The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 22, 1952 Pulaski Republican Loses Court Fight BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS be [ LITTLE ROCK HV-A P»\zsU , i County Republican lost his fight Co •i In Ihe State Supreme Court yes- D J terday lo have- [our candidates for i three state senatorial posts run l( at large. V The Supreme Court rejected! In , a 4-3 decision, GOP Nominee Wil' Hani A. Cheek's petition asking •• modification of the ballot to allow i an open race between 1 Cheek and '- three Democrat cantllciates ',f. f,/jjPulaski County's three Senate seats 3 k In the November election. I Under the Republican's proposal, i the three receiving the largest \ number of votes would be elected. ;he I GOP Announces i Radio-TV Slate Campaign on Final ;•'•! Night will be for 1! An Hour and a Half WASHINGTON W — Republican national headquarters today announced its radio-TV schedule for the rest of the campaign, which will be climaxed by a national rally on election eve. The wlndup the night of Nov. 3 will occupy an hour and a half of • broadcast time, from 9-9:30 p.m. • ml from 10-11 p.m. (CST1, Five radio-TV simulcasts have been scheduled for the OOP presi- dential'nominee, Gen. Dwlglit D. Elsenhower. In the next 10 days In addition to his radio broadcast t<i- L night from Troy. N. Y. (9-9:30 p.m. jHl'CST over NBC). aisenhower's vice presidential running mate. Sen. Richard M. Nixon of California, will make a simulcast the night of Oct. 20, and will join Eisenhower in the election eve rally, which is belnK sponsored by the Citizens Committee for Eisenhower-Nixon. Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce, 'former renresentatlve from Connecticut, will make a second radio-TV simulcast next Sunday on the subject "Can Communism destroy 'America?" GOP headquarters said her Sept. 20 telecast had brought an "overwhelming response." Here Is the Republican cshcdule: (All times central standard.) Oct X 24 8:00-9:30 p.m.*. Detroit Eisenhower NBC-TV CBS: Oct. 26 5:00-5:30 p. m.. New York Mrs. Luce ABC-TV NBC; Oct. 28 8:008:30 pm.. studio Eisenhower NBC- TV MBS; Oct 29 7:30-8:00 p.m.. studio Nixon CBS-TV MBS;-Oct. 29 9:00-9:45 p.m., studio Eisenhower CBS-TV CBS; Oct. 30 8:00:9:30 p.m., New York Eisenhower NBC- TV CBS; Nov. 1 9:00-9:30 p.m., studio Eisenhower NBC-TV NBC- Nov. 3 9:00-9:30 p.m.. election eve -. rally NBC-TV NBC; ABC-TV ABC; > Nov. 3 10:00-11:00 p.m. election eve '• rally NBC-TV NBC; ABC-TV ABC; CBS-TV CBS; Dumont-TV Mutual However, under the Supreme mrt decision, Cheek will oppose imocrat Max Howell for Postin No. 1 and Democrats Ellis Ban and Artie Gregory will . unopposed for Positions Nos. and 3, respectively. Written Oeilsinn Monday Chief Justice CJriffln Smllh. who nnounccd the decision verbally, aid written opinions would be anded down Monday. Associate Justices J. S. Holt, George Hose nlth nnd! Paul Ward composed e minority vote. If .Cheek's proposal had been .pproved, it apparently would havo >crmiltecl his Republican supporters to "single shot" his name— .'otlng against all three Democrats - which would 'have strengthened Is chances of winning in this icavlly.Democratic Bectlon. Willis Townsend, Cheek's -altor- icy, claimed that the law does not require a candidate to name a certain position in a general clcc- .ion. He appealed to the Supreme Sourt from a Chancery Court decision, also refusing the open race. The dispute originated when Secretary of State C. Q. Hall refused to accept Cheek's filing petition for an open race, citing an attorney general's opinion as his authority.. it No Sharp Price Changes Seen WASHINGTON Wj—Ths Department of Commerce today reported indications that businessmen do nol expect any sharp price rises or declines In the near future. A report In the department publication Current Business said prospects of the biggest overall farn production in the nation's histo have lowered farm prices, bu prices of consumer goods and In dustrial raw materials are firm. IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COU>"TY, ARKANSAS Louise Smith, Ptf. vs ' No. 12.196 Hifgh E. Smith, Dft. Warning Order k The defendant. Hugh E. Smith, Is - warned to appear in this couri within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Louise Smith, anri upon failure so lo do said complaint will be taken as confessed. Witness my hand as Clerk of the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, and seal of, this court, this 30 day of September, 1952. Harvey Morris, clerk Laverne Ball, D.C. James M. Gardner, atty. for ptf. T. J. Crowder, atty. ad litcm.. ' Blast Kills Family of Five Investigators Say Cause Undetermined I.ATROBE, Pa. HV-A mysterious blast which levelled a modest two-story home two miles north of this Southwestern Pennsylvania town wiped out a family of five last night. One of the victims was a 19- year-old expectant mother, Mrs. Hazel Rogosfcy, A caesarian operation failed to save her child and Mrs. Rogosfcy died 'soon afterwards State' police sent investigators to the scene but hours afterward they reported they could not determine the cause of the blast which was hoard three miles away. Debris burst Into flames and some of the victims were burned beyond recognition. Mrs. Rogosky's husband and his parents died In the blast. Pvt. Albert D'Amico and Pfc. Joseph Hostenske said all but Hazel Rogosky were killed instantly. She was found unconscious and was unable to give-any details before she died. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WED - THURS "THE LION & THE HORSE" with Steve Cochran and Wildfire, The Wonder Horse FRIDAY 'SHOW DOG" Kirby Grant and Chinook, the Wonder Dog Manila's Worst Storm Heads Into China Sea MANILA <fi —The season's worst tropical -storm veered from its plotted course today nnd swung Into the South China Sea. This capital city was spared, bu the typhoon left death and destruc tlon in Its wake. Three Inter-island boats wen sunk. The storm, with winds up to 100 miles an hour, rolled up Ihe south east coast of Luzon, lashed th< Taybas Bay area, then swung dui west. Tile Manila weather bureai said it was moving west-northwes at 13 miles an hour. , There Is only one reported death but communications with outlyini areas are out. Read Courier News Classified Ads WARNING ORDER, In the Chancery Court. Chlcka sawba District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Maxine Matlock, Ptf. vs. \ No. 12,227 James E. Matlock, Dft. The defendant, James E. Matlock is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer tin complaint of the plaintiff, Maxln Matlock. Dated this 2lst day of October 1852. Harvey Morris, clerk By Cherry Sue Barnes. D.C B. C. Meadows, attorney for ptf. Claude R Cooper, atty. ad litem 10-22-28 U-5-l: "Where Happiness C'osls So Little" WED -THUKS "IVORY HUNTER" In Technicolor Filmed in Africa WfFERENCE BETWEEN MAJOR PARTY VOTE IN 1945 PAGE FTVE »•>.»•.-. ... t.t.1.11 .^.Ult, JJ,.£1V,,I^E IIK1II llll- Ullll-l (;lll,t. — „..,..».. ..... ...ujut |*UI».*..J * w n. Ill V <1V 11 a I u 11_-. LJ y going to one party or'the ofher these 11 slates with 232 electorhl votes mav he able to swing the ejection to the GOP or Democrats. The symbols (R) and (D) indicate .whether the state went Republican or'Democrat in 1918. Fires Race Unchecked Through State's Timberland LITTLE ROCK UP) — Some 33 Ires blazed unchecked over six to even thousand acres of South Ar- :ansas tlmberlar.d late yesterday as More Korean Vets Arrive SAN FRANCISCO (Pi — The -rnnsport A. E. Anderson docks today from the Far East with 1,470 Army and Air Force personnel, 337 ~rom the Navy and Marines and 175 civilians. Two transports, the Marine Ser- jent and Gen. Nelson M. Walker, Jrrivert yesterday carrying 3.76 scrv- cemen, most of them combat vet- ;rans of Korea. The Sgt. Howard E. Woodford, with 596 military personnel from ;he Canal Zone, also docked yesterday. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Malinees Sat. & Sun, Phone 58 fire damage this year lo timber leaped toward the 42 million mark. Asst. State Forester "Ranger Jim" Martin said fire fighters, 'used up" form battling the seise of blazes throughout South Arkansas, put out 43 fires on 1,244 acres yesterday. A district forester said at least .wo of 12 fires that swept over i 350-acre urea near Fordyce In Dallas County were of Incendiary origin. Martin said 1,000 acres iicar Stephens were burned over by one fire that was still raging late yesterday afternoon. He repeated an urgent call for volunteer fire .fighters. At least 921 fires have been counted in the state this month, burning more than 12,301 acres. An estimated 00,000 acre.s have been destroyed by 5,342 fires since Jan. 1. The state Forestry Division said that unless the state receives a WED - THURS "MONTANA TERRITORY" Lon McCallister Wanda Hendrix FRIDAY "BEST OF THE BADMEN" Randolph Scolt good, genera] rain soon, a new forest fire record may be set this year. Taft Confident Thousands of Dixie Democrats will Vote for Eisenhower RICHMOND. Vn. Wl - Ijcri A, Tnft says, no's confident ihat "millions of Southern Democrats" vote for Dwlghl D. Sen. Ro- anything [hat shows cither Elscn- —' hower or Taft "has departed from the principles we have always be- Eisenhower "because they, like Vlrptnfn's Son. Byrrt. nve opposed to President Truman's policies of all-powerful government domination." Addressing a cheering Republican rally of 1.300 here last night, Taft expressed "the greatest respect" for Byrd, who last week declined to support Oov. Adlai Stevenson. * The Ohio Republican called the Virginia Democrat's speech "one of the clearest, frankest statements" of the presidential campaign. In Ills talk last week, Byrd refused to endorse Stevenson because he said he felt the Demo- crnlic nominee is too close to the Tnininn administration anct its policies. He made no mention of Eisenhower or (he Republicans. Taft pictured Stevenson ns "disappointed" because he (Taft) and Elsenhower "agree on so many issues." That, he said, is why the Democrats' are snylng the general has "surrendered" to him. "Nobody has surrendered to anybody," Taft declared. He added Ihat Stevenson cannot point to llevcd In." Poses Threat Most of Taft's 45-minute address was devoted to an indictment of Ihe Democratic administration, which he said poses the threat of "big government" to the nation's freedoms. He accused the Truman administration ot "stillness lor communism" and said this led lo the Korean War and Ihe loss of China to the Reds. Taft said Ihe main Issue ol the campaign Is "whether we shall follow so many countries of Ihe world down the Socialist trail." "Socialism, of course, is a relative term, but the philosophy of Mr. Truman Mr. Stevenson can fairly be called socialism, believes that all progress must bo made through government," Tnft said. Hy contrast, the Republicans "believe that progress In this country has been due to Ihe freedom of our people to work out their own problems with government merely providing Ihe framework upon which progress can be built," he added. The Ohio senator won perhaps his biggest bursts of applause from an audience that over/lowed the 1.200-capacity John Marshall High School auditorium with digs at th« Democrats on corruption, communism and Korea, "The people want a government of honesty and Integrity In Washington," he said, "and they can't get it unless they elect the Repub- llcana." He noted that Mr. Truman has said "he cleaned up corruption wherevtf S* eouM frnd it." Taft added: "Well, he didn't look very hard." THERE'S ONLY ONI THING> THAJ G-CA.N STOP ME FROWV V-VOTIN& ON NOVEMBER H— PIGS DON'T V-VOTE/J THEM BY THE CARTON Ark-Mo Power Co. BULB - SNATCHING MOX Show Starts M'eekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always a Double Feature LAST TIMES TONITE Double Feature — I'lus 'GUN RANGER' llob Steele & Cowboys A!so Comedy THURS - FRI 2 Features! Cartoon & Long Comedy ENJOY THE "TOPS ON TELEVISION" THE DINAH SHORE SHOW FOOT1AIL "0AM! OF THI WIBC" Every luetday ond H.undoy E»«ntngi Every Saluidoy Alttinoan NSC-tV NETWORK See what you gain wiih these Exclusive Chevrolet Features See what Wore Powerful VAIVE-IH- HEAD ENGINE with Power- gli'cfe Aufomofj'c Transmission A complete automatic power tcnnv . . . simpler, smoother Piwcrgliiie, v,ith its own extra- powerful engine. Optional on De Luxe models at extra cost. SAFETY PlATf GLASS AIL AROUND with E-Z-Fye pfola gloss No olricr low-priced car gives you safely plnie glass all around ... or offers E-Z-Iiye plnie glass as an extra-cost option. BODY BY FISHER Fisher Body is world-famous for smarter styling, for superior craftsmanship, for the strength and safely of Unisleel Construction-exclusive to Chevrolet in the low-price field.. LARGEST BRAKES Chevrolet's powerful brakes are the largest in the low-price field. CENTERPOISE POWER Chevrolet's great valve-in-head engine is centered, poised and cushioned in rubber by high- side mountings. 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