The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1950
Page 9
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jmmSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14. OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams BLYTHETILLE (AKK.) COURIER Our Boordinq House with Moj. HoopU SURE I BEEN ALL PAY OM THIS OSK ORDER/ TH6 (SUV HE \MAMTEP TO ALL I CAW ASK OF •)00 MOW IS, PONT DELIVER rr Lixs-THier-- LET HIM CO A UTTLg 5OM6THJW6 OW THAT 6OC* » A BURR «AX3DtC, MA.30Rf.-OF COORSl XHJ ARE W A TRANCE MOST OF THE DAV, ANY WAY, 8iif-tU6 AROMA OF THAT MIGHT PERFOM& YOUR —MWZTWA.-S TDM IS O&T/MKli!*S A 3O8 foe. Mt AS TANNERY WATCHMAW.' MW FIWO "TUB WA.MT-AX5S AND F 5UCW UHSAS/ORY KSl WORK/-~ -THINK OF SLUMBER ING THROUGH AU1U6 DNY'S OP FLASSTOME HOW ELSE VDU GQNWA FKSUEE THE OU1COOR CLERK. Service Sales Engineering DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. lor Improued FUNCTION In a majority of cases investigated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function woi Improved, Bladder pain and discomforl reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor Has diagnosed your condition a« functional Kidney Impairment this natural, untreated mineral water mav be very beneficial. Try it for a few weeks. h it delicious, pure-tasliny, and may b« consumed freely. Cress town Whiskey Shop Main & Division By Edwin Rutt GLASS Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 Till; STOIlVi Kiilth Ploci«. tke former J:,J» Frry. k»» bfcB ulnrrd >» kiT l»tber'« nil! I. ekaritc »t l-'n-j- * CLinipiiny, an advprliMtnp • tine,. She nndi. .lit k». botk fc«»limi lrnulllr» Hid f.mllr IrnuhEfA nltk ktr t\vn brnlhrrN J«-n nnU >l>-run. :ind yuiiD};« r .u. trr Ji-*i», Then rtmtra a leiirr front krr JiH^hnnd. f'ctrr l-'Iood n«,klnK for » UKorc,. Thr pirn dn> »k" • n« • ptianr rnll friira fill Sn«n. •nrrflold. „. „,* , rU .»d b.rt f°"» KJ," 1 ;*." 1 F".V!. l ™"'i i i. t! "»i H , i i: wlrk Innc V»> .S.n't « XIX gO, in spite of Peter Flood's claim in his letter ot "no plans or projects,". he was indeed engaged upon a project. Well, thought Edith Flood, her husband certainly hadn't wasted much lime after asking her to agree lo a divorce. "I -thought," Oil Sumnieirflcld finished limply, "that j-ou ought to know." Ede asked very calmly: "What made you think I didn't know, His eyes traveled away from her. "I'd rather not answer that I know Peter Flood. I don't want to say any more." "You needn't," Ede said. 1 think 1 understand." "And now," he looked downcast T suppose you'll class me with the other scandal-mongers?" • •. Ede 'l, hand cover «d his' across Jhe table. "No, Gil. You were absolutely right about two things I didn t and I should know it And I'M tell you jomelhing Peter has asked me for a divorce " ... G 'j' 5 head J erkcd "P quickly And you?" Ede shrugged. "I'll glve lt to him, of course. I've already written him. He has carte blanche to do as he likes. Hut the Mexico part is interesting." Gil said, his voice low, "I cant Copjrri,),! I9SO I, NEA S.r,K., 1.C an Idee Kxec and he's carrying It out. Do you remember, Gil 1 lolti you thai Pelcr felt sold down the river because he didn't get some- tiling he wanted? Well, he's trying for il again, that's all, And"— her mouth twisted wryly—"from what you said about Irene Van V.T'M he ' s aftDr bi EEer game now. " '"'. for his s ake, I hope he makes « this time." "You're charitable. In your shoes. I'd want lo kill him." "Perhaps I wouldn't consider It worlh-while." ', Oil toyed so long with the handle of a spoon that the pause grew embarrassing. Finally, "Ede, I'm going to ask you something. And you can answer it or smack my face, just as you see fit." "I've never smacked your face much, have I, Gil?" "Okay." His fibers twisted around the spoon handle. "Are you still in love with Peler Flood, She gave him a long look and her green eyes were veiled, hooded. "What do you think, Gil?" she "I think," Gil said quietly, "(hat „ «iidi i want to was a quarter to t in the morning. Ede, arriving at the agency early >nd happening to pass Chuck Stoneham's office be held a most unorthodox sight' On Chuck's desk reposed a bot- e three-quarters empty. Chuck "If-".'•!" hii iwivf] chalr ith hi.v feet on the desk. His !,!!. aS °" his chesl and nis h "»d nodded. Perched like a brown monkey on the window sill was Pat Veraon. There was a drink in his hand. Aghast, Ede stared at the dissolute scene. They moved suddenly like puppet! on a string. Chuck shot up In his chair, blinking out trf red- rimmed eyes. Pat slid off the window sill, grinned at her, looked sheepishly nt th« glass h« held, then set it on the floor. "Now, look," Ede begun angriJy. "What you do afler hours is your own business. But " She slopped suddenly. She was perceiving that they were not in the Icasl drunk. Only tired, to the point of exhaustion. Then her eyem fell on the layoiils ranged all «long the baseboard of the wall at one side of the room. There was a piece of copy, typed on yellow scratch paper, clipped to each. ^ AT VERNON indicated the misty-eyed Stoneham whose hend had begun to droop again. "The maestro, here, got a brainwave on Morn-Glo yesterday afternoon. So we decided to stick around last night and work It out. And we got going and couldn't stop. I'm sorry about the liquor. Miss Frey. Tha< was my Idea. Chuck chewed the cork a little and I drank the rest, m take the rap for that," "Forget it," said Ede. She looked at them wonderingly. "Do you mean to say you actually worked all nighl?" "That's right." Stoneham recovered long enough to put the bottle away in his desk. "But It was worth it. I think we've got something, Miss Frey." Ede was bending over looking at the layouts. All at once she straightened up. "Why, these ar« wonderful," sh» said. "Simply swell " "Sure." Pat Vernon winked, quirking the whole tide of hit face. "The layouts are okay I wouldn't know about the copy » Nuts tu you," said Sloneham, with a tired smile. "1 don't have to read the copy- Ede said. "The'headlin« get tb. whole thing over, and the idea behind it ii perfect. You've both done a grand job." "I hope Norfhcott thinks so too » • nuck murmured. "We'll try and make him think just that," Ede said. "Now get out at here, both of you. You need sleep. We'll talk these over with Jeffrey and Mr. Reagan tomorrow." <T» He Continued) For careful attention to the filling of your prescriptions, be sure to come to Barney's Drug. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Phone 3G-S7 "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office nnd Hulk Plant — Promised Land RED 0 SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blinds— Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 — 112 S. First — Blytheville NU-WA PHONE 4474 Laundry & Dry Cleaning A BCTTER LAUNDRY CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring it to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics are sp«- oficaJIy (rained to care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main phone 2122 We're Proud of Our Work t work • Woodwork during • Welding BARKSDALE MFC CO • Machine work • ManutaclurinK Does Your Speedometer Read Correctly? For safe driving, heller check on it. We give one- day service on speedometer repairs for any make or model car or truck. Drivt in today. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 To My Friends Wish to announce that am now located a( CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SKKV- ICE. Now I am able to serve you 21 hours a day on COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION and AIR-CONDITIONING work. Please feel free Jo call at any time. Fronk Westell "«>' 299S . . . Night 280!^ STOP! pet nmr l\fm «n jocr pl»n>Wn([ t It can b* MnrenlentlT Rn- trt thro.jh rHA. nntrmct r»»plttt >ob or will •><•!! TOB UK axtum »nd roifh- in matcrlil an4 jo« chotn* jmr own »timtMT. Rcpnlr Kark h «(vcn o«r •nmpt attention. See or Call Orsbiim Supply 1916 W. Main Blytheville Phon* 3208 w Orsburn Plumbing Co. l'l» W»rt AT*. Cmr>M . Phone 1179 PAGE 8ETBN1BBM Monuev Tatkt I'd like to pay my 1950 Income tax now—before th«y rait* th« rates!" VXI'BE .... THE ef.fU.-Y BIRD S SUPPOSED T& G6T / RISCUXA'S POI BV AL VERMEER I CAN'T SEE WHY YOU WAVE TROUBLE WITH ARITHMETIC PROBLEMS! YOUR DOES OKAY WITH YES! TEACHER THINKS I'M A WHIZ AT THEM KEALLV, PRI5C1LLA-? DID SHE REAtLY s/ THAT? WELL... SHE SAYS SHE'S NEVER SEEN •SUCH A PROBLEM CHILD'.! COP*. ISM gy MtA >C«VKa fflijeVCil CVEK FXtep SG6f WHILE - I!Y MIOIAKI. 0'MAU,EY nnd RALPH LANS TH& PICK R36SNT FIT. 566,1 VE 6OT6UM FIMSER5 AMP VEfW LONiS NJAILS. I NEEC7 A LONft SU« PICK TO KEEP At/ NAILS off THE STRING*, - "... AHP LOST THE ZITHBR PICK AS SHE FAN TOWN ACTER MUST HAVE STASSEI7 SOUR W3KK. WATCH WHEflE PROP THAT &&& CAPTAIN EASY HY LESLIE 5 TURNER :,;f RE , HE'LL STICK TO THESE SMW.L EOrVDS., HMM...UWKS BE ON DJTV! THE SHERIFF HUST'UE GOME WITH EASY, AMDMWBE THE JAILER WAS CALLED AWWrTOO,,, ' THIS WAV B£ A OW.. JAIL.fclJT IT'S BUIIT TOO ro BREAK OUT , . r., ? T EEK O.BVK OF TOWNS WHERE HICK COPS ' EVEN r \COUtO B& WARUEP TO WftTCH fOK. US' ONE O' THEMV 5WMS DOES MILES AWAVi PAKJCUITA FINES THE JWL CWOR CELL TO THE REAR, EASY WORKS rr'e TOO LA TO STOP US NOW BUGS BUNNY Z MUSTLCO OVER AS SOON I GOT NER CJM.U, TUB IS MV FAVOW1TB TWEE/ IT W».S STWUCK ALOME BV LIGHTNINa.'. xi WITH TH VA. C'N SO BACX'THERE NOW.. .EVERVTHINS'S GONNA BE -T =*-///-/( ALU FI!GHT/ J ALLEY OOH Plain Talking BY V. T. HAMLIN BUT \vlLL NOT THE SHIP'S ] MOT F YOU f.^W 2^55 WI3BO Of VeJUAPD THEM MAJESTY S & F(JRA,FEW YOU AND I,.. BLONDErL TH C MINSTBEL AND T DICK. YHP . ENOUGH \ U5 T FCO. US ro INTO THE HINTEJ2LA.ND. ?ES£N^E IN THIS »Sr pACt'S HC5TILE L^ND? /M)^^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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