The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1952
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 22, 1958 Moscow 1s Saying: Ike or Stevenson- Expect the Worst' (ARgi) COURIER KEW9 WASHINGTON W) 'v- Moscow Is telling the Russian people lo expect the worst no matter who wins the American election. The word Is lhafeither Eisenhower or Stevenson" Is sure to wta 1 and 'to a Communist one is Just about ai bad as the other. This has been the Soviet line all along;, that both major turtles •li'3 fl« ^McCarthy Says Government^, Called Strike '1 1 S of some 322.000 soft coal miners. "It's the first time that the men and the companies have gotten to- 'gether only (6 have government come In and call a strike," he said in a speech yesterday. The Wisconsin .Republican was referring to a walkout by the miners after, the Wage Stabilization -Board, out 40 cents off the--$1.90 daily wage increase they recently won. The pay hike was agreed, to by. the mine owners and John L. Lewis' United Mine Workers. McCarthy spoke at a *25-a-plate GOP fund-i-atilng luncheon. the Social Side... MM. Mean MM. Searcy Meiri lnvlt«d Mm, C H, Riley, Mrs, Bob Ql!U»pie, Urt R, D. Mears and Mrs. W; J. Ed rlngon to play with her bridle club nnd their candidates "obey the will of 'American inulll jniuionaires." A Soviet domestic'. radio broadcast,. reported today by U. S. govern-1 ment monitors, brought the Russians • up to date on the election campaign.^ It was a commentary by Valentin Zorih, Moscow's.nom- inee for expert on American af- OAK HILL, W.Va'.'.'W) - "The first strike ever called by the gov- Il!r ,,it.,,ii^ '"VTu '" "-"•""• —™—A ., , .. VM "* ""> Jt,\, i attention of the masses from I vital problems of present-day The U. S. elections, said Zoorin, resemble a race in which all horses co:ne out of the sains stable, the owner'of which will win, regardless of which horse comes In first:" "In /act," he added, "whichever of the two bourgeois parties wins the Election, their master, big capital, WJ1! win. "Furthermore, election skirmlsh- es betneen lhe tw o parlies aie be!"°" " da to deflect -, " ell » " to bar- High School Boy Is Indicted on Extortion Charge ^ HUNT1NGTON, ,W. VA. (JrV-'A former/high school honor student ;who 'admitted he tried to extort $750 from a girl through a threatening letter has been indicted by a federal grand jury. Larry P. Pudge, 20, wns charged yesterday with extortion by use of U S mail He was arrested by FBI agents last August near a spot designated for the payoff In the letter, which was sighed "Phantom Gunman." ' The life of Carole Mae Klngsley, a'high school-student, was threatened In-the letter, authorities said. Draper Cancels Trip BQSTQN W>—William H. Draper Jr., United States special representative to Europe, canceled his ^projected night to Paris last night to.enter Peter Bent Brigham Hospital to receive treatment for an infected foot. Ultrafax is a word .In' electronics transmission . soeed of the written word. gain struck by_tlie two parties on the ma 1 '"i "vo u '<»m." Adlai a "Millionaire" Gov. Acuai E. Biaven.son, the Russians were told, is a millionaire who Is. backed by big Chicago banks and has connections with 'such large New York concerns as Standard oil, Aluminum Company of America, p.nd others" By nominating him, Zorin quoted the New York Daily Worker as explaining, the Democratic leaders were able to avoid "awkward questions" about the Truman, administration. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, according to Zorin, advanced slowly in his military career until after he became aide'-to Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Later on, Zorin said, "Eisenhower became president of Columbia University, which he strove to convert info a barracks, declaring that the U. S. needs'not scientists, but hefty young fellows wearing a uniform and serving the guns." The climax of Xorin's ' analysis was a report on the Progressive party, which he said was'. supported by all . the democratic forces of the U. S. Progressive party's He said the presidential nominee/Vincent Hallinan, and its other candidates are being persecuted, but he declared that "no terror will succeed in intimidating, progressive America " Russian Artists's. Death Announced MOSCOW KV-The death' of Bus •gil Ry^arhsku was sian artist announced todaj'. Press announcements of. his death said he \vns a professor at the Moscow State Art institute, a member: of 'the Presidium -of : "fhe USSR Academy of Arts' and a member of the Communist party. Million Paid For Bishop's TV Program NEW YORK W)_Blshop Fulto J. Sheen's television series, "Llf If Worth Living," has won million dollar backing. The Admiral Coip. announce! last night It will sponsor the M week TV series /starting Nov. 1 over a score or more Dumont T\ network outlets. Dumont said the million paid b Adrhlral TV and radio firm, lest expenses< will go to Mission Hu inanity; Inc.. of which the Romai Catholic bishop is national" director Mission Humanity Is a member, o the voluntary agencies of the Unit ed, ^rations and aids otll I' ni'.-'i. .. .... world institutions throughout th Oxford Lifts Bon On Jazz Club but No Rug Cutting OXFORD, England W — Ox fore University undergraduates c* revive their banned Jnz club, bu no rug cutting. Offmals hfted a prohibition against the club ordered last year They told members they must no dance at club meetings or drln liquor. The members also were remind ed that the: club's function was to "study the historical and sociological aspects of Jars." How to Help YourHusband 'Grow Up" \ Is he moody, tense, apprehensive? la be often aggressive or domineering? These arc some of the symptoms of maU adjustment that can threaten married happiness.This month in the Journal, Dr. Clifford R. Adams suggests, four important steps toward a stable relationship Read Making Mar- rtagc Work, in the November issue of the Ladies' Horn* Jou rnal now on the newartahd. Wholesome goodness every bottle Buy Coke by the Bottle Cb« rivt Dtpoii;—Al rout • OmtO UNBEl AUTKOKIIY Of, YHl COCA-COIA COMfANY IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF 6LYTHEYILLE © l»5!, THt COCH-COU COMMMT when she h*4 W«dne*day. Red rote* »«r« „ Un. Mean -ham. Mn. J«M ip^twitl luncheon throughout hljh club Mr«. Q1I- Mrt. Jack Pinion mterUlned Uu Uondty nl«ht bridle club »t th« honw ot h«t'«lit«r, Un. O. L. W«d- deU. MM. Billy Or«l«r playM with the member«. An urtntemcnt of rose« c«nt«red th* dinlnc room u- ble. Mn. BUI Walter* won high icon, M™. J»ek Wllion w«« »ec»nd hljh •nd Mn. z«k« Po]l«rd »OB th« brldgo prl». Coilume Je»'»lry wu presented the winners. At the conclusion, chees* pie and co«ee wu terved. •etura* hum Km* Lt. rrmk Perrln arrived Saturday at Se»ttl«; W»»h., from Korea where he wis statidned (or the pall eight monthi. Lt. Perrln wac wounded. In battle four times. Hii wife and baby have been living in Maryland, wi(h her parents. He will go to San Francisco to pick up hli oideri and Hill fly to Maryland He will stop off in Memphis for a short while where his mother, Mrs. Electra Perrln and his sister Mrs W. V. Aleiuinder. will b* at the airport lo greet him before he continues his journey to Maryland. Mrm.. Brj»B Hwteu Mri R C Bryan was hoiUn to her Iour-tab!e Mdge.'cl'ub when H met at her home Thursday for de«- aert and coffee. Guests playing were lira. Charlie HaUi, Mrs. A. W. Bowen and Mrs. D»vld I*ney. ,'•...;.• Maswd arrangements oif yellow pom pom chrysanthemums 'against the p«neled wglls throughout Mis. Bryan* lower floor made an attractive contrast and gave the party an advanced look ol fall with the tame* deplctlnj; large pumpkins. lira. O. B. Dean won high .club prla, Mrs. Bowen won the guest high, Mrs. lalah Coble' mid Mrs. Laney won low score and Mrs. Bet- lye Nelle Starr won brldgo. rilh Club MeeU • Mrs. A, P. Williams was hostess to the Widows Pitch Club Wednesday night. Preceding the games. Mrs. Williams served a ham plate dessert and coffee. < Red roses were" evident in the floral decorations In the living and dining rooms, she was assisted In •erving by her grand daughter, Connie Bjorlan* Miss Ruth Massey and Miss Blanche gieere were special tuests. Miss Cleere Von high score and Mrs. Maude Hudson won second.- Auxiliary Meed The American Legion Auxiliary met with Mrs. Ed Shlppen and Mrs. Ruth Massey .Tuesday nlsht. Fourteen member* gathered to make plans for Poppy Day to be held on Nov. «. Mrs. Maude Hudson, who wai elected first vice president at a previous meeting was Inslalleci by the president, Mrs. W. S. HemlrU. At the conclusion ot the business meeting, the hostesses served a salad plate «nd coffee. Personals Mr». Melvin Speck, Mrs :Bill Waiters and Mrs. Darrell Crane-were and . Joe guests of Mr. baum. Mi. and: Mrs. David Laney,. Misa Joanne Laney, Mrs. Charlehe Watson and Miss Anne Maswy spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G. A Robinson in their hunting lodge at Potts Camp. Mtes. Mrs.^Roy Cox ad daughter, Afton, are spending the week end with Gsne Cox. who Is a student, at Columbia Military Academy In Columbia. Term/ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cullom visited their daughter, Miss Joanne Citl- lom. in Nashville over the week end wjiere she Is attending -Vanderbllt. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Cas Brandon of Memphis. The group attended the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss football grime last Saturday. Mrs. Maude Hudson had as her week end guests her daughter. Mrs. Walter Howell. mid two grand children. The Howells are from Clarks- rtale, Miss. STARR GAZING (Continued from Page 1) say,,this Is the worst." You can't blame kids for not wanting to warii their faces when they get up in the mornings'if you "made diem do it before they went to bed the night before The rich get richer and the poor are with 115 alv-ays. One of the most popular luncheon dishcs-ln America is chleken- a-lti-klng. A concoction was served to England's Edward VII once and wh«n he asked the name of the dish the tactful hostess, on the spur king," arid the n«m« stuck. Polaris, or the North Pole Star' 1s used as a mariners' guide. It's » tricky geitu're to give some one a book you haven't read. Title* of books will fool you and remember, "you can't tell a book by Its cover." An aptwallng title for a book may not suit the person what- so-ever, so to be on the safe »ldt, read the book first before giving It. Especially does this go for memorial books. There are a lot of hiissies in new books and grandma might, take exception. • . When ypu've dipped up the soup and find the crackers can bend without breaking, drop thtm down in .your electric toaster to orlsn them. Then turn the toaster iip side down and preslo-fresh crack- That 'ill ole' groove extending from your upper Up to your nose is "•""' ""-'m. That's a nasty called . filtrii soimdijig •The baseball Hall of Fame is located In Cooperstown, N. Y. Isn't it amazing how things always work out? A lot of needless worries go Into the weather. It either; rains too much or not enough but In the end everything works out all right, even though you predicted otherwise. Cupid's darts hurt a darn sight more coming out than they did going In. It's wise to take stock of your- wh 1 every x> otUn to ate ,rby dM- dends aren't b*1n«, paid ,ou. > ar ar« that chll<Sr«i art about th» «rae .5 they were« yearsTfo Definition oriead-game sport- The hunter, who fill, hi. »an>« ba» a " •«"••'•« , , at the butcher "shop. old ,« ), n()t sure ilgn of 0 M M the mpi »* n *° old school loses a toolb.ll fame. Women «re more forgiving '"' 1' »V' here in big bold prf «"'.e«.n. add- (best words to that statement: They've got . pret j, keen forge tter, too. The rule for baking a turkey Is .ri en &rf ."'"-'I for "° h P»"n<l »nd fhini?^i? ?- * ' mlmll « ""*" you think It's done, for good m».surt. th*' 0 ? ," lr - wlck »" Invented, « } », ^ negar ' tood on the "»«<!k of the old cook stove to absorb al! disagreeable cooking ddors - „« cabbage was cooked outside'. Whit' a change would come over he creaking wheels o f society If tomorrow we all resolved to eon.' rlbute the luxury of perfect serv- icei wnewl Success Is the secret of successes. . Happiness In Its best sens* depends upon the taste .more thaa ' upon the thing it U by bavin. -what »e ourselves like that we are made happy and not by having what others call happiness Some people are mad. happy by having all they want uhlle others can find happiness In seelni how foolishly they spend It 406 W. Main Phon« 459T Word Week Sole Ends Saturday W>RDS HAS A COMPLETE STOCK OF HOME NEEDS 10% Off ROCK WOOL INSULATION Efficient, economical insulation in granulated form. Keops heat in—save 30% on fueL Bndl. ECONOMICAL ]f]O^ Off TILEBOARD !U /O Durable, lone-lasting prefin- ished wall panels for kitchen, bathroom. Baked-on enamel finish. 10% Off COMPLETE WINDOW UNIT Savs now on fully weather- stripped window units. Kiln- dried Ponderosa Pine. All sizes. REGULAR 1.29 , ,_ SEMI-GLOSS ' 1.17 Soft-sheen. Enamel Retain* Is color and sheen after many washings. Variety of colon. N REGULAR 9.65 2 IN 1 LADDER S.867 Handy, double-duty Ladder. V s t e p I a d d e r opens to 10' straight ladder by flipping up he back. 88.44 REGULAR 98.50 WATER PUMP Delivers 350 GPH on lifls up o 22' Complete piston-type system, 20-gal. tank, ^ HP motor. s REGULAR 8.75 , m BRASS FAUCET O.V/ )hrominm finished brass. 'oam.Flo Aerator on spout end — prevents splashing. With soap dish. REGULAR 4 95 ~ „-, :LOSETSEAT 3.97 Smooth, durable .hardwood— resists splitting, cracking. Whtte enamel finish resists , peeling. \ REGULAR 2.19 , _-. T. FIXTURE 1.77 Gay fteral trim on JO" f,oat- d glass shade. ' Has , clear hysfal downlight. Irory met- il holder. REGULAR l.»5 JOPPER LATERN , „ I.J/ in ribb *« 1 fully weaUwrproofei REGULAR 146.00 STEEL BATH OUTFIT 124.88 »W«Jy, tLaiilw«l t ti»,'" •conomkol. Pwcilottt- •noimkd lavatory m*4 5 ft. tub, dma doM«. AN r«M (taini onW acidi, clean • a.ily. Lavatory hot iww lap- •f«d S*crt anW REG. 104.44 CABINET SINK ••W88,75l.^" 54' porc^o;rt-«nam«l«d .t«l top. Convenient dou- W. drainboord. 2 draweri and 3 roomy comport. ">«*», Receised cabinet doors olbw knee and lo* •P««. kcludes faucet, itromer, hole cover. v ASPHALT SHINGLES 10% orr Long-wearing Hexagon Asphall Shingles —add protection, beoi/ty "K> your hom«. Ceramic granule surfac*. ALL-STEEL CASEMENT '+- 10% Off Knei of S»«l Coi*m*nr Sa>h add charm and beauty to yo»r how« — afford ar*arw KgM and vwHi- latian. Pr«i»on-buih tor dow. ofMf ot*d by k.v*r of roto-typ, hand!*. .Bond*rlx«d »t««l_ Rf m» coot.d. Storm and »cr»«fi toih avoilobta. COME m OR MAIL COUPON TODAT MootgoiB.,7 Ward ^

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