The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1950
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams O.K. THEN, WE DIDNT DOATHIMG IM TH' LAST WAR-YOU TWO DIO IT ALL IM TH 1 CU/IL ANP SPANISH WARS.' . QBAM'PA. NOT JUST AKOUNP THE HOOSC •KEEP VOiLKIkiG STRAIGHT THAT WAY TILL ¥00 COOL OFF/ TH6k>"ONLY THEW- COM6 BACK/ AND -*X TOO - VETE RAWS OF "THREE WAR'S IN ONE --WHAT A LIFE/ Our Boarding House with Moj. Hopple PAGE POTEEN ARE'TOVIrie vlrrH Trie IDEA 1 Of 6CHH& OM TCLeVlSlON WITH ' pitfe/— > i KMCVJ vou'i STEAL A KlrJDECSAKTe PUPIL'S SLATE PENCIL Bur HORRORS-'/MANE MO PRlDfe LEFT ? r : AIKVT MADE THE PLUMSE ^ YET, so KEEP VeR SH>RT- TAlL IK] PLACE/-* A HUN>D«ED PEK IS A HUMORED PER— 8DT I'M. STILL -j^ TRYlW TO RWD A WAV ^ DOT/--*. WOlODER IP TH6V WEED A, M&W AT THE ZOO > PAIKST THE TIGER.S' TOMSILS WHEKjTHe CA.TCH. COt-0? J3jp MrXYSE Vou a£» COOLD Be A ,-,t, PARACHUTE TESTER^ Insurance For FAHM BUKEAU 1NSURANCK ncivice. call or contact H U. Shrpliiml, phone 2157. early mornlriu, noon or nlBIU. 1-20 ft 2-20 Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W ASll St- OLENOOE HOTEL DOILU1NO 4;8-cH-tl Wanted fo Rent 4 or 5-rooin unfurnished house, close In. Permanent residents. Call 4035 1-21 pk 28 He/p Wanted, Male paper YoimK man stenographer who can do hookwork. PerirtRnent Job lor the rlqhl mail. Not a heavy Job but one triac retinlrcs Rhlllty to tlo accurate work anri a record of stability and trustworthiness. Prefer married ex- man. If you have these qual- ons and want a steady Job at r pay addreis Box DEP. c;o of this '"• 1;24 ck II Church Coming Down WASHINGTON <AP>—Tho New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, •wliicli President Lincoln attended, is to be torn down. A new chinch, larger than-the present one but of the same general appearance, is to be built on DOUBLE "OKAY"—Major John Stnpp, aero-medical officer at Edwards Air Force Base, Muroc, Cal., signals okay to a fellow doctor following his first backward run in the air crash test-sled. Other Air Force vol- unlecrs are making the trcach- f ous run lo help make air travel safer. PRESCRIPTIONS Fiesh Stock (iiiar.inlced iJesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Vou Dense Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 IT PAYS YOU To Keep Your Slincs in GOOD REPAIR H-flLT€RS QUBLITY SMOG SHO ' "*• —. Ma IN -- I Love My Doctor, By Evfrryn Barkins c—._ —~:_ _<* r N«A UIV1CK. IMC XXVI J SUDDENLY realized Ihe basic luUlity of all mariial arguments, when two people fight it out In the kitchen, and then climb t into the same ted at night. The "I'm going Borne to Mother- art • is much too reminiscent of a comic strip tor popular acceptance, and . the average 3-room apartment ! offers no alternative, "Oh. darling." John begged, reaching across the invisible barrier. "Let's not fight. I didn't mean to forgeL It lust slipped my mind. 1 said I'm sorry. Won't you Eor- give me. dear?" In my saner moments, I may stop to appreciate the humor and pathos of the ordinary husband's burden of birthdays, anniversaries, and religious and private holidays, not to speak of the commercial ! Mother - Father - Sister - Brother days. But even today, in my ; average moments, I do what 1 did then. i moved brusquely still further away in the bed. until one good breath would, have sent me lover the edge. Finally, after 20 more Canutes of this intelligent type of conversation, John succumbed, as always, • to the stimulus of the soft bed, and fell asleep. As I lay there listening to the sounds in the quiet house—the water dripping In the bathroom sink, a creaking board, the steady humming of the .refrigerator in the kitchen—1 became more and more unhappy. Listening for nocturnal noises in general, real and imaginary, is my specialty. Induced by a vague kind of fear of the dark, this particular occupation Das become quite an art with me, and I have ; little difficulty nowadays in distinguishing between the faint : creak of a cockroach crossing the kitchen floor and the slightly louder noise of a carpenter ant 'in • the foyer. But this night, as I listened, I heard a real, terrifying noise that sounded, beside the usual lesser •ones, like an oil tanker explosion or the mating call of Gargantua he Great. "John!" I was up in bed, clutching at him hard. This routine having'tukcn place Jpon other occasions, unfortunately, he refused to accept my wolf. "Go to sleep," he groaned sleepily. "Sh!" I whispered, hearing rt distinctly again. "Just listcnl" Only hall awake, he sat up too, and in the silence that followed, we could both clearly hear the sounds of a window being fumbled with. "In the office. The alleyway window!" Wide awake now. he made the explanation as if it were a complicated diagnosis. "Oh," 1 could scarcely speak. 'Call the police, hurry!" 1 gave him the telephone number of the radio car sqvjad, which I had secretly engraved on my brain in neon lights lor something like this. TN one minute we phoned; in another, we grabbed our robes. John, who had obviously seen too many movies, was all for going straight in and taking charge. 'Oh. no. darling," I said, forgetting my grievances and anger for the first time. "Vou might get hurt.. Stay here. Please! Fortunately, for my feelings and John's ego, just then with screeching of sirens and brakes, two police cars drove up and set- led the issue. We let two policemen in the front door, while two others wenl round the back. ' It was better than any motion picture I had ever seen. They ran with drawn guns, and shouted to the housebreaker in the alley: "Stop or we'll shoot!" "The bjcssed name of the Law, 1 I thought, reassured by their grim faces and impressive flrearms, and beginning to enjoy tt all "Isn't it thrilling?" | whispered to John, who looked at me as il I had been hit on the head and was Developing acule Idiocy. Before he •:ould reply, however, Hie police "cappeared. looking a little foolish. >s Uiey came lortli dragging a hall inconscious drunk who kept slobering: "1 wanna go home. Home hwcct Home. 1 wanna go homo." H was a tittle like using a. fire- extinguisher lo blow out a match, and we all burst out laughing. "We'll take you home, all right, o the county jail," said the policeman in back, and I uttered a cry of recognition. "Officer Kelly," I said happily, is he came (orward. "1 haven't seen you since that accident cnse. That old man. remember?" "Sure and I do," he said, shaking hands heartily with John and me. "Never found the old geezer cither. Probably belonged nenr by. Well, you had yourself a little scare tonight, didn't you?" SUDDENLY, it was like Old ' J Home Week, and we all !aughed and toasted our good spirits with a round of beers. Then we said a gay farewell with thanks lo the whole Police Department, locked up, and went happily back to b«d still talking it over. 'Say," 1 said suddenly, sitting up slraight, "I'm supposed to be mad at you. Remember?" John pulled me down beside him. "You forgave me," he said teasingly. "I did not," I murmured, close in his arms. "But you do now," said John. "And 1 was silly," 1 replied penitently. "And there's nothing lo forgive." After a long moment, 1 spoke once more: "Let's never fight ever, ever again," 1 said. "Never," said John fervently, sounding as if a milestone had been reached and passed. "Darling, H was awful, it was terrible!" "I know," 1 said, suddenly realizing loo that we probably would tight again and again, over many things to came, out those would never, really, matter any more than this did now. "It was terrible." 1 agreed, hugging him hard, "but it was also marriage.* 1 <T« Re Continued.) Molly Won't Accompany A Substitute Carrier PEORIA—<.*>- Neither rain nor snow nor anything hut a substitute carrier stays Molly from completing her daily rounds. Molly is a cocker spaniel Each clay she meets Postman John J. Me Clugage ami tags along while he delivers mail. That's been .going on more than a year. Thc-dog goes over to the point on Ell'r street where the route starts on Me Clugagcs day off. too. But when she sees a stranger with the bag, she turns and trots home. Small-Time Burglar Robs the Midget Inn DECATUR, in. (API—Sometime in the wee hours a burglar got Into a place of business. Ho must have been a little fellow. He had to stand on a chair to reach the top of a vending machine. I!Is loot was on the small side. too. JiiM SI. The name of the establishment is the Midget Inn. OPENING THIS SUNDAY Offering Coni|ilele Florisliu Service Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty RONALD WK1ILKR M _ c "sTII.KS South Highway 61 Phone 600' Expert Service COY GOOJ)SON can do the job well. . .coiilract work, wiring, appliance repair. BLAN HEATH CO. PHONE 828 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Blank Look Here's Another Special! $10 LESS EVERY DAY 1946 Chevrolet U-Ton Cab & Chassis Friday's Price 00 LU O I- you can buy it for §665 on Friday, ?G55 on Saturday, etc., if the truck is still here. It has 8.25 tires on the rear, 7.60 on the front . . . good heater, perfect motor, and excellent paint . . . clean as a pin AND a -19-50 Arkansas license. 665 '•!!> STUDERAKER Clumpinn Convertible, 13,800 actual miles, radio, healer, \\liilt sidtwall Ur«, overdrive, 1850 Arkansas 'I!) NASH "600" Sedan, 10,000 arlu;il miles, scat covers, uhitc slritwnll tires. "Wcallirr l'>'e" lir-rtter .inil rtrTrostcr, '-in DO DOE l-rloor (,'uslom, rutlin. hcal- rr, »i-« while >lrlcw.iU lirrs, rlenn as a pin, 19.iO . nni irroscr . I|CCI15(: 1330 Arkansas license Arkansas license $ 1635 SMD5 $12!)5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. RA.LROAD '"'"""'' PHONE 888 I 6CTMYCa\rAT' IGOfcHA THERE/ , A RUMMAGE SALC--, I MINE WAS FREE] CWCY THREE BUCKS' I ir BELONGED WE'RE BUSV FIXING BOX LUNCHES FOR. THE SOCIAL; I stand, walk, push, pull, shove and run! Why do they call it baby-sitting?" PRISCILLA'S POP mr. Fixil Hides Again BY AL VERMEER TEARS AGAIN? YOU'VE BEE [LISTENING TO ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE SOAP WEU_, I'LL SOON FIX THAT! I WON'T HAVE THIS RADIO BRINGING ANV MORE MISERY INTO MY HOUSE! I WA<5M'T LISTENING TO THE RADIO... I WAS PEELING ONIONS! JiY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB THAT WAS HO >Tl GuESS WHEN THE GIRL THAT PAN OUT] EXPLOSION WIMrdf F HIRE. II WAS A J Mi—I MEAN *F-- AWN--4NOHE'S < SCRAMMED IN THE THATi A GOOD JOKE ON HIM.' HE GOT ELEVATOR TO GETAWAY... ..AHD FROM HERE. IT6OCS ONfc WAY--UP.' CCVWt ON/ I El S TAKE THE SFAIBWAV/ WANTED FOR MURDER .' Police Are Stymied HY LESLIE TURNER HE'LL IN A TIOKT GROUP GUNSDpAWU! JOE.YOU CAEE.V THE KIDS T4KCS-TME SHA.S1 FOR U&, POL ICE COJLD CAPTUee THOSE ROBBERS EASY. WE G.OTT* DO SUMPIM HUGS HUNNY Creative Artist Gangway, Gals HY V. T. HAMLIN H.V TH PALACE; HI-,' ITS, 6LJA5DED. TOC>...r3UT. SO 'EH? BEHOLD MV SVANR MAY NOT ENTEE.' OJEEN HIPPOLYTA IS NOT TO BE WHAT f I MAKE LIKE A SATYR. AM3 I'M IN V .-.. IN DSE/XMLAND. HOOTS AND IIKR BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN '. \ MUST O\V.tC\ n ^riyf

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