The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1950
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1950 Grocers Stock Delicious Team Kraut, Frankfurter Combination Shown During Special Week Along with the rclgn of Cui>M, a big event In tiie month of February is National Kraut and Frank- fuller Week (February 2-11). Special note will be made of this cie- llie counlry, so watch for the big Heious team In lood stores all over displays. Here's a good way to serve franks and kraut not only during this special week, but throughout Ihe balance of the year. Frankfurters willi Sjilcy Kraut 1 pound frankfurters 1 No. Vfi can sauerkraut 2 tart appels \\\ cup chopped onion 6 ClOYPS 'A lean-won caraway seed 2 tablespoons brown snyar i Heat sauerkraut with chopped' apples, onions, seasoning nud..sugar for half an hour on top of the stove. Place franks on top o( kraut, cover, and cook over low heat about 20 minutes. Serves low . . Besides the fact that franks and kraut make such a tasty combination, the -smart homemaker will remember this hai>py a lj>(d-. get item, too. When pennies count as wel! as flavor, here's your chance to shine. H cup uncooked rice 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 4 tab!es|>ooiis catsup 1 tablespoon sugar I cup bouillon 1 No. V--i can sauerkraut 5 franklurtcrs Wash rice nnd cook in boiliiiK salted water until tender. Drain and stir in butter or margarine. Add catsup, suyar, bouillon, well drained sauerkraut, and sliced franks. Cook, covered. 20 minutes on top of stove. Add salt to taste and serve.- Serves six. , Still a third way to make your menus .sing with franklurter-kraMt gcodness is nippy barbecued franks with kraut. Seasoning Meat Due Credit For Supporting Role If a pri2e were awarded to the meat playing the "best supporting role," it undoubtedly would go to salt pork that- good old reliable "seasoning meat." Salt pork and bacon squares long have been fav- water rinse. Occasionally, however, food slicks or scorches for the best ot cooks. When this happens to an enameled pan, there's no need for Ecarping scouring. Just put the utensil to soak in warm water to which tablesjwon or two of baking soda is added. Or bring tho water to a boll In the utensil and boil until the food Is loosc'ned. Then remove the remaining pnrtlcH's with a rubber plate scraper. Should a trace of stain remain, j><>iitly rub it awai with fine cleansing powder or baking soda. . lei with cooks for the flavor and Juiciness they give other dishes such baked beans, cooked greens, soups, and lean nuats. Became of the present plentiful supply of pork, sail pork and other pnrk fat meats are real bargains. For a few cents, you can add extra richness and flavor to « casserole of canned or home baked beans to make R reall 1 ; hearty meal. Salt pork romf.s from the side meat and fat bnck ol- heavier animals and Is known In some sections of the country as white bacon. This Is available In both dry salt nnd brine cure but is not smoked. Jowl bacon squares aye trimmed pork Jowls which have been cured and smoke.I like regular bacon. This cut, vra^hius about two pounds, lias a high fat content and a small amount of lean. Here's a list of the ways in which sail pork and bacon squares play their best supporting roles: 1. Cut into strips and laid over 'fun meats, such as lean beet roasts, eal roasts and meat loaves to add juiciness and prevent drying. 2. Added Ui casseroles ot baked navy beans, lima benns, kidney beans. 3 Fried and added lo bread dre.55- ing ji, riace of butter; tried and added to hearty suuus nnd chowders. 4 Ground and added to lean meat In making meat tail. 5. Diced and cooked until crisp, •hen Bfiuecl to cooked grfcn benns, cooked spiiw-li or other greens, and cooked cabbage. Or the sail pork or bacon stiiiares may be cut Into cutag, co' kcd in water for an hour with chopped union, (hen finished cooking with fresh green beans. Hurse power One|wj\vcr is the power required to raise 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute. It is about 10 times the power which the average man can exert consistently throu- ;hout a day's work. Good Meat IS THE SECRET OF A %, S, ^^ S^ffi> 'orce/o/n Coffee Maker c flvor/'fe of Housewives The best coffee comes from K really clean coffee pot, according to food specialists, For tills reason 7iany home.'iiakers prefer coffee makers m^<ln of porcelain enamel. They are easy to keep spotlessly clean and ewry-rlay care !s extremely simple.. A porcelain enameled po' requires only a thorough washing In warm soapy water after each us*ng. Hu'A'ever, even a porcelain enameled coffee litakor will show telltale tratvs uf c.oflee -stain after perlo<i -->l rf-girlar use. To remove these discolorallons till the coffee pot, with water. Add two or three tablespoons of household bleach and allow to .soak for about 15 mln nte.s. Then v/ash the pot thoroughly with soapy wntcr and with lear hot water. The coffee maker II) be gleaming clean and ready o make anouier pot ol delicious cofice. An l.'iobai Is a line on a weather nap. Few people know that the Statue of Liberty holds the Declaration of fndcpcndence in her left hand and that broken chains of tyranny He at her feet. Moke Skim at About /p >' •> nmr-n Qv&igccd SLICED BACON Crisp, Tender, Serve ft for bfeakfsit, lunch or tupp«r. Good Meal Cooking Utensils Share Credit with World's Best Cook - It is said Unit a good share of "the credit for good cooking should - be given to the cooking ulcnstis used. Well-chosen cooking utensils, kept sparkling clean, not only make - food taste belter but also make cooking more fun. Because iitenslls are so important they.should be chosen with care. They should be durable, fit- tractive, convenient and ensy to keep spotlessly clean. A type of utensil which h^s been a long-time : favorite is porcelain enameldware- Since porcelain enameled utensils are made by fusing quality glass onto sturdy steel, they combine the durability'of steel with the clenn- 'liness of glass. . The care of porcelain enameled utensils is very simple. They have " a sleek nonporoxis finish, •'Which has no pores to hide food particles or grime. Tills makes porcelain enameled pots and pans as easy to clean as china. All the ordinary care needed is a thorough washing with soap and water and a hot :fm| HlXIPt FOR (YiaM: 6 !o 8 v 1 pound Mnyroia Link Pork Sauta 3 tabl«ipo«nf m*lt«d tart lu&aga | (M p orong* |wi«» V« cup water r/4 taoipoon nufm*fl 4 <wp* muihorf iw«»r po1o1o«* (about 7 m*rilwm) Place snnsafio in skillet. Do not pierce casings. Add water. Cover And. fitcnm about 5 minutes. Drain. Pan-fry Miilil slightly brown. Turn sniiHagc frequently. Pour off sausage drippii]j;M and stive. Whip together sweet, potaloes, orange juice, nuLuicg ant! ]^ t:uj) drippln^a. Season lo taatc.. Ptaco in n shallow bnkinK dish nhouL lQ"x(j"xZ' f . Arrange aaunage on top. Bnko in a moderate oven (350° F.) for 30 minutes. Get Mayrose PORK SAUSAGE ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. NICKEL SAVER Auzzia Henry • Grocery Manager STORE 309 North 6th Hiway 61 Joe Strickland • Meat Market Manager Nickels In Your Pocket At These Prices Fri'sh, lender PORKCKOPS Good Qualily, 5<ans:is C'ily BEEF ROAST Fresh Milk-Fed VEAL CHOPS u ,49 e Good qiiiilily Kansas City BEEF LOIN STEAK , „ 60 Pure Home-made PORK SAUSAGE 35 Sugar Cured PICNIC HAMS i,> 32 Fresh, home-killed OVEN READY HENS 39 Good quality, Kansas Cily CLUB STEAKS Jb 49 Pure firm HOG LARD 4^ 49 Fine nnalily KKYKHS TURKEYS AND DUCKS No. 2 tan Adams JUICE 2 rw IT Delhniok MiOARINE ........ ,., 19 C Sunshine Krispy CRACKERS ,, )IIUX 25° Texas Green Washed Heds POTATOES 10 Lh ,33 c Golden Hiiie BANANAS ........ 2,.*. 25' No. 303 can CROWDER PEAS 6 ^ 59 Domino I'ure Cane SUGAR Always Good PET MILK IN OUR PRODUCED! •31(1 WITH COUPON WITH COUPON Lge. Boxes For better dishwashing WASHING POWDER Ige. box 5c Big Chief NYLEEN Domino Pure Cane SUGAR--- lOlbbag Sliced or Crushed PIHE^PLE-Mo.1can15c CRISC DUZ-T! - - 2ibs.35c case of 24 • 75c BelMonieCoileeibcan75c The Pause That Refreshes Famous over the Country Assorted flavors Gum 3pkgs.10c Krispy Crackers Ib. 26c Liltlc chnrsB glasses m;ikc perfect innlils Tor leftover ce- re a I s. Wlicn cold, turn mil L h o cereal inol<ls, slice, ami brown to serve with jcllj MEATS Lean and delicious PORK CHOPS - - Ib. Fresh pure Wilson's Certified CHUCK ROAST Ib. lb.49< Juicy, flavorsome FRESH SHRIMP - Ib. 59< Made from whole hog SAUSAGE - - 51bs.S1.00 Wonderful for flayoring SALT MEAT - - - Ib. 15< Am boy Evaporated MILK .... '32129° Cut green RFAIK 9 lN<> - 9^ DLHUO ... t. Cans fcw Hiinil parkvd. No. 2 can TOMATOES 2 tw l? Milliard's BISCUITS 2, ,25' 10ii K 89 c Oxydol. inn SUPER SUDS ,„,,„« 25 Miss Liberty COFFEE Ib. Liberty Cash Grocery's RECIPE OF THE WEEK Dutch Apple Cake Hr,,a,lca,t: Fttiruaij -I, MSO Turn on oven; iec Ht modtrad (375° F.). Gr*.iic A deep 3-in. cnk< pnn. Mix Vt cup jugnr with cinna mon. Add I r.iblejp. milk Aitd tVi- buttcft Let srand. Puc biicuit mi into bowl. Mix in ntgar. Stir ii quickly a mtitturc of beaten «gg, mtli nnd w.iter. Sprc.itJ in greased p-in Ic vety eJgc. Cover v.-ith applci. Ar range r.iismi 'on npplci. Spoon nigai mixture over top of fmir. Bftt« or bottom sfirlf of oven about 35 min or until npples nrc tender nnd top i brown. Serve warm. ^V* teaip. nutmeg can replace linnn mon. PefMilkV can!2c Biscuit Mix pg 18c Apples .... Jb 12 GARDEN FRESH VEGETABLES Bleached California CELERY 2 stalks 15c - • 11b. ctn. 15C Fresh Firm Frcsli, Crisp CARROTS D pTT ~>V T °P nnalily, NEW ( MILK ) POTATOES 2,. )S 15 C Juicy, sweet Red GRAPES 2 ,, IS 25 C Mild-flavored, Florida G'FRUIT 8!i59 c

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