The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1950
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, -1966 Quick Passage of Emergency Military Fund Bill Predicted BLYTHtVlLLB (AWL) OOUftTO Obituaries . MARVIN U ARROW&M1TH « WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. (*>- eenaU leaders predicted ipeedy Passage today of i bill providing •n estimated »n,185,000,000 in emergency funds to build up Ameiv •"'• military might and bolster r nations against Communist (resslon. • thinV « will clear without »ny trouble," said Senator Lucas (D-I)!), the majority leader. Senator .Wherry (R-Neb). the minority leader, said he looked /or little controversy. Wherry is a member of the Sen•'* Appropriations Committee which unanimously approved the Wll last night. .. The measure • includes an estimated $11,135,000,000 to step up America's military machine and M.000,000,000 for the arming of friendly nations. . , The, committee added about *414,000,000 to tile $16,711.000,000 emergency bill the House passed Aug. 26 by a vote of 310 to 1. « The committee's staff then worked far Into the night adding up the various Increases and preparing 3 report on the measure for ioariy'o Senate voting, rending completion Increases were, available. Bill Meets Request The House bill met almost fu;iy President Truman's origiivil re~quest for emergency funds. The Senate measure does that, too, and also covers additional Items a.^keJ by Mr. Truman after the House passed its bill. Both measures provide cash for &.S31 new war planes and a wide :ty of other mimai*y ec-uipment. elusion of 14.000,000.000 for the arming of friendly nations .stimulated interest In a propo.sal to channel all foreign aid—military and economic—through a. single government, agency. The emergency apropriation bill would to more than *5fl,000,- 000.000 the federal budget for this fiscal year, which began July 3. Of that total, H4.000,000,000 was In the •ingle-package money bill approved earlier. It carried more than $14,000,000.000 in delencs lunck. Senate Bill Is Similar The new defense items in (.he Senate bill are approximately the •ame as .these Item.? in the House measure: far the Air Force, M.535.000,000: for the Navy, i?,6M,OM,000; for the Army, 13.063,547,000. The legislation also carries I2fifl,- 000.000 for work on atomic weapons Including the hydrogen bomb, and 15*6,837,310 for stockpiling of strategic materials. The Senate committee approved *97.212.000 to help the "Voice of America" and other programs to W unteracl. Russia's Coinmuimt. opngaiida. The House voted H9,- 344.150 less. The committee also added »6,000.000 for the PBI to tighten internal security. - ' Vital Vole Looms On Profits Levy Test of Strength To Decide Place in General Tax Hike Bill BULLETIN WASHINGTON, Sept. 14, |AP) —An effort l<i pu( a $6,OM,OM,OM corporation ncrss pro f|t B ( a , / nl , (he general lax boosting hill failed In the Hout* today. It hogged down In technlealiltei of rule, of procedure, *• WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. (fi~ The House faced a crucial vote' today on whether a multi-billion- dollar excess profits levy on corporations win be shoved into the $4.508,000,000 general tax boosting wi-»i,ivc vuiujy. i-e.-inmjj completion ^° o]le c °nld sny for sure what of thi.5 report, only estimates of the I lhe n "tcome would be, but some of Innrnsenr ,,,a,-a ^ ,,.* II .. Kl ,. HlG POSSibillt iCS WCT6: 1. Supporters of, a super tax on big profits may fail to get it into the present lax bill but they may force a declaration by the House that Congress should' stay in session until it acts upon a separate bill for the same purpose. 2. If they succeed in getting the profits tax into the present bill. Blytheville 'Ham 7 Receives Honor Harry Cook of Dell has been • warded membership In the DX Century club, society of amateur radio operators who have made two way conUcl.s with at least 100 Of more than 200 countries of the world. Mr. Cook's is the 292nd amateur station to achieve the 100 contacts sinct the war. His station, set np in his home, Us« the federally-assigned call let- 'ers W5HPQ. All contacts were m»de by using radiotelephony. AH his communication have been proved, as reqviired by the rules of £• club, by written confirmation IK the form of acknowledgement cards, which bedeck the wall of his radio-operating room. Mr. Cook Is now working to extend his total well above "the 100 mark, to obtain endorsements on his certificate for additional ten- country groups. Oil Dealers Set Policy on Credit Nine members of the Mississippi County Oil Dealers Association have tightened their credit business. . In a meeting Tusrtay nlghel, these members voted to suspend sales to persons who are delinquent In accounts. Announcement of the action rame from G. O. Poetz, president of the association. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. * Sun. Ph. 58 Last Times Today 'MofKer Didn't Tell Me" Don McGuire 'PJSTOL PACKING MAMA" R. Terry final action with the on the ' general tax that the rates on not become v effective Oct. 1 „-, planned. 3. In any event it appeared certain there will be an excess profits tax, later if not now. If enacted Inter it may be made retroactive to cover a part of 19M corporation Income. The profits fax idea gathered powerful backing in the House, among both Democrats and Republicans. GOFs Offer Statement Thirty-two Repubiican.5 issued a statement declaring that they will oppose any adjournment ot Congress until It acts on luch a ' ix. "11 is intolerable," they said, "to send American youth into battle, or even to freeie wages and pri:e=, without at the same time removing the excess profit* resulting from war." The batle today Is not on whether there shall be such a levy but whether it shall be made part of the present bill. Chairman Doughton (D-NCi of the House Ways and Means com- mittea said he is as strong for an excess profits lax as anybody, but he pleaded [or time to study soxind means of applying It before Con- sress acts. President Tniman has asXed for an excess profit* tax but has advised that Congress consider this after the November election. -•. Battle Hradnl Off The profits battle WSA headed off in the Senate two weeks Tiekitt tor PttrogouM Gam* on Safe A limited number of reserved *e«t ticket* for th« Blythevllle- ParigoHld football game »t Parm- gould tomorrow night have been Placed on sale at Owens Drue Store, c. G. Redman, president of the Chiekasaw Athletic Club said this mcrninf. The tickets are i being sold on t first come, first sorvt basis, Mr. Redman said. TRACHOMA Continued Irom Page 1 nlaled eyelids add symptoms are red. sore, watery eyes, sensitive to light, wild hairs and blurred vision, it is an Infectious disease "hich can be spread by direct contact. . Mrs. Fill also announced, that, 1« mfanh, ranging from four weeks to one year in age, were brouf'il, lo [lie Well child's Conference for Negroes held veslerday afternoon at the Unit building. , One child was placed in a foster home because of nutritional neglect on the part of Its parents. The clinic was sponsored by the Episcopal Chinch women's organization. Dr. J. E. Beasley was in charge and was assisted bv Mrs. Christina Spear, state nutritionist consultant from Little nock; Mrs. Freeman Robinson, Well Child Clinic nutritionist and Clinic chairman; Mrs. Hugh. Whitsilt, president of the Blytheville Council of Church Women; Mrs. William Filz- hmjh, Mrs. Uroy Huddleston, Mrs. John McDowell and Mrs. James Ki!letl..all members of the Episcopal women's organization, and staff members of the Health Unit. Toft Dubious About Marshall WASHINGTON, Sept. H. If,— Senator Tuft (R-Ohio). GOP policy chief in the Senate, said today he Is dubious about the appointment Gen. .George a. Marshall to secretary of defense. ' e. He'saiii he will vote against leg islation to open the way for Marshall to re-enter the cabinet, although he may not speak against it in the Senate. Ta/t also said the >ar Eastern section of the. State Department, under the Truman administration, "has always been friendly to the Chinese Communists, at least In its leanings." Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III.. Sept. U. (ft— (UDA1--Hogs 8.5CO; generally. 25 to so lower than Wednesday's average; mostly 40 to 50 lower on 200 Ib up; fairly active at decline; good and choice 200250 Ib 22.00-15; top 22.25 for several loads; heavier weights scarce- 180190 Ib 21.50-75; 150-170 Ib 18,2521.50; 110-14O Ib 15.2S-I8.50; sows 400 Ib down 19.50-20.75; heavier ago when language was Insert-d in sows 16.75-19.25; stags 12.50-IS 00; the tax measure calling on Coiigrf-ss boars 8.50-12.00 to write such a levy next year and "-"•- make'it .retroactive to Oct. 1, 1950, or July 1, 1950. Cattle 2,500. calves 1,000; less than half a dozen loads of steers - . here - thc « largely medium flesh- Some supporters of the profits ed : belters and mixed yearlings In lax argue, however, that the present '""a" supply, generally slow but a Congress cannot Instruct the next • fow common and medium about Oongre^ what to do. i .steady at 24.00-28.00; cows uneven, Rep. Eberharter (n-Pal and .-<!v- 1 falrl y active on good cows and eral other members want .. „,„„_, 000.000 profits levy now, as part of the .present bill. Thai .would raise the total lax to more than »10,000,000.000. They wnt a 95 per cent levy on corporation profits that exceed the average annual profit* of 1946-1949 by more than I10.000. The crucial vote WM expected on a motion to send the general Ian bill to Home-Senate conference, committee formed to smooth out difference.'; in the House and Senate ver.«lons. steady at 31.50-22.00; others drapgy. barely steady; common to medium cows la.oo-so.'vi: tanners'and cut- ten 1S.50-1S.OO. Sudden Illness Fatal fro Student Gravpsids services '. lor Frnnkle Charlene Ixiwery, 11-year-old Lanee srade school pupil who died early tills morning it (he Blythevilte Hospital, will be conducted tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Memorial Park Cemetery with the Rev. T, L. Lewis officiating. The child became III ye.slerday while attending school and was later lakeri lo the bospita! where slit died at -1:30 this morning. She is survived by her parents Mr. and Mrs. \V. J. Lower?; [our sisters. Leltle Mne, Viola, 'LaveJJe and Shirley Ann and one brother Charles, all of Blythevllle. Holt Funeral Home Is In chargn AIDES (Continued from nage 1) Truman as the new defense chief inignl ask them to continue. Neither has indicated whether he would prefer to remain if asked. There was also speculation us to whether Secretary Matthews would desire to continue or take this occasion to resign. Matthews, appointed to the Navy job after a imarrel between Johnson and John L. Sullivan resulted ID Ihe lalter's resignation last year, recently was the center of' a flurrv over high policy. In a public address, Matthews posed the question' of preventive war to stop Russian aepression. For that he drew a formal State Department announcement — with White House approval—that his speech dirt not reflect American Toreisn policy. However, after a talk between Matthews and the President. Mr. Trinnnn let It be known he considered the Incident closed. WAR Continued Jrom Page 1 Skyrairter bombers. Panther Jet rigl:ters and Corsair ri<>htcr bombers. These targets included Pyongyang, tbe Kor-vn ned capital, Vae- jon. Sinmok, Hiejn. Ore|on. Kae- son. Cnerwan. Kimpo. Suwon and Pyonstaek. The planes also attacked Hed in- stollnlions on V/olmldo Island » few miles offshore. Or. Ihe northern baUlefronl — more thin 150 miles to the southeast of the naval air strike—the Korean Republican capilol division puslic^. on against Ueris dvij north and northwest of Kyongju Kynnsju Is 15 miles southwest of the fire-blackened cast, coast port of Pobang, which fell for the second time 11 days asro in a ed offensive The objective of the South Korean drive is Angang, 10 miles north of Kvongju. Troops of the capitol division swam a rain-f]nr,[| c d creek to carrv on the attack. With them swam AP Correspondent Bern Price They were under artillery and mortar fire. PAGE GORILLA MEETS FR IEND _ "A mlu n, " a !„•„. ef and m«n'ke>s'al a .Ve'w'y.rk alihm^sli'oiAo'r'l'if'l/,"'',^" Girl Scout Lore Troop Association Announces Plans for Year's Activity Plain for Die coming your wore, announced this morning by the Girl Scout Lone Troop AMoclation. These plans were formed by (he orcanlza- lion at a meeting at Ihe Little House earlier In the week. Following Is a itsl ot Scout am! Bvownle lenders and scheduled mcelhiB time and place: Brownie Troop 5 for eight-year- olds, Mrs. Leonard Jolinson and Miss Mildred Chambers. Thursdays lit First Methodist Chinch. Ijtine Troop S. Mrs. Fred Steadman. Tuesdays at the Woman's Club. Central Troop 2, Mrs. W. B. Canvp- bjll and Mrs. Jerry Cohen, Wednesdays at the First Methodist church. Suclbury Troop 1. Miss Billie Sue Cllrk. Mondny.s, Girl Scout Lillle House. Junior High Troop 4. Mrs. Glenn Lnrid and Mrs. Hugh Whltsltl, Tuesdays at Olrl Scout Uttlr House. Mrs. Rouse Harp and Mrs. Marvin Nunn, Jr., will be leaders of Troop 12, for seven-year-old Brownies, and Mrs. Dick white and Mrs. E. M Terry. .Jr., wilt head Troop 11 for nine-year-old Brownies. Meeting lime and places will be announced later. Saturday, Sept. 23 has been designated as registration day for all Girl Scouts and Hrownlu with the exception of the Junior High troop of Girl Scout.";. Registration will begin nt 10 a.m. at the First Methodist Church. The Junior High croup'will register Tuesday, Sept. 26 at Ihe same place. Mothers of children seven years old who will become Brownies for the first lime are urged to.register on Sept. 21 as this troop usually has a Ions waltine list and no child will Famed 'Self-Fining' Water Barrel Emptied by Trespasser be admitted a tier this (late It ihc troop is filled. A new Senior Scout Troop has been created consisting of girls wlio will work for Ihcli Curved Bar. They will assist Iroop leaders with games, and rirafls. This s>m>i> will nwrl every fourth Tuesday niuhl anrt its members are Jimmie Homer, Betty Lee Garrolt. Mary Kay Crnfion, Llndti "'avlor' Nancy Ilamby and Gailya Stlhvell.' Mrs. Condy En ton and Mr.*, john Miles Miller will be substitute leaders and Mrs. J. l>. Oarroll will continue to serve as Little House chairman. Plans were also matte for |h c old Scout Tea In'October anrt for entering a float In the Christmas parade. A list nf people ivhn «-HI assist with special programs was proved by Ihe group. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Sept, H. (A', 4 .Texas comity's famous "self- filling barrel" 1« empty today. It was overturned last nigM by "trespasser." according to Jack Orr, son of Mr. and Mrs, John H. Orr on whose farm the barrel performed Us wonders. The CUT'S larm It near Simmons, ,Mo., a village In Texas County southeast of here. Orr said water In the barrel was ejuhl lo 10 Int-hcj from the top when he passed It about 9 o'clock last nfeht. This morning, his parents discovered that someone had Upped Ihe barrel on Us side and hud spilled the water. Orr said he doubts that it will be righted. "The folks are pretty hroetcn up about it and I'm Jusl. plain burned >il>. Orr said. "I'm going to post' both fiuim-tbe folks' and mine, which adjoin each other—against trespassers." The tan-el [list began aclliiR up in May. on May 15. Mrs. John On- illlc-rt It ami, despite the fact that 2CO chickens were watered from It dnlly. It refused to run dry. .•thousands of |«r»ons visited 11^- bnl no one had fl solution. 'We've been accused of trickery •• Orr said, -j |< nm ,. i )lw . e wm ||( ; 11( , «» my part and my folks swear they had nothing 10 do with the barrel fillinij Itsolf." Orr .said it might be significant Hint Ihe barrel never filled itself i while anyone was around. ap. New 'M' in Holy ROME (AP)—TO the three famous "M's" of Itnly—music, marble »nd macaroni—a fourth has been added—the movies. That's what the American film critic. John H. Tinner, believes after visiting Italian Laborites Take Steel LONDON, Sept. H. M'i-The Labor sovenimpjil announced today It will take over (lie British steel Industry about Jan. I. film studios anrt talking to l!>e"nmn '",.". lc sll(? ft about, movie-making. "The Italians are tremendously Interested In the movies." s.iys Turner. "They're movie-crn/.y." Record Relief 1 for SOUR STOMACH The firsl sponsored radio broadcast over WEAF of New York in 1922. cost $109 for a ten-mimile sales talk on real estate. "Old at 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy i ForK»t rout **t', Thouiaad* >^e P*PDT M "0. Trf • ••ptpjttrs up" wilti O*ire», Onufui ionic tor wu. .1 ruartowa JeeJin? flue i?lrJy i» bwl''* lark nT trt>a. which many m«n inl woiuen call "old," Tt/ -fisirei Tonic Tibtet) lor ftp. ynuntrr (eflir.c. tb^ >'«y <Ur- N'ew "zti »t<iu*lni«1" -<lifr on\v &<At ail rtniR sior^s everywhere — ini HljrthcTllle. At Kirhy At Wnatl» Orufr' Thursday * Friday FF.ATURK" Cartoon * Shorts RlMOS Emblemi for mo*t Internal orders, including Eimnt Sn». Special i orden < Fitzpatrick Jewelers Oi»/> J Minute to /* V ^ 5<;aw>x, , 1 \: -VIA i-M/x>i The well-tailored blouse .-. , always smart . . . always versatile . , . |, cre by Narclis in rich tissue f.-,j|] e will, deep frencl, ciifTs, a wear-as-you-will neckline. Garnish il with things like a goW safety pin ... a medal or a scarf to match eye.,. In Whife, Lime, Cold, Red, Green. Sizes: 10-iO 7 95 fxefuj/Ve/y erf VVMs/tf'j in * WHITSITT'S "Becawst You Uk» Smart JMngt" Reds-Curb Bill Meeting Today WASHINGTON, Sept. U lift— Senate-House conferees set to n-ork l«lay on a compromise bill to Impose drastic new curbs on Communist.*. The timetable for » congre.. slonal vacation may well hinge on when anti how the job is done. Senator McCarran iD-Ncv), sponsor of the sweeping anti-Communist mcajiire which the Scnale pas,,, cd 70 to 1 Tuesday, told reporters lie ex-peeled Ihe conference to start in mld-afiernoon. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. !,;isl Times Today "Operation Haylifl" Kill \Villiams & Ann Rutherford News & Shorls DON'T FORGET |2:'i Cash I'ri/.e Salurria.v tn Driver lirinjfinK jiosl People Any Nitt - in Ihe Week. THURSDAY & FRIDAY DOUIJKK KKATURB UNOt DARNELL ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON -1OUTH- SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. THURSDAY & FRIDAY double Feature Program Showing in Blytheville WARNER BROS " i 'SILVER LJWNG' ; .^s , '**£ SWEETHEARTS *1O,OOO FOR FAKING ROG£LL-8i,Ki.j»,WILL PRICE -scr.,™ n A I, SO CARTOON Fr«« Playground for rhe Kiddie* Children 1} and Und«r Admitted Fr««

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