDS PROSECUTING ATTOHK!YS;MEM BERS OF THE HOUSE OF . CORONERS. .SURVEYORS IIST 'CES OF THE REACE. AND CONSTABLES. AT .FOUR (4) YEARS EACH. BEGINNING JANUARY ] 1953. ALL OF SUCH OFFICERS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR'" RF^EI.ECTION EXCEPT THE GOVEIiNOR; AN» TO REPEAL ALL. PROVISIONS OF the Clh day o( July- 1 9 » Witness my hand and seal nf /-,*,,.. en this lh« llh day or Aueusi 330 C. G. HALL '' Secretary a >tal« pints at the time of his arrest. "Roof-bolting" is a means of making mine tunnels safe. VISIHNSKr ON WAV TO U.S.-A.nirei syea's foreign minister, is greeted by Alexander p.ivlov, Soviet ambassador to Etance. on l,l s arrival at Orly Field, Pans, on his tiip to the United States lo attend session, of the United Nation;, gcneial assembly In New York. (AP Wirephoto). Scotch Islander Is Best Dressed DI5S MOINES -</pj_ A Scot on lonely Tristan da Cunha Island In the south Atlantic will soon be' the best dressed man on the island, thanks to an Iowa utilities executive and an Iowa banker. Last December the cruise ship Caronia anchored off the island sometimes called the "world's loneliest outpost." Ben Webster, Des Molnes, secretary of the Iowa Utilities Association, was one of the few passengers who risked the rough trip ashore in one of the small boats in which the islanders rowed out to meet the ship. Webster's "na- live" oarmate, William Gordon ilass, confided the thing he wanted most in the world was a new suit of clothes. This Webster promised to send. Back In Des .Molnes, Webster sired up Albert Robertson; first vice-president of the lowa-Des Molnes National Bank and Trust Company. Webster knew he had the problem solved. "Got an extra suit?" Webster aiked the medium- built banker Hence when JVilliam Gordon Olabr, opens his soon-to-arrive package on tiny Tristan da x Cunha Island, he'll find i suit to fit. When Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena 135 years ago, a British garrison was stationed «n Tristan da Cunha. Aftei a year's duly the troops were withdrawn. But seven of the garrison, mostly Scots, elected to remain. Tlie island's 250 "present Inhabitants answer to just seven family names and are descendants of those seven soldiers and their imported wives. It's a good b:t that none of them ever had such a conservative, suit before. Israeli Exit Rushed TEL AVIV. Israel — (/!>- Israelis vha wr,nt to go abroad are rushing to get out of the country before their exit permits expire—for It's going to be lough'to get'new ones Tlie Jewish National airlines "E) Hollywood Continued from p*i« the model agency field would >v«r hire Lana. She's too stout and too beautiful, and her, posture Is terrible. .Maybe ill get up a theater party and take all the girls I'm train. H will be a lesson in »hat not to do as a model. Ruuttl MM The Shoulder* Even Ava Gardner's on his.hope less list. : , "Ava's shoulders are too wide. It would be tough' to get a sample dress over them. Jane Russell couldn 1 twear a size 12, either. Her shoulders are-OK. buU-well/she Just wouldn't do." Deborah Kerr's down as "too stiff and unyielding" in his fie, but she might sqeeze by, he thinks, as « manneqln . fur severe, talored sits. Add '. four Inches to Shirley Temple's height and Wallach will still slump down m the foam-rubber of his movie 'house seal when the projection 1st flashes her likeness on the screen. He said: ' "I wouldn't let any of'my modeli to to see her In her latest picture. The I'M can't move. I wanted to cry."'. . , • ' .. ••'. . The expert on models Is pretty tolerant about Ginger Rogers. Her training as a dancer' puts her a cut or two above her screen sisters. Every yea~r Wallach loses about six the movie talent scout, Just the .other day. he said, RKO grabbed Georgia Clancy, and Myra Corday bolted (o Pox, He moaned: ."Movie acting- ruins them as models. Tiiey come back all slumped over and stooped-shouldered. Thati from playing love scenes with short «uys. : * ' + • Sam Goldwyn gems in a London press conference: "Television Is only a menace In so far as people can see bad television for nothing, whereas they have to pay to see Inferior movies." And: "I don't believe In making lots of films. The more you make the more bad ones you are likely, to have." AJ" and a!) Ihe foreign curriers operating from nearby Lydda airport are swamped with bookings. . Tlie sudden rush to travel was preciultated by a government order that "only essential travel" will be permitted in the future. Thus, Israelis who already have exft per- m'U must, quickly.use them. . PAGE TOMMY MAKES A FKlEND-Regimenlal Sergeant Major nlchard Thomas Boyd, of. Dumbartonshire, Scotland, receives the admiring attention of a Korean boy.on the British sector of Korea's.Naktong River front. tU. S, Army I'lioto via AP .Wlrephoto). South Koreans Meet to Plan Abolishment of 38th Parallel By lin.I, SHINN PUSAN, South Korean, Sept. 18. l'j—fifteen thousand Koreans were gathered in the Pusr.n railroad station pltiza yesterday while United Nations forces were making amphibious landing far Up Ui Communist-held territory. News of Hie landings brought cheers. They had been waiting a long lime for such news. Tlie mass meeting had been called to express "a burning desire for national unification by abolishing the 38lh parallel." South Korean leaders have feared United Nations forces might stop at the line, which,' from Japan's defeat in 1945 until June 25, marked ;he border between two portions of the country. A Soviet-sponsored Co m mu nls t govern me nt was f ormed north of the line and a democracy in the south. The northerners moved to abolish the,division .by Invading South Korea that last Sunday In June. ... Move I.on» Awaited Since then Ihe Communists steadily expanded their holdings, driving the South Koreans and 0nlled Nations forces to a small southeasi corner of the peninsula'. But today marked the start of the long awaited democratic offensive Tlie South Koreans want it to go nl the way north. . The mass rally was sponsored by the Patriotic. League of Korea Leaders read messages to the Unllci Nations and to heads of 52 member governments supporting .South Korea, including President. Truman One was to (>cneral MncArthur. All appealed for Korea's admission to the United Notions''aiid nsk- ed for'renllznllon of complete licallon of Korea by .'the march of troops to the Manchuria border They also expressed gratitude to the U.N. forces for the geheral offensive action. Korea's application for U.N membership - has been : vetoed by Russia. FOR THE FIRST TlrVtE IN BLYTHEVILLE ... . C REAM made with fresh sweet cream SOME TODAY— COMPARE ITS TASTEt ' ROTHROCK DRUG BARNEY'S DRUG NOTICE O?'ORANTING OF ] •"' • rVHlVOR PERMIT"..',..-., ,.'". Notice i? | hereby' given that" thi'"•? Comwtisipner.'of Revenue' of th* '": .State of Arkansas has Issued a. oer- " mil No. 843 to Alex J. Weliusteln to" sell and'dispense..vinous or ipnit--- nous liquors'for:beverage at retail' : on the premises described u 113. Baltimore, Manila, Arkansas.' .' .'. ' This permit, issued on the SO a'ar ' of June 1830 and expired on the »-. day of June 1951. • -. ... . .' . : Alex J, Welnsteta iff'.ol pubUcalion to lh« t "''"on'SS 0 '" Ih1s J?"! 1 " " ««Tw. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL .'• ..AMENDMENT NO."" . ' i^fR 01 " h f P«'l"on of (hi Pe»pl< '' P °?oT, A 9 " AME OF AMENDMINT • PUBLIC SCHOOL FINANCE AMENDMENT' ..... BALLOT TITLE " ' AN AMENDMENT TO THK mtl . STITUTION OF THE. STATe°TO ALLOCATE FROM "CiEHERAI. REVENUES T ''in: ~-ii>,.D, AND' TO I'HtOH TY IN T j7F"~nPp'o C |' T THEHEOF. 1-0..PKOVIDE A M E|£ ' •'°EMBly W ' I Ml!v THE R| ! .f 1 ?c B F^ I THS ; r« T ' F AL K° .1 j? v 'B&™j« ' 'AID OF ANY CHUHCII. <r«m sosollno taxes, SC , tos - ">»'«. vehi rlss/on- ni nr i'h ncn ' s Cotn P* nsatr nn ' K°7.d, rl X e 'i nls lo be return^lc, ifs. H that portion of (he aevcr- wx-cs la be-TC-turncd to counties; jnme nna Fish Commlsilon ixr- licenses. Ices and fines: (5) pro- i o , arm, »1» , nd earnlnKa S r ' (edcrnl grants; there shall s led • lo. the credit Sf th. ' in-'.lr '•-*, "f. imimum. an amount s IS8.00)-_p«r child , Kc na reflected by . ' ' scboo) - l<!m " n '"l[o in the event there' ahould b« • wfllh'l"" T^' 1 "" '" l"«" «onorn[S- well-being o/ Ihe people of th* 3ta(* .c SS i 0! n C11 [h r *- l lDaV"a'nd l>l> i« 1 ,,c t h ' fUSlS '"'< r!*' (1) Determine r t'h« amount .llocaled .; . :tp the Pufciio. School Fund undS ",' , the provisions of Ihe tint pa°ij-' •' gnirfi'or thh'amendment, for-ttw.ej ». ..•.1-te 1 .^';' ^K'".nl«g In th. cat. •' " . • : ! •' "ik"u[uy (ai tne averafc of •'QIC total annual inc'orii. paymenti to tiw • .-dlvldoato-.'ln-i rh«- S(it«; 'u^ £•' termmed by the United St*t*t pT' •ccond, third, and fourth y«r*l" e w&dflh.f'ol.Vm?' .xemhlv >«•&(• t« /ti _ j_ .. , be .the .amount; by which th* •amount calculated und«r j -pin.- Srnpn ll) .e^ceedi th« caiciimteo under paraffn r,r^^i be ' u '^' t<x **• school system, and ah'alf IncMde^onlT' payments to local-, public achool al trlcts in such form as It now or Juf^ •Her may be provided by th. G*» cr«l Atsomhly, the n. "•"•' "' 111. Department ol Ed '^ ''' salaries of county achool njp*rvfjora. free textbooks and audio-visual aarS ' l( l tcci , vocational education and yoc.. '- IJonat rehabllltallon, Ihe. Slat. Lrbrarr ^'"' SECTION 3. Kell'her th. l^gl.lahir*. hpr.-any county, munldpallty.'Sr Khoo] •'">-. district ihall, ever make any •nnro- , prlatlon, ^or pay from any -ftinS or '••« monies «h.itevfr,.anyth|jiB In aid of mnj . ., church, ' sectarian ac retlglout socitty \- lor any or religious purpose' or to help EUpjiort or sustain any icnooL ••':* academy, Beinlnary, college unlveraltv or other literary or sclonl&lc (natlhiHnn • f ' controlled by 7 n fchur?h. SeSlrlw"ft ! " rellRlous denomination iwhatsoever' no» V shall any Brant or ilonalion of 'land. money, or other personal property ever '". tie made by the Stale or any lubdlvtsloi " ' IncrcoJ to any .church'or for any MO- srt " '•««n or religious purpose. Thi' us. '" of public lax.funds from any soalcl -v whatsoever lo provide Iransportallon ' <er»lco,. free tcxlbooki. or other In. "' sttuellonal supplies or tqulpment K ' children enrolled In . prlvale sectart." c i •"""•os In specifically prohibited , ,... Petition lor the». lie 1 i ta * Cl '"" 1 *" Ull< °™ c * ".'.,'!'".!. my ., nand '"t'ltal'oi'olttcf on this the 7th day of August- 19M C. O. HALL, ' Secretary. at Mail) :',-|ri.r; •f ft = n.i. 5/-i,i rvii'i PRESCRIPTIONS Frwh Stock C««ran!e*d Btst Price..' Kirby Drug Sfores Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes up to 36 in. Corrugated Mefal Cufverts Sizes up to 81 In. Automatic Flood Gatei . Concrete Septic Tanks Melal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Beat Prices We DellTer A. H. WEBB .. Hl{hway 6t at Slate Line Wione 7U SERVICES Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. • Sand & Finish Hardwood • Uy Hardwood Flooring • Asphalt Tile Call us today for » frt« estimate. We give' you prompt, eoarleont nwvtee. Easy FHA PayBCRta. Com* In Today. 'Kemp Whisenhurt&Co 199 K. Main rhon* 44«» Mr' J 5. ft 1

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