The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1950
Page 5
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- j ., ......... — - ; -- - - . __ Discovery of Tritium in Water to be H-Bomb Kev pmuujiuWfcpt . » . (AP)». ______ . _ >t. , *«•••» %>. j ^^ ——— »» BCJK. or, \m-/ 1 -Two ictentitt* have discovered In ordinary water the eoiorles* gas known, »* tritlum-kejr explosive for hydrogen bomb*. A litUe tritium already has been »>»d« in American atomic reactors •nd more I* to be produced for H- nomba In reactors atlJI to be bum, The new water Miration method of making 'tritium shows protnisa of two very practical uses—but is not expected to >replace the reactor wstein of tritium manufacture. -The principal reason for this is m> - although reactor tritium to—-„ - said to cost a half billion dollars * pound—the water extraction •ppeart to be both less productive •nd more expensive. The tint anticipated. use of the new water tritium 1* to discover the aecret manufacture of H-bombs. In such work a very small amount of tritium spilled in water will spread widely and, as a result of the newly-announced discovery may be detected ea«Uy. . Gram Can Be Traced A. jingle gram—one 27th of an ounce—dropped .into the mighty Amazon River:could be traced anywhere downstream and even far out in the Atlantic Ocean. ' The second' practical use of the new detection method would come 1 in tracing ocean currents right down to the bottom.of the sea. sur- lae waters are Icnown to contain mere tritium than very deep water. - : ' * , The tritium discoveries — announced yesterday at the Temple Univeralty Research Institute—were the work of W. F. Ubby of the Institute of Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago, and A. V.'Grcsse, of the Temple Institute. Kadloaetrre Counter Used Tritium .has been suspected in ordinary, water for-more .' than 20 years and have been partly identified by means of the spectroscope. ^e Ubby-Grosse discovery was B'de by using a radioactive >«oun- ?r. Tritium atoms are radioactive Tests showed that there are one to two thousand atoms of tritium in every drop of water—the water from your, tap, the olflce drinking fountain, your bath. L-...:..::.: ^i 1 «JL- Several hundred tritium atoms explode in the human body every minute after being abso.rbed through food and drink. They' do no harm, however, because it requires millions ;of such explosions a second to have any effect oh" human tissue. Tritium U a triple weight form of hydrogen. There also Is a double weight hydrogen known as deuterium and the H-bomb is to be made . of a r combination - of tritium and deuterium. Natural tritium Is formed in the air by cosmic . rays setting loose ahowen of neutrons which hit nitrogen atom* and convert them into tritium. Aerial Production Greater Near the- surface of the earth, neutron, from ipUtting uranium atom, create'. timiUr tritium- but Hollywood (Continued from page 6) try. Biles of fresh rhw.veike pictures of Grace were dumped ^Into the post office. It Has a *reai sllint. production ta far greatly tritium formed In the air _aed down and eventually falls In rain. . The iwo Klentlstt- IT their tests used heavy water—made by running an electric current through ordinary water over and over again until It was made up mostly of double and triple weight hydrogen. They used samples from three different aources. These water aamples showed how much tritium ordinary water contains and also that to tome, parts of the earth ther U more tritium falling from Nobody bothered to look up the definition of hesapod. It's a bugology term that means any insect. "Then there was the search started by Jack Cooper, a praise agent at Paramount, lor a virgin to play a leading-role in Cecil B. DeMille's 'This Day and Age.' "Jack came up with a young woman named Marie Coleman. who was photographed to look like a girl untouched by life.' You could dimly see halos in the background Everything was fine until,a newspaper reporter broke the news that Shu was the wife of Gus Sonnenberg, the wrestler. "Tommy MacLeod, working as the unit man on 'Massacre,' talked Ann Dvorak into Jetting him put out a newr flash that she had beer, bitten by a rattlesnake on location Director Leslie Fenton was photographed by all the newspaper and the clouds than In others. One sample came from Norway— from the -same company whose neavy water Germany used In' World War II to try to create an atom bomb. The Norwegian water came from snow and Ice—said to contain much more tritium than water from southern latitudes because of the abundance of cosmic rays In the north. . . / Set higher prices for cleaner cottpn • Dvtl givM thorough penetration of plants for uniform coverage • Hastens maturity , • Reduces losses from boll rot • Speeds up hand and mechanical picking • Minimizes trash and green leaf stain • rVodvees better germinating seed in wet * <*«** me good cotton out early for HIGH PRICES AT THE GIN "' ' S»i VowMfer, or writ, , nn-k .^, AMERICAN tyanamid COMPANY SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS work for gins, tlf.lf. «ill», o il mill,. Custo» • »emrmg «p to 1/4 inch thickncoa. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Se<tB Rroidway Phone 2fi5 , wire photo services pleading with Ann not to die. , . •Next day everything broke loose. A mob ol 300 extras refused to go .nto the brush where Ann had been Dilten. And the owner oj the location site sued the studto for $1(10,000. Fly In the Olnment "Joe Reddy thought up a brilliant publicity Idea for Harold Lloyd's 'Safety Last.' He hired a famous human fly who had Just climbed the Woolworth Building In New York to repeat the stunt in Hollywood with a 'Safety Last 1 sign on his back But Joe's human fly fell at the second-story mark and sprained his ankle. • . : "link Qwrberf. beating «h« drum* for TWy Little Chickadee,' »r^ ranted for Frank Buehman, head of 'Moral Rearmament,' to discus, ways and mean* of world peace,in Mae West's apartment. Link brought along a photographer, rtetred Mae and Buehman toward the piano, and got a picture, of the pair with » rude statue and picture of Mae [j th « background. It almort rained •NornSan/- Krara' "nilght have been-a prolific prea. agent, but he said the:wrpng thing to Darryl Za-^ nuck after one of Canuck's pictures had been screened In the projection room. Zanuck said: 'Of course It's too long; it ought to he-cut' Krasna blinked. 'You're right,' he «id, 'It oug,,t to be cut right up the middle.' That ended Krasna's publicity career. - ' "Then .there was Georg-e Glass' classic stunt for Selinlck's 'Nothin* ~ ~V He'dressed a gorgeous gal in 8 tew square Indies of flesh- colored material, put a long blonde wig on her head and sent her throuijh Hollywood on the back 01 a white horse. Glass figured that his Lady Ciodiva would be arrested and that 'Nothing sacred'- would be splnshed all over the front, pages. "But not a single guardian at the law bothered the damsel. George almost jumped off the 'Santa Monica pier." ' Tour for Farmers PEORIA, in. fAP)-Whiie their crops are ripening for the harvest, central Illinois farmers are being Invited to -take a 17-day trip to the Pacilie Northwest, Canada and British Columbia. The Peorla Journal and Rsdio so Station WMBD are sponsoring the FRIDAY, SI APPLY/iVG- BONOEX... JUST BRUSH IT ON/ I f>URE WMrrexwo _ LOVELY COLORS ' *OREPfOPl£VS£ 8ONOEX THAN ALL OTHER CEMENT PAINTS basement! oVy.;i on<f beauliliej brick, con, block, jlone, osbeitoi siding, "II Uraii of moiofiry. Easy lo mix— •«y to uw. Try It wool *1£O *£SL, *5.75' • *r fw rlw MM of f^, n,^ ta 1.^ PHONE ANY WESTERN UNION OFFICI ""iM ANYWHHE in th. U. S. A. ASK FOR "OPERATOR 25" . DIAL 3391 TEXACO HEATING FUELS o. ........... Use Wholesale Political Assassination to Disrupt Vietnam IMS ; By SEYMOUR TOPPING SAIGON — The Communist led Vletmtnh are today employing wholesale political assassination fn a calculated drive, lo disrupt or- eanUallon of the French sponsored stale of Vietnam. Ho Chi MInh's terrorists - have u ... .rn.o* j ItitVUMS ' fltiVC designated Bao Dal government officials as their leading targets The strategy Is to rob the Infant Vietnamese government of key members and to frighten others away from official-service. Terrorists have wounded two Vietnamese cabinet members and shot down several newspapermen wllhin the last few weeks In.Saigon Itself, rile most recent victim Is the Deputy-Governor of Central Vietnam who was killed at his desk In the provincial capital. Hue. (The assassins escaped In each case .. . on prominent individuals are publicized. But In towns and villages all over, the country VIelmlnh terrorism Is an- plied. ' The Vlelmtnh Radio reccntlv disclosed that during 19.19, In South Vietnam alone. 2.335 "spies and enemy agents" were killed, and 1 633 others wounded. The broadcast said 213 village officials were "suppressed ami 104 others forced to quit. In the Indochina war, the French also use mass terrorism. Whole villages are sometimes razed on fllmsv evidence that they have harbored Melmmh or are accountable for some local Vielmlnh operation. The taking of hostages Is practiced by both sides. Security Is Objective Priority objective now in security French forces are being augmented oy n Vietnamese national army and expanded police agencies. PoK-crs pi police have nominally been turned over to the Bao Dal government. However, the French have maintained their own potve security forces which worfc closely with Ihe Vietnamese. To tlale, the well organized Vlet- mlnh underground works effectively even In Saigon, principal stronghold of French power In Indochina Bombs are thrown almost nightly Into the city's crowded calcs to warn the populace that the Viet- mlnh are omnipresent. Killing* occur on busy streets with bystanders making no effort to hall the escaping Hssassliw. i The Vietmlnh terrorists have been .helped In their work by at least the tacit cooperation of the people Many of them are In open sympathy. Others fear retaliation. No quarter is asked or given and £h. h vf l 'f-", I ' < r b ," rred by eltn " Mt The yietmtnfi have publicly marked the top police officials of the French nncl Vietnamese Surcle for execution. Some of the sentences have already been carried out. Important Victory The French and Vietnamese Sur. ••«•!!ti » i^vuiimc&e our- ete won their most Important victory recently. Tlie leaders and most of the Vtetniinl, terrorist organization lor Saigon were rounded np In a shiRle day's mMs. Valuable flies were taken as well ns weapons and propaganda material. The Vietnamese Chief of Surete, Nguyen Vnn Tarn dowler th. most Interwtlng among tho»a .elzed. He was scheduled to •• •"••stoated before July SO. It l* a certainty that Ihe police will «oon face > replacement terrorist cell furnished by the vast Viet- rnmh underground that 1* fed from I"* ? reas controlled by Ho Chi MInh's troops. The Vlelmlnn underground In the French ion. ta part at aad *orr*. spondi to th* irlmlntirratton in th* Vietmlnh area*. Th* twin aitiM at Satgon and Cholon are d*aurea.t«4 as a special xm«. It eom*a diraetly under Ihe Jurisdiction of th« prorta. clal' "Administrative < RftKlKtaho* Committee." A stron* attempt made to collect taxei MJ - allc basis. I SMITH MATTRESS CO. "good fellowship" tour. It will take the farmers 5,052 miles by rail, 475 miles by steamer, and 425'miles In sight-seeing buses. The cost will be under $350 per person. There's bourbon enjoyment inside,,. H you go for fine straight bourbon-go for Old Log Cobln. Try It lodayl STRAIGHT BOURIOK WHBCt NATIONAL DIsmiEKS PRODUCTS CO I, PORTION. NIWYOM, H.T. !.. over 100 ;>i new buyers *****•••• •••••• iy • •••••••• V. - ''.'' • : choose the I95I Kaiser! ..froin coast-lo-coasl this Triumph of Anatomic Is a tremendous success! Plici y ww witti joir nurnt iit\v[ •mgitiit*-r««rt« mn t«**» vniw TC«, VIM. WV In Fchrairy, llie Er«t.moiltl» at Ik. williint new 1951 Kaiicf were publicly pre- Ticwetl in nujnr eilic* acro3A the nation. The mclion KJI* immediate. Spontaneous *nll»isi«!m (rom ill vlio saw Ihis great new car. Then, beginning on M«y IClh, the 1951 Kaiser »«' pill to Ihc acid leal: it w» offered gnterilly lor Mle to the AmeticlD public in '!?aJer ihow- rooms from coast-lo-coast. The result? Everywhere, new owners are acclaiming 1(3 spcclacnTar, IoM--«lung bcauly.., its Uodjcape sweeping Control Tower Vision... its e«>y.|o-cnltr Hi B h Brid E e Doors...its roat). j low cenler ol gr»rity...lhe tcnittiona] e of its new Scperwnfc Engine. l lor llese »e>f can clearly estallishe* the 1551 Kaiser M *e leader in Ihe medium price field. Indeed, a majority of buyers of new 1951 Kaisers an trading-in late models of other makes...lo owa tin otly really new car you can bujl Despite extended vork days and tin tnaii facililiM of the Willow Run plant, th« list e4 unfilled orders for spectavulii new 1 lengthens every day. .: Therefore, we suggest that sn order now asaiircs you of earliest pojsibla del the most exciting new ear in America. 61 MOTOR CQMPANY - No. H»Voy 61, Phone 2142 . ^SSTXV-1

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