The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 8, 1931
Page 5
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8, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two ctiiw » wurd (or first Insertion and out cunt a ^iril 'or e»eh mbsequeul insertion. No adrerlbeiiK-Dt taken for leis Lhau. 50c Count [lie words uul send Uie cash. none 30C fr'uiC KENT FOR RENT—5 room house, bath. Funuslied. Newly decorated- 4U1 Norlh 5th, Phone 292-W. 5C-KO TOR RENT—5 room, unfurnished apartment. Modern. Wcsi Main St. Arcola heat. Phone 417 or «9-W. 50-K9 FOR KENT—5 room btniBnlow a:id liath. Newly repaired and dcco- ralid, Reasonable rent. Close in. 118 S. Franklin St. L. A. Waters, Phone 742-W. UP-K10 FOR RENT — DcautUul co'.lago, bath, 4 bed rooms, erases, servant house, chicken j-arcl and shade, large Jot. Rent, lo food party at $21.50 month. See it. Sunday, Call 722, Thomas Land Co. 6C-K9 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices any quantity. Marilyn Hat- llKTy. 210 S. ttiurth St. C-C-TF i.'ANTEU — I'-amily washings or general housework. Jlrs. Dora S'izcll. 2207 18th St. TF WANTED — Hay lo bale. C. G. Smilh, Phone 827 or 1502-F2. 6-GC-TF DEPENDABLE person wanted to handle Watkins products in BlytheuMD: customers established, excellent earnings. Write J. R. Watkins Co., 80-16 Kentucky St.. Mem- pins, Term. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE Notice is hereby ;glven that the undersigned in obedience to a decree entered May 15th.. 1931, in (he Chancery Court, for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, wherein Mississippi County Building & Loan Association was plaintiff and Harry H. Brown, Annie Brown, Dr. J. R. McDaniels, Jr., and Miriam Mc- Uaniels were defendants, will on Saturday, July llth., 1931, oiler for sale at public auction to the highest bidder on a credit of three months, at the south door of the Court House in Blytheville. Arkansas, the following described property, to-wit: Lot Eight (8) and the East eight Scet of Lot Siven (7) and the Wist eight ie:t of Lot Nine (9) all i:\ Blort: "F" of the . r - Richards adciition of Blythe- 1 - viUe. Ark., T.llh all nppnrteri- ances thereunto belonging. The tide is believed to be good, but I sell as Commissioner only. Ihis the 30th, day of May, 1031. R. L,. GA1NFS, ,. Commissioner. C. A. Cunningharh, Attorney lor Plaintiff. 1-8 OF PAGE FIV1; OUR BOARDING HOUSE 'iy RUW DEWEY OROVBS io • kun In- i IIKCIN m. MO:«UI-:\. i lUcb TO1MIY s. id. 1 1 tr i-ini1d ij Hlih her \i: i-:v*Mi:ri. an ll.r 10 . fcu.oui ukrn the mill • nd Jtcr>l arctirrt M rnillo run- ttnvi Lit- [•)•"• vnler ulii* *irr nf« IrlfMO* Jim «iir tniinut Core |>:iuleft \Milj MIUI OAVI.'IUI> Irrn ID I'U i:\TISS irnrn* Hml I'mitltJi l» rlrb nnd irlrt lo nln him rrnii lire) I. 'I iniiiwy« nunt die* ind far ln»r» hiilli Iol> «url in <] nc 7 (Ktiiu^b IIIT hUKlmn J * t)inm-\y irtl* Ircnr 111* l»arf lurlr ninl «kr brmh* itie *-u- i;ni;i-Mirtir. Wfiru I'rt-ntli* nuk* fci-r In nuirry him «tir nrrrtita In doH[i:ilr. T.I nun 7 drink* hr;ivllf ami Mrryl n,,d. him. Klir Irlc- l« ohi-ri him O(> ttnJ irltH Irrnr dht- mu»t Rn Imrk rn Tommy DI In. fnrm J'rrnrfli bun brarllrnvly vbr Urta nvtid- Ironr [irmuUi 1 *. then kllpi nirrt) and uinrrfr* I'rmrUi. irlriiliimlnu <b« nvnm hi- * «-. ,N>il mnnilns llrrjl'i ihriKil !• In n icrrhiuft riindllloii and H nutrd «i»iM-InlU( U ^allcJ. Mr ndvUr* ci- IITIIU- r;uii[fin Mtilch Jlcr>l ilUrr- Ihr haif t l<jiii-.r niiil K<> She tn AIM of nt- .. . _ . ithrr? Hint* T,,iHtn> Mr 1^ Hllrrfril by hrr (ilfnilluc hiii Hfi-mN unable to lirr.Tk anrnj frinil Ibr tnnR NO\V CO (I.N WITH Till.; 5TOUY CHAl'TElt XXXV A MONO the cards Ueryl held In rt her' came with Tommy tlien was oue aco! It was n black aci and she hnpcd It would trump anything that Tommy could pro duce. It should she thought, as sh drove ettiwly loward tbe Larkln houso. It had cost licr enough t impress anyone wllii the sllghies sense ol honor. And she could no Dcllcve tlmt Tommy's characler hai be-iMiio completely undermined. i'he look of worry on her fae tonight ishe illd not olten irlv near the I arkia place at nlglitl WIB marked. She bad not seen Tommy for three weeks. Tlie avalanche she feared had descended upon her only tbe flay before and she was rertain Tommy had nol heard nhoul tt- The night was chilly. U was early fall. Beryl Had not bronchi a wrap and Iho sweater she was wearing was scarcely warm enough. She shivered sllglilly. "I'm alwr.ys either loo hot or loo cold," E!IC thought Impatiently. Hut impatience was such n sl'.ghi burden compared with the ulach nil guy. •I'liiiiniy as »„ nail ucui. lot Hie unkempt loaler lie had lie ome. How 6lie tinttil ihoso blooil sltcnk? In his eyes. He hail even roughly to I'l.u slunk'S wore up and Ilio t:1anuu. drjiisur lo him light flooded tlie slinlili.r room wuh awkn-iirdly like a a hard wlilto urllllnncc. liirnlns It lulu a stano (or Ueryl. Slio 6;u Tommy llnht "(!i'c. he Illllc boy. "nee, Hi'ryl, ilou'l cry " Ueryl lirieil iier "1 knuw." icr when she hail di<K«cd him mull i was exasiieraicit. !i had hniHicncd the nlfihl rmlhulion Itial soiimlcil the Loin Iier car ami sent forth a rr.uc despatr Eho had known. She hoped never again lo leel as she had when Dr. ^guslon told her. "Your voice Is gone. Miss Bordcn." They hnrl left her alone. She nad asked tbem to. And what she nad thought and what she had suffered had blocked out her youth—lefi her a woman. : Her face was a little white but In her eyes thero was a vision ol Tomnjy—(^11 sr.-j. slim and brown lad BUI Into troulile. l'nl liail ou! of it. but Tommy wouldn't have led have been made the goal. Deryl hail parked her car In 'rcmt ot I'ol's house- when lio and rommy came out [o get Into a Iruck which slood In the driveway Hers I went over lo them and In slslc'l she would fnlUr,* ihe Iruck if Tummy went with I'ol. Pol looked nt Tummy. "Ah right." lie 6:ilrl fhai[-ly. "we'll settle Ibis later. Tom." "1 guess you know vvlnt lhat means," Tommy cxcktlmcd to Ucryl as I'ol drove p.wny. "I'm ID liad 1'ol'fi had a'jort enough ot you!' 1 "Then quii him," Deryl rcuirneil coolly, "and save yrm'rsc-K from being kicked oul of his gang." Tommy had sworn angrily nnil walked away. Pul was arrested tlial nlftht. It didn't come to anything out he blamed Tommy niui thereafter Tommy liail cvadetl Ucryl whh cum plele success exceul for one accidental meeting. That was threo weeks ngo. Irene hadn't written and Beryl had uc excuse to tempt Tommy lino a lalk After loDlghl slic woulil havo QC dlfilculty Iu seeing him or sbe would not want lo see Dim. "Foi I'm QOI going lo crawl 10 littn If be Isn't worth h." she lold horse!!. • Site wouldn't have planned a teal for hii r bul Ibis one lhat had been llirusl upon her would measure Tommy's characlcv for all lime for Beryl. To put a soul upon llie dls table Is not an agrceablo thing Beryl, in her ni£ht ot Btruj with her new misfortune, hat grown more tolerant, set she that if Tommy failed tier now E|K could never helleve In him asaln. She was not frightened as B!H ight havp been for bclieviuf,' h Tommy was all tbat was .oft to ncr Tbe thread of dnnbl lhat ra Ihrough her hope was a thin on but suiflclent to aialie her rcalU elsarel and pick iii.isl'.ii snlil, "li's a nice way lo act a newspaper. Tbcn she put I IK-! after di anting you mil Here lo ils- ;ulm ol her hninl dosvn hsril on :lie j leu lo me" She ihililiril viciously at,. bi'r. eyes. "I've hml a lousli hrc-ik Tommy. U'B lounn lot vmi. [03. because I've KOI Iu tell you Hie ma; and call. Shu repented ll In rnjili] iu,' cession neveial nines. tnnHnR HI irntlt. My v»lco Is gone 1 too norempl'ory for nnynne to IK . never etcs ni;aln ind . . . norc—Itast of all Tommy whn; ihey -.ny It ivouliln't hnve Imppencd nilfilil reasonably expect I hat It wan It 1'4 oheycil tbo doctor." one of Iho crowd calllnc him. ' "Why didn't you7" Torotnr asked lieryl held her breath as he cnmc' logically enougti. to answer tho call. Sho liiul pur "Uccauso 1 couldn't," llcrj-l tola r.nscly parked her car In iheiblm. "ll was you. Tommy K<m inilnw ol a large maple tree ( needed a friend. And roil cnn't oiiuny did nol rccopnUi* It null, j deny that thcro wcro limes wbeu c was \vlihln ^[jeakhiK distance ! you'd hnvo KOI In n tol (ieevei with 'lien ho swore under his brcallii I'ol If you hadn't bad mo on your nd prepared lo retreat, but BCTVI j," •us out ol Ihc car In a llash mi'! I "Yes," Tommy admlltcii, "1 RUPSS liiiRliiR lo bis nrm. that's so. Uo you mean tliut —" "Don'l be n coward!" she dial . He i.auscJ and Ucryl llnlsbed lor engeil. "Heslilea there's no one'I'll". ome. is there?" ; "i sboiibi tiarc been In bed when "\Yliy can't you mind your C'.vnj ' wa^ cliaslriR nil uver Iho cimjnry lushiesa?" Tummy relorled. ! loi'kiur, afier you." shu declaicd. "That's iuil wlmt 1 am dobs, t "Ami iiow. rommy, H's n ahnv?. loryl EUlii. "I'lcase como witu inej<lo*u. I've- "ahl a ijlg price lo Help Tommy soniewbero where wo can! vou. I'm nol pnlriR lo cry any more alk. I want lo tell you somclhlnp | but I can't enditro It unless TOO —about myself. I'm Iu trouble loo mako It counl for EomelhlnE. 1( now." wbat sho was doing. If she lost her life Would be barren Indeed After arriving at. tho Larhl hoase sbc sat awhile In her (ic- crcpil old car and wclylseil the tcrjttaMtk'5 o! her venture. Sh could lin<l nothlnj; lo induce her I tuin back. And no mailer what she thong! there was Tommy. Eho saw ulm a lie steed In the middle of the Lt kins' living room lo turn on a ligh Tommy drew back and tried lo eer al her iu tho semi darkness i'eople rarely thought ol filvlne Beryl sympathy. Sho never seemed .c need IL lieryl continued urBlim wh!lo bo liesitatcd. Her voice wa; fraught wilh despair and It was genuine. She clutched at Tommy. you do 1 won't care." Tommy stirred restlessly. "\Viint can L UoT" be asked vaguely. 'You can bo yourself uow and quit tho l.arkln sung. You ki.ow you can't slick with ilietn Inruvcr. Tomny. I'll iiei you're BicK ol It already. They know non lo lako rare "of tHem'STve's-bellcr Iban sou ;l PIPBS IS DRV eve VQUP? WIFE ME • •—* I CAM see OR MO 5PAUIU- lt(3, I'M OUT l\ /( iititin/Mii I suddenly afraid with 3. blind un i cver will, hut ihoy'll slip aome day. reasoning tear, tbat ho ramld not I Vou'ro not - foot, Toninij. Vou listen to her. "Please. Tommy. You've always helped ino when 1 needed you Don't you seo, I need vou now? There's no one else 1 can talk lo' Tommy inrned back loward tlu car. "Got in," ho said gruffly. "I don't want you hanging around here. Pnl won't stand for It." "You drive." lieryl said, ano slipped Into tho seat at tho rleln Sho was trembling so sho could net havo held Iba whtcl steadily Tommy became nvraro of her In creasing ngliatlon. "What's the matter with you?" he asked bluntly. Words lo answer htm wero ium bled in Beryl's mind. She did not know which lo use. How could sho tell blmV Suddenly sho put her faco down In her hands end Tommy was as lotiiabed to hear tlio sobs thai were torn from bcr lips. Ho drova the car to the side of the road and stopped. Btryl, crying, was a complete know (hat. Come on back wUb ru» now-come to our houso. We ono you a lot—our family —but you owo ma more. And I'm licked U I've got to admit thai all 1 had to hold to on this old earth has gono down beforo ths ilclousness of Pol l.nrkln. "Think ot It. Tommy," she hurried on, "uij whole future—every- thliig tbat has given mo a chance to lift myself out of tbo routine 1.1 worklne In a grocery store. I'll havo to go back to tbat now, ind I loved singing. 1 lovo Iho luxuries I never had before. It's borrlbl* to think tbat 1 lost all that Just b«- causo certain man are crooks! liut 1 won't mind 11 It profes you're what I think you are. Vou've never liceu a welchcr or a doublc-crosser, Tommy. You'vo always been rcg' ular. And DOT? It's up to vou 10 make good. I'vo bbughi your release from tbo Lnrklns with everything 1 bad. Will you lako It, or will you lot me downf (To l> C^atlnacd) BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES HKY, WILLIE! By Martix NOTICE OF SALE HEAL ESTATE Notice is hereby given that, the undersigned, will, in obedience to a decree entered on liny 15th., 1031, by the Chancery Court for the Chickasav.-ba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, wherein Jesse V/ebb was rjalntifl and Morgan Utilities, Inc., was defendant and E. E. Clarke, Trustee and Southern Cotton Oil Company were inrerveners and cross complainanis and Morgan Utilities. Inc., Jesse Webb and Arkansas Missouri Power Company were cross defendants, on Saturday, July llth.. 1931, offer for sale .it public auction at Ihc soutlnioor of the court, house in Blytheville, Arkansas, to the highest bidder on a credit, of three (3) months the foilowit^ described property, to-wit: Part of the northeast, quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 9 in Township 15 North, Range 11 East, particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point ou tho west side of ihc Yarbro & Blytheville road where same intersects the south line of the BI. fc AS Kaihoad. which point is 196-18 feet uorlh of the south- cast corner of Section 0. in Township 15 North, Range 11 East and running thence west 300 feet; thence south 150 feet; thence east 300 feet; thence north 150 fcst, to the poiul of beginning. Also Lots 1, 2, 3. 4. 5 and. 6 ol Block 2 of Hie E. M. Bryan subdivision as shown in plat- book of the town or Blytheville, page Dl, said lots being a part ol the southeast quarter of Section 9, Township 15 North. Range 11 East. Also Lots U, 15 and. 10 of Block 3 of said E. M. Bryan subdivision of the tov.n of Blytheville. Also Lois 11 and 12 and the cast half of lots 13 ai|U H in Block 1 of the said E. M. Bryan subdivision of (he town of Blytheville, Arkiuisns. together with nil improvement, fixtures, machinery and appurtenances located on .said properly or any part thereof. The tille is believed to be good, but I sell as Commissioner only. 'Jhis the 30th., day of May. 1031. R. L. GAMES, Commissioner. C. A. CinYUingliam, Attorney for cross complainant. 1-8 NOTICE 01-' SALE OF HEAL ESTATE TO PAV DEBTS OF ESTATE Notice is. hereby given that, the undersigned, as administrator of the estate of Catherine Royal, deceased, will on the 2Gth day of June, 1931, offer lor sale at the south door of the court house in Blythevillc, Arkansas, at public auction to the highest bidder, upon a credit of three months the fol- iowing lands belonging to said estate, lo-\vit: Lots 3 and 4, Block B, Barren and Lily Addition to Blythe- villc, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said sale is made for the purpose of paying the debts of saicl estate, and purchasers at such sale will be required to Give note with approved security for the purchase price. Dated this 23rd day of May. 1931. W. H. STOVALL, Administrator of Estate of Catherine Royal, Deceased. Frank C. Douglas, New Madrid Fans Believe O'Brien Will Take Scii ard of Stole, Mu., will face Gene Leading hitters for Manila were DeMontre, the Memphis bontam Nick Wright and Spot Reed. Hollt- flash. Pritchnrd has scored two gan pilchctl a good game for Sc- sHcccEslvc kno:kou(s here. nnih. Other bouts on tlie card bring Batteries for Manila were Heed together Don Davis. Slcele, Mo., and Urocketfc Wright, for Senath, j welterweight, and Bs;ck Austin, the HoHi?.in and C. Wilson B?.bc O'Brien, a more or less un-' Ma:lil;1 " tcush to >''" In a r °' lr known amount here, who meets . _________ - s | rounder John Kirby-IJell :ind Lit- fcm'Byc"sEaton/thcrLuxora light- i lle , Rctl '" e = m fcathcriVDlehts, will , weight, in the seinlwindup of the pu ' fiiht card at tlie Armory tomorrow night is [i big favorite vith fistic Manila WitlS i\S RsC fans of New Madrid, Mo. Attorney. 1-8-15-2?. Closiny Stock Prices A. T. & T 170 5-i Anaconda Copper Auburn Caterpillar Tractor 2-1'.; Chrysler 17 1-8 Cities Service 1UI Coca Cola 139 Continental Baking 11 5-3 General Electric 40'j General Nfotors 35 l-£ Montgomery Ward 18 3-8 JTciv York Central 80 : i Packard C 5-( Radio Corn it; 1-8 Simmons '•. i2 : -j Standard ot N. J 351; Tc^as Corp 20 U. S. Steel ... „ , „, u .. AilOWS Uiliy 1 WO nils The Missourians believe tteiri boy, who drilled in to New Mad-' rid from the Pacific coast, acccrd- ; MANILA, Ark.— The Manila base- ing to reports, is the best, young- : ball team \vou another ga^c Sinister at his weight in this section I day, defeating Senath by .1 score of and tl:3y ore predicting a knock- j 0 to 2. out for O'Brien tomorrow night Spot Reed pitched masterful hall Ecaton is known as something of for Manila, allowing only two hits a puncher himself. The scheduled for six rounds. Iu the feature bout Kid two are: and sinking out, 14 men. DcmpEey, ' Manila'.s ne\v second basrman from Pritch-' Koraersville, played a good game. Cape Cod Canal Has Traffic Light System ELYMOirril, Massachusetts, (U P> — Tradic lights, such as those which direct motorists at number- ICL-S intersections tlirocighout country, now control shipping in the Cape Cod C.mal. 'flic lights ?re on a pile dolphin near the western entrance oi the canal. Glorified "traffic cops" in the. form of U. S. engineers oper- ute the blinkers. Co'jtle; lic'.vs Want Ads Fay. Jill lOct !?" i Jan ]i> Atulria, c'.:ctric current is I Mar avtihblu in neatly all tcltitd com- jMay inunltles. .....iJSSBDI | " SCMEBOOY W THE FRONT DOOR so THATis THEY'RE- h/iAwiN AL\_ THE FUSS ABOUT/ 1 \SOULD N'T GIVE T\SO CEOTS TEl? OF I'A\ GOING TO \T TO MC. HECTOR.\>l\. GET A. 8IG- FOR THIS- A1E&BE WP. HECTOR HIMSELF// WASH TlliHS GETTING PREPARED! WE'LL HWETO VJCRK FASf. <F THEY ^ CKTCH US INSTMIIN& TrtW THlM&> -,,— L OUR. NAMES RRE MUR EAM IS WWTlNll FOR HIM. i eRovKiin A OlCTOGRftVH SO WE CAN THWS }\ 5A\C W TME COMFERENCE IS TriE COAST CLEW? New York Cotton NEW YORK. June 3 ton closed very Open High Low Jul 820 840 816 Oft ! 85H 5 Jiin SflO Mar M'ny Epols steady /Ve«; Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June Cotton clcc-ccl .steady. O|wn HlBh KM S^ B5-I S78 870 K3I1) Ollb 028b — itcady at 813, up '.130 nil 910 877 88!) 009 BW Pll S)!8U 10, T IS &W NIGHT 8t.FC«e TvAfe S.'.',U6&LER 1 S COMF£2£WCE, UVCL6 5 W\SH A MES5ME FROM -JEkN, AN9 WlTHiW j I M1HUTE& h FiRF. ?P£AKS OUT MVSTeRlO'O^UV iH A NeARIJY CABIN. )

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