Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 24, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1896
Page 8
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WONDERFUL Remnant Clearing NAMED A LAMB To Be Sacrificed at the Polls This Fall. Hon. Joseph Larimer of Hiami Nominated for Congress. Now in Full Blast, Do Not Fail to Attend THE GOLDEN RUSE To The Ladies ' This <s the season of the year when •the unpleasant but necessary work.of house-cleaning claims the attention #f the ^housekeeper and uot a little de- <pends OH the appearance of your lace -curtains us poorly ckme-upcurtalnispoil -ate; effect of u well-furnished borne -quicker than anything else. We hay) ••experienced help in this class of work • Tjho do nothing else and we K2ow we • cau give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year -of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery 1 exclusively for the purpose. We will ' appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. 1 Stolen Bicycle Cleans a great deal' to the one that Is a '•loser.. Wiby run an/ risk when you can your wheel Insured against theft ?it a very nominal figure and get Its vnV ^ae when stolen? Insure at once and b= -on the safe side. Punctured Tires Repaired . , SFrom this date on for 25 •scents at the \<S Burgman Cycle Co re You Out of Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lota, .you would like to exchange fofa "business thatwlllglT* big returns? 'Gall at 703 flichigan Avenue. A FARMER ASKS WHY? Why Can't the Government Issue Certificates on Wheat? Thus a Bushel of Wheat Stored Would Pass for a Dollar, A SI. .'lo-sopli county farmer lias hit upon a plan \vhi-i-.li. he thinks is just ami equitable and which will ptrt him and his fellow producers of grain an on equal fiArtini; with the 1 s'rlyer barmi,;.. lie says' hi a letter lo the t-dii.or of the South Bund Tribune: -The five silver parly is clamoring for a boon for their eUemts, the producers of silver, by making Ci.°. ceut.s' worth of silver worth $.1. They claim thai I'lris sudden aciiui^i 1 ' 1 " 1 of wealth of the silver people will mea.ii good times for the farmer. We don't know about tliis; possibly it wtll. but jirob- ulily not. But we-do know, U they adopt t.lie views as set forth in the following Jt will benefit us. "There Is a va.it amount of wheat stored away in granaries and elevators. Let the government weigh, and inspect tliis wheat, put it iu. bushel sacks and seal it ajul put the government stamp Oil it. "TW^ 'W « nu dollar." and Issue certillcatis to be used as a circulating medium. "Now, we cannot see why the government should not give us the same rights or benefits as the silver producers, nor why the free silver party should be so blinded by t.he silver king* oC the west •Hi the boy orator of the Platto lo the detriment of us farmers. As the price of a bushel of wheat arid the price of tbe silver bullion La a silver dollar are prac-Mcally the same, we farmers do not consider ourselves rash when we ask the governmomt to enhance the price ot our product if they enb:uice the product of tlie silver iwlue owners. A FARM Eli "South Bcaul, .Tuly 21. 1SOO." KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. Greatest Dlicovery or me I9tli Century. Dr. Tongue'" NIWKKMKDT ' Mudlcated Air ., jror the Cure of... • Cnturrll, Anthnin,'- and all •• Pnlmonar; Dlsewei, It ling no equal tat Sick and Nervous Hc«Q- actie, 1,000.000 people 'ale annually from the above named (llse»»«g. Way suner ami ale, when Medicated Alt t» TWO GLASSES OF [Tluladelphiu Post.] Tlie government lias today two classes of creditors, both tlie fruit ot tlie war. pensioners atnd bond-holders. The pensioners received in the las .seal year, which closed three weeks ago, $130,434,040'. -They deserved it all Jvei-y penny of it. TJie bond holders received In the same year lii. iutcrcs $33,380,48!?. 'it is theirs, every coin o it. Both are now paid In gold values Under the Chicago, platform every dol hir will be paid .in silver values equa to one-half gold values. If Bryan wor elected President a pension would bty just half wlurt It buys now. Do tUes just creditors, called pensioners, wan 1-iiteV If not, there Is only one way I pimcct the "existing gold standard -value of the dollars'in which a pcnslo 1 Is now paid, and that Is by pcrsuadl-u. ; ,s numy men as they can to vole fo jleKln-loy and Hobart. JJIWC wen e uuutanteed to care roij.' 'M«lIc»t««lAlrana.Dra(iCo.. Richmond, Ind,, C. S. A. v; 4t to the best remedy on earth for La **..*pe. It will give Immediate relief trill-effect-a cure where all other unwlle* fall. . ' •old by B. P. Keesllng. '.".r.li<; prisoners In-' the Peru jail triad : "io ge't out Sunday by removing a_ large ••stone from the wall, which held the 'bare In place. They wore detected how- over before they had made their es- "When nuost.ioned by thc'elierlff the attempted delivery".' all THE STATE PRISON XOKTH. Charley Harlcy, warden ot I he nortl ,,ru prison, says that the earnings c the prison will probably bo less thi year than last, owing -to the low rate •it which contracts are let. Mr. Harto thinks, however, that t.he receipls t the prison will equal tDe.appropriatlo for Its maintenance. Every nble-boi icd pi-I^o-niT Is at work and every es caped convict has bec.ni reeaplurei There have been flftw-ii escapes slue Mr. Barley became warden—about fi tcun mouths ago. These men have bee employed on tlie farm- of about 10 acres, where about forty are kept buss •I'lie "Occidental" cycling eliit> o •South Braid will give a big meat Augi c'ta'kon away the work was done by Wa- follows who liad been UieVe ths ; before. • . , the ivraatcuw. ''Subscribe for The Journal, ARE WAITING 'hat is the Condition—Nothing is Done. ^HE CRAZE SWEEPS ON A'hile Enterprises Halt and Hesitate—Hope in November. L'incin'iKiilii Commercial-Trigillie: Men vouiler Iluif. bnsiuess lau-gnislics. The •arth is yielding, its harvests. Men's van-is are a,s'groat.'and uiuma-ous at -viir. Slocks tit goods are very low it-erchanis are economlxing. "Why aa't we lia.vu a return-'to the good-jolt intcsV" In 1-hose good times bus va.s aciive and lively. Everybody -iniiloycd. , If all- wants wera' not sat- stied, more were satlslied tlian a-re-sat- wtlwl buhi-y. What holds-things back' 'I'lie earth is not at fault. Nor' the'air Right arouud-Ciii-ciu-nat.! we have liai .letlcient rain fall and crops have beei. loor. But in a broad way, that Is nolh n-g. The country over, crops-- bavi iceu increasing. - There never was sucl i corn crap as was raised last year. Thi. ivcra.ge wli'nt yield per ii-ct'e'^ vcav Kreniuv iltau. in. any of the pi-eccd- ug liftcOii years Siive one, TUP oats crop was Uie 'largest, ever harvested. So was the crop of potatoes.,-Cotton fell off, and yet the seven milliouvfbales i.hat were raised followed a t.cu .million bale crop the year before,: and a crop is in sight that -b'ids Talc to .surpass that of any other year. Silver-was-.produced in 1S94 to-l.be-extent of 49if.--m.il- lion ounces, and gold to tlie amount ot /j million dollars. Population .is.in- creasing. We are advanc'mg'to a higher plane of civilization, -which Implies a higher plane of coiiiifort every year. We want more.' than 'ever. Our .needs rrow as civilization advances. Why. then, the-present paxiseV : If -the trouble -is not/'with the earth, neither Is it been use-n here Js : not money enough in circulation. In 18T3 the per -capita circulation- was - but $15.04; In 1S7S but$1 .'.32'. -IU--1S05 it was $22.00-' more than 00 per cent, more than Iu 1S7S. It wasanrger In 1S05 than It was in any year,--save 1SS5, in our history up to isril/nnd-in-lSSS it wa? only ii cents greater-.than' last'year. Any of the great kings of commerce will fell yoji' where the trouble lies. How can thay-go'i'uto "enterprises of groat'pitUi 'and moment" 1 wh'en rhey seo the frcrixj- w.hJfh-'Is sweeping through the country In favor of free silver? In what sort "'of money will they be repaid if they iuvest^their caplital or part of it? • : ' Are now railroads building? Look at the record.':'-Less buJWlug than at any former t*rtio. : -Are•pi-eat manufactories projected? • Where arc they? Capital Is uot Invested because It Is not certain In wha't'-form it -will be returned. Id waits—wait* 1 -for-the'decision of .November. NcItl)er ; Dernocrat nor Republican, -neither wealthy' snip Trtiilder of Maine -nor -poof"-Nebraskan attorney knows where ; to 'safely put his accumulations or-Ms-'savings. There Is''uni- versal distrust" Dowbt. ; .uncertainty, prevail—simply -beea«sc a.party "has sprung up that threatens-the standard of value. Beat back that attack and furnaces will glow by 'night; factories will run on full time, -the mighty -n-noel.? .will begin to revolve. ; All that i.s needed. Is confidence—but how can tlwre be •confidence when the' standard of value which has prevailed for more than throo score years 'Is threatened. On a Democratlc-FreeSilver Ticket-- Satinjihe "Gold Bugs." Tlie free silver Di'inocnKrS of tbe Klevonth Cojigressional District, i.n co-n- vcirtion assembled at the court house in ilils city yesterday afteuncou, mnn.bj- ated the Hon. Joseph H. Larimer of Miami (.-ouiuty, n,s the lamb whioh is to be .sacrHired at the elections t-his cuiu- Uig Fall. The Kuld Democrats hail somcthi.ng to do wiili tliu conventio.ii, but- their- part was so small that they are setfrculy co.uoo.tvd in the reports of the in'oeiiaig. -True. Mio Hon. Kufu.s Magee was ohaJrman of the conviaition, by grace of his l'>eing the Stale Coni- mltti'eiuaii. fin- this d,lsiriet, bur It \va- a silver candidate UH a silver plat.form wliicli wa>s iioiuijiated, and-the speeches to dm couveiiiii'Hi were s-ilvt'i" speeches, the 'nwolutians wi;n; ."iilver resoInUon.^. framed by flu. 1 HOTI. Daii'icl A. Woods, tiie piiilnent. s!:i'lexman w:io farrles HD\vavd coini.iy it) liU vesl pocket—thai part: OL' ii^whk-h- is not claimed by Hie Roiniblicans. I't, might be said that the lion. Mr. Woods if? nut Inirdejled'wi'h a very full vi-st. pocket. When Hie delega!i> galhcri'd in Iho hi.rgi',coui:u-oom at 1 o'clock they fniuiil (^verythl-tii; 1 hi n-ad-'nu^s to receive them. .Tolial Scnw'erdman had attended to everything.faithfully. The. convention was c-aJIed to order by the Hon. Ruf-us Majrec a.nd on motion of the IIou. .Tames C. Bninyan of lliraitlngton. he was-madif perniajicint elwiniutu, as a sort o p f a so.]) to the gold faclkm.- AV. 1-1. 'Wostlake <jf the Slariwi' Leader was clios«n secretary. The following com- mibtue. on itsolu.t.ioiw was appointed: .Tolni W. Barii.es. of Gass; Dauiel A. Woods, cif Howard; S, K. Cook, of Huiitingtoiv: M. M. Biii-ggs. of Miami; .Toiiu T, Strasigc'.. of Grant;' Edward -Elkenberry, of Wabash. Tlw following !,? tlie resolu-bion which was adopted, "Wo the Democrat of the Eleventh Cougi*ssional-district of Indiana, In delegate co i n.viiiit;io i .n jissembled heartily eiidonse.tlw State -and ,National platform as the t-riie exponent of the prLnclpUv<s of the Democratic parly; and we further ratiH'y the uoui:™itio.ns made .•-at bot.li of si-id conventions .and pledge our «up|x>i-t to the ssime. We cordially tc the co-oiHi-ait.io.il of alJ voters who believe the paramount question of the Ivonr 10 be tin- restoration of silver to tlio pint? i.r- occupi-ed prior to the 12th of February. 1S73." "D. A, WOODS. Chairman." While' wa.ithig for the report of the committee ou resolutions it was moved that the coavent.'.oai proceed with t.he uomtoatlon-of a .civndklate for Congress. Judge D.. D. Dykeunui rose ou the call of the roll for the presentation- of candi.- dsites, a-utl began, a spee<:h In which lie advoc-ated delaying the- munlng of a <..and-idarte'.uai«il the Populists could be consulted and their wishes in the matter learned. Mr. Dykeman had hardly gptten a.fair stu-t. in. his t.-pcech wh.o.n (he-chiiinnan-'criJletl him -down; ruling that he was out "of order. >fr. D-yko- main .insiisted ou being heard, but the c-lvatmian was lir-ui and the roll call of c.oui>ti«s was' proceeded w-it-h. Miami county pr*sen.'tied-the name of Dr. H. V. Passage. Wabasli cou-n-tv presented the nil me of-the Hon.,D. W. Krishev, of North M-in'chcsteJ-. The name of the Hon. .Joseph Larlmor, of Miami was OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively be our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots— 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds! 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Children* Pants He In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to giveVevery citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. Today and SntuixJiiy corset covers f)c. chemise. 19c. ntgh-t dresses 33c, drawers lOc, skints 33c, and one lot sailed during last sale.goca ait'thls sale one lialf former price.—Trade 'Palace. : also presented. . On tlie ..call of the roll for the first ballwt, Cast*, coitn-ty, wliich voteit flrst 1 . cast iier twenty-seven votosfor Ine Hon. Frank-M.,Kistler of this .city. Mr. KiBtlw declined to be considered as a candidate and made an eloquent plea i.wo rcnii.s .-is clerk of ilwi-t county witii <-rcd.it ro himself and to his constiuuiils. Hill: for C<aTgre.-p! Hut tjicre'.f no danger of t.lw-r: Ma.ior George Steele will have hiis scalp tk ; d to his belt when the pulls c-lot-e .next November. At the ftaucluswm of Mr. Larimer's s-|n.'ecli oif accvpuiLi'ce calls were made for Hon. James G. Brauy.-ni. of Hunt- injiton. Mr. liranyau asserted that th» poople would succeed. He is right: thi- people will succeed, but not hi* people. H€ said that the men- who shouldered .the musket to put down Human slavery, 'were not with the ''gold bugs" in this campaign: thal'they were paid once in shLuplasier currency for offer!us their lives 0,11 their couiil-ry's altar, a.cu-rrenoy wJiich was .wort.li its face' v:il«c. But he did uor. explain theit this'currency was worth its face value 1 leu years after thtf war, when the credit of the Government had been restored by a Republican adumii.st.iur.ioii. and not 'till t-ben. Mr. Biwnyan did not go into the question of free silver coinage, aside from casually -mentioning tli« "crime of 73." It: seemed that th« rime had come to adjourn, but the convention had uot yet heard from tlie Hon. George Biirk- iiant, tlia-t old wheelhorse of Democracy in Cass county. Mr. Burlfhart, fearing rlwt he was not to receive an- invitation to speak, arose of Ms own accord and immediately tihere came for.Hi- a chorus of three voices, shouting "Burkhart, Bivrklmr-t!" Mr- Burkhart said lie would uot detain the convention Ions, and he spoke the tru-eh. literally. He had barely siUd ten- words before a delegate from Howard county arose and addressed thv chair, asking »'Q be excused as he was .compelled to catch- a train. Tiie chair graciously recognised the geurto- insiu and asked'if the eonvoaition would excuse the delegate from Howard as lw tod to catch a train. Tlie coiivr-n- tiou would, and' the Howa.rd county delegation lik-d out All this wli-Ilo tiie Hou! Mr. Burkhaiit was walling patiently for a eliauce to be iKsml. Finally he began again ami luid reached a pomt in Ms' speech wh'k-h called for applause. The .speaker pause.! to give the audi- once a clwoice .to express its approval of life sentiment*, when the chairman, cou- chKli-ng it to be the fiui-sh of uis speech. arose'«nd siUU:- VT1X8 Chair will entertain a motion- for adjournment." A delegate from Grant cotui-ty made the motion ai>d1'boo»v<mt!iOT was declared for tl» Hoiu. Joseph Larmier, me flust b.altot. resulted as follows: 27;.Passage 1">; Larimer 38: S..E. Cook 3. On the -second ballot Larimer received ..112; Krfeher 14; Cook 3. This was a- majority of tin delegates for Larimer--and the nomination was made unanimous. Tine successful candidate was called to tilie front and Hie chair- iiuiiu started :to introduce him to the convention, but was forestalled by a delegate from Miaul!,, who In an eloquent itasttaiMMiia.! to the free silver staying- qualilties; oif the nou. Jas. Larimer., "brought tliat gentleman forward- ami jHinwmced -Mm as tlie next Congressman from tiie 'Eleventh district.,. ...Mr, Lori-nicr said that •his' nonii-ifflitioD, was a. total surprise and that -lie had never had any ddea- of .being a candidate. Of. -course ho knew not-Illns of a caucus held-by a portion of the Miami' county delegation who. were ..opposed to the nomination of PL- rassage,.aud who forced the nomination of- Mr: Larimer. Mr. Larimer is.not a,speech-maker; he ndtoitted this and he would have beea believed had ave.nottjikeii.the pains foliate said so to so many .words.-.;'He is. a representative ottteen of'.MtoJrf county, and has served m a<Hourned sine dfc.^yi-di^r. Burkhart still ssbuulinp on tlio'-Jlowc. waiting fee tlie applause 10 subside ^o that he could finish ills speech. DEMOCRATIC TESTIMONY. Miami County Sentinel, (Dem.) Grcs- hamV law which declares that the cheaper money always drives the dearer money out of circulation lias ncvei Iwen contradicted. Its operation being .conceded,' It 'must follow that by the free and unBmlted coinage of silver. wliMi seeks the depreciation of OUL curwucy, our gold will .be, driven away from us and our country will be upon a .silver baste. In other words we shall inve sllvc.1- mouometallisB), without tho gold money, instead of gold monometal- lism with tlie silver money. WHAT, NEVER! NEVKU permit your clothes to become seedy and eouv, you are not com- ; pauionable. NEVER wear high heels: they are unnatural and produce many nervous disorders. NEVER buy shoes from auy one other-than Pilling; he Jas the best. NEVER try to peep at the engine when it is in motion; it may be your last peep. NEVER miss PiUing's special sales: lie win save you money. NEVER use too much perfumery; von may be mistaken for a cologne factory. NEVER pay five and sis dollars for tan shoes when Pilling has then) for .0S. NEVER sacrifice health, propriety, wl comfort for any si«y fashion. NEVER fail to remember the foregoing facts and do not be so foolish as to believe that you are tie exception; that you can buy shoes Just as cheap somewhere else, for Pilling has the bew and cheapest. . 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indians. MAKE BUT ONE SPEECH. Wm..E. Curtis, the veteran journalist, Bays: "I have followed Oliver P. Morton and John Sherman, Gen. Logan and other famous campaigners week after week ami heard tbe same speeches over and over again until I could almost repeat them. Back in the campaign of . 3STO I was making a tour of the west with Oliver P. Morton and George Sheridan, one of the brightest speakers the American platform lias ever known, who accompanied him to do the "funny business." Senator Morton would ueu- aJly talk for an honr-a dull, turgid, heavy discussion of the financial, problem, followed by an attack upon the Democrats of the south for their in-, •human treatment of tiie negro. By the time he had finished the audience would bo soaked with wise advice and valuable infonmiitiioii. but every, spark of enthusiasm would be quenched. Then George Sheridan would take the platform and wake them up. For an hour they would roar with laughter or sit with'their mouths open, fascinated by his flights of fancy. It was a rare combination." Indlauians do not agree with Mr. Curtis that Oliver P. Morton's orations were "dull, heavy, turgid discussions." THE BOND LOWERED. afternoon; Judge Lairy .remlered I* decision in l.he case of the imllea* coitus proceeding instituted to secure , reduction of the $2,000 bond under wUch. Loa Sason is hold. Ht lowered, tiie bond to $1.500. " Fresh jnactcrol.-P.-G. Kieuly, 313 Third street. LOW RATES TO SALT LAKE Via the North-Western Line (Chicago & North-Westem R'y) August C and 7. 1<W For full information apply t° Ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Kiiiskern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago. III. -BUCK" STANLEY LECTURES. Torre Haute Tribune: "Buck" Stan- Icy. the noted temperance evangelist from Loga-usport, began a series ot meetings last nnglvt at tlie -Grace Tabernacle. comer of Fourth and WIUo* streets. The meetings will open at 7:43 each evening. No admission Ls charged. Terre Haute Tribune: Mr. Henry. Harris, one of Terre Haute's former citizens. but now of Loganspoit, trill preach at Alien chapel. South Third street, this evening. The remains of the late Daniel Pratt. who was killed Wednesday afternoon nt Anoka. were shipped to Rochester yesterday and will be interred there today-

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