The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1950
Page 6
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, OUT OUR WAY BvJ.R. .)' COURIER NEWS Our Boofding House with Mflj. Hoopl« X LIKE THAT "U\« VVSTAJCTA -_, V*TH SO MUCU THAT YOU BLOW A i - -• —• BUT THE "OP TO cOO A *A1FPL? * C/*M UilY>c £ WE6T ^fSk SOUfJfcS AT A TAFFV FULL.' WAMT-A-0 THAT r '><=w_<-»-'rifcU' ( ' /BUT THr3 GLr/ BUT, THIS (suy 1 AAINTSLN?E>CIS TAKWTH-BULL'S \ SO HE HASTO PLACE TH.NKS HAVE TK AUP" T 25^!, A (JEMce CHEER ^HOW OF *-< AM' CLAP HfM-THEW HE KMOWS TO OFFER A GESTTEEL OCCUPATION ^ HM ,'-"~ "E ARM UP TO* 200 A PROPOSITION* SOUNDS REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales Engineering DIAL 2241 By Edwin Rutt City Electric Co tMn RLBYEH 1 Hoi An Observer r Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION M a majority of cases inveslT- B«t»d in Mveral hospitals and cllnlci, subnormal Kidney function wa» improved, Bladder pain and diKomfort reduced after Ins use of Mountain Vallsy Water. H your doctor has diagnosed your condition o; functional Kfd- n«y impafrment rhii natural/ untreated mineral water may be very b»o»fkia|. Try it for a few weeks. * ii delicious, pure-tasting, and •MY b« consumed freely. Cros'stown Whiskey Shop Main & Division GLASS Installed _____ui"/, Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phone (57!fi H4, Prlrr Kla«4. .kln« for . K<, I,.,.. Oil,r«,l4. .. .14 , ikal P«ter ka^ K «M« i* MfAlca from »rr«i«il>, wker^ k« «»* *:d« werf llTlMK Before Edr'B f«1ker'« drixk. Wllk Peler te lp * K * v *n Snnl, • wealfkr y«anK wo«... Me rel.r.. I. ker .flee Ike aext «orol. K .,d g nd . two X ker .!>• .t rrork. T%er k>< her. XX pHUCK STONEHAM'S brainwave" and Vernon's execution of it made a profound impression on Reagan. Ann" even Jeff Trey, more nervous thnn ever these days, admitted that the campaign was a honey. "If Northcott wont lake it," he declared, -it'll be because he's made up his mind not to take anything we do." "Oh, it can't bt (hat bad, Jeff," Ede said. "I know you can sell him this campaign." . She had decided to let Jeffrey present the new idea without interference from herself or Reagan. After all, Jed had been handling the account all along. And she still had the feeling that he resented her being in the business. Well, she. would give him,a clear field, as much as she could. As it happened, Jeff was unable to make an appointment with Northcotl for several days. North- colt said, over the phone, Ihat he was pretty well tied up. He was pleased, however, that Frey St. Company had sparked something new. He would be glad to see it on the following Monday. Meanwhile, he had determined to have this Saturday to himself, business or no business. Would Jeff nla» goU with him? 1950 b, NEA SOTK., IK. him win," Ede laughed, when Jctt told her thia "And pm him in i good humor for Monday." ' "Let him?" growled Jeff. "How could I stop him? The guy shoots in the low seventies." R several reasons Ede was glad that Gil Summerfiold had come to New York for an indefinite siajr. The chief of these was that he created a pleasant diversion (or her outside of the office. The advent of Gil Summerfleld seemed to promise a new exlra- curricular interest. It promised it even more when Gil showed signs of spending as much time as possible in her company. On Ihe day following their luncheon, he took her to dinner. During it he asked casually about Jcnn. Jenn was definitely on Ede't mind and, quite involuntarily, she found herself burdening Gil with a tale of woe. She halted for an apology: "I didn't mean to let you In for any family troubles. I—I talk too much." "No," said GR. "Please go on. I'm interested." Well, Jenn seems to be infatuated with Hamilton Grieve, that's all. ,And you know what Ham is. He isn't worth—* "The powder te blow him to minced ham?" Gil suggested, srniling. -^-^~. *.-.,. •That about covers it I'm honestly worried, but 1 don't know what to do about it Jenn's too big to spank, which is what she needs." "Couldn't you send her away for a while!" Gil said. "Il's probably nothing but propinquity." "Jenn wouldn't go," Ede objected. "And I can't very well order Hamilton out of town. I'm stymied, I guess. And meanwhile Jenn, the little imbecile, is treating the nicest kind of a boy shame- A boy who'5 honestly IB love with her." "Swell world, isn't It?" Gil said, ilh his faintly-cynical smile. "A cockeyed puzzle." But there was a thoughtful look in his dark eyes. I • • •. QN the Sunday night following Jeff Frey's golf date with L*wi« Northcott, Ede went for a long motor ride with Gil. It was late when they got back and he left her at her door. Ede entered th« house to find II apparently de*ert«d, but with lights blazing first floor. «U over the Her firrf thought was that th« servants had been extremely remiss. Then she remembered. This was Sunday night. The servant* were out. She ran upstairs, becoming conscious, as she neared the top, ot the sound ot footsteps pacing back and forth. Jeft's room was jusi at Ui« head of the italrs and she knocked on the door. There wa> no response. Ede waited a second then pushed the door open. Jeff Frey was certainly not responsible for the footsteps. Just at :he moment he wasn't responsible for anything. There was m low it burning in Ihe room. And in an armchair, an empty decanter and a half-empty glass on the table at his elbow, sprawled Jeffrey. 'Jeff!" Ede cried sharply, her ton* a mixture of annoyance and disgust His only reply was a heavy exhalation of breath, virtually amounting to a snore. She crossed the room swiftly seized Jeff by the shoulders and shoe* him. It wai no use. Hia lead merely rolled foolishly from side to side and dropped to one shoulder the instant she stopped shaking. For a moment Ede stood there, undecided. Then she backed out into the hallway. This was a fine slate ot affairs, but if Jeff had found it necessary to drink himself into a stupor, and she couldnt think why it had been necessary, at least he had chosen a safe place for it She closed the door upon him. And suddenly she heard the fooUtept again. CT» B« CaaMaMMi** Try Velvet's TASTE TREAT OF THE MONTH "Coconut-Pineapple" BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Weit Main "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL? G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHdNE Office and Bulk I'lant — Promised CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For (he servicing or repair of your car, hrinjf it to T. I. Seay Molor Co. Our mechanics ar« spe- ciiically trained to care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 RED © SPOT PAINTS— GLASS— WALLPAPER MIRRORS — GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings— Venetian Blindi— Auto Glass USTIN & WICKER Phone - 112 S. First - We're Proud of Our Work « work • Woodwork clurint « Welding BARKSDALE MFC CO Machine work • Manufacturing Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, better check on it. We give one- day service on speedometer repairs for any make or model car or (ruck. Drive in today T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A BTTTER LAUNDRN J21 East Main ••• To My Friends Wish to announce that am now located at CHAR- I'EY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE. Now I am able to serve you 2,( hours a day on COM- MKRCIAI, RKFRIGBRA- TTON and A1R-CONOI- TIONINR work. Please feel free to call at any time. Frank Wcstal! a.V 2093 . . . Night 2808 Phone 2122 STOP! Get vvr rlrart on jogr plumbing lob, II can be conveniently fln- incM (hroujh FHA. «'e contract complete Job « will w» yo» the fixtures >nd ro«*h- •n material «nd TM chomc yow "•*n plimtwr. Repair work It J|T« o«r prompt lltentlon. See or Co!! Orsburn Supply 1916 W. Main Blylheville Phone 3208 ' »r Ortbum Plumbing Co. "»• Wart AM. CanthcrtTine : I'hone 1179 THANKS.' VOU ATSCHOOt "With all th« .ummer folks gone, there 1 ! no one to call us 'captain' any moral" PRISCILLA'S POF KY AL VERMEEH MRS.BREWS1ER'S HUSBAND 1 WISH MY HUSBAND BUT, DEAR, I HAVE' \ / — JfEVALL ENVV ME J// . HAS A NEW CONVERTIBLE.. YOU KNOW WHATT HAD SOMETHING FOR I THINK I PICKED OUT THE SMARTEST, NICEST HUSBAND OF THE WHOLE BUNCH AND ANNIE EMERY5 HUSBAND OTHERS TO ENVV FOR HAVING THE BOUGHT A NEW TELEVISION SET! CUTEST LITTLE ...... - - Funny, You Say? BY MICHAEL O'MAI.I.RY and RALPH LAN! IV w>iNe sees » A \*QVIAWS WORK, LLr-^JCV/ "O-y L H u—r- i i>tj n . > ' CONY >OU KNOW?/OH. SURE. I THIS 15 THE -^jSHOU-PVe KNOWN/ PAMTHEB CLUR "~i- • .»%_T-tnTl H6& OUT LO*[7tN6 OMTDMV HANPANf ALL THAT UQUOKl CO VDU I'LL SHOW -OU HOwy CNE5TV ITtf CWE. 1 -- S LIKELV TO IN THfc WAKe-YG4LL THIS MOUSE. r^TVi PLACE? EXCUSE ME A NEWEST, PL USHESryAMNLTTE. I e >t JOINT/ /T~*t£. HOW THE > ~- 1 i /T-; -^ V LO40J6B COWIMeJ CAPTAIN EASY Break Jail, Will You? BY LESLIE TURNER IH6N K HElPEDSriLETTOX HENJENS 1 =SCAPE,AUC> THEY'VE BOW6 I HIS CAEWftS -oeTHE SAFE:! FIWBTHE AOUWDWEAR rHM scmeoME GET ME A HMTK- . LOCKED UP THE JAILER AND ME.. 1VE SOT TO GET OUT OUICK.oe- EASY I -IUERY! 1 MUST GET OUT UP. PAMCHITA is ttpitis OFF WHEM,. BUGS BUNN1 Dcmonslralion DOOR IS OVER HERE HOW ABOUT A PATENT ON «v NEW POWER SAW, DOC? Hungry Minstrels • ; KY V. T. HAMLIN <M. HB2 UPS. 50 LIKE A. HOSE, !>fh AN[ ? ** HER EVES R.AMEGLOW5' <• V r > &1PC, CW^WV IW^U & 1 tr^y w «' PERSON OF tN&LANO'S l-ON-HEARTED KIN6 RKLHARti--, H« WA4.KS UN KNOWN THRU THEIR DOM44NS BOOTS ANT) HER RUDDIES

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