The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 22, Pal Mulling, C. Buford Young Will Claim Texas Bride in August A luncheon held Saturday (n Dallas. Tex., at the s. and s. T/pa Room revealed (he ensaacmpnt of Miss Patricia Sap Kindle of M'.Kinney. Tex., to Charles Buford yomvj of Blytheville, now stationed with the Navy In Lone Bench. Calif. Mrs, L. \v. Kindle, mother of MKs Kindle was hostess for 'he occasion. Nuptial? have bpen scheduled for Aupusl. 2fl a( North Baptist Ciiurah In McKinney with the Rev. S. T. SkaRfj.s of Grand Saline, Tex. otfi- ciating. Miss Kindle. Hie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. I,. Kindle of MrKin- ney. is a graduate of Boyd Hieh School and attended North Texas State College In Denton. Mr. Young, trio son of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Young of Blythcville, is a graduate, ot Blyt.hevillp Hi?h School and attended'rii University in Memphis and Novth Texas State College in Denton. Guests Honored InBuchanonHome Mr*. John Buchanan entertained Saturday niglit nt her home with a barbecued chicken dinner for her daughter, Miss Ann Buchannn and fcher guests. Misses Minnie -Goodwin. Mary Evenly Gate-ley, Lois Jane Meador, all of Memphis, and Miss Rosa Saliba. Dinner was served on the lawn from a lonp table covered with a while linen cloth centered with a swan vase filled with mixed summer f lowers. Following the dinner, the even- hip wa.s spent informally. So Young And Colorful 8804 11-30 By Sue Burnett Delight, of a Junior wardrobe — a _BLYTHEyn,LB (ARK.) COtrRTTJR NKWS Couple Is Wed !n Mississippi 1 PACT FIVB Has ° tume Look ln Swim Suit Announcement is madp of the marriai;p of Miss Rice, dniiahiflr of ihe latf Mrs. Richard Rire, lo Cartel', son of Mr. nnrt Mrs. Ell- crne Caller, all o[ Gnsnetl. The ceremony was performed in Hernnndo, Miss., on j,,| v fourth. ,.,.,, Attondiris (lip I'ouplp were Mr day ^r'ml, f ;'"7 ?,"'"• v!"' 011 "* 1 ' aW1 ' "« mM N '" tln a " rt *>"• KtlMfln -i. .ii-in-ia.\ oi Hie bride, a n d ! left todav for Chanpl Hill in,' Mr. and Mr,, w «l.«, Sllllth of ; „,, sl ,, 01 , M ," C^,," s " .^,-, nw! MIPS Lillian Hicks Helblins of Los Ancelps. Calif, who has hi-fa (hi- Burst of friends and relative* here, will return In her home to- Memphis, sister nnrt brotlun-j,,. ).''»• n! the ernom. Mrs. Carter is « Eraduate of Gosiipl! Hiuli School and ancnd- cd Arkansas stale Collece in Joiifsboro. She is n member n( the Holland HiRh School family Mr and Mr. Marrow, and oilier sislor Ml.'s Vircinia Niinn of Washington, 15. C.. for several days . Mr. and Mrs. R. Chafin and Mr. and Mr*. L. B. Porks and daiish- tcr, Sharon Ka.y. and Mrs. CliarK-s Fnlzicr ancl children have reUuiipd Birthday Party Given in Home ttr.O IN 'M-Mr. and Mr.,. J. B. M<:Gmvan of Blyihevilie have Carolyn Bnlew was honors celebra.eri IllPlr 5',;h wr.luiiia a , m jvrr, ; ,ry. They arc parents ot M,s ' '»'"" «„ hi-r 16th hirthrlny a, ihe Jo Ann Powell c,( P.lvth: villc ;,, K I have lived bt>:- 31 yens They t a,ne ' l " > ""' "' hrr I""'™'*- Mr. and Mrs here from C,,e,,f JrW , ,,.„„.. whrrB thry ,, vn , „,,„,;„_ lCiinr|pr ^ j^'^ -'"j^ .Bel™ «„„ Photo) Circles of Calvary Baptist Meet Four Circle? of Women's Miss:nn- ary Union of the Calvary Baptist Mc- Lijnln Montgomery. ,\frs. Ra Ghee dismis-pd llie nicotine,. teiday ,k> be held in the hoir.e.s of; to members of circle Five for a Bi- m ™f w v „.„, , I We Sl « rt ^ * uh -seven member., and Mrs. V.. F. ONeal was hostpsv to two guosls. Mrs, T F Marshal! nnd members of Circle One at her home : M " . -- r ' *'" rs ™» nr >° for Bible | Amonp the 17 .-s i Wrialit. .Johnny Rurton. Leroy Rawjri-s. Tommy Williams. Wester Wrichi, and Mr. and Mrs Robrrl Bill In- and son, Jimmy, all o[ Luxora. The evenine wa? spent informally in dancine. pbyinc' eam-r nnrt cards, cake and ice cream were served. mine on bison family reunion on Saturday i at Die home of Mr. Chaftn's uncle. ! Willis Hnibi.-'on, anil Mrs. Harbison in Cullman County. There wefe 150 memhfrs of Ihe family present. On Sunday, they atlpndpd 're Chafin Meinorial Sacred Harp Singintr and picnic dinner at Ni-w Prospect. Church. They returno.'l home yesterday. •Mr. and Mrs. Giesory Hntklns .and daushter. Wendy, of B'xljy. j Oila., are the cupsts nf his ttrand- ; mother, Mrs, J. C. Harnish and oth- ! er relatives. Mr. Halklns is a former ' resident of Blytheville and wa.- r* NKW YORK — (NF.Ai — Tlin cnstimie look in swim suits is show-! ing up on beaches everywhere tins' summer. Us attractions tup many ' Wilh it, it's possible to make one swim suit serve the purpose of sov- i into (J.ui.i; i)(r<;,ts A \\'on»an's Iltlitur . ... J : n"iin .^lui .vjvi; LHP imi'imse araduatcd from Blylhcvillp Hich eral-as, for example, when Condon Bush arrived home from ! . ^,. . - - -- : *"« i,..i..^, .vii^. i. r . Aiar.snau ana t H M V* h « nome I Mrs. Jimmy Minor present. Open- n 4. D ' I I itudy. Mrs. rate B.-atton mg prayer was offered bv Mr*-L KeCeHT BriOf? K 2 tlraver and Mi-s M^nrv I-A ^» ...:.*. ,,... .. . —' .. " iVJ^_ 10 Complimented . . led opening prayer and Mrs. Henry McCain was in charge of t.he buri- D. Marr with Mrs. Jack Vowtll conducting the busitir-s.s- meeting Mrs. ness session. Mrs. H. J. Poiulren led R, v. Gean led the Ipssnn'frmn'fhe he study for the six-memoers and Bible and (he closing prayer v,as tfto guests, Mrs. Cecil Pries:, and offered by Mrs Evic Gean i Mrs John Goforth. Dismissal pray-1 Members of Circle -Six met in lh«! er was given by Mrs. Preston Thorn. I home of Mrs. Alt Jones wilh Mrs Mrs. R rn Ray >-hr?'-lesses were Mrs. Tom nrjt- In. recent bririo. with a fhiwer Mrs. Briltain is Ihe former Miss cape, also doubles as an ovniskirt, Thp coslume look niay verv well r.HM, .Tenneixspp, He was accompa- ' '" '' " . . tiied home by Gordon Silvey of Clinton, Tenn., /or two weeks. in the bomenf Mrs "» I p,. ea bytei:ianS five week's vacation spent, in j Inc.ludp a brief Jacket.'a Ihi'-e. ler length coat, a linrshruc .... i er. a stole nr a cape, whatever the pieces are , assembled harmonious and useful niief] wlmlc. Intended lo sivp a maximum protection fiom sun, breezes and .sail -spray. The one-piece suit (left dram.Hic nnlhuiium drsict splash of color. This color fti | mi the matching Jacket. Bulh plecM ! are lonp. in a satiny raynn-and- nj'Ion fabric thnl.'s quick to dry. The suit has sleek lines and a cuffed top. A costume look Is achieved ; frlclid in this thrpe-piecp. suit I IbroiiBh use of a liny cape, with I permanent, pleated ed«p !.hnt doil- a . blrs here as n wrap-around skirt a ! The suit Is In smooth rjyon bnn- i-s calinc, is flasticiwri for sjpek fit .. . Sppncft for the week pud wnre Mr and Mrs. Kdwnrd Richardson rmd <lr\(]ghtfr. Pfitrioln, of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. James Sjjence nnrt children of Mnrlnim. Ark. Mr. nric! Mrs. .fame. 1 ! S<ewar(- nf hoslps* and [ Osceola announce Ihe birth of Mrs. Ona Peoples. Mrs. Smallcy led j the closing prayer. ornle the borne nnri sanie.- ployed on the lawn. Circle Two members met at the i Carol Pruitt of ferine : the home of Mrs. Vernon Boyd. Open- 1 prayer Mrs in? prayer was given by Mrs Dar- ti mlri i and'those rell Lunsfnrd nud Mrs. Jack Attaway was in charge of (.he business discussion. A circle program. "Wit- nesslne In Our Community." was eiven and those lakins; parts were j hour was conducted with' inloYm'ai i 'reshments were served by the h'os- Mrs. seal Gupi-ian. who gave the entertainment and refreshments' t ' CM devotional. Mrs. Lunsfnrd. and Mrs.'served bv the hostess Winning priws Mrs. Alex- Following each meptintj. n social: nnof - r .and ^^l's. .lini Fields Rp- Methodist Circles Meet In Homes All members of the Women's So- I cles First Methodist Church met in t!ie| 17 members of circle One wfth^irs home of members yestprday by cir-j Hoy I. Bacley as cuesl. Mrs. H. w Co mi ing Events Tuesday Mrs. BoJicr) Thompson Is hostess at. her hmne to the members of i yon first Meet at Church AH day-tlmft nipetinps nf (he Presbyterian Church were held yesterday afternnon at 2 o'clock. Monday. He is the couple's child and has been named .lames Edward. Mrs. Stewart Is the former Miss Mnrl Jordon of Blythevill'j Miss Opal Spenoe is spending [ several days with her niece, Miss Nancy Hpenc.p of Mariatma. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. RPPSP and •" •""«.. . . ..,..,. ll|JIOUIt-V children spent the week end in | spoke on the conference they at- Marked Tree, visiting Mrs. Reese's j tended. mother, Mrs. Lawrence Whitlow. j Refreshment* were served by the Mr. and Mrs. \W. K. Bryant, of i hostesses. Mrs. E. M, Wnodard and Newborn. Tenn., nr« visiting their i Mrs. M, K Dierilch. son. .1. A. Brfant and Mrs, Bryant for several days. Judy Mason Is Honored at Party The executive board and Circl.. ,,„,,„„„, t eetiiiRs preceded Ihe general mpel- j on Peahodv ing. Mrs. O. w. DiUahmily opened mcellnn with a prayer. Mrs. C. M. Gray Rave the study on the Ixmk i Jnriy Mnson. daimhter of Mr. and Mrs. CurliM Mason, was - honored wllh n party onhpr sixth hirlhday aflemoon nt her hnme. inn. rar.v i,. w. ijjuaminlv opened . IhB meeting with a prayer Mrs C '"Willy colored hallnon.s were M. Gray Rave the study on'the Ixmk I "''' sclUc<i lo Ihi 1 '''» liltle Bue.-.l.s of Colossians assisted by Mrs Hueh' " > !nt ™'' l ' ri '" I'elp her celebrate. Hudson HnviiiK just relumed from i Aftnr . «'"•' vr ~ rf <i[>etie<l. cake. Ice Montreal., N. c., Mrs. .Jesse while crc;u "' a " rt lccrt "rinks, were served. president, and Mrs. Norn Spradley Mi's. Mason was Fisslslcd In serving by Mrs. Cecil stpele, Sr, Special Eiipsls were Mrs. Buford Hayncs, and Mrs. Charles Rogers. Wylie pave the devotional and the P m lesson K-as taught by Mrs. James C. Guard. Members of Circle Two met. tn Ihe home of Mrs. W. A. Afflick wilh Calvary Baptists Meet In Home Yarbro Home Demonstration at 7:.10 j pecially for the McHaney-Broirdon less last night at her home . Mrs. Claude SkoRgln und daueh- tsr Sally of Bate.wille, Miss., have : returned to their home after spending several days with her nlothe.r, ; Mrs. 'Louise Strake. They came, es- Rozorback Scene Of Bridge Club Mrs. H. D. Beshart* was h.»^.-n lastnicht at the Razorback to rpeoi-f "••--•- ^«"< OUOT was nostess and! Kibitzer is bein; bers and guest of H! B h Two Bridge i Mrs. J. R. Stevenson was co-hostess! Mrs Jane Carson Club ! tn mer>iKoi-p /.f r";..-\_ T^I-. ... - _ weddinp Saturday morning. Misses Charlen." Armstrong. Mary AVedncsOay R . ^ Mrs. Jesse M. White is hostess to! Frances Wilson, and Vailima Shep- membprs or Club Eieht. | pard are spending thl« week, a* --. ....- »j.ij| Mrs. Richard T. Milk enlj'rlains ; Norfork Ijtkp. Mrs. George Pyles as co-hostp.« and I members-of CIB Club at the'Razor- j -— • „ - , . If mcnih(v " I" attendance. Mrs. L. . back Drtvp-In. i W<2('<3 Ro C5 Pvn<vvo'wi H. D. Besharec was ho 5 l«s j E. Baker cave the devotional. j Thursday j w ^t> Mas riOgiaiTl Kibitzer is being enteHalned by j Meeting at ChlU'ch Mr Jobe was hostess and! j lo members of Circle Three when Guests . Included Mrs. Fred San-] Mrs - Newton Wliltis gave the study. . defur. and Mrs. Paul Lloyd. brfnre the games. Winning brldec erore were Mrs. Llnjid, first. Mrs. Bill Hudson, t,-!-.- onri. and Mrs. Sandelur, travv?Iiti» pri7,e. Birthday Party Is Given Here . . Members of Thursday Rook Club meet at the home of Mrs. Neville Blakcmore Blythcville D u p 1 1 c n I. e Gimple, smart frock for general j P»Mts attended, wear to make in a brightly colored | pin!t lemonade and birthday fabric, with novelt.y buttons to give a | vl ' l '' n served to the EIIPSI.S ^-ho double breasted effect. j n ' so presented favors. . i.i,... t ,,,n uiu^u. | ^J^s. Paul Pryor ^ave the devo- Mixed. arranaemcnts of summer i l i°nal and Mrs. D. C. Pasford was flowers centered the card tables [ ^^^^^ as a nnw niember. where a dessert course was served ' Mrs to II m Mrs, H. L. Hart save the devotional! Mrs. C. E. Cricger.. ,lr.. was bast- ess and Mrs. John .Arends was co- hostess to 19 members of Cirele Five. Mrs. W. E. Bryant of Newborn. Tenn.. a Riiest of Mrs. .1. A. Bryant, was a guest of trie circle I T Mr.s. o. C. Ganske B ave the devc,- I I CC tronal and Mrs. Harry w. Haines i <TI_ T> r< i" 'j-' V led ihe study lo Be Conducted , Members of Circle Six met. in Ihe I home of Mrs. Georpe. Hubbarri with _ ._ „ .... j Mrs Wallace Hokc, co-hostess, i soclation is sponsoring an ice cream | ijvelye members were present for • supper tonifrhf at the High 8-hcol the study Biven by Mrs. Dick White., from 6 p.m. In fl p.m. Eleven member. member* »nd one new Mr*. B. R. Magne-s. of i Women's Society of Christian Serv- Bridge in ot Lake Street Methodist Church i met last, night for weekly meptinR bers of Young Women's Association of Calvary Baptist Church. , "America thp Bcanlifiil" was Ihe' opening son* and Ihe program Inr 1 the nigh I. wa.s "Right in Our Own ' Back Yard" which was taken from the "Window." : Mrs. Birmingham RHVP i(i e first part anrt others on proRram were i [ Miss Jean Korman and Miss Bon- ! ' nie Webb. Miss Luclnria Cole led i n discussion on "what Can We do?" j Rpfrcsbmmi.s were served In ftir social hour which folinwpd. A new lime saver for Hie lady of the house Is a small darning kit containing soft-knit fabrics which can be applied directly to Pop's | socks wllh an Iron— nn sewing Is required. When heat is applied a plas- | tie RnntinK nn Ihe back of the small j circle of knit fabric permanently { /uses t(. to (bp sock. Marian Mayes Hostess to YWA Miss Marian Mayes w a ., hostess IM! night to members of t h a Young Women's Association of th» F'tfsi Baptist Church wilh 11 members aUenrting. The opening prayer was given by Miss Mnxlne Hill and after a brief business session. Miss Hazel Brnnnen taught the first chapter from the mission study book, "Thus. It is Written." 'closing prayer wa.i given by Miss Maxlno Overman. In the social period following, Miss Mayes, assisted h.v her mother, Mrs. John Mnyes' served » salad plate with iced drinks. The nuthe.rl7.ed strength ot the! Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gainpg were host-s to their son, David Ira ves- tenth birthday w : hcn ,, .. . - • Lcasue has weekly night same. . HolUnd was hostess, ftlrs . Lynl , H ,, ?h(w mlertalM .. 01 circle Four when! rr.rmbers of La Neuve Bridge Club ; Mrs. Joe""McNeal led openliiB , r. at her home. (prayer and Mrs. Cecil Lusk pre- I "' S ' Cor P s of Cadels at West Point, Saturday [ sided over the business session. Aft- 1 ^' Y " is '•'"" Blyt.hevillp Duplicate Bridge |er reports were. Riven, plans were! League plays weekly afternoon made for the group to have- * potluck meal and social meeting once each month. Mrs Bob McMaster led \\\v devo- ! tinnal and the song was "Take Time to Be Holy." Subject, of the devotional wa.s "Prayer" and was taken The Cornell Parent-Teacher A..-:!'™ 1 S " ipt( " r " '"Jf^led places The soroj. .lust for Today" dismissed the group. FALL PLANTING SEED HAIRY VETCH, SEED WHEAT, RARI.KV FES- CUR AND CI.OVBRS NKW CROP SKKO BLYTHEViLLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone fiR5f>-(;S57 Upon 6:30 p.m. Show Starts at Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nite. TUES.-WKD. Dollar Niles Cnrloarl far SI Cartoon & Comedy | Mrs. Henderson Hall pnve the elevo- ; -Mrs. B),in S. Heath was hn.-.lpss :' ty. I to U mrmhers and I guest of Circle Seven. Mrs. Alex Shelby gave the Your i bcrt. • s pr 1 of keeptuR silver bright. Pattern No. 8804 is a sew-rilc. per- j In th" cames played, Joyce Ann ! ?" C I1L AI ." 5 ' "™ sht ' lb ^ P ave ** f , Your silver retires promnt forated pattern in sizes 11. 12 I.I i Halford won the pri?,e. ! art,' i i *' ns hi'« in hot. anrisy ivnler after 14. 16. 18. 20. Size 12. 4 yards of 33- j Assisting Mrs, Gamps were Mrs. >n, ho^Th'ipb M'^ "T^ '" ^ " Ch rr " 1 Car0 '" 1 Cashing and »irtch. . ' j.v. B. Essary and Mrs. Opal Lam- rnpMm"" Allowed the seven : rinsing 15 the mnst practical way For this pattern, send 3t)c in COINS, your name, address, sin- desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER lo Sue Burnett. Courier Newt. 375 Quincy St.. Chicago 6, 111. Ready for you now—Basic FASK- lon for '52. Fall and Winter. This new issue Is filled with Ideas for .smxrt. nraeti ill sewing for a ne.v season: gift pattern printed inside thp bonk, 25c. The social cet-'tocethcr It to In- ! h ^n^l', "™ r , TOWrin « s nr r " h -i odiice new members of the r",',,. I h " floor M * maltp s " rp »"'- W" life a water-base self-polishing wax. The .solvent in a wax that requires polishing may affect the : color and adhesion of the rubber. Al the Hospitals Sandra Carter. Dell. Read Courier News Classified Ads BIG SALES! Afternoon-1 p.m, to 5 p,m: Evening™/ p,m. to 10:30 Shopping Days 'till Christmas! You'll find the npprunriatr i;if| for ;iuy «rc».si»n al Ihe Gift Shop . . . ninic in and lonli around! Visit Our 'Kitchen Korner' Wondpi'fnl K a t ] K cls for your kitrhrn! Ilrm.s I hat nnkc nice gifts . . visit our "Kilrlicn Knnior'' real soon! Lovely Wedding Gifts You're sure In find Ihe riphf e jf| f nr | MP \ }r \ ( \ f , n nut' large selection. \\Vve just received wnntic-r- fu) liiid|-e prizes, ion! Ike QijtS Up, ON MAIN "(Jirts of Dinlinclion" AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. ;\flmission He A 30c AI All Times TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY ' Tve been P us " ed as far as I'm gonna go AND HOW I'M COMING BACK!" S KS.-\VKn.-TH(JRS. I'A!. MTKS '• V'or I'rice of 1 Doutile t'esiliive OPEN YOUR HtftKI 'TO IHE "MIRACLE" OF isio cy * STSSJ R» no R1TZ GUESTS Sir. & .Mrs, FJteh.ird l-'aiij;ri( & l-'amily -Mrs. Norn Spivulley Dr. & Mrs. James I,. Guard Air. & Airs. A. G. Mall ,i>»ui n«Wi "CARMEN AMAYA July 23 i COLf TRIO Also ('arloon Buy. you'll finil jtisl (lip (hint;? yon waul al Uosc Siilcs Co.'s ;un-lion I his Wcd- ucsfiny. We've (j»I rloxens of lic.ititiful la- hip lamps . . . MOV,- .shipments of piece unods, poll cry. tlislics, hardware — and (iiunllcss oilier ilcins. Plan (o rome either in Hip nflrvnoon loniorrnw — or in Ihe evening. Aijaiii this week ive'll have a drawing al ni^'lit for two yrnntl pri/cs. .Itfsl drttp hy arul rcpi.slcr .sonic (ime M edncsdav. W "HOUSE OF A THOUSAND BARGAINS" ROSE SALES CO. Hiway 18 West Plenty of Free Parking Space 501 So. 21*t

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