The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TKK COURIER KEWg CO. H. W. HAlVES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINE8, A«!stnnt Publisher A. A. KREDRICKSON, MItor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising rU'pre.wntattves: WtUace Wicmer Co., New York, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Entered aa second claw matter «t the post- oflice «t Blythevllle. .Arkansas, under act of Con- grew, October 9. 1911. Member of The Associated Prc« 8UBSCHIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city of Blyrhrville or any suburban town where carrier service U maintained, 25c per *"«et. By mall, within a rndlus of 50 miles. $5.00 jwr Tear. $2.50 for six months (1 25 [or three months; by mall outside IjC mile zone, $12.50 per year payable in advance. Meditations And hr answered, Mj l-nrri, O kins, my ^rvant rfeccfvfii mr: fur Ihy srr\"anl safrf, J will ^aildlf me An a«s. lhal I mar ridr tlierrott, ,ind gn ^n i]it kinit; becausf thy servant In lamp,—1| Sainurl 19:26. * • * Deceit Is. the fa!.=:e road to happirve=?i: and ah the joy? '*e ?ra\'Ct throiiRh to vire, like fairy oan- qucts vanish when n'e louch them.—Aaron Hill. Barbs An Indiana woman reported n! cnth $)00 tewed inside lost- or stolen. That's a lot t>[ money - to go to waist. * • * * Damp wealhcr brines on Ihr ol' lumbago — knd with *ome people It iteU to h* » hnhhle. * # • The nation'* hen* lay 1000 CRgs por second— just a drop In the nest lo u-hal the TV comedians tio. * • * Homr-grown tplnarh In b^in* picked no^r jnrf to thf Kids It's already n surplus crnp. Summer is -vhen It's ea.iy to name. Ihft seven i of the world—Sunday throiich Saturday! Ike Must Plot Own Course To Win Voters' Trust Gen. Dwiffht D. Eisenhower, t h 8 Republican presidential nominee, has n sn"eat task ahead of him. A political novice and an amateur in domestic affairs, he must now develop a program and learn how l.o take command of his own political forf.iine,?. - He won the GOP nomination heransfl he was the most popular candidate. His popularity is rooted in trust in him an » man, in his character and his motives and his qualities of tander.ihip. In the month he campaigrnerl as n political figure, he spelled out no specific policies. He talked in general terms, indicating broad approaches. Yel he was not taken wholly on faith For the ..general had already proved himself us » soldier, diplomat and statesman in two of the most cniahing assignments that any American has ever assumed. ft. is natural for many people to feel that a man who could do what Eisenhower has done as a commander of wartime and postwar armies might well master the art of domestic statecraft. It is natural, too, that many are disposed to turn to a new face, a man without malice, who stands out. so sharply against the tired old Jaces that today so heavily populate both major parties. Politically sppakinR, Eisenhower is a clean sheet of paper on \vhich nothing sordid or disheartening has so far been written. In hi? quest for the nomination, he had the further advantage of representing the moderate elements of the Republican Party. Since 19-10, these forces have always proved strong enough lo choose a presidential nnminr^, though they have no! had the power* to wi'fsl control away from the more conservative winp in I lie intervening years. Curiously. Senator Tafl is himself a moderate Republican in many important respects. Rut he has become a symbol of more extreme elements. In campaigning he has not striven hard lo shake tin's label. He has been content to Jet il apply. This association with extreme conservatives, phis some aspects of Taft's personality, underlie the widely held conviction thai "Tafl can't win," the devastating argument that brought him again to in his third try for the nomination. Eisenhower is free of these handicaps. But he'has a full set of his own. I'p to now he has been acquiescing in political decisions affecting his scam- paijjn, rather than commanding. If lie is not lo be a mere creature of others, he must now take hold and chart his own cour»«. More than Hint, he must begin to offer evidence to the voting public that the faith and trust the. pnoplc have in him is not misplaced. With all its corruplion anil rkcny and internal disorder, the Demon-atic, parly is still a powerful force in American politics. The political analysts who have troubled to examine du?oK r the voting hahils of the. L'. S. electorate are unanimous in concluding that the Democrats have a substantial majority. The Republicans ace unlikely to wrest away any crucial part of this majority—or to convince new voters—unless Ihfiy formulate a constructive program lhal offers all Americans real hope. It i.s Eisenhower's (ask, therefore, to translate (he trust that is fell, in him as a man into trust for the political party -he now leads. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1952 Hot in the Ring ,-0 'National Lost Sleep Week' Does anybody ever try to calculalp I he man-hours lost rlnrjnjflhfi week of a national convention? \Vith television riistrac-linjf Ilir- hired help all across Hie country, I lie bill in wiisted time must be stupendous. Thintf. 0 were particularly' had in the GOP show this year, since TV cameras peered every place but into hotel boudoirs and blanketed the channels at all hours with convention stuff. To make it. worse, the week before the convention was almost as hot as the thing it- Keif. Then, loo, those fellows who like to dedicate the various weeks of the year to all kinds of causes seem to he overlooking B bet. How about "National Lost-Sleep Week?" During the Republican conclave a man «ot to bed so late that, he was in no shape to pull out in the morning and rush downtown to turn on the office set for the day sessions. Views of Others FEPC and the States General Eisenhower admitted that lark ot ttftt* FEPC laws may furnish ho.stuo nation* ^'ith material (or propaganda, but &afd (his is a republic with Hchts rr.servnd to the states. HR declared hr Is unwilling to believe that, "punitive frrfrra! Inw/' when It penetrate. 1 ; into the area reserved Jor the filatas, selll jiicet the problem. And while he would- never c^aso to lend In trying to get lepnl and polUiral rqimlity tor all our citteens, "in the law Itself we do not /luci all the answers." WR believe thn-se statements will apprar xnunrt anri practical lo all who can cnnMdcr the FEt*G matter Impartially anri without reference to political considerat inn.s. And finally this may OP said ronrrrninsr the fact that 37 states 'have no FRPC Jaws: If cannot he assumed that in the 11 states with snrh laws there am actually ICJA rave prejudice anri (iiwrimtnatton or that there nre inore prr.iuriire onri discrimination In all the states with no surh laws. —Lit.tic Rock Arkansas Gazette Out In Space SO THEY SAY Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —<NEA>~ Exclusively Yours: Shelve ihose rumors nbnui. n big feud between Donald O'Connor and Gene Kelly over Donald's scissored scenes: in "Sing- in 1 in ihe Ruin." Donald, who Isn't wailin' in the California sun. lold me: "How 1 he anjrry al a guy for privinK me the best break of my career?" Now it can be told: Hollywood studio hearts lulled the pre-nomination campaign raiwle-dazxle lor Eisenhower. Reason: Fear of in- ounint; the displeasure of Oov. Earl Warren, who has been a Rood friend to the movie, industry, nut th ihe town's Hedys and pom-pom girls. Lanus j Peter Edson's Washington Column — Somefhinc strane<\ ynn mny < s av. In thi? <p^n- tPnrous Invitation of the small try. A boy rvf in liirnfalps down a 1.500-frKit cliff anri doesn't hrrak a bone. A sir! nf 4 nlop? out nf a firry-Mon- ^vm- rir»^ ard land? In or»f> unruffled pierr. Pick up the pappr any day and you ran linri such-likf 1 . We regard a!) nf Uus a.t a pubde h:iu of imfure. Tt is not that yri-.inn.-irr? are ronqjierinc Thr l^^ nf Gravity nve r.V.e !V:e Nr\\tnn. tnoi or That they are girrvinE; lighter. R.ithrr. it ha.s .tonie'hmc definitely to do with TV. The rising .or'tallinc' Generation is jnsl c^M'.ric pre-rondltinnrd for rp^ce ships--the w.ivelr:-':.rh of ilif futiiie We 'Au-trl^> havo b'rn TCI ocr.irrrl a.-- v.ri'.rr* of siccrr,*5i,on, Imvirs-'^rrrt by R-.;-- .a \\v hiv« i-iP^n pronn^fd our fir^ri.^m. b'i! arf *till nrnuiri tar-<. — A\;5trian CharrrVi^v Leopold Firl. ?••»'.<; rn m r i; t > -v?.r will brromn pi^m-aily in,p-. .-i- fcle --Phllr^ophrr B^rfrancJ Ru^rH, Hopefuls Spill Political Bunk All Are Suffering from Swelled, Heads U-l's sexy, blonde Marl Blanchard is tine for n Marilyn Monroe build-up. But she's also warming up as a iSreat to Shelley Winters lf Shelley gets difficult again. . . . Is MGM's "Lili eyes. HatUe MacDaniel, ailing lor almost a year is telling friends she expecis to be tip and about tbij fall and well enough to resume her radio roln at "Beill.ih." No TV. though . . . The word Is out that D.ivirt Nfven, Diana Lynn and Scott Brady, who bend Ihe cast of "The Moon Is Blue" at La .Jolla, will also be the stars of the movie version. . .Current S*s: Warner Bros.' new slosao will be: "Combining good fires with good picture mnkfnp." Low Cliimp on Totem Pole Tamba, the chimp, has been signed for three, more "Jungle Jim" films wiih Johnny Weissmul- ler. Like oilier temperamental stars, the chimp's contract specifies- third billing after Johnny and his feminine co-star. There's no mistaking Spike Jones' new Cad In traffic. Il's equipped with R Ion horn, conch the I rue life : bell, diesel horn, .45 caliber nistol siory of Fran Allison and Burr , f ,at fires blanks and that gives him takeoff. stop him. Having to vin. 38 first-ballot CHICAGO — <NEA> —Once tiponi The other starters overlooked in! a Time—which is the way all soon. I the shuffle of pre-convention con- j says only President Truman can i Fames besm—there was a Canrti- \ fusion are Sen. J. William Ful- ' ' " ' dale for Ihe Presidency who camejbri»ht of Arkansas ar.d Sen. War- right out and said: | ren G. Magnuson of Washington. "My Chances for winning this If ihe list doesn't pass 20 before Nomination are Lousy. I really.'ihe nominations are closed, it a-ill don't know what j be only because the entire conven- I'm doinjr in this i tion has a paralytic stroke. Tilstrom o( TV fame?. . . Hollywood lensers got (he "N'o pictures, please" order from Hedy l.ainsrr when they Iried to falsh- bulb her with wealthy Howard Lee. . . Steve Crane. Lana Turner's ex. will be receiving his freedom within two months as the result of a civil divorce .suit filed in France by Marline Carol. Dye Vafs Churn It's type-changing time for Hollywood's glamor babes to put new .'ip inio the bo.v-office, and Ihe dye vats are churning to the tune of "I'm gonna wash that color ri^ht out of my hair.". Yesterday's brunet-s are today's blondes and yesterday's blondest star of them all. classic-faced Vera Ralston, now has tresses of midnight blue. But that's only part of Vera's transformation for Republic's "Pair Wind to Java." It's a sexy, half-caste role for Ihe star with a wardrobe of sarongs, exotic Sen. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma ! Jewelry, dark make-up. » slinky walk and the. character name of CO2 lank simulated j e t ment. from Attack headness nnd aft- decided to toss' my Hat into the j "I haven't col nearly as many Delegates as I claim. I haven't j Ihe slightest Idea where T can get lany more, unless I can buy 'ein ' and iwuh Buttons. If I win. it -jiill be i ing j ; N'othine short of a Miracle or just ; -,Plain Dumb Luck" ! m , 0 -, If any candidate for the Dcmo-| n ^~h cralic nomination for the prc-siden- I cy came out with such a statement | of slnrk honesty today. it would | probably sweep the convention W. Avereli Harriman, fl multimillionaire himself, scorns General Eisenhower as being the capte of the rich Old Guard. Sen. Estes Kefauver nf Tennessee talks big about General Eisenhower's nomination hax'ine en- There have been no further reconciliation talks between M o n a Freeman and Pat Nerncy since she abruptly withdrew her divorce suit a few days ago. But there's a chance they'll try it again. Work-' ing in "The Murder" at ' RKO, Mona told me: "Pat's going to Europe this sum- ' I mer. Time may solve our differences. I Ihlnk-we both believe our child Is more Important than a lousy divorce." Paula Stone and Mike Sloan aro still snubbing movie offers for their Broadway hit. "Top Banana." They may film the, show independently when it reaches tho west coast next summer. Phil Silvers has been set for Uhe national company. "Kim-Kim." "I'll never be t blonde again," says Vern. who is beaming: "People I've worked with for 10 years look at me and say, 'Gosh, j you have blue eyes.' You know something—I was born with blue ' Jim Backus says his wife Henny is so extravagant she goes to drive-in theaters in Uxlrabs. Som* Consonants Worry Secretorfej have led a diamond towards dummy. This play would have to bfi m.Tde .soonej; or later, and there was no reason to postpone It. instead, however. South tad a I words w hkh give, secreta'ri cs i 1l£now " served only to put him suffering i With some new political dark . Sudden horses beinjr unloaded from almost i hanced his own —Keiauver's — of Swell-, every boxcar and transport plane ! chances for Democralic victory, passing through Chicago, there's but fails to show how this would er .looking* over j only one safe prediction, ft is that work. the Short comings il '.hew andida'.es save one are j On an exactly opposite tart Oov of my Rivals. I ; gams; to be proved wrong when the Adlai Stevenson of Illinois lets on Una vote is ocmed, j he doesn't want the nomination at Vet a these andidates or iheucir ' all- If he should now accept the I ln the dummy when he wanted to managers and flunkies have been draft, somebody whose initials are' be ln hls mvn hand, struttinsi around Chicago, their j A. s. might be made to look awlul- i South now had to chest.s swelled biffeer than an II-;' ly silly. .'"j"..""^"' ^,", d )? e 'i J*" un Dut ' on5 ; The spectacle of Vice President j.%, u_i.n s ine pom.CM .igntn- , Aloen W. Barkley taking himself ' ml5E - , seriously is one o! the sadder sights say ihr,t're all liars • of this convenlion. be pu';:r.s ;t 5 bit s>ror,z!v. f am for that matter, what is if ' top club, but he muffed Ihis play this is a'es'.ar.on of (thai makes any of them think ! also. Instead he ret.nrnpd to his psychopathic malady they'll win? H is a strange form ' • • - country as regu- • of egotism, overwhelming ambition End susceptibility to flattery by the people who ride around on '.heir cOEUails. thst gets them all. Candidates for the presidency just don't dare admit the. truth about their prospects. Or rather, their lacfe of prospects. Ar.d when they all say with such NEW YORK W)— if you. s-ollld i uKft fo be considered an ideal boss by your secretary; 5-011 should avoid slurring tht npiranls.and fricative consonants when dictating. Alexander L. Sheff, director cf the Speedwritlng Institute, says such consonants are apt to be in the trmnp to Dummy's Jack. ThL, fold i most tro , ]blft - durinp ^ . him noLntnp that he djdn'L already These consonatiLs are characterized by a continuable sound such s.i . back fo his own hand with the queen of spades, in order to lead a diamond. West. | ducked and dummy won with the i M "S' | South K'i.'l had a chance to make i his contract by cashing dummy's Such words as "freeze," "loath." "breath." "clothes" and "disburse" are likely to be confusing to sccre- taries. the o.'f l For what Chicago ha* been wi:- | nessing is the exact opposite to the j fable above. More impure political i bunk has been spilled here in the;- s '-' m P* i past week than in any comparable , Those of American hi?torv . The nuin'nor of rnnriidati's .'or thp . ? -° oir - cRinrrntic pvepidentinl nominn-! "I ,-\:r. 'hr- ion or. rhp eve of the cor,\f ration ) E:5f-r:hn«A-pr," vp.5 not Ifi a? rrponr-d in i Ru'^o'! of G^ hi? ^pnrp a couple of ri.v/^ ^co. i 'A';n on f;f'.b the strange, that afflicts Early as a plague of n-year lo-! r custs. or.:-.- .'our times as often, t Come convention time i an ep:cerr,:c of pres:den-.:?.J hoof- | arid-mouth rh-es-e bre?.i= 01:1. The 'lined ?o hoofiriZ : T , about try. fro'.h:r.g at the rr.ou'.h j hand with Now the jack o! would pet In with the ten of heari.s. he couldn't afford to cash spades, sine* West with the acfi of dia- men rais. prpc:rt:.-s ' ' \tbe Doctor Says — il? r.tiwi.v r. NF.A Sr monds and could then draw the last trump and take R spade trick. South therefore had lo lead another diamond towards the dummy. West stepped up with the'ar.6 of diamonds, cashed his high trump, and put dummy in with a club. ence '.'nf.l they have no in-: This left dummy with a loslne dia- m the second place on the ' monri. which was enough to defeat thd contract, and Smith's Rood jack of spaclcs went to sleep. "Guess I need a new pair of zla.wcs." South admitted .sheepishly, after this pitiful exhibition. "You need more than that." his partner erinily replied. "Why don't you try radar?" can't he hrst, ssit iherr-i who do thev think thev're •kidoi.T? m kvc to hr.-ir sr t i:\riol. They're ^hP wor:-! p^ in ihr- world,- -Mm -,e a^rffs Clair? ri'cvr.r. * • » * 'c.tnriVf ninfrhre Ar-,ri w;T5tJ;nc M.TV ? apri ihr r' 1 :- 1 . ro:r.p ;-.'i\r -pi;;t Thr ci:1"- ^ro biiry.^^ r j rt -[ rr , . -Ex -\MT.-V NT- j In pr,irr:c,i!Iy ail rr-prorr ;: rra;s' br* ronsiricrod a erf at nv..= 'o - . "ur^r 1 ; ',n hn .1 human cianr. O;:r prr--an whn MT.F. cnrrfully s'uriird :rif r.c-t^ 1 :-' i *fts ovrr ripht feet, thrrr ir.''hr" , \n}\. with wci,;h; in propnfr.ori M^nv nthors h.ivr or-r^r; s 1 ::ci'.or1 M. ho '\ T! - e nt*r\r!v r-: ;ih! ffvi ' -'=![. : nr.ri 1 hnve br!"!--? ir.r ,-\ rr-'i F P .T ii 1 r which r r ;i nv ; :- a " ? i :: p.! " r. : r. n fr-" 1 ', ono in.*h hl?h. ^ f Lenin;: 301 ; pr-unrt?. ' ' AppriiTJitlv nir>«f nf fhn.^p pi'-^nl^ 'A bo 1'p^ch rnni n:nii~ ?;-& f.'jffpr ' from .T d:.^r.T.-.-' knr»;*-n' ss ,-rro:r.r2- n 1 ,;.. 1 . T!i:= crinri:i:nn .sfrm? from !"io;;i nvoysc:ivity nr n ' ij':ior in a ':r.v cr'^ncl knov.n ?..- the p-.tmtnrv biinr, !\'ir.!? in iht* br,'? '. r. • Th : - eland r x - 1 ! '• s rt n r :• "; r ti i <~>u • rrfliiriirr- on ihf 1 b~ri\ b 1 .' Mi^^r. ^ of Thf hoMiion*"^ ' r p: n- n i : r r e . r\ r. ri r hi 5. i ^ r '"* :ii ,-t : •-• v- . - . . p::. c :::>Z iiorauir the clr.nci i??rif 15 l>ffiril*- riaj^r. friTi o'- ^'.r > JACOBY ON BRIDGE Fooling Around V/ilt ! Ruin Bridge Hand I By OSWAI.O IA COP, V Written fir .NTA Service j I rr. v^rr.*:'j/r.'-'j sslonis'ned to see.' •:-.* smvir.t r,t va=ir : d motion that' ;*x-* ',n :r. a -jhrr.f ot bridge. Kvcn a i -;'h <;:rif-* j-,;.-,-s ?.nrt ert.s himself' ir.'o t'r.« ->.-f,r.j hand. Today's hand. © NEA I The usual hollering about young women's bathing suits seems lo be missing this summer. Maybe U's due lo the fact that they've been boiled down hy evolution lo Ihe point where there's little left tp holler about. Cinema Star Answar to Previous Puzzle in :n :hr c ibal pvoi-v^r.p \vho hn.^ 11 crov 1 '* to ^r-v- ' rr, fppt tnl! ov h:ihrr. P: nbablv rvuM't 1 off rn it rio^r'-.^p? our:n ; iv.n- ." : ; :T I ; f r : u s n f x o v t\i : n c 1 \* cr .1 d i; *.l m A nn o r PO l hn t for v PA r * c\ i*n r.r o\'p<"!'f foil o'pfir.:'rtv 1 whp'h-"*:- nr no* the condif :nn i,^ Wh r-n t h i' ri : s vsnrrrt, hn\vpvrr i «; \\ r AFTER ! O^r •hr Rn:i*.n h v, r \val rr f.^y^.. :-:;-, MR FTARr. TOLBTPT. -ir.r, >,.i his rr» r ^.nrt pnif rl-jT)' frr.m in 'rorr nf \\\< hoir.r-, hfl' r^'-Arrfrt ihom nnhnrn-.rrf u r l^nrn"! A tr--. 5,0:1. iO'-v. Nr:c- tirnp rif Iprr.r t 1 r,* kry in :hr LEn.rinn hr ajjr,» '/> i,^/. his rl'ih* in'o thr hO'i^r .-Orrx-Ti ' NORTH <DI ^^ it,*. V .F 1 1 1 » K Q7 3 + A K fi WEST EAST • 1" "I! AK952 V A 9 '. 7 y c ) » f. f « .[ 10 04 * '7 1 *.f 10 5 S HOt'TII » A Q.I » K 10 61 t 3.-,2 S'ortX 1 » 2 V Pan I V Pass I'.IM 2 N.T. Pass< < y Pass t'.lM HORIZONTAL I Cinema actor, William 7 He has portrayed mnny chaiactcrs on the 13 Biblical mountain : or fourlh huttnn. he trrls hke a he-man.—Ar;»r j Alan I^adri i , wn , 1M ,,„,. ; ft ,„ ; h , ^. ,„-,,, rfc , : nrrlarrtii^n nf Inrt^pf nr'.crr r hi me in P 1 r: v ! 5rhnolronm a* rnn5'3nr rfminor T.<~ of mi: rich I hT(f as* 1 .- -Mrs. Owar A hi: IT r: prr^'.nr-iu of the | Genera) Federation or Women's Club*. :r~c snrt i"oai', r onir.r of rhr fr.>M;r^" rspooiallv '!:r lips nn = r, v\ ith . ;n,'rr.T.vrd prorn.-i^ctv nf f!-^ lo'trr ;r.'A anri bro\v.i. Th^^ ar.rl j ^ r M on Li i- o r , the* i- h r •• l i n^ 1 v r ;i >o,=; I i " s : ~ e , and ihr h r. r k b, v om p p ; proop^d. A coa.-^rirrablr r.inubov of v:c:::r.? of acvonif c.ily .il.-o no- vri^p ci:. ! .b^:r-.= . It *tTm> ih;i! in fhr t;-i;p ?i.inl >bp puuitnvy c!,inri ^I.TMS lo over, t?cr(*<p while thr V'oiincstrr i<i still . srmnns:. and fnat thf? otVirr $ymp- | toms of acromcfaly develop Uvr. a A VOUXG CORD ^>or ai, tht* hv nT "\\>11." shr sa;rt. '1 mmf bMC to eit 'Aral •A-;T>-'., h;:i i a in!' vr' ''— Carlshiwi -N.M » Currrnl -AfRu*. ' f CAXT BEMEVK Trunun \x rftn i irlf i riTi2 rtivnrrc prorprdm??. hul. he> did 5.iy tie nxpcolcd (o HVP (hr ntx: ten yrars of his lilr )IIM a* i rhUik - thp f.imilv .^Tins. so dcvotrd. —-Fc^h^m (.Ga.) JournaJ. . VVr-t oprn^ri t'nr thr* 1 * 1 nf .i^rvr!":*, ' a»i. put up Thf klnp ,mri 5n-jr>i , wm 7,nh (hr ar>. nrrl^rrr rninrrrti '.he rinmmv w,j)h th^ V:!ne or f];jh<; , ;n nrrtrr to iffnrn a fo'j.- trump, anr! . '.hr app"^r^n<' 1 of Tavt > ^ur^n i »hould hnv> rbnfLM ihr trump ?H-j Motion ! Sou'h ro% r:i-nr) 7,'iih 'h^ kina of j , '-nimpr anrt WPM. *nn u-tth Mr- arc.! r"Tiirn«rt a fluh. snrl Sonrh ' won In hJfl rv-A-n hanri xitti Ihf At Ui.i point declarer ihould 15 Bill same 16 Acquires knowledge 17 Senior IS Rulgini; jars 19 Run nway fslang) 2^ Reimbursed 27 rlisplonscrl at .•!2Cr,i[lcd (her. M Dine 34 Roof edge 35 Dirk 36 Mimic 37Ccnlury pljn ^18 Drayman •10 Bamboolike RrasR 4 E .Succinct <3 Genus o( Eresc 17 Depart SZPcrustr S4 Chemic.Tl rnmpoundi H Tip ">fi t.c.iiu ane'V il Tilts 5630 (FV.) VERTICAL 1 Top of Ihe hcnrj 2:'ovict city .1 Raton <Sea casl* 5 Dens 6 Lieutcnnnts <ab.) 7 Diminutive of Solomon 8 Genus of herbs 9 Genuine 10 Nobleman It Volcano in 20 Originate 21 Harvester 11 Flowors 25 Nuisance 24 Former queen of England 25 Genus of shrubs 26 Opine 28 Approach ) l_ 1 O 0 G E €, A A l_ c. o C- E ^^ A,\ O A B R 0 V E M O R N\ 1 1 N c u M E N 3 R A M ^ O U E L V e u M N G CZ O (7 XX !_ ts <=1 T O u|o C|T O ^ t N ft •-, A ^ O K T •^ A N t= E= R A T 1=i A F E L_ c. O e rA f= G ..._. T ^ T" E= E <^ T S u 1 R A 1 O N £r E E" v y e e R 5 NH O|K p e e w SJT- & T 0 W E F* U A A M 29 Story 30 Bacchanals' cry 31 Act 39 Thoroughfare 42 Masculine appcllalion'i 43 Parts of i circles 44 Man's name 45 Feminin* name 46 Paradise 48 Ireland 49 Arabian gulf 50 Aperture 51 Royal Italian family name 53 Registered nurses (ab.) 54 He is interested In the o! the theater

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