The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1952
Page 2
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?AGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Central Defense Authority TQ Allocate European Aid By JOHN A. SCAT. WASHINGTON U"H-The United Stales plans to- hsck up the six- nation European arrny |>y allocating American lid rF 10 !!^' nest ynr to its Central Defense Authority COMBATIVE LADY—\\'4F LI ZUptia T J?osone prepares ii> boari} an F T 94 jc.t \g hqfas qbscr>Pr at' fJclffiflgD Field, Wich The 22 >cir-olcl brMpcllp is attached to the 61st Fighter Iirjcrreptor Squadron, qnd. is believed to be the qnly ^omap as- signeo to a copilnt squadron in tt)C en(ire Air Force Her pn- marj dutj is to hindlc squadron intelligence mforrnatioii ActressWon't SayifShs's A Communist • LOS ANGELES f/P) — Hcd-halred actress Qnrpihy Oppiingofe' declined to say whether she Is n member of the CpmnNirtlSt JiSf'i' ?s fh.e opepert her custody Jl^ht for jicr two dill She seeks ni^iofU nf Judith 11, anc$ J-fichTeJ 8 REBistlp^ her Is her former husbanfl scrprn writer Richard j Collins 38. \v^g renounced, communism two scifs nJtf and testified fn >Vnshinglon ps n co oneratUe ^Hpcss Collins' counsel Mrs Mible Wil lebrantit asked Miss Comlngore in court yesterday Arp joii a member o,t the communist 'niriy?' Miss Comingqre testified sj^e Is a loyal American'and cjeclared. "My people helped settle this country— they helnert to found Ney Amsterdam and to settle "Kentucky/ The actress denied being intoxicated In front, of the children, as charged, and stated that her ox- hnsband Is almost Sis.000 behind in the SSOOrRrinonth support nayments ordered by the court. They were divorced In 1018. Instead of lo member countries Individually. The central authority \voi)|d In turn Rllnentc ^m'pric'iin dollars anil defense equipment to P|'enc)i. Cicr: man, Italian, Dutch, Jielylan and Luxembourg units in the proposed European defense army. These plans are hclnp drafted with the pxpcctatlnn that all MX memher na((pns will rfi'ifV *''* European Defense Treaty designed to set up the single army .some time tills wifiter. officials who'told a reporter of the plan emphasised American experts would continue to |:b<?ck Plirefidly ip Jnpke certali) Arnerlcan dollars are used properly. IJiKlcr present plans, the United States will ask tho six-nation defense authority^ lo place defense orders in member countries will] American jnoney. Hundreds of American procurement experts are now performing Ihls task themselves. Equipment Ton State Department nnd Mutual Security Administration officials U'ho are drafting the plans said It is certain that American equipment Will be i»!|ot[ite(l to the central thority as well as the power lo contracts in Europe. It J5 not yet certajn whether Ihe nlle<| S.tajes wi|| jiiiye to ncgo- Ip InfliVjiHially Wi'h t'!c six mcpu C cquiilries for. whatever "clc- psp support" nld (t\e Ainprican yeinnipnt Pluns to continue tjur- g the fiscal year beginning next IS 1. Sqjn.c officials fnv 0 !' MM'ith 1 !? nyer tjic EDO (he eiitirc'JQb of par- ling ntJl Amerjpfin nicj fifncfs. The specific amount of nu.mey tip hniu||cri. tt'llj ruii Into ihp Jlpns of tlpllfir.s. ppflffrivjs ret Ide' a total- of $4,706,606,000 for pepn milllary nnt} ecotioinic d in the fiscal year that started ly 1. Mpst of ll^ts has 6 OI ^ e ^ - the x cpunlrles after separate |ieg n with their governments. France, w|ilch has received the rgest share, two weeks ago ':r|tl- zp(| Ihe United Stfites for alleged .erferenpe in French dqiiiestic nt- rs, during such alcl talks. Aipcrlc^n officials said that by ajliig with a single au|hpr!|y Bet i to s}>cak for a^l six countries, ich nii^inHlersla}H|jngs prcsunta- y oan be miphnizcd |n the future. teds Say U. S* s 'For?ibally' Holding Children BEEUJN Ifl—The Russians pro, sjcfi Iqgl nigh,t that Aniprican ' ,e^ Eire "ilU?(j%lly ^nri, Tqc "en in West. EiCrmani n gains ipir wi]| and Oiat of tl^cir parents The protest wns made by Tvan Se]iilc^nslnn^ ncliiijT iic»tl ci ; e Soviet Control Commission, IQ p. IJigh Commissioner \Vnlter ppnnelly. Warren Speaks For Eisenhower PHILADELPHIA (Ay-"No American living today Is capable ol gjv ing the leadership Gen. Eisen hower can give the capse of pence, 1 California's Oov. Earl Warren sal here last night. Warren, speaking locally on radi and television, said the Unite States needs pwlght D. Eiseiihoive In the White House. Warren, K-IK made an unsuccessful bid for Ihe OOP nomination In Chicago las sumrner, described Eisenhower r. a "leader who knows what Ihe haz ards will he to this pountry if wi do not achieve peace." Mexicans to Maneuver MEXICO CITY (ay-Mexico's Ai , !--..:.,_ ,^ ,. n1 ^ jj^ arca [ e ^ maneuvers next month with som YAH MAY HAVE IVII PIN-WORMS AND NOT KNOW IT! FitTcPtinp. Tiose-pickinp and a. tor- mcntin? rrxtal itch RTC often Icll- infcst one out cf rcery Ihrtt pcr- tonB cx&rnirLcd. Entire families To gel rirf of rin-Worms th(-*c pcsU muRt nol only be killed, Ibut Villc<J In the largo intestine wlicrc they live and muttt P\Y. .That's cx~ ... and here'* how they do it: Tirjl-a scientific coating carries Ihe taLlcl* fnto the Sowcli txs (ore ihcy dissolve. Tft t*\ — Jftyn P*B predicnt BOfS richt to work-l-i»* Pin : Wortn* rjuickly and easily. Don't take thances with Ibis diljon,' Al thfi R y cB^ien l °o" S S- >Vorms, ask your Jnjpsr^t lor fccted br^Attious I)r, D. Jarr.'e & Son, »pcci»Tislj in M"0rm remcdits Toz over iflp r«*« i 1 ,' OCT. 2J, 1981 TROOPS TR4IN IN "EUROPEAN" VIH-AOE-Members of C Company of i|ic 'I l,ir<l Ina ncgirpcin corulncl mop up' op8|-JliPns ip |ho replica qf a buropean village al Caipp A P Hill Va The ZO-buildinG viljatt In been conslriiclcci lo acrju i !n t troop with Ihe archileclural peculiarities thi>( H|W m !sht epconpter should il ever become necpssary tq fight abroad. Colonel Recommended For Top Medal WITH 7TH DIVISION, Korea Wi —Lt. Co). William H. Ishcll. "the old colonel 1 ' wtyo died <lramatlca)ly on Triangle ltl}| while leading an Infantry charge, w|)l tje recf>nT- Trended for the NIedal of Hqpor. IT. S. 7th Division headquarters today said Its artillery section was drafting the citation. Isbcll, fit Gafnbrlljs, Md., was called the "pjfl colorjel" tyy yoiing Infantrymen although he wni only 45. He had worked his way up the sleep slope through Intense Chinese Red sllellflre to find whether his artillery cciild be used rj»ore effectively. He found Infantrymen pinned clown 50 yards short of the crest, walked to the top flnd paljcd upon, their), to fo|)ov,', 4 Cqmmimisi'dyna- mite Wast killed him'. " Prisoners Pardoned GUATEMALA, Guatemala Ifl — Guatemala's government has pardoned 1,300 prison.prs serving Byrnes Soys Democratic Win Will Mean More 'Trumanism' (/IfA^LFfiTp^, S.C. f/T'i — South i man Denionrttt^ (to not think Carn||i>n'8 Onv. Jninos F- Byrnes [enough of Truman lo Invite him," finys t(in rjet'tlnn of Democratic j he st\!d, sidentinl en ml id ate AdJal Stcv- pn wijl mean p cnnlhiq;iLipn of horp his first major t n|i)it in support of pen. flwlBbl P- Etscniio\ver, the :Ipni|bjk';(p imniinee. Byrnes has .c/|ie(|iilf!tl scvcraj'other speeches. At a fiilly of pQLjtfi C^rolianlfins Tor ElscpnoM'or, Byrnes sairl II Stc- is electee}', "l\t> will he \\i\- (jcr ?ii cn , P^lisotlons to 'friininn that have tq corn ply with Tru- •yrijps denied a £tnterocnt f>j' Tnimiin that Byrnes and Ej^cnhow- cr discussed the civil rights question luring the generate visit to South Carolina. Byrnes, ipruier secrcitiry of stfife. y.'fir mobilizer antl nicinher of the Supreme Court, sflltl TriMMftp will cnll on Stevenson to rpptini;e hlR cies. ''He will tlajm that t^ie people h.nve given a mantjate to con- Byrnes said Eisenhower "can do more than any other ninn to promote peace In the world nnri restore confidence in government." Tcrnitng Uie Knrenn sltuaiioii one of the reall i: tn)pnrtnnt election issues, the 72-year-old Byrnes declared: ' "H we can put an end lo the Korean \Var a pel tl^e threat o( WnrM ^Vai* IIT, nU otjinr problems \vLll be relatively unimnqrtant." Byrpcs, .who iptrotiuced Eispn liower wl]cn he spoke in Cahitnbia op Sent. 30, ch,tde(l isteyenson for pQt ca^ipfiigning ii) ^outh Carpltnti 4 \ jenr he does not think enou n o{ us to conic and I fcir the TTU Relieve RHEUMATIC Pain Heart Courier News Classified Ads. Dqvid N. Miles D.V.M. Veterinarian Office Behind MijiVs Tailor Shop No. Hi wny fil Phone J121 Illytheville Office Hours: .Monday - Wednesday - Friday, 1 P.m, to S erms \inder fly* years as par^ of I Anniversary of Uu nation's 1M4 ts program marking (he e|ghth'revolution. Goodbye Forever to Loose, Wobbly, Uncomfortable P|p|e* Snug Penture Cushions ere n triumph of science, a sepsatjDjial (icw plastic rcilinine that ends the ai(imj-aricc mil irritation lit loose, li-iilly fitting frjlse teeth. Absolutely harmless to gunis or dentures. »' N° Sore, Iffjtqled Gym., Bore, jrriljiteil gums, are easptj at cuco. No more chafing of wobbly demurs,. A|l |e|Hlpr flreps are ecnliy cuslnonpd. Eat corn-Qii-lhe-cpb, sleak, apples - talk,'laugh as ypu please - plates ''stay'pill," firrirly, solidly. No falling or clicking. Done At Home — No VVpi'ing Snug Dppturc Cushions are t|ifn sheets of a marvelous, sciontifjp plastic rnitorJal'.'Siin'ply placc'otjc of these wonderful re-liners on the cleaned denture (upper or (oyyerj according lo simple instructions in package, and presto! You have practjcally a new plate. No daily bother will)- ariliesives, V/hen Gurni Shrink It's not yoi|f clfnlist's fa\|ll that ginns shrink (Trfidijally-fcgvfe spacps lieiwcen the plates and the mopih^ Nauire docs, Ihjs. Sung "penllVi Cushions: resurface, plates sp tfiere are no g^ps between plate imd gunis. Ope Re-LJner Cqn Ifljr Monlh? —Easily fU H |pcH One Snug Denture Cusitian rcrl- ier cap 'i 15 * f° r 2 10 6 niontHs, acpprqirig to the individual ntout|i. Stays spft and pliable — does not harden and ruin plate. Peels righl put wi)9(i ready to replace with ne^v cushion. Used Widejy by Dentiits SnMi! Ppnture Cushions; were first used by many dentists to tighten tip loose plates. They were so efieptiv» that they are now available to the public. Tasteless, odorless —cleaned in a jiffy. Get Snug Denture Cushions today! 2 Liners for Lower or Upper Plates $1.£0. Money back if not satisfied. : /.S. to Use Less Cotton (JT>/-The Agrf- nlttire ncpnrtmcnt predicted today int less cotton may" be \isecl in 10 United States fp.'the yeaf l?e- inning next A^B- i t^ian in the resent crop year. .eacl Courier News Classified Ads. ANDtNlOY MORE PLEftSftriT PERIODS Of GRt/\fER COMFORT If ynu'ic sijfTering i\\t annoying pain ofrheuniatism, neuritis, muscle aciics, BrtlirilH'^hcip ynurscjf to greater cqtn- fort fa^t with the proved saHcylatc notion qfC-2'223. Thousanth keep it liandy, use it regularly, time and tim« again whenever the ppin makes them r^i^eralilc. Many call C-2223 "the o(d rciiable". Price of first bottle hack if r\ot s^LJsficd. Get 0-1223 today — and be prepared for pain relief you'H welcotne every timcl Ask for C-2223. 'Dry ikin is my problem," says Virginia Kavanagh of New York Cily. "Nojiema helps my skin look jmoolher and it's so rcfreihing. Il'j a pleasure to use ill" fft' Look lovelier in lOdays DOCTORS HOME ROM. 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Hero is flashingaccolor^lion, Vfith magnificent reseri'c poiicr, to master hill and higluYay. The new Dodge Kc<I Hnrn V-Eight is tho mpst caicient cngipc tlpfljgn in nny American car! NRW hcmisphcritml co'tnbustion clmm- her squeezes more power from nvcry drop of fuel. New v squRre"engine flcr 8ign, \vUh Hhnrt piu>ch piston stroke, Delivers power ii\nre smoothly, with less fri[;tion. The 'piJ Dod^G 13 powere/1 for pction\ Styled FACTION! H'a low, litfie and lovely, with no "bulges" to tnar the tnin perfection of its fU>\viug Ijnea. Yet there's more hip-ropm, head-room and elbow-room than ever inside! Every otyling clclnil represents "henu- ty ^itli a piirposo." Wjdc "Pilot View" curved windshield and wrap-around rear window improve visibility— Cargo-Cnrricr deck giyes "conli- ne»(nl" Irjok, transconlincntnl cnnry- ing capacity! Jet Air-Flow hood feeds sir to engine, adds style (Jistmction. All New! Brand New! '53 Thrilling fywerfecked Beauty ftr Active Americans The Newest, Nimblest Piece of Live Action on Four Wheels! ftr ACTION! Tina is n Dodge year! Out of the vast resources and engineering know-ho.vr that have made Dcxlgo 9 groat nanvp for 38 years comes this completely new, dramatically different kind of automobile: The Action Car for Actiiv Americans! H is powered for action, styled for action, engineered for action ... a Power-Packed Beauty tuned to tho tempo of tlib active, on-the-go i\rnerica, It is n travel car, n traffic car, a pleasure car, a business car . . . easy to handle, responsive, sure-footed, ready to take you anywhere, anytime, in such style and-comfort as you've never kno^n. A "Road Test" Ride is waiting for you. Learn whfst Dodge hna done to put J,nore adventure, more pleasure in driving. Discover a new concept of rriotor car erijoyinent in the action-packed '63 Dodge! "" " ' ipa^nt ftjiftct to cAatigi Here ia a car "born lo the road" , , , with amazing new safety nnd stability for highway driving nnd new Gyro- Torque Privo for nimblp change of pace. High-speed "cornering" tests demonstrate how the new Dodge "snugg down" on curves. New "Stahjlizcr" suspension cuts side-sway. New com-: pad wheel base improves maneuverability. Onflow ridp cpntrp! "Icyela the road." Art* V^jl 1« Tf« Pr|rfa| BV 7 SSUT EM6INIS 1 ' " IfO HM V-EIGHT " NIW anio Toiaui MIVI- OY«0->|l*tlC MIVl- AUTOMATIC OVIIMIVl* (TANOAtD MIY« ' _ Bright n ew Action Colors in longer lasting baked enamel. . Space-Saver doors open in less spaa. Concealed door posts. NEW! . Travel - Lounge interiors with lasting fabrics. Chair-high "Comfort Contour" seats support thiglw, back, shouldera. New p u nh r button lock on rear dect New Stcrn^ide fuel fillw. New pull-lypc ilofjr 'handles. Everything is new! Visit Your Dodge Dealer Today and Thrill to a "Road Test" Ride BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Walnut & First • Phpn« 4422

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