The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on March 8, 1907 · 1
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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 1

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Friday, March 8, 1907
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:nce THIRTEENTH YEAR. TWENTY-TWO PAG EH. VANCOUVER, B. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1907. T"WENTY-T WO PA G ES PRICE FIVE CENTS. THE VANCOUVER DAILY PROVJ CHIEF JUSTICE MY I OF APPEAL Alex, Henderson to Be Elevated to Supreme Court Bench, Is Story. DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS, Lis Pendens Cannot Be Filed by Wife Against Property of Husband, Tlio in w permanent Court of Appeal, announcement ,,f the curly constitution iit which was made in the Speech from the Throne yesterday, will consist of four members, will provide for the elevation of two judges and the t reat Ion of four, two of w hom may be Liberals und two Conservatives, While the appointment rests wholly with Ottawa, it is understood that the local tioveriiinent lias nuule a "condition precedent," that two of Its uotni-liess be appointed. I' pan reliable, ultliniigh unofficial authority, these two may be Mr. Charles Wilson, K. C, the defeated Conservative candidate in Cariboo, an I ilr. A. K. Mcl'hillips, K. C, Conservative member for the Islands. The same authority promotes ChkX Justice Hunter to the Chief Justiceship of the new court, and names air. Kred Peters, K. C. as Ottawa's choice for the fourth member. The elevation of the Chier Justice creates a double vacancy, and report has it that ilr. Justice Irving will succeed to the Chief Justiceship of the Supreme Court, and that Mr. Alexander Henderson, k. c., sometime County Judge, will be Oltawu'sTholee us successor to .Mr. Justice Irving. . It Is understood that the promotions and appointments will be made within the next three weeks, and that the new court will be at work in May. Exit Lis Pendens. In an alimony suit the wife cannot, merely in anticipation of ji judgment, file a lis pendens, or lie-up order, against her husband's lands, she must have a further and better claim, and, must state the grounds In the endorsement on the writ in her suit for alimony. An argument to this effect was today successful In the Supreme Court Chambers, and the lis pendens against the lands In Mount Pleasant, of Alexander MeArthnr was ordered to be vacated upon security being given for any loss the plaintiff might sustain as a result. "The husband palled with this property after we Issued our writ," said Mr. Hulme, appearing for the wife. "I don't know anything about that," returned Mr. Joseph Martin, K. C, "I appear for the purchaser und we are entitled to register our deed. We can't do thut with this order against the land that't any right to be flier?. The law Is clear, 1 have the authorities. A man might as well file an order and tie up my land in anticipation of a judgment on a promissory note." Mr. Justice Morrison agreed. Suit for Damages. After an hour of evidence and argument Judge Cane reserved judgment In (he suit In which Mrs. Mary Williams of New Westminster seeks from the Uritlsh Columbia Electric Hallway Company $1000 for injuries received in a collision of cars during tin; New Westminster Fair. A release of the company from liability on the payment of n much lower figure which the plaintiff had accepted, and In vain offered to return was a feature of the McCrossen, Schultz & Harper, appearing for her, contended that this release was not bindinfg. C. W. Craig argue 1 the case for the company. WILD MAN STORY FROM UPCOAST Superstitious Natives Declare that Hairy Person They Have Seen Digs Clams. A monkey-like wild man who appears on the beach at night, who howls in unearthly fashion betwei n Intervals of exertion at clam digging, has almost been the cause of depopulating an Indian village, according to reports by officers of the steamer Cnpikmo, which reached port last night from the north. The Capilano on her trip north put Into P.ishop's cove where there Is a small Indian settlement. As soon as the steamer appeared in sight all the Inhabitants put off from the shore in canoes and clambered on board the Capilano in a state of terror over what they called a monkey covered with long hair and standing about five feet high which came out on the beach at night to dig clams and howl. The Indians say they had tried to shoot it, but failed, which further increased their superstitious fears. The officers of the vessel heard some animals howling along, the shore that night but are not prepared to swear that It was the voice of the midnight visitor who bo frightened the Indians. Laurfer's Name Did Trick. Montreal, March 8. Complete returns In the federal hyp-elections in 1Assoniption. and Richelieu give two Liberal victories yesterday. Lr. Lau-rier defeated I,emare, Conservatvie, in L'Assomption by 215. The contest drew out a good vote as both candidates has string follow ings. .The .Liberal policy of Dr. I.aurier, not to speak of his family name, proved invincible In Quebec. Fell Dead at Bank Wicket. Kdmcntoii. March 8. John Van Grun.gin f'l dead of paralysis at the Northern Hank wicket here to-day While making a deposit. HEAD EW CQUR FAVORABLE TO RUEF Attorney's Effort to Postpone Prosecution Is Defeated Defendant Still Missing-Mayor Pleads Not Guilty, Kan Francisco, March S. (Special.) Mayor Eugene Kchmlt, appeared before Superior Judge Dunne yesterday ami pleaded not guilty tu the four indictments charging him with extortion. Uy agreement of counsel next Monday was designated as the time when a dale for his trial will be set. Success was with the prusecution at almost every turn in the developments In the Uuef extortion case- Th2 most notable Instance was in the l)!s-. triet Court of Appeals, where Justices Cooper, Hull und Kerrigan denied Kuef's application for a writ of prohibition to restrain Judge Dunne from any further proceedings against Huef In the Superior Court pending the determination of the accused man's appeal to the Culled Slates Supreme Court for a permanent writ of error, the effect of which if granted would be; to sumarily postpone the entire prosecution. Cases of Perjury Taken. While the attorneys for Huef, who is still in hiding, supposedly in or near San Francisco, were hopefully awaiting the decision of the Appeal Court. Judge Dunne proceeded with the two eases of perjury and conspiracy against Huef and Chief of Police Dinan. He was obdurate to the endeavors of Attorney shoitrldge to win delay for Ruef. Motions to strike the case from the files and to set aside the indictments were denied, and to escape the Imminent necessity of pleading at once, Kuef's counsel entered a demurrer which hnd been previously prepared to meet this emergency should it arise. Ruef Still Missing. Coroner Welsh, delegated in Sheriff O'Neill's Mend to apprehend Ruef, after the court had declared the sheriff incompetent, reported his failure, and was given until to-day to make good. Failing then, Judge Dunne will probably appoint an elisor to bring the fugitive lo court. Shortly before 5 p. m. counsel for Ruef made application to the tdate Supreme Court for identically the same writ of prohibition refused earlier in the day by the District Court of Appeals. ONE RESTAURANT WOULD PAY $1000 Aplication for License for New Hotel Will Come Before Commissioners Next Tuesday. Even with a thousand-dollar annual license fee attached the business of conducting a restaurant with the privilege of Belling wines and beer would appear to be profitable in the eyes of those In the business. The fee was placed at the figure noted by last year's Council with the idea that It was practically prohibitive and would drive this class out of business. However, at the initial meeting of the new License Commission next Tuesday the body will find the proprietors of the His-niarck Cafe ready tu put up the $1000 In return for the license. Several applications have been made by the lostaurunteurs for a reduction of the fee, but the finance committee has so far sidestepped the matter and refused definite action. Just what the outcome will be is uncertain. Among civic officials thero is a feeling that no such license should be grahtcd to a place fitted up with private boxes and further that the greatest care fdxmld be exercised In granting privileges under the restaurant license head. The new commission will have the application of Mr. C. F. Mohr before It for the licensing of a new hotel at the place now occupied by the Hastings Rooming-house. The following transfers will also come up: Australia Hotel, from It. Asbeek to P. J. Robinson: Hotel Rainier, from Charles Hartney to J. H. Quunn; Radmlnton Hotel, from J. W. Wallis to Norman W. Stiles. GREAT NORTHERN OFFICIALS HERE A party of Great Northern Railway officials, headed by Mr. F. K. Ward of St. Paul, general manager of the road, arrived in Vancouver at 6:30 o'clock this morning from the South by special train. A general Inspection of western lines is now being carried on by Mr. Ward, and the visit of the party to Vancouver is in that connection. After spending the morning in the city looking over the V. W. & Y. terminals on False Creek and ISurrnrd Inlet, the party left for the South again this afternoon. Those included in the party were Mr. A. II., St. Paul, chief engineer; H. A. Kennedy, Spokane, assistant general superintendent: E. J. Little, superintendent of telegraphs; W. Chase, superintendent of dining cars, and W. D. Scott, superintendent at Kverett. Mr. Louis Hill, vice-president of the Great Northern, Is expected here within a few days. The company is considering a plan to run a fery service from Blaine to Sidney, Vancouver Island, instead of the present cumbersome route by way of Ludner. CHIEF SHOWED HIM ERROR OF HIS WAYS Edmonton. M;m h 8. (it ore-? VUito, glvintf his aUlrs an Cultf.tiy. t rll to ht up th town iMKt iiitfht whtk on a Fpr' Fit wu by t,"m- unblo fire 11. aft r iiri:u om- h.t with a r'V-ilvrr. It took ix rltliv n.s to r;irry Iiim to th- rolls ami tln ri In ut-tfinptPil t lav out f ,,f liHc Slit klilin- Hy lh' li' n- thj f f Ua fplit his lip. lil'K'k' iiHl his unl ;iit liii (iir pon W" li it n;t- Ms min-tnkt. llf pot Pix month for n-si.-t-inn nrrst Mini oil"- utuiila fi car-yjn Uic revolver. DUNNAN DECLARESHE WILL fIGHT FOR RIGHTS Market Proposition Now Held Up Because of Foreshore Dispute, CITY MAKES AN OFFER, But Occupant Who Bases Claim . on Twenty Years' Residence Declines Cash, Mr. J. Dunnan stated most emphatically Ihls morning thut the city will not he allotted to construct a wharf for the contemplated market at the south end of Westminster avenue bridge until it shall have made terms with him for the transfer of the rights he claims tu hold to the foreshore desired. "The .Mayor has offered me Jli.00 to move off the place," he said, "but it Is no such insignificant sum as that which will make tin; leave a place where I have lived for over twenty years, and to which I have legal rights which the Dominion tlovermuenl is bound to protect. "It was twenty-one years ago next month, that I located on that foreshore, and at that time ten years' occupancy made a basis for a Dominion lease. Just as the first nine years was up the Dominion changed the term to a twenty-years' occupancy, and I just hung on for the longer period. Several times during the twenty years I approached the Government for the lease, but was told that nothing could be considered. When my twenty years' occupancy was up, however, it happened that my letter to the department as to the fact reached Ottawa just when Aid. llaxter was there, intent on securing the location for the city. The same train which brought him back also brought me a letter stating that the Surveyor-General was now on the coast and would look Into my claim. Forwarded Plans to Ottawa. "A few days later, that official, in company with Col. Anderson, came down to see me, and stated that it' I would get a proper survey of the plot made and forward it with my application and a statement of facts it would receive attention. This I have done, and t lie papers are now ut Ottawa. It the city wishes to take over that piece of foreshore W must pay for. my rights according to their worth, which Is certainly not to be measured by tiny paltry $1500, which would noL repay me for the buildings alone, leaving aside the loss I would suffer In my boatbuilding business."' Mr. Dunnan further stated that the wire from the Dominion officials some months ago asking if the city intended to build the market wharf, and stating that such action would be a trespass, was instigated by a wire from him. "When 1 heard t lie city contemplated action, 1 at once informed the department at Ottawa," lie said, "and the prompt manner in whicb notification was sent showed how good my claim is considered there." Offers Land for Sale. The city's claim that Mr. Dunnan sold all his interest in the foreshore to the city when he transferred Hie fifty-two feet frontage on Westminster avenue, ho meets with the statement that In that transaction he merely acted as agent for the Yorkshire Guarantee Company, and such transfer could not therefore give any riitht to such .holdings as he individually, had any right to. Mr. Dunnan presented another phase of this transfer this morning, by staling that the city owed him il.'iu as commission for making the transfer, and said he intended to present a bill for Hie amount. o certain is Mr. Dunnan of his rights to the location he now occupies, that he has publicly offered it for sale, and any person desiring may now purchase his rights, having, of course, as an attachment, a legal fight with the city for the continuance In possession of the property. TAKE UP COAL LANDS ON MALCOLM ISLAND Mr. Kphraim Hodgson of Nanalmo lias organized a company composed niainiy of Winnipeg and New York capitalists to take up the coal lands of Malcolm Island. Mr. Hodgson believes that in locating on Malcolm Island he will throw open the greatest coal fields on the coast. His wide experience .in locating coal fields and his familiarity with sueh a subject, make such a statement from him worthy of note. He located coal at Extension, Ilaslam Creek, McKay's and other places. Mal'olm Island is situated about L'OO miles up the coast, and consists of about L' acres. An expert drill-man will arrive in the city shortly, and after consulting w ith Mr. Hodgson, v. ill leave for Malcolm Island lo commence work at In the meantime Mr. Hodgson is still In charge of the coal-boring operations at Cedar district. Vancouver Island, for the A. C. Flumerfelt interests and thoroughly believes that splendid coal fields will be evuituully openwl up there. Nominated as Bencher. Nelson, li. '.. March At a tin . ting of the local I!ar Association last night, It. R. I.ennie was unanimously nominated as a candidate for In n, her to the Uritish Colombia Law Society from this district, the election for which takes plaee on 'March ff-lMMMt l.atnnKi In 'i'omntit. Tomnt... ..!., t. lt s - fir. t.i-t ,iiB,t del about J Ju lian s,ri,are to ., si,,.,., room and machine shop of J ,f .Me Ijttlgiilm C.UIip:lll', sntliittaier i,i;t!i;ry, Slu rtioe roe v-n I, b-Md.s (,e,i kie lh- ill It III, I Mrt lt lilt" lUliiV ill. i,l,':iL 1WO hours. NICOLA LINE WILL OPEN Ifl APRIL C, P, R, Will Take Over Spences Bridge-Nicola Line at End of Present Month Inspection Party Returned, Not till April will trains be running regularly oyer the Spen, s firidHu-Nlcola branch of the C. '. U., as thero still remains a small amount of work to be done before the roud Is taken over from Messrs. Loss & Mucdonell, the contractors for construction. The party of local ollieials of the C. P. K. which left on Wednesday afternoon for the Nicola line on an inspection tour, returned this morning, arriving In Vancouver at 4 o'elo, k in private cars attached to the transcontinental express, which should have arrived yesterday morning from the ICast. The delay on the through express was experienced cast of the Koekles. The Inspection party was composed of Mr. K. Marpole, general executive agent; Mr. K. 1-'. Hnsteed, general superintendent; Mr. H. J. ('limbic, eetisuliing engineer; Mr. H. K. Ileasley. sup. rintetideiit, and Mr. James A. Maedoiiell of the contracting linn. "We have not yet determined when the road will be opehei for operation," said Mr. Bustced this morning, "hut us there still remains a small amount of Work to be done on the line, I do not think that truins will bo running regularly Into Nicola before April. We found the road an exc, !i tit piece of work." IIDnlS CASE MAY NOT BE TRIED AGAIN Jury Disagreed and Lawyers for Defence Say County Cannot Stand Expense of Another Trial-Cost $25,000 Wallace, Idaho, March 8. The Jury in the trial of Steve Adams for the murder of Fred Tyicr, after being ill deliberation since 11 o'clock Wednesday forenoon, last evening announced through Foreman Goorge fillers, that it was Impossible to agree upon a verdict, and was discharged by Judge Woods. The jury for many fioarit stood at seven for convlejjon cr-A fivw for acquittal, and it was only, upon the last ballot that the jurymen stood evenly divided, six for convict ion and six for acquittal. Judge Woods thanked Hie jury for its patience and diligence In service, after the foreman declared positively that it was impossible to r. aeh a verdict, and declared them discharged. This means that tlio Steve Adams case must lie tried again. May Not Be Tried Again. The prosecution declares that Adams will be tried again for the murder of Tyler, but net sooner than the next term of the court, which begins in October. Attorneys for the defence openly state their belief that Adams will never be tried again en the Tyler charge. They point to the expense of the county cf Shodione, estsinaUd to bo JJ.'.OOO for this trial clone, and say that the prost cut ion will in their opinion ultimately announce thai the ease is dropped. MINING INSTITUTE ELECTED OFFICERS Toronto, March 8.- vial. , The fololowlllg are the officers of tin: Canadian Mining Institute el. ei, to-day: Council, K. W. Oilman, M atrial; James McKvoy. Ferule, ). c. ; r:;nik li. .Snitli. Cdttlonloli; K. W. linn k, Uilawa; J. C. Guillam, Kingston; Dr. I'. 1 . Adams, Montreal; II. j.;. T. t.-i ultnin, Cralg-miml; David H. Krown, Copper Cliff. The election of offices h suited ;is follows and when anninoeeit were received with applause: 1'; :-ni' at, Frederick lloffer. Greenwood. H. I'.; vice-presidents. Dr. Bouse)! Cuter I.Muit- ical), V,'. G. Millar CI i and W. F. Itobertsim (Victoria!, m en tare, ). Mortimer Lanili, Montn.u ' i ,: v, J. Stevenson ltrown, Monti' EDWARD COCHRANE, M. P. DIES AFTER OPERATION Ottawa, March 8. , Special.) Kd-wurd Cochrane. M. I".. I or Nm tinniib-orlrtnd County, Ontario, who died this morning, laid neon for iedcy si ssions j one of the most familial figure on the i Conservative side of ihc House of Commons and had h nt ninny a touch ! of humor to the dulltxss of debut, a. I Mr. Coeluane entered the House in 1S82 and bad held his siat with the exception of one parlianu i.turj d i ai. He w as operated on Sofe v.eeks ac,o fur cancer but without any avail. ACCIDENT CAUSED DEATH OF BABY Particularly Fad were stances surrounding Hi. rothy Dim, the Infant da and Mrs. Henry Dim of Home house-cleaning In the Fltn residence, ao was being used. The I was only eighteen nioo: ('ling around accidental ladder over on hrseif . afternoon. Tiie Jaddei -so heavily that Interna! ii dieted that resulted i death yesterday aff.o ily is prostrated om i t eiice. the eircum-dealh of I)o-agiiter of Mr. Nicola street, as in piottresH t a stepiaiid-'r tie sill, who old. in toib- pllll"d 1 1 1 f- II Wednesday j : n. k tiie ch id i injuries were ; ' ne little im's : '.i. The fan:- e- .-.el oci u r- ' Favors Municipal Telephones. Nelson. It. C. J.,r. b v , Special.) The Nelson Hoard of Tia.le unanimously decided last aV in t.m.r .f Hie public ownership of ie;,i. hoins in I'.riiish Columbia. Tie m . n will be taken up by the "i"'ii 1 gctes ., t-e t ;r-.-r:u oi., c.oivt m ion of 'be Ass,,, tialMl Hoards of Trade Maiih la. BEHAVE Few Who Guaranteed to Be Good Allowed in House of Commons. DURING FRANCHISE BILL, Police Were in Ambush Ready for Disturbance Which Did Not Occur. London, March 8. The Woman's Enfranchisement Dill, wliieh came up for its second reading In the House of Commons to-day, and which was introduced by Mfc Dickinson, Liberal, although practically Identical with the measure introduced by Mr Kelr Har-uie, Labor, last year, has evoked far greater general Interest. The bill simply provides that women shall have the franchise on the same terms upon which it Is now granted to men. The House of Commons was crowded ugahi when the debate began, but only women whose good behavior was guaranteed by members of Parliament were permitted to enter the gallery. The forces Inside and outside the building w ere doubled, and a special detachment of police was held in reserve in the neighborhood In spite of the fa;:l that the militant women had announced that they would quietly await the vote In the House. Kept Members to Pledges. The Suffrage fciucielles were active throughout the morning trying to insure the attendance of all the supposed supporters of the bill, and they claimed to have four hundred and thirty members pledged to vote for If. All members w ho were considered to be In the least lukewarm in the matter were advised by telephone or telegraph this morning that their seats will he endangered if they fulled to fulfil their Pledges. It is admitted that many promises to support the bill were given by Liberals un the supposition that women, if franchisee!, would vote for Liberal candidates, but t lie return of the large Conservative majority at the municipal elections In London on Saturday last, in which the women voted, letided to dispel Ihls illusion, and since tiien many members of Parliament who prominently sympathized with the Dickinson bill have been stricken wltn a mysterious Illness which will not permit them to attend the sessions of the House of Commons. Many Hostile Motions. There were no fewer than sixty motions hostile to the bill placed on the table, while just prior to the opening of the debate a petition signed by twenty-one g 1 women was presented protesting against granting parliamentary suffrage to women on the ground that Si w ould destroy their influence in I heir own spheres of work. After Mr. Dii kiuson's opening speech for the bill, the Premier announced that it was the Intention of the (lovern-nient to leave the question to the decision of the House. Personally he favored the general principle of the Inclusion of late years owing to the linger part of women who had taken lo wage-earning and in the professions. On many questions, continued the Premier, the opinion of women was equal to, if not greater than that of men- If.e stated he was not In favor with the present bill because it would not enfranchise to the necessary degree the working-class women and workmen's wives. He would vote for the bill, however, as a declaration of bis opinion that the exclusion from the franchise was not expedient, justifiable or a political right. METHODIST MINISTERS WHO ARE TRANSFERRED Toronto, March K. The transfer committee of the Methodist Chun h has arranged transfers nf ministers among the thirteen Canadian Culifeii la cs as follows: ftev. Dr. Jnines Fllimt. Montreal to Manitoba: ftev. (i. leirwtn, Manitoba to Sasku ( , liewa n ; Hev. Dr. s. 0. Itland. Manitoba f.i So la I clewnn : lli v. (. M. Tiuniip'-fiu. Moll i rial to British Cnlntnbia ; Rev. ;. A. I)ais. Montreal to Saskatchewan; Hev. V. K. Pcscutt, Iti'itisli Columbia to .ln ni mba ; Hev. t. Afillikeii. .Manitoba to Hritisli CoPimnia ; Hev. K. K. Marstcll, ll nml- to Albeit.,; Key. J. K. II. inks All brta to 1 la tllilton ; Hev. K. It. HP ili- 1, :i iter. I! A , Multiloba to Alberta; ;. v. J. 1". Ileiry, P.. A.. Hay of laiiile t.i Alb-cta. to Hamilton: Hey. E It S'etn-wan to Hay of yuinte: Hev. S. Wilkinson. Manitoba lo Snskati liewa n : Hev. W. J. Hoard, S i.-kati li. iv in to Manitoba: Hev. S. P. Kid.lell. a to Saslja tehewall ; ltev. C. S ltiddiik, Hal of ijtiinte to Itiiiich r ' ; 1 1 in I,!,, : It. v J. W. Dii ki 1 1 --oil. S o-kii t lo w a 1 1 to it L -1 1 Columbia: It. v. N. It. Ip.iga. H.,i,h1i,.ii to Manitoba. Tile cliang. will Bo into i ffei t between tie aiiiliile of Mo, and tie- ru.l of June. EMPLOYERS ELECT THEIR OFFICERS At Hi" toe. t ne of tin- Van-lOU'.er lOn.ldovi rs' A.--'c lot inn last ev, niiig, t'o folb m ivg l.ftl.i-l" woe , b- te.l. l'i'-i'bnf. W. II Klik: ve e-presnl. !,( ., H. i b- ti i : sue:,, vii e-ple-i.biil. V. titer If-pbnin; wl'liiiy, A K. H been. A ban! !! !. M ell' r :c lie col- ill;.'. The -'to !.'!..! w - l,e "... and lltllU-i.-tn Memorial to Maell. Mont .! Mr. i. v T 1 '!"te..'.-! I S. ho.. I Cor.. .1:1.-- s 1...V- decided to pay Mi.- .,. h M..v .-..'- s.,l:i :y to her inno'i. i f tr t!:- -' t '!. The e. w . !.! ! - - .;d- I the Sarah Jiiee i ,! !. id S l.'i'ri in .r of the I. '.:,, of Pie llo -'. 'ac.l Lit. Petty Republics Engage in Bloody Struggle-Prominent Positions Captured by Hon-durans Many Killed, Managua, NMcaraguu, March 8. U Is reported here that C.enerul Manuel I.lo-nllla, President of Honduras, personally witnessed his forces attack the Nlcaraguan positions at Namusiquo, In Honduras. The Niearaguan forces were routed, and many were either killed or made prisoners. Yesterday the .Nlcaraguan forces captured the Honduras position at Til-guare after a hard fight. In this engagement many Hotiduran prisoners were taken. Tuguare Is not far from Choltiteca, the strongest position held by the Hotiduran troops. Salvador in State of Siege, San Salvador, Republic of Salvador, March 8. The National Assembly yesterday decreed the Republic of Salvador to be lua state of siege. President Zeilla of Nicaragua lias issued a violently worded proclamation against Honduras, (iuatemala and Salvador. Previous, reports that the Hotiduran troops are triumphing over the Nlea-raguans have been confirmed. WHO IS FREQUENTER UNDER STATUTE? Interesting Legal Argument This Morning at Police Court Mr. Wood-worth Gets Revolvers. A long and technical argument as I ) what constitutes "habit" and "a frequenter" of an unlawful place was the feature of this morning's session of the Cordova street Court. "Four or five limes in two months cannot be said to form the first, nor make the second," argued Mr. C. M. Woodwortli for the defendant, S. V. Parr. Then he read the dictionary meaning and quoted authorities, but all In vain. "I must find the defendant guilty; $L'a and costs, In default, two months' lniprlsiinmcr.t." Hut there are two more charges against Parr preferred by William Ker-foot, one of false pretences and one of forgery. They will be heard to-morrow;, l'arr is a tailor and a recent ur-rival. The trial will also be beard to-morrow of Frank Lumont on a charge of having stolen property In his possession. The case against Thomas ltowdan, charged wilh assaulting A. Tomklns, was ulso adjourned. "I make application for two revolvers in the custody of the officers of this court, and which they have no right lo rctuin." Mr. Woodworth's application startled even the detectives. "The owners lire In another part of the country," he added. "Have you their written order'.'" asked the court. This was produced, and the lawyer went below for the shooting irons of Walsh ami May wood, whom Mr. Woodworm succeeded In selling at liberty upon appeal from a technically faulty conviction fur thefts. V. W. & Y. HEARING ON SECOND OF APRIL Civic authorities were surprised this morning by the receipt of a wire from Ottawa, staling that the Railway Commission had fixed April '1 as the date for Hie hearing of the applications of the V., V. Hl Y. for the construction of a spur across the east end of (he city. City Solicitor Cowan had agreed to the Importunities of Mr. John Hendry on behalf of the company and accepted March in, the earliest date previously mentioned, as the time of the hearing. This was agreed to because of the expressed desire of tin: railway company to get to work at the earliest possible inoini nt that the Commission decided favorably on the application. The later date therefore comes as a surprise all around. It. is thought, that the fixture was made because of the representations of the C. p .R. and Uritish Columbia l-.leetrie Railway Company, both of which are Interested, and at Hie hearing for the fixing of the application asked for longer time for preparation of their cases. LARGE DEALS IN " " DOWNTOWN REALTY Cavnn-gli ti lli.Id. u daring t;,, last tv,, or three ll.iv s haw ,, , , 1 1. 1 , , i j i, number ,,f niiort a n 1 r.a i state il.als on (Iranwlle ami I' sl.'e.-ts and 'e.-t uiiri-t. i- avei a s. I .lit --.-.- fool lot at li..- corner ..f li, ;.. u and Cianville stl-e, is I,..,, ,.,,1,1 (,, j,... ;i capitalists for Jin, anil. Tle y will prnli-ably build a I.I... k of sd.i.-s on it in the tear fnlntre. Two tii.-f,,ot . ,t s in blo.k HJ. ell Hranville sueet, base also i . i ii si, , for $ ;.; mo. ami tie-I !(.. meat in.cket. in blo. k KJ, has . Ii iii-. .1 ieiteU at ;.i....,l. Winnipeg capita,,. -Is tunc hno.dil f.oi.l tlie'ln also, ,i. Klli.-on bhiok for $.",(!. ijOO easb and two water lnls on Cordova street have also none into WiiTaip.g hands for $ Jii.t.ito. These transiieii.ins. wliib totaling up to f Hit. onn. repr. s. nt i.niy t':,. larger transaction ,u Unmml, this office in the l,,vt few- days, while many smaller ones totaling many thousands more have gone through. NO DECISION ON TRAMWAY PASSES It sliiltd at to City H;ill iU m-ii ni'itf (li;U ni'ttlutHy n fum li.iniis of umv i harrsi ttT have id i) rt a l. 11.- roimtiittfi: iff ariilUation on tli-'pa.'-s" ijuo-tion. rai-.! hy the Kntisli VI; un It! a Kiflrie liil w;tv 'oiupa n . as against th litv. Sn far is th--. .tuinlti. from any l.-mn that ft j -mit a- A on V ilio ,..r tii- pur-'-- ol linilutir oat j.;-.t , h-r- it .i at. in ottn r wonls. ,i'i-t vrl:'ttr i! vw xpc' ln! to tit-tin' rh- t- ru 'i.f!ViaJs" in tin- an r-mr nt or i s; - i:l ally a t upon tin- lifct of pasi--s a.-ki f.r ly tt.c it y Hit.- ytar. A." this is i- ut.l'y i1 It rniiii'--l !!. -'a ,iltt will !!! ;.ii"t!n i" ALL BUILDING TRADES Some Increases of a Jollar a Day Are Now Being Asked, NO STRIKES ARE LIKELY, Questions to Be Consideied Between Contractor and Men Before April 1, As the first day of April draw nearer it is In ndim a certainly that the majority of the building trade in Vnneouver ivlll their wag! Kchcdulcsf and In number of Instances notification to this eti'eet has been served on the em plo.v i ng contraetoi s. There ure dill', relict s of opinion between the contract ors ami the men In certain inslnneen, but there Is every reason to believe that xiti.-faetory adjustments, villi be made before the en I of the present month. it is a notevvortin f.n t that 111 neti-lleclloii with the readjust inent of ngr.e-nients between the i ontr.iclors and llin men there is no ,Ue.ti in of a rediielioii of the hours nf labor, a point which a few years ago was tie- cause of a great deal of friction. The hours til present in force In Hie majority of Hie building trades, einht per .l;n. are apparent-lv satisfactory. Plasterers and Lathers. The plasterers, now in receipt of t;2'a cents an hour for elulil hours work, am (inking for an Increase to ;." eenis si it hour, or the difference between $a mid $(i per day. l'last lets' laborers nil now In reeelpl of tin eciils an hour. l athers tire now paid at the rate of -..'ill per thousand lor Iheir work but on and alter April 1 liny want $:t. There will likely be no trouble o this Increase and the i niployei vill merely raise their price from $"J.75 per thousand to .',.',, Team-owners Ask Mire. The carpenters, now yeetiring $3.50 a day, are asking an increase lo $ Team-owners, H is re.rt.-d, also intend to put their r;)1es up. Teams ar llow hired at tln tat., of $li and $C.."iil per day but. the owners declare that the cost of labor, feed and fonts having advanced tliey Kill he compelled tu charge inure for their ' horses: and Wilsons and tlllle surprise would ha occasioned If (he tariff was pul up tu $7 or $7.r,i) a day. The galvanized irnmvoi l;ers are net behind in making a claim tor incrcaseil wages. I h..y Mr a-Uini: an incfea as.) from $;!.;;. lo l per d.ij of eiuht hours SIXTY PERMITS FOR NEW RESIDENCES Present Month Promises to Establish Another Record Fifteen Houses in One Block, . permit coveriim the lui gent s'uigln application lor re-id-iifijl hiiildinvs ever made to tie- lniiMio ,; department was applied for :!, -id iv afieriiooii. it 0. II 1 te III 1 1 ,tt ", ... , ,,sli uelioll et fifteen frame I. nil. lilies m, the blo. k in Mount I'l-Meuit hounded by Ninth and Tenth a eiiu. ,s and Vl. to i,, .uel Ceoiaoi sire. 'Is. thus e.unap.tely tilling llm block. Air. I-:. llnM usoo ma plication, at,. I the ar.-o.i: of the eXpeil dill II ' nu.ii'.ed A not her fir:..' p e mi; t an Kpectnr .l.trr-lt vvi-i Ibil for block oil II.lst!l,.l Mi-vl, ! ite t ne .l'- e ainouet is $::ii,mni. 'e-l by lathe Clark ir Canall, which will b- built by Smi'h AL Sherborne, at an e-.!nn.(le I . ost of i .'.", ()()0. The same firm ot , .o r e tors also took out the permit I a tb f iuji'iatious nf the in-vv pro 'ii, -ill i ' en tbonse, t all estimated cost of $li! 't.i.. other permits mauled morning weie .is f ,P - , i. u . M.iyoard, Keef-r street, l '. A. M K..m(Ty, Tenth avenue, live., ,M. C n ml. , two houses each; A. ,:. Kili!h W. M. I !!., Id, ii t Jpo.) i t, tVji); , $;ufto;!"e, A "atkiu , l-'ifta t.-i I'ait Cir l. C. Ciark", liigb ii ir J. i;. liiti. We,., addition. (!). II , ,p lienniaii sir. -i, " . aveiiue. t'i'o' Cuiiduiit Iii.-,o, lot .J.i this year was to a w il In. u' any d ,nbf . S over sIMy hui!ili:;i;s .if been a a ! l. . i.ed a , i seventy-inn.- for ibe , M.l! f! I isf year e.,,i on : it EIGHT YEARS' SENTENCE FOR WILLIAM M'GEE M.j.itrtMi. M i" i iS'i.-, ia: i Wni .1. Mrlifi, l'.i'l:)M 'V V- c !.i'V-:v;,!ef 'if tilt- I'.-M'l M j : 1,1 Uuii.llliit: Ai riillfil', ttii.i ? - -1 i !:. -" !-t t-:ul I v.t . 1 in lit" p-i;i'.:! i.i: .v - I I is I. Sll'.rt.lg'-S It! '. "l-" .: 1 .I'1'!.- Inl.iu.vls I I a- -i ii' S .;i-!"..i ani'Uint i . : i y. ! nu mm, VANCOUVER WAN DIED AT BELLINGHAM ;e"l'.l4l!.i-., JI .;. , il" :ll 1 Wbi:- s- .ir.-b'K ! ' '' an '; 1 uhuii'b.ii. d iu- .." b-:i..;it t!. Jlaipe.ii ( is. r. it v Soi,:; .-.un neon 1 h. t-ad bet , .111 ! ! . a pi b Trr of Van o'l.-'- .ad i . s almost die-! of ; .-I. il.rriio . i ! .: ird l w o t; - . Neve.' Brunswick Mao Kii'ed. li li: .un, V . M h v eiai ) Al; e Itoj,'-. ' "' "f St. John. . 1! ) '''-' n;i ; kio.ii '. Wake, ., ,. -I tin : o .;:-. ,.t -,:b-eri,. 1! a-' pt -1 ' -rd a ti.ov -illg tra.n l.if die! ! i .) '.!- ' sn e.v and ! ins i , - v bi.. !l pa.-.-, i -ier limi - V- - 'e a t I lee-. - 1 .,, ,o . ..:ii. ,, ,., Pao lo ris, an t.i a" -i'.t ar ;t. f. : u

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